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34 Wooden Wall Clocks To Warm Up Your Interior

Di, 22.11.2016 - 16:15

Every interior can benefit from warm, wooden tones to fire up those cold winter nights. What better way to inject the rustic than with a wooden wall clock? Themed, Scandinavian, unbranded or for the kids, these thirty-four clocks add interest and a smile to a wide range of interiors. Rustic homes are greeted by a rough-shod partner; minimalist spaces find desired clean lines and white faces; contemporary, art-deco rooms find a clock with a bit of cheek on its dial. Whatever you, your family or friends find under the tree this Christmas, there’s something within our pick list to sit above your fireplace, kitchen, dining table or bedside.

Buy It: $45  

Wooden City Skyline Clocks: Rather be in New York, New Delhi or Paris? Imagine their time zones as your own in these carved clocks for your kitchen.

Buy It: $30  

Piece of the Pie Clock: Looking for your share of family time? Take a slice with this minimalist white-and-wood clock for the living room.

Buy It: $46  

Wooden & Concrete Clocks: Go industrial with this range of wood and concrete clocks, each set with simple black hands. They’ll mirror the bench in your kitchen.

Buy It: From $33  

Painted Wooden Hexagon Clocks: Take a geometric angle in bursts of blue and white, with these numberless units on your study wall.

Buy It: $64  

Hanging Wooden Leather Wall Clock: Ditch back-of-the-clock hanging fixtures, as this snazzy leather strap latches onto your hallway.

Buy It: $115  

Embroidered Wooden Wall Clock: A simple wooden block with black-thatched detailing complements a Scandinavian interior.

Buy It: $69  

Indented Wooden Wall Clock: Want to symbolise numbers, without actually showing them? This round design tells you the time, minimalist-style.

Buy It: $50  

Wooden Clock With No Branding: Brands don’t belong in your kitchen. Tell clock labels who’s boss with this white-labelled classic.

Buy It: $60  

Asterix Wooden Clock: Celebrate the Red Hot Chilli Peppers or the French cartoon with this unusual asterix design.

Buy It: $125  

Modern Danish Wall Clock : Can’t pick your favourite wooden shade? Take three at a time with this Danish-style clock for the kitchen.

Buy It: $69  

Crushed Leaf Wooden Wall Clock: Walk through crushed autumn leaves everyday with this simple yet beautiful wooden clock.

Buy It: $69  

Windmill Fade Wooden Clock: As the hands of time go ‘round, so a windmill turns to resemble a flower. This pretty design would fit a master bedroom nicely.

Buy It: From $60  

Carved Pattern Wooden Clocks: A beautiful clock brings decadence to a room. Make your bedroom ornate with one of these pieces over the dresser.

Buy It: $148  

Wood and Steel Grate Clock: Create an industrial illusion with a simple grate on a wooden circle.

Buy It: $280  

Modern Minimalist Wooden Cuckoo Clock: An oblong housing a cuckoo, this find is one of a growing trend.

Buy It: $180  

Wooden Wall Clock With Pendulum: Turquoise brightens up numbers and pendulums in this cuckoo design fit for the kids’ room.

Buy It: $39  

Origami Birds Clock: Time comes to life in this simple, elegant design. A place in the Christmas stocking could please a Japan-mad friend.

Buy It: $59  

Natural Birch Wall Clock: Experience the luxury of natural wood with this simple design in your living room.

Buy It: $30  

3D Illusion Wall Clock: More artpiece than wall clock, this cube-stack design could build towers in your home office.

Buy It: $95  

Reclaimed Wood Wall Clock: Read the time and save the planet with this reclaimed gradient clock, a find for the kitchen or bedroom.

Buy It: $41  

Shabby Chic Wooden Wall Clock: After something slightly more ‘70’s? This three-tiered piece with nailed numbers brings the rustic to your home.

Buy It: $70  

Wood Stump Clock: Rough-shod and natural-looking, an outdoor area would shine with these beauties over the barbeque table.

Buy It: From $25  

Driftwood Wall Clocks: Easy on the eye and the budget, the sea-side home could bring the outside in with these original driftwood shapes.

Buy It: $227  

Tree Branch Hands Clock: Delve deeper into the forest with this horizontal design, complete with tree branch. Place it outside your back door to keep an eye on dinnertime.

Buy It: $35  

Roman Pillar Wood Clock: Engraved with Coliseum-esque pillaring, this clock in a Roman-style might suit the books in your library.

Buy It: $80  

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wall Clock: Mimicking the Millennium Falcon, this kitschy clock is for a family member mad on Star Wars home décor.

Buy It: $86  

Wooden Honeycomb Clock: Painted white and cut out at the edge, this clock spreads honey over your kitchen area.

Buy It: $82  

Light Wooden Bubble Clock: Glorious in light-wood, this bubble-shaped design sits perfectly over a bath.

Buy It: $80  

Dark Wooden Abstract Lotus: A symbol of health and good fortune, the lotus can now tell time. Set it in your living room to pretty up white walls.

Buy It: $40  

Faceted Geometric Wooden Clock: Stand out from the crowd with this many-edged creation. A place above a wooden bench highlights its charm.

Buy It: $54  

Time Flies Wall Clock: Remind yourself of the best times with this wood-and-steel creation, a perfect day-starter for the bedroom wall.

Buy It: $60  

Wooden Kids Room Clock: Brush away life’s clouds with this cute, kids’ bedroom-bound design.

Buy It: $45  

Kids Octopus Wall Clock: A cute octopus clock on the bathroom wall? Not a bother for this prime example of octopus home décor.

Buy It: From $60  

Animal Shaped Wooden Wall Clocks For Kids: Trending owl and elephant home décor is not just for the kids. Your kids will love these wooden creatures – and you just might, too.

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40 Gorgeous Grey Kitchens

Mo, 21.11.2016 - 16:15

Often used in bedroom design, the soft appeal of grey can cool many interiors. Yet one secret power remains – its subtle transformation of kitchens. Often left in the cold for warmer wooden tones, its ability to make a kitchen look fresh and contemporary works wonders for a range of home styles. Whether blending into white, creating the industrial or making smooth moves in charcoal, its range and depth of hue rival many traditional kitchen colours. Paired with brighter yellows and tonal blue gradients, it offers a clean palette without the drama of white or black. Look at our top forty picks for yourself.

Designer: DesignSpace London  

Striking yet muted in mid-grey-panelling, a strip of LED-lighting sits pretty above contrasting white peonies.

Source: Biografen  

A touch of difference to a white wall and light flooring, this grey hue keeps it fresh while storing books.

Visualizer: Armine Avetisyan  

Wall-to-floor tiling embraces grey and white, as bauble lights join the party. Under-cabinet lighting draws the eye from the dining area.

Visualizer: Cristian Gentile  

Mimicking a game of tetris, this multi-shaped wonder with a large, slanted window keeps everyone guessing.

Buy It: Daniel Reuterswärd  

White and grey segment this wooden-floored space, a series of oblongs and squares. A teardrop mirror designates the bench.

Designer: De Rosee Sa  

Grey cabinetry and marble provide texture and interest to this wide-paned design, complete with wine-glass drop chandeliers.

Visualizer: Cristian Gentile  

Teal and charcoal combine in an artistic kitchen fit for a chef. Wide block shelving offers storage space, a living panel nature.

Source: Snaidero  

Concrete and wood battle it out in this industrial design. Spot and multi-level hanging lights frame one side, a cupboard-panel-as-art-piece the other.

Visualizer: Michael Temnikov  

Small spaces can benefit from grey the most. This light-grey design only slightly contrasts with wooden panelling, while a minimal bench offers class in slate.

Visualizer: Konstantin Kildinov  

Corrugated plastic adds modernity to this kitchen, an unusual find with concrete benching. A slither of wood acts as a focal benchtop.

Designer: LCGA Design   Photographer: Hey!Cheese  

A workshop is evoked with this stencilled interior, complete with ladder. Shades of grey provide the eclectic while keeping the colour palette clean.

Visualizer: Cristina Modringa  

A marble splashback and bench win favour in this grey-framed kitchen. A simple wooden table keeps the space open.

Visualizer: KYDE architects  

Minus table, this charcoal-panelled kitchen holds no clutter. Ambient lighting under cabinetry keeps focus on the inlet.

Designer: Stephen Tsimbalyuk & Vadim Kuchman  

A set of three LEDs foreground another sleek kitchen frame, in mid-grey. A dark-grey wooden panel draws the eye, while mottled tiles retain interest.

Visualizer: Robby Brymer  

Exuding warmth, this blue-grey kitchen meets brown in the most charming of ways. Three polished wooden stools are lit by copper-inner lights, while a concrete wall is lit brown down the hall.

Designer: Cesar  

Want a kitchen with a café vibe? This steel-and-wood creation holds simple wooden shelving on matte walls and grey wooden floors.

Visualizer: Serhii Seinov  

Almost out of a picture book, this kitchen’s spiderweb chandelier, rounded ceiling, snaking extractor fan and windy bonzai add something of the spooky to mealtimes. A grey concrete floor and darker wood features keep the look far from kitsch.

Photographer: Seth Powers  

Grey need not be boring. This wood-encased design injects blue into the mix, with same-colour walling extending the space.

Visualizer: Iqosa  

Give the Italian kitchen a revamp with exposed brick walls, wood and cabinetry in grey. A set of five steel drop lights separate the dining area.

Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev  

Prefer to be unique? Why not hang an art piece on grey matte walls amidst hanging potted plants, an L-shaped bench and cobweb chandelier?

Visualizer: Elena Lapshina  

Textures reign king in this design marked by brushed concrete and wavering wood. An industrial tap hovers amidst a series of block grey and wood shapes.

Visualizer: Plus Form  

Separate the traditional elements and re-house them in wood and grey. This concrete-floored design features an oven in a wood block and a bench as a central table.

Visualizer: Ngurah Arya  

Grey can be a supporting act. This mostly-white design sits pretty against a dark charcoal wall with chrome cabinetry bottoms.

Visualizer: Dimo Dimitrov  

Only have a corner space? Make the most of it with sleek grey cabinetry and a copper inlet.

Photographer: Joakim Johansson  

Go almost-white in this kitchen twisting the Scandinavian. A rough-shod wooden floor and white tiling do the talking.

Source: IKEA  

IKEA can do all the classics, and grey is no exception. This simple six-doored design sits against the same hue, as a row of white tiles hang the necessities.

Designer: Phil Nicols  

Create a grey and white kitchen by combining dark charcoal benches with white side cabinetry. Wind chime lighting can help designate the dining area.

The little fixtures can be the heroes. Grey backgrounds a marble-grey benchtop, a series of plants and two idea lights.

Visualizer: Lugerin Igor  

A Japanese theme revels in this kitchen’s grey tiles and feature wall. Pops of wood and beige tiling keep warmth, while a darker inlet serves food.

Visualizer: Nordes Design  

Frame an unusual scene with this glass-and-stencil border. Matte grey cabinetry adds elegance, wooden fixtures the natural.

Visualizer: Marco Podrini  

Heighten a low space with shortened grey cabinetry. Placed on a grey strip of tiling, lining cabinet tops in black gives the illusion of height.

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova  

Studio apartments are made for this charcoal-and-wood creation. A patterned grey-tiled inlet adds distraction without clutter.

Visualizer: PLASTERLINA  

Grey and yellow kitchens are not for the faint-hearted. Muted charcoal and wood panels allow bright yellow to shine.

Visualizer: Vic Nguyen  

Hide grey’s influence with this kitchen with darker-shade borders. Teal stool chairs and white features are greeted by a steel extractor fan.

Visualizer: SCIC  

Dark, mid- and light-grey oscillate in a range of shapes and sizes. Striped-wood cabinets and three filigree feature lights add artistic balance.

Architect: Newick Architects  

Grey and wood juxtapose nicely in this light, bright, and breezy interior. Grey adds enough difference to create a dreamy, not sleepy, design.

Architect: Sreten Jovanovic & Maja Urh   Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina  

Grey plays in filigree stools and high-reaching cupboards in this kitchen of white accents.

Visualizer: Bartosz Domiczek  

Charcoal and wood mix up cool and warm hues in this kitchen. Grey cabinetry extends the living room wall, allowing LED-lit wood to shine.

Source: Dada Web  

After just a little less black? Go for grey’s darker shades in a matching bench and cabinetry, overhung by a fascinating steel stencil feature.

Visualizer: Radoslav Rabota  

Make your extractor fan the feature, as wood and charcoal surround. This contemporary kitchen further lightens the space with white hanging lights and popping porcelain.

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4 Asian-Influenced Interiors That Exude the East

Fr, 18.11.2016 - 16:00

With many design influences springing from the West – Nordic, Scandinavian, French – we sometimes forget about the luxuries of the East. Simplistic with a taste of a different kind of rustic, they offer modern elegance with a twist. Lush plant life joins with simple slatted windows and rough-shod wood to create the feel of the jungle. Low, flat lines in expansive, muted colours show a more down-to-earth design. Warm lighting glows upon curved seating, twisted and turned for the sake of innovation. Find the values of the East in your interior with these Japanese and Vietnamese homes, all visualised by Phiung Asia.

Located in Shizuoka, Japan, our first home was designed for those living in close quarters. Taking three days to visualise, its combination of iron, slatted grey wood and natural hues remind of an urban jungle. The living room grounds its design in concrete-panelled ceilings, light wood and a grey-slatted canvas. Brown suede couches remind of hides, while table mosses show different forest species. Ocean-themed watercolours mist the walls, as boxed white windows let light on the concrete floor. A wooden platform, looking more outdoors than in, looks down on plant life.

The dining table Is centred with iron hanging lights, and joined by an abstract in strokes of grey. Lit by the lounge’s open plan windows, wooden stencil features add elegance in thin-stemmed chairs, partitions and slatted cabinetry. A tree stands tall among stone and slate ornaments.

Our second space in Chiba, Japan, is a more industrial take on the same theme. Briefed to evoke nature, simplicity and sincerity, its cement, wood and tree accents span a more relaxed room. Piped cement ceilings and a matching floor house a wooden platform and furniture in the main area, clothed in dusky greys and brown leather. An exposed brick wall lets potted trees take centre stage, while a mesh and linen chandelier hangs peacefully. A simple table with leather school chairs provides a place for eating.

The TV room inspires simplicity within a stylish framework. A grey wooden panel on concrete sits beside ferns and trees, while a dreamcatcher dangles from the ceiling. Relaxed wooden chairs match simple block furniture. Joinery and a black ladder dilute the modernity of the TV, while a tree stump table sits on iron legs.

Plants are an important design feature. Potted olive trees and ferns surround themselves with cacti in the TV room. The dining table offers a fish bowl, more potted cacti and bonzai.

The kitchen’s industrial elements make themselves known, as a silver extractor fan acts the feature. Marble and wood play together, with a grey wooden panel mirroring the living room. Chrome elements in pots, pans, and appliances blend into the concrete, while highlighting the extractor fan. Air conditioning piping forms a neat line lined with lights, leading to simple hanging door threads.

Another space in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, combines the classic and modern in one beautiful space. Designed to work with Vietnam’s early dark, lights are dotted around the house to provide ample light after five. A twelve-pronged candelabra makes an impact on the living room, swathed in tones of light grey, wood and beige. An L-shaped linen couch cradles two low-lying tables, an example of the traditional, while sliding white frames open up to a modern patio. Mossy plants and a feature chair add texture to the space, as a grey kitchen provides a simplistic backdrop.

Looking out to the patio, a skyline enters in, reaffirming the grey. A bordered ceiling reminds of the 50’s, a beehive-panelled partition the 70’s. Simple bauble vases sit on clean line shelving, housing the TV while opening to the view to an outdoor living wall.

Our final space in Ho Chi Minh measures a mere 120sqm. Geared towards the surreal, it pairs simplistic features with unusual shapes, forming a unique character. The living room shows this best, with chequered windows lighting a mottled grey couch and crafted wooden chair. Stencil lights and a TV bring technology, while a view from the lounge shows a white-and-wooden wall cabinet bearing busts, books and frames.

The view from the dining room shows more unusual finds. An unlikely pairing, copper-domed hanging lights in stretched triangles front a white-and-blue crop circle triptych. A simple wooden table allows a fifth chair to break the mould, in laid-back wooden framing. A stark black piano with ornate looking seat sits beside, as three wall hangings compete.

In the entrance, a black-and-white chequered floor paves a corridor. Warm wooden cabinetry helps add warmth, while a small copper light references the dining room and lights the way.

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Gorgeous Contemporary Home with Autumnal-Hued Decor

Do, 17.11.2016 - 16:00

As Christmas nears, autumn makes its way to many of our homes around the globe. Gone are the fresh, light, summery hues, replaced with a darker, warmer, more comforting palette. An easy way to introduce these hues, without using darker (and often more expensive) wood tones, is to inject burnt orange and olive green – the colours of autumn. This snazzy apartment in Silesia, Poland was designed to house the season within the confines of modernity. Visualised by Plasterlina, its charcoal and wooden background meet colour blocks of autumnal hues, with little pops of colouring playing in-between.

