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Chic Scandinavian Studio With Lofted Bed

Fri, 21.08.2015 - 18:26

A lot of things come to mind when you think about the countries of Scandinavia. Whether it’s a flaky cheese Danish, a a cozy Norwegian sweater, the view of the Aurora Borealis from Helsinki or, you know, Ikea – the region is as diverse as it is beautiful and somewhat mysterious.

Scandinavian design was born out of the generally quiet lifestyles of these countries. Though it was first identified as a movement in the 1950s, obviously design has been taking place in the region for much longer than that.

Today, when we talk about Scandinavian design, we mean simplicity and function and this apartment in Prague, from visualizer Denis Krasikov, is no different. Style serves a purpose and simplicity does not take the place of beauty, but instead augments it.

The living room space with its vaulted ceilings may feel a bit sparse to those who would look for an overstuffed sectional or formal dining room. In an apartment suited for a young couple, a simple grey loveseat does the trick. It is also the introduction the color palette that threads its way through the rest of the apartment: stark white walls, dark wood floors, and the occasional splash of yellow or teal. It’s very modern and trendy without feeling overdone.

A central brick pillar is painted white, allowing it to act as a room divider but still almost disappear. Placing the television against this pillar on one side while the dining table butts up against it on the other is the perfect way to ensure that diners can focus on one another rather than the blaring screen.

The lofted bed area is ultra cozy and certainly simple. The bed itself is actually made from wooden pallets while a chevron stripe duvet brings some design elements from downstairs up into the bedroom for a unifying feel. The loft is also placed far enough below the pitched ceiling that it doesn’t feel cramped, which is often an issues for spaces like this.

Finally the bathroom with its chic white tile walls and checked floor has a sparkling simplicity and retro appeal to die for.

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Loft Design For A Family That Makes Clever Use Of Its Space

Thu, 20.08.2015 - 17:29

Even people who love the idea of loft living might consider it great for themselves but wouldn’t deign to bring a child into that kind of concrete and metal atmosphere. However, as this brilliant space from the architects at Rules Architekti shows, with the right elements and design sensibility, a loft can be totally appropriate and comfortable for a family.

The loft is divided into two distinct area: one for day and one for night. The open flow of the home, including vaulted ceilings and a ladder for reaching lofted bookshelves, is warm and welcoming. Part of this is due to the layout while part is due to the carefully selected materials. Natural pine makes up the wall and floor paneling and its warmth is immediately apparent. The rest of the space is bedecked mainly in black and white, keeping things neutral and a bit cheerful.

The main living area is large and airy, with plenty of seating in both the dining and living areas. Instead of mounting the flat panel television to a wall (which would certainly ruin the openness of the space to some extent), it’s placed on a swivel that’s attached to a support column. This way, the screen can pivot to play to the living room or to the dining area, for maximum versatility. Of course, the rest of the unsightly electronics like a computer and stereo are also cleverly placed – in kitchen cabinets and hidden inside the sofa. This lets the feel clean and comfortable rather than cluttered.

The mezzanine with bookshelves takes advantage of the tall ceilings and even includes a reading area. While some spaces might tuck a bed in this area, that wouldn’t exactly be family friendly.

The private area of the house includes two bedrooms and one and a half baths. The master bedroom features a large closet space that covers an entire wall for plenty of room. Dangling lights in front of each door offer an aesthetic element as well as a practical one.

For its part, the kitchen is quite spacious. Pots and pans are easily tucked away in lower cabinets while a gorgeously colorful backsplash draws focus above the sleek cooking surface. The countertop looks out over the city for a particularly lovely way to spend a while preparing a meal for the whole family.

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50 Square Meter Space Saving Apartment Layout For Young Family

Wed, 19.08.2015 - 16:09

It’s one thing to extol the virtues of small, simple living for an artist or a young couple, but it is an entirely different challenge to make a minimalist space work for a family with a teenager. Still, architect Piotr Matuszek has done a tremendous job of taking a space that measures just 50 square meters (538 square feet) and creating a home that is both stylish and comfortable for a three-person family – and even offers plenty of storage. Let’s see how it was done.

Storage was a key concern for this family as they have a tendency to acquire things and need a simple place to put them. They were also insistent on closed storage areas to hide clutter away from guests and keep the aesthetics of the space clean and orderly. The majority of the storage is hidden along one wall in the main living area, which both makes it easy to access and does not create any conflict between the mostly open spaces.

A large sofa in the living room exists atop a platform, underneath which is hidden a double bed that slides out at night. The living room also includes a workspace, nestled amid the storage areas in the walls.

A cozy dining area and kitchen complete the main living area, with plenty of preparation and eating space for a family of three. The yellow accents in the kitchen – in the form of a bright yellow sink and decorative fruit bowl – are carried throughout the otherwise black and white house. The result is a space that feels bigger than it is, but still has an edge of playfulness.

