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4 Small Studio Apartments Decorated in 4 Different Styles (All Under 50 Square Meters With Floor Plans)

Mon, 27.04.2015 - 17:26

The size of an apartment might dictate how many people can comfortably live there, or how big a sofa can be, but it does not have to dictate the interior style. The four apartments in this post definitely show that, with each firmly situated in its own style while still making full use of its area – each of which measures under 50 square meters (538 square feet). From a Scandinavian style industrial loft to a wild and wonderful clock themed studio, these apartments take beautiful risks with the area they have, resulting in unique and comfortable homes.

The first space is just 49.8 square meters (536 square feet) but you would not guess it from the creative layout. Of course, the vaulted ceilings certainly help this apartment, which was design for a young couple, to feel bigger than it is. The visualizer for this space took inspiration from the stunning views of the sea, bringing in natural elements like reclaimed wood to create a warm, neutral space that could be enjoyed for years to come.

The second apartment is designed for a young, growing family. With less than 50 square meters to work with, it is no easy feat to find space for a couple and a child, but this apartment manages to do so with a sliding dividing wall that can be opened or closed depending on the time of day. This space is also a bit more vibrant than the last apartment with more bright colors that might appeal to a young child.

For the third apartment, we have a really unique space from Vitta Group Design Studio called London Sky. The apartment measures just 32 square meters (344 square feet) and tackles the struggle of those people who want to live in an urban center where there just is not enough space. The overall style is a marriage of classical British elements and more modern themes. The clock motif is particularly interesting, harkening back to an era where an analog clock was a necessity and instead turning the appliance into an accessory. Interior shutters separate the bed from the living area for a bit of delineation that does not crowd the room.

The final space is a much more modern take on the studio. With virtually no color and only a few furniture elements, this apartment actually feels incredibly spacious. A separate bedroom holds little more than the bed and it’s not exactly clear what an occupant might do for storage, but the home is nonetheless quite stylish.

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Sophisticated Kiev Home Makes Creative Use of Natural Materials

Fri, 24.04.2015 - 16:00

170 square meters (1829 square feet) is more than enough for a stylish and sophisticated home. This particular space, brought to us by visualizers at BIM Group, goes above and beyond in proving just that. Of special note in this home is the preference for a variety of natural materials that, while of course shaped and molded for use, are largely allowed to shine through in their basic state. From wood to marble to actual plants, the natural highlights in this home are beautiful and interesting.

In the living room, we are immediately struck by the accent wall where the television hangs. It is a constant struggle as a designer to find places for things like a television that are so necessary (for many people) but not always so beautiful. Here, the TV is mounted to a marble wall and flanked by wood accents and growing moss. Of course, in this visualization, the reality of this construction is a bit hard to realize but the visual impact is certainly gorgeous.

The flooring throughout the home is also worth noting. Some areas are simple stone tiles while others feature hardwood flooring in natural shades. The neutral tones make for a fresh, blank foundation to build the rest of the apartment’s design around.

Plants and growth is another theme in this home. Hanging planters in the living room, the aforementioned wall of moss, and even potted trees bring a warm and calming natural feeling inside. In Kiev, where winter temperatures regularly dip below freezing, indoor plants can also add a bit of sunshine all year round.

When it comes to furniture, the home places an emphasis on softness, with plush multipurpose ottoman cubes scattered throughout the space. An upholstered platform bed and creatively colorful kids sleeping nook are also touchably soft.

In the kitchen and dining area we see splashes of yellow, another way to bring summer inside during colder months. The space kitchen area isn’t huge, but a careful layout still leaves room for a spacious dining table.

Finally, a gold tiled bath is surprisingly large and luxurious, with an emphasis on soft lighting and an enormous elevated tub. It’s a space that would be difficult to leave.

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3 Feminine Apartments Designed For 3 Sizes

Thu, 23.04.2015 - 16:00

The first space comes from visualizer Polina Kazakova. The light colors and airy textures, plus plenty of natural light make for a sweet and feminine atmosphere throughout. A cozy living room offers seating for a few special guests while vaulted bedroom ceilings and large windows create a space where anyone – man or woman – would be lucky to wake up. Patterns are also essential in this apartment, from the intricate tiled floor in the bedroom to the creative wood accent wall in the enviable bathroom.

The second apartment was designed by Izumoff Design Studio and measures in at 48.3 square meters (519 square feet). The design was created for a young woman, living on her own, who clearly has a distinct sense of style. The natural elements and careful lighting schemes make this urban apartment feel distinctly woodsy. Wood paneling on the walls and floor, along with exposed wood ceiling beams, just add to the outdoor effect. Apart from that influence, we can also see an eclectic fashion winding through the home with some luxurious elements like a tufted dining banquette and other almost DIY aesthetics, like burlap light fixtures and bare tree branches.

