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5 Beautiful Studio Apartments

Do, 16.02.2017 - 16:15

Take a look through a gallery of 5 stylish contemporary studio apartments gathered together for your personal perusal. If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, these studios are an ideal place to start looking. Each has an abundance of motivation.

Expertly styled for different tastes and preferences, all of them cater to the needs of the fashionable bachelor/ette. Studio apartments cater to a specific demographic but the design concepts can be used and incorporated into any living space. These ultramodern abodes are the pioneers of new fashion and daring design schemes. Do you want to see something wonderful? Come, take a look.

Visualizer: Konstantin Entalecev  

Designed for a young woman, the space needed to be multi-functional as the apartment is only 50 square meters. What at first glance looks to be a screen for the overhead projector…

… is actually a Murphy bed hidden in plain sight.

The studio has a warm color scheme with wooden elements, different shades of blue, white and grey. Seeing as young people tend to have a more active social life, a living area styled like a mini cinema in close proximity to the kitchen provides a comfortable entertainment area.

The kitchen has a lot of space for movement, this is achieved by not overcrowding the space with unnecessary cabinets. The line of sight is drawn towards an uncovered glass door that leads to a balcony and is an aesthetic accent and gives the entire apartment a substantial amount of natural light.

The dining table has been aligned with the kitchen island, taking advantage of the space. The dining chairs are a different design and color to the bar stools, this is a subtle separation of the two areas. A circular chandelier lights up the area in more ways than one by being a fun accessory adding a youthful flair to the space. A raw brick wall painted white is an accent wall with a modern touch when paired with the chrome appliances.

Accessories are an important element in any home. Indoor potted plants add a green touch, and the orange pomegranates in the wooden bowl are a flash of color that adds a little personality.

Stacking is a must when conserving space, the stacked crockery is both functional and fashionable . Spaced lights on the ceiling are a modish way of lighting up the apartment, they are sleek and slim as big and chunky wouldn’t fit in the design concept. The book shelves add an aura of sophistication to the apartment.

A glass wall with a black metal frame is a trendy way of separating the bedroom from the living area. The color scheme here is dark blue, white, light brown and grey. A dark blue shelf and headboard panels create an enviable accent wall, the shelves adding depth to the overall look of the room. A cozy pair of chairs is a comfortable reading nook with a view.

Only the necessary spaces have remained enclosed by walls to maximize the floor space of the apartment. A large dressing room is kept closed for privacy and provides sufficient storage space for a large closet.

Visualizer: Alesya Kasianenko  

This apartment has an entirely different design concept, but retains the same principles as the previous apartment. It’s an apartment with limited space that’s been transformed into a trendy, versatile home that meets the needs of the homeowner.

A symmetrical black chandelier draws the eye and is a fascinating feature that adds dimension to the space. The design concept includes many organic components that make the space green and refreshing, a home that reflects the personality of an environmentally minded homeowner.

A glossy wooden floor ties into the organic theme adding a polished and sleek feel to the overall look. Abstract landscapes look like a window into a different world. By using dark wooden panels to decorate the wall adjacent to the white wall softens the white and warms up all the organic elements.

From this angle we can see just how the chandelier contributes to the living area. The different shades of grey in the living room is a modern color scheme that complements many of the different elements of the room.

The kitchen wall is an accent wall with three different layers. The lighter wood cabinets at the bottom with white edging are a similar color to the flooring and gives the illusion of space. The dark grey stone wall in the middle adds depth to the design, while the dark wooden upper cabinets are a striking contrast to the light ceiling. Chrome fittings and modern appliances ensure that the kitchen is state-of-the-art and looks like it too. The counter top by the uncovered window means that meals are always enjoyed with a view of the outside surroundings.

A curtain ensures that the bedroom gets privacy when needed. A green wardrobe is a burst of color tying the theme into every part of the apartment.

A light wooden bedside table, as well as a patterned carpet and light brown blanket make sure that the bedroom is a warm and cozy space for the homeowner to retreat into.

A geometric lantern that hangs from the ceiling is an amusing take on a bedside lamp. The mirrored glass panels that face the window turn the view from outside into an accent wall in the bedroom.

Potted plants on the windowsill carry the organic theme into the room so that the wardrobe isn’t the only green component in the room. The curtains span both ways, shielding the room from the living area for privacy and can span over the window to keep the city lights from bothering a sleeping homeowner.

The one sided mirrored glass gives the bathroom extra room, preventing it from being closed up and claustrophobic. The wooden elements are a soft organic component. Shelves provide storage space in the small area and are a functional element that makes personal items a part of the decor. The dark grey flooring is a good base for the room, allowing the white walls to make the bathroom look bigger without hurting the eyes.

The stand alone his-and-hers amenities clear up floor space and are an unconventional aspect to the room. The robes add a homely feel. Every bathroom needs a mirror, this bathroom’s mirror makes the room feel bigger and fulfills that basic need. Stacked appliances don’t take up too much space and is designed with functionality in mind, but the dark wood cabinets and baskets turn it into a stylish necessity. Hanging lights are a design feature all by itself.

This wall would be incomplete without a framed comment oozing dry humor.

Visualizer: Sergey Hrabrovsky  

A laconic color scheme paired with wooden elements was used in this studio apartment to create a cozy and aesthetic interior.

A sleek couch with clear cut angles is a dark focal point that adds substance to the room and prevents the room from looking washed out and too light. Golden throw pillows add a hint of vintage glamour to a modern setting. Abstract clay pots, one with decorative plants adds a bit of artful whimsy to the room.

The bedroom has been transformed into a small and cozy alcove to hide from the world. A bright framed picture ensures that the bed area doesn’t escape notice and a series of round ceiling lights gives the space enough light. A light wooden partition and light fixture gives the apartment a lively boost.

Clarity, and rude forms, along with the elegant curves of the furniture and decor, set the concept of the studio. While the bust of a Roman centurion stands guard.

The leather backed chairs in the kitchen/dining area contribute to the apartment’s overall sophistication, the metal frames tying into the design concept.

Large uncovered French windows turn the urban landscape into an accent wall. The tiled wall and stainless steel tubes add an element of industrial chic. Due to limited space, a large shelf provides storage space.

The paneled wall and wooden chandelier are a refined aspect that greets the person that enters from the front door. Custom tiled flooring is a sleek and glossy feature that captures the attention. An elemental lamp and framed mirror take the space to the next level. A marble table matches the tiled floor.

Visualizer: Kare Evgenii  

A special feature of this studio apartment is the panoramic windows on the wall that look out onto the street, and aren’t hindered by balconies or loggias, which allows air and light to permeate the room. The interior is decorated in bright colors, and warm shades of wood.

The couch is big and looks comfortable, a homey feature that corresponds to the warm design of the apartment. The round light fixture is an elegant and modern feature.

The yellow sheets and bright flowers are a pop of color that contrasts pleasantly with the light color scheme.The paneled wooden accent wall adds texture to the design, while LED lighting between the wall and ceiling is a neat and upscale way of lighting up the apartment.

The legs of the chairs form an intriguing pattern that draws the eyes. Houseplants are a great way to bring nature into your home, in this apartment there are two different types that contrast and connect with each other, a pleasing feature in the room.

The front hallway is uncluttered and left almost untouched, allowing you to enter the apartment unhindered, the slightly faded wooden flooring being the focal point of the hallway.

A bedroom is a retreat, an escape and a personal space. This bedroom is all of those things, with soft lighting and warm elements. A leafy green plant is a refreshing splash, while the grey bedding looks positively inviting.

Visualizer: Konstantin Entalecev  

Designed solely for the use of a young man, this studio apartment is the ultimate bachelor pad. The monochromatic color scheme with graphic black lines and turquoise inlays.

The framed city maps are a manly and sophisticated focal point. Different shades of grey, and a large floor pillow with decorative stitching make for an ideal place to relax and watch some television. The white paneled wall is an awesome accent wall for the bedroom, while the black metal frame marks the bedroom as a separate space without closing it off.

The black elements are an essential design element that contribute personality and color to the apartment. The golden interior of the overhanging light fixture is a rich, pleasant surprise that subtly draws the eye upwards. The turquoise painting and throw pillow prevents the space from looking a bit like an office. The wooden flooring brings a little island to an urban apartment and brightens the whole studio. Glass inserts framed by black metal ensures that the bathroom receives plenty of light.

White cabinets are a smart choice in a small kitchen. The granite framed work space contrasts to the white and adds depth and dimension to the kitchen. The houseplant and wooden cutting board match the wooden flooring.

By being only 32 square feet, the apartment presented a bit of a challenge. The apartment consists of two rooms, the bathroom being the only area with a wall, for obvious reasons. The apartment is versatile and allows for easy movement. The entire apartment consists of a kitchen, bed, living area and a bathroom.

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Exquisite Floral X-Ray Art Prints By Albert Koetsier

Mi, 15.02.2017 - 16:15

Using a method almost two centuries old, award-winning artist Albert Koetsier has found a way to bring out stunning detail in the beautiful things around us. A lover of photography, Koetsier worked as an x-ray technician. Using x-rayography, he creates these beautiful floral prints making only 50 of each kind. Koetsier arranges the flowers in a way that conveys a narrative, uses the negative from the x-ray and paints the piece with translucent paints. These prints will last better than paintings and will resist fading like computer generated art. Here we share 28 pieces for you to add to your art collection.


 Gentian Framed Art: Floral wall art can be a way to bring the beauty and elegance of flowers into your space.  


Tulip Bouquet Floral Print Art: This floral x-ray piece of wall art can be used as an accent piece in any home or office.  


Orchids Framed Art Print: Hang this x-ray botanical orchid print as a finishing touch in your room. Use this 16 X 16 piece alone or group with others in this post to create a wall of bouquets.


Red Gentian Framed Art Print: This 13X13 piece shares one the bold and beautiful colors available in the Gentian species.


Calla Lily Art: Bring life into your room with this beautiful Calla Lily. Available in 13X13 size, use this alone or pair with a lily of another shade.


Gentian Twins Art: Create a dramatic wall of flowers by grouping floral art.  


Black and White Floral Art Print: For a contemporary space with a monochromatic color scheme, this print works perfectly.  


Lily Close Up Black and White Print: The beauty of this lily is perfectly captured with x-rayography catches details not seen in most art.  


Tulip Bouquet Art Print: This botanical print with delicate flowers in calming colors is perfect for any room. Paired with the right accessories, it makes a subtle statement.  


Tulip Scape Art Print: Available in different sizes, display a small one as an accent piece or let the largest size take center stage in your room.


Tulips Art Print: Purple tulips signify royalty. Use this purple floral art print to add color to your room. Or use as an accent in a room bathed in purple.  

Blue Tulips Art Print: Place this simple blue tulip on a bookshelf, the wall, or an entry table.


Purple Rose Canvas Art: This enchanting purple rose would make a lovely statement as a 30X30 piece on your wall. Bring opulence into your bedroom and pick up the shade in other accent pieces.


Blue Rose Art Print: You cannot go wrong with this single blue rose, displaying it’s intricacies through the art of x-rayography.


Teal Rose Art Print: The bloom of this teal rose tells a story. Let this be a piece to build your décor around.


Pink Rose Canvas Art: The pink rose signifies grace and happiness. Let this canvas print adorn the wall of the room where your family gathers.


Hibiscus Canvas Art: The hibiscus represents unity and peace. This print will work in any room of your home or office.


Red Hibiscus Flower Canvas: Canvas art can give you a fabulous look without breaking the bank. Try this striking red hibiscus for those neutral rooms that need just a little bit of color.


4 Panel Floral Art Prints: These exquisite lily prints grouped together as 4 or more would work well anywhere. Create this floral grouping rather than separate this bundle.


Orchid Art Print: This refined and exotic flower has been beautifully captured as it seems to reach across the canvas.


Blue Iris Poster Art: Frame this blue iris poster in a frame of the same hue, or choose what matches your décor. Black, various shades of wood, and clear acrylic are also available.


Lily Flower Quad Print: Use this lily print in a space and seemingly lengthen the wall. The flowers appear to be reaching up, creating that effect for the space you choose.


Golden Gerbera Canvas Art: This yellow daisy would be perfect in a bright and airy kitchen.


Blue Poppy Canvas Art: The lovely blue poppies in this canvas are backed by a neutral taupe. Place this piece on the wall as a symbol of restful sleep just above your bed.


Bamboo Leaf Canvas Art: Great for entryways and sunrooms, this bamboo leaf can also be used as a sign of tranquility in a room with oriental décor.


Bodhi Leaf Art Canvas: Signaling awakening, these Bodhi leaves are perfect to add color and energy to any room.


Cocculus Art Print: These cocculus leaves combining teal and green would be a welcoming addition to any wall where you need a subtle color.


Floral X-Ray Art Calendar: Mark your important days on a calendar that serves also as artwork for your home or office.

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Luxurious Apartment Redefines The Term ‘Urban Jungle’

Di, 14.02.2017 - 16:15

Man and nature have always been locked together in a perpetual battle. With man trying to civilize the world and nature being a force to be reckoned with. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Well, when expertly blended- magic.

YØ DEZEEN has done just that. This design company has fused contemporary and organic styles to create a stunningly luxurious apartment that captures your attention as soon as you walk in. The apartment includes thoughtful design and remarkable attention to detail. In every room it ties natural and worldly elements together to construct an ‘urban jungle’. Look if you can see how they did it.

The main design concept for the space was to separate the two floors of the apartment and isolate the top floor where the bedrooms are located. The bottom floor consists of a living, kitchen and entertainment area. All of which leads to the terrace with a state-of-the-art outdoor entertainment area. By isolating the bedrooms on the second floor, one homeowner can get sufficient privacy and rest, should another homeowner decide to entertain guests.

The abundance of windows in the apartment allowed designers to use a dark monochromatic color palette. Bright accent pieces such as the vertical gardens with tropical plants and light stone walls have been added to the apartment’s decor to balance out the dark and intense colors. The wooden paneling on the ceiling warms the area, making the apartment more homely.

The living room creates a literal urban jungle. The large windows look out onto the city, while the interior has green and wooden elements combined with the sleek monochromatic color palette. The cutting edge fireplace and tropical house plant give a glimpse of how well man and nature can co-exist.

The study area is kept private by a dark glass wall that doubles as an accent wall.

A small living area has been incorporated into the study, this adds comfort to the home office, an ideal space for the homeowner who brings work home. The graphic drawing on the wall is framed by a wide panel of glass that reflects off of the adjacent dark glass wall and creates an intriguing design feature. The ceiling lights also create a unique pattern that decorates the wall.

A dark cupboard contrasts to the lighter grey wall, adding depth to the room. A designer chair ties into many of the room’s elements and is a fashionable piece.

Two contrasting carpets adorn the floor, at first glance they appear intriguing, but upon closer inspection they tie the room together. The interior of the designer chair match the top carpet while the couch’s material matches the bottom carpet. The coffee table also matches the dark accent wall and blends the stairs and dark cupboard into the layout.

The desk is stylishly simple, left uncluttered and makes for a practical work space. A conical hanging lamp ensures that the area remains well lit. A sculpture encased by the glass showcase adds sophisticated artistry to the study.

The staircase is a design feature that engages the viewer with it’s simple metal frame and thin sleek stairway. The design turns the humble stairway into an art piece.

A mirrored table is almost imperceptible, as it’s function is to add depth to the design of the staircase. Two ottomans are nestled under the table, adding to the color scheme. While the indoor garden planted under the staircase paired with the wooden paneling incorporate the tamed jungle concept.

The white rounded chandeliers have a fun design and brightens the room considerably. The French windows allow for natural light, but the blinds give the homeowner a sense of privacy.

The open plan apartment allows the bottom floor to become the ultimate entertainment area. The sizable dining room table is a stylish statement that allows the homeowner to host large dinner parties.

The dark wall and ceiling panels subtly separate the different areas without closing anything off.

The chrome bar adds a futuristic element that isn’t just chic, it’s incredibly modern too. Open cabinets create an accent wall and makes the space look neat and organized.