The teenage daughter does indeed get to have her own room with its own comfortable spaces, including a sofa that easily converts into a bed at night and a desk for her studies. The colors of the home carry into the teenager’s room with an emphasis on white and a few pops of bright yellow.

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40 More 2 Bedroom Home Floor Plans

Tue, 18.08.2015 - 18:04

Two bedrooms is just enough space to let you daydream about having more space. There are as many two bedroom floor plans as there are apartments and houses in the world. Take at look at these 40 options and get inspired for your next place.

The colors included in this layout really give you the sense of it being lived in and loved. Bunkbeds mean that the two bedroom can easily be a home for a growing family.

Although this home is less than spacious, the organized layout means there is room for every necessity, including separate living and dining areas.

The layout of this particular home gives both bedrooms and the living room big, bright windows which is certainly a nice feature.

Two separate balconies make this a great two bedroom floorplan for people who like to entertain.

Things can get a bit cramped in a two bedroom, but as long as everyone has good boundaries it can still be a good option for roommates or couples.

Patterned area rugs are good options in smaller spaces because they add color and excitement without hemming in the room with dark walls.

This layout has the two bedrooms directly adjacent, which doesn’t allow for a ton of privacy, but is great for a couple who wants a guest room.

In this home, an eat-in kitchen offers an easy way to save space as well as some extra makeshift prep space for larger meals.

Although many modern spaces use an open floorplan, this particular one keeps things quite closed off.

This layout clearly has a master bedroom that offers a lot more space than the second bedroom.

By giving children a smaller bed, they have some extra playing area in their own private room.

The wraparound balcony on this home adds a little extra square footage for entertaining and relaxation.

This spacious two bedroom house has a ton of space for entertaining, working, and enjoying your home.

This layout puts the two bedrooms on opposite sides of the house but with only one bathroom, that’s not so convenient for one of the occupants.

In this home, as in many featured here, the second bedroom is turned into a home office.

This spacious home office design has enough room that you could easily put a guest bed in the room as well.

Putting the patio off of the living room makes it easier to share the space in this design.

One narrow bedroom here is pretty small for roommates but might be ok for a young child or temporary guest.

This is the perfect layout for a growing family since the smaller bedroom is directly adjacent to the master bedroom.

A central living room makes this space perfect for young roommates.

This two story layout puts the bedrooms and bath upstairs for maximum privacy.

This large two bedroom has plenty of space for privacy, entertaining, relaxing, and retreating.

Two bathrooms are always a welcome addition in a two bedroom home.

Simple and sleek is the name of the game for this small two bedroom house.

This narrow house offers a lot of seating for what it is – in the living, dining, kitchen, and patio.

A big patio and small bedrooms is perfect for a warmer climate.

A central bathroom and closed off kitchen is a good option for people who like to have a lot of guests.

This small house with small patio would be perfect for a young couple or even a single person who likes to have overnight guests.

An eat-in kitchen and balcony area are the most notable, if not unique, features of this particular home layout.

Walk in closets and multiple entertaining areas make this home quite comfortable for any number of configurations.

This compact house feels a bit closed off but is big enough for a young family.

An odd shaped bathroom doesn’t stop this two bedroom house from being completely functional.

One step inside this tiny two bedroom and you’ll be looking for a breath of fresh air on that tiny balcony.

Like to entertain outside? Then you’ll definitely need a big wide patio like this one.

A big living room looks perfect for an impromptu dance party in this sparse space.

A dining room and bit kitchen make this a good option for a couple who likes to cook.

A walk in closet is convenient when it’s in the bedroom but not as much when it’s in the front hall.

Separate rooms and separate lives are the key to happy roommates in a place like this.

A simple layout to round out the post with a cramped kitchen and no outdoor space.

Interested in creating 3d floor plans like the ones you see above? Planner5D is an easy and intuitive tool which you can use to design and visualize your dream home. (No architecture experience required)

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2 Luxury Apartment Designs For Young Couples

Mon, 17.08.2015 - 17:11

When you are lucky enough to be young, in love, and have the means to find and decorate a luxury apartment there is not much more that you can ask from life. The designs of these two apartments are at the same time youthful and indulgent. Both come complete with modern, playful rooms for children and calming, sumptuous bedrooms for the parents. While they may not have the square footage of more luxurious homes, they are certainly enough to enjoy.

The first space comes from designer Mario Stoica, who uses a range of colors and modern textures to create a comfortable, vibrant space. In the living room, light grays provide a neutral canvas for different shades of green, giving the space the feeling of new growth and new beginnings, which is perfect for a young and growing family. The open floor plan makes it easy to relax on one of the large sofas or sit for a few hours and refuse to eat your broccoli, if necessary.

The child’s bedroom is splashy, pretty pink with cleverly executed shelving and even a whimsical rug.