The living room beckons in a bold display of autumnal tones, started off by an olive feature panel housing a clock and stacked wood. As golden Chinese lanterns dangle from the ceiling, charcoal blocks out a TV panel, woollen rug and block sofas. Pops of unexpected orange in couches and walls add warmth, while light wood lies calm in a bookcase, floor and central table.

Leading out of the living room, burnt orange surprises in a charcoal-clad hallway. Pops of colour stand out in places to hide shoes and hang coats. Ceiling spot lighting guides the way.

The focal feature of the room, the olive wall presents two sides: one living, one dining. Beside logs of wood, a similar-shaded dining table and floor blend in. Charcoal walling, a rug and dining chairs are lit by drop lights, while a glass bottom panel brings nature.

Further on to the kitchen, a two-piece block bench halves the room again. Featuring a burnt orange stencil as a focal point, potted plants can sit and offer a window to the rest of the space. Viewed together, the kitchen and dining areas act as a corridor.

The kitchen’s little features make all the difference. A stack of wine bottles remind of the stack of wood in the olive wall. Green potted plants show through the orange stencil, pairing the two for autumnal magic. Different angles show existing green counterparts, while charcoal and light wood unite the space. White demarcates the kitchen cabinetry. A small wooden bookcase hides more colourful reads in the corner.

Views through the space show complementary elements. From the living room, wooden chairs refer to wider wooden flooring. From the dining room, charcoal walls and oblong shapes make the space seem one. From the kitchen, the olive wall and burnt orange stencil continue the autumnal theme.

Bookcases provide a great way to store the household’s knowledge. Lining the corridor to the bedroom, their mostly-white covers refer to the kitchen, in charcoal and wood.

The bedroom shows a more minimalist side in simple wooden and charcoal shades. Looking out to a concrete patio, bedding and curtains sit in the same grey hue as a padded feature wall. Wooden features match the floor in mirrors, chairs, clocks and a bedframe. Lighter grey walls either side offer almost-white spaces. Dandelions make a wish on a side table.

A walk-in wardrobe reminds of our first corridor, without the burnt orange. Culminating in a mirror, charcoal and wood open up to show two sides of the bedroom. Compartmentalised oblongs reflect the contours of the wider interior, with central cubbies lit by LED lights.

A corridor in charcoal and white is a breath of fresh air, feeling #homey. Met by a study and rumpus in olive and white, its feel is different while retaining the theme. Wooden bookcases take on a block shelf quality. Ottomans and hanging lights surround, but in white. An office space, rather than wardrobe, is compartmentalised in the corner. Hanging block art makes the space feel informal.

Burnt orange dominates the bathroom. A large, lacquered desktop and mirror in the hue frame a lit mirror, reflecting a red hue in the white space. Rounded porcelain sits quietly in a bed of charcoal, while an all-white room takes on a block bath. From a shower framed by a simple glass panel, the orange desktop looks almost burlesque, with a single hanging light illuminating its space.

Olive green takes its turn in the ensuite, a corner away from the wardrobe. Framed in the same style as the burnt orange, two hanging lights designate two sinks – one for him, one for her. The sinks allude to a white tiled square below, while a charcoal section holds the necessities.

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52 Captivating Peacock Home Decor Accessories

Di, 15.11.2016 - 16:15

Brilliant and beautiful, peacocks are made to make an entrance. Differing from owl and bird decorations in their prowess and majesty, the peacock is a show-off – and boy, does he have a lot to show off. These fifty-two peacock finds make the most of the peacock’s many colours and glittering tail. Adorning paintings, cushions, bedspreads and lighting, these pieces are designed to be admired. Place them in your bedroom to for a feeling or pride and prowess in the morning. Place them in your living room to welcome guests to the ornate. Place them in your home, to remind yourself that sometimes bold could never be more beautiful.

Buy It: $28  

Peacock Art Print (3 Piece): Dazzle guests in your living room with this triptych peacock, a show-off with his resplendent tail.

Buy It: $69  

Stunning Original Peacock Painting: Adorn a white living room wall with this illustrious peacock, an artist’s original.

Buy It: $220  

Beautiful Peacock Flourish Painting: Make the tail a masterpiece with this feather-focused painting. A treat for the bedroom, it’ll make you want to shake your tailfeather.

Buy It: $22  

Beautiful Peacock Artwork On Canvas: A canvas backing says original art. Mimic it in this blue-hued piece, perfect above a couch.

Buy It: $840  

Abstract Peacock Artwork: A peacock doesn’t always have to be bold. Make it diptych in this duo-framed piece, suited to a large grey or white wall.

Buy It: From $2  

Peacock Throw Pillows & Covers: Peacocks aren’t limited to paintings. Celebrate their hues with a series of couch and bedding cushions.

Buy It: $47  

5 Piece Peacock Throw Pillow Set: Need the full set? Your bedroom would revel in the flattery of these fine-feathered pillows.

Buy It: From $3.50  

Peacock Rectangular Pillow Cases: Sometimes, you need a standard-shape pillow case. Make it rectangular with these unique, pop-off-the-pillow illustrations.

Buy It: $15  

NBC Peacock Pillow: Love peacocks and TV? Combine the two with this brightly-coloured pillow for a teenager’s bed.

Buy It: $184  

Beautiful 4 Piece Queen Sized Peacock Bedsheets: Nothing looks better than a matching bedset. This four-piece ticks all the boxes, with a gorgeous peacock and dove amidst a posy of flowers.

Buy It: From $40  

More Peacock-Themed Bedding: Have a girl that just loves to dress up? Cover her in peacock prints, with these loud and proud bedding sets.

Buy It: From $49  

Peacock Window Curtains: Frame your bedroom view with an array of feathers. These curtains add pizzazz to any window.

Buy It: From $12  

Peacock Shower Curtains: For a cheap way to share the love, consider these peacock prints for your shower. Reduce splash and increase flash for more exciting shower time.

Buy It: $49  

Peacock Decorative Bowl: Have a bowl of chocolates or cherries you’d like to display? This peacock brings opulence to offered treats.

Buy It: $95  

Peacock-Themed Decorative Bowl: A gilded table would be proud to have these bronzed peacocks as table-mates.

Buy It: $103  

Peacock Bookends: Add drama to your library with these gilded bookends, a unique find with detailed edges.

Buy It: $39  

Peacock Bud Vase: This tall, elegant creature could brighten up any hallway table. Add a sprout of peacock feathers inside, to bring this vase to the next level.

Buy It: $180  

Peacock Wall Clock: Bring bold beauty to your kitchen with this monochromatic bird. Spanning his feathers right around, this is a clock face you’ll want to watch.

Buy It: $169  

Peacock Wall Lamp: Light up your bedroom or bathroom with this unique piece, a splendour in silver. An elegant teardrop holds the light.

Buy It: $455  

Peacock Glass-Topped Pedestal Table: Bring India to your living room with this glass-and-peacock creation, bathed in striking green, red and blue.

Buy It: $542  

Art Deco Style Peacock Sculptural Floor Lamp: Add interest to your living room, with this floor-length lamp for the art-deco interior. Watch its body glow amber beside the couch.

Buy It: $162  

Art Deco Style Peacock Sculptural Desk Lamp: Want the glory, without the size? This desk-bound creation is sure to light up your office.

Buy It: $60  

Novel Peacock Light: Have a little one that loves the animals? Cradle them to sleep with this artistic bedside lamp.

Buy It: $5  

Peacock LED Night Lights: Make sleeptime interactive, with these LED finger peacocks. Nestle them on your young one once in the land of nod.

Buy It: $7  

Peacock Themed Power Outlet Cover: Bored of standard light switches? Make them pretty with a peacock cover.

Buy It: $16  

Unscented Peacock Pillar Candle: Want something snazzy for your Christmas table? Invite the peacock with this pillar candle, a unique and romantic find.

Buy It: $46  

Carved Peacock Feather Themed Candle: Bring out the big guns with these tail-inspired candles, perfect for the hard-to-buy-for friend.

Buy It: $7  

Peacock Pop Up Greeting Card: Cute as a card or desk feature, this green-and-blue creature holds sway over two blank pages.

Buy It: $15  

Peacock Cups: Add flair to your morning coffee with these elaborate cups, complete with detailed saucer.

Buy It: $30  

Peacock 2-Tiered Server: Bring a peacock to tea with this two-tiered cake stand, great for cupcakes and pastries. A butterfly joins the party as a pretty piece on top.

Buy It: $110  

Peacock-Themed 16-Piece Dinnerware Set: Want the whole bird? Eat with peacocks everyday with this bronze and turquoise dinner set.

Buy It: $43  

Peacock Single Wine Bottle Holder: Ever see a peacock drinking? Fascinate your guests with this quirky wine holder for the dinner table.

Buy It: $70  

Peacock Themed Vases: Reveal peacock undertones with these themed vases, a match for seaside or silver-hued interiors.

Buy It: $40  

Peacock Paper Towel Holder: Add wow to kitchen basics with this sculpted holder.

Buy It: $62  

Peacock Wall Decor: Add flair to your bathroom or bedroom with this wall piece, resplendent in turquoise, orange and metal detail.

Buy It: $54  

Lady Peacock Venetian Style Carnival Mask: Love the theatre? This dramatic mask could be the focal feature of your study.

Buy It: $30  

Quilled Peacock Paper Wall Art: Origami isn’t the only paper art form. Engage in a spot of quilling with this eccentric paper piece for the home office.

Buy It: $250  

Stella Peacock Themed Rug: Want only a hint of the tail? Steal its colouring with this multi-hued shagpile rug.

Buy It: $17  

Peacock Doormat: Not used to being a doormat? Celebrate your louder side with this dramatic peacock find.

Buy It: $16  

Peacock Jewellery Holder: Want a jewellery holder as ornate as its object? This peacock piece hits all the right notes.

Buy It: $2  

Peacock Themed Lady’s Silk Hand Fan: Titivate the fancy-dress box with this silk peacock fan, a must for the lady of style.

Buy It: $9  

Peacock Keychain: Make your keys glitter with this jewelled turquoise design, the envy of friends and family.

Buy It: $10  

Peacock-Themed Dreamcatcher: Feathers look beautiful floating in the wind. Hang them at your entrance with this simple dreamcatcher.

Buy It: $44  

Aluminum Peacock Wind Chime with Gold Inlays: Inlaid with gold, this four-piece chime invites guests with one peaceful sound.

Buy It: $26  

Hand Blown Peacock Glass Ornament: Hang something different on the Christmas tree with this glass-blown beauty.

Buy It: $230  

Swarovski Crystal Peacock: Crystallise one of the world’s most beautiful birds with this stunning Swarovski ornament, a feature for the bookcase or cabinet.

Buy It: From $20  

Peacock-Themed Stained Glass Windows: Almost religious about peacocks? Hang them in your bathroom with these gorgeous stained-glass effects.

Buy It: $17  

Peacock Art Glass Sun Catcher: Take the peacock in miniature with this ornate sun-catcher, a fitting feature for a girl’s bedroom.

Buy It: $30  

Peacock Door Stop: Stop traffic and the door with this dramatically different door stop.

Buy It: $46  

Peacock Planter: Adorn your kitchen ledge with this unique planter, a sunny spot for small succulents.

Buy It: $40  

Solar Lighted Peacock Decorative Garden Stake: Bring the power of the peacock to your flower bed, with this metal-and-glass sun-lit stake.

Buy It: $38  

Solar Garden Peacock Wine Bottle Tree: Show off all your best reserves with this multicolour holder, in a range of bright colours.

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3 Small Apartments That Rock Uncommon Color Schemes [With Floor Plans]

Fr, 11.11.2016 - 16:15

Compact living spaces offer significant challenges when it comes to color planning, especially in the case of studios and open concept layouts. An open line of sight means that every accent interacts with the next – at once a restriction and a catalyst for creativity. Popular options include solid-color blocking, tertiary arrangements, thematic palettes, and of course, the always-reliable greyscale approach. Not only do these amazing apartments offer color palette inspiration in hard-to-find themes, the designers behind these spaces included helpful floor plans to help style seekers visualize the relationship between each room.

Visualizer: Maria Fadeeva  

At just 30 square meters, this lovely little apartment boasts a huge personality with its super bold color theme. Bright red accents play across a pristine canvas of white walls and floors for a look that balances the best of simplicity and incredible energy. Black details add a touch of formality to the scene, sometimes even serving as a way to center the eye with its heavier visual weight.

The style itself is an interesting take on industrial – chic patterns bring a sense of playfulness to the strong urban elements that adorn the apartment.

And the planters are just too adorable! Chain link fence is a surprisingly durable medium in interior design, able to serve as a replacement for pegboards or corkboard for modular arrangements like this one.

Eames Wire Chairs serve as a wonderful compliment to the black metal fencing. They have an industrial attitude but they’re lightweight and subtle. Plus, their streamlined bodies allow sunlight to filter right past.

The kitchen is compact but extra cute. Red upper cabinets continue the color scheme without dominating the small space, while the rest of the kitchen remains white for a clean and open aesthetic.

While the designer could have taken a studio layout approach, the bedroom instead occupies a corner room outfitted with plenty of interior windows for sunlight. The other doors lead to a bathroom and closet.

This pair of Adnet mirrors certainly makes a statement against the colorful accent wall. Flat white tiles offer a modern yet neutral backdrop to unify the rest of the bathroom.

Paned glass tiles offer a unique take on the typical enclosed shower, embodying the urban/industrial apartment theme so well.

Visualizer: Svetlana Jurkova   

Dark and classic colors are an unconventional choice for small apartments. The general idea is that light neutrals and saturated accents make spaces feel larger, but sometimes residents would prefer for their compact space to look just as intimate and cozy as it feels.

This home combines the best of modern and traditional elements, straddling the line between rural and urban aesthetics. The geometric dividing wall between the living and kitchen anchors one side of the stylistic influence, with the large skin rug contributing its huge character in turn.

Even the statement chair draws in the best of both worlds. It’s a tribute to the Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair, with rustic leather and an industrial riveted metal shell.

The kitchen and dining room peek around just on the other side of the freestanding divider. This allows someone having coffee at the breakfast table to chat with a partner watching the morning news from the sofa.

Around the corner from the entryway and running alongside the kitchen, the chalkboard wall is great for both “before you leave” reminders and ongoing grocery lists.

Despite its small size, the kitchen fits in a surprising amount of workspace. Removing two of the dining chairs extends that useful surface area even further.

The bathroom is another great example of modern and rustic influences. The tiles almost look like corroded metal, gorgeous and colorful without tying themselves to any specific theme.

The bathtub backsplash wall uses small rectangular tiles in brick-like shades to reference the materials used in the living room.

Everything else remains sleek and ultra-modern. These white fixtures easily stand out against their dark background.

And the space-saving techniques are pretty useful too.

There’s actually only space for one bathroom in the apartment, but the designer included another style to demonstrate how flexible even the smallest spaces can be.

This one maintains the same rugged industrial look but adopts a lighter greyscale palette with accents in bright orange. It feels larger, but loses some of the drama the darker scheme offered.

Visualizer: Studio Pine   

Unlike many apartments its size, this 40 square meter apartment uses interior walls to separate functional spaces. To avoid seeming cramped or overwhelmed, the designers chose sleek natural materials to foster a fresh and cheerful environment. Houseplants provide vibrant pops of green but the dining chairs serve as the only permanent source of decorative color, a pastel seafoam that seems like a perfect match for the light wood that surrounds.

The rooms and living spaces are staggered for privacy yet maintain an open line of sight where it benefits the residents most.

For example, this little reading nook occupies a hidden niche around the corner from the kitchen. It soaks up the sunlight but still feels guarded and cozy.

The kitchen and dining room serve as the heart of this unique home layout. They’re located away from the windows and disguise any cast shadows with dark herringbone floors.

Its central position allows the dining table to remain awash in warm sunlight. Smart recessed fixtures ensure the kitchen stays bright even without direct sun.

On the other hand, the bathroom revels in its moody atmosphere. Dark matte tiles come to life under directional lighting.

It’s a stark departure from the rest of the home. Whereas the main portion is a wonderland of light and layering, the bathroom serves its purpose as a thoughtful retreat.

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Ravishingly Rustic Forest Hideaway With A Track Car Centre

Do, 10.11.2016 - 16:15

Fancy a modern home in a forest location? This two-storey takes the traditional home, cuts it in half, and adds a legal track car in the centre. Framed by rows of alternating fencing, this Borówiec, Poland home dubbed the ‘Fence House’ uses bricks, concrete and sheet metal to achieve its industrial look. Designed by mode:lina architekci, its features block out unnecessaries, making the most of features. Large glazed windows face the forest, protecting the family from noise. Inner windows and separate living quarters give kids and parents the freedom to live in their own style. Take our picture tour below.

A drive up to the property reveals two traditional houses, separated by one central garage. Clad in corrugated iron and plaster, its look is contemporary and subtle, with a hint of the industrial. Using minimal windows on its street-facing side, this family-of-four-designed home blocks unwelcome noise.

