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Fresh Delightfully Modern Interiors From A Polish Architectural Studio

Wed, 27.08.2014 - 17:10

In this first home, we can see the interior immediately come to life with the Banksy-inspired mural in the living room.

Another wall has personal photos on display in a way that looks a bit haphazard, but ultimately adds an important personal touch to the modern space.

Moving to the dining area and kitchen, we can get a real sense of the modern, sleek design style with lots of black and white features.

In the center of the dining table, an herb garden adds a splash of green while also serving a very practical purpose.

The smooth black cabinetry manages to reflect light just enough that it doesn’t make the space feel too enclosed.

And a small en suite bath maintains the home’s style.

The next interior takes the white palette even further.

Ultra-modern sofas are starkly angular.

While a unique architectural element makes it look as though you could unzip the window for an even more panoramic view.

That element carries over into the bedroom, where a cozy platform bed sits nestled into the wall.

The third home uses indoor greenery to great effect with a massive planting that doubles as a room divider.

The dining set is beautiful in its wood and neutral simplicity.

The stair case uses suspension wires, letting the home stay open and giving anyone ascending a heavenly feeling.

In the kitchen, a small breakfast table and heavy slab countertop benefit from streams of natural light.

The next home we’ll look at makes an amazing feature out of a home library, hiding away behind a beautiful wood wall, or putting it on display when it’s in use.

In another example of the hidden bookshelf, this design makes it easy to entertain when the work area can be tucked away out of sight.

Modern wood chairs are molded to be comfortable without upholstery.

A custom wall lets the television and media storage sit completely out of the way without using heavy furniture.

This space age bathroom makes use of a sharply angled ceiling.

Downstairs, a silvery gray sofa could be just as home on the Starship Enterprise as it is in this cool, futuristic home.

A chrome hood for the stove and geometric countertop are unique focal points for the small kitchen.

A triangular dining table is just another quirk in this creative home.

In this space conscious home, the bookshelves are never tucked away.

The clean lines and simple furniture leave plenty of space for a living area, small dining table, and kitchen area.

Creating lamps can be bent or swung around easily to give light where it’s needed.

And a cozy breakfast bar is the perfect place to start a great day.

This living room, dominated by wooden cabinets that match the lovely floor accents is stylishly retro.

This simple home has everything in its place, but nothing too wild.

You may never want to leave this spacious bedroom with a deep platform bed and cozy reading nook.

It’s the perfect place to unwind or simply be alone with your thoughts.

A similar bedroom makes use of a little less space and features aerodynamic chairs and cool bedside lights.

Plus a little built-in fireplace as an added bonus.

The final interior uses splashes of bright yellow to a sunny, perky effect.

From throw pillows to light fixtures.

The bookshelf is prominent but simple.

And the dining room uses mismatched chairs for extra playfulness.

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Interior Design Close To Nature: Rich Wood Themes And Indoor Vertical Gardens

Tue, 26.08.2014 - 17:16

Beautiful interior design can make a space open, comfortable, and welcoming. When a home is beautiful and impeccably furnished, hours and days can go by before you even want to consider leaving. But nature has its own comforting capabilities, from a cool summer’s breeze to the oxygenating properties of plants. These designs in this post take the most soothing elements of nature and incorporating them into gorgeous, modern interiors that include rich, natural wood and living indoor gardens, similar to some of those we’ve seen before.

First up is a unique space from a designer who goes by the handle hitman317.

By including greenery throughout this modern space, the designer adds both color and texture to the room.

The unique wood paneling, which positions the plans perpendicular to the wall itself, is unusual and very visually interesting.

The design even gives us a peek of the outdoor greenery as well.

Wood cabinetry stays in the same color family as door frames and even the dining table for a cozy feeling.

A massive vertical garden in the dining room is welcoming for guests and an instant conversation piece.

Plenty of sunlight lets the plants keep growing, even indoors.

The next space comes to us from designer Mariya Vergezova. She calls it WOOD_home.

This chalet in the Carpathian Mountains uses a spectrum of natural colors and a mixture of fabrics.

The resulting atmosphere is incredibly warm, even against cold, snowy nights.

A wooden stair case emerges seamlessly from a wood floor, making the home feel like a growing organism itself.

The wall garden plays off the green pattern on the creatively decorated throw rug, which has tribal influences.

Eames chairs always add a classic touch.

Warm overhead lighting is perfect for setting a cheerful mood.

The space is open, with high ceilings and low sofas, but ultimately it feels safe.

The third featured interior is from Visualizer Yo Dezeen.

The feeling in this space is decidedly cool and a mainly masculine.

A cool glass coffee table has a distinctly 80′s feel.

The vertical garden is a special surprise in this room.

The fourth room was styled by Visualizer Ilya Tovstonog.

This modern home features a gas fire tucked inside an awesome steel wall, complete with a firewood stack on one side. The wood juxtaposes the hanging garden on the other side of the fireplace, giving us a glimpse into the various phases of a plant’s life.

The bedroom uses a large dark wood accent wall that takes the place of a headboard.

The television sits in a custom wall and can be easily hidden away, for a technology-free sanctuary.

The cozy modern arms chairs in an oatmeal color are begging to be collapsed into at the end of a long day.

A marble wall reflects light and feels luxurious.

The walk-in closet has a dressing area and class doors for an open, airy feeling.

Finally, the breakfast bar and small kitchen play wood off of marble, using their complementary colors and textures to beautiful effect.