The parent’s bedroom does not eschew color completely, but overall offers a much more calming effect with large swaths of neutral and just a few pops of brightness.

An eat-in kitchen is the perfect spot for family meals and breakfasts when the formal dining area is just too much. Its smooth surfaces and simple palette are certainly easy to clean and easier to enjoy.

The second space is not that dissimilar, although the colors are a bit more muted overall. The dining and living area is mostly wood and grey, for a trendy industrial feel without going so far as to incorporate a lot of corrugated metal and concrete. The dining chairs with pointed backs do enough towards that uncomfortable end.

The master bedroom here is all the more serene with deep blue, natural wood and grey making up the majority of the space.

Even the kids room in this apartment is more subdued, using greens, blues, and greys to create a calm atmosphere that still has an edge of creativity and play.

Are you a young couple looking for more budget friendly options? Check out: Studio apartments for young couples

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Concrete Finish Studio Apartments: Ideas & Inspiration

Fri, 14.08.2015 - 17:06

Concrete gets a bad rap. It describes a drab, matte color. An unfinished building. A cracked sidewalk. But as industrial design has taken over a good deal of the trendy element, concrete has become more and more stylish. The studio apartments featured here use concrete to to create a chic, urban, unfinished appeal without actually feeling unfinished at all.

Concrete works well in lofts, to be sure, but you don’t have to have an artsy spot overlooking downtown to make it work. This space is super chic and uses a lot of disparate style elements to create a unified look. The exposed concrete in the living room definitely give the home a bit of an edge while interior glass walls separate the bedroom from the rest of the house. Glass blocks in the kitchen and both let in lots of natural light without compromising privacy.

In this next space, the studio feels incredibly spacious and interesting due to the sliding doors and concrete columns that separate the different living spaces. The open floor plan coupled with the concrete accents gives the apartment a stunning modern feel, perfect for a young urban woman.

Measuring 86.7 square meters (933 square feet), this home may not be the smallest we have featured, but it still makes great use of the space it has. The neutral materials including microconcrete, granite, wood, and imitation slate make for a warm and natural feel. Low, simple furniture couples with tall ceilings lend the studio a lightness that is lacks from exterior windows.

This two story home and former industrial space has been turned into a warm and inviting home. Concrete floors contrast with deep colored finished wood. Exposed ceiling beams and white brick give the industrial space a homey feel while a basement screening room is the perfect amount of dark but still includes an amazing fireplace for atmosphere.

The final home has a newer feeling. Rather than look unfinished or refinished, this space uses concrete on purpose, not as a remnant. The central concrete fireplace is a focal point in the main living area while sleek, modern materials make up the rest of the fixtures from cabinetry to ceiling.

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4 Studios Under 50 Square Meters That Use Playful Patterns To Good Effect

Thu, 13.08.2015 - 17:00

The first space measures 50 square meter and was featured in the PINWIN competition for architects, designers, and decorators. Here, the designer chose to feature multiple patterns throughout the home, starting with a bright triangular red wall design that is immediately visible from the entryway. This pattern creates a theme for the kitchen, which features the same bold red in the refrigerator and acts as a complementary accent to the yellow chairs and wall art.

The living room/bedroom area has its own pattern, here carved into a natural wood paneling which is a more calming option for relaxing and sleeping.

The next space uses a green diamond harlequin pattern on its chosen accent wall. It stands out easily from otherwise neutral options including sleek wood flooring, white painted brick and white cabinetry. It also creates almost a camouflage for the wall mounted television since the eye is drawn away from it immediately.

The pattern choices in this next space are even more outlandish, though in entirely unique ways. In the kitchen area, a busy Scandinavian tiled look would be overpowering if it were done in any color other than a neutral grayish blue. A bright green shag rug and sharply pointed light fixtures add a bit of texture to the small space as well.

In the final space, pattern is created purely with texture rather than color. Dividing rooms is key in a studio and here the designer has actually built a dividing wall that goes floor to ceiling. Rather than use a solid structure, the cut out element keeps air and light flowing while bringing in a bit of creative pattern as well.

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40 More 1 Bedroom Home Floor Plans

Wed, 12.08.2015 - 17:53

A one bedroom apartment can be plenty of space if you know how to organize things. There are plenty of ways to layout a one bedroom, no matter what the size.

This small one bedroom has a colorful kitchen and tiny balcony, making it perfect for a young couple.

Putting the bedroom on the opposite side of the house from the living room makes for noise – and life – separation here.

An eat-in kitchen is the perfect solution for freeing up some space in a one bedroom.

Even when a bedroom doesn’t have much space beyond the bed itself, natural light opens things right up.

When an apartment is long like this one it’s important to make it easy to travel between rooms.

The living area here is left open – with the kitchen, dining, and living room all becoming on piece. That makes things feel bigger and more modern.