Reaching around the home’s side, large glazed windows wow beside charcoal brick pillars. A glossy outdoor patio leads to two brilliantly-lit areas, both teeming with modern warmth and views of the forest. Divided by a central feature pool, the left side houses the kids, the right, the parents. A central ground floor living space unites the two.

In the centre, a common living room backgrounded in brick invites in the exterior, using irregular window framing. Art deco features pop through the space in grey and yellow seating, leaning portraits and a geometric rug. Metal ceiling trusses finish off the look.

Leading up the stairs from the living room, concrete mixes with grey and light wood to create a clean, yet rustic, feel. A feature bookcase celebrates the forest with old oak panelling from a Poznan townhouse. New and old wood oscillate against a glass safety panel and wide glazed windows. A bench seat offers a space for reading.

Downstairs in the dining room, grey wood mixes with warmer hues. A glass-and-wood cabinet reflects the textures of the library, while white adds light in painted walls, hanging lights and table legs. A woven pod chair welcomes visitors in, while the wall moves to accommodate them.

Downstairs in the dining room, grey wood mixes with warmer hues. A glass-and-wood cabinet reflects the textures of the library, while white adds light in painted walls, hanging lights and table legs. A woven pod chair welcomes visitors in.

Another shared family space, the kitchen peeks behind the dining room in black, white and wooden features. A concrete floor and lacquered white cabinetry provide a canvas for a rustic bench holding a slab. Rounded black features in an extractor fan and lighting play off white stools and a chrome fridge, adding the modern. Wide-paned windows framed in heavy black let the outside in.

Past the kitchen and dining room, a treat lurks under the staircase. Large-format concrete leads to a showcase garage, featuring a legal track car in racy red. The focal point of this open-plan home, its red draws the eye from the dining, living and kitchen areas. A subtle grey bench offers a place to take in its beauty.

The bedrooms create spaces for adults and kids to play – separately. Located on opposite sides, they each feature a triangulated ceiling. The kids’ bedroom offers a safe haven in a modern attic style. Drenched in light wood, it opens to two tepee house frames with twin teal bedside tables. Open windows on their top and side let in daylight, glowing amber at night. Light-wooden ceiling trusses and a monochromatic wardrobe panel structure the space. A bench desk faces the window, with a rainbow-coloured ottoman as a seat.

On the opposite side of the house, parents sleep in rustic tones. Light-wooden floors and trussing reveal an area made wide by both doors and sliding windows. Large, black-framed panes from the kitchen open up the forest, while iron-sliding barn doors extend to the corridors. A distressed wooden bed frame, black iron shelving and cobweb chandelier add character. Sliding windows reveal an outdoor balcony.

The corridors are a showcase of materials used. From the bedroom to the hallway, distressed wood mixes with glass and iron. From the top of the stairs, white, light wood and concrete reign king. Towards the bathroom, distressed wood and concrete complete a full circle.

Two bathrooms show both adult and child personalities. The master bathroom is slick and industrial, featuring polished, imperfect wood, a simple glass shower and luxurious wall-to-floor concrete. Bathed in white, the kids’ bathroom remains simplistic in porcelain amenities with pops of grey tiling. A black-goggled mirror adds an element of play.

See the drawings below for an overview of the home’s layout.

Check out this awesome video flythrough of this house:

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50 Stunning Scandinavian Style Chairs To Help You Pull Off The Look

Mi, 09.11.2016 - 16:15

Scandinavian style interiors are still just as hot as ever. Have you been planning a Nordic interior makeover? This post will give you a great head start – we’ve collected a huge list of our 50 favorite Scandinavian inspired chairs for every room, and of course, for every budget. Here you’ll find collector pieces from iconic names like Arne Jacobsen as well as general pieces to fit an IKEA budget. Not all of these chairs are from designers that hail from the North – these pieces come from all around the world, but each one would fit into a Scandinavian decor theme with ease.

Buy It: $430   

About A Chair by Hee Welling: Prolific designer Hee Welling studied art and design in Helsinki and mastered in furniture design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. His fabulous Copenhagen studio produces fine Scandinavian wares like this increasingly iconic chair consisting of a smooth and simple shell on bent beech legs with soaped oak veneer. It’s a modern chair with timeless appeal, perfect for home or office settings.

Buy It: $159   

Wegner Wishbone Style Chair: The beautiful Wishbone chair is one of Hans J. Wegner’s most recognizable designs, but you don’t have to wait for a rare original to hit the market. This solid walnut reproduction is the perfect final touch for an interior design based on the natural side of Scandinavian design.

Buy It: $130   

Wegner Elbow Style Chair: Here’s another style inspired by a Wegner mainstay. The Elbow Chair (also known as CH20) came to life in 1956 but looks just as fresh and modern as ever. This sturdy reproduction features a comfortable leatherette seat, but the upholstery is black unlike the white in the photo, better suited to a darker or more traditional interior.

Buy It: $135   

Wegner CH33 Style Chair: It’s hard to comb through design magazines without coming across this beautiful and versatile chair. This is another reproduction based on a highly sought after design Hans J. Wegner, a subtle and high quality piece that makes its primary statement through the gorgeous curves that please the eye from every angle. This set is available with a choice of oak or chestnut finish, with beige fabric or black faux leather upholstery.

Buy It: $166   

Hans Wegner Style “Presidential Election” Round Chair: Wegner’s round chair gained its presidential designation in a spectacular way. In the very first televised debate between United States presidential candidates Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy, both took their seats in this stylish 1949 design. If you often invite important clients to your office, this little piece of history could make for an interesting talking point – all while reaffirming your great taste in Wegner chairs.

Buy It: $59   

Arne Jacobsen Style Series 7 Style Side Chair: Just as famous for his architectural work as he was his furniture design, Arne Jacobsen was educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and later returned as a professor to teach a fresh generation of brilliant Scandinavian artists. The Series 7 Chair was among his best-selling creations, and this accurate reproduction makes this instantly recognizable classic available to a much wider audience.

Buy It: $120 for set of 4   

Eames Style Dining Chair: Although both Charles and Ray Eames were born and educated in the United States, both admired and were influenced by the work of Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen (you might be familiar with his son, Eero). These chairs take inspiration from the famous 1951 Side Chair developed by this power duo and include the recognizable wood dowel base in beech wood. Thankfully, the Eames tendency to use molded forms ensured that today’s decorators can enjoy affordable and accurate reproductions like these.

Buy It: $59   

Eames Style Rocking Chair: Here’s another great chair inspired by the Eames style. Like others from this era, this chair sits low to the ground – great for interiors that maintain a low profile. This rocking armchair is available in black, blue, red, green, and versatile white.

Buy It: $104   

Panton S Style Chair: Perhaps one of Denmark’s most boundary-pushing furniture designers, Verner Panton made his mark on the world with a futuristic aesthetic that has since grown into the contemporary lexicon. The famous Panton Chair features sensual curves that add mid-century flair to any modern interior. Just like the original, these reproduction Panton chairs are stackable for easy storage.

Buy It: $499   

Muuto Nerd Dining Chair: Are you looking for something more contemporary? This is a 2012 design created by David Geckeler, an up-and-comer who studied in both Berlin and Copenhagen and effectively blends the best of both worlds. The Nerd Chair is constructed from pressed plywood with solid legs in walnut, oak, or lacquered ash – but the most impressive feature is the lack of visible screws and other mounting hardware. This cleverly streamlined chair would look right at home in any minimalist interior.

Buy It: $300   

Kartell Masters Chair: Philippe Starck is a French designer who channeled the forms of the world’s three most iconic chairs within one elegant form. The Masters Chair combines the shapes of the Tulip Armchair by Eero Saarinen, the Eiffel Chair by Eames, and the Series 7 by Arne Jacobsen. Each one is lightweight at just 9 pounds, suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and stands at just over 33 inches tall. This original is available in black, grey, yellow, red, sage green, and classic white.

Buy It: $431  

Arne Jacobsen Drop Chair: Here’s something with a little undeniable retro flavor! Arne Jacobsen’s Drop Chair is as sculptural as it is comfortable. It was impossible to obtain an authorized version of this chair for more than 50 years but has recently come out of its hiatus for Scandinavian design fans to enjoy. This series is currently available in greyscale tones including a subtle blue tint. Consider picking up a set of these to complete your atomic age dining room or to offset straight lines in a geometric interior.

Buy It: $559   

Muuto Cover Chair: Copenhagen-based designer Thomas Bentzen created this chair for collectors with an eye for detail. It’s a contemporary design made without any metal parts at all, relying on the natural strength of the wood armrests and their exceptionally clever engineering. These chairs are a fitting complement to any modern kitchen, but especially ones with an architecturally focused design. Each chair stands at 30 inches tall with an 18-inch high seat.

Buy It: $518   

Arne Jacobsen Grand Prix Chair: Can’t get enough authentic Arne Jacobsen? The 1957 Grand Prix chair was an ambitious undertaking that resulted in an unconventional yet striking form tailored to the human body. This classic is available in a rainbow of vivid colors, carefully stained to retain the intricate grain of its wood veneer. Tubular steel legs place them firmly within the realm of sensible mid-century modern design.

Buy It: $650   

Muuto Fiber Chair: Aleksej Iskos and Boris Berlin collaborated to create this ultra-smooth and sculptural chair. This is a 2014 design crafted from an uncommon composite material including wood fiber. This collection is available with either Kvadrat fabric or full-grain leather upholstery in a variety of neutrals. The legs are solid walnut.

Buy It: $326   

Eames Molded Plywood Style Dining Chair: These reproduction Eames chairs are manufactured strictly according to the original specifications, resulting in a true-to-inspiration investment piece for fans of the designers. But they’re also practical and surprisingly comfortable, suitable for home or commercial applications alike.

Buy It: $129   

Salt Chair by Tom Kelley: Designer Tom Kelley lived, studied, and worked with companies all across the world. It’s no wonder that a little Scandinavian influence entered his personal lexicon. The Salt Chair definitely hints at classic Swedish styles but has the distinct advantage of a compact and modern form. The most defining feature is the legs – they don’t splay outward, making for a small footprint perfect for small spaces like eat-in kitchens or cozy restaurants.

Buy It: $199   

J104 Chair: Jørgen Bækmark is one of the many influential designers to come from Denmark’s famous FDB Mobler and this chair is certainly a representative work of the design house’s clean and natural style. Even within a minimalist or modern interior without other Scandinavian influences, the providence of this piece will still shine through clearly. Black, red, white, and grey lacquer options join the traditional soaped beech for endless decor options.

Buy It: $200   

Thonet Style Chair: Although the Thonet name comes from a masterful woodwork company in Germany, this distinctive chair style has become famous the world over. Its elegant curves look as if they were made for a delicate cottage chic home with Scandinavian flair – but the truth is that this ubiquitous choice would look good anywhere. While the original works by the Thonet family are preciously hard to find today, these solid elm chairs do a fabulous job of imitating the quality and smoothness of the iconic bentwood construction.

Buy It: $230 for 2   

Kai Kristiansen Style Model 42 Chair: These are a perfect style for anybody who craves a Scandinavian take on mid-century modern but want something darker and with more refined upholstery. Of all the sculptural chairs that Kai Kristiansen ever designed, these sculptural masterpieces suit modern tastes more perfectly than any others – the crisp angles and smooth lines look right at home in minimalist environments and traditional homes alike. These re-creations are made of solid walnut with comfortable grey fabric seats.

Buy It: $122   

Saarinen Style Tulip Side Chair: Eero Saarinen is the architect that gave life to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, a larger-than-life representation of his love for sculpture and form. The Tulip Chair combines the best of funky atomic age style with mid-century sensibility, a carefully crafted piece of functional artwork for the home. This replica is formed with a vinyl seat and a sturdy aluminum base. The removable cloth cushions are available in every color of the rainbow so you can update your dining set as your interior design tastes change over time.

Buy It: $77   

Philippe Starck Louis Ghost Style Chair: While the classic Louis Chair form is a historically significant holdover from classic French design, Philippe Starck’s Ghost Chair brought it into the world of modernism. This re-creation is injection molded, stackable, and available in a wide variety of translucent colors to suit any interior. These see-through chairs are great for small or dark interiors where preservation of natural sunlight proves most important.

Buy It: $709   

Wegner Style Shell Chair: Now it’s time to look at some lounge chairs for the living room, bedroom, library, and more. Wegner’s iconic Shell Chair captivated the world with its distinctive shape that looks good from every angle – ideal for a chair that interacts with the environment rather than sitting pushed up against a wall. This is a top quality reproduction made with walnut veneer and Italian leather.

Buy It: $89   

Eames Style Molded Plywood Lounge Chair: The renowned Eames name truly elevated the status of plywood in the design world. This re-creation includes a rubber shock mount that shifts with the position of the sitter to ensure enduring comfort. Like many mid-century modern lounge chairs, this one sits very low with a seat height of only 14 inches. It’s available in several colors and finishes including a brilliant fire engine red.

Buy It: $790   

Cuba Lounge Chair: Danish designer Morten Gøttler created this piece in 1997 yet it still looks just as fresh as ever and will likely serve as an enviable collector’s piece for generations to come. Incredible attention to detail goes into the construction of each one – the cotton straps are hand woven, the oak frame carefully soaped or lacquered, the hardware forged from sturdy brass. But perhaps the best thing about this lounge chair is its folding design, making it easy to stow away when extra floor space is required.

Buy It: $595   

Jens Risom Style Lounge Chair: Educated at the School for Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen, Jens Risom is famously credited for helping to popularize Scandinavian design in the United States after emigrating at the age of 26. These lounge chairs demonstrate a fantastic merge between both influences. This replica uses woven cotton straps for an embracing yet sturdy feel.

Buy It: $970   

Wegner Style CH25 Easy Chair: Solid ash and handmade paper rattan come together in this casual yet ever stylish lounge. It has a distinctive organic aesthetic suitable for natural, Nordic, or even traditional interiors.

Buy It: $629   

Finn Juhl Model 45 Style Chair: Another leader in the movement to bring Scandinavian design to the United States, Finn Juhl created Danish Modern furniture that appealed to a wide variety of collectors not only for its style but also for its unmistakable quality. This reproduction of the Model 45 attempts to make the design more accessible without compromising durability, crafted from walnut-colored beech wood and a cotton/linen blend rather than the leather featured above.

Buy It: $885   

Jens Chair: Available in oak or walnut and in a huge array of upholstery colors, this Jens Risom original (initially released in 1949) is a versatile chair that can bring mid-century Danish charm to interiors of every style. This sort of versatility was always a hallmark of Risom’s design philosophy and especially well with this piece.

Buy It: $1482   

Risom Rocker Chair: Here’s another original by Jens Risom, this time with a more distinctive mid-century form – the shape of the backrest is unforgettable. It’s actually one of the most recent creations by the visionary designer, released in 2009. One of the most interesting things about this rocking chair is the attention to functional engineering, using balance and weight to ensure incredible fluidity of motion. This piece would be an excellent addition to a nursery, bedroom, or anywhere else where relaxation is essential.

Buy It: $899   

Selig Z Style Chair: Poul Jensen’s fascinating Z Chair has an iconic profile, and this re-creation is true to form. The frame is sculpted from sturdy hardwood and the upholstery is available in blue, grey, or white. The seat height stands at 18 inches with an overall chair height of 32 inches, perfect for low-profile interiors like the one pictured above.

Buy It: $140   

IKEA Poang Chair: Scandinavian design fans on a budget can always count on IKEA to deliver attractive products at an incredible value. This piece has a very sculptural form that draws the eye immediately. Like many IKEA products, this chair features removable cushions for easy cleaning or replacement, a huge benefit for anybody who enjoys changing styles often.

Buy It: $629   

Barcelona Style Chair: The Barcelona Chair is a hugely famous design by the renown German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, but that doesn’t stop it from looking wonderful in Scandinavian inspired interiors. This replica is available in a choice of white, black, or vibrant red Italian leather. It’s hard to find a better reproduction than this one.

Buy It: $455   

Le Corbusier Grand Confort Style Chair: Swiss-French architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret (more famously known as Le Corbusier) designed the Grand Confort armchair in 1928 – a style very far ahead of its time. The Museum of Modern Art holds a few examples as permanent members of its collection, but this reproduction makes it accessible to collectors of high-end furniture. It’s available in black or tan leather contained in a stainless steel frame. This piece is easy to place in the running if you’re looking to adopt a darker Nordic-inspired interior with industrial undertones.

Buy It: $879   

Saarinen Style Womb Chair: Eero Saarinen designed the original Womb Chair in 1948 and it quickly became a classic staple of mid-century modern furniture design. This reproduction is crafted from a fiberglass shell and upholstered in fine hand-stitched cashmere for a dreamily soft touch. It’s available in a wide range of colors ranging from orange to purple and includes the equally beautiful and versatile ottoman.