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Bright and Colorful Kids Room Designs with Whimsical Artistic Features

Mon, 25.08.2014 - 18:03

Designing a beautiful room for a child, or children, can be tricky. The best designers, as evidenced in these images from Archivizer, are able to combine the aesthetic preferences of stylish parents with the needs of a child who may have not even formed his own sense of style yet. These rooms are colorful, but never garish, with plenty of childlike whimsy to capture your imagination.

The first room have uses a tree theme to create a really fun vibe.

The tree theme runs through the room, most notably in the large tree cut out and the tree print carpet.

A pale yellow wall and wardrobe lends color without being dizzying.

A whimsical tree decal, complete with cartoon rain clouds, adds a few more colors and a lot of personality.

This next room is a little more subdued, but still features plenty of vibrant colors.

Striped walls and cubby beds make for a perfect retreat for busy kids.

And separate seating and study areas even make sharing a room not so bad.

This spacious kids area has more than just beds, tarting with a large play and study area for smaller kids.

Chalkboard walls at kid height inspire all kinds of creativity.

And a climbing area offers a place to get some of that energy out.

When it comes time to rest, kids can retreat to the bedroom area, which features colorful bunk beds.

Overnight guests can comfortably crash on this electric pink futon.

Though this girls room has more subdued colors, its just as stylish and fun.

A pretty brand pattern on the walls is welcoming but not too bright.

The small study area can easily grow with the girl who lives here.

This study room doesn’t try to wedge in any beds, instead creating a comfortable sanctuary for school work or socializing.

Matching sofas and desks are perfect for sisters while a vanity will surely come in handy for teens.

What this room lacks in square footage it makes up for in whimsy.

Playful triangle patterns on the wallpaper are reminiscent of flags dancing on the wind.

This cozy yellow desk chair and cubby holes can make any homework appealing.

Of course, not all kids have taste that veers towards the silly, as this ultra modern kids room clearly shows us.

With subdued tree pattern walls and a tribal-inspired rug, the eclectic design is fun but grown up.

For a wild take on a boys room, check out this space with bean bag chairs and Transformer wall art.

The blue wallpaper in this girls room makes it a big dark, so white furnishings and pink and purple accents brighten things up.

What little girl wouldn’t want a personalized bed?

A simply stylish rocking chair is perfect for bedtime stories.

Keep colored pencils readily available with this adorable pencil holder.

An attic is an awesome retreat with a chalkboard wall and chevron stripe rug.

An awesome map wall is decorative and educational.

Citrusy colors make this study room welcoming for any age group.

While plenty of shelving means you’ll never be without the book you need.

A turquoise ceiling is the perfect way to add color without enclosing the space.

Dark wood floors are beautiful, but you need a throw rug to keep kids (and the floor) safe.

In this play space, you find cozy chairs, and even an indoor jungle gym.

The button pattern rug is just precious enough.

Whimsical paintings and faux balloons make it feel like a party room all year long.

This room proves that you don’t need a lot of wild colors to be kid-friendly.

Slatted cabinetry is country chic.

A beautiful paint job on the ceiling brings a bit of the night sky indoors in this nursery.

A little couch and tiny table mean kids and parents will feel comfy.

Finally, this princess-inspired room with its frilly curtains and chandelier is the stuff little girls dream of.

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Compact House Made from Affordable Materials

Fri, 22.08.2014 - 18:24

Designer Anway Aljugrey from Inxide Studio has designed a modern, compact house that can meet all the needs of a person or couple with significantly less waste than a larger home would offer. The KOTAK Haus featured in this post is made from affordable materials that are both easy to maintain and will withstand the test of time, aging to become even more interesting looking. Inside, the home is not large, but sunlight and creative use of space make it feel open and comfortable.

The exterior the home is raw concrete, which is both simple and modern.

This creative deck features opens completely for sun and fresh air inside.

Upstairs are more sliding windows for an interior space that feels extremely spacious.

This cutaway view clearly delineates the different spaces within the house from the downstairs living area and bedroom to the upstairs workspace.

From this angle we can see the simplicity of the bedroom, a perfect nook for a mattress and nothing more.

Stairs lead up to a rooftop patio with endless possibilities.

The living room is just the right size for relaxing.

The lack of interior walls may feel precarious at first but ultimately makes things more comfortable.

Recessed lighting over the sofa makes up for a lack of windows in the living area.

A ladder leads up to the lofted workspace, a much more space efficient choice than stairs.

Wood, brick, and caged lightbulbs give the space an industrial feel.

Even the bathroom is left a bit open with the use of slatted walls.

From overhead we can more easily see how no space is wasted in the design.

The back deck is perfect for dining or just hanging out.

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Ultra Sleek Private Home with Incredible Architecture

Thu, 21.08.2014 - 16:24

From the exterior through the bedrooms and private wine cellar, this modern home from architect Guido Costantino is spectacular. The natural materials in use throughout the home, including slabs of unfinished concrete and beautiful wood floors, play with the idea natural vs. industrial to great effect while each piece of furniture is just enough and never too much.

From any angle, this home is impressive.

The outdoor pool is the ultimate indulgence.

The simple concrete patio surrounding the pool ties into the concrete features we will see inside.

Even the pool chairs are perfectly minimal in their design.

A main dining room has seating for eight, but feels comfortably casual.

Though mostly adorned in neutrals, the few pops of color throughout are careful and effective.

The simplicity of this living room sofa, with its steel frame and thin cushions, is spectacular.

This photos truly captures the way the architect has used elements like glass, concrete, and wood together in a harmonious way.

Light wood flooring is warm in an otherwise dark home.

An area rug in the same color as the wood adds a fun element of texture.

This workspace is far from expansive, but there are few distractions.

A creative floor lamp offers lighting for the times when sun isn’t streaming through the massive windows.