A hall closet offers extra storage space in this small apartment, perfectly suited to a stylish bachelor.

A five person dining table can easily slide out to accommodate even more guests in this one bedroom.

With no outdoor area, it’s essential that this one bedroom stay light in color and let in plenty of sun.

The wedge shape of this apartment gives a little more space in the bedroom and a little less in the bath.

Modern simplicity is key in this spacious apartment – from floors to furniture.

A circular motif adds a little bit of visual interest here with a mirror, dining table, and rug all rounding out the look.

This spacious home has both a private balcony and a comfortable dining area.

You can really see the difference dark flooring makes in keeping a space feeling smaller than it is.

A big balcony and lots of interesting patterns give this home a youthful glow that’s plenty unique.

The rendering of this floorplan is especially nice. A large outdoor area and living room mean plenty of space for relaxing and entertaining.

A simple apartment for a young professional moving up in the world, complete with smoking patio.

This space is a bit labyrinthine in its design with a closed off kitchen and cramped dining table.

In a more spacious option the kitchen has a bit more room and a large patio finishes things off.

When you manage to fit a deep bathtub into a one bedroom you’re really getting creative.

The dining area in this space is particularly large, as is the living room. It’s a good layout for a couple who would like to have their own areas sometimes.

When the living room opens out onto the balcony it almost feels like doubling your space.

The private areas of the home are kept on one side, including the bedroom, walk in closet, and bath. Guests are welcome to the other half.

This big and busy apartment has an eat-in kitchen, huge living room, big bathroom and large bedroom. It’s enough space to add another bedroom, even.

In this option the bedroom abuts the kitchen, which is fine for one person but might get annoying for two.

This home forces guests to walk right past the bedroom to enter the house. A necessary evil depending on the building but not exactly ideal.

This big bedroom leaves space for a an office area, if needed.

A conversation circle here shuts out the television but can be opened up when guests leave.

Having a foyer downstairs allows for a little more privacy in this particular design.

Plenty of floorspace in the kitchen means an island might be an order.

The bedroom gets a nice big window in this layout, which is always a good way to wake up.

By keeping things really simple (with a twin bed) this apartment frees up more room for common space.

Even a tiny sliver of a patio is better than none in this otherwise spacious apartment.

More of a studio than a one bedroom, there is no divider between the bedroom and living room area in this particular layout.

Thankfully there is some division between laundry and bedroom in this home, meaning you can throw the clothes in before bed and have fresh laundry in the morning.

A bath near the entryway is nice for those that have a lot of guests and not a lot of space.

Take your coffee on the veranda in this simple and lovely one bedroom.

A larger balcony means sunset happy hours or sunrise sun salutations.

This space isn’t quite big enough for your own dining table, but there is a balcony.

A small bistro table offers enough space for two in this one bedroom design.

Interested in creating 3d floor plans like the ones you see above? Planner5D is an easy and intuitive tool which you can use to design and visualize your dream home. (No architecture experience required)

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A Suburban Kiev Apartment Design with Luxury (and Budget) in Mind

Tue, 11.08.2015 - 17:17

This weekend home in the Kiev suburbs comes from the talented designers at Yo Dezeen. The appearance and feel of luxury was achieved for this particular family home without breaking the bank. The resulting space is a perfect retreat for a family of five that each has their own unique tastes but must figure out how to live – and relax – together.

The house is far enough outside of the city that it gives a feeling of seclusion, even if the reality is that it is not so far away at all. The home is surrounded by dense forests and its quiet, muted interior is meant to be beautiful but also ultimately relaxing.

Any design project comes with its own set of challenges. In this home, as in many, the desires of the parents and the needs of the children need to be able to peacefully co-exist. This is done here largely through the creative use of color. Though soft neutral tones wind through way through most of the home, it is the occasional sunny spark of yellow that brings a youthful vigor to the design.

Family dining is an important part of a family spending time together and plenty of options are available in this house, including a large, modern dining table and a smaller more intimate place for mom and dad to enjoy a cup of tea.

The calming aesthetic extends to the materials used in the house, which include elegant wood flooring and simple tiles, paneling, and pain on the walls. Plenty of vertical lines pervade the space, creating the illusion of even more height. From an exaggerated handrail on the modern spiral staircase to the bookshelves that extend all the way to the ceiling, the eye is drawn up, up, and up.

Comfortable seating is an absolute must for any vacation home and this one is no exception. From expansive section sofas to soft, cozy beds and even upholstered window seats hidden behind gauzy curtains this home is clearly made for turning off the stresses of everyday life and tuning into relaxation.

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4 Small & Beautiful Apartments Under 50 Square Meters

Mon, 10.08.2015 - 16:12

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. In these small apartments, each of which measures under 50 square meters (538 square feet), the necessity of creating a livable space has led to the invention of style, the creative use of color, and resulted in four gorgeous homes for daring and discerning residents.