The final apartment takes a more colorful approach to feminine design. Coming from visualizer Paul Meuh, this space uses a neutral background to bring some carefully chosen brightly colored elements to life, starting with an amazing yellow sofa and matching dangly lights. A red refrigerator, green dining chairs, and an awesome Scandinavian-inspired carved wood element finish this open, modern space.

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3 Open Studio Apartment Designs

Wed, 22.04.2015 - 16:00

There is something beautiful about living in a studio apartment. It is a space you have all to yourself, everything just as you want it. There is never too much to clean and it’s nearly impossible to accumulate too much clutter since there just isn’t room for it. The three studio apartments featured in this post are clearly slices of quiet, beautiful heaven for the people who live in them. Each features a modern, open floorplan, private sleeping nooks, and space for minimal entertaining. But each, on its own, is ultimately personal and perfect.

The first studio comes from visualizer Artem Shelipov. The industrial inspiration here is obvious, from the concrete flooring to the sculpted wire light fixtures. The overall grey theme is neutral and relaxing, if not exactly vibrant. Using neutral colors can help make a smaller space feel a bit bigger. Clean lines abound from a sleek and simple sofa to a small breakfast bar and lever lamp.

The second space is from visualizers at Your Project. The apartment measures 48 square meters (516 square feet) and was designed for a young man, although a woman could easily feel at home in the sunny, sweet apartment, too. Unlike many studios, the design actually provides a sleeping area for overnight guests. The living room/dining area converts to a bed with just a little creative adjustment. This modern answer to the futon has the added benefit of likely not being all that comfortable, making sure no one overstays his or her welcome. The bedroom for the apartment’s owner is tucked away in a little nook for cozy comfort and privacy. A little couch in the entryway – in a bright orchid shade – is perfect for slipping off shoes and adding a comfy pop of color.

The third space, from architect Varo Aslanyan and designer Julia Trintsukova, is a a studio strictly speaking, but its amazing terrace makes it a much bigger space than the inside would suggest. This home was designed for a young couple and indeed has an air of romance about it. The dark wood flooring contrasts with the white walls and cabinetry while carefully chosen luxury pieces – from art to seating – give it a certain simple decadence. Of course, it is the wood deck that really shines in this apartment, perfect for entertaining or just enjoy one another’s company on a warm evening.

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2 Beautifully Modern Minimalist Asian Designs

Tue, 21.04.2015 - 17:02

Modern minimalism is sometimes perceived as cold, serious, or sparse. These beautifully designed spaces by Fertility Design show just the opposite, combining together unique design approaches with plenty of texture, smart storage solutions, and pops of color.

At 1424 square feet (132 square meters), this apartment presents a unique solution to a ceiling problem, in which there was a height difference that threw off the interior’s aesthetics. To correct, the ceiling in the living area as given a beveled design, in addition to a sloping ceiling shape. This created a space that looked – and felt – longer and wider. Designed by Huang Yi Feng and Li Yuzhi, this apartment is located in the Taichung area of Taiwan and features a modern design, including a living room, dining room, kitchen, guest suite with bathroom, study, and master bedroom with bathroom.

Using a very open design, each space is designed to flow seamlessly into the other, with plenty of clean lines softened by organic materials, like the luxe textiles used in the furniture upholstery and window treatments. Overall, a sense of smoothness radiates throughout the space with neutral woods, imported tiles and stone.

The living area asserts its charm with smart but sculptural storage along the main wall, adjacent to the media center. Plenty of light pours in from the floor to ceiling windows along the balcony. The look is very crisp and modern overall, but it’s the charming blue chair that really makes the space feel lively.

The dining area, just a few steps away, features a transparent sliding door into the study, Scandinavian wooden dining chairs, retro styled chandeliers, and window blinds. It is airy and bring. The study itself also has an open design looking out into the living room, lending to the overall flow of the space.

At the apartments entrance, iron railing from floor to ceiling create a distinct look that’s echoed in the storage along the opposite wall. Coats, shoes, books, media, or other essentials can be safely stored there, eliminating clutter, which keeps the space feeling large and open.

Recessed areas for carefully curated decor or treasures give the apartment a very personalized touch without making any addition feel frivolous. We especially love the play with textures and colors in the living area, which features lots of cool toned neutrals with pops of purple, sky blue, and green. It never feels harsh or sharp.

The stairs leading up to the main bedroom suite allow for an open view of the living area below.

From the living space, you can see into the office, kitchen, and dining area.

The kitchen, bright and airy like the rest of the dining and living areas, features modern appliances, lots of natural light, wood accents, and ample kitchen storage. Smooth tile and glass accents make it feel even more modern without becoming sterile.