The use of different levels makes it easy to distinguish rooms without the use of walls.

When in use, the television appears like a carefully framed work of art.

From this angle, it feels as though the house goes on forever.

A concrete wall and mantle add interesting texture to the living room.

A teal bolt pillow could be modern sculpture or creative seating.

Inside, we immediately see the minimalist influence with plenty of open floor space.

A small stone collection is a likely spot for a hidden gas fire.

A central staircase seems to emerge from, and lift towards, nowhere.

A central concrete bearing wall is casually unfinished, but the effect is striking.

A nearly invisible railing attached to the wall provides a little stability on the floating stairs.

The kitchen, with a long breakfast bar, is entirely welcoming for guests.

Expansive counters and a glass top range are begging to be used.

The clever overhead lighting is necessary but so perfectly matched to the room that it nearly disappears.

With the kitchen opening to the living room, this home would be incredible for entertaining.

Simple shades can pull down to prevent harsh glare from the walls of windows.

There is plenty of kitchen space to have a few cooks, or staff, moving about.

In one bedroom, we find a truly awesome sunken bed design and cozy shag rug, perfect for dogs and humans alike.

Upstairs, a glass divider acts as a simple railing for the balcony area.

More concrete features tie upstairs to down.

The two-story windows offer views of both the back yard….

…and the living room.

A small step up indicates a room divid upstairs as well.

In the basement, the perfect den has a sofa that’s just as charming but a perhaps a bit cozier than the one upstairs.

The use of space under the stairs gives the basement a warmth it may otherwise lack, with no windows.

Here we get just a peek of the comfy downstairs retreat.

And we get to see the real origins of the amazing staircase.

A private wine cellar…

…and private gym leave this modern home wanting for nothing.

Photos from Peter A. Sellar

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Awesomely Stylish Urban Living Rooms

Wed, 20.08.2014 - 16:17

The living room is where we spend most of our time – watching television, reading, or just hanging out. When it’s comfortable and chic, our lives feel more in focus. Here, we feature 21 living rooms with their own beautiful aesthetics that are each welcoming, modern, and chic. Take a look.

The wild colors in this area rug are reminiscent of the pixels on a computer screen and make the whole space feel instantly modern and hip.

Cool unfinished walls accented with a pristine chesterfield make this living room super chic.

The wide open spaces speak for themselves here – not to mention the amazing windows.

Shades of white a rusty shag rug make this living room just a bit edgy, but not over the edge.

There’s nothing fussy about this cook living room, from its minimal (but showcased) wall art to its mismatched furniture.

Plenty of luxury seating and a view of the pool makes this living room the ultimate indulgence.

Pretty colors and soft fabrics beckon you to this living room sofa.

The creative lighting in this modern living room gives it an extra something special.

Just because a living room uses a lot of neutral colors doesn’t mean it’s boring. The cool pattern on the walls and funky light fixtures make sure of that here.

There’s something so sweet about this cozy white living room that a pop of pink would be a welcome addition.

Making this most of a small apartment space, this living room sticks to the essentials.

An area rug and gray sectional keep the living room a separate space in this open floorplan.

A tribute to bohemian artist style with a super modern twist, this living room turns amps and guitars into focal points.

A family friendly living room with simple elements like cozy armchairs and a fireplace.

More comforting neutrals in this small living room.

A cool ocean blue rug and chevron stripe pillows are totally of the moment.

If you had an amazing turquoise sofa like this one, you’d let it be the centerpiece of your living room, too.

It’s not only the hazy filter that makes this hipster living room so chic. It’s the black and white furniture, natural wood floors and awesome birdcage light fixtures.

This living room holds firm to the aesthetic of clean lines.

This modern living space shows that you don’t need much furniture to make a place inviting.

Finally, a super white urban design with cool copper accents. Dreamy.

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Gorgeously Minimal Kitchens with Perfect Organization

Tue, 19.08.2014 - 16:06

The first kitchen uses cool beige tones and recessed lighting to create a sense of calm.

This kitchen really brightens things up with open cabinets of sunny yellow for a distinctly modern vibe.

The reddish orange accents in this kitchen, and the creative sunken dining table, give the kitchen a really retro feel.

Another neutral option lets the practical elements of the kitchen itself all but disappear, highlighting beautiful views and open windows.

For more counter space, this kitchen utilizes a huge natural wood island with its own sink.

The bright yellow where gives the kitchen a very youthful glow.

With a small breakfast area and plenty of cabinetry, this urban kitchen would be perfect for a couple.

A more modern option for kitchen islands, this one uses a bright white countertop and funky chairs.

Using the center island for the stovetop can give a home cook a lot more flexibility and openness when cooking.

This minimalist kitchen almost feels like an office with its efficient use of space.

This design includes a buffet for easy entertaining.

While a stove is certainly a necessity, tucking it away in a cabinet is a nice aesthetic while keeping it at waist height eliminates too much bending over.

Cabinets and counters disappear in this room, making the kitchen an easy gathering place.

Shocks of red bring life into this modern option.

Slate gray cabinetry matches built in shelving for a unified feel in this open floorplan.

A freestanding island with shapely legs is cool and unique.

This all-white kitchen would be a dream come true for clean freaks.

Awesome gold chandeliers create a decadent feel in this kitchen and dining area.

Reflective surfaces everywhere make this kitchen and dining area feel like you’re eating at a chef’s table.

And indeed, this kitchen has its own chef’s table by way of an expansive breakfast bar.

Lucite furniture and modern chandelier make this white kitchen uber chic.

Curved legs, chairs, and vases offer a feminine bent to this kitchen.

Outdoor cooking is the height of luxury and this home hibachi offers that feeling.