The first apartment was designed for a young and stylish woman pursuing fashion. In the small studio space the designer has not only made an area for creation – with a folding sewing table and mannequin – but also taken inspiration from the timeless style icon that is Audrey Hepburn. Starting with an irreverent image of the beauty chewing gum, the entire story of the space was written. From Tiffany blue walls in honor of her classic role to bright pops of yellow and hints of black, it’s an ideal space for a young woman striking out on her own and belonging to no one.

The next apartment measures just 40 square meters (430 square feet) and is a tribute to industrial simplicity. Materials used include concrete, plywood, brick, and metal all of which keep to a neutral tone without getting too dark. A seating area, small office space, breakfast bar and bed nestled up against a wall offer everything you would need, and nothing you don’t.

The third space from designer Karolina Krac was designed for a couple and is also 40 square meters. When two people are living in the home, there needs to be some degree of separation and this has been done by creating two working areas. Of course, the couple still must share their cozy bed, dining area and one modern egg chair.

The final apartment is from Poland and measures just 41 square meters (441 square feet). The space was also designed for a couple with their busy and mobile lifestyle in mind. Unlike many homes, it was not actually built “to last.” Instead, the permanent elements like the kitchen and bath were kept within a small budget so that money could be spent on high quality furniture. This means that when the couple eventually moves – as they are apt to do – they can take these investment pieces with them and leave the kitchen for someone else to sort out.

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An Intricate Luxury Apartment in the City of Lights

Fri, 07.08.2015 - 16:00

Paris is a place where beauty and style are valued above perhaps all else. That means that when we able to look inside of a Parisian apartment through the eyes of someone like photographer Mathieu Fiol we certainly take notice. This apartment in the City of Lights may not have the quirky charm of Amelie or the rustic appeal of the countryside, but its luxury furnishings and breathtaking crown molding is inspirational to say the least. Regardless of your feelings for the French joie de vivre, we wouldn’t mind spending a night or trois in this stunning luxury.

The main living area is a mish mash of styles, with large sleek leather sofas standing in sharp contrast to the classical crown molding, which itself supports the ultra modern gilded light fixture. A fireplace takes the spot of a television, allowing for an evening of classic French conversation on literature, wine, and probably adultery.

A cozy entrance way and reading area is dominated by an amazing mural called Saint Germain des Pres. The cityscape makes for a romantic addition to the interior and easy transition from outside to inside.

Of course, food is a huge component of the French lifestyle and what better place to serve your charcuterie than on a white marble countertop surrounded by deep teal suede chairs. The open floor plan of the living area allows dinner conversation to easily migrate between the two spaces while the addition of geometric-inspired area rugs still keep the rooms feeling separate.

The plus bedrooms are incredible, using deep jewel tones of emerald and sapphire to create their own little jewelry box atmosphere while tall windows offer a glimpse of the great world city outside.

Finally, luxurious bathrooms include their own private artwork, deep rectangular soaking tub and a truly tropical privacy screen protecting bathing beauties from prying eyes.

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Chic Studio Apartments with Artsy Accents

Thu, 06.08.2015 - 16:00

Studio apartment living is perfect for people who love simplicity. When there are no spare bedrooms or closets to pile full of junk you can truly have a more peaceful life, free from the burden of excesses. But just because a studio is smaller and simpler doesn’t mean it lacks style, as these spaces prove. Studios can be beautiful, serene, and inspirational in the hands of the right designer.

The first space we’re featuring is a multi-functional studio built for musicians in Kiev. It’s not hard to see how the artistic influence of music makers has infiltrated the modern design. From a drum kit set up in the streaming sunlight to creative wall hangings throughout – not to mention the truly bizarre captivating reclined body light fixture in the dining area – the space has its own little artistic touches that are meant to inspire creativity. Of course, acoustics are essential for musicians as well, so the hardwood floors and simple angles are also important to note.

The next space is much smaller and even simpler, driving the point home with an ultra simple poster that explains “All You Need is Less.” From creamy white walls to light wood flooring and cabinetry, the studio uses the simplest colors and easiest textures to ensure that what’s most important about the home is the people who live in it – not the expensive things it holds.

This studio takes more of a form of a traditional apartment, rather than taking too many liberties with its design. The small space features a cozy dining area, a small kitchen, and a living room that can convert to a bedroom with just the removal of a few pillows.

This studio loft is so warm in tone it seems to jump of the screen and wrap you in its electric orange blanket. From painted bricks to overstuffed pillows, its a space meant for relaxation, entertainment, and jubilation. What it lacks in square footage it certainly makes up for in personality.

Perhaps the most notable feature of this sleek studio design is its creative use of walls. The dining room is not separated by a door, but instead it is almost framed by an indoor window due to the wall that extends from the entryway and over the top of the kitchen. The wood paneling inside this space also serves as a separator.