Buy It: $640   

Eames Style Lounge Chair: Perhaps one of the most recognizable designs by Eames, this lounge often finds its way into Scandinavian themed spreads in magazines despite its American origin. This reproduction feels soft to the touch thanks to high quality Italian leather upholstery and exceeds decorative expectation with its walnut veneer shell. This famously comfortable lounge is ideal for a reading nook, library, or media room.

Buy It: $680   

LC4 Lounge Style Chair: Rivaling the Eames lounge in icon status, the LC4 is a renowned Le Corbusier masterpiece. This streamlined replica is a great stand-in for those that can’t afford the multi-thousand-dollar price tag of the original. Top grain leather upholstery and a steel base ensure it will last, and it’s available in black, white, or brown to suit a variety of interiors. Like the original, it’s easily adjustable to suit your desired level of relaxation.

Buy It: $356   

Arne Jacobsen Style Egg Chair: Even those who are unfamiliar with the work of Arne Jacobsen are likely to recognize this distinctive chair. This look-alike is available in a huge variety of colors – including metallic and leather options – to suit your home or office style.

Buy It: $265   

Butterfly Sling Chair: While the Hardoy model is the most known among designers, the style itself has been recreated and reinvented many times over in the decades since its 1938 reveal. The chair in the link is rather unique thanks to its bold stitching and leather surface, lending it a more formal appeal than most of the models on the market.

Buy It: $170   

Grant Featherston Style Contour Wing Chair: The original 1951 chair by Australian designer Grant Featherston is ubiquitous with the Atomic Age aesthetic. It is now considered a piece of modern art and fetches lucrative prices at auction, but the strong market for look-alikes ensures there are always options available at a reasonable price.

Buy It: $1139   

Wegner Teddy Bear Style Chair: Named for its embracing form, the Papa Bear Chair (also known as the Teddy Bear Chair) is a beloved design by Hans J. Wegner. This clone takes its namesake seriously – the frame is American walnut and alder wood, with upholstery in super-soft cashmere.

Buy It: $992   

Wegner Style Ox Chair: Wegner’s Ox design is big, bold, and completely unlike any other wing chair. This one is a reproduction manufactured with high quality Italian leather. It’s a statement piece unlike any other.

Buy It: $2550   

Oslo Chair: Designed by Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll, the Oslo Chair embodies several features that define contemporary furniture of this generation – the crisp lines, exacting curves, and the unmistakable attention to detail. This original is manufactured in Norway and upholstered in Denmark using only the highest quality fabrics. While most people are more familiar with the Scandinavian furniture that originated in the 50s and 60s, this piece will place your interior firmly in the present.

Buy It: $318   

Arne Jacobsen Swan Style Chair: The original Swan Chair is a versatile piece, but the reproduction linked in this post makes it just perfect for the office. It even includes a hydraulic base for use at the desk!

Buy It: $172   

Nutshell Lounge Chair: This handsome lounge mimics the curves of Pierre Paulin’s Slice Chair but maintains a more subtle form overall. The range of colors definitely speaks to the era of the original – black, brown, white, and especially the rusty orange and marbled tan.

Buy It: $150   

LumiSource Vintage Mod Accent Chair: Molded wood and simple tapered chair legs are a staple of the mid-century modern style, but they’ll never go out of fashion. This model sits a little higher than many accent chairs inspired by the same era with a seat height of almost 18 inches. The legs and veneer are walnut and the upholstery is available in versatile black or white.

Buy It: $263   

Wassily Style Chair: Hungarian-born architect Marcel Breuer produced great Bauhaus style furniture but his famous Wassily Chair is flexible enough to suit a variety of interior styles. The patent on the original has expired since its original creation in 1925, allowing for relatively affordable reproductions like this one. The link leads to three styles that deviate from the black design most people are familiar with, including tan or white with the typical steel framing and a gorgeous brown and copper tone model.

Buy It: $150   

Bertoia Style Diamond Chair: If you’re looking to bring a touch of industrial aesthetic to your interior, wire chairs are an effortless go-to solution. Although Harry Bertoia was born in Italy and practiced in the United States, his popular Diamond Chair design is a common addition to Scandinavian inspired decor – especially as pictured here, with a simple fur or wool throw draped over. The combination is a gorgeous way to embrace both worlds.

Buy It: $642   

Eero Aarnio Style Ball Chair: While the original serves as a true piece of industrial design history (and regularly fetches prices far exceeding $10,000) this re-creation makes it possible to bring this sculptural piece of furniture into your own home. Choose from green, orange, red, or yellow and embrace the quirky fun of one of the most recognizable chairs of the 60s.

Buy It: $239   

Zig Zag Style Chair: Based on a 1934 design by Dutch designer Gerrit Rietveld, the Zig Zag chair was definitely ahead of its time. It was designed for the Rietveld Schroder House, known as one of the first and only homes constructed entirely according to the De Stijl movement’s aesthetics and ideals. This fascinating and artistic piece adds fun and whimsy to any setting, sure to become a talking point at your next gathering. This re-creation is constructed from solid ash with a natural finish and includes rubber footpads to protect your floor. The handle on the back makes it easy to rearrange or store away.

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33 Unique Cuckoo Clocks That Go Great With Modern Decor

Di, 08.11.2016 - 16:15

Cuckoo clocks often bring to mind, well, the cuckoo. The mainstay in that crazy aunty or neighbour’s living room, childhood memories may evoke a touch of the odd or alternative. These cuckoo clocks present a whole different picture. Revamped to suit the modern interior, these cuckoos are more art deco, minimalistic, Japanese – rather than crazy cat lady – inspired. Large panes of white or plain wood house gorgeous hand-painted birds, popping out the side or front of a stylish, minimalist, and often hand-crafted piece. Take a look at the new age of cuckoo clocks with these thirty-three pieces for the unique, well-designed home.

Buy It: $170  

Haoshi X Cuckoo Clock: One cuckoo flew the nest in this white clock, perfect for an entrance. A simplistic mailbox design and quirky bird feature make it hard to ignore.

Buy It: $83  

Modern Muji Cuckoo Clock: Automatically silent in the dark, this white, minimalist design is a winner for a kitchen.

Buy It: $100  

Muji White Cuckoo Clock: Peeping out of a white house, this cuckoo crows on the hour in your minimalist living room.

Buy It: $280  

Modern Minimalist Cuckoo Clock: Housed in a simple light-wooden frame, this cuckoo chirps over a clock made minimal with painted numbers.

Buy It: $338  

Lemnos Men’s Pace Cuckoo Clock: A more masculine design, this cuckoo would suit the hippest of bachelor pads. Silver painted numbers meet silver steel hands, in a silver stencil home of the imagination.

Buy It: $155  

Minimalist Cuckoo Clock: A perfect partner for the Scandinavian interior, this white-and-wood creation blends the kitsch and the cuckoo in two simple shapes.

Buy It: $296  

Station Cuckoo Clock: A little more art deco, this clock adds colour in numbers. Its large-format digits and cuckoo at 12 suit an artistic kitchen area.

Buy It: $296  

Minimalist Turquoise Cuckoo Clock With Pendulum: Turn your bedroom turquoise with a cuckoo and pendulum in the same hue. A numberless exterior in a plain wooden frame suits most décor themes.

Buy It: $251  

Modern Birch Plywood Cuckoo Clock: Swing into the ‘70’s with this mid-wooden clock for your living room or kitchen. A waiting red cuckoo and hollow pendulum draw the eye.

Buy It: $400  

Light-Wood Walkabout Cuckoo Clock: A simple oblong gives way to a bird just waiting to circle the dial again. Hang this quirky find on your kid’s bedroom wall for a fun way to tell the time.

Buy It: $282  

Meridiana Cuckoo Clock: Make the time more dramatic with this ruby red cuckoo, housed within monochrome. Its simple house shape could work a treat at your front entrance.

Buy It: $282  

Portobello Clock: Even the slickest interiors can be cuckoo-inspired. This marble façade would sit best atop a mantelpiece.

Buy It: $595  

Minimalist Glossy Cuckoo Clock: Fancy a clock that looks like more like a camera? This simple black-and-white find makes the cuckoo minimalist.

Buy It: $324  

Ettore Cucù Clock: Dare to be square with this modern design with a house on top. Available in three different colour matches, its palette adds the chirp back in any bedroom.

Buy It: $365  

Colorful Cuckoo Clock: Drape a space in colour with this rainbow cuckoo clock, a fitting find for a white wall. The cuckoo sits above simple black hands, as a pendulum swings silently behind.

Buy It: $195  

Mondrian-Style Cuckoo Clock: Take a style cue from the grid master, with this clock named after Mondrian. A cuckoo crows in blue, while a black pendant adds subtle sway.

Buy It: $500  

Modern Geometric Cuckoo Clock: Have a penchant for the geometric? Add this colourful creation to your study or library.

Buy It: $480  

Modern Colorful and Playful Jellies Cuckoo Clock: Add several pops of colour to a clean white kitchen, with this fun clock. A cuckoo pops unexpectedly out of its centre.

Buy It: $450  

Modern Multi-Colored Cuckoo Clock: Love a colourful skyline? Add one to the kids’ bedroom, cuckoo included.

Buy It: $450  

Striped Cuckoo Clock: Go nautical with this blue-and-white striped cuckoo creation, a thematic match for the bathroom. Simple hands and a pendulum simplify the concept.

Buy It: $600  

Chinese Architecture-Inspired Minimalist Cuckoo Clock: Take your bedroom to China with this finely-tuned feature. Its domed roof mirrors a crescent pendulum for a quaint and quirky effect.

Buy It: $350  

Qoo ckoo Clock: Too cuckoo to say cuckoo? Say it differently, while this minimalist bird chirps from your library wall.

Buy It: $560  

Contemporary Cuckoo Clock Inspired by the Labor of Man: Fight those mammoth tasks at work, while a cuckoo chirps away the time. This abstract acrylic finds a home in your office.

Buy It: $550  

Monochrome Dual-Time Cuckoo Clock: Spend time with a friend overseas, with this clock showing two time zones. Simple white detailing and two cute cuckoos find friends in a monochrome living room.

Buy It: $435  

Modern Long Cuckoo Clock: Introduce elegance with this white, black and red-painted piece. Its sleek lines and subtle detailing would suit a shared corridor wall.

Buy It: $253  

Titti Cucù Clock: An unconventional shape hides the brightest of birds. Spread like the wings of its namesake, this cuckoo clock is a focal point of a simplistic kitchen.

Buy It: $337  

Diamond Shaped Modern Cuckoo Clock: Black, white and draped in chains, this diamond is anything but a chip off the block. A red cuckoo announces its time in a Florentine boudoir.

Buy It: $245  

Sheikh Cuckoo Clock: A clock and temple make for religious time. This white and gold-domed piece brings the Middle East to your mantelpiece.

Buy It: $564  

Fatti + in Là Cuckoo Clock: Be surprised by the ornate in this avant-garde clock, inspired by birds on a wire. Its golden ledge and minimalistic hands leave just enough room for a cuckoo to crow.

Buy It: $360  

Cucuruku Wall Clock: Make artful time with this clock blended into a forest. A library wall could hang its tree-branch hands and bird-laden tree.

Buy It: $193  

Cuckoo Clock With Lights, Sound & Motion: Want all the bells and whistles? This clock lights up the house, moves the bikes and rings the chimes once the clock turns twelve.

Buy It: $195  

Volume Adjustable Modern Cuckoo Clock: Personalise time with this clock, hand-crafted with adjustable volume, choice of wood finish, custom-engraved face and unique ID number. More than just a pretty face, its politeness extends to silence from 10pm–6am.

Buy It: $390  

Kids Cuckoo Clock: Give the kids something to crow about with this funky three-tiered design, resplendent in the tones of Christmas. Fascinate them with pendulum and bird in their bedroom.

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Two Different Springtime Themes In Two Small Apartments

Fr, 04.11.2016 - 16:15

Have you ever wondered what your home would look like had you chosen a different decor theme? After all the colors are picked out and all the decorations are in place, it can be difficult to imagine it any other way (at least until you decide to do it all over again). But this interior designer used visualization software to explore this concept even further – this post tours two homes with the exact same compact floor plan but two completely different themes and arrangements. The first home is bright and casual with an eternally spring-like atmosphere, but the second home is darker and moodier with a more refined aesthetic.

Simple natural influences make this apartment feel as bright as a fresh spring day. Pastel greens, sunny yellows, and lots of light wood bring the outdoors in – and sometimes the theme goes even further, like adding fake grass to the top of the ottomans you see snugly tucked beneath the table here in the living room.

Elsewhere, the earthy and organic theme pops with modern geometric accents like these lovely sculptures. It’s all a matter of balance and thematic contrast.

Because this apartment has an open layout, the spot-on color coordination is a huge asset to the visual continuity of the space. While color blocking is the easier and more flexible route, this carefully curated apartment is a perfectionist’s dream.

While color flourishes at every turn, it’s important to note that the accents will be easy to change later. The insides of the cabinets, for example, are easy to make with DIY paper inserts.

One of the bolder details is this mossy vertical garden wedged into this central wall. It’s actually a housing to contain the refrigerator but becomes a stunning large form sculpture with this aesthetic addition.

The moss-covered wall also helps provide some division between the kitchen and living room. Here, the dining table finds a sensible home.

And we cannot ignore this backsplash. Its photographic quality matches the “sunny spring day” theme, transporting the viewer to the lens of a camera covered with morning dew.

The private areas of the home are accessible by the mirror-covered hallway. Extra storage space hides behind each reflective door.

This entryway niche is just too perfect. It has plenty of space to sit, with convenient coat hooks and stylish shoe storage concealed beneath.

Now onto the bedrooms! This master suite tones down the theme present throughout the rest of the house, using a palette of greys and teals to create a relaxing environment for the parents after a long day of work.

Rather than the sunny springtime theme of the main living space, this bedroom adopts a more rainy day vibe. It’s easy to imagine picking these colors from a photograph of a foggy morning on the lake.

The bedroom for the children brings back the bright colors in a big way. Bold blue accents – that double as chalkboards – are just bursting with energy.

The other side of the room has so many admirable features. The modular wall panels are modern design goals, and the smart storage in the staircase and beneath the bed are just too perfect. We love how the lofted bed makes space for a small playroom.

And the desk is super-functional too. Open shelves, lots of drawers, and the fun office supply organizers help the kids stay neat and tidy while working on assignments for school.

Wow – the efficiency of this bathroom is breathtaking, but the way it continues the natural theme from the rest of the home is impressive as well.

And the other bathroom also adopts a nature-inspired palette, this time with a red clay tone. It’s warm and comforting and includes just a touch of wood to bring it back in line with the overall home aesthetic.

All of the sources of hidden lighting banish shadows and make the room feel larger. The strip of inset lighting above the bathtub almost looks like sunlight!

The second home starts with a much more subdued color theme, this time in all in the blue spectrum, almost like a lake or a foggy evening. It combines linear and rounded forms, playing with geometric contrast at every turn. Like the previous home, this one revolves around an F-shaped floor plan but uses an entirely different arrangement.

The open living room and dining room are more connected in this home visualization than the last. Rather than a dining table, this space makes use of a handsome breakfast bar attached to a longer kitchen island.

Geometric tiles and open cabinets make the kitchen feel connected to the rest of the interior. Patterned pillows and a cylindrical table bring the geometric theme to the living room.

The wall sconces are so cute! Triangles of yellow paint bring them in line with the rest of the open layout theme.

Just look at that incredible transition between wood floors and hexagonal tiles! Expert woodworking isn’t cheap or easy, but the result is unforgettable.

The master bedroom includes gorgeous triangular wall panels, sure to play with the pendant lights after dark.

Even the media wall continues the geometric theme.

And here’s the kid’s bedroom, complete with two pegboard walls: one for climbing and one for hanging artwork.

Adorable hot-air balloons and infinitely creative pegboards ensure this bedroom caters to the imagination before anything else.

So cute!

The pegboard wall and tall chalkboard leave so much room for imaginative play. The child can practice their ABCs or arrange artwork on the pegs, while keeping track of homework right beyond the desk.

Of course, the bathroom is innovative and efficient too.

Sandy patterns and river rocks foster a desert-like atmosphere, with a lush green rug serving as a sort of oasis and irresistible focal point.

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50 Wooden Wall Decor Finds To Help You Add Rustic Beauty To Your Room

Mi, 02.11.2016 - 16:15

Wall art is often difficult to make distinctive. Mass-produced unless you carry bundles of cash, every home has seen a monochromatic print, printed canvas photograph or badly-drawn figurine. Why not spice up your walls with a different medium? These fifty wooden wall décor finds add the rustic, not the usual, into your home. Perfect for bathrooms, kids’ rooms, or even the main living area, they add the unexpected to a space you couldn’t find the perfect fit for. Warmth, nature, and a textile all interiors can relate to are promoted in the wooden. Have a nosy through our selection of versatile wooden wall art pieces to see what you might find.

Buy It: $50  

Rustic Wood Pallet Wall Art: The home is the heart of the family. Hang this multi-coloured piece on your kitchen wall for bonding time.