Along the dining area wall, built in storage for dining room accouterments solves any worry over space for entertaining essentials. One could easily use this as a buffet when serving at dinner parties.

Along the wall next to the staircase, you’ll find folding doors to disguise both a guest bathroom and storage space. This hidden approach to two key spaces keeps with the flow of the apartment.

The master bedroom is separated by a large wardrobe, which doesn’t make the space feel smaller. Instead it’s a smart use of space to add ample storage without taking away from the openness of the rest of the apartment.

The wardrobe offers sliding closet doors coupled with drawers, open shelving, and a convenient walk through design.

A pop of color in the bright yellow chair at the built-in vanity adjacent to the wardrobe makes the bedroom feel even cheerier.

Alongside the bed, a unique slanted storage unit provides additional tabletop space for mementos while minimizing areas for gathering clutter.

Overall, this apartment is a perfect example of taking an existing space and adapting it to the current occupants’ needs for space, storage, form, and function.

At 1779 square feet (165 square meters), this second house blends together the best of old and new. Located in the Taichung Nam Theun area of Taiwan, it’s a new home that has a very whimsical look and feel, ideal for a family or one who appreciates the beauty of contemporary mixed with classic. The details throughout this three bedroom home give it a one of a kind charm that’s easy to appreciate. Upon entering, you’re greeted by a bright blue wall that sets the tone for the rest of the home.

The living area showcases a red brick wall that gives some texture to the space. A built-in TV/media center acts as a room divider while keeping an open floor plan feel. The bright pop of blue from the chair echoes the blue in the entranceway, plays with the red of the brick, and gives a liveliness to the otherwise mostly white room. The plush rug, classic wood chairs, and smooth natural woods used as shelving lends softness to the clean, modern lines used throughout the rest of the design. We especially love the touches of an antique-inspired desk lamp on the coffee table, vintage suitcases as an end table, and a modern floor lamp next to the cozy-looking couch.

Behind the media center, clever book shelving – including a natural wood ledge – gives extra storage space to the main living area.

Each decorative item and piece of furniture is carefully considered and placed, making the space feel organized without being cold. Everywhere you turn, there’s a sense of welcoming.

In the study, an old fashioned typewriter, tufted leather couch, and tons of storage make for a workable space that could be perfect for writing, drafting, crafting, or any other activity. It’s easily accessible off of the main living area, making it a convenient workspace.

Easy access to the shelving behind the media center is a smart use of space without disturbing the open feel and flow. The connected desk lamp adds a slightly industrial touch.

One of the more unique features of this house is the smoothness on the walls and floors. Like a concrete, it has a matte finish that’s both attractive and practical.

There’s a slight rustic feel to the space with a farmhouse-inspired table, mismatched seating, and warm wood accents.

The master bedroom has a cottage feel with striking wood floors and wood beams along the ceiling. Romantic touches like a feminine chair in an antique style, fresh flowers, and soft textiles make this space feel warm and inviting. It is cozy and modern without being shabby chic.

White bedding with crocheted accents and light window treatments add to the overall air feel of the room. The pop of red adds just the right touch.

Along the opposite wall, warm wood panels come together for ample wardrobe storage. It’s easy to get a good night’s sleep here.

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5 Luxury Bathrooms In High Detail

Mon, 20.04.2015 - 17:31

Most people don’t spend hours at a time in the bathroom. Even a long and luxurious bath doesn’t normally go on that long. But the time we do spend in that sacred space should be comfortable. Whether we’re washing our faces, putting on makeup, or shampooing, a beautiful bathroom is a luxury we can all get behind. Take a look inside these five luxury bathrooms and get inspired for creating your own amazing space.

The first bathroom is a visualization of a bathroom carved into rock, giving the space the feeling and appearance of being located in a cave. The craggy walls stand in contrast but also harmony with the smooth ceramic fixtures, which represent the way in which natural caves and rocks are worn away to a shine over thousands of years.

The next bathroom from visualizer Paul Winds is modern and sophisticated with a bit of retro 70’s flair. According to the visualizer, it ” uses eco materials that betray this bathroom is the ultimate in comfort, comfort, warmth and elegance. ” The warmth is especially apparent in the natural wood and stone elements. A deep soaking tub and incredible porcelain sinks complete the space.

This basement bathroom from visualizer Pavel Vetrov is part bathroom part lounge, largely by virtue of the extraneous furniture. While you may not think of the bathroom as place to put a supple leather chaise or butterfly chair, why wouldn’t you want to spend a little extra time relaxing in the one space where you can have some peace and quiet. The sinks in this bathroom are also particularly notable with this cool, sloping design.

Next up is a warm, luxurious bathroom with tropical theming. Wood slat accents, a fireplace facing the deep soaking tub, and the rainforest-inspired shower make this a real luxury retreat that would be well suited to a vacation resort – or a particularly lucky home.