The final apartment is located in Saint Petersburg, though its colorful and creative interior would not belie the punishing Russian winters. A lovely blue sofa acts as a focal point while pointed dining chairs and plenty of creative artwork along the walls give a distinct impression of unique style.

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IKEA 2016 Catalog

Wed, 05.08.2015 - 16:31

It’s that wonderful time of year again! No, not the holidays. Or your birthday. It’s time for the 2016 Ikea catalog! We’ve gone through this year’s glossy pages of colorful Swedish whimsy and brought you some of our favorite looks of the new season. Needless to say, there is plenty to lust after and a few things that made us go “really?”

See for yourself.

First up, the living room. The best place to gather and a natural space to bring in some of those Ikea quirks like brightly patterned area rugs and creative storage solutions. This year is no different there, with plenty of ways to stack your art books for all to see, keep messy kids toys out of sight, and lounge on oddly angular sofas.

A few cool neutral tones seem to define the palette of the season. The ever-popular grey along with some deep teal tones as well as some brighter crayon-inspired accents include orange, green, and yellow.

Ikea kitchens are always an inspiration for home chefs that long for their own perfectly organized island and well-behaved kindergartener who wants to help stir. From cutting boards to cabinetry, the name of the game is sleek. Whether your own kitchen is industrial inspired or just a little bit country, there are some Swedish cabinets and step stools to help you create the space of your dreams.

But of course, there is always room for fascinating personalization, such as in this awesomely quirky kitchen with its bronze racing stripe backsplash. That’s what’s so great about the simplicity of much of what Ikea offers: you can truly make it your own.

After the perfect lingonberry and meatball meal is prepared on that slick kitchen countertop, bring the serving dish into the dining room, where Ikea will have you relaxing on perfectly matched – or perfectly mismatched – chairs around a modern table, DIY table. What’s also nice about Ikea is that they realize that their customer base is varied. You can get anything from a bistro table just for the two of you to a full dining set with leaf so you can have the whole family over.

And it doesn’t stop with your dining room – outdoor dining and even laptop TV trays give you plenty of noshing options in a perfect Ikea home.

Ah, the storage section. Were that we all so lucky as to have the organizational skills of the Ikea stylists. Whether you want a new chest of drawers, a branch-inspired coat rack, or a whole shelf of storage containers that slide in and out with ease, Ikea has you covered.

We’re a bit struck by the simplicity of the bedrooms in this year’s catalogs. Continuing a theme of cool tones in blue and grey with just a few choice elements like an overhead light or a side chair make for simple spaces with just a pop of personality.

Whether you speed through your morning routine as quick as possible or lounge for hours in the bath, you want your bathroom to feel comfy and clean. Ikea has towel shelves, mirrored cabinets and plenty of other storage options to create a zen space for your bath.

Ikea is perfect for kids. Plenty of bright colors and a price point that means some spilled grape juice won’t send mom and dad to the poorhouse. The Ikea kids designs also manage to grow along with the kids so that a fun bunkbed for a younger kid becomes a cool lofted bed for a teen with just a few simple changes.

An Ikea office is a happy office (with plenty of storage). Pull up an Ikea desk chair to an Ikea drafting table and sketch up your own plans for taking over the world (or just putting together a new bookshelf).

This year in the accessories section, Ikea has pulled focus on wireless charging. These devices let you charge your smartphone and other devices just by setting them down on a special mat. The way they’ve done it to mesh with designs around the home is definitely nice.

You can read the full catalog below:

Download IKEA 2016 Catalog

See previous IKEA catalogs:
IKEA 2015 Catalog
IKEA 2014 Catalog
IKEA 2013 Catalog
IKEA 2012 Catalog
IKEA 2011 Catalog

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A Moscow House Uses Texture to Create Interest

Tue, 04.08.2015 - 16:22

Color is not the only way to make a space visually interesting. In fact, when too many vibrant colors come into play, it is easy for a space to get a busy, crowded, and distracting. This Moscow home, as visualized by Iqosa, instead chooses to stay with a neutral color palette, consisting largely of dark grays, creams, black, and a bit of gold. To bring more visual interest into the space, texture is used heavily throughout the design.

First up is the living room, which centers on a large, smooth sectional sofa that faces a television. The flat panel screen is hung on a craggy stone wall, with the visible texture both helping to camouflage the television and to create an interesting dynamic between the smooth surfaces of the sofa and its opposite wall.

In the adjacent dining and kitchen area, texture continues to weave its way through the story of the design. For instance, the deep dining chairs use a wire frame that takes the place of the standard Eames-style smooth, molded chairs while the table they surround shines with a smooth glass finish.

Next to the dining table, smooth wood paneling contrasts with a vertical garden, in both color and texture.