The coffee table behind the couch uses books as ornaments, giving the room a distinguished essence. The room makes the most out of the monochromatic color scheme, with the green accents brightening the room. The blinds match the ceiling panels, drawing the eye toward the impressive view.

The ceiling lights and thin standing lamps are sleek and don’t draw attention, adding to the apartment’s modern aesthetic.The light grey steps are a subtle contrast to the wooden flooring, gently drawing the viewer toward the terrace.

The delicate chandeliers are an elegant complement to the tropical plants, together they soften the room and form a refreshing perspective.

An herb garden above the bar is not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s also functional and creative. The material finish on the bar stools add texture to the room, while the reflective surface of the bar adds depth.

The bottom floor of the apartment is the perfect entertainment area. Modern, sleek and chic. The top floor mirrors the design concept, but contributes comfort and functionality.

The bed’s pillowed base is the picture of comfort, inviting the homeowner to unwind after a hectic day. The bedroom area uses many different elements to creatively construct a space that is cozy as well as trendy.

Three different walls are used as partitions to create a room within a room, isolating the sleeping area and making a sheltered resting place. The vertical garden and tropical potted plant brighten the room, adding a refreshing element.

The room also boasts a massive his-and-hers walk in closet with ample space and ups the luxury factor.

Every room needs a focal point, which in this room is the bed and vertical garden, but the wall separating the bed and closet is worth being mentioned too. The top part of the wall has been encased in glass and is highlighted by LED lighting. It’s a classy accent wall that contributes depth and finesse.

Contrasting carpets and a woven blanket add texture to the room, preventing it from looking bland and boring.

A chair by the windows joined by a side table resting against the leafy green backdrop produces an intimate reading area.

A shower cubicle in the corner of the room is barely noticeable, a glass cubicle focuses attention on the wall paneling, turning it into a understated design feature.

The vertical garden is a gorgeous example of the contained wildness of the apartment. All throughout the home there are elements that capture the essence of nature within confined constructs. The plants spill out of the cage, but are trimmed and held back.

Besides being a dazzling design feature, the garden also shields the bath, turning it into a private area.

The cosmetic bottles and stacked towels dispel the need for a lot of storage space, by being part of the room’s design.

The bathroom is luxuriously spacious, with ample space to move around, this is largely possible due to the compact structure of the amenities.

A glossy white wall creates a clean and vivid accent wall. The tropical plants allude to the concept of contained wildness.

Outside, the terrace joins the home with the sky. Large windows turn the heavens into an ever changing focal point. The exterior of the apartment opts for a more natural color palette. The overhanging slats are able to open and shut, keeping the elements out.

A white couch allows the homeowner to feel as though they were sitting on a cloud. The space is more open, the glass railings a daring feature, but the darkened blinds are in place in case of extreme weather.

Crawling ivy is a refined feature, with the leaves matching the dining chairs, creating a unified space. The granite barbecue space is a solid focal point, with the stacked logs matching the flooring.

Earth meets water and sky here. The muted shades of wood provide the earthy tones, while the deep blue of the pool is a glossy mirror of the clear sky, leading the eye towards the striking view.

The space is sheltered by a metal frame, that is structurally sound without blocking the sky. Brown loungers set against the green marble wall, along with the ivy and lush house plants carry the jungle through to the pool area.

Strategically placed lights ensure that the pool can be used both during the day and night, while a transparent pool wall requires that swimmers have a strong sense of adventure.

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28 Unique Wall Key Holders

Mo, 13.02.2017 - 16:15

Everyone knows that last minute panic to find your keys. Well search no more. We have assembled cast of 28 key holders that are not only functional, the right key holder can add to your décor. There’s something for animal a music lovers, and key holders for those wanting to add a little pop of color to your wall. They can even house other things like mail, coats, and scarves. Or you can keep it simple with an unobtrusive key holder that blends right in and does merely does its job without getting in the way. Here are more than 20 wall key holders to keep you organized.


Owl Key Ring Holder:  This white owl key holder is a hoot to spruce up your wall and keep your keys in check.


Polar Bear Key Holder:  A cool way to stash your keys. Hang this unique polar bear key holder that fits any decor.


Elephant House Key Ring Holder: An elephant never forgets, and you won’t either. Use this key holder for the wall and always know where your keys are.  


Squirrel Key Holder: This orange squirrel peeks out of this branhand holds on to our keys until you need them again. The branch can be used to hang your bag.


Magnetic Wild Animal Heads Key Holders: Use your trhophy prize to hold your keys, available as a bull, rhino, and a tiger.


Magnetic Cloud Key Holder: Your keys will float in air with a simple cloud affixed to the wal with an adhesive back. It’s easy to install and your keys just float as they hold on.  


Simple Magnetic Key Holder: These magnetic key holders work for hanging keys or keeping charging cables in check.  


Birdhouse Key Holder: This wooden birdhouse are home to either a pink or green bird that doubles as a safety whistle.


Twin Birdhouse Key Holder: Get these two sparrows of different feathers together in one house.


House Shaped Key Holder : This white house holds your keys and works with any decor. Use multiple houses to make entire street to house keys for the entire family.


Wooden House Shaped Key Holder: This wood house shaped key holder can also hold your keepsakes on its shelf.


Shaped Based Key Chains and Holders: These geometric key holders come in triangle, square, circle, and pentagon shapes and include a key chain.


Umbrella Key Holders: Add a little color, make a rainbow with these colorful umbrella key holders. Flip one over to have a place to drop your loose change.


Lego Key Holder: This lego key holder with two key rings is great for the home, office, or garage.


Piano Key Holder: Pianists, we have found your key holder. Five whistle key chains are found on the black keys.


Equalizer Key Holder: Music composers, this white and red equalizer magnetic keyboard is for you.


Plug Key Holder: Plug your keys into this faux outlet with the included red keychain.


Magnetic Key Holders for Your Switch Panels: There is no need to affix anything to your wall, simply place this magnetic keyholder to your switch plate.


Doorman Key Holder & Hook: Fashioned like an old style lock and key, this key holder comes in blue and beige and has a door knob for your bag to hang on.


His & Her Key Holder: For both him and her, this key holder is great for couples, kids, roomates and comes in a contemporary nickel finish.


Handout Holder: This keyholder is always waiting open handed for your keys or cell phone.


Octopus Wall Hook: This wall hook is all arms. With a bronze finish, it offers six spots for your keys, leashes, or anything you need to keep near your door.


Magnetic Key Holder and Mail Organizer: This simple wood finish key holder is also a coupon or mail caddy.

$110BUY IT

Coat Rack With Floating Shelf and Key Hooks: This java finish organizer has hooks for keys, bags, and coats. Use the shelf for your shades or remote control, and slip your mail and other important papers in the slot.


Wall Shelf Mail & Key Holder: This white shelving holds your in and outgoing mail, accessories, keys, and scarves.


Minimalist Style Bamboo Organizer & Key Holder: This organizer’s finish is perfect for a simple contermporary or artisan look and it also works well for a beachhouse or dorm.


Keys Holder: This cast iron key holder comes in four shades to hand your keys, leashes, and charging cords.


Key Shaped Key Holder: The shape is key for this polished aluminum key holder. This can be used to hang your keys and your charms when not on your bracelet.

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Sensational Nautical Themed Sculptures By Ben Young

Fr, 10.02.2017 - 16:15

The ocean has an inexplicable pull on most people. It’s astounding beauty and raw, untamed power has captured human imagination for centuries. It has been the muse to many artists, inspiring some of the most magnificent pieces of art known to man. Most recently, self taught artist and New Zealand native, Ben Young.

A surfer and boat maker by profession, he has been largely influenced by the enchanting artistry of the ocean. This influence is plainly seen in his expressive art pieces. An expert at using glass, concrete and bronze to create elegant masterpieces, he sees the beauty in two dimensional pieces and brings them to life in style.

This piece, named Homebound, is a beautiful blend of colored glass, cast cement and carved bronze. The glass highlights the grooves of the cement island, and the textured glass at the top cast gentle shadows on the cement ‘ocean floor’. The entire piece has a serene feel and would be a calming piece in any room of the house.

On this sculpture, the glass waves aren’t as calm as in the previous one, but not wild either. The unsupported cliff looks like a daring wave of land meeting the ocean with a gentle splash. As with all art, the piece is open to interpretation and is named Seeker’s Thoughts.

The carvings on this sculpture are gorgeous, but what really catches the eye is the deep curve filled with water. Dalkey Island showcases a lot of Young’s glass sculpting skills. Underneath we get a peek of his signature textured cement.

In days gone by, lighthouses were a signal of hope and a guiding light for ships that spent months at sea. This sculpture, Safe Keeper, takes us back to those days, the expertly carved lighthouse a beacon of safety over rising waters.

This piece rests safely on a base of solid cement that rises into the adventurous piece named Set Sail. A hint of excitement, and a sense of adventure characterize this piece.

The Entrance sees a little bronze man in a boat, guiding his boat through waters sided by steep walls. The name gives the sense that the little man is about to see something wonderful, while our eyes see something equally wonderful underneath his little boat.

Anyone who has ever been fishing knows that silence is essential. Anyone who wants a nautical piece to grace their area needs this Silence. This piece gives off the silent and peaceful aura that fishermen crave.

One of the ocean’s gifts is it’s ability to make us reflect on life, or anything really. This piece, Reflection, puts these thoughts into a three dimensional picture for us to enjoy.

Reflection and contemplation are synonyms, but this piece is the opposite of it’s sister, Reflection. Contemplation is darker, almost edgier with a dramatic oceanic view.

The Observer gazes out over the calm ocean before him. But we get a better view of the ocean that splashes against his cliff.

Wind dancer is an innocent piece that takes us back to childhood days spent on the beach. The piece has a dramatic flair with it’s steep cliffs highlighted by the laminated glass.

The little girl in Wind Dancer is delicately carved out of sterling silver. With fine detailing on her dress and in her wind swept hair she is an enchanting aspect to this gorgeous piece.

Solitary is multifaceted item, the solitary tree an exquisite example of his carving talent.

The other end of Solitary is a lonely underwater cave, the roof a fascinating feature showcasing the artist’s attention to detail.

Voyager rests on a simple metal stand, allowing the sculpture to achieve it’s full scope. The cement is transformed into a thrilling mold, that drops down and rises up- a perfect container for the textured glass. The gently windswept water casting subdued shadows on the ocean floor. All while the ship’s sails strain silently against the silent wind, forever continuing it’s endless journey.

The metal stand holds this piece’s central element safely above the floor. While the dark waters tempt sailors to try and cross through.

This underwater mountain range brings us a striking view of an oceanic panorama.

Quest takes a little bronze man on an uncertain adventure and takes the viewer on an aesthetically pleasing quest of all it’s delightful features.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when looking at this sculpture? The oceanic bowl rests on a wooden frame and exists solely to put the viewer’s mind at Ease.

Watchtower stands tall and precisely carved, to warn passing ships about the unexpected underwater curve of the cliff wall.

This scenic picture is tinged with a hint of suspense… Will the sailboat fall?

The Catastrophe depicted here is trapped in one gripping sculpture, a story expertly told by the artist.

Every now and then we’re all tempted to leave civilization behind, in favor of a secluded little cottage by the sea. That’s not always possible, but Young’s Fjord helps us believe that it can be, someday.

What does your idea of an escape involve? White sandy beaches and palm trees? Escape provides all of that, all from the comfort of your home.

Arctic “I” provides you with more than just the tip of the iceberg by trapping a white floating iceberg in frigid blue waters.

We see the extent of the artist’s imagination and skill in Starboard Tack. Gracefully carved by a professional hand, Starboard captures the essence of tame ocean waters on a beautiful day, encasing it in glass and holding it together with sterling silver fittings.

Love the nautical theme? Do check out our post Nautical Home Decor: 50 Accessories To Help You Bring In The Coastal Spirit.

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32 Industrial Style Kitchens That Will Make You Fall In Love

Do, 09.02.2017 - 16:15

Industrial style anything is usually a big hit. It’s easy to achieve, always looks great and is functional, this is especially effective in a kitchen. It’s also a versatile concept that can be tailored to suit individual personal tastes. Part of what makes it such an effective style is the fact that old objects can be transformed into something new, creating a room with a nostalgic atmosphere.

Taking into account the popular trend, we’ve compiled a list of kitchens that showcase all the elements of industrial style. Each kitchen incorporates industrial elements, whether it’s subtle or obvious, while remaining completely unique. Are you ready to fall in love?

Designer: Silvio Stefani  

Industrial style kitchens are renowned for their spacious layout and functionality. In this kitchen, the floor has been left uncovered, the cement floor receiving only a glossy finish. A vertical garden and wooden cabinet warm up the raw industrial elements such as the uncovered pipes. The matte black kitchen island is an elegant addition, the bright red fittings add a splash of color.

Visualizer: Mihail Scherbak & Timothy Kalakutsky  

The uncovered tubes and industrial pendant lights add the industrial chic, while the kitchen shelves make part of the decor. The yellow panel of wood complements the quilted carpet. A geometric shelf transforms a simple storage space into an integral part of the room’s design.

Visualizer: Tharik Mohammed  

The different wall coverings create an mismatched effect that ties the entire room together, while open shelves, ladders and furniture incorporate industrial style.

Designer: Snaidero  

Colored wooden furniture endow the room with bright and fun colors, while the distressed finish gives it a stylishly vintage look. The dark wooden floors give the room elegance, while the raw wood elements and industrial lighting add the factory tone.

Visualizer: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

This kitchen is more colorful, the kitchen island a refurbished vintage desk. The exposed brick wall highlights the black shelving.

Designer: Marchi Cucine  

Light permeates this kitchen from an overhead skylight, framed by thick black metal bars. The room is decorated almost exclusively with vintage furniture. The dark green complement the uncovered brick.

Designer: Marchi Cucine  

Wooden beams replace the need for a ceiling, merging the top and bottom floor. Using different shades of grey is an easy way of making the room look industrial. Industrial kitchen cabinets can be made from any cupboard that looks or is old, vintage is always a necessity.

Designer: Solis Colomer Arquitectos  

Color and patterns make for a fun room. The white ceiling allowing the patterned tiles to be an accent feature. The custom tiles allow a lot of space for creativity decoration wise, the pattern is reminiscent of a quilted blanket. The industrial fittings and homely furniture blend two worlds together.

Designer: Marchi Cucine  

The kitchen is the workshop of the house, this designer took that concept and turned it into an industrial masterpiece. The layout of this kitchen is like that of a culinary workshop, literally and figuratively.

Visualizer: Po Cointreau  

Pendant lights? Check. Industrial shelving? Check. What makes this kitchen unique is the blackboard cupboard doors and ornamental ladder. An old work table has been given a new life in the form of a kitchen island. The entire look gives off the feel of an old fashioned workshop with all the comforts of modern day life. The wood and carpet a major design element.

Visualizer: 4 Pixos  

A darker and more elegant kitchen, the pendant lights are lowered to create an intimate atmosphere. The dark purple curtains adding depth to the room, with the light flooring opening up the entire space.

Designer: Uber Design  

Black piping and ventilation tubes set against a white ceiling create an intriguing contrast. The floor of the kitchen opts for a softer color palette, while the walls are darker. The lighter shades ensure that the space doesn’t look small and cramped, while the darker walls add personality. Bright red furniture contributes a bright spark of color.

Designer: Snaidero  

The light wooden flooring and paneling is faintly similar to the beach. The table looks like a more stylish version of an industrial lunch table.

Visualizer: Dmitry Sheleg & ZROBYM Architects  

The lighting looks like converted industrial piping, hanging like vines from the ceiling. Light wooden panels is a warm complement to the stark white.

Visualizer: Zooi Design   

This kitchen makes use of organic elements combined with the distressed technique. The industrial lighting is a vintage addition, the yellow image a warm element that brightens the space.

Designer: Arrital Cucine   Visualizer: Jakub Komrska   

White walls and furniture give this room the illusion of space, stenciled diagrams a unique and provocative design. Different shades of wood provide a respite from the white. A unique feature to the room is the swing in place of a bar stool.