Simplicity does not negate luxury, as can be seen in this marble countertop kitchen.

Finally, the cool modernism of black and white takes hold here.

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Say Yes to Yellow: 4 Apartments That Flaunt Yellow Accents

Mon, 18.08.2014 - 15:45

When dealing with modern design, it is easy to fall victim to the tyranny of neutrals. A room all in white seems so clean and chic. But when designers are able to include a few splashes of marvelous bright color, that is when a room can really come alive. Take a look at the four apartments featured here from Yo Dezeen, AvA Studiomg design uk, and AR Studio.

Our first burst of yellow comes to us from the design team at Yo Dezeen.

In a home with largely classic architecture, adding an irregular yellow panel is shockingly modern .

The designers have also pulled the color in by painting this of-the-moment skull in the same shade, uniting the two sides of the room.

Other major features in the apartment tend towards neutral, starting with this gray sectional that looks super comfortable.

The yellow panel sits off center from the television, making the visual much more interesting.

Without the yellow paneling, this image makes it easy to see how otherwise plain the room might feel.

Massive shelving units add a bit of practicality while the black entryway nearly disappears into the wall.

The molding in the walls acts as its own frame for the yellow skull.

In another marriage of classic and modern, this very vintage looking dining table pairs with ultra modern lucite chairs.

Here’s a perspective that completely eliminates the yellow, for a chilled out dining experience.

Trendy light fixtures finish our look at this apartment.

The second apartment we’ll look at comes from AvA Studio.

Rather than focusing on the walls, this team has brought this mustard yellow color in using furniture, starting with this awesome minimalist chair.

The yellow chair and throw play into the idea of gold on the wall without matching up exactly.

A cushy gray bedroom contrasts nicely with another mustard chair.

Here, yellow makes for a sunny morning every morning with this bright headboard and bed combination.

Our third Say Yes to Yellow apartment comes from the design tea at mg design uk.

It is interesting to note this apartment also uses yellow for upholstery and pillows, but also brings in a bit in the side table and wall art.

Despite the multiple appearances, we never feel overwhelmed by the bright color.

The varied textures, from the plush rug to the cushy sofa and the shiny coffee table make this home feel comfortable and welcoming.

And every detail, including these adorable bird sculptures, has been accounted for.

Finally, we come to a big modern space with designs from AR Studio.

The use of yellow here is quite subtle. The treatment of it makes it feel much more neutral that you might expect.

Mostly, we see simple gray and black.

Careful placement of yellow pillows draws the eye for just a moment.

And yellow dining chairs are perfect for welcoming guests.

The soft texture makes the mustard color pretty and inviting.

If you are a fan of yellow, be sure to check out our post: 55 Yellow Themed Interiors

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Simple Yet Modern Interiors from 2 B Group

Fri, 15.08.2014 - 16:47

When it comes to modern design ideas, it can be a struggle to find the balance between beautiful, calming minimalism and brilliant, colorful interiors that inspire creativity. The team at 2 B Group has managed to find that balance in so many of their designs. Here, we will showcase a number of interiors that they have done, adding important details from the gorgeously subtle to the attention-grabbing.

The first apartment is none too large at 350 square meters, but still packs plenty of colorful design elements.

The living room has multiple funky focal points starting with a blue velvet sofa and a mishmash of prints on the rug.

The open dining area features some clean choices, like a plain white table and simple wooden dining chairs.

But these are offset by funky artwork, like a bright green hand sculpture.

Choosing white in this room is perfect since it is able to reflect sun from the large windows and make the space seem more open.

The home also includes a creative child’s room as well, featuring elements from favorite films including Wall-E and Despicable Me.

The room has plenty of space for studying and playing.

As well as a perfect kid’s bed.

Wall decals add an element of fun that can easily be swapped out when the child outgrows his current tastes.

Finally, a super modern bath is a relaxing retreat after a long day.

The second apartment we are featuring is even smaller at only 190 square meters, but it never feels lacking.

The child’s room in this house has a unique lofted bed area as well as a sofa for recreation.

A study nook creates space for homework without taking up too much room.

An overhead view really lets us see how the designers utilize every square centimeter to great effect.

In the parents’ bedroom, the use of neutral colors creates a comfy, zen atmosphere.

While a custom shelving unit can hide the television at a moment’s notice for a good night’s sleep.

A luxury soaking tub and halo lighting around the mirror give the bath an ultramodern feel.

It also features a separate dressing area.

This third apartment we are featuring comes in at 200 square meters.

The modular sofa in the living room is awesome for entertaining since the pieces can be flipped, stacked, and moved around like a puzzle to find the perfect configuration on any given night.

The designers manage to make wood paneled walls modern again by mixing tones in the living area.

The addition of lime green accents feels just shy of kitschy and instead turns playful, particularly when pulled into the child’s room.

A custom bed and amazing animal cutouts adorning the walls make this kid’s room like something out of a parenting fairytale.

A cozy story are in the corner could easily become a study nook as the child grows up.

The spacious bathroom gives plenty of counterspace for him and her.

And has fixtures that work for the whole family.

The rest of the images in the post were hand selected for a cross section of 2 B Group’s most stunning designs, starting with this earthy living room.

Dark colors and minimal accessories keep the look from beeing too fussy or girly.

Sleek sofas in this room face an incredible stone accent wall while the textures of the fabric on the red chairs beg to be touched.

This simple bedroom would be a perfect retreat for guests.

Shelving isn’t always stylish, but when it’s built for your room, it is.

The unfinished wood in this window seat gives the room’s atmosphere an extra splash of bohemian.

City views are the focus of this bedroom with its awesome window.