The last bathroom from visualizer Natalia Chibiryak couples fairly standard white fixtures with a creative accent wall of artificial teak. The bathroom was designed to shy away from ceramic tiles and in that constraint, the beautiful wood wall was born. It also provides extra storage space for toiletries and design displays.

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Wood Slats Add Texture and Warmth to These Homes

Fri, 17.04.2015 - 18:10

It’s not exactly rare to use wood in a home. From hardwood floors to custom shelving, there are so many ways to bring the warmth and natural feeling of wood inside. But the homes featured in this post manage to go above and beyond, highlighting the beauty of natural wood by turning into unique accents through the use of wood slats. While each home uses the slat design in slightly different ways, each time it brings a special, interesting look to the room.

The first space comes from designer Eugene Anfilova. Here, the slats are not limited to a single room and instead act as a thread of the design throughout the home. The texture of the slats on the walls from the living room into the bedrooms ties each space together and has an almost calming effect. Further, the neutral wood color allows for a lot of other design options in terms of color and texture.

The second home comes from the same designer, though the use of the slats is somewhat more subtle in this space. The slats play with the other uses of bare, natural wood throughout the home from the kitchen table and chairs to the cabinetry.

The next home comes from visualizer Paul Winds. Here, instead of using slats in a uniform color, the designer has created a striped effect through the use of both bare and painted wood.

Finally we come to some more general uses for the slats, rather than elegant but ultimately non-functional design elements. First we can see how they can create a beautiful and completely functional screen for hiding those necessary but not necessarily beautiful appliances like a television and entertainment center.

Slats are also a wonderful addition to outdoor spaces. The wood, of course, is a natural fit while the slat design allows air to circulate while still blocking a lot of sun, keeping spaces cool and comfortable even in the summer.

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This Private Plane is a Luxurious Dream Come True

Thu, 16.04.2015 - 16:00

The next time you find yourself crammed in the a middle seat in coach, drinking a tiny bottle of wine in hopes of catching even a few moments of sleep, drift off to images of the life you might have lived: aboard a private Boeing 747-8. These luxury planes are bigger than many of the houses featured on this blog, with 4,786 square feet (444 square meters) of cabin space. The plan in this post was built by Boeing, then finished by Kirkland, Washington-based company Greenpoint Technologies. The final results are nothing to sneeze at with luxury lounges, private bedrooms, and even a full formal dining room. It’s no wonder that the U.S. government has said it will buy 747-8s to be the next Air Force One.

It would be surprising enough for most of us to see a sofa in a plane. But an entire lounge with multiple sofas, a coffee table, and a wall mounted flatscreen? That’s a far cry from a little extra legroom.

Because the planes are delivered without the finishing touches intact, it is easy to have the plane’s design customized to meet the needs of whoever is buying it – whether it’s the President of the United States or an anonymous oil baron from the middle east.

Everyone dreams of getting a good night sleep on long flights, but it’s rarely possible. For your next transcontinental flight, those dreams could come true in a private stateroom complete with a King sized bed, blackout shades, and luxury linens. At the end of a transcontinental flight, you’ll be fully rested and ready to start ruling the world.

Of course, to keep making money so that you can pay for this luxury aircraft, you’ll have to do quite a bit of work. Luckily, the plane is equipped with an office as well as a conference room (that doubles as a place for formal dining). Once you wake up from that luxurious nap, you can get straight to work not matter how high off the ground you are.

Finally, the 747-8 also has a lounge on the second level, adding another 393 square feet of lounging capabilities.

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Colorful Kids Rooms with Plenty of Playful Style

Wed, 15.04.2015 - 16:00

Using plenty of color in designing a kid’s room is not exactly reinventing the wheel. But the four rooms featured in this post are a far cry from the standard Playskool primary colors and safety scissors. Not only does each room take full advantage of natural lighting, they use playful patterns and sophisticated design elements to create rooms that are not only kid friendly but also stylish, trendy, and gorgeous.

The first room offers a creative option for sharing space. While some homes might have strictly enough space for siblings to have their own space, sharing a room can actually be a welcome and valuable experience at a certain age. This room is clearly designed to have brother and sister share peacefully. The room is divided by a partial wall that contains desks and study areas for both children. In addition, varied patterns are used to give both sides their own personality – in particular, the creative borders at chair rail height that alternately contain chalkboard paint and quirky bicycle graphics.

The next room would perhaps be best suited to an older girl and comes from designer Masha Gluzdakova. The room is large enough to serve as a complete retreat, to host sleepovers, and generally allow a teenager to retreat from the world as they are wont to do. The sunny reading nook is particularly inviting, with a cozy, brightly colored hammock and a few comfy pillows.