Visualizer: Alex Koretsky  

Raw brick and pendant lighting, industrial shelves turn the kitchen into a prime example of a sophisticated industrial kitchen. Patterns in the cabinets create a modern design feature.

The slanted ceiling could’ve been a major challenge, but this designer expertly added colors and industrial kitchen components to make the kitchen look big and bright, turning the ceiling into a unique feature.

Visualizer: Konstantin Kildinov  

Industrial grade metal sheeting has been used to create an accent wall, creating a more modern industrial style kitchen. Proving that industrial style doesn’t need vintage elements to work. This kitchen is a cutting-edge modern masterpiece.

Visualizer: Lyubimova Kate  

Black industrial lamps shed a lot of light over the small space warming up the daring color scheme and raw elements creating a warm atmosphere.

Designer: Piotr Furman  

Thick glass panels are an extraordinary and unique accent piece. This kitchen is light and airy, the windows allow light in, and the wooden paneling is a light and warm aspect to the room. A vintage stool and framed picture add style and elegance to an otherwise minimalist room.

Designer: Djordje Stevanovic  

Two contrasting shades of wood are used in this room to create a gripping effect. Black and white components make for a very polished and chic design, with abstract art pieces lending color to the room.

Designer: Anton Medvedev   

This kitchen incorporates industrial style into every facet of the design, from the more obvious, such as the chain like fence and large metal beams to the more subtle such as the wooden step ladder holding up a delicate houseplant.

Source: Monapart   

This space doesn’t have much wall space, so the designer used the ceiling as an accent wall. The room is vibrant, with a mix of bright colors and uncovered shelves.

Visualizer: Nudesign   

From top to bottom, this open plan kitchen boasts industrial chic. The true masterpiece though, is the custom tile accent wall that tapers down to the floor, looking like a designer jigsaw puzzle. This inventive accent is surely unique and contributes a lot to the overall space.

Designer: Argile   

The black and white industrial pendant light fixtures are strung together to make a simple design feature, while the patterned panels create an understated accent. Wooden drawers are a pleasant contrast to the dark grey cabinets. The white wall and ceiling are make the room look more composed with it’s neat and clear cut color lines.

Designer: Bright Common   

This 1880’s warehouse turned live-work studio was renovated for an artistic photographer’s family. The home respects it’s industrial origins while focusing squarely on a stylishly versatile design.

Designer: Elica   

Charm oozes out of this kitchen, probably due to it’s rustic allure or dynamic color scheme, The industrial light fixtures are fixed to shine right above the artistic sign boards, drawing the eye to the wall’s focal point.

Designer: Egue & Seta   

There is no mistaking this room for anything but a kitchen. Large industrial shelves and chrome appliances would make any cook feel like they were a master chef.

Designer: Stosa  

Industrialism is brought to the fore in this kitchen. We’ve seen many examples of how to use industrial style in many different ways. Colors, patterns, bold and subtle statements. They all work, but this kitchen shows that simply industrial works just as well, maybe even better.

Visualizer: Double Eye   

A bench kitchen table with wooden and metallic elements make up the focal point of the room. A light color scheme on the walls allow the darker components to stand out.

Visualizer: Halina Arabskaya   

This small kitchen uses many raw industrial elements to create a cozy and simple room that isn’t cluttered.

Love the industrial style? Do check out these cool accessories that will help you get the look: 50 Industrial Style Furniture & Home Decor Accessories

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50 Industrial Style Furniture & Home Decor Accessories

Mi, 08.02.2017 - 16:15

Have an exposed brick wall, steel pipes and no vision? Designing a bachelor pad both stylish and low maintenance? Always coveted the industrial look, but unsteady in your execution? Going industrial in your décor need not be a mammoth task. Spruce up that concrete floor and metal railings with our top 50 industrial home décor picks. Whether you’re looking for as little as a clock or chair right through to a large-scale theme extending to your toilet paper holder, we’ve got a design solution for you. Get comfy with wood, steel and even a trace of steampunk in our top picks for tables, beds, desks, shelves, bookends and seats below.

$185BUY IT

Industrial-Style Table Lamp: Black iron and rustic copper create this pulley-held desk lamp. A perfect fit for the office, it perfectly mimics a Victorian machine.


Industrial Robot-Like Lamp: Made of iron piping, this robotic desk lamp makes a person out of industry. Place him on your workbench or home office desk for an interesting way to light up fine detail.


Industrial Bedside Lamp: Want an industrial-themed sleeping space? This one-bulb beauty is one of those bedroom-bound unique table lamps.

$160BUY IT

Running Man Industrial-Style Bedside Pipe & Socket Lamp: Looking to shed light in a hurry? This running man made out of pipes plugs into a socket.

$280BUY IT

Industrial-Style Floor Lamp With Pulleys: The steampunk fan favourites this floor lamp held by pulleys. As two wheels hold a light-ended rope, its grated finish evokes the Victorian.

$180BUY IT

Industrial-Style Adjustable Pipe Chandeliers: Looking for luxury with a difference? This five-piped chandelier provides eight lights and a distinctly modern glamour.

$234BUY IT

Industrial-Style Chandelier: Want it in another finish? Use cart wheels to hold six dangling lights, in this unique chandelier for the antiques lover.

$160BUY IT

Modern Industrial Pendant Lights: Make the industrial modern again, with these pendant lights perfect for a kitchen. Their metal domes diffuse light within a two-year warranty.

$209BUY IT

Industrial-Style Pendant Light Bar With Pulleys: Have a large, high ceiling space just waiting for a feature? This three-light bar suspended by pulleys adds a fascinating contraption to a grandiose space.

$104BUY IT

Industrial-Style Fixed Ceiling Light: For something less dramatic, try this five-pronged ceiling light. Its flower-shaped design mimics a fan, while offering electric ambience.

$130BUY IT

Artsy Industrial-Style Ceiling Light: Create an artpiece on your wall or ceiling, with this metal pipe design. Watch them zigzag in many directions, as light fills your living or dining room space.


Industrial String Lights: Have a pipe fitting you’d like to showcase? String these seven lights over its form, to enjoy mood lighting and a feature in one.


Industrial-Style Marquee Lights: The quasi-cinematic interior would appreciate marquee lights. Shaped in an arrow, star and ampersand, they’ll be sure to put your home space up in lights.

$840BUY IT

Antique Industrial-Style Belt Driven Ceiling Fan: Driven by a belt, this antique-style fan is an invention of the past.

$563BUY IT

Modern Industrial-Style Fan: A less bold feature, this brushed nickel fan is simplistic in its industry.

$1,255BUY IT

Single Leaf Industrial-Style Ceiling Fan: The hunt for unique ceiling fans is satisfied with this one-blade. Encasing a light in its centre, it does double the job in half the space.

$148BUY IT

Industrial-Style Coffee Table: A great industrial start lies in a smart yet stylish coffee table. This wood and steel version offers simple contours and two rows of surfaces.

$335BUY IT

Industrial-Style Coffee Table With Wheels: Wheel your dinner to your side, with this easily-moved coffee table. Wood and metal create a simple way to bring breakfast near the bed.

$131BUY IT

Industrial-Style End Table: The industrial revolution favoured metal pipes and sturdy bolting. This end table combines the two.

$1,080BUY IT

Industrial-Style Couch: Complete the look in leatherette and fir wood. This wonderfully-quilted couch brings masculinity to your home interior.

$318BUY IT

Industrial-Style Metal Dining Table: Love the bare, minimalistic look? This dining table makes it industrial, with four metal legs and a bamboo top.

$115 for 2BUY IT

Industrial Dining Chair: Steel and wood provide a pair for an industrial dining table or kitchen island.

$130 for 2BUY IT

Industrial-Style Distressed Stools: Painted in crime-scene yellow, these stools create a stir beside a metal or rough-shod kitchen bench.


Industrial-Style Burlap Stool: Grounded on a metal bucket, this burlap stool offers rest and rigidity for the industrial living room.


Distressed Decorative Metal Fire Hydrant Statue: Have a space to fill void of plants, lamps or more cushioned pieces? This metal fire hydrant adds an authentic look to an industrial loft.


Industrial-Style Planter Bucket: House plants inside a rougher casing, with this metal planter bucket. With army-style lettering painted on the sides, it’s sure to support more masculine themes.


Industrial-Style Fire Escape Shelf: Know a fireman passionate about escapes? Gift them this shelf, a three-tiered reminder of the beauty of the structure.


Industrial-Style Bookends: Add a valve to your bookshelf, with these unique bookends. A place either side of large leather-coated books will look an antique treat.


Industrial Propeller Bookend: Cast resin created these industrial propellers, another steampunk find for the home library.

$145BUY IT

Industrial Pipe Shelf: Make the most of an awkward corner space, with these galvanized steel pipe shelves. Winding up and around each edge of the wall, they add industrial edge with a storage solution.

$146BUY IT

Industrial Shelf: The more traditional bookshelves hold a place in our heart. Let pipe fixtures and white-washed wood hold your personal trinkets and wedding photos.


Industrial-Style Kitchen Shelf: Looking for a spice rack? Walnut and metal provides a place for your seasoning and a rail for your teatowel.

$283BUY IT

Industrial-Style TV Stand: TV stands can be large, clunky and overpowering. Make yours the stylish solution, in a simple metal and wood three-tiered design.

$181BUY IT

Industrial-Style Shelving: A natural match for our aforementioned TV stand, this similarly-styled shelving unit holds five levels of storage.

$118BUY IT

Industrial-Style Cabinet: Go the extra mile in industrial cabinetry. This low-lying metal find rolls to and from your desired location.

$350BUY IT

Industrial-Style Home Office Work Desk With Storage: Industrial offices look modern, clean and oh-so-stylish. Adopt one of your own in this grey-painted metal and wooden piece.

$210BUY IT

Industrial Pipe And Socket Bed: Contrast light, dreamy and feminine fittings with a masculine pipe and socket bed. Easily paired with a range of bedding, its ends are capped to stop marks on the floor.

$720BUY IT

Modern Industrial-Style Bed With Drawers: Acacia and metal create a box bed with a drawer underneath. Pair it with cream bedding for stylish storage.


Industrial-Style Toilet Paper Holder: The true industrial fan will revel in this piece. Competing unique toilet paper holders are outdone by a handy shelf popping over the top.


Industrial-Style Shower Curtain: Dream of a metal-sheeted shower? This industrial-style curtain is the next best thing.


Industrial-Style Wall Hooks: These decorative wall hooks use pipes and wood as a holding line. Pin up your coats, umbrellas and bags upon it after a long day.


Industrial Wine Holder: Made of solid metal, these unique wine holders hold six bottles in rotation.


Industrial-Style Iron Coasters: Forget about fluffy fruit or glass drink coasters. These serrated iron finds put the edge back in cups of tea.


Air Blade Propeller: Made of metal, this decorative blade propeller adds everyday gusto to your kitchen extractor fan.


Industrial Windmill-Style Clock: Windmills renew energy. Let them renew your time, with this clock version inspired by farming life.

$110BUY IT

Industrial Bicycle Wheel Clock: Once part of a bicycle, this innovative clock reinvents the wheel. Gift this repurposed find to your avid cyclist.

$275BUY IT

Industrial-Style Oversized Wall Clock: Those looking for large wall clocks will find a fit here. Using Roman numerals and finely crafted hands, it takes up ample wall space in an urban loft.

$140BUY IT

Industrial-Style Rustic Pulley Clock: Make the time look as if it’s working harder. This clock with in-built pulley is a dream for those dreaming of Victorian times.


Modern Industrial Gear Clock: A machine of gears work in these unique wall clocks – without affecting the time. Fascinate young guests with its methodical mechanisms.


Erasable Chalkboard With Industrial-Style Frame: Every kitchen needs a chalkboard – but not one that is kitsch. Remove the cutesy aspect with an industrial-style frame that makes it look a piece of art.

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A Scandinavian Style Apartment Perfect For a Small Family [Includes Floor Plan]

Di, 07.02.2017 - 16:15

Anybody with a small child can attest to the fact that your apartment’s interior will never remain in place for very long. A small family can present such a heart warming scene, so shouldn’t their apartment reflect that? There are very unique challenges when it comes to designing an apartment that will house a mischievous darling and loving parents.

Zrobym Architects in Belarus took on such a challenge head on and came out victorious. They were able to create a versatile and fashionable interior that keeps in mind the challenges of raising a child in an apartment. The home is not only functional, it also exudes Scandinavian charm.

Scandinavian design is renowned for being sleek and minimalist. This apartment definitely showcases a few of those elements, by using neutral colors as a base and using polished and compact furniture. It also incorporates some bright and cheery elements such as the colorful comfortable couch, throw pillows and carpet to make the apartment look homely and inviting. The apartment makes full use of it’s 62 square feet by including a living room, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms, study and balcony.

The living room presents a charming picture as a cozy family room. The couch is the perfect place to snuggle up and watch a movie together, with the abundance of pillows and a woolen blanket draped over the end. The overhanging and swinging light fixture, as well as the minimalist style coffee tables conveys the essence of Scandinavian style and the white curtains are a solid base that brings the other elements into focus. The coffee table looks like a mature take on toddler’s stacking blocks. The living room is practical as there are no expensive ornaments that can be broken and nothing valuable is within reach of curious little hands.

A black and white set of table and chairs is a dining space with a scenic view to enjoy with meal times, a set of house plants ensures that the space is refreshing and a pleasant spot to enjoy your food. The abstract paintings paired with the yellow and grey carpet add an extra touch to the living room that ties the two design elements together. The space would be incomplete without these accessories.

A fresh houseplant adds a little green to the scene, and the wooden holder is a secure base that makes it hard to knock down and quite safe. A shelf holds most of the accessories out of reach from a little child and adds maturity to the wall. Wooden wall panels paired with the wooden floor softens the scene and subtly contributes to the homely atmosphere.

The white components and glass paneled wall are a contemporary and sleek design. While warmer elements such as the yellow seat and quirky floor mat ensures that the front entrance is a cohesive part of the overall design. The personal affects such as the sneakers and clothing accessories add a little insight to the homeowner’s personal sense of style and alerts you as to the function of the white cabinets.

The floor is custom designed with two components that match like an intriguing puzzle, this is achieved by stark white tiles paired with a slightly darker shade of wood. The end result is a subtle accent that doesn’t detract from other elements and is instead a beautiful highlight to the rest of the design.

The kitchen wall is a multifaceted accent wall that poses a stimulating picture. The overall design is modern and airy, while the blue tiles and accessories add radiance and enjoyment.

The light wooden cupboards, light fixtures and houseplants contribute to a subtle organic aura. The window by the dining table attracts a lot of natural light and provides a breathtaking view of the urban landscape.

The kitchen boasts ample storage space despite it’s limited floor space. By arranging the furniture away from the kitchen area, the busiest space in the home is uncluttered and allows the cook to work in comfort.

Every parent knows that a child’s lifestyle will not be confined to his/her bedroom. Children need space and a place to play. In this apartment the little girl’s playroom is combined with a parent’s study. The accent wall comprises of a starry wallpaper that is the background to a series of child-like framed pictures . The light fixture is adorned with a colorful mobile to satisfy the style needs of both child and parent.

A white bookshelf with wooden drawers ensures that each toy has a place and organizes the toys in the order of what the child is likely to want the most. A chalkboard showcases the child’s artistic talent, allowing her to unleash her creativity and makes the result part of the room’s design. A grey floor pillow is a comfy spot for her to flop onto or a place for a parent to interact with a child without kneeling or sitting on the floor.

It wouldn’t be a little girl’s play room without some pink somewhere. A light pink settee and lamp fulfills that girlish need.

White walls and light wooden doors and shelves make the room look bigger and brighter. A colorful patterned carpet ties all the elements together and ensures that the floor isn’t forgotten or boring.

A sliding cupboard door is the wisest option when furnishing a small space, this storage unit is now functional and pragmatic, this is especially needed because of it’s close proximity to the swinging door, otherwise there would be a lot of confusion and slamming of door against door.

The child’s workplace is a childish mirror of the parent’s, a perfect setting for when the child wants to imitate the parents. The wooden panel is a feature that is sure to delight the small mind, and for when boredom strikes a shelf full of toys is within arm’s reach.