Buy It: $25  

Wooden Family Tree: Family trees have more than one meaning. This painted wood-panel tree shows love and devotion intertwined like the branches of a tree.

Buy It: $20  

Decorative Wall Arrows: Have a hard-to-navigate hallway? Sort it out with this wooden arrow showing the way.

Buy It: $42 for 3 piece set  

Distressed White Wooden Arrows: Need to decorate a beach house? Get distressed with this white painted version.

Buy It: From $4  

Wooden Alphabets: Why spell something normally, when you can spell it in wood? These distressed pieces offer the rustic to your mantelpiece.

Buy It: From $9  

Wooden Text Wall Decor: Polished and in cursive, these light-wooden room markers would suit a many-roomed small space.

Buy It: $70  

Personalized Family Name Sign: Never lose guests again, with this family home sign next to your letterbox.

Buy It: $80  

Dandelion On Wood Wall Art: Feel a touch of the whimsical, with this dandelion on wood. Blowing wishes in the wind, it’d be a great hallway or bedside table addition.

Buy It: $60  

Antiquated Map On Canvas: Although not made of wood, this canvas-map does a very good impression. Pair its worldliness with your library.

Buy It: $85  

Decorative Rustic Accent Map: See the world with this wooden map, complete with rustic accents. It could span your library or games room.

Buy It: $280  

American Map Wall Art: Are you a proud American? Let it be known with this panelled piece, finely-tuned in different wooden shades.

Buy It: $167  

USA Shaped Multi Color Pallet Wall Art: A statement piece can make a space vibrant again. Give yours an American influence, with this striped wooden map for a large wall.

Buy It: $85  

USA Flag Wall Art: Want the real deal? Get out your stars and stripes with this painted panel, perfect for a garden setting.

Buy It: $50  

States Shaped Wooden Wall Decor: Get creative with this set of states, beautifully carved into three. Teach your kids the difference between them by hanging their forms in your library or playroom.

Buy It: $275  

Wooden Mountain Range Wall Art: Minimalist and rustic, the hikers among us can’t get past this piece. Its wooden feel would add accents to a kitchen.

Buy It: $718  

Wooden Landscape Art: Feel the majesty of the mountains with this juxtaposed wood creation, resplendent in brown, white and grey. Its earthy tones could welcome in guests in your hallway.

Buy It: $64  

Herringbone Wood Pattern Christmas Tree With Lights: Get ready for Christmas with this herringbone Christmas tree, dotted with little lights. Its little details will fascinate the kids beside your mantelpiece.

Buy It: $214  

Rustic Start Pattern Made From Reclaimed Wood: See the many sides of the rustic with this reclaimed find. Using different textures with different histories, a kitchen or dining room spot could score it as a feature.

Buy It: $148  

Penrose Triangle Made From Reclaimed Wood: Oscillating dark, grey and white, this recycled piece draws in the eye. Place it above an area you want to highlight.

Buy It: From $68  

More Cool Reclaimed Wood Wall Art: Love reclaimed wood, but can’t decide on the pattern? Enjoy the benefit of choice with these geometric, striped, and interwoven designs.

Buy It: From $75  

Modern Abstract Wooden Wall Art: Love the bold look with differing lengths? These wooden creations would be perfect for a white wall in your bedroom.

Buy It: From $50  

Decorative Wooden Panels: Fans of filigree will find favour in these panels. Using carving and corks to make patterns, allow them to elongate your hallway area.

Buy It: $145  

Carved Wood Decorative Wall Art Plaque (Set Of 3): Complete as three separate parts, this filigree find has a hint of the tribal. Your dining room may enjoy its beauty.

Buy It: $340  

Hand Carved Teak Wall Art Plaque: Gift yourself a wooden rose with this teak plaque, a piece for above your dresser.

Buy It: From $40  

More Floral Carved Wood Art Plaques: Flowers take on a different beauty in natural wood. Enjoy them in a sheltered spot before your garden.

Buy It: $173  

Boyd Carved Wood Wall Decor: Mimicking a ringed tree trunk, this interesting piece could mimic your front door too, in a hallway.

Buy It: $99  

Distressed Wooden Wall Clock: Based on a tribal compass design, this etched piece is not your usual cut or shape. Make it the focal point of your living room.

Buy It: From $29  

More Wooden Wall Clocks: Stepped, square or compartmentalised, there are many ways to make a wooden clock. Find one to suit your kitchen or living room space.

Buy It: $26  

Flocking Birds Wooden Clock: Take a leaf out of this clock, to get a flock of birds. Watch them fly away in this arty piece, perfect for a teenager’s bedroom.

Buy It: $135  

Wood Wine Racks: Find a more unique way to store your wine with this wooden wine rack, drilled with 48 bottle holes.

Buy It: $64  

Handcrafted Wall Hanging Wooden Jewelry Organizer: Forget figurine-style ornaments to hold your jewellery. This wooden window design has a ledge for each and every one of your dress-up pieces.

Buy It: $18  

Frames For Artificial Succulent Arrangement: A burst of flowers is always inviting and fresh. Create the feel every day with these artificial succulent frames.

Buy It: $20  

Rustic Wooden Blocks With Heart: Wooden blocks are not just for the kids. Dot these designs around your bathroom or bedroom for maximum impact.

Buy It: $20  

Rustic Wooden Blocks With Snowflake Strings: Another Christmas treat, these blocks pave the way for Santa. Stack them on your living room table for a rustic, simple centrepiece.

Buy It: $27  

Wooden Elephant: Wood meets jungle in this bronzed elephant wall hanging, resplendent in shades of bronze. His form would fit nicely in a library area.

Buy It: $23  

Wooden Deer Head: Take a twist on the stag with this jigsaw deer head, framed in white and designed for your living room.

Buy It: From $15  

Carved Wood Animal Masks: Get animalistic with these carved wooden animal masks. Zebras, giraffes and armadillos bound around in your hallway or child’s room.

Buy It: From $15  

Carved Wood African Tribal Masks: Release your inner warrior with these tribal masks, designed to scare and intrigue. Their intricate painting and carved elements would work well in your dining area.

Buy It: From $7  

Decorative Wooden Ship Steering Wall: Add a touch of the nautical, with this polished wooden steering wheel. A space in your bathroom steers the path to a bubble bath.

Buy It: From $69  

Elephant Artwork On Reclaimed Wood: Quirky elephant home décor is trending – so why not house it on wood? These pretty etchings on oscillating panels would brighten up your kids’ bedroom or bathroom.

Buy It: $119  

Octopus Artwork On Reclaimed Wood: Made for the bathroom, this tentacled creature is a fine example of octopus home décor.

Buy It: $20  

Whale Wall Decor: Another bathroom-bound creature, this blue whale on painted wood is perfect for bathtime fun.

Buy It: $94  

Migrating Wooden Birds: All birds must fly home, these wooden versions included. Beautifully crafted with 3D features, they’d work a treat in your outdoor garden area.

Buy It: $50  

Star Wars Inspired Wooden Wall Decor: How wood you imagine Star Wars? These plaques imagined them rustic, in a range of themes great for your library or teenager’s bedroom.

Buy It: $19  

Rustic Printed Wood Bark Edge Wall Art: Feeling blessed? Make it known with this bark edge wall art, a feature for the bedroom.

Buy It: $10 each  

Rustic Wooden Wall Signs: Perfect as a gift, these rustic wall signs have all the special words you want to say.

Buy It: $60  

Wooden Wall Decor For Kids Room: Words of wisdom and learning are often lost in modern times. Bring them back with these white-painted sayings for your kids’ bedroom.

Buy It: $28  

Laundry Room Wall Decor: Don’t forget the laundry! These three wall plaques put the fun back into washing.

Buy It: $7  

Large Scrabble Tiles: Know someone who loves words? These Scrabble tiles would be an apt addition to their bedroom or study.

Buy It: $30  

Eat Pray Love Sign: Based off the famous novel, this wooden wall plaque is a mantra suited to the kitchen.

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50 Unique Ceiling Fans To Really Underscore Any Style You Choose For Your Room

Mo, 31.10.2016 - 16:15

The little things often make or break a room – a polished vase here, a textured surface there. Underappreciated and underestimated, the humble ceiling fan is one of these features. Rusty, plastic ceiling fans adorn many a beautiful ceiling, bringing down the tone of the room. Go one step above with these beautiful and smart-looking ceiling fans, almost works of art in themselves. Curved and carved wooden panels glide seamlessly through the air, making your interior both look and feel cool. Smarter technological options exist for those not wanting to move from the couch. Take a look on the cooler side with our top fifty ceiling fan designs.

Buy It: $475  

Haiku Wifi Enabled Smart Fan: Control temperature with your voice, with this Alexa-enabled fan design. 16 lighting modes and remote access takes out the work. A home with plenty of wooden fixtures would be a perfect fit.

Buy It: $650  

Sycamore Uno Modern Ceiling Fan: This brushed-steel beauty’s slim lines can bring your chrome-clad kitchen into the 21st Century.

Buy It: $550  

Minka-Aire Ceiling Fan With Light: Resplendent in maple, the thin, wide strokes of this piece would work best in a Scandinavian-style living room.

Buy It: $720  

Stylish 5 Blade Fan With Light: Get the power of five blades in an old-world feel, with this distressed gem. A ceiling light adds light to an antique-laden home.

Buy It: $270  

Outdoor Walnut Three Blade Fan: Complete with bronze finished motor, this walnut fan is a treat for a varnished outdoor area.

Buy It: $680  

Minka Brushed Nickel 60” Fan: Go 60-inch, with this sweeping three-blade in your wooden dining area. Adding a light is an option.

Buy It: $702  

Black & Wood Accents Ceiling Fan With Built-in Light: Black and wood balance modernity with tradition. Light up your steel-feature apartment with its built-in glow.

Buy It: $384  

Period Arts Dark Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan: Plywood and dark bronze coalesce in this piece, a winner for an art deco-inspired outdoor area.

Buy It: $230  

Hunter Mint Ceiling Fan With Light and Remote: Designed for low-ceilings, this fan would shine in a pastel-clad apartment. The light and remote are a bonus.

Buy It: $193  

Brushed Nickel Finish Fan With Stylish Blades: Hide exposed screws with this ceiling fan for the darker interior.

Buy It: $563  

Matthews Ceiling Fan with Grey Ash Tone Finish: Made from cast aluminium in brushed nickel, this chrome-look addition would add gleam to a monochromatic interior.

Buy It: $735  

Torto Ceiling Fan: A treat for both indoor and outdoor spaces, this fan’s curves could stand out amongst block furniture.

Buy It: $250  

Original Modern Luxury Crystal Ceiling Fan: More chandelier than ceiling fan, this fan could cool a Florentine-style bedroom.

Buy It: $575  

Fanimation One-Blade Ceiling Fan: Whip hot air in one foul swoop. This design adds elegance to a bedroom with block colouring.

Buy It: $500  

Innovation LED Ceiling Fan: Enjoy the glow of an LED light in an infinity eight design. This fan could mimic your pool in a conservatory area.

Buy It: $460  

60 Inch LED Ceiling Fan: Span more room with this 60-inch LED. A monochrome home office would be a savvy setting.

Buy It: $230  

Minka White Ceiling Fan: Twisting and turning sans light, this three-bladed design would complement a room with white fixtures, ceilings and walls.

Buy It: $280  

Minka Silver Ceiling Fan With Light: Ramp up the features with this silver version, a pop of metallic for a lightly-detailed bedroom.

Buy It: $1,255  

Industrial Theme Ceiling Fan: Turn on the light and the aircon with this fan for an industrial space. One blade adds a unique touch.

Buy It: $398  

Kichler Clear Champagne Ceiling Fan: Does your home sparkle in touches of gold? Lift them to the ceiling in one ABS-bladed stroke.

Buy It: $720  

Minimalist Style Ceiling Fan: Minimalism needs no more lights or blades than necessary. One white blade suffices the simplistic home.

Buy It: $563  

Kichler Silver ABS-Bladed Ceiling Fan: Not a fan of the standard fan? A metallic-inspired bedroom could benefit from this bow-style design.

Buy It: $151  

Westinghouse Frosted Glass Ceiling Fan With Light: Two blades with a lifetime motor warranty sweep across the best 70’s style interiors.

Buy It: $735  

Fanimation Satin Nickel Ceiling Fan: Twisted around a central pod, these walnut finish blades would suit a steampunk home right down to the ground.

Buy It: $548  

Monte Carlo Butterfly Ceiling Fan With Light: Keep your little girl cool, with this butterfly gliding along her bedroom ceiling.

Buy It: $186  

Space Saver Ceiling Fan: Need to create some extra height? This compact fan in a chrome look will suit the economical apartment.

Buy It: $321  

Super Small LED Pendant Fan: Create impact in a small size with this mini fan, a light-fitted addition to a curved-edge kitchen.

Buy It: $496  

Maple Bronze Ceiling Fan With Light: Go Japanese with this panelled-design, a perfect partner for a bedroom with a futon.

Buy It: $940  

Luceplan Blow Ceiling Fan With Colorful Leaves: Tired of boring fan styles? Get it in multicolour with this quirky find for the kids’ bedroom.

Buy It: $500  

Satin Steel Swirl Ceiling Fan: Able to adorn indoor or outdoor areas, this artistic swirl would suit a home with grand, artistic, and unconventional shapes.

Buy It: $327  

LED Ceiling Fan With Foldable Blades: A bit of bling in a bathroom never goes astray. Fold this gem away when you move, and into a white-porcelain area when you don’t.

Buy It: $74  

Westinghouse Frosted Globe Ceiling Fan: Drenched in light wood with a central light, a breezy Scandinavian home would suit this fan down to the ground.

Buy It: $350  

Casa Floral LED Damp Ceiling Fan: A striking design wipes away mould and lights up your interiors. Place it in a white-laden space for maximum effect.

Buy It: $189  

Tropical Flower Ceiling Fan With Light: A little bit of carving goes a long way. Decorate your tropical-style interior with this flower above your living room or bed.

Buy It: $500  

Rustic Style Fan: Wooden interiors benefit from this rustic-style gem with dimmed lighting.

Buy It: $379  

Rustic Cabin Ceiling Fan: Fancy a cabin on your fan? This creation could inspire camping trips, in the kids’ bedroom.

Buy It: $368  

Craftmade Aged Bronze Vintage Ceiling Fan: Ornate bronze detailing and traditional blades make this piece one of the past. A vintage-style homestead would match its look.

Buy It: $350  

Casa Teak Finish Ceiling Fan With Light: For a little less gloom, this fan for a Victorian interior blends decoration and air-con.

Buy It: $350  

Golden Forged Outdoor Ceiling Fan With Light: Patterned in mock-iron, this remote-controlled creation can master the temperature of your rustic poolhouse.

Buy It: $1,058  

Fancy Ceiling Fan With Whimsical Lighting: Deer on a forest atop five base lights? It’s all possible in this ceiling fan, an ornate decoration for the fabulously-kitsch interior.

Buy It: $860  

Antique Style Twin Ceiling Fan: Get double the cool air with double the fan. This piece would suit a Tunisian-style bedroom.

Buy It: $833  

Industrial Style Twin Ceiling Fan With Remote Control: Almost futuristic, this two-pronged ceiling fan is double the trouble. Fascinate your friends with it in your bachelor pad.

Buy It: $525  

Minka Flat Disc Ceiling Fan With Light: The art deco home needs a bit more design. This fan’s luminous discs are sure to brighten and lighten your living room air.

Buy It: $840  

Industrial Style Belt Driven Ceiling Fan: Another one for the steampunk fans, this pulley-style has everything the Victorians predicted. A living room area would be a good fit.

Buy It: $840  

Antique Style Belt Driven Ceiling Fan: Travel back in time with this belt-driven fan, built on a 19th Century popular design. A polished wood interior would appreciate its beauty.

Buy It: $2,610  

Antique Brass Ceiling Fan With Wall Control: Remote-driven, this fan binds ornate trimmings with useful technology. Place it over your oak study desk for a more enjoyable view.

Buy It: $3,500  

Antique Brass Ceiling Fan With Switch Control: Want a blend between a belted and drop-down fan? Look no further with this antique creature in your wood-panelled living room.

Buy It: $185  

Three-Bladed Ceiling Fan With Light: Another flower-based design, this fan is bound for a monochrome room. Whisper wind features mean you can sleep in its presence.

Buy It: $598  

Shuriken Style Ceiling Fan: Brushed nickel in edge-lifted blades create a soft design for a modern-style kitchen.

Buy It: $1,130  

Industrial Windmill Style Ceiling Fan: Bring back the 70’s with this windmill design, more feature than fan. A light-wooden, breezy room would benefit from its charm.