The third bedroom is astronomically stylish, perfect for a stargazer of any age. The bright moon light that hangs over the bed glows brightly while a high tech telescope lets whoever inhabits the room make their own nightly discoveries.

The final room is a bit smaller in size but the design is entirely modern and comfortable. A custom lofted bed leaves room for a couch underneath where the boy who lives here can relax, or where a friend can comfortably spend the night. The wood paneling on one wall blends beautifully with the wood flooring and chocolatey brown ombre wall treatment on the opposite wall. The tones are muted but the results are a bit playful completely welcoming.

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Golf Course Views and a Striking Exterior Make for a Modern Marvel

Tue, 14.04.2015 - 16:00

Living with the view of a golf course is a certain kind of accomplishment. It speaks to luxury, relaxation, and the ability to enjoy the finer things in life. This house on the edge of a golf course in Valencia, Spain, designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, is no different although the way in which it communicates that luxury is quite unique. The elliptical shape of the exterior of the home is immediately striking. While the shape seems to almost mimic and highlight the natural curvature of the earth, at the same time the stark white color gives it an otherworldly effect. Inside, open spaces, simple furnishings and careful compositions make this a space this relaxing not in spite of, but because of its creativity and beauty.

The outdoor space of the home emphasizes curves, ellipses, semicircles, even bringing these smooth rounded edges to the pool design. The curves make the open space feel even bigger than it is, inviting comparison to the natural (but manicured) expanses that surround the house.

Four concrete supports hold up the curved roof, but they nearly disappear into the design because of the way the facade is allowed to melt into them.

Inside the home, everything feels open with air and light flowing from one side of the house to the other easily. Minimal furniture serves to open up the space even further on both levels. Colors are kept to a minimum as well, with shades of white and gray making up most of the home. From every angle, occupants can look out onto the garden or surrounding greenery, giving the home a feeling of being both at one with and entirely removed from its natural surroundings.

The luxury materials that make up the home, from cool white marble to smooth concrete have a simple elegance to them.

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3 Creative Apartment Designs Perfect for Young Families

Mon, 13.04.2015 - 18:39

Being new parents is a magical – albeit stressful – time. Sharing the love that you have for your spouse and your child with the world is beautiful. But sharing your space with them isn’t always quite so easy. That’s why we’ve decided to feature these designs that manage to make living in somewhat cramped quarters with your little one (or little ones!) look just as fun and easy as it does on TV. Take a look inside these home and start to realize that giving up the childless life doesn’t have to mean giving up on style.

The first apartment, from designer Nicholas Plaxin, is quite compact. To make enough space for an entire family, the apartment actually utilizes a system of folding doors that lets the occupants keep sleeping areas out of sight during the day. It is not that the soft gray beds are necessarily unattractive, but when you have to look at your bed as you try to feed a toddler breakfast your home can feel that much more confining.

The next home we are featuring is certainly a bit more spacious, but when you consider that these 60 square meters (645 square feet) are home to not one, not two, but three children and their parents, it starts to look a little more, well, little. Luckily, designer Anastsasiya Kashira is skilled and has used the idea of multipurpose spaces to create a home that works for this particular family. This is largely accomplished in the children’s room. Two year old twins and a 10-year-old girl share the room, which is divided with curtains. This way, the children can have their privacy while still sharing their play space in the center of the room.

Starting a family is an important conversation to have with your spouse before you’re married. But once you really get ready to start expanding, you might want to talk to your interior designer, too. That’s what happened for this young couple who decided they would soon want to hear that special pitter patter. The couple’s home, which measures 53.5 square meters (575 square feet), was easily transformed into a family friendly space by designer Oksana Pavlova at the MANGO design studio. The use of vibrant, playful colors make the home perfectly suited to a young child while carefully divided space give the couple an open living room, kitchen and dining area, sunny workspace, and of course, room for a small nursery.

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Living Small With Style: 2 Beautiful Small Apartment Plans Under 500 Square Feet (50 Square Meters)

Fri, 10.04.2015 - 17:50

While sometimes bigger can be better, that’s just not always an option, especially in densely populated cities. Luckily, the right designer can take even a small space and turn it into a home that is not just functional, but actually quite stylish.

The first space is an apartment in Lviv, Ukraine from the team at Grits Creative Group. The home is only 40 square meters (430 square feet) but still manages to have the requisite areas for a young, creative family.

A small living area with a cozy love seat, 60s-inspired chair and even a small work area, is perfect for a little bit of entertaining. A half wall keeps the kitchen and dining area separate from the living room without closing it off completely. Similarly, the lofted bed area is in an elevated nook, making it feel like a separate room when in reality there really isn’t that much space.