The windows allow in light to enliven the room, while a green chair and houseplants incorporate an organic feel when paired with the wooden elements of the design.

The parent’s desk is an ideal place to get some work with few distracting features. The accessories are mainly youthful and fun to include the grown up’s space with the innocent decor. The unique designer chair is a fun take on an office chair and is a wonderful addition of childlike whimsy.

A delightful feature in the parents’ bedroom is the window seat built on top of light wooden drawers making this a functional as well as luxurious aspect. The window seat includes a clear view of the scenery and a vintage wall lamp for night time reading. A furry grey carpet and colored throw pillows are a stylish element that makes the retreat decidedly more warm and cozy. The large french window in front of the bed allows the light to work with the white walls to make a sunny and breezy bedroom.

For those times when the homeowner wants to curl in bed with a good book, a shelf has been positioned within arm reach and looks classy while performing this function. The light fixtures along with the light walls incorporate the Scandinavian design concept into the room.

The apartment utilizes a lot of cupboards for storage space, making sure to use compact and modern designs. The cupboard has been taken to the upgraded by painting the interior a delightful shade of pink.

A light wooden stepladder matches the wooden cupboards and is a useful tool for short limbs.

The bathroom is completely Scandinavian in style and makes use of many sleek and minimalist design techniques.

A black light fixture and elegant houseplant add color to the room, while ladder towel rails add texture.

The bathroom uses glass and mirrors combined with a light palette to create the illusion of space.

The room includes natural details, with the wooden counter top and houseplant, while the wash basin is a fresh, contemporary design.

The tiled wall is a subtle accent that adds depth texture to the room. The shelves to the corner are a convenient storage space that keeps personal items private.

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Nautical Home Decor: 50 Accessories To Help You Bring In The Coastal Spirit

Mo, 06.02.2017 - 16:15

Some of the best holidays are spent at the beach. Sun, striped towels and the abundant sea take you away to dreams beyond your office job or daily routine. How can you make the peaceful, calm and relaxed seaside vibe last until your next holiday? These fifty nautical home décor pieces are the next best thing to sand between your toes. Hang an anchor at your entrance, holding your coats, handbags and umbrellas. Serve a cheeseboard on a tortoise made of iron and wood. Wrap your legs inside a mermaid blanket, as you pore through your leftover book from the beachside. Get closer to your next holiday with our top 50 list.


Glass Seashell Bowl: Hide trinkets from the seashore inside a seashell. This see-through beauty shows off lower-lying flora and fauna.


Ceramic Nautical-Themed Shell Vase: For higher reeds, flowers and twisted cane, this ceramic shell vase adds oceanic inspiration. Let the water settle at its base to keep enclosed florals fresh.


Seashell Planters: Want your planters to blend into the seascape? This set of three hand-painted vases hold your smaller, larger and largest flower posies.


Fish-Shaped Bowl: Want an animalistic way to show off your pebbles? This thick, glass, fish-shaped bowl holds trinkets from the sea – or handy sweets for the grandchildren.


Whale Flower Vase: For a vase more colourful than its contents, look no further than this blue whale. Its unusual shape and spouting top say fun times at the beach.


Whale Bookend: Collect together your whale of a library with these black-painted resin bookends. The whipping tail holds heavier books that fall off at the ends.


Nautical-Themed Bookends: An antique driftwood look adorns these unique bookends. Featuring light blue anchors twisted with wood, they’ll be sure to bring the seaside to your reading collection.


Rustic Driftwood Sailboats: The simple white and wood interior would appreciate these driftwood pieces. Great for the living room cabinet or home office, let them take you away to wilder shores.


Wooden Sailboat Model: A more realistic sailboat suits the avid sailor. This wooden model would float upon a chest of drawers.

$100BUY IT

Round Mirror With Rope Hanger: Both Scandinavian and nautical, this hanging rope mirror looks simple and stylish upon a bathroom wall.

$106BUY IT

Mermaid Wall Mirror: Glass and iron produce a dreamy mermaid in this round mirror. Diving into the sea, a raft of starfish and seashells follow behind her.

$189BUY IT

Octopus Wall Mirror: Prefer other eight-legged friends? Eight tentacles envelop this oval-shaped mirror for the oceanic bedroom.

$165BUY IT

Octopus Vanity Mirror: The octopus lover gets a closer look in this tiltable vanity mirror. Check out more ideas with eight legs in our list of 50 octopus goodies.

$40 for 2BUY IT

Cast Iron Anchor Hooks: Make an oceanic entrance to your seaside home with these anchor-shaped hooks. Hang them behind your door to air out the coats, umbrellas and summer togs.

$147BUY IT

Metal Lighthouse Shelf: The perfect bathroom accompaniment stands with metal, four legs, and a space for towels. This lighthouse version hosts four tiers and a candle atop.


Starfish Toilet Paper Holder: Make the most basic of necessities beautiful, with this unique toilet paper holder presenting a starfish.

$170BUY IT

Octopus Lantern: Aluminium, iron and bronze come together in this lantern-holding octopus. Let him carry a tealight on your nautically-themed dinner table.


Lighthouse Tea Light Holder: This lighthouse tea light holder climbs candles to new heights. Place its wooden frame upon a ledge or dinner table for ambient conversation.

$25 for 2BUY IT

Glass Lighthouse Tea Light Holder: Light up the inner, not the outer, of your lighthouse with a tea light inside. This glass lighthouse glows the room with a covered flame.


Sailboat Tea Light Holders: Place this set of four unique tea light holders on your bath edge, for a romantic swim in warmer waters.

$220BUY IT

Mermaid Accent Lamp: Cracked glass and cast resin illuminate this mermaid’s tail. Set her womanly form on a bedside or entrance table.


Lamp With Coral Base: Nautical home décor need not be colourful. This beige lamp with a coral base would suit the minimalist seaside home.

$188BUY IT

Nautical Tripod Floor Lamp: Searching for the last place you left your beach towel? This nautical tripod light with searching lamp could help, whilst setting a well-lit scene.

$190BUY IT

Anchor Marquee Light: Attached by a single cord, this find sees an anchor up in lights. Hang it with pride at your next sea-themed or sailor-celebrating seaside bash.

$112BUY IT

Nautical-Themed Boat Shelf: Painted blue and white wood give a new look to storage. Stand this stunning boat cabinet inside your sea-loving kids’ room.

$157BUY IT

Rowboat-Shaped Curio Cabinets: Colour your rowboat in white, with these wooden curio cabinets. Two shelves and a drawer hold necessities in one nautically-inspired shape.

$100BUY IT

Nautical-Themed Whale Wall Shelf: This industrial metal frame takes the shape of a whale. Hang your trinkets out of reach in one fun, wild shape.


Nautical-Themed Basket: Want an inspirational way to store your laundry? This painted white hamper hides your under things, in one pretty package.


Nautical-Themed Wall Clock: Tell the time and the direction, with this compass-look clock. A hanging rope and circular shape fit the Scandinavian apartment.


Bronze Compass Themed Clock For Indoor/Outdoor Use: Need a clock beside the barbie? This aluminium find can be an indoor or outdoor design solution.


Ship Wheel Clock With Sailor Knots: Carved from solid wood, this white-painted clock mimics the wheel of a ship. Dream of sailing time as its fine form and carved knots grace your office wall.

$110BUY IT

Nautical-Themed Wall Art: Excited by all things nautical? This collection of rope knots, ship wheels, boat models and ladders give you a taste of sea spray everyday.

$219BUY IT

Abstract Ocean-Themed Wall Art: For artwork with a difference, base it on metal. This brightly-coloured six piece shows the ocean in full flow.

$100BUY IT

Nautical Patents Artwork: Ever wondered how some ships became famous? These artworks detail the patents behind famous sea inventions.


Octopus 6-Piece Poster: The octopi lover finds six times the magic in this multi-piece artwork for a large wall. Muted colouring and canvas backing means this octopus can sit up or down.

$30 for 4BUY IT

Creatures Of The Sea Poster Set: Need all the sea creatures in your life? This set of four posters teach your kids about the world’s most amazing aquatics.

$124BUY IT

Navy Blue-Striped Bedding Set: Bring the ocean in, in a less obvious way. This navy-blue set makes sailing references work with a range of interiors.


Mermaid Tail Blanket: The sea-mad princess needs a beautiful mermaid tail. This turquoise delight mimics the end and body, in one cosy design.


Nautical-Themed Coasters: Not after rope knots on your wall? Slide them under your drinks instead, with these gorgeous finds fit for a cool coaster post.


Seashell Wine Holder: Add a nautical edge to your summer drinks, with a nifty bottle in this unique wine holder.

$16 for 2BUY IT

Mermaid Tail Glass Tumblers: Create an optical illusion at the breakfast table, with these mermaid tail glass tumblers.


Starfish Dinner Plates: A homage to starfish, these terracotta plates are milk-glazed for consumption. Line them across a rustic-looking table, for a beautiful segue to a fish-based menu.

From $10BUY IT

Sea Creature-Shaped Plates: Serve salmon hor d’oeuvres on these ceramic plates, for a sea-themed experience tinted with turquoise.


Coastal-Themed Dessert Plates: No meal is complete without dessert. These square plates featuring crabs, scorpions, seahorses and fish find a beach-themed way to offer up a slice.


Turtle Cutting/Serving Board: The cheese lover will find favour in this adventurous cutting board. Made of polished wood upon a popping metal turtle, its surprising shape is sure to be a hit.


Sailboat Napkin Holder: A minimalist intro into nautical home décor, this ceramic sailboat offers napkins after seafood.


Seashell-Shaped Napkin Holders: The more elaborate dinner may consider these painted napkin holders, elegantly formed in the shape of seashells.


Octopus Door Knocker: Not a fan of the modern door bell? Let this metallic octopus be one of the more unique door knockers in the neighbourhood.


Pelican Statue For Indoor/Outdoor: After a slightly different animal? Let this pelican catch fish inside or outside your beach home.

$100BUY IT

Solar-Powered Outdoor Garden Lighthouse: A lit beacon in the garden, this painted lighthouse guides the way to your beach house at night.

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This Gorgeous Home Is A Nature Loving Bookworm’s Paradise

Fr, 03.02.2017 - 16:15

You know you’re a bookworm when your idea of an outdoor activity is reading a book outside. Casa O in Mexico is the perfect blend of a library and secret garden in the middle of a bustling city. The skillful fusion of nature and city surroundings takes a page out of the most magical book you’ve ever read.

This bookworm paradise has everything that a self respecting bibliophile could ever need. Architecturally designed to make the transition into your imagination all the more exciting, this home designed by Despacho Arquitectos HV is the envy of book lovers everywhere. Be sure to bookmark some of these ideas for your own book nook.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

The focus of this design was to integrate nature and man made structure into an other-worldy haven for a keen bookworm.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

One of the main features of the home is the expansive personal library. The bookworm concept has been turned into the main focus, as each area centers around the lifestyle of an avid reader.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

The idea of a book nook has been taken to another level in this area. Any person who has ever read a book knows that a comfortable chair is essential. These chairs add a sophisticated aura and look like an ideal place to curl up with a good book. Check out this post to find your very own comfy reading chair.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

What would a bookworm paradise be without a fireplace for those glorious rainy days? This room maintains a stylish look while having a homely feel. This is due to the wall length bookshelves and the coffee table decorated with various ornaments and neatly stacked books. The room is also well lit to avoid any strain on reading eyes.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV   Photographer: Paul Czitrom  

The well stocked bar is perfect for entertaining, or the occasional drink when unwinding with your favorite tome after a long day. The arrangement of the bottles and glasses turns the bar into a different kind of library.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

The bedroom looks like the border between the human world and an ethereal natural paradise. The wooden floor contrasts aesthetically with the tiled floor of the balcony and connects the two areas. The outside chair and coffee table create yet another bubble for the bookworm to retreat into.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

The kitchen is a modern marvel, with suitable storage and work space. The overhanging shelf decorated with antique containers add a refined quality. The recipe books and large window reminds one of the central design concept without being too obvious.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

The stately pillars and high ceiling create an impressive impression, the diverse colors emphasizing the different elements in the space without detracting from the view of the garden being the focus of the room. The white cabinet prevents the room from being monotonous, and a single book connects the space to the rest of the house.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

A clear pond is a calming facet that soothes the mind as one moves into the living room.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

The wooden paneling on alternating walls stops the room from looking cold and impersonal.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

The hallway is spacious and uncluttered, with the mirror adding dimension. The skylight is an innovative way of allowing natural light to permeate the room, and the colorful painting is a playful accent.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

The landing between the first and second floor is an area of it’s own, with a skylight drawing the eyes toward the open window. Tree branches are expertly incorporated into the decor.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

Forget Narnia’s wardrobe and Harry Potter’s Platform 9¾, this staircase looks like a portal into your private mystical realm.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

The front of the house is where modern man and mother nature meet. The garden has an untamed look without being overgrown, and a stone path directs you safely to the front door.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

The expansive lawn is a design feature in itself. It connects the different species of trees and the whole garden gives off an Edenic atmosphere.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

The rounded seat and fire pit is the ideal summer hosting spot, and the best place to read during those gorgeous spring days. The space looks almost like a secret garden, thanks to the tall surrounding shrubbery.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

Thanks to the towering outer wall, the delightful home is completely private. The creeping ivy is a distinguished element, while the elegant facade only hints at the wonders to be found inside.

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

Architect: Despacho Arquitectos HV  

This trendy home is definitely every bookworm’s dream home. Do check out the the video below:

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Join The Industrial Loft Revolution

Do, 02.02.2017 - 16:15

There’s something so poetic in taking an old factory and turning it into a modern home. Designers take something old and dilapidated and give it a new purpose fit for the 21st century.

This trend has taken the world by storm- decrepit factories, warehouses and offices are being transformed into state-of-the-art lofts. We’re going to take you on a tour from Dubai to Hungary, into the some of the most impressive industrial lofts that you’ve ever seen.

Join us in the industrial loft revolution.

Visualizer: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

We start our tour in Budapest, Hungary. To give the space a more industrial look, the plaster was removed from some of the walls to expose the brick and concrete underneath. Other walls were plastered and renovated with decorative panels. The space is now a fusion of color, texture, and geometric design.

Visualizer: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

The different colored couches and books brighten up the room. The black pipes that support the library and make the step ladder add to the overall industrial theme. While textured wall panels are a subtle design feature that doesn’t overcrowd the space.

Visualizer: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

The original windows have been left open to allow natural light in. The white cabinets are a modern touch, while the ceiling light is a lively geometric twist.

Visualizer: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

The uncovered tubes and vents are reminiscent of the original industrial factory. The distressed green cabinets and red chairs are a colorful pop in the room.

Visualizer: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

The room is well lit thanks to the symmetrical light fixtures. A table in the kitchen turns the space into a kitchen and dining area, uniting two different areas for function and to save floor space.

Visualizer: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

A private study in the bed area is kept stylishly simple and functional. Old filing boxes are a vintage and stylish storage solution.

Visualizer: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

A curtain and glass sliding door keep the study private. The patterned bed spread and colored pillows warm up the whole area, and a potted plant is a refreshing ornament.

Visualizer: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

The wooden floor and fashionable carpet soften the raw industrial elements.

Visualizer: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

A dressing room is stylish feature for the house owner with an ample closet. The cement walls and black grating on the ceiling continue the industrial design concept.

Visualizer: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

The coat room is a creative and useful design feature.

Visualizer: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

The bathroom is light and airy, the color scheme giving the illusion of space. A large metal framed mirror and iron light fixture fit into the industrial theme, and a wooden utilities table adds a distinguished atmosphere.

Visualizer: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

A copper bath is perfect for the space. It contributes to the industrial theme as well as being vintage and incredibly stylish. A carpet, dark wood shelves and the copper prevent the room from feeling cold and impersonal. A vintage heater is another industrial decoration that contributes to the overall atmosphere.