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Super Small Studio Apartment Under 50 Square Meters (Includes Floor Plan)

Do, 27.10.2016 - 17:15

Innovation in interior design often results from restrictions. Smaller apartments and lofts are common examples of living spaces needing an open plan feel. What happens when your living space is under 50sqm? This Russian space, measuring just under 43sqm, is a challenge to any designer. Modern in feel and urban Japanese in décor, it segments different living spaces in one smart central unit. Designed by Rue Temple, each living area is broken off into a series of hallways – a kitchen, living room, relaxation space, storage space, bedroom and bathroom – to unite the space as a whole. Take a peek below.

Framed by a concrete ceiling and stone-coloured floor, a wooden compartment acts the central feature. Separating several spaces in one, the room taken is multiplied tenfold in utility. A leaf green velvet couch marks the living room, lit by a triangular black wall light. Backgrounded by a bookcase and facing a flat screen TV, its foreground doubles as a hallway. The kitchen lurks beyond.

Just past the couch, a corridor opens. Clothed in top-to-toe light wood, a desk juts out in the same material. A thin-lined desk chair eats less room and mirrors the flat screen.

Wooden stairs lead to a wooden platform, where visitors can relax. Grey cotton beanbag couches invite on the floor, Japanese in style. Two grey lights hang on a grey concrete ceiling. White walls either side augment the light from a simple window, while LED strips line the walls at night.

To the left, a bedroom is revealed. Swathed in a lighter shade of grey, character pops out in a small white light shrouded in greenery. A window to a white wall gives the illusion of more light.

The wooden compartment winds around spaces in one continuous corridor. Lined with white-painted heating rails, light-wood fixtures in benches and window ledges unite its form. Chrome door handles polish it off.

Light is let in at different focal points, specifically tailored to the space. At night, hanging lights let a projector TV add animation. During the day, two simple windows across the hallway pass sunlight down the corridors. The bedroom’s central window reflects the effect.

A closer look at the bedroom shows many elements of innovation. Box-shaped in form, LED lights fire up in the evening, moved closer by twin bedside lamps. Jutting ledges in the same wood act as bedside tables, seen from open frames to the side. A ball of raw yarn adds an element of play.

A view from a corridor reveals the secret to lightness and brightness. Although at first glance a square frame, the bedroom is only half wall, with the entrance and two windows removed of barriers. Views through the openings introduce the study and relaxation room, alluding to greater indoor-outdoor flow. Muted colouring avoids furniture blocking.

The bedroom’s living lights pop up throughout. The hallway to the left shows a hanging version, a minimalist feature in an otherwise white space. The third sits in a corner, easy to access from the lounge and central corridor. A jut in the bedroom’s wood provides an additional ledge.

Through the central corridor, a kitchen makes space. The same grey hanging light glows upon a shiny grey breakfast ledge. Simple white cabinetry and a chrome fridge add contrasting elements, white and grey, without breaking up the space. LED lights lining underneath cabinetry provide light and a feeling of warmth.

The bathroom manages chic in grey slate tiled walls and bath sides, in large-format. A hanging light in white matches white porcelain fixtures. A mirror reflects the shower beside an elegant standing bowl basin, providing double the illusion of room. Chrome plumbing adds a finishing touch.

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50 Steampunk Style Home Decor Items Celebrating the Mechanical Side of Life

Di, 25.10.2016 - 17:15

Little-known by the masses, steampunk has jumped as a trend in the last ten years. Inspired by 19th Century technologies with a space-age twist, think technology the way we wanted it to be pre the Industrial Revolution – not the way it is now. Think gadgets, stilettos, corsets, large mechanical pumps coming out of the strangest objects. Think Mad Max, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, George Orwell without the minimalism. Take on the steampunk trend with these fifty décor items which take your interior from dull to mechanical. Get inspired by an underground culture thriving with industrial technology and teeming with valves, with these fifty finds.

Buy It: $85  

Steampunk Style Desk Lamp: Pair your 19th-Century fiction with this desk lamp. A twist on what a lamp might have been, it’ll light up any of your Jules Verne.

Buy It: $90  

Minimalist Edison Light Bulb Lamp: Read with the lightbulb’s inventor, with this Edison-inspired bulb lamp. Minimalist enough for any space, it could work on your bedside table.

Buy It: $80  

Steampunk Style Desk Lamp: Go for the old look, not fixture, with this olden-style desk lamp. It’ll light up your page in the most Victorian of ways.

Buy It: $40  

3 Pipe Steampunk Style Table Lamp: Why use one pipe when you can use three? Just for decoration, this unit is one of the most unique desk lamps you’ll find.

Buy It: $98  

Steampunk Faucet Sconce: Almost dripping with light, this sconce could have been the brainchild of the 1900’s. Wire it into your toolshed or home office for a futuristic feel.

Buy It: $230  

Steampunk Style Wall Sconce (Large): Embarrass standard electrics with this wall sconce, complete with oval bulbs. It’d steal the scene in any dining room setting.

Buy It: $220  

Crystal Head Vodka Lamp: For collectors of Crystal Head Vodka skulls, this lamp would be a treat. Add it to their Christmas stocking in a couple of months’ time.

Buy It: $37  

Steampunk Pipe Lamp With Valve Switch: Why turn on lights with a switch, when you can use valves instead? Pump up the pressure with this bronzed beauty in your bedroom or office.

Buy It: $260  

Steampunk Style Rocket Lamp: Take it to the moon with this rocket lamp, resplendent with steel fins. Sock it in your child’s bedroom to help them dream of the stars.

Buy It: $288  

Steampunk Style Floor Lamp: Floor lamps are big this season, but not quite as big as this. Wow with a lantern and pulley in this fascinating living room-bound creature.

Buy It: $18  

Steampunk Candle Holder: This lamp would almost be tribal, were it not for the cog design. Take it down the stairs for a midnight feast.

Buy It: $65  

Personalized Steampunk Wooden Docking Station: Want to blend the old age with the new? Hang all your accessories on this smart-looking wooden dock.

Buy It: $330  

Steampunk Style Accent Table: Wood and metal don’t have to be boring. Give them life again in this steampunk accent table, perfect for your bedside.

Buy It: $317  

Steampunk Style Coffee Table: Keep functionality in coffee time with this wood-and-metal coffee table. Wheel it to your preferred destination.

Buy It: $150  

Steampunk Pipe Book Shelf: Find a new-age way to hold your books with this piped book shelf. Wind it up your bedroom corner to make the most of small space.

Buy It: $117  

3 Level Bookshelf (Pipe & Wood): Want a level up? Use a flat wall instead for this pipe-and-wood creation.

Buy It: $250  

Steampunk Pipe Book Shelf With Galvanized Wood: Need intricate spaces for those smaller items? Show them off on metal with this under-the-sea design.

Buy It: $45 each  

Steampunk Aviator Bookend: Know a big fan of 20,000 Leagues? Frame their favourite possessions with this aviator bookend, complete with dial.

Buy It: $61 each  

Steampunk Octopus Bookend: Get aquatic with this octopus bookend, great for the kids’ bedroom.

Buy It: $27  

Gear Bookends: Have a few architecture books lying around the house? Collate them in style with these unique book ends.

Buy It: $79  

Hand-Crafted Bolt Action Steampunk Pens: Be industrious at work with these five bolted pens, handcrafted in metallics.

Buy It: $70  

Steampunk Time Machine Clock & Trinket Box Statue: Go back in time with this clock, an interesting piece for the mantel. It doubles as a trinket box.

Buy It: $63  

Steampunk Wall Clock Design: Steel out average wall clocks with this quirky design. Featuring a compass and globe, it’d be a fitting addition for your library.

Buy It: $35  

Steampunk Style Gear Wall Clock: See time work with this geared wall clock, reminiscent of a clock’s insides. It’d make a feature in your tool shed.

Buy It: $43  

Steampunk Chronambulator Desk Clock: The original time machine, let this desk clock flash back memories in your home office.

Buy It: $54  

The Stormgrave Chronometer Clock: Mapping the forces that govern eternity, Professor Stormgrave’s clock is a powerful machine. Station it on your desk to impress visitors in the know.

Buy It: From $10  

Steampunk Style Power Outlet Covers: Jazz up your power outlets with these covers, snazzy in a range of metallic designs. Turning on the light will never be the same again.

Buy It: $23  

Steampunk Themed Hourglass: Whip out Monopoly or boil an egg with this Victorian-style hourglass. Eye-catching in red, it’ll whittle away the best of times.

Buy It: $52  

Steampunk Ukulele: Strike up a tune with this steampunk ukulele, perfect for a jam with friends. Its inner workings will be a conversation starter.

Buy It: $23  

Steampunk Vaporiser: While away in a cloud of smoke, with this smoking gun vaporiser ornament. Ornate in a range of metals, it takes on an almost-mystical quality.

Buy It: $115  

Octopus Wall Mirror: Ideal for the bathroom, this bronzed piece of octopus home decor gives you eight things to think about when you look in the mirror.

Buy It: $34  

Steampunk Style Toilet Paper Holder: Put the joy back in toilet time with this valve-tastic toilet paper holder.

Buy It: $50  

Erasmus Darwin’s Steam-Cerebrum: Straight from the Bedlam Institute of Galvanic Studies, this spooky creation could be a dream for your teenager’s bedside table.

Buy It: $36  

Steampunk Style Bronze Skull With Engraving: Decorate the library with this ornate creation, fully engraved and bronzed.

Buy It: $139  

Batman Figurine (Steampunk Version): Want to improve on Batman? Make him steampunk with iron shields, extra artillery and a metal gas mask.

Buy It: $27  

Steampunk Themed Pressure Gauge Box: Hide your secrets in this gauge box, perfect for valuables. It’s almost as good as storing them under the sea.

Buy It: $70  

Steampunk Stiletto: Love someone who loves the 19th Century? Gift them sexiness in a shoe with this steampunk stiletto for their bookcase.

Buy It: $44  

Cyber Leopard Steampunk Statue: Animals can be technological too. Hit baddies with double the metal with this steampunk leopard on your shelf.

Buy It: $20  

Steampunk Style Mechanical Spider: Give the little ones a fright on a daily basis. This steampunk spider works a treat on the hallway table.

Buy It: $38  

Mechanical Scorpion: Step up your ornament game with this mechanical scorpion, another treasure for the library.

Buy It: $13  

Steampunk Dragon Figurine: This steampunk dragon is the mightiest of the zodiac. Place him in your living room for a powerful effect.

Buy It: $160  

LED-Lighted Steampunk Dragon: One for the outdoors, this dragon’s LED lights are victorious. Light up your garden with his detailed exterior.

Buy It: $38  

Steampunk Owl On Jetpack: A steampunk twist on a popular classic, this owl is both wise and space-age. He’d fit your bookcase nicely.

Buy It: $68  

Steampunk Style Hangable Airship: Rather be in the clouds? Fascinate your children with this airship hanging off a balloon.

Buy It: $79  

Steampunk Style Air Balloon Sculpture: Lift your shelves higher with this half-air-balloon, half-submarine sculpture. Let its carnivalesque elements whisk you away.

Buy It: $67  

Steampunk Style Fish Shaped Submarine Figurine: Beware of the steampunk fish, half-piranha, half-machine. Let him terrorise the waters on your library shelf.

Buy It: $23  

Steampunk Style Octopus Door Knocker: Invite fellow punks in with this octopus door knocker, a rare find in bronze.

Buy It: $73  

Steampunk Style Wall Hanging Decor: Celebrate the aquatic with this hanging octopi for your bathroom wall.

Buy It: $85  

Steampunk Machine-age Sweethearts Wall Décor: Love another punk? Rev up their romantic fantasies with this bronzed piece in your boudoir.

Buy It: From $7  

Steampunk Style Throw Pillow Covers: Owls, chameleons and butterflies all come out to play in these metallic couch cushions, great for all soft surfaces.

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32 Uniquely Beautiful Concrete Planters

So, 23.10.2016 - 17:15

Concrete planters are especially well suited to industrial, modern, and minimalist interior gardens – and let’s not forget about the outdoors! Unsealed, concrete takes on tremendous character from the elements, and sealed options will last a lifetime with proper care. Even better, avid DIY enthusiasts can easily paint or stain those beloved concrete planters to match their favorite styles of the season. Even the smallest concrete planters are unlikely to blow away or fall prey to the bump of a tail or paw of a cat. This post covers 32 of our favorite designs with links to snap them up for yourself.

Buy It: $15   

Building Shaped Succulent Planter: Too cool! Three separate compartments serve as tiny rooftop gardens, appealing to anyone who feels love or nostalgia for the city.

Buy It: $15   

Concrete Architectural Themed Planter: Here’s another planter that includes sleek stairs, a great gift for a minimalist design fan or somebody who collects surrealist artwork.

Buy It: $10   

Cup Shaped Concrete Planter: Everyday forms make for exceptionally whimsical planters. It’s easy to see this piece in a kitchen or near a dining table, but it’s suitable for charming outdoor gardens as well.

Buy It: $27   

Desktop Concrete Planter: Desk ambiance is crucial to anyone who spends long hours behind a keyboard, and this planter can definitely liven things up a bit. It includes plenty of space to customize your own tiny garden but also leaves room for pens and paperclips beneath. The penholder has a projecting lip that might even be able to double as a phone or tablet holder if you use a case that can stand up to concrete.

Buy It: $34   

Concrete Wine Bottle Planter: Are you looking for a gift for a wine enthusiast that isn’t just another corkscrew or novelty glass? This piece would look lovely in any kitchen.

Buy It: $19   

Concrete Head Planter: Oh, these are a little bit surreal aren’t they? These creative planters can take on different personalities depending on context – they might look like elegant vintage statuettes in a classic garden, or spooky alongside Halloween decorations or gothic decor.

Buy It: $12   

Concrete Owl Planters: These little concrete owls are definitely adorable enough to capture attention even when they’re empty between plantings. Each one includes a drainage hole to accommodate a variety of small and medium plants.

Buy It: $103 for set of 3   

Bowl Shaped Concrete Planters: While concrete planters are usually easy to coordinate, this set of three makes it effortless. These planters are especially easy to handle thanks to the lightweight blended concrete and fiber construction.

Buy It: $164   

Concrete Gladstone Bag Plant Holder: Shaped like a classic Gladstone bag, this planter may appeal to vintage suitcase collectors and avid travelers alike. Incredibly detailed casting combines art and function in a way that is sure to turn heads.

Buy It: $16   

Concrete Motorcycle Planter: Delivery motorcycles have never looked so cute! If you’ve moved away from a location where these are common, this piece might help cure some of that nostalgia. This adorable planter is also available in a vivid blue.

Buy It: $540   

Large Concrete Planter: Are you looking for the perfect accent for your futurist or industrial themed interior? This extra-large planter looks like a nuclear power station’s steam stack, large enough to support bamboo or even a small tree.

Buy It: $213   

Large Contemporary Concrete Planter: Fans of the Brutalist architecture movement might find this planter especially interesting. It stands at a little more than 16 inches high, 23 inches wide, and 12 inches deep – yet its construction includes fiberglass, bringing the weight to a manageable 37 pounds.

Buy It: From $15   

Star Wars Themed Concrete Planters: There’s no wrong way to incorporate Star Wars home decor. These succulent planters are just fantastic, and the small planter holes ensure that your greenery won’t cover up too much of the incredible detail.

Buy It: $20   

Concrete Pot with Bark-like Detailing: At first glance, the outside of this planter really does look just like natural bark. But unlike real bark covering that can crumble and peel over time, this one will continue looking good as new for years to come.

Buy It: $28   

Concrete Mandala Planter: Each of these planters are hand-painted by the artist. Choose from natural or charcoal-dyed concrete and select your favorite from a huge range of flat and metallic colors to complement your decor theme.

Buy It: $28 for 3   

Cylindrical Concrete Planters: A dash of color can make even the most rugged material look chic as can be. These small planters combine undyed concrete with beautiful sky blue stain. The planter cavities – on all sizes – are only 2 inches wide and 2 inches deep, suitable for small to medium sized succulents.

Buy It: $28 for 3   

Cylindrical Concrete Planters With Gold Accents: Here’s the same style of planter, this time with luxurious gold accents. It’s definitely an interesting contrast!

Buy It: $28 for 3   

Square Faced Concrete Planters: Don’t you just love the deep dappled surface of these substantial square planters? Like the previous two designs, these planters are only suitable for small succulents or flower buds due to the small inner cavity.

Buy It: $28 for 3   

Square Faced Concrete Planters With Gold Accents: And again, here’s the same style of planter but this time with accents in gold.

Buy It: $33   

Triangular Concrete Planter: Cute! While this triangular planter looks very stylish on its own, it would also make a perfect candidate for a modular arrangement if you have the budget to invest in multiples. These are rated for indoors or out, and come with cork pads on the bottom for placement on even the most delicate furniture.

Buy It: $34   

Concrete Cube Succulent Planter: It’s hard to find a planter more minimalistic than this textural concrete cube. It measures six inches in every direction, and is made from a concrete and fiber mix for a total weight of only 4 pounds.

Buy It: $53   

Rectangular Concrete Planter: Anyone with a faulty green thumb knows that there is no such thing as an “indestructible” houseplant – but these artificial succulents are different! This planter would be perfect for an office or vacation home that ends up empty for long periods.