In the bathroom, creative patterned tiling mixed with sleek white porcelain fixtures brings in personality and that creative spirit without feeling too busy.

The second apartment, known “Nest,” comes from designer Anton Sevastyanov. The 43.5 square meter (468 square feet) space is for an active young man who has a passion for sports, music, and photography.

The bright and open home keeps design fairly simple and minimalist, making the space feel bigger than it really is. White painted brick is certainly modern but also makes the design feel cleaner and a bit European.

A wood paneled door frame separates the bedroom from the living room. By doing it this way, the room feel separate and private but the apartment still feels big. The use of mirrors around the bedframe is also a sleek way to imitate a bigger room.

Creative use of separators and doorframes leaves room for a sunny dining area and kitchen as well.

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A Hipster Inspired Design Concept for Russian Gaming Magazine Editor

Thu, 09.04.2015 - 16:00

The space is certainly not huge, but the way it is organized is keeps the distinct areas separate with a small living room/entertainment area (perfect for gaming) nestled in next to a home office, ideal for those late nights working with a deadline looming. Of course, the corner desk with a sleek task chair is also perfect for PC gaming.

Away from the work area is the kitchen and another sofa, this one without a television. This way, the occupant can easily separate work from relaxation, business from pleasure. The sliding paneling that runs between the kitchen and sofa has a bit of edge to it while still serving its purpose well.

The bedroom is unmistakably masculine, using a dark gray color palette to make everything feel private and relaxing. The abstract painting over the headboard gives just enough color while the fabric-colored light fixtures are sure to emit only the most flattering tones.

The accessories and details throughout the house give it a distinct personality. While hipster-inspired begins to describe it – faux mounted animal heads, for instance – it is a bit more eclectic than that. The tiled backsplash in the kitchen has a bit of country chic sensibility while the polka dot shower curtain and asymmetrical tiling on the bathroom floor offer their own playful whimsy.

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A Single-Family Home Interior in Cool Shades of Gray

Wed, 08.04.2015 - 16:00

The Polish city of Grudzi?dz sits on the Vistula River in the northern part of the country. It in this mid-sized city that you will find this beautiful and almost haunting home, designed by the team at Tamizo Architects, who we have featured before on this site. In the photos that follow it is interesting to see how the dark interior choices contrast with the expansive, snowy landscape that surrounds the house. Whether in the depths of summer or the brightness of spring, that natural light streaming in from outside has had a major impact on the interior design of the home. Each room is a study in interesting, subtle contrasts.

The main living area is mostly open, with only a floating fireplace to separate the family sofa from the dining room. White walls and dark furnishings give the space an almost sterile feel, as if it is ready for anyone to move in and take over with their own colors and life.

Even the floors are a pale wood or marbled gray, again taking inspiration from the cold climate, ice clinging to tree branches and eaves.

The kitchen and dining room, the heart of the home, feel warmer and more open due to the wood paneling used throughout. There is not as much space in the kitchen as you might find in some larger, gourmet designs but plenty one room on the island and breakfast bar for preparing a meal for a small family. Mismatched light fixtures over the dining table add a bit of playfulness to the design as well.

In the bedrooms, the tone shifts from the darker gray of the living room to a lighter gray that calls to mind silver and cashmere. In short, it’s a luxurious and calming palette, perfect for drifting off to sleep on a drizzly cloudy evening.

The bathroom carries the same warm marbled color into the floor and walls, with white porcelain fixtures keeping the design minimal rather than fussy.

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4 Contemporary Home Visualizations with Sleek Sophistication

Tue, 07.04.2015 - 16:00

When it comes to luxury interior design, beautiful results often start with a careful visualization. The homes featured in this post come from Ando Studio Fine Art Renderings and give designers and homeowners a chance to look at the dynamic possibilities any home can have, from unique furnishings to creative lighting design and every other element that truly makes a house a work of art.

The first house featured is a two-story duplex apartment. The visualization was created to generate interest in the home for sale by showing the potential of the space with simple yet stylish elements that could appeal to a wide variety of people. A neutral palette in black, white, gray, and bare wood creates calmness while also acting as a blank slate for the imagination of potential buyers.

The next featured space is a 2014 penthouse duplex, successfully built by Gindi holdings with an interior from an Ando Studio team. The light from the upper level vantage point streams in from floor-to-ceiling windows while a dominating white creates an even more open feeling. Simple splashes of personality, like a houndstooth ottoman and purple solair chair give the otherwise sophisticated space just a breath of whimsy.

Luxurious outdoor spaces are important in these apartments with multiple areas appropriate for dining, entertaining, and enjoying.