Visualizer: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

Originally an old garment factory built in 1928, the loft has been opened and renovated. The top floor consists of a bedroom, study, dressing and bathroom. While the bottom floor is made up of a living area, kitchen-dining area, coat room, library area and guest bathroom.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

Next stop in the tour is Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The color scheme for this loft is more neutral with grey, black and white being the main colors. This loft focuses on the more sophisticated industrial design.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

A gorgeous engraved wooden table is a warm and sophisticated adornment. Delicate and detailed ornaments add a personal flair.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

The design for this loft focuses on geometric designs along with raw industrial elements. This achieved through the custom geometric tiles on the floor, the light fixtures, the uncovered industrial pipes and taps.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

A wooden floor warms up the space and provides some texture to the overall design.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

The kitchen aims sleek and modern, with chrome providing the industrial component.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

The vintage industrial chairs are expertly paired with wooden counter tops and iron light fixtures. A fluffy, patterned carpet ties all the different aspects together.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

A vintage mounted bicycle takes the space back to it’s roots while being a whimsical trinket.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

An essential design feature is the round chandelier that is adds to the industrial glamour atmosphere. A mischievous sign board brightens the room, and prevents it from being too serious.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

This unique chair is a chic facet as it rests loftily on the custom accent flooring.

Visualizer: Koj Design  

An important design feature in any industrial style loft is the light fixtures and uncovered pipes.

Visualizer: Mihail Scherbak & Timothy Kalakutsky  

Our final stop is in Dubai. While being industrial, the living space is also colorful and includes nature.

Visualizer: Mihail Scherbak & Timothy Kalakutsky  

The open plan living space includes a accent wall with shelves and a multitude of artistic ornaments. The uncovered windows include the garden into the decor, and the splashes of yellow remind one of a bright sunny day.

Visualizer: Mihail Scherbak & Timothy Kalakutsky  

The wooden flooring unites the entire space and adds a wavy texture, while a self standing lamp is a trendy component.

Visualizer: Mihail Scherbak & Timothy Kalakutsky  

The overhanging wooden slats incorporate the ceiling into the accent wall and is an innovative design feature.

Visualizer: Mihail Scherbak & Timothy Kalakutsky  

The kitchen is undeniably industrial chic, while the quilted carpet is a unique aspect that creates a homely atmosphere.

Visualizer: Mihail Scherbak & Timothy Kalakutsky  

Feeling inspired? Why not take a look at our other Industrial style loft posts? Industrial Lofts and 3 Stylish and Industrial Style Loft Interiors.

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30 Gorgeous Grey and White Kitchens that Get Their Mix Right

Mi, 01.02.2017 - 16:15

Whether your style is contemporary or ultra-modern, grey and white pair together to complete any look. The hues can cover walls, countertops, floors, and cabinets. Using one alone can make a striking statement. Blend the two together for a look of understated sophistication. The two are also combined in these kitchens in marble islands, making a bold statement right in the middle of the kitchen. These 30 grey and white kitchens get it just right. Some intentionally create a cool industrial style and others present in a warm and welcoming fashion. The hardware, textiles, and lighting complete these looks with perfection.

Visualizer: Ihor Bednarchyk  

The light grey cabinets with no hardware create a seamless look. The low backsplash gave this homeowner a place for accessories, leaving more countertop workspace. The natural lighting, coupled with the light pine wood floors keeps the look light and airy. Simple three leg kitchen counter stools, Canned lighting and white wave pendant lamps complete the look.

Visualizer: Stanislav Borozdinskiy  

This kitchen blends into the living area and allows ample seating in both rooms with the sectional and large round table with seating for eight in grey. This white modern kitchen uses its space wisely. White cabinets incase the microwave and oven. The unusual circle pendant lighting adds a nice touch.

Designer: The Phil Nichols Company  

This Arizona home has an exterior that fits right in with the desert surrounding it. Inside, however presents modern refinement. The minimalist look combines slate grey cabinets and island with a chrome finish base. The off-white cabinets provide ample storage space and seem to conceal the refrigerator to the right. The bar in a warm pine finish warms the room.

Visualizer: Dmitriy Tereshchuk  

This colorblock creation mixes hues and textures. Taupe, white, and grey color the cabinets and the amazing built in surrounding the appliances has a textured appearance. Even the wall has joined the act, with a dark grey paint.

Designer: Brayer  

Light grey matte lacquer kitchen cabinets were combined with storage units that open to reveal black shelving for a different look when the pocket doors are open. Sliding glass doors give the room natural light and stand opposite a grey and creme brick wall. The look is completed with a marble backsplash and smoked oak flooring.

Architect: Ilkin Gurbanov  

These blue grey kitchen cabinets and white farm sink deliver simplicity and warmth. Window front cabinets are featured on top and can be used to display china. The utility handle on the white tile backsplash offers functionality. The grey tile below picks up the blue in the cabinets.

Designer: Hoang Long  

This look differs from the others with an eclectic mix of textiles and styles. the light grey kitchen features a stainless steel refrigerator and dishwasher. The home makes good use of the combined space and little touches like gold metal chairs and a striped rug over the grey floors give the room character.

Designer: MHK Architecture & Planning  

Thie crisp white kitchen sits atop grey floors and uses stainless steel for hardware, appliances, and crystal pendant lighting.

Designer: Bedrock Quartz  

This design uses primarily stainless steel and accents with white cabinets and tile backsplash. Tucked under the bar are round seat contemporary counter stools. Touches of orange were added on the shelves to warm up the look.

Designer: Hazel and Brown Design Company  

This stunning white and grey kitchen features white cabinets, grey granite countertops, and a simple 3 pendant lighting fixture in pewter to match the hardware and appliances

Designer: Newick Architects  

Light gray kitchen cabinets provide ample storage. A white island sits atop maple wood bases and houses the cooktop. The high gloss backdrop carries on the grey look as does the speckled tile.

Visualizer: Armine Avetisyan  

This cool grey kitchen uses the color in te tile floor, wood plank wall, and block cabinets. Off-white cabinets with texture are used within the grey. Unusual pendant lightnig and yellow chairs add interest in the room. Window coverings in white and grey complete the look.

Visualizer: Armando Ferriani  

Floor to ceiling windows let the light in and gives a glimpse of nature. The locker style grey and white cabinets to the right serve as a large pantry. Slate grey counters and island shelves provide a spot for displaying accessories, books, or dishware. A large black dome pendant light hands above the island for lighting and a great look.

Visualizer: Lugerin Igor  

Grey block tiles extend from the floor onto the island in this kitchen. A white wall with black backsplash and counter serve as a backdrop to this white and grey kitchen. Simple light wood counter stools provide seating.

Photographer: Joakim Johansson  

These smooth finish light grey cabinets are topped with both stainless steel and wood block countertops. The knotty pine floor softens this look.

Designer: Lauren Rubin  

Pops of color in this grey and white kitchen design are offered up by fruits and flowers. The grey cabinets are coupled with white ceramin countertops and a white and grey brick look backsplash.

Visualizer: Cristian Gentile  

This kitchen has an industrial look. Slate gray cabinets and countertops work well against the light flooring and diagonal windows.

Designer: DesignSpace London  

Grey laminate is used for cabinetry and the island in this kitchen. Combined with the light pine floors and pedestal table, the look is less industrial and more modern sleek.

Designer: Roundhouse  

This kitchen has a white gloss painted concrete floor. Commercial type grey cabinets and drawers are used and the island features a butcher block bar. The space above the cabinets can be used for decor.

Visualizer: Armando Ferriani  

Grey and white come alive in geometric colorblock in this kitchen. Pops of red are used to color the walls in the shelving. Dark paintd concrete complete this look.

Designer: Roundhouse  

This semi-industrial look sits in a South London home. It is all at once posh and modern. Touches of wood appear in the cabinet under the island and the warm pine wall apron above the cooktop. White tile, skylights, and sliding glass doors add natural light.

Designer: Armando Ferriani  

This light and airy white and grey kitchen is accented with touches of blue also seen in the room just beyond. The stainless steel in the hardward extends to the legs of the table and chairs.

Designer: Destilat  

This kitchen is the centerpiece for an Austrian penthouse and features Eternit panels which create the huge slate gray wall that surrounds the kitchen. Above the wall is a floating light box.

Designer: Harvey Jones  

Just inside these sleek grey kitchen cabinets are solid oak drawers made to look modern. This room features skylights that help to keep this design from looking freary. Everything picks up the grey, the wood floors and walls. The white countertops really help this room to not get too heavy.

Designer: Justine Hugh-Jones  

This kitchen features a marble topped island, two sinks, and a stainless steel backsplash. The half moon seats on the barstools add a touch of wood in the room. The cool grey tile completes this look effortlessly.

Designer: Design Squared  

The kitchen of a London home was designed for functionality and provides great lighting through transom windows above the cabinet and casement window over the sink. A brick look grey tile backsplash accent the white cabinets with pewter hardware.

Designer: Issie-Mae Interior Design  

This grey and white kitchen features an island that takes the ceramic counter top down to the floor. Dark slate grey is featured on the base of the island. The backsplash is lattice print in grey and white. It is a simple look atop light pine wood floors.

Designer: Urban Kitchens  

This white simple and sleek kitchen design adds a bold look with its full marble island. The look is picked up in the backsplash and works well with the white cabinets. The contrast of the dark wood floors adds interest.

Designer: Conrad Gargett  

Again, a marble island is used as the centerpiece. White countertops and cabinets accented with the marble backsplash make this modern design a winner. Do check out our post on marble kitchens if you like this kind of look.

Designer: Rebecca Jansma & Suzanne Gorman   Photographer: Jason Busch  

This white kitchen has warm maple floors and a grey countertop on the island. The pendant lamps are from Mutto. Do check out our 50 Stunning Pendant Lamps post if you are looking for more kitchen lighting inspiration.

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Music-Themed Home Decor

Di, 31.01.2017 - 16:15

Music lovers appreciate with their ears; but there are enough musical gadgets to appreciate with their eyes, too. Designed for music aficionados, these 45 saxophone, guitar, violin and piano-inspired items can hold your books together, make a statement on your wall or even lift the lid off your cooking pot. Tell the time off the strings of a guitar, light your bedside table with notes, or eat your meals with instrumental cutlery. Made for average fans to professional musicians, these gifts are made to exalt the highest of musical symphonies – or provide loud, waterproof tunes to sing to in the shower. Take your pick from our accessory list.


3-Piece Violin On Canvas: The budding Fritz Kreisler or Mischa Elman would be inspired by this set of three canvas violins. Hang them as a triptych for a three-sided view of this classical instrument.


Music-Themed Abstract Art Canvas: Add some music to your dining room with this three-piece acting as one. Bold, vibrant colours present saxophones and violin strings in an abstract quartet.

$899BUY IT

Soundwall Art Speakers: Want to blast music without intrusive big, black speakers? Innovative and easy to use, Soundwall Art uses a painted aluminium screen as a speaker, connecting to Pandora, Spotify or Apple Music wirelessly. The effect is rich, vibrant sound – with any art you choose as the exterior.

From $50BUY IT

Framed Music Instruments Patent Art: Glass-framed and ready to hang, these patents for pianos, guitars and drums originate from the 20’s. Hang them in your library for a scholarly reminder of your musical passion.


A Visual Compendium of Guitars Poster: Want to consider all options for your next guitar? Hang this coloured compendium of the best models upon your bedroom wall.

From $15BUY IT

Musical Notes Metal Wall Art Decor: Celebrate music’s simple pleasures, with these black metal hangings astride your wall. A place in your bedroom, living room or rumpus could inspire household song.


Rustic Wooden Finish Violin Wall Art: Made from wood and metal, this rustic-looking violin adds an antique feel to a contemporary home.


Guitar Wall Clock: Laser-cut birchwood created this unique wall clock in the shape of a guitar. Hang it in your rock-mad teenager’s room, for a cooler way to keep an eye on the time.


Music Note Desk Clock: The music lover’s desk would be a perfect place for this zinc alloy clock. One of the more imaginative clocks, its simple quaver adds an elegant touch to musical interest.


Music Note Wall Hook: Not in need of a clock? This black metal musical note hangs your keys, coat, bag or umbrella. Do check out our decorative wall hooks post for more.


Cast Iron Music Notes Wall Hook: Break into symphony with this family-sized, cast iron wall hook. Keep necessities off the floor as melodies and single notes adorn the wall.


Equalizer Key Holder: The modern music fan knows the best way to equalise. Create good tunes everyday with this nifty find for your front door.


Piano Keys Wall Decal: Have a black and white interior in want of a decal? These piano keys celebrate the classical in one quirky design.


Music-Themed Quote Wall Decal: Plato fathered philosophy and worshipped music. Make his wisdom ring true with a black-type quote above your sofa.


Musical Notes Wall Decal: After a more expressionist view? This artful dandelion blows off sweet music in the bedroom.


Music Speaker Stack Wallpaper: Printed with a 3D look, this coloured-on-black wallpaper makes a sleek and contemporary bedroom seem eclectic and artsy.


Music-Themed Bedding: 100% Turkish cotton created this black and white piece. Reverse it either way to have a bed all in black, all in white, or as a mix of the two.

$112BUY IT

Music-Themed Bedding Set With Pillows: Reversible and multi-colour, this comforter, pillow and duvet can be matched with a separately-sold set of curtains. Strum on the guitar or act the DJ jockey as your kids learn their favourite tune.


Acoustic Yin & Yang Throw Pillow: Always felt guitars had a naturally peaceful rhythm? This throw pillow thinks so too, as it harmonises guitar strings with Chinese yin and yang.


Keyboard Bookends: House your piano scripts in style, with a keyboard bookend either side.


Music Notes Bookends: The monochrome library would find favour in these black quavers. Rest them against your musical reads to combine rhythm and reading.


Golden Musical Notes Bookends: Thick glass and poly resin hold your books, in this golden treble clef and quaver design.


Piano Bookends: Need more than just the keyboard? These full depictions of piano, seat and sheet scripts earn their status as unique bookends.


Guitar-Shaped Paper Clips: Add some office flair with these guitar-shaped paper clips. Let a range of guitars hold your papers at your home or work office.


Musical Instrument Veena Door Handle: Want a door handle that says both India and music? This painted brass veena has the extra element of difference you’re looking for.


Music-Themed Guitar Lamp: Have a partner who just can’t leave their guitar? Bring it to the bedside table, with this stand and script lamp design.

From $12BUY IT

Electric Guitar Switch & Outlet Covers: The music or rumpus room has the perfect outlet in these electric guitar covers. Switch it on or plug it in – and hide the off button from those calling it quits.


Glow In The Dark Door Stopper: A most decorative door stopper, this wedge mimics an amp pedal whilst glowing in the dark. Put it in your music lover’s bedroom for a lit route to a midnight snack.

$150BUY IT

Gesture-Controlled Minimalist Speaker: Supporting Spotify or Alexa, this maple wood speaker is controlled by gestures, not buttons. Tap it on the top to start and play, and on its side to skip towards or back from favourite tracks.


Bluetooth Shower Speaker: Household hummers can’t go past this Bluetooth shower speaker. Held to the wall by suction cup, its easy-play buttons and water resistance makes singing in the shower a dream.


Scratch Pad For The DJ Cat: Don’t leave your music-loving cat out of the mix. Why not afford them some stylish cat furniture, with this DJ scratch pad?


Music Note-Shaped Kitchen Strainer: Make music in your kitchen, with this plastic sink strainer shaped like a quaver.


Guitar-Shaped Wooden Spoons: Perfect for your salad, vegetable dish or weekly pasta, these beech wood spoons add rock and roll to your family dinnertable.


Drumstick Spoons: Rather be beating the drums? These spoons give a useful tool to kids wanting an early dinner.


Music Instrument Flatware Set: Serve a formal dinnertable, with a musical twist. This harmonious set of four is a great addition to the modern flatware collection.


Guitar Spatula: Gift Dad the perfect tool to use at the barbeque. This guitar-shaped spatula looks cool and crafted, while flipping burger patties and charcoal-grilled steaks.


Guitar-Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board: A bamboo-carved guitar is not your everyday cutting board. This curved beauty with a line down the middle creates dinnertime conversation.