This bedroom is funky but not crazy with lime green accents and an enviable walk in closet.

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Hillside California Home with Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces

Thu, 14.08.2014 - 15:54

The Los Angeles-based team at Studio William Hefner create amazing architecture, intriguing interiors, and lovely landscaping. The entirety of their talents are on display in this gorgeously modern hillside home that screams of California style.

It’s no mystery why this location was chosen with its endless views of the valley below.

An infinity pool adds a serene glamour to the outdoor space while there is just enough grass for feeling it between your toes – even during a drought.

The open house with its low, modern design takes full advantage of the views, making walls out of windows.

Beautiful dark red wood ceilings bring even more luxury to this bedroom that opens up to the yard.

Building materials are more central to the design than color with plain white walls and natural finished wood playing major roles.

Seating spills out onto the patio for the ultimate in entertaining.

Incorporating the homeowner’s art is the best way to add color and life.

Simple furniture in luxurious leather is polished but not distracting from the beautiful simplicity of the home.

Skylight let in the California sun nearly every day of the year.

The location of the house offers privacy that the design does not.

A simple but complete gourmet kitchen has space enough for a large group of breakfast lovers.

A modern bathroom have windows as wall as well, but still manages plenty of mirrors.

The contrast between these two spaces is apparent, but both are their own version of zen.

Using cacti and stones is a good water saving method for the arid California climate.

And of course, no California home is complete without a private driveway and plenty of parking.

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Stylish Family Home Features Bright Tropical Colors

Wed, 13.08.2014 - 17:16

While many contemporary designers use neutrals, particularly blacks and whites, to great effect, family homes can feel a bit sterile without some color. This design from the team at Pavel Voytov utilizes some simple neutral elements but is not afraid to take on bright colors like lime green, purple, and sky blue.

The open and airy living room gives a great sense of how the designer uses bright colors throughout the home, starting with the incredible coffee table.

The sofas here feature clean lines but they’ve got a slouchy comfort to them as well.

Using the same green color for accents is playful without being too kitschy.

A neat overhead light can swivel on demand.

The decor also uses plenty of wood from the cool dark choice on the interior columns to the lighter tones on the floor.

Putting this wild pop art in the stairway means plenty of people see it, but it isn’t too distracting.

This kid’s room is clean and playful.

The rust coloring in the bed and curtains is an unexpected match with the sky blue bookcase.

A low storage cabinet will get plenty of use while also dividing the sleeping area from the study space.

For the grown ups, the designer has gone with a much more neutral palette.

Instead of color, the room plays with texture from the smooth closet doors to the knobby rug beside the bed, which itself is draped in a soft, cozy comforter.

A wide window is perfectly framed with a relaxing seating area for grown up chats.

For an older girl, cool purple tones are feminine but not girly.

Plenty of shelving is a must.

The button pattern on the duvet is just whimsical enough.

In the bathroom we can see more fun patterns in this Scandinavian-inspired wallpaper.

Juxtaposing the pattern with white fixtures and gray walls keeps it from being too loud.

But the cool, neutral bathroom is welcoming as well.

A shower stall is just big enough while a neat wall treatment makes it feel almost like a jungle.

The light fixtures are also notable with their interesting pinched design.

Finally we’re back at the kitchen with its lime green accents to tie everything together and create a perfect gathering space.

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Cool Dining Room Design for Stylish Entertaining

Tue, 12.08.2014 - 17:33

When you invite people to your home to share a meal, you want to make sure they are comfortable, but it also doesn’t hurt if they are a little impressed. Any of these 21 dining room designs, from the cozy and rustic to the ultramodern, are sure to reflect well on the host.

This warm and welcoming dining room features plenty of light and seating that is modern but does not sacrifice comfort for style.

This open dining room takes advantage of high ceilings and an airy floor plan in its design. The simple and delicate molded chairs contact the formidable wooden table, which leaves plenty of room for even the most elaborate meal.

This small breakfast nook also takes advantage of the elegance of the Eames chair with four matching white examples set next to an adorable windowsill herb garden.

In this playful dining room, the designer has chosen a rainbow of Eames chairs which work nicely against the warm wooden floor and white walls. This would be a perfect space to play host to a special sleepover dinner party.

By throwing open the doors to the backyard, this simple white dining room becomes instantly inviting and easy to imagine covered with the trappings of a sunset cocktail party.

By matching the chairs and table to the wood floor, the furniture seems almost to disappear, making the space seem larger and more open.

Adding bench seating to one side of a dining table is always a good way to make a table more welcoming and help guests get to know one another.

This amazing convertible dining table pulls back to reveal a small indoor garden, perfect for growing fresh herbs. On its own, the table is also a beautifully simple piece.

This blue and white dining room would give off a feeling of a calming beach retreat no matter where it was.

Creative lighting makes this dining room walk the line between a sophisticated night in a wild turn at a night club.

Ultra minimal is the only way to describe this white dining table and matching Eames chairs. Even the floral centerpiece is a spindly branch rather than a busy bouquet.

Usher guests into this stark dining room and they’ll surely be impressed with its molded chairs, stone accent wall and sleek black buffet.

Artists like to entertain, too. This urban dining room meshes with the industrial design of the space, using creative chairs and even more unique barstools.

This dining room is more like a great hall. The geometric chairs contrast expertly with the solid wood table and rustic ceiling beams.

Even without the space of a huge loft or massive house, this small apartment dining area manages to be chic and comfortable.

The metal chairs and hammered metal table give this dining room a distinctly warm industrial feel.

You can’t help but notice the clear resin dining table that is the focal point of this room.