In this next luxury apartment, both visualization and interior design was done by Ando Studio for a private investor. It is easy to see the studio’s capabilities with a neutral palette here as well. There is not as much floor space available in this upper level home, but simple colors and furnishings let it continue to feel open. In the small bedroom, different textures, from smooth wood paneling to a soft carpet and cushy bedding are welcoming but not too busy because of the subdued tones.

The final space is a residential building in Tel Aviv from Bar-Orian Architects. The interior design for this project was done by Irma Orenstein. This space goes even further with its love of white than the others in this post. Walls, ceilings, cabinetry, and bedding are all a gleaming shade of it with light wood flooring providing the only relief. The resulting home is nothing if not luxurious, as an average homeowner could never afford to keep all of it clean.

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A Set of Extraordinary Lights

Mon, 06.04.2015 - 16:00

Although lighting is always an essential part of interior design, some designers do little more than include soft track lighting and perhaps a chandelier in the dining area. The lights in this post are so much more than practical. They provide light while also bringing creativity, art, and even humor into any room where they might be placed.

The lights from CoeLux manage to reproduce natural light indoors, using nanotechnology. The photos here, according to the designers at CoeLux, are unretouched.

More of an art project than a light fixture, designer Anila Quayyum Agha found inspiration for this intricate installation, from the exclusion that women experience in Islam as well as in Pakistan.

There is no question where the inspiration for this chandelier. The metal structure is designed to be hung from a tree brand in winter so that it can collect water and become coated in real ice.

This storm cloud light, which includes an interactive lamp as well as speaker, is not just beautiful, it is almost hypnotic.

While these suspended lights are not necessarily as beautiful as some of the others included here, they have extra functionality: they actually play music.

Beauty and function do not need to take the place of fun when it comes to lighting. These fixtures from The Play Collective and nothing if not fun.

Made from perforated porcelain, with each hole drilled by hand, these balls of light creates beautiful patterns on the walls in the dark.

Balloon lamps from CrousCalogero appear to be floating, hiding low consuption fluorescent bulbs inside.

These balloon wall lights use the “balloon string” as the pull switch and are available for sale online.

Simple and sophisticated, this suspended reading light is a gorgeous addition to any room.

What better way to bring the deep blue sea into your above ground home than with these jellyfish lamps?

Flexible and etheral, these lights bring soft, soothing atmosphere into any room.

In another ocean life inspired lamp, this glowing lamp has a spindly legs and an otherwordly quality.

These gorgeous tree lamps are fantastical, if not the brightest option.

An adorable lamp would be soothing to anyone waking up to a dark night.

This angler fish lamp was made from recycled objects and uses an energy efficient lightbulb.

Another adorable night light, this one looks like a cutesy snail.

Finally, this stunning dragon lamp calls to mind the best in medieval design with a modern sensibility.

These beautiful fixtures, which the designers have named Shylight, are made to mimic the natural opening and closing of flowers at night. The lights are made of layers of silk, as well as stainless steel, aluminum, and LEDs, giving the lights an incredible graceful movement.

You really need to watch these beauties in action:

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A Creative Brick House Controls the Interior Climate and Looks Amazing

Fri, 03.04.2015 - 16:00

There are certain ideas about what a brick house looks like that pervade most of our imaginations. Of course, that’s probably why most of us are not architects. The professionals at Tropical Space have a much wilder imagination when it comes to how to use brick in contemporary structures, as evidenced by the Termitary House. This brick space in Da Nang City, Vietnam uses deep red brick for nearly every surface on the interior and exterior. But despite the classic, almost old-fashioned look of plain red brick (and the trend of painting it a vibrant white), the house feels anything but old and stuffy.

This home, completed in 2014, sits on a 90 square meter (968 square feet) plot with 140 square meters (1507 square feet) of floor space, including a full ground floor and suspended floor above that. Even before you step inside the home, it is impossible to not be taken in by the creative brick exterior. Rather than a standard home exterior that would include a few windows to let in light, the entire house is brick. Instead of large glass panes, the windows are a grid of bricks letting in light and also air.

For a house made entirely of brick, the interior is surprisingly warm and welcoming with sunlight streaming in from overhead openings and the airy exterior. The use of wood as a whole is kept to a minimum, with a few pieces of custom furniture and a small cooking area with wood cabinetry.

Vietnam can get hot in the summer and very rainy in the winter. The brick exterior helps to, of course, keep its occupants dry but also to regulate the interior temperature. It is no surprise that baked bricks can stay extremely cool even when the weather is warm, and insulate well, too.

There are bedrooms on both the ground floor and upper level of the home. Narrow stairwells are kept comfortable by light from the upper level brick grid design and an intimate outdoor area is perfect for entertaining and relaxing.