Piano Bamboo Cheeseboard Tool Set: Hide your cheeseboard tools in the piano, with this block holding your knives and slicers.


Guitar Salt & Pepper Shakers: See how your salt runs in these clear plastic shakers. Check out our unique salt and pepper shaker post for more ideas for the dinner table.


Guitar Ice Tray & Stirrer: Create a stir during drinks with a guitar in your whiskey. A silicone arm with ice forming the body makes alcohol musical.


Guitar-Shaped Frying Pan: Fry up some eggs in an unconventional shape. This guitar-shaped frying pan lets you flip over treats on the strings of a guitar.


Saxophone-Shaped Pot Lid Lifter: For the chef who has everything, this saxophone-shaped pot lifter is an easy safeguard for near-burnt hands.


Musical-Themed Coffee Mugs: Rock out with these coffee mugs, a perfect way to add a jam to your morning coffee.


Amped Guitar Amp Coffee Mug: Go the extra distance with an amp for a cup. This distinctly unique coffee mug predicts your caffeinated future.


Vintage Vinyl Record Drink Coasters: Normal coasters just won’t do for the diehard record lover. Slide these unique drink coasters under your hot beverage for a noteworthy kitchen addition.

Not a music person? Do check out our posts for other interests:

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Concrete Wall Designs: 30 Striking Bedrooms That Use Concrete Finish Artfully

Mo, 30.01.2017 - 16:15

While concrete may not be the first thought that comes to mind for a traditionally warm and cozy bedroom environment, this material is far more aesthetically flexible than many would imagine. And the 30 bedrooms highlighted in this post are a great example! Ranging from minimalist to industrial, ultra-modern to eclectic, each of these bedrooms express a completely different personality through concrete. Have you been thinking about adding a bedroom accent wall or renovating for a more modern look? Check out these images for unique finishes and configurations to pull of the look.

Visualizer: Archiplastica  

Let’s start with something out of the ordinary! Two sturdy concrete pillars perfectly frame the bed and the gorgeous geometric mosaic that backs the headboard.

Visualizer: Lucas Studio   

Bold disc-shaped impressions give even more depth to this eye-catching interior wall. The combination of rugged finish and smooth geometry

Designer: Albert Abutov  

Amazing! This material is unlike any other – translucent concrete gains its ethereal properties from embedded optical fibers that easily transmit light through an otherwise impenetrable material.

Visualizer: Fly Design Studio   

Here, brushed concrete captures the light of the nearby pendants to increase its warmth and textural appeal, all without departing from clean minimalism.

Visualizer: Anwar Al Jufrey Khalid   

Bedrooms are rarely heavy on concrete but this one pulls it off fantastically. Roughhewn wood serves as an organic counterbalance and helps pull the outdoors in.

Visualizer: Roman Pravnik   

Wood and concrete again make a fabulous pairing in this handsome bedroom inspired by industrial decor. An oversized pendant and plush leather headboard introduce a hint of luxury to the composition.

Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina   

Concrete changes character depending on its material complements. The smooth texture and lightness of these wood details contribute to a purely contemporary look that strays from the roughness of the previous industrial themes.

Visualizer: KDVA Architects   

Even ordinary minimally finished concrete can make a big impression with a little smart embellishment. This accent wall includes a strip of integrated lighting to boost its appeal.

Visualizer: Kyde Architects   

Because concrete is often perceived as dark, harsh, or unwelcoming, lighting additions like these can make a world of difference.

Visualizer: Yovo Bozhinovski   

Of course, there are big ways to embellish concrete as well! A little stain and an artistic eye can transform this rigid material into a versatile canvas for expression.

Visualizer: Olesya Ligay   

Another way that concrete excels is as a neutral backdrop for a dramatic focal point, like this dimpled wall panel.

Visualizer: Abdullah Taranov   

Tilted and lighted panels make up the headboard wall for this room. The entire surrounding structure is smoothed over with light concrete to avoid overwhelming the unique panel installation.

Visualizer: Buro 82   

This panel installation uses a similar arrangement, but this time both surfaces feature a concrete texture. Do you love the integrated lighting? Check out our bedroom lighting ideas post for more inspiration!

Visualizer: Ilya Leg4atov   

Artwork is another fantastic way to dress up a stark concrete finish. This neutral bedroom just wouldn’t be the same without the blue lighthouse prints hung above the bed.

Visualizer: Harun Kaymaz   

This print serves an important purpose by lightening an otherwise dark composition. Mid-toned concrete adds depth to the bed’s niche while the white painting pushes outward and grabs attention.

Visualizer: Yazan Samsam   

In a room defined by grey concrete, color becomes even more powerful as a decor tool. Artwork and architectural details blend into the background allowing furniture and accessories to shine brightly.

Visualizer: Maxim Zhukov   

Here’s another space where vivid color stands out. Check out our profile of this casual loft style home for more photos and information – the entire residence is worth exploring if you’re curious about a unique spin on industrial decor.

Visualizer: Alex Koretsky   

Purple and blue soften the aesthetic of this bedroom with ease. Concrete has a reputation as a rugged material, but here its strength takes on richer nuances.

Visualizer: Zooi Design   

Darker concrete is a great backdrop for highly saturated colors like these tangerine orange accents.

Visualizer: M3  

Now let’s look at a few different decor themes that lend themselves well (or even surprisingly well) to concrete walls. Minimalism is an obvious choice, as depicted in this bright and sunny bedroom.

Visualizer: he.D creative group   

Concrete is a go-to for industrial themes as well.

Visualizer: KeremmucuR  

Concrete may set the scene but the textiles and prints set the mood where this strong industrial setting meets the whimsy of nautical decor.

Visualizer: Albert Mizuno   

Low bed platforms are a popular choice for modernist bedrooms, especially the ones influenced by traditional Japanese and Korean design. The contrast between modern design and traditional inspiration strikes quite a contrast in this fully concrete bedroom.

Visualizer: Cleer Design Studio   

Here’s another interesting combination – modern concrete walls with vintage-inspired furniture. It also has a low-profile bed (perfect to show off the large artwork at the headboard) – if you’re interested in seeing more sleeping arrangements like this, check out our post dedicated entirely to bedrooms with low level beds.

Geometric patterns have been a hot design statement in super-modern homes, Scandinavian-inspired homes, and a few other styles. These concrete tiles are a beautiful example.

Visualizer: Annete Manuilova   

Contemporary stripes, white wooden wall paneling, and soft colors give this bedroom a lot of casual chic appeal. The stunning concrete accent behind the bed is an unexpected and effective way to update the theme for today’s tastes.

Visualizer: Mitaka Dimov   

Now let’s take a look at a few finishing techniques, starting with something quite unique! The decorative herringbone scoring adds an artistic element to the distressed concrete accent wall.

Visualizer: Kola Studio   

Vertical scores of pocked concrete help create the illusion of wood wall panels with a rugged industrial edge – just one of many ways to bring substantial character to concrete walls.

Visualizer: Anjey Babych   

Here’s an example of two concrete finishes in one room. Vertical broom finish makes the walls appear taller, while the ceiling sections alternate for a balanced look.

Visualizer: Diff Studio   

Dark textural finishes are great for sultry minimalist bedrooms like this. See more minimalist bedrooms – with and without concrete – at our minimalist bedrooms post.

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4 First Home Interior Ideas With A Scandinavian Twist

Fr, 27.01.2017 - 16:15

Buying your first home can be a messy business. Finding a good location, the right amenities, and a space you’d like to live in all present difficulties. Decorating your first interior is no different. How can you find the easiest and most cost-efficient way to make your small space shine? These four examples of Scandinavian design show how to make the most of your home, on a range of budgets. Showing four small spaces, they each use a combination of wood, brick, textiles and colouring to make your home functional and beautiful. Take a peek to get your first home on the right, Scandinavian-inspired, track.

Designer: Studio Zapraszam   Visualizer: Yuriy Bobak  

Our first design in Warsaw, Poland, measures only 30sqm. Using furniture from IKEA, its contemporary yet light look is perfect for a first home owner on a budget. Clad in grey walls, the lounge opens up to a space centred by a floral papier mache light. Six figure sketches ground a blue couch, while a black mock hide holds a beige counterpart and steel and wood table. Lit by a balcony streaming over a light wooden floor, the rest of the room holds plants, a row of fairy lights and a Scandinavian bookcase in a functional, breathable space.

A turn around shows a simple, classic example for grey kitchens. Forming an L shape beside the entrance, grey marks the kitchen spot without dominating the room. A row of white cabinets blend into the wall, which hold another row of white potted herbs. With a white breakfast table headlined by an art deco print, the space screams relaxation with a dash of character.

Blue points out the bedroom, with a midnight feature wall. Featuring a papier mache flower similar to the lounge, a white bed matching surrounding walls creates an open and airy feel. A leaning mirror extends the room; a white fluffy rug makes it cosy.

The bathroom is an exemplary use of space, lined with strips of LED lighting. Clothed in white tiles and glass panes, Scandinavian wooden shelving offers a low-key place for essentials. A mirror and gold-patterned tiles provide a space for preening, as a white porcelain bath fits snug into the corner.

Designer: Studio Zapraszam   Visualizer: Yuriy Bobak  

Designed by the same studio, our next Warsaw interior is a bachelor’s haunt. Featuring darker, more contemporary elements, it uses a tight 35sqm space to upgrade and optimise each apartment corner. Leading in with the lounge, a stand-out idea light drops ceremoniously from the ceiling, a simple yet effective statement. Surrounded by white walls, a velvet couch and coffee table mix with a breakfast version and trunk of a tree. As a 1972 Bertrandt poster says Solaris, two hover lamps stand and sit simultaneously. Paired with a black-skinned rug, the look is personal, contemplative – and not overly daring.

A black wall catches the eye in a bold and masculine move. Hosting a stack of Scandinavian shelving, its dominance reflects off a mirror and saves valuable space. The star of the interior, it provides a sleek feature wall for the bedroom, a leader for a concrete counterpart, and a wrap-around entrance for guests. Continuing the bedroom’s black side wall, it contrasts against light-wooden floors whilst matching the poster, rug and TV from the lounge.

A look to the kitchen creates difference again, as its walls shine in lighter hues. More muted than many black and white kitchens, its white cabinets pair with a black extractor fan for a monochrome meal-making space. Floored by grey tiles and rimmed by grey bench, its light-wooden island both opens the space and refers to lounge furniture. Not to compete with the black feature wall, it provides a functional space that keeps the interior classic, clean and contemporary.

Hugged by black and concrete, the bachelor pad is centred in the bedroom. A Rocky poster by Bertrandt welcomes in the viewer, as a half-window behind lights it up. Lit at night by two idea bulbs either side, the bed relaxes in casual white on grey, leading to a keyboard for a before-bed jam. Looking diagonally, its greys, whites and blacks match the kitchen, while forming a decidedly-individual sleeping space.

The bathroom creates another vibe, using the same Scandinavian influences. Lightened by white tiles and a proliferation of wood, the focal point lies in a granite L-wall at the back. Grey tiles from the kitchen lead into two walls holding white and wood; one with a towel rail and toilet, the other with idea bulbs and a hanging mirror. Cleverly masking a washing machine under wooden cabinetry, a few soaps and lotions act the feature in a shower-built LED panel.

Visualizer: Muji  

Mustard is the word for our next interior. Designed to fill one room, the bedroom, lounge, kitchen and dining areas form a relaxed Scandinavian centre. A range of white and mustard cabinets catch the eye on the front wall, holding a TV-towering metal stag. Matching a Christmas deer above the bed, grey wooden floors lead to a row of high cabinets, a bookcase-held bed, and an array of framed prints. A large geometric rug adds dashes of colour afront a couch peppered with cushions.

To the right, mustard catches the eye again in an L-shaped block. Marking the kitchen, its matching cabinetry and SMEG are lit by three hanging lights, which dapple over different-patterned benchtops and tiles. Drawing the viewer in, a chrome extractor fan and utensil row reveal a window to the side, lighting lemons.

Each corner of the room offers a different delight. Clad in beige and grey tones, a reading spot to the left hides books in its walls and trinkets on its sill. The most mustard of yellow kitchens, the opposing wall offers a bright eating space resplendent with a grey island and Scandinavian side cupboard. A turn to the right reveals the couch and bed relaxing, amidst sprinkled hues and textiles on a ranging wooden floor.

Visualizer: Nhat Tan Tran  

Our final space sits at a grey-painted, brick-clad 40sqm. Another one-room interior, it comprises a living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining area in one compact frame. Facing the couch, walls swathed in light grey perfectly match its fabric, as a multi-hued rug, leaning abstract and black-and-white polaroids sit afront and behind. As a windowed door lights exposed brick, three stripes of grey intersect, adding a distinctive, almost French look. A range of wooden tones line the floor, TV cabinet and coffee table, creating a cozy place for evening viewing.

Stepping back from the couch, the bedroom makes itself known. A column of Scandinavian shelves hold busts, books and potted plants, as a large wooden bed spreads across the space in white and grey. Using classic light wood, a row of wheelable boxes offer under-bed storage; a desk to the side, a place for reflection. Opening up to a window with a city view, a strip of Florentine lino fills a space otherwise empty.

Grounded on the same lino, the dining room and kitchen hang a gold-painted dome over a round wooden table. Drenched in grey wallpaper, the kitchen inlet affords a cameo appearance of distressed brick. A charcoal fridge and black extractor fan add the industrial beside Scandinavian potted plants, antique plates and chrome accessories. The entrance wall to the side hides the shoes.

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A Stunning Cave House In Spain

Do, 26.01.2017 - 16:15

Modern man has gone full circle. During the dawn of mankind, people used to dwell in caves. Slowly, we made our way into brick-walled houses. But lately, man has gone back to our roots. And we have to say, if we could all live in houses like these, we’d all go back to being cave dwellers without a second’s hesitation. Cuevas del Pino estate by UMMO Estudio sits nestled on the slopes of Sierra Morena. An area renowned for it’s Calcarenite rock, arranged into layers that form geological formations. For centuries these formations have been used by local herders. Today, one of those formations is now a comfortably chic cave home.

Traditionally the caves of Sierra Morena have been used by agricultural workers as a shelter from the elements. But the Cuevo del Pino estate has recently been developed for new purposes and this rural hotel has been modernized, transformed into a beautiful home.

The Architects were careful to respect the pre-existing elements, they molded their design around the natural elements of the cave. The end result is a yin-yang type blend of organic and modern architecture.

The landscape has been kept simple and natural. Most of the original landscape has been kept as it always was. A manicured lawn, bush garden and gravel pathway are the only human contributions. The layers of rock weren’t removed, rather grass was planted on top of it turning this into a natural garden feature.

White walls instead of a more neutral color are a clean canvas that highlights the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The designers knew better than to try and match the ageless beauty of the scenery.

The marble and cement mosaic style floors are a contemporary aspect that level the uneven rocky floors for human feet. The uncovered windows and glass doors all face the south for the specific purpose of letting in natural light.

Here we get a look into the interior of the house. The walls have been kept natural and this has been the main design concept. The walls are an accent in itself, so the furniture are mostly complements of the exquisitely raw nature of the cave.

Handcrafted wooden furniture endows the whole house with warmth. Woven carpets brighten up the space without being obnoxious. The cave may be ancient but the furniture is state-of-the-art and comfortable. Just because the house is in a cave doesn’t mean you need to live like a caveman, and so modern comforts are a key facet to the space.

The idea was to achieve a wide diaphanous space with present day amenities. To respect the existing curves of the cave, designers fit furniture into the current arches of the walls. The walls were slightly straightened, but mostly they were left alone to retain the genuine roughness of the cave.

Although the house focuses on the natural beauty of the house, some decorations have been added to prevent the space from relying too heavily on the actual cavern. A subtle centerpiece, this aesthetically pleasing ornament keeps this table from being empty and boring.

The kitchen is the heart of any house, and also the space where most of the activity of a household takes place. So it makes sense to position the kitchen in the place where the most light comes in, by putting it into it’s own space, the kitchen still feels part of the cave but isn’t restricted in any way. The designer cupboard to the right can be found in the bedroom, the raw wooden planks and mirror continue the flow of organic walls onto the plain white canvas. The cave wall here hasn’t been altered, the cupboard was built into the wall so as not to remove a unique design feature.