This dining room with its blue glass light fixtures and winding staircase backdrop would be suited to a tea party with Alice and her Mad Hatter friend.

An update on the chrome fad of the 1980′s, this is a bachelor pad grown up.

More clear resin, but this time int he form of chairs, bringing a little levity to their heavy wooden table counterpart.

This built in dining area is a perfect solution for a small space but still manages to be stylish.

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3 Beautiful Homes Under 500 Square Feet (Floor Plans Included)

Mon, 11.08.2014 - 16:00

When we think of beautiful homes, sprawling mansions and unattainable estates. But the truth is that a beautiful home is what you make of the space you do have. Instead of trying to cram a lot of big pieces and crazy patterns into a small apartment, using simple designs and neutral colors, with plenty of shelving and storage, can make even a studio apartment feel like your own private castle.

These three homes from Curly Studio show that you don’t need a lot of square footage to make a home beautiful and livable.

The first home we are featuring comes in at only 32 square meters (344 square feet).

A beautiful wood platform bed is separated from the main room of the home by custom floating shelves.

The kitchen also features beautiful open shelving, despite it’s narrow design.

And a dining table, perfect for two, folds down when needed and tucks away when not in use.

A walk-in closet eschews doors while boxes and cubby holes keep unmentionables out of view.

Though this type of open shelving does have a beautiful effect, anyone living here would need to invest in a step ladder and a good duster.

A small shower stall and floating sink in a tiled bathroom add a practical if cozy final touch.

The second design we’re featuring comes in at 40 square meters (431 square feet).

Instead of shelving, this home uses sliding glass doors to separate the bedroom from the living area.

Another platform bed and a simple desk area complete this comfortable, multipurpose space.

The different levels, from the bed to the tucked in shelving and the lower office floor make the bedroom feel like more than one room, giving the illusion of more space.

A small kitchen/dining area feels big with plenty of sunlight and white brick walls.

Open shelving gives just enough space for dishes for two.

In the living room, a clever coffee table doubles as storage.

And a stylish desk chair is the right height to tuck under the desk when not in use.

The dressing area and closet uses a mirror to make the narrow passage seem bigger, but also acts as the perfect space to check out an outfit.

Geometric wallpaper in the bathroom really livens things up.

Skylights make for the perfect morning shower.

The final home in this post is just 45 square meters (484 square feet).

Custom shelving reaches up towards the ceiling, making use of every possible inch and even contributing to the illusion of more height.

This design uses a sofa table to separate the living space from the dining room, which has plenty of room for a party of four.

By utilizing a projector and screen rather than a traditional television, A/V equipment can be more easily hidden when not in use.

Using wood for the accent wall behind the bed gives the illusion of a headboard.

White brick with a dark gray duvet is sleek and chic.

The organized kitchen is plenty spacious for meal preparation and frosted glass doors can slide close to hide any mess left behind.

Despite the small space, the designer makes room for a full sized tub…

…even if it doesn’t leave room for much else.

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Colorful Modern Apartment Design Uses Space to Beautiful Effect

Fri, 08.08.2014 - 16:38

This Warsaw apartment, with interior design from the team at Architecture and Interior Design firm Plasterlina, is beautiful and modern. The use of color and room separation makes the cozy space seem bigger than it is, with plenty of areas for relaxing, entertaining, and working.

In this wide view, we see how the vibrant colors of the throw pillows and rug play off of the Moroccan-inspired mirror, giving the space a celebratory feel.

The sweeping views from the windows that cover one wall of the apartment let in plenty of light that bounces off the white ceiling for an opening effect.

Here we get our first sense of the creative way the designers have divided the apartment up without building walls.

A small dining area and creative lighting design creates a perfectly cozy space for entertaining or daily meals.

Here we can see how the small kitchen area is hidden away behind sliding doors when not in use…

…and revealed only when it’s needed.

Although barely any space separates the living room from the dining area, the use of a colorful rug and some carefully placed floor seating does a wonderful job of making the areas feel very separate and distinct.

From this angle we can get a taste of the comfortable seating area available on the balcony as well.

Long lines, from the wooden room divider to the natural wood elements around the television give a sense of more space and more height.

The custom room divider creates separation, but the use of slats means that it doesn’t stop light from filtering through.

Mirrors are always a great choice in smaller spaces.

Hidden behind the beautiful built in cabinetry is a separate office area with shelving and a desk. Keeping it out of sight is a great way to avoid work stress while relaxing in the living room.

A wooden platform bed with a creative headboard makes for the perfect retreat.

Closets and storage are built seamlessly into one wall while dark curtains offer solace from too much sun.

More mirrors and bare Edison bulbs give the room a modern, masculine appeal.

Reflective black tiles and extremely sleek fixtures on the sink are enviable design elements.

A spacious shower and simple colors mean plenty of room, even if it’s not a lot.

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Gorgeous Minimalist Home Overlooking the Ocean in Chile

Thu, 07.08.2014 - 18:00

With all the different furniture, colors, textiles, and decorations that are available to modern homeowners, it is easy for a beautiful home to get quickly cluttered. This house in the Valparaiso Region of Chile, from Santiago-based LAND Arquitectos, swings forcefully in the other direction. Rather than fill a beautiful home up with knickknacks, minimalist decor is able to let the building’s angles and views shine.

From the outside, it is already easy to see the appeal of the simple design with the home’s boxy structure, dotted with windows.

This view from above the house itself gives just a slice of the sweeping views of the Pacific the home offers.

The native plants chosen for the landscaping give the home’s exterior a perfectly undone look.

Most of the home is a simple gray concrete. The contrast of carefully chosen wood is a beautiful surprise for this entryway.