The stairwell is quite interesting as well, with a large wall display behind the actual steps drawing attention away from the practical nature of the space. Lighting gives the wall a gold reflection and makes the stairs all but disappear, making the alcove its own artistic display.

In the bedroom, soft greys and whites are offset by a green indoor tree and a deep kelly green throw across the bed. A larger than life painting brings in a unique artistic element but does not disrupt the palette at all.

The master bedroom also features its own lush seating area with a soft grey carpet, smooth sofa, and modern fireplace with the leaping flames create their own texture as well.

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Skysphere: The Ultimate Solar Powered Android Controlled Man Cave

Mon, 03.08.2015 - 17:36

Man or woman, there are plenty of reasons to want to escape the rigors of everyday life and retreat to your own private space. Instead of setting up in the basement or garage, New Zealand graphic designer and engineer Jono Williams decided to build his man cave in the sky. His “Skysphere” room stands in the middle of clearing and was designed completely by Williams himself, who also did a lot of the building on his own. The Skysphere is fully equipped with a range of technology from lighting to audio-visual equipment and is truly a sight to behold in the New Zealand countryside.

The interior of the Skysphere relies on its 360-degree view of the surrounding area for the wow factor. Though Williams originally intended to included self-tinting window panes for privacy, curtains will have to do for now.

The interior lights can change colors from red to green to white for a bit of extra fun as well as a spectacular display for anyone who happens by during the night.

The Skysphere entrance is in the center of the large steel pole that also acts as the main foundation of the structure. You have to climb up through the tube to enter the space, though Williams insists it’s wide enough to do so carrying a backpack of all the supplies you might need for your stay.

On the roof of the Skysphere are a number of solar panels, which provide all the electricity necessary to power to various devices inside, including lighting, refrigeration, and entertainment. These devices are all controlled directly from Williams’ smartphone as well, for a bit of additional technological wonder.

More images of the making of this home…

One major drawback is that the Skysphere is not currently equipped with either an elevator or a bathroom, though Williams hopes to add one in the woods nearby sometime in the future. For now, construction on the impressive structure is complete, though who knows what project this creative mind will dream up next.

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This Modern Office Space is as Stylish and Livable as Any Urban Loft

Fri, 31.07.2015 - 16:00

When you think of an office space, you might have visions of a cubicle farm with no windows and even less personality. That might be an accurate picture for someone working a customer service line, those lucky enough to have more creative jobs also tend to get more creative with their offices. In fact, this office in the Ukraine, home of construction, repair, and furniture design company DIZAAP, has all the trappings of the warm industrial lofts that we’re so fond of on this site. Apart from the excess desk space and a few office chairs, it would be hard to know that this space even is an office rather than a gorgeous open floorplan loft.

The concrete walls are certainly a main design point that brings the space into that industrial trend. In fact, when architect Sergey Makhno was first putting together a plan, those lovely concrete walls become somewhat of an obstacle. The way the sound bounced off the hard surfaces made it difficult to work and to focus, which led to the inclusion of sound absorbing panels, similar to those that might be used in a recording studio.

With the bold colors and creative furniture, you might be surprised at how little time and money went into this space’s transformation into a modern office. The space was designed with a tight budget and was put together in just three month. Considering that much of decor, fixtures, and furniture – including the slick, tall bookcase – was custom made for the office, the time frame is that much more impressive.

Throughout the office, splashes of color, light, and whimsy give off a playful personality and foster creativity. From a large soft sofa for casual meetings to a creatively repurposed oil drum that found new life as a table, there is plenty here to inspire anyone and make employees feel, dare we say it, like they are at home.

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Studio Apartments for Young Couples

Thu, 30.07.2015 - 18:01

The first space is built around the central living area, with private spaces spiraling off of that main room. Tall ceilings make for an open atmosphere and light fixtures are kept close to the ceiling in a way that ensures the space does not become too closed off. The bedroom and guest room are both visible from the main living area through interior windows, with curtains that can easily be closed when privacy is required. The color palette is largely neutral with a few brighter pops of yellow for a youthful glow.

The second home is a 70 square meter (753 square feet) studio who had limited space but still wanted to be able to host parties. iN order to accomplish that, the designer has left the floor plan open and make the different larger pieces easy to move and slide around to create a central gathering (and karaoke) spot. Despite the small size there is still plenty of seating, a comfortable work space and a cozy dining area.

In this last home, the simplicity of the design makes it feel very welcoming and approachable. The design is for a young family and the vibrancy of the colors in use, as well as the playful fixtures and streaming sunlight, certainly feel as if a child would be able to get along here.

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Modern Thai Home Inspiration: Beautiful Images Captured By Photographer Soopakorn Srisakul

Wed, 29.07.2015 - 18:43

Thai design and Thai homes in particular have a long and storied history. From rich colors and handmade tapestries to creative decorative art pieces and glamorous carved wood, Thai style tells its own unique story. In today’s Thai homes, these traditional features are woven in with the clean lines and modern elements that have clear personalities and timeless looks.