Buy It: $54   

Concrete Windowsill Planter: Planters that offer enough space to organize a landscape are so much fun. This one sits at only 3 inches deep to ensure it fits on thinner windowsills, great for cactuses and succulents that require direct sunlight.

Buy It: $18   

Grey Cement Rectangular Planter: Rustic and charming, this textured concrete planter offers a little more warmth than many of the ultra-urban options listed in this guide. The exterior almost looks like stone pavers. It’s 9 inches long and a little over 3 inches wide and deep, great for a desk or windowsill.

Buy It: $21   

Desktop Bookend Planter: Multipurpose planters are so cool! This one has an extra compart to hold small objects like pens or business cards – but consider opting for something less prickly than a cactus if you plan to use it as anything other than a decoration or bookend.

Buy It: $40   

Hanging Concrete Planter: Now it’s time to move into geometric planter territory. These hanging cone-shaped planters are available in a dazzling array of color themes, sometimes including other materials like wrapped twine as an embellishment.

Buy It: $28 for 3   

Concrete Orb Succulent Planters: Simple, organic, and irresistible – these handmade spherical planters have tremendous character despite their streamlined forms. They’re available as a set of three, and each one will show off the slight differences that make handmade items so special.

Buy It: $28 for 3   

Gold Accent Orb Succulent Planters: Here’s a similar set but this time with a band of glamorous gold paint.

Buy It: $30   

Polygonal Concrete Planter: The polygon trend remains strong. This planter is a great compromise between minimalism and deco. Each one is handcrafted in Seattle.

Buy It: $35   

Trio Of Geometric Concrete Planters: Here’s a great set of three planters for anyone who doesn’t have time to seek out coordinated pots for a cohesive yet varied arrangement. This set is available in a variety of tints to match your interior or exterior theme.

Buy It: $30   

Patterned Concrete Planter: Although this list has included a few good examples, it remains a little difficult to track down concrete planters with decorative patterns. These are engraved for lasting beauty. The drainage hole makes them appropriate for outdoor use, where the engraved surface is sure to pick up rich character from the elements.

Buy It: $1145   

Concrete Bench Planter: So cool! This bench planter would look incredible outside of a business or inside a lobby, or even in the entryway of your home.

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50 Amazing Art Prints Of Lions For Your Walls

Sa, 22.10.2016 - 17:15

The lion’s majesty is something we can all acknowledge. The king of the jungle and leader of the pride, the lion symbolises power, strength, prowess – all aspirational qualities the modern person aspires to. The star of The Lion King, we can all sympathise with the almost-human journey from innocent cub to confident lion, inspired by the lions themselves. Be inspired by the power of the lion with these fifty prints, designed for all types of homes in all manner of spaces. Whether you’re after a simple sketch print, a black and white beauty or a full-blown colour masterpiece, one of these pieces could be a central feature in your home or office.

Buy It: $19  

Leafy Lion: Resplendent in grey and teal tones, this lion loves sleeping among the brushes. Place him before your garden entrance for a nice indoor-outdoor segue.

Buy It: $19  

Majestic Lion: This lion is wise. Hang this black-and-white beauty in your bedroom, for inspiration before your day at work.

Buy It: $17  

Fierce Lion: A fierce stare from a lion means business. Add his striking features to your mantelpiece.

Buy It: $14  

Sketched Lion: Sketched in grey, a place by your front door would be a grand place for this lion to shine.

Buy It: $18  

Artful Lion: Full of detail and character, this lion’s black and white shading is a work of art. Admire his majesty in your living room.

Buy It: $20  

Tribal Lion: Brilliantly bearing down on his prey, this lion of contrasting colours has fearsome written all over him. Point him out to your partner when you’re not in the mood.

Buy It: $18  

Close-Up Lion: Afraid to look a lion in the face? Get the closest you’ll ever be with this perfectly-detailed creature.

Buy It: $16  

Roaring Lion Black & White Poster: Have a teenager that gets wild? Hang this on their wall to warn them against moodier times.

Buy It: $16  

Ornate Lion Black & White Poster: This lion’s look is mysterious. Place it next to your dining table when guests guess what’s for dinner.

Buy It: $13  

Lion Profile Tattoo Style: Love the cameo portrait style? Make it edgy with this lion print, styled in the form of a tattoo.

Buy It: $18  

Growling Lion Profile: Lions are known to get mad. Show this to the kids when they’re not behaving.

Buy It: $15  

Roaring Lion: Turn the heat up a notch with this roaring lion, powerful in shaded grey and black. Best on a white wall, his portrait could be a winner for the bedroom.

Buy It: $18  

Bearded Lion: Beards are in fashion now, but lions braved them long ago. Gift this to the bearer of a bearded face.

Buy It: $17  

Lion Landscape Orientation Poster: Most portraits are ‘portrait’ – why not mix it up with a landscape? Lean this monochromatic beauty on a wooden table or chest.

Buy It: $14  

3D Sketched Lion: The powers of technology have not surpassed those of the lion. Render him in 3D for an up-to-date office environment.

Buy It: $20  

One Line Lioness: Don’t forget the lure of the lioness. This minimalist print would be perfect for the master bedroom.

Buy It: $13  

Halved Lion: For a different view, take the geometric route. Start conversations with this piece above your dining table.

Buy It: $16  

Fading Lion: Don’t be fooled by the fade – this lion is just as dangerous. Scare guests with his fading visage in your hallway.

Buy It: $16  

Geometric Lion: Lions are complex creatures. Take a mathematical stance with this piece in your study or office area.

Buy It: $18  

Drip Lion: A lion’s rage is so fierce, not even the head need show. Feel the fury with this print, perfect for a steam-up in the kitchen.

Buy It: $15  

Abstract Lion: Splattered by paint, was this lion a defeater, or the defeated? Make up your mind when you send proposals in your home office.

Buy It: $18  

Lion Tearing Up: A lion’s anger can result in real damage. Tear up the treadmill with this inspiration in your home gym.

Buy It: $18  

Finely Sketched Lion: A sudden burst of passion can be a thing of beauty. Embrace emotion with this piece in your living room.

Buy It: $17  

Tree Lion: Ever experience rage so intense, it popped veins? These veins turn leafy, with this grey sketch resembling a tree.

Buy It: $14  

Lion Side View Poster: The lion at rest is a noble sight. Excite your family with this piece in the living room.

Buy It: $14  

Floral Wreath Lion: Floral wreaths are all the rage. Let your lioness wear one too, in the kids’ room.

Buy It: $17  

Blooming Lion: Lions love the flowers too. Dilute femininity in this greyscale, a perfect match for a bedroom hallway.

Buy It: $16  

African Lion: Lion’s don’t really live at the zoo. Send them back to their native land with this sketched print, a favourite for the library wall.

Buy It: $19  

Lion King Art: Everyone’s favourite Disney, The Lion King is a stage musical for a reason. Colour your kids’ room with this piece from the jungle.

Buy It: $18  

Simba in the Forest: Everyone has their own journey to discover. Inspire the children with this colourful piece in their bedroom or bathroom.

Buy It: $15  

Double Exposure Lion: Hipsters love star prints, and so does this lion. Pair the two with this purple-hued piece, perfect for a gift.

Buy It: $18  

Lion in Colour: Make raw animalism pop in this art deco print for your bedroom walls.

Buy It: $30  

Lion Wedha Pop Art Portrait Style Print (5 Piece): Don’t want to blend in with the crowd? Make room for this multicolour marvel, suited to a long white wall.

Buy It: $99  

Canvas Print: Go for an original art look with this canvas-mounted lion. Tribal in colouring, a place above your sofa would wield impact.

Buy It: $20  

Surrealist Lion: Seeing one, two, three lions? Calm down – it’s just the colouring. Have a few drinks over this kaleidoscopic creation.

Buy It: $20  

Impressionist Lion: Rob the style of Van Gogh with this thickly-painted lion print. His vision would impress the walls of most teenagers.

Buy It: $18  

Square Lion Poster: Break from convention with this square lion poster, brilliant in green and yellow. Put him in your study, embracing your nerdier side.

Buy It: $23  

Liquid Lion: Add flair to your living space with a lion literally dripping with presence. A space in your entrance could wow future guests.

Buy It: $16  

Rough Sketch Lion: Believe creativity shouldn’t be structured? Tell it to this lion, a welcome addition to your reading corner.

Buy It: $18  

Blue-Eyed Lion: Blue eyes evoke truth and sincerity. Aspire to the best things with this print on your bedroom armoire.

Buy It: $16  

Lion With Crown: Lightly touched with watercolour, this lion is the king of the jungle. Gift it to your little prince or princess.

Buy It: $20  

Baby Lion With Crown: Evocative of Simba, we all have a little one we cherish. This greyscale creation would fit your nursery wall.

Buy It: $16  

Lion Love: Adore your partner with all your heart? Remind them every day with this sketch of a couple in love.

Buy It: $14  

Hipster Lion: This lion is off for a jog. Impress your favourite hipster with this print for their home.

Buy It: $13  

Hipster Lion: Not to be outdone, a monocle transforms any animal’s appearance. Dress better with this black and white feline on your flat walls.

Buy It: $14  

Winter Lion: A beanie is a requisite for those colder months. Find knitted inspiration with a greyscale lion for company.

Buy It: $15  

Shady Lion: Too cool for the jungle, this lion is definitely shady. Keep chill with this quirky sketch on your kids’ walls.

Buy It: $20  

Beach Lion: Love seeing the unexpected? See it everyday with this beached lion in your living room.

Buy It: $15  

Steampunk Lion: Lions can be cultured, too. Get tickled pink with this black sketch, a match for the alternative teenager.

Buy It: $19  

Majestic Winged Lion: Know someone obsessed with fantasy? This rare piece would be a welcome addition to their walls.

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Two Similar Interiors for Couples With and Without Kids

Fr, 21.10.2016 - 17:15

Want to achieve a beautifully crafted feel in your home, but worried the kids will stain the sofas and break the tables? Considering mustard colours in your living room, but unsure how to skilfully employ it in designing your home? These two home designs show a similar interior, with kids both in and out of mind. Similar in their usage of mustard lounges, pastel hues and Scandinavian touches, they offer design guides to keep simplicity in your home, and wrecked masterpieces out. Sophisticated, full of character and exceedingly modern, take a gander if your home life is about to house children.

Visualizer: E Space  

Our first space, for a couple with children, sits at a mere 180sqm. Located in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, it was briefed to create a total of nine living spaces with an airy, light feel. Situating three living spaces within the one room, each area is spatially designated through colour and feel. The living room makes a stand with a wooden feel, where low wooden cabinetry, floors and wooden wall panels add a simplistic backdrop. Mustard chairs sing next to a light-grey L-sofa, while yellow patterns in the rug rush to greet it. LED strip and box lighting keep it modern, while a bamboo plant in the corner introduces nature. A marble TV cabinet and living room table add a touch of class unbreakable by the kids.

Just beside the living room, the dining room presents a different feel. Divided by an illustrated wall motif atop a simple white shelf, a simple wooden table with linen chairing presents a classic twist on the traditional family table. While drop lights hang at different lengths, a row of bamboo sprouts out of a planter box. Whether looking to or from the kitchen, the dining room seems separate, with only one wall illustration marking its territory.

The kitchen’s clean yet traditional look holds an old-school romance. Wooden cupboards and shelving are interspersed with classic white cabinetry and plates. White chiffon floats behind a white stencilled kitchen panel, bringing the design into modernity. Stool chairs resemble those in the dining room, while an LED-lit marble splashback harks to the lounge. Chrome and white tree lights add a finishing touch.

The master bedroom uses details to vamp up simplicity. Shaded using an opaque dividing wall, its lines reflect those in simple white cabinetry and bookshelf squares. Curtains from the kitchen frame a taupe-and-teal quilted headboard that acts as a feature wall. Golden vases and jewellery boxes add a touch of luxury, as reflected in the dining room’s hanging lights. A subtle beige rug means bedtime.

The nursery plays with pastel and quirky prints, achieving a cute simplicity. Billowing white chiffon backgrounds a white filigree hanging chair and hexagonal Chinese lighting. A spotted wall in muted colouring acts the same as the woolly beige rug, adding softness. Light wood and LED lights alternate in dolls houses, clothing railings, a baby table and chairs, skirting and feature ladybirds. Pastels pop everywhere in-between in baby pink, mint, light lemon yellow and lounge-reminiscent mustard. Cute characters fill in the blanks.

The bathroom uses the LED-lighting theme to its advantage, making speckled marble shiny white. Crossing through unexpected borders, it matches with a grey shagpile before contrasting with simple white porcelain. Dark wooden flooring and chrome towel railing tie in the rest.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

Our second space uses many of the same ideas – without children in mind. Requiring less space sans nursery, spaces are more spacious and monotone, stretching into blank canvasses for statement pieces. In the lounge, a mustard six-seater bends around a corner, cradling an ottoman. Tossing cushions to the side, the grey expanse behind evokes a feeling of calm. A large dome light beams copper lights over a white dining table, which is joined by white standing lamps and opaque block windows. Storage is subtly achieved through a light-wood and beige fabric box blending into the wall. Light grey complements cameraman dining chairs and a small wooden floor.

The space transitions freely into different moods. From one side of the lounge, a glass fireplace cooks the area before the kitchen. Looking towards the dining area, a white bookcase and alcohol cabinet appear. Juxtaposed against one another as respectively minimal and ornate, they each express a strong character. A rock sculpture brings peace from the East.

A minimalistic kitchen is perfect for entertaining. Alternating wooden floors lead up to a matte expanse of taupe, broken only by chrome fixtures and soft inlet lighting. As a hanging light glows on stool-sitters, earthenware decorates the bench.

The bedroom says rest and relaxation – without the kids. Large imperfect wooden trunks ground the bed, draped in soft greys and white. A fabric headboard says comfort, and another glass fireplace modern pampering. An enamel autumn tree vase, rustic standing light and matching ottomans add character.

The study brings bedroom themes one step away from relaxation. Using the same standing light and ottomans, Venetian blinds structure incoming light. A chair, clothed in charcoal and light wood, stands out against a white table. Light wooden flooring and a copper desk light unite the dining room.

The bathroom is a honeycomb hive, with mustard hexagons peppering its space. Letting large white porcelain take centre stage, the bath wows as little grey spokes hold it up. Cylindrical washbasins add comfort in shape, while eggshell wall fixtures hold amenities with sophistication. Simple round ceiling lights work with mirrors to add light, while honeycomb covers the space. A wooden trunk in the shower offers a simple place to rest.

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4 Interiors That Harmonise Clutter Using Scandinavian Style

Do, 20.10.2016 - 17:15

Beautifully-designed home interiors often have one thing in common: a lack of clutter. Streamlined to perfection with minimal accessories in sight, they offer a picturesque example of what we would like to achieve – but struggle to – on an everyday basis. These four homes make the beautiful achievable, using Scandinavian design as a basic structure. Peppered with ornaments, useful fixtures and looking more like your house might every day, their perfect blend of patterns and tones make detail look crafted, not cluttered. Representing very different design themes, they offer an option for those who are not super-minimalist, but still aspire to the delights of gorgeous interior design.

Visualizer: Thai Quang  

Our first home design uses a Scandinavian backdrop to showcase pops of colour and an array of potted plants. In the lounge, bold mustard tones cover kitchen and lounge cabinetry and a chair, backgrounded by walls in white. A black table and intermittent grey-and-black rug tie together, reflecting their tones in two sketch prints above the sofa. The grey sofa and cabinetry make way for teal hanging lights and more prints, swathed in grey-and-black lines. An array of white and terracotta-potted plants pepper the space with a lived-in feel.

Hints of Scandinavian influence pop up throughout the space. Standing on light-wooden floors, a classic white-and-wood kitchen bench props up basic wooden shelving. The dining room holds a simple white table and chairs, interspersed with quirky mesh-back chairs in teal. White heaters gain clear space, and chrome vertical handles sophistication. Opening the space via white windows, a light, airy feel allows bold colour personalities to shine.

Visualizer: Julia Trintsukova  

Our second space is also keen as mustard – but with pastel over-and undertones. Classic white shelving on pure white lightens and brightens, with a stencil white bookcase and books bound in the same hue. As white holds pot plants in three identical holders, grey couches and light-wood furniture takes out the dark. Going bright with a mustard piano, teal armchair, ’67 Chevy poster and feature liquor bottles, Scandinavian structure allows the space to remain clean and light.

A view towards the kitchen shows a similar pattern. Starting with bold mustard cabinetry and utensils, simple white French doors with a light grey frame allow a black-and-white inlet and oven to take dominance. Balanced by white cabinetry and hanging lights, pastel tones in the kitchen stools and kettle add a playful element. Necessities are drowned out in white and light wood.

A pretty hallway provides a break that looks more Manhattan than Scandinavia. Using a pink pastel door as a feature, a striking star-linoleum floor makes the black-framed window less dominant. White offers a canvas.