A wide window built into the cave wall is uncovered and so the bedroom area receives an ample amount of natural light. The patterned curtain on the four poster bed and the woolen floor rug invent a snug little corner for the house owner to enjoy at the end of the day.

A minimal amount of furniture was added so as not to clutter the space. In this part of the house we can see the design concept achieved. The marble floor and white walls are an element that make the room make bigger and lighter. The original roof has been left untouched removing the need for any unnatural decoration, while the furniture softens the the entire space.

A proverbial combination of old and new, the rock ceiling softens the white wall while the white wall brings light to a spot that’s never seen the sun before.

The bathroom has been built into the rock, with a marble and cement mosaic floor to keep the house owner from slipping into a painful fall. The self standing amenities were built into the walls to combine the two design schemes. The open window incorporates the scenery into the layout, while a yellow clay bowl for a sink and purple soap containers are bright dash of color. The white towel railings are a practical element and the chrome taps and shower head are a sleek and luxurious addition to the bathroom.

The floor plan displays how the cave has been safely and practically renovated to cater to the needs of the modern and trendy home owner.

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40 Decorative Wall Hooks To Hang Your Things In Style

Mi, 25.01.2017 - 16:15

Remember that beautiful coat stand at your grandmother’s front door? Or that quirky hat hook your friend’s mother found at market? A great hat or coat hook is a valuable entrance to any home – so why make it standard? These forty wall hooks are designed for any style of décor, any passion of interest, and any type of accessory. Have a few too many towels in the bathroom? Get them off the floor with a steel octopus. Want to mimic the city skyline? Hang your keys behind the door on its silhouette. Get creative and fashionable with our top hook picks to hang your coats, umbrellas, scarves, handbags and bathroom necessities.


Modern-Style Wall Hooks: Create an art feature out of a coat rack, with this line of alternating black blocks. Simply flick out the block when you need it, and pop it back in when you don’t.


Piano Wall Hooks: Love pattering away on a piano tune? Extend the passion to your entrance wall, where the sharps and flats can fold over your coat.


Skyline Wall Hook: Mimic the city view outside, with this skyline wall hook drenched in grey. Choose a building on which to hang your favourite scarf.

$35 for 3BUY IT

Mountain Wall Hooks: Rather be climbing rocks? This natural and black-painted wood creation works in a trio, creating a Scandinavian, kitschy vibe.


Climbing People-Shaped Wall Hooks: Ever feel your coats are dragging you down? These climbing people feel the same – although with hidden wall fasteners and colour-moulded figures, you’d never know.


Cute Kids Room Wall Hooks: Make every hanging part of playtime, with this set of three hooks for the kids. Candy-coloured and self-adhesive, they hang pictures whilst protecting bedroom walls.


Raindrop-Shape Wall Hooks: Available in white, blue or natural wood, these raindrops turn a rainy day into oodles of practical fun.


Minimalist Ball-Shaped Hooks: Rather be out of the rain? These minimalist ball versions look like you’ve polka-dotted your entranceway, while holding hats, coats and umbrellas.


Minimalist Wooden Hooks: These beechwood or walnut beauties give a solid frame on which to hang your wear. Coated in wood wax oil, they provide a simple, understated polish.


Geometric Hooks: Not after the usual shape? These geometric hooks resembling cacti come in charcoal, red and pastel mint green.


Rustic Branch-Shaped Hooks: Lift your bag from the floor with this cast iron hook resembling a branch. With all your essentials up here, the kids and cat can’t get close.


Decorative Branch Wall Hook: For a tree that seems the real deal, look no further than these wooden wall hooks. With top and bottom branches holding differing levels of weight, they’re both artistic and handy.


Paint Drip Wall Hooks: The art deco home would love these abstract paint drip hooks. Painted in a scintillating red, each drip offers a new height – and bloody, Thriller-like seduction.


Subway Wall Hooks: Plan your daily subway journey before you leave the house, with this multi-coloured hook. Hang your jackets on the places you’d like to go, your bag on the routes you’ve never travelled.


Ninja Shuriken Hooks: Ever wanted to pin an enemy to the wall, with a flying steel shuriken? This unique coat hanger is the next best thing, living out your combat fantasies while your bags sit high.


Rustic Key-Shaped Hook Rack: Made from recycled iron, this Secret Garden-esque key could be the missing part of your back entrance. Place it before a garden patch, holding the keys to the shed, garage, and greener pastures.


White Wall Shelf With Hooks: Need a bit of extra storage? Find it in this white wall shelf with hooks underneath. Cubbying bags, knick-knacks and a shelf above, this design is sure to organise the little necessities.


Birdhouse-Shaped Hook Rack: Perfect for the garden or outdoor area, this row of birdhouses doubling as coat racks play nicely to exteriors. A white dummy bird inside headlines a structure made of wood and metal hooks.


Industrial-Style Wall Hooks: Made from wood and steel piping, these fixtured rows would look a treat above the workman’s bench or industrial kitchen. Distressed wood behind adds a touch of the antique to a modern classic.


Steampunk-Style Gear Hooks: Go back to the future with these gear-style hooks, a perfect steampunk home décor partner. As cogs turn in the detail above, a row of three curved hooks holds your everyday essentials.


Antique-Style Brass Wall Hook: Play the part in brass, with this antique-looking hook with wall base detailing. Two-pronged, it can hold his ‘n’ hers towels, scrubbing brushes, or a couple of hats in one.


Shabby Chic Iron Wall Hooks: Twisting into fleur-de-lis, Florentine and French symbols, these cast iron hooks evoke the genteel garden, painted in white.


Fleur De Lis Double Wall Hooks: After a more subdued look? These fleur-de-lis hooks sit separately afront your back garden, guest entrance or family garage door.

$40 for 2BUY IT

Nautical-Themed Anchor Hooks: Anchor your beach home in an oceanic flavour, with these black hooks. Subtle, practical, and oh-so-nautical, they add a design feature to the seaside interior.


Beach-Themed Wall Hooks: Hang with the fishes, buoys, boats or seahorses with these quirky additions to your nautical home décor. Their painted ceramic exteriors work well in the bathroom, entrance or the ocean-mad kids’ room.


Sparrow Wall Hooks: Qualy Design created this pair of sparrows, to twitter about your hanging belongings. Drenched in black and white, the monochrome home would welcome their chirpy humour.


Modern Bird Hooks: Pinocchio isn’t the only one lying in this collection of birds. With beaks jutting out to hold your coats, each tweeter holds its own shape and attitude.


Birds On A Branch Wall Hooks: This cast iron creation is sure to send birdsong through your home entrance. Coated in a metallic finish, two birds and six hooks offer enough storage for your knick-knacks.


Peacock Wall Hook: Reminiscent of Sri Lankan or Indian colonial times, this teal-painted hook is an exemplary piece of peacock home décor.

$18 for 3BUY IT

Owl Wall Hooks: Add some wisdom to your interior, with this understated owl holding your coat. Perfect for light, bright, French-inspired areas, its charcoal hues work beautifully with florals.


See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Owls: Remind yourself of your better nature, with these owl-lined hooks at your entrance. A didactic example of owl home décor, three hooks mean two for the couple, one for a guest.


Deer Wall Hooks: Recycled resin takes this stag head from its place above the mantelpiece, to your living room or library wall. Pair and contrast with our wider range of faux deer heads to choose the right stag for your living room.


Elephant Wall Hooks: Evoke the elephant’s lasting memory, with this wall hook in your library or lounge. A pair of headphones or potted plant could look a treat in a range of decors.


Whale Tail Wall Hook: Make a splash in your bathroom, not on your towel, with this wall hook in your wetter areas. A flipping tail is sturdy enough to hold bags, clothes and shower knick-knacks.


Cute Cats Wall Hook: The cat lover just can’t go past this miaowing posse of felines. Slot it under a ledge for a no-holes way to hold essentials at the doorway.


Octopus Wall Hook: This cast iron octopus is another find for the bathroom. Two of its eight tentacles hook shower caps, clothes and towels.


Bang Bang Wall Hook: Point a gun without pointing a gun, with this hand-made wall hook. Its sturdy two fingers give a helping hand at your front door.


Come Here Hand Gesture Wall Hook: Want to welcome guests with a friendlier gesture? This ‘come hither’ hand uses its index finger to take hold of your bag.


Peace Sign Wall Hook: Take the more relaxed approach, with a peace sign marking your entranceway. Two fingers prop up coats and umbrellas on those windy, rainy days.


Thumbs Up Wall Hook: Good with everything but a place to hang your stuff? Thumb a lift up of your coat, scarf or handbag.

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40 Captivating Kitchen Bar Stools For Any Type Of Decor

Di, 24.01.2017 - 16:15

Kitchens are changing. With the growing popularity of breakfast bars and dining tables integrated with kitchen islands, counter-height seating is growing in demand. Whether you’re looking to outfit an actual bar, provide backup seating for a standing desk, or need comfortable dining chairs, this post has just the right seats for the job. Here we cover a number of styles: rustic, modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, industrial, mid-century modern, futuristic, and beyond – there’s something for everybody! And best of all, we’ve taken care to hunt down treasures for every budget.

$499BUY IT

Nerd Counter Stool: Smooth forms and a variety of pastel color options makes David Geckeler’s Nerd Stool a popular choice for Scandinavian interiors of all types, looking equally at home in warm cottage inspired spaces as well as contemporary minimalist settings. Furniture design enthusiasts and engineers alike will appreciate the lack of visible hardware that contributes to the smooth aesthetic of this memorable chair.


Ikea Dalfred Bar Stool: This stool’s straightforward design makes it a lovely choice for modern interiors, but its form generates enough interest to create a focal point in the home or office. The classic screw-top design could even complement an industrial theme, as well as its original purpose of offering adjustable-height versatility.

$132BUY IT

Austin Bar Stool: Natural wood finish, sleek curved legs, and minimalist construction make these stools a nice statement piece for any interior, especially if you’re working around similar natural wood tones you might want to emphasize.

$470BUY IT

Wyndham Swivel Counter Stool: This swivel stool is great for a space with geometric accents but it can also serve as a fantastic focal point when surrounded by clean lines as pictured. Vintage-finished brass legs and waxed wood seats work equally well within rustic environments or simple contemporary settings.

$529BUY IT

Coleman Stool: Here’s another great geometrically interesting stool. It offers a unique experience from every angle, perfect for open middle-of-the-room settings like a freestanding kitchen island or breakfast bar. This model is available in a wide variety of seat finishes and colors. Coleman is a fantastic design by Greta de Parry, awarded the 2015 Best Furniture Award from Dwell.


Tolix Marais Style Counter Stool: Tolix is an iconic style, a favorite in industrial and rustic interiors alike. Its recognizable form was originally developed by metalworker Xavier Pauchard in 1934, yet the design remains timeless as evidenced by the wide availability of lookalikes and reproductions like this inexpensive pick.

$249BUY IT

Blu Dot Real Good Counterstool: Sharp angles and a variety of bright and dazzling colors make this stool an eye-catching piece for quirky modern interior styles. It’s available in both bar and counter height to fit a variety of purposes.

$390BUY IT

Onda Bar Stool: Designed by Jesús Gasca for Stua, the Onda Bar Stool boasts a curvaceous and beautifully simple form that can elevate any contemporary space to the heights of neo-futurism.

$148BUY IT

LexMod Clip Bar Stool: This inexpensive bar stool captures the eye with its distinctive doubled-over seat design, but it’s also a practical choice for kitchen countertops or tall dining tables thanks to its sturdy footrest and comfortable form-fitting construction.

$360BUY IT

About A Stool: The work of prolific furniture designer Hee Welling, About A Stool offers a smooth form that looks right at home in playful Scandinavian-inspired interiors. The seat is available in fabric, polypropylene, or leather, while the legs offer a choice between soap-treated oak veneer and black stain over birch.

From $329BUY IT

Normann Copenhagen Form Stool: Danish designer Simon Legald designed this seat with a specific goal in mind – to create a piece that embodied his long-held idea of “the ideal stool” – taking inspiration from furniture over multiple eras and origins. The result is a flexible design that can take on a variety of personalities from mid-century modern to minimalist depending on the fabric and leg material you choose.

$1388BUY IT

She Said Counter Stool: The She Said counter stool is the smoother and more visually fluid counterpart to the He Said chair by the same designer, Nitzan Cohen. It’s a high-luxury stool meticulously crafted by Mattiazzi Italy, every detail rendered with precision for longevity and adaptable beauty to suit any sophisticated interior.

$350BUY IT

Coiled Counter Stool: Are you looking for something that can add a little whimsy, warmth, and color to your kitchen or office environment? This stool by Harry Allen is perfectly suited to serve as a surprising focal point, with its hand-woven top covering a form fitting tractor style seat for comfort and style.

$355BUY IT

LJ3 Stool: While many prefer nonporous seats for easy cleaning, upholstered stools do have their place in the home – they’re more comfortable, they tend to offer more color options, and they’re a much more inviting place to have coffee on a cold winter morning. Netherlands-based furniture maker De Vorm collaborated with Amsterdam-based designer Laurens van Wieringen to create this spectacular line of colorful and surprising stools sure to enhance the playfulness of any modern interior.

$1161BUY IT

Last Minute Stool: Patricia Urquiola’s popular Last Minute Stool makes waves with its clean and simple form and attention-grabbing construction. It’s available in two sizes to suit high and low surfaces. The upholstered options are wonderfully adaptable, with wool and a textural wool blend for classic interiors and smooth leather for more contemporary settings.

From $300BUY IT

Cherner Inspired Bar Stool: Talk about an iconic design! Replicating the distinctive profile of Norman Cherner’s storied chair (one that achieved its fame after appearing in Norman Rockwell’s 1961 “The Artist at Work”), this bar stool adaptation is a true must-have for devotees of mid-century furniture design.

From $213BUY IT

Wishbone Counter Stool: Reimagining the recognizable split-back construction of Hans Wegner’s 1949 Wishbone Chair, this unique stool offers an updated homage to a true classic. Its natural hemp cord seat takes it further into the realm of traditional styling, making this piece a wonderful choice for eclectic interiors.


Arne Jacobsen Series 7 Style Stools: Here’s another fantastic vintage-inspired piece, this time for Arne Jacobsen fans. This inexpensive yet high quality reproduction would fit just as well in a commercial or residential environment. Choose from four seat color options on chrome legs to suit a variety of interior styles – the black seat would look especially nice in an industrial setting, the light unfinished wood is perfect for a Scandinavian-inspired home, the dark wood appeals to classic sensibilities, and the white offers a modern or minimalistic look.

$825BUY IT

Wendela Stool: The seat mold takes its stylistic cues from mid-century design but the overall composition comes together for a contemporary and fresh look. This stool is defined by its smooth and sturdy form, a functional piece that would look great anywhere.

$490BUY IT

Masters Counter Stool: Combining the iconic profiles of famous designs by Eames, Saarinen, and Jacobsen, this stool is a sculptural homage to the masters of furniture design just as its name would suggest. With this piece, designers Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet give mid-century modern classics a contemporary makeover for modern settings.

From $499BUY IT

Eames Molded Plastic Stool: Still as relevant to the design world as ever, the Molded Shell Collection by Charles and Ray Eames continues to capture imaginations and beautify interiors. This authentic Herman Miller stool is not as ubiquitous as its chair counterpart is, but its recognizable form is sure to spark conversation among guests with mid-century design knowledge. Like the chair, it beautifully adapts to any setting and any style.

$129BUY IT

Charles Eames-Style DSW Bar Stool: Design fans on a budget can appreciate this recreation of the same shell-style Eames chair. This one features the beloved dowel base with an added ring for comfortable foot support. The dowel base is a popular way to add a touch of classic inspiration to contemporary interiors.