In addition, the homes featured here were each photographed by talented Thai photographer Soopakorn Srisakul. The rich colors and stunning details give a lush look inside the gorgeous homes.

The first space as the floor-to-ceiling windows and low, clean profile that is indicative of a stylish modern home. The wood elements in this house are particularly notable with rich lacquered wood covering floors and walls. The outdoor carport is also quite stylish, emphasizing the fluid life of a Thai family that merges the indoor and outdoor easily and almost without thought.

The second home is taller, standing two stories, and utilizes surrounding greenery to great effect. The vibrant leaves on trees that burst forth through the pool deck stand in sharp and beautiful contrast with the concrete exterior. A second level balcony looks out over the pool and courtyard area while glass doors slide open for plenty of ventilation, even during the steamy summers.

In the third space, we see what can only be an example of true Thai luxury. Multiple levels tower over the nearby town with wood slat overhangs that allow for air to flow easily while still offering shade. The wood paneled exterior is particularly beautiful while an infinity edge pool just begs to be dove into. The interior, again, is made up of deep, rich wood as well as creative lighting fixtures and beautiful, polished reclaimed wood countertops.

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A Heavenly 2 Storey Home Under 500 square meters (With Floor Plan)

Tue, 28.07.2015 - 17:23

When you arrive home after a long day, you want to be able to take a long exhale and relax into your surroundings. This house in Kiev, which measures 470 square meters (5059 square feet), feels deeply relaxing even at first glance. From the spacious living area to the cozy attic space, every design element from the architects and designers at Soesthetic Group is perfectly chosen for luxurious and calming atmosphere.

An open floor plan is a trendy description when it comes to modern homes, but the spacious main living area here looks nearly timeless. A welcoming oatmeal colored sectional sofa offers the perfect place to collapse with friends. It melds and melts into the colors of the other pieces in the room, including a brownish grey area rug, a marble topped coffee table and simple wood bookshelves.

The kitchen and dining area stick with the open plan, with a sizable but understated dining table and complementary breakfast bar. The kitchen is on the smaller side, but still offers enough space to prepare warm meals for all the friends that are sure to want to spend time in this lovely home.

The home office is a bit darker than the rest of the home, with wood paneling on the walls. That is actually aligned with some thoughts on decorating a home office because it does allow for some separation between relaxing family areas and business time.

The attic area of the house is still neutral and calming, but the pitched roof and white painted brick make it just a little bit cozier. It’s the perfect retreat for a teenage and her friends, with its own televisions and plenty of seating.

A gorgeous, deep soaking tub and lovely natural wood paneling is perfectly simple.

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20 Sleek Kitchen Designs with a Beautiful Simplicity

Mon, 27.07.2015 - 16:00

Whether you are a gourmet chef or just like to have a comfortable and stylish place to eat leftovers, the design of a home’s kitchen is of the utmost important. The rooms featured in this post are not just stylish, but each celebrates its own version of simplicity with clean lines, luxurious textures and cool, neutral colors.

Cool greys and creamy whites are the perfect calming influence for this modern kitchen.

The pops of yellow in the cabinets and backsplash of this kitchen make it extra welcoming.

Done the wrong way, wood paneled cabinets can look kitschy, but the horizontal grain in this kitchen are elegant and sleek.

The open floor plan in this two-story apartment means that the kitchen really has to blend with the design of the rest of the space, which its simple white color scheme certainly does.

Keeping the shelving in the island open in this sunny kitchen make the whole room feel bigger.

A cool ceiling and plenty of windows give this kitchen a special slant of its own.

You don’t need to have a lot of room for a beautiful, modern kitchen as this simple white option proves.

The circular rug in this kitchen area manages to create a separate dining room without adding any walls.

A simple breakfast bar is a must for a kitchen that wants to double as a gathering place.

Natural wood all around gives this kitchen a bit of a rustic bent.

The hexagonal shelving are a little bit playful but still functional.

When a dining table is attached to a kitchen countertop, two rooms can take up the space of one.

Even a penthouse apartment needs a slick kitchen and this butcher block breakfast bar is the perfect option.

In this industrial style loft, the kitchen fits in with slate grey cabinetry and concrete flooring.

Another countertop with attached dining table fits well with elegant wood paneled walls.

White counters and open cabinets are completely on trend.

This kitchen tends towards the darker side when it comes to color palettes, but its the creative lighting fixtures that really set it apart.

In a rare choice, this open floor plan option has no kitchen island, so it may lack a bit in prep space.

On the other hand, this kitchen has tons of counter space with three separate counters.

Finally, white and wood are a simple and stylish combination in this modern kitchen.

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