Inside the home, white and wood make up the majority of the design, which makes it that much easier to focus on the tremendous views.

A minimalist bedroom has its own private balcony and buckets of sunlight.

The whitewashed wood on the interior walls lends a perfect beachside atmosphere to the stairwell.

Adding splashes of color in the duvets here makes it easy to swap out, change, or bring back to white at any time.

More painted wood and a relaxing and simple modern sofa.

Windows on two sides of this bedroom give a sense of a space that never stops, almost as if you were on a ship at sea.

A raised desk or counter area behind the bed is a practical addition that doesn’t detract from the room’s simplicity.

The flat roof aligns with the horizon so even neighbors and passersby can enjoy the spectacular views.

A simple kitchen provides just enough room for cooking and eating, without tempting you to stay inside too long.

Via ArchDaily

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Beautiful Wood Flooring

Wed, 06.08.2014 - 17:15

This room manages to create separate spaces without walls by focusing the furniture in the center of the room for an intimate conversation space.

The unique cutaway fireplace in the modern home serves to accent its focus on clean lines.

When everything is white, rooms can seem so much more spacious and open. Now they just have to be sure to keep things clean!

You can’t help but be drawn to the single yellow chair in this otherwise neutral room. The pop is effective and gives the dining room an extra shot of personality.

By creating walls and even a desk that match the wood flooring, inhabitants of this home might feel like they live inside a tree.

Another amazing fireplace is featured in this home, also serving as a unique separating wall between the dining area and the rest of the house.

A gorgeous peaked ceiling rounds into an awesome wooden wall and floor for an almost medieval feel.

It’s simple enough to put two chairs together on a rug, but simplicity does not negate its elegance.

Another fresh wood look that creates the ultimate conference and brainstorming space.

Lots of angles and creative accents give this room a youthful vigor.

Letting the wood floor creep up onto the wall makes this work area a little cozier.

Bench seating is always intimate and inviting.

The funky light fixtures give this formal dining room a little whimsy.

An oversized chess set along with a massive letter A indicate that this is a space for fun.

Nothing is so wonderful as waking up to a sunny room and crisp white sheets.

By creating contrast with light flooring and dark cabinetry, this space becomes a bit mysterious and a lot mod.

A lived-in home with plenty of seating for reading, chatting, or just enjoying the fire.

The artwork in this home is on display and easy to spot amid the black and white decor.

With wood floors, a fireplace, and light fixtures that are reminiscent of bird cages

Tying the colors of the throw pillows into the artwork creates even more fun contrast in this white and grey room.

Massive windows and tons of natural textures give this rustic home a cozy feel.

This home proves you don’t need a lot of furniture to make an impression, as long as you choose the right pieces, like sturdy barstools and a leather egg chair.

The stack of firewood in this home becomes like a work of art the way it is displayed.

This cozy, sectional sofa is an inviting centerpiece in this space.

Cool dining chairs and an art book on display situate this home as a space for an aesthete.

Two Douglas fir flooring styles in two separate homes, each featuring hanging light fixtures and minimalist modern furnishings.

High ceilings and metal staircases give this modern home the feel of an urban loft.

By raising the kitchen island off the floor, the kitchen immediately opens up.

Wood flooring can also look perfect in retail spaces like this store.

Even office spaces here…

…and churches here can benefit from the natural beauty of a beautiful wood floor.

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A Modern Apartment Celebrates the Look of Natural Wood

Tue, 05.08.2014 - 17:23

This first image from the living room puts the designer’s love of natural-looking wood on full display.

Using the wood to make tons of shelving is a beautiful – and practical – choice.

Even the ceiling panel over the dining table is made from smooth, beautiful wood.

Because the wood on the ceiling, walls, and floor does not match exactly, the effect is warm rather than closed off.

The wood is sanded and sealed, but not painted over, which lets its natural beauty shine through.

It’s a perfect choice for an apartment with plenty of natural sunlight.

Other neutral tones work with the wood – grays, whites, and a few spots of teal.

The massive custom shelving unit includes built-in drawers for those trinkets that are not quite ready for display.

In the bedrooms, the wood takes a bit of a break.

Pretty teal pain opens up the decor in the child’s room.

While the master bedroom uses a cooler blue.

The natural grain in the ceiling and dining table really makes the whole apartment feel bigger and even more open than it is.

Making these shelves black gives a nice contrast and adds visual interest.

The hanging light fixtures are subtly different for a more playful feel.

A white buffet could be used for serving, or simple storage.

Graphic art is easy to swap out and doesn’t make too bold a statement.

Recessed lighting above the buffet is extremely subtle, but necessary at night.

The lighting also serves to highlight the hanging art.

A peek into the kitchen shows us gleaming white decor.

A mug collection, loving displayed, is nothing short of adorable.

The mug display creates a perfect coffee nook.

And bench seating leaves plenty of room for guests.

This unique wood chair really celebrates the material it’s made from without falling prey to run-of-the-mill design.

Photography from Hey!Cheese.

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Modern Bedroom Design Ideas for Rooms of Any Size

Mon, 04.08.2014 - 16:34

In any home, the bedroom is a special space. It should be comfortable and beautiful to the person who sleeps there, no matter what their personal style. The bedrooms in this post have each been carefully designed and decorated with attention to every detail. The resulting rooms are objectively gorgeous with splashes of personality, amazing awesome furnishings, and enviable aesthetics.

This first room features a simple, low profile bed with lots of clean, white details. The wall behind the bed has a unique wavy texture which turns it into a cool makeshift headboard.

The use of wood in this bedroom makes it feel very cozy, from the awesome wood closet to the on-theme tree art behind the bed.