The kids’ bedroom is a perfect place for pastels to play. Using the same white background, zigzag and striped patterns rule in mustard, blue and green. Elements of pink in toys and potted plants contrast with a baby blue bookcase, made soft by white bunkbeds and light-wood flooring. A touch of green introduces nature.

Dominant colours are made adult in the master bedroom, which bathes itself in pure white. Using soft beige elements to transition to a striking abstract piece, potted plants and a large baby blue armoire help pan out colour. A subtle bookshelf holds white-bound books.

The bathroom and laundry use the kitchen’s black and white tiling with another multi-faceted design. Halved in black-and-white tiling and a beige upper, the laundry’s walls align with white fixtures to let multi-coloured tiles shine among pastels. The bathroom’s baby blue and pinks sit on the same tiling, made more elaborate by pops of red from the living room. Mustard details tie in the total space.

Visualizer: AM Studio  

Our next space shows how a Scandinavian framework makes many accessories uncluttered. Using trademark white walls with an almost-white wooden floor, beige couches and a chair make little impact in the living room – leaving room for the small elements. Sitting and pegged above white shelving, black-and-white photos show memories, while grey-and-white stationery chills beside. Books in black and white, and small boxes in charcoal and beige, sit above. Sitting on one of four differently-coloured wooden elements, a leaning abstract art piece sits among animated cups, a jug, vase, clock and small prints.

The kitchen adds warmth to the room, through warm wooden tables and freshly-baked bread. Matched by Scandinavian bench seating, wood sits happily upon white cabinetry, brick and wooden flooring. Interspersed with minor elements of grey and greenery, a camouflage lamp lights up a series of milk bottles and matching white mason jars. From far away, cabinetry takes on a soft baby blue below four copper lamps.

Visualizer: Hoàng Long  

Our last space uses many elements in the one space – successfully. Bathing them in neutral tones of taupe, beige and white, their patterns fill the room with character without filling it with colour. Using just the one living space, patterns demarcate different living spaces. The lounge’s charcoal couch offers comfort in a similarly-hued striped blanket. A multitude of monochromatic prints offer a range of views, lit by simple white French windows. Patterns in cushions, scattered around the space, tie to one other – striped cushions to the mat and art, zigzags to the woven elements. Three small white tables and a chair house twigs and cacti in simple glassware.

The bedroom offers a similar structure reflected through the rest of the space. Many small frames hang above its bed, similar to the lounge. From the bed, stripes tie again to cushion and print elements. A black hover lamp adds focus to the bedside table, which turns towards a window ledge acting as a bookcase. Potted plants beside and surrounding tie the space together.

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Make Sleeptime Luxurious With These 4 Stunning Bedroom Spaces

Mi, 19.10.2016 - 17:15

The bedroom is a place to relax, to be pampered, and to be romantic. With the average person spending thirty percent of their life asleep, why not make your bedroom your most important room? These four luxurious designs, resplendent in furs, satin sheeting, glamorous headboards and beautifully-woven rugs, give a taste of the ornate at bedtime. Exploring themes from glowing amber to native African, they show how versatile the bedroom can be – and how glorious a matching ensuite, or pool, can make the space. Take a peek at the most private of rooms with these four globally gorgeous designs.

Visualizer: Maggi Samir  

Bedrooms are often for two, and what better way to celebrate it than with warmth and love? This amber-hued bedroom, eye-catching in tones of brown, grey, beige and midnight blue, knows the way to take romance to the next level. From the front, a textured headboard showcases the bed, while an array of stripes in brown, grey and charcoal clothe it. Smooth walls in midnight blue, and matte walls in light grey, frame each side. A mirror invites a muted couch and ottoman. Tying to coconut-half hanging lights, an origami chandelier glows above the space.

From the bed, a fine wood-panelled feature greets the eye in beige. Above a simple wooden bench, the TV is visited by a row of vases, each emanating an earthy feel. Diagonal to LOVE frames, a bookcase sidles by the feature wall, carrying books bound in white. Grey curtains and white chiffon let light in, while a rustic wooden door seals the deal.

Visualizer: E Space  

Our second bedroom gives off the tropical and tribal – in one space. Gloriously open plan, it segments each space through levelling simple wooden flooring. In the bedroom, a four-poster frame makes a statement with a tribal brown and white motif. White calico hangs above, in a manner befitting a king. While lush green palms frolic outside, black stencil framing makes the room modern. A glowing amber lamp, wooden horseshoe and lantern heat up a traditional wooden cabinet.

The space steps into a pool area, modernised by chrome fittings. Backgrounded by a cane wall, painted terracotta pots stand to attention and hang from the ceiling. A shower fixture offers a place to refresh, while the toilet invites with a striking jade feature wall.

The outdoors play a large part in the design, through large black-framed windows. Looking to the toilet, the green outside mirrors the jade inside. From the toilet, an oval mirror on beige granite appears as another window. A cane basket references the cane wall.

The bathroom closes with a gold engraving, lying flat on the wall. A small porcelain toilet and bide offer simplicity in service.

Visualizer: Amir cherni  

A touch of the exotic is the order of the day for this Tunisian-style bedroom. Taking glamour to a whole new level, this room is fit for a prince – or princess. Moroccan-inspired wallpaper catches attention with two silver-etched headboards rolled together into one. The statement continues with a bed shrouded in grey fur, and topped with blue and white cushions. Reaching out to the side with a mirror, a glass bedside table offers a sprig of life in black filigree steel. Placed on grey stone tiles with a white decorated border, this bedroom was designed to impress.

To the left of the bed, a brown leather couch adds masculinity. Fur ottomans offer a place to rest the feet, while tying in the fur duvet. A series of silver-and-glass hanging lights and a mirror door frame the view behind.

Visualizer: Adi R Indra G  

For a touch of the 21st Century, it’s hard to go past this metallic interior. Setting the scene with a silver-and-black lined feature wall, an artful stencil clock traces the time. Wide bed panelling in dark wood extends into white enamel bedside tables and a headboard. Trinkets in rose gold, silver and white porcelain are lit by glowing lamps beside. Beige and stone bedding add an air of calm as the TV speaks back on an opposing wall. Shelves hold trinkets high from billowing white and beige curtains.

The little details say a lot. Contrasting dark wood and stone enamel play off against rose gold lamps, as books sit above. Strip LED lighting underneath shelves lights up metallic accessories, forming an aesthetic line with the top of the TV.

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40 Unique Door Knockers To Add Drama To Your Entryway

Di, 18.10.2016 - 17:15

Nothing describes the character of a home quite like its front door design. It’s monumental in terms of first impressions – but perhaps even more important than the door itself is the mounted knocker, a valuable focal point in its own right. Nearly every culture in the world carries its own traditions and regional variations on this functional detail, and today’s options are wider and more expressive than ever. If you’re looking for a housewarming gift or a new addition to complete your entryway, this list offers 40 ideas in a variety of styles and for every budget. We hope you’ll find a design that makes you fall in love with your home all over again.

Buy It: $17   

Celtic Green Man Door Knocker: Make springtime a permanent fixture in your residence with this representation of the mythical Green Man, a vegetative motif with roots that span cultures and centuries. It’s a throwback to classic architecture yet works wonders to bring color to the modern entryway.

Buy It: $70   

Antique Tuscan Door Knocker: Age-old foundry techniques bring this cast iron door knocker to life. Weighing in at almost 8 pounds, this piece is just as heavy as one would expect from the authentic aesthetic – and the verdigris bronze finish helps further the illusion of historicity.

Buy It: $28   

Cast Iron Green Man Door Knocker: Sized at 11 inches tall and 6 inches across, this heavy cast iron knocker is sure to draw glances and compliments from every guest. It’s impossible to ignore! Each green man knocker is hand-finished to suit antique and classic front doors.

Buy It: $56   

Skull Jaw Knocker: Whether you’re looking for a seasonal piece to scare trick-or-treaters on Halloween or maintain a love for the dark and gothic all year long, this skull is a neat addition to spooky front doors. Sturdy cast iron construction ensures endurance and impressive heft.

Buy It: $23   

Hand Door Knocker: This elegant style, traditionally known as the Hand of Fatima, would suit darker Victorian exteriors but would look great on any front door or garden gate. It’s relatively light for a strong cast iron knocker, but that just makes it all the more suitable for lighter mounting applications.

Buy It: $24   

Chinese Lion Door Knocker: Stylized like a traditional Chinese guardian lion (sometimes called a foo dog in reference to lion-like canine breeds), this door knocker serves as a symbol of protection and good fortune. It weighs up to three pounds and is constructed from polished polyresin.

Buy It: $22   

Dragon Door Knocker: Fans of fantasy series like Game of Thrones are sure to love this one. This menacing dragon is the perfect finishing touch for a game room, home theater, or even the front door. The detail is incredible, and the price is hard to pass up.

Buy It: $20   

Wolf Door Knocker: At a pound and a half, this knocker is light enough for interior applications as well as outdoor use. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, this piece easily lets guests know they’re about to enter the territory of House Stark. Do check our Game of Thrones Decor post if you are GoT fan, btw.

Buy It: $50   

Fox Door Knocker: A bit of applied oxidation makes this cast iron knocker perfect for rustic or cottage homes. Like the clever fox itself, this piece has a whimsical sense of mystery sure to capture the imagination of visitors.

Buy It: $21   

Bulldog Door Knocker: Loyal companions to their families, bulldogs are a proud and dependable breed worthy of guarding the entrance to a fine home. This cast iron knocker would make a wonderful gift for a bully owner, or anyone who simply favors these adorably serious canines.

Buy It: $20   

Horse Door Knocker: Enthusiasts of all things equine know that horses are inherently elegant, but the heavy brass construction and gold finish of this knocker really take this piece to the next level. Cast brass ensures a long life and potential to become a cherished heirloom.

Buy It: $30   

Antiqued Finish North American Moose Door Knocker: Beautiful! Whether you’re looking for a door knocker for a traditional lodge or cabin, or just want something out of the ordinary, this 4-pound cast iron moose head will add unforgettable personality to any front door.

Buy It: $35   

Elephant Door Knocker: This door knocker is fun to look at and even more fun to use. This statement piece stands at 10 inches from head to trunk, and 8 inches from ear to ear – it’s the perfect final touch for any large and dramatic door.

Buy It: $30   

Hindu God Ganesha Door Knocker: Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles and as the patron of arts and intellect. What a beautiful way to represent your home! It’s a spiritual, elegant, and mindful choice for any exterior.

Buy It: $28   

Lion Door Knocker: When it comes to door knockers, it’s hard to find a style more recognizable than the classic lion’s head. This iconic form dates to ancient Greece and possibly even earlier, appearing all over the world throughout the ages.

Buy It: $45   

Medieval Lion Head Door Knocker: Here’s another lion’s head knocker, this time with a more subtle medallion-like shape. The knocker is heavy and nearly 8×8 inches across, sure to capture the imagination of guests impressed by the fierce guardian that protects your door.

Buy It: $24   

Black Swan Door Knocker: This black swan certainly isn’t your average door knocker choice. It has a mysterious personality to it, deep and peaceful and certainly appropriate for the door of a stately lakeside home.

Buy It: $40   

Brass Woodpecker Door Knocker: Real woodpeckers can delight or annoy depending on one’s appreciation for the sounds of nature, but the rap of this fanciful bird will bring smiles every time. It has an intricate arts-and-craft vibe well suited to creative home exteriors.

Buy It: $36   

Bat Door Knocker: Its quality materials and historical flair of this bat-shaped knocker ensure it won’t remind guests of Halloween too much – at least not until the appropriate season rolls around. And that adorable face is irresistible! Bat fans don’t often have many options for home decor, so this piece fills an important niche.

Buy It: $94   

Dragonfly Door Knocker: Quality materials and stunning detail make Michael Healy door knockers stand out from the rest. This enchanting dragonfly design is available in solid brass, bronze, or nickel silver to suit any exterior theme you might want to embrace.

Buy It: $125   

Ladybug Door Knocker Here’s another design from Michael Healy, this time shaped like a playful ladybug. Each Michael Healy doorknocker arrives in a stylish package signed by the artist so it makes a wonderful high-quality housewarming gift for friends who appreciate the finer things in life.

Buy It: $34  

Octopus Door Knocker: Definitely unique! If you’re looking to set your home apart from the neighbors, this octopus is ready to impress. An anchor-shaped mount and verdigris patina solidify the nautical theme, great for a beach house or as a way to bring the ocean right to your inland front door.

Buy It: $23   

Steampunk Style Octopus Door Knocker: Even if you’re not quite ready to express your love for steampunk style to neighborhood (or if the homeowner’s association would have something to say about it), its lightweight construction makes it equally appropriate to mount to interior doors or large cabinets.

Buy It: $115   

Whale Tail Bronze Door Knocker: Solid bronze construction boasts a rich oiled finish that brings this whale door knocker to life. This might also make a nice housewarming gift for a fan of mermaids or dolphins.

Buy It: $49   

Sea Turtle Door Knocker: Just look at that brilliant finish! This turtle-shaped knocker feels reminiscent of Victorian and even Art Deco era styles, a gorgeous vintage style addition to any modern or traditional home. It’s a good medium size at 6 inches tall by 4 inches wide, and weighs a modest yet sturdy 1 pound for versatile mounting needs.

Buy It: $15   

Cast Iron Sea Horse Door Knocker: Loving the nautical selections? We’re not even halfway finished! This one is expertly finished with a verdigris patina that makes it look like it weathered many cool mornings attached to a beachside bungalow.

Buy It: $33   

Crab Door Knocker: Nobody else in the neighborhood will have a door knocker like this one. It is important to note that some of the reviewers mention the linked model no longer uses the same colors yet the beautiful casting details remain unchanged. Thankfully, because the knocker is solid brass, an experienced DIY enthusiast could easily replicate the beautiful hues and patina as pictured.

Buy It: $199   

Horseshoe Crab Door Knocker: Here’s a contemporary take on the nautical door knocker theme. This horseshoe crab boasts a minimalistic form and a smooth nickel finish, very well suited to modern home exteriors or even industrial applications.

Buy It: $45   

Brass Clamshell Door Knocker: Crafted by hand in exquisite detail, this Michael Healy design is a classic that can enhance a variety of exterior styles. It’s also small enough to work indoors – like on a bathroom door, for example – at just a little under 4×4 inches in size.

Buy It: $34   

Brass Anchor Door Knocker: And finally, here’s the last nautical door knocker on the list. This one is cast in gorgeous, bright, gleaming solid brass for high quality discernable at a glance. It’s impossible to ignore from any angle.

Buy It: $13   

Fleur De Lis Door Knocker: Cast iron construction takes on classic rusty patina for a doorknocker that demonstrates a strong illusion of age. This knocker is a great choice for anyone who wants to match the era of an older home or has adopted a traditional style during a renovation.

Buy It: $110   

Golden Fleur De Lis Door Knocker: Available in brass, bronze, or nickel silver, this smoother and more refined fleur-de-lis knocker would be more suited to a modern home. It’s a nice way to add a touch of glamor without sacrificing practicality or elegance.

Buy It: $25   

Black Cast Iron Door Knocker: Dark door knockers have a way to exerting an unforgettable presence without stealing attention from other beautiful elements that may surround, like an antique door or decorative transom window. This classic cast iron knocker is subtle yet impressively detailed.

Buy It: $240   

Poland Coat of Arms Brass Door Knocker: Whether you’re homesick or just looking for a way to acknowledge your family’s heritage, this coat of arms door knocker is a stylish solution. The removable greeting plate says “welcome” on one side, and its Polish translation (“witamy”) on the other.

Buy It: $26   

Key Door Knocker: Welcome friends and family with the knowledge that the key to your home is a simple rap at the door. This heavy cast iron knocker has vintage charm in theme and finish alike.

Buy It: $145   

Brass Pinecone Door Knocker: Absolutely gorgeous, understated, and quality from top to bottom, this pinecone door knocker brings to mind the sounds and aromas of a cottage in the woods. It’s a work of art befitting the finest of entryways.

Buy It: $125   

Acorn Door Knocker: While the newest Ice Age movie leads Scrat all the way to outer space in search of an elusive acorn, this door knocker will simply transport your guests to a warm and welcoming environment among friends – certainly a happy ending.

Buy It: $63   

Pineapple Door Knocker: Are you familiar with the history of the “welcome pineapple?” The fruit itself was once rare in Europe and colonial America, making for an elaborate and gracious gift to treasured guests. The tradition lives on as a bright and sunny decorative motif, such as this handcrafted brass knocker.

Buy It: $13   

Door Knocker With Viewer: It’s not easy to find these! This piece is a combination of a one-way peephole and a knocker. The knocker is constructed from smooth dark brushed brass, a choice that combines the best of tradition and modernism.

Buy It: $35   

Personalized Door Knocker: If you’re looking for an irreplaceable housewarming or wedding gift that will endure as an heirloom for generations to come, this solid brass knocker is a good candidate. All three lines are customizable to suit the recipient.

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