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A Warm Wood Home in Taiwan with a Beautiful Cozy Reading Nook

Thu, 02.04.2015 - 16:00

When a home is warm and welcoming, it becomes a place that is a joy to be. Evenings spent on the sofa or simply curled up with a good book are imbued with a new type of pleasure. There is nothing more important calling your name outside or online. Just the simple quiet of your own home. This space in Taiwan, a full renovation designed by Fertility Design for the couple who purchased the home, is the epitome of this beautiful simplicity. Inspired by Nordic design and realized with lots of warm, luscious wood and comfortable furnishings, this home is a homebody’s dream come true.

The main living area is quite open with minimal but carefully chosen furnishings. The accent wall where the television is mounted was created with European wood tile. The patchwork look gives the room the perfect amount of country chic charm without devolving into something kitschy.

Sunlight streams into the house from its many windows, giving extra warmth to both the living area and the aforementioned reading nook. With shelves from floor to ceiling, comfortable seating, lights, and even a stereo, it is a dreamy place where anyone could easily while away an afternoon with a good book or daydreams.

Wood paneling from the walls to the floors to the ceiling gives the home that Nordic woodsy feel that the owners craved. Minimal and simple wall decorations add just enough personality but never overwhelm the carefully cultivated simplicity.

The kitchen in this open floor plan home is another peaceful gather place. The heavy wood countertops and carved bar chairs bring the wood theme into the kitchen and also serve to make a comfy breakfast bar for two.

The bedrooms in the home are kept exceedingly simple in color and design. Light colored bedding, custom cabinetry and just a few decorations create a welcoming retreat for the end of every day.

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Stone and Wood Make a Dark, Masculine Interior

Wed, 01.04.2015 - 16:00

There are a lot of ways to be masculine and there is no one style or color palette that indicates something is masculine. However, this house from the designers at Thee ID is definitely a comfortable place where a man could get comfortable. Not florals or frills or splashes of pink to be found anywhere. Instead, luxe materials from floor to ceiling create a comfortable space where the occupants can bring the colors for themselves.

The design also focuses on bringing light and expansion into the home, with horizontal accessories and huge windows covered only by translucent fabrics, that allow light in and create the illusion of more space in this otherwise minimalist apartment.

The main living area encompasses a living room, dining room, and kitchen. The living room, which is the central meeting and relaxing area in the home, is dominated by soft leather furniture, including a large sofa and cozy arm chair with sleek, clean lines. Opposite the sofa is a gray stone accent wall that uses the grain of the material to create a chevron stripe.

Fun details throughout the apartment are also notable, from the matching spotlight floor lamps in the living room and bedroom to the splayed out cowhide area rug in front of the sofa. Theses accents are few and far between but so carefully chosen and stylish that they really make the home.

The dining room, tucked right behind the sofa, is the perfect size for a small dinner party. Upholstered dining chairs and a dark wood table, highlighted by the creative overhead lighting, are simple and stylish. Of course, a formal dining table is not the only option, with a subtly reflective breakfast bar providing another, casual option.

The bedroom keeps its own masculine tone, too. The tufted leather bed frame and awesome personal spotlight makes it easy to see how this space is a perfect night time retreat for even the most trend-averse.

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A Warm Stone Exterior Houses an Intimate Residence and Private Art Gallery

Tue, 31.03.2015 - 16:00

In the forests of Guatemala, there is no shortage of scenery. Even in the heart of Guatemala City, four volcanoes are visible. Although this home is tucked away, removed from the bustle of the capital, it has the same spectacular scapes and indeed the building, from architect Solis Colomer, is largely informed by the nature that surrounds it. With windows reaching from ground to ceiling to sky, nature provides a backdrop for even the most banal daily activities while the human interaction with the landscape creates its own view of sorts.

The home is open, airy, and bright but actually has considerable more division than many other contemporary or ultramodern homes. The rooms are separated from one another, demanding intimacy from anyone ensconced together in one or the other.

The bare wood floors and exposed ceiling beams never given an unfinished feeling in the home’s interior. Rather they suggest a warmth and fluidity between the interior and the surrounding forests.

In addition to the rooms that are to be expected in any home – living space, kitchen, dining area – this house also includes a private art gallery, allowing for the occupants to put their favorite pieces on bold display. That space includes a landing that overlooks the works and a vaulted ceiling taking up the entire space from ground level to second story.

There is no denying the heart of this home. The kitchen is vibrant and pulsating with red accents, colorful tiles and an open dining space that begs for visitors to stay a bit longer and have another drink.

The unfinished stone exterior does not, of course, blend perfectly with the lush green landscape but instead gives the impression of being carved out of the earth. Even the splashes of red seem at home in the tropical surroundings with brightly colored flowers and plants as part of the landscape. Further, the red window frames act as frames for the interior of the home, actually inviting those outside to look in. Cut outs in the exterior concrete and stone provide another way to frame and flow between the outside and the inhabitants.

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