$405BUY IT

Alfi Low Back Bar Stool: With an integrated handle, these lightweight chairs are a great choice for interiors that depend on flexible seating arrangements. Designer Jasper Morrison created Alfi in 2015 as a fresh and sustainable approach to comfort and usability, made from reclaimed post-industrial materials and Amish-crafted wood legs. It’s a chair with a story you’ll be glad to share with your guests.

From $250BUY IT

Erik Buch Bar Stool: While the 1960s original is hard to obtain, this Erik Buch design is widely replicated and cherished for its sleek Danish frame and smooth contemporary seat. They’re an exceptionally forward-thinking design for its time, well suited to interiors with Scandinavian or modernist influences.

$315 for twoBUY IT

Bertoia Style Wire Bar Stool: Industrial style interiors wouldn’t be the same without Harry Bertoia’s 1952 side chair design. This model is a close reproduction of the original with years of development ensuring accuracy down to the closest detail. Whether you spring for a collectible original or one of the many available lookalikes, you can be sure your choice will never go out of style.

$450BUY IT

Afteroom Counter Stool: Very clearly inspired by the Bauhaus design movement right from first glance, the Afteroom stool offers an aesthetic that transcends the sum of its parts. Minimalist interiors, industrial-influenced spaces, and even Scandinavian styles can benefit from the complements this versatile stool offers.

$552BUY IT

Hinkley 29″ Bar Stool: It’s difficult to find seating for a rustic or traditional kitchen without sacrificing sophistication. This swivel stool forges its own unique style with characteristic mango wood seats and elegantly curved black legs, definitely a look that might even appeal to industrial aficionados.

$262BUY IT

Bouchon Counter Stool: This stool’s cork seat and unique shape is sure to make guests crave a nice glass of wine. The bronze frame is a versatile touch, always suitable for classic interiors, while the unconventional cork seat makes it a fabulous choice for artsy modernist interiors.

$102BUY IT

Baxton Studio Architect’s Industrial Bar Stool: It hardly gets more industrial than this design! This stool would fit equally well drawn up next to a drafting table as it would a dining table, and the adjustable height screw-top seat makes it a suitable companion for either one.


Height Adjustable Swivel Stool: Here’s another screw-top stool, this time with a classic schoolhouse vibe. Perhaps the most interesting part of this chair is the finish on the distressed steel legs, almost embodying the charm of traditional cast iron.

$620BUY IT

Allegro Bar Stool: Italian designer Giovanna Modonutti created the Allegro collection in 2002 to offer versatile seating for sophisticated contemporary interiors. Its sturdy steel frame enjoys the supple touch of European leather upholstery, giving the composition a sense of warmth that sets it apart from the typical kitchen stool.


Director’s Counter Stool: Easily interpreted multiple ways depending on its surroundings, these counter stools would look right at home in artsy or nautical interiors – or exteriors as its weatherproof design makes it ideal for patio dining sets or low outdoor bars. Like all teak chairs, the frame will eventually begin to exhibit its characteristic silver patina that collectors love.

$245BUY IT

Hee Bar Counter Stool: Hee Welling is a master of weaving playfulness and surprise into his designs without sacrificing the simplicity associated with Scandinavian decor. This counter stool is no different, available in an entire rainbow of colors but ultimately catching the eye with its unexpected style. These stools are stackable to save space, great for occasional as well as everyday use.

$460BUY IT

Lucy Wire Bar Stool: Gaurav Nanda elevates wire chair design to the next level with this intricate and decorative series of stools inspired by macramé and Spirograph art. The production method is interesting too, involving machine molding and almost 400 spot welds placed by hand.

$170BUY IT

Cappellini Ribbon Style Bar Stool: Ultra-thin strips of still twirl and dance to create an illusion of impossible weightlessness. Decorators who prefer futurist aesthetics are sure to find this style worth admiring, although it’s easy to imagine this set lending its fascinating character to any contemporary interior.

$482BUY IT

Koncord Bar Stool: Karim Rashid fans will recognize this piece as following the daring designer’s tendency toward imaginative and boundary-breaking forms. Available in bright colors in addition to black, this sculptural seat is a work of art in its own right.

$396BUY IT

Vondom Vortex Stool: Futurist decor isn’t limited to just the interior. These faceted geometric chairs seem chiseled from stone or ice, offering the possibility for an interesting contrast with the organic forms of a garden patio or perfectly complementing the rigid structures of the city.

$395BUY IT

Wing High Stool: Designed by A-Cero in 2013, the Wing High Stool offers another option for fans of neo-futurism. Its small footprint makes it perfect for small spaces while the exciting curves make a big impression. Choose from a variety of colors in a matte or glossy finish, and rest assured that the durable and weatherproof design makes it suitable to use indoors or out.

$532BUY IT

Z Stool: One more for the Karim Rashid collectors! The Z Stool’s unconventional color options make this series an exciting choice for bright interiors. Like many polyethylene chairs, this one will also stand up to outdoor conditions.

$909 for set of 2BUY IT

Stool One: Do you need a complement for your stylish geometric kitchen decor? The Stool One from star designer Konstantin Grcic has gotten a lot of attention for its unique shape and sturdy architecturally inspired construction. Of course, originals are in exceptionally high demand but budget-conscious shoppers might be interested in this cheaper Stool One replica.

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Light and Modern Sophistication In A Two Bedroom Apartment

Fr, 20.01.2017 - 16:15

This refined two-bedroom apartment is the work of design team Vishnyakov & Pokrovsky. Titled “Honey White”, its bright interior remains minimalist but sweetly warm, emphasizing texture and material over extraneous decoration. This streamlined approach allows classic details to take center stage – additions like elegant molding, tray ceilings, and subtle medallions lend their character to every room. On the other hand, furniture and lighting tend to stick with modern influences for an interesting contrast. And if you love the look of brass accents, this is a fantastic home to search for inspiration.

The tour opens to a cozy living room outfitted with a mix of contemporary and mid-century inspired furniture. Abundant sunlight filters through the breathtaking floor-to-ceiling bay windows, casting shadow and enhancing the depth of the molded architectural accents used throughout. This union of traditional and trendy is best showcased by those gorgeous chevron floors in dark wood – a great modern take on the herringbone so treasured in older buildings.

Because of the unique home layout, separate living and dining spaces would have felt like a restriction to both rooms. This sliding glass partition helps shield noise without breaking up the line of sight.

Of course, while entertaining guests, a simple slide of the door makes it easier for visitors to mingle across each space.

While the functionality of the space is worth admiring, so are the furniture choices. Olive green accents bring tremendous character to the space, especially to reinforce the mid-century Danish influence that went into the statement chair design. What a beautiful piece!

The satin brass floor lamp is called Heron, a design by Michael Verheyden.

When taken together, the green and brass and chocolate brown floors come together to foster an almost spring-like atmosphere. It’s a fresh and inviting theme with plenty of warmth.

And the dining room! Fun design offers plenty to admire about the table and chairs, but in terms of first impressions, the brassy hoop pendant lights influence the rest of the space with their Art Deco flair.

The kitchen itself remains relatively compact – an arrangement that highlights this area’s role as a social space rather than a utilitarian one.

Marble is an interesting choice for the hexagonal tiles – a timeless material in a trending form.

The entryway makes a stately impression with its high ceilings and eye-catching molding. A modern pendant instantly draws all eyes and offsets the classic appeal of the subtle brassy details.

Distinctive retro-inspired green chairs create a very garden-like setting on the enclosed patio.

In the master bedroom, an interesting take on classic wall panels continues the mixed-era theme.

The side table lamps are from the IC Collection by Michael Anastassiades, a series very popular with brass fans and a perfect match for this elegant space.

Hans Wegner’s famous Wishbone chair sits at the well-accessorized cantilever vanity. The fully mirrored wall is a luxurious asset for getting ready in the morning, but it also pulls double duty to reflect as much sunlight as possible back into the room.

Color palette, furniture arrangements, and overall style make the guest bedroom appear strikingly similar to the other one – the major difference being the use of rounded furniture accessories rather than linear ones.

Iconic AJ Floor Lamps by Arne Jacobsen flank the bed to either side.

One bathroom tries its hand at industrial influence, continuing the brass vanity pipes toward the left to serve a second purpose. It’s a clever addition to an otherwise already-handsome space.

The other bathroom makes an exceptionally bold impression thanks to hexagonal tiles with dark, eye-catching grout.

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40 Unique Desk Organizers & Pen Holders

Do, 19.01.2017 - 16:15

Tired of a desk that always seems a scatter of pens? Need to charge your phone, without five cords? Have a number of notepads you’d like to converge? Tidy up your office space with our top forty desk organisers and pen holders. Clad in a variety of different materials, these units have nooks and crannies your mind would be hard pushed to dream up. Hang a pen holder on your wall, to remove it from your desk space. Slide it under your screen, to create a nifty home for hidden knick-knacks. Make it an art feature, in stylish light wood with simple Scandinavian detailing. Take a peek to inject some jealousy and street cred into your office desk space.

Buy It: $74  

Architect-themed Desk Organizer: Inspired by city planning, these themed desk organizers hold pens, clips and other bits and bobs. Choose from red or blue-bottomed fine porcelain, shipped straight from Italy.

Buy It: $25 each  

House-Shaped Pencil Holders: Made from glazed terracotta, these multi-coloured beauties can hold pens, pencils, and any other left-over stationery. Made in Russia, they also act as handy tea light holders.

Buy It: $41  

House-Shaped Wooden Pencil Holder: Want the house shape, but not the overt reference? This simple hole-and-cavity form creates a classy way to hold your pens.

Buy It: $28  

Executive Knight Pen Holder: Want someone to kneel down to your unyielding power? This knight can do it all day, as he holds your pens on an engraved platform.

Buy It: $40  

Satechi iDesk Organizer: Need a pen holder, extra USB ports, a phone charger and holder for your coffee? Look no further than this nifty all-in-one, as it offers the above whilst holding storage spaces for photos, notepads and business cards. A letter opener is a handy added benefit.

Buy It: $35  

Space Bar Keyboard Organiser & USB Hub: Despise a keyboard left out in the open? Designed by a computer lab teacher, this IT solution levels up your screen so your keyboard slides underneath. Six USB ports and added storage make it pleasing to the perfectionist’s eye.

Buy It: $19  

White and Wood Desk Organizer: Keep your desk simple with a white acrylic feature holding wooden finds. The Scandinavian-looking office would appreciate its simplicity.

Buy It: $22  

Wooden Elephant Desk Organizer: Acquire the elephant’s long memory, with a wooden pencil holder which holds your Google brain, too.

Buy It: $20  

Porcupine Pencil Holder: Getting used to prickly conversations? Embrace the vibe with this white porcupine holder, a creative way to house your pencils.

Buy It: $16 each  

Owl-Shaped Pencil Holder: See a face afront your writing tools with these owl-shaped pencil holders. Mimicking the traditional pen cup, choose from plain wood or white as an addition to your owl home décor collection.

Buy It: $16 each  

Fox-Shaped Pencil Holder: Prefer a fox instead? Highlight your cunning with these finds for a home office holding fox art prints.

Buy It: $19  

Brave Warrior Pencil Holder: Fight some battles in the office with this wooden pencil holder. A daring position and shield add character and bravery to your office desk.

Buy It: $12  

Darth Vader Pencil Holder: “Luke, I have your pencil”. Play a trick on the Lukes in your office, with this humorous Star Wars home décor find.

Buy It: $15  

Sharpener Desk Tidy: Want to tidy up your desk, without introducing new elements? This classic pencil sharpener does the job in super-sized wood.

Buy It: $8  

Scooter Holder: Making friends with that new hipster in the office? Gift them a cardboard scooter pen holder, the perfect conversation starter.

Buy It: $109  

Wooden Sports Car Pencil Holder: The car-mad client would love this oak and mahogany piece. See your pencils slide along the desk, as its wooden wheels take a trip across the office.

Buy It: From $40  

Urbio Modular Wall Organiser Blocks: Have a cubicle you’re just dying to make your own? House plants, pencils, magazines, notes and even small pets within these Lego-esque, build-it-yourself organizer sets.

Buy It: $12  

Phone Stand and Grass Pen Holder: For the phone holder that’s more than just a phone holder, this unit cuts the mustard. Hold your phone afront and between plants for a more inspired home office.

Buy It: $110  

Adjustable Wood Office Desk Drawer Stand Organizer: Mimic your own set of drawers with a smaller wooden version. Mini vases, books and plants will tease out the talk of the office.

Buy It: $29  

Umbra Toto Storage Caddy: A small house with a handle, this white and wood structure houses pens, pencils, and even the odd brush. Bring it to your office for an easy to style solution.

Buy It: $26  

Birchwood Desktop Organizer: Simple, clean and muted, this desk organizer is a drawer above your desk. Filing business cards, erasers, pens and a phone, it makes all your stationery super accessible.

Buy It: $40  

White Desktop Organizer: Want it in white? Slide this organizer over your keyboard and mouse, for an integrated desktop experience.

Buy It: $23  

Office and Desk Storage Organizer: Offering compartments for standing pens, notepads and phones, these monochrome blocks make organising your desk look effortless.

Buy It: $39  

Personalized Pen & Card Holder With Clock: Standard pen and card holders just not enough? Personalise your own, with a gold-lettered name and matching clock to the side.

Buy It: $23  

Wood Desktop Office Desk Organizer: Make a block of wood smarter with a card slot, business card holder and inbuilt pen cup.

Buy It: $35  

Wooden Pencil Holder With Bottle Vase: Want your petals and your pencils to stand straight up? Use this wooden structure, for a time to write and smell the flowers.

Buy It: $29  

2 parts Wooden Pen Pencil Holder Case Container: Built like a lunchbox, this flat-lying set of containers can keep your pens, erasers, notepads and calculators. Remove one box from the two, for a simpler desk design.

Buy It: $17  

Oak Desk Organizer: Turn up the office heat with a desk organizer in oak. Designed for the contemporary office, the look is sleek, practical and ever so affordable.

Buy It: $23  

Wood Desktop Organizer Cell Phone Holder: Another polished wooden block makes its mark upon the desk. Hold your phone, pencils and attach your paper clips in one easy-to-find format.

Buy It: $35  

Modern Desk Pen Holder: This beechwood creature is the perfect subject for a flatlay. Gather all your favourite pens for a daily Instagram sensation.

Buy It: $34  

Block Head Family Desk Set: Go against the traditional with these sets of blocks made to look like heads. Eating phones, holding pencils and peeking out with little eyes, they’ll soon earn their name at the office.

Buy It: $16  

Triangle Pencils Holder Desk Wooden Organizer: Made of bamboo, these wooden triangles host your pens, scissors, knick-knacks – and even the odd cactus.

Buy It: $28  

Concrete Desktop Planter/Organizer: After a more industrial look? This concrete organizer houses stacks of pens under a range of flora and fauna.

Buy It: $40  

Umbra Trigg Desk Vessel: Become artful in your storage, with these gold metal and ceramic vessels. Coming in a set of two, they add polish and pizzazz to a contemporary workspace.

Buy It: $21  

Dry-Erase Magnetic Board Desk Organizer: The desk with little room has a perfect partner, in this New Zealand-made wooden solution. Able to hold magnets and store magazines, pens and stationery, it hangs on your wall and away from your head space. Mark and dry-erase off your notes, for a no-fuss and no-rubbish alternative to post-it notes.

Buy It: $53  

App Wall Organizers: Dust-coated folded metal holds your trinkets, in organizers that look like app buttons. Hang them on the wall of a digitally-savvy office.

Buy It: $24  

Bamboo Pocket Storage Box: Save the pine trees with a pocket made of bamboo. Useful as a flower pot or storage for smartphones, remotes and other easy-to-lose gadgets, it’s a perfect find for the home or work office.

Buy It: $17  

Books Pencil Holder: The avid reader loves to see books wherever they go. Make their dreams a reality with this fitting book lover home décor addition.

Buy It: $13  

Dice-Shaped Stationary Holder: Play games at work with this quirky stationery holder disguise. Clad in wood with inlets in red, it looks art-deco and fun at the same time.

Buy It: $16  

Retro Camera Desk Organizer: The keen photographer can never have too many cameras. Add to your own or a friend’s collection with this piece of home décor for photography lovers.

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