Here we see two different visualizations for the same room, one that showcases colorful pop art while the other utilizes more subdued tones – swan chair replaces the more reserved Bertoia Diamond, sunken bed changes to a very flamboyant yellow one and sinks, lamp shades & mirrors all match the more vibrant mood.

This funky bedroom offers plenty of creative storage options from a wooden display case on the wall to some cozy nooks underneath the bed.

This ultra-modern room uses a monochromatic palette to great effect — the space feels large, open, and neat.

This sunny bedroom uses wood – on the floors, cabinetry, and furniture – to create a warm and welcoming feeling.

The amazing custom bed frame is certainly the focal point of this bedroom, which also features a cool accent wall and shiny marble floors.

The huge windows in this bedroom let whoever spends the night get up close and personal with the pretty views of nature, while an en suite bath is quite convenient.

Great design can be simple. With wood floors, a headboard bookshelf and couple simple seats, this bedroom has everyone you need and nothing you don’t.

Tending more towards a feminine style, this bedroom uses splashes of teal and coral for a beachy atmosphere.

By attaching reading lamps directly to the wall behind the bed, the designer of this bedroom has opened up more space while still letting the room feel complete.

This large bedroom has everything a guest would need to be comfortable from plush bedding to wide windows and a quiet reading area.

The bright green walls in this small bedroom, with an elevated bed, give it loads of personality.

This gorgeous modern bedroom uses clean, simple lines and neutral tones to create a relaxing space.

More neutral tones and a plush white carpet, complete with a personal vanity area, make this bedroom very inviting.

Light wood and simple furnishings make this room feel even sunnier.

The creative use of shelving in this compact room make it stylish and practical.

With a tufted headboard and matching armchair, this spacious bedroom is fit for royalty.

The wood paneling in this small room contrasts with the cool swirling wood pattern on the floor for a bit of fun in an otherwise simple room.

The subtle red accents in this almost industrial room really give it a masculine pop.

From creative chairs to truly unique light fixtures, this room is entirely minimalist and quite fashionable.

The cement walls and cool window treatment in this industrial bedroom make it feel like a modern bunker.

Cool grays and black and white artwork establish this bedroom as a creative retreat.

Area rugs manage to separate areas of this large bedroom so it feels like more than one useable space.

This small bedroom uses texture and reflection, to make the room feel comfortable and spacious.

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Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady Apartment At One Madison, New York

Fri, 01.08.2014 - 16:04

We have already featured the residences at One Madison on Home Designing since the massive 60-story luxury tower is where News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch recently put down more than $50 million for a penthouse apartment. But the list of the building’s A-list tenants doesn’t stop there. It doesn’t get much more A-list than supermodel Gisele Bundchen and quarterback Tom Brady, who have a $14 million condo on the 47th floor.

The 60-story building is located just across from Madison Square Park on East 22nd Street. The building features a private gym, butler-serviced dining room, commissioned artwork in the secure lobby, and amazing views of New York City.

The power couple already has two homes in Connecticut and Los Angeles, but will now have a luxurious place to stay when they are in the city.

Hugely spacious for Manhattan, the open floorplan and massive windows make the condo seem even larger.

Windows on multiple sides of the main living area give spectacular views of the city.

While there is no telling what furniture Gisele and Tom might choose, these cozy chaises would be perfect for cuddling up and watching a New York sunset.

And a corner of the apartment reserved for a television could be just where Tom watches game footage.

An intimate dining area with funky light fixture would be a perfect setting for a quick meal for the young family.

A massive bed, large enough for both of the lanky stars features a canopy frame.

And a child’s room would be perfect for little Vivian.

It is literally the height of luxury to soak in a private tub 40 stories over Manhattan.

The views don’t stop, even in a second bath.

Take a look at this sample One Madison floor plan for an idea of how the other half live.

Images via Curbed and One Madison.

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Fabulous Marvel Heroes Themed House With Cement Finish and Industrial Feel

Thu, 31.07.2014 - 16:36

This unique interior project was sent to us by the designers at House Design, a Taiwan-based interior design firm. The idea was that this space could be somewhat of a hero’s retreat for the apartment’s owner who wanted to have his own fortress where he could relax after a long day at work. The results are a bit industrial, but still comfortable with all the details that a superhero might need.

At 90 square meters, the apartment isn’t large but careful arrangement makes it seem plenty spacious.

A massive leather chesterfield has the comfortable luxury befitting of Tony Stark.

Hidden behind folding glass doors is a spacious work space decorated with the homeowner’s prized Marvel memorabilia.

Custom rebar shelving is industrial but not harsh.

The cement wall finishing was a special request from the homeowner.

A glowing hulk fist punches through the shelves back wall for a playful shoutout to the green hero.

Cool tones are certainly a theme, but pops of color in the comic memorabilia and light fixtures brighten things up without turning cartoonish.

With plenty of natural light and a clever use of a trunk for a coffee table, the apartment is a bit whimsical but still grown up.

The open kitchen is the perfect size for one person.

The bedroom itself is almost like its own secret lair, also featuring luggage-inspired shelves and a Rubik’s Cube bedside table.

The elevated office space is an extra stylish touch.

The designer’s took inspiration from an airplane for the unique dining area.

The travel theme carries through the end table trunk as well.

Spotlight lighting gives the room a little more cinematic drama.

This gorgeous leather chair is certainly worth a spotlight of its own.

Simple wood cabinetry offers enough stylish space for an expansive wardrobe.

The metal countertop even has a single wheel, bringing the travel theme to full effect.

The art in the “airplane window” frame can easily be swapped out for another view.

Photography: Hey! Cheese.

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