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Taipei Home Showcases Asian Minimalist Influences

Wed, 17.12.2014 - 20:00

In Western homes we may see influences of minimalism. Many modern homes strive to incorporate the beautiful simplicity of the style. However, in this Taipei home, owned by a family of three, minimalism is not simply a preferred aesthetic, it is an absolute necessity. With three people living in just 285 square feet (26 square meters), there is no space whatsoever for things that do not have a function. The home’s designer at Folk Design took inspiration for this simple house from the owners’ love of calligraphy and devotion to meditation. Indeed, it must take a very clear mind to let go of so much space and privacy.

The living area is the main meeting space in the home as well as the source of most of the sunlight, with its wall of windows. The long, narrow sofa features modular cushions that can quickly be rearranged from sofa to study bench to guest bed when necessary. There is also a small work nook that can be closed off out of sight by folding wood doors.

The natural wood elements are common throughout the house, which helps to give much of the decor a calming and neutral atmosphere. There is nothing busy or loud about this design.

Behind another sliding door, a narrow staircase leads upstairs to the more private areas of the home. However, the stairs are only visible when they are slid out from their hiding space in the kitchen. Built on sliding tracks, they can be folded away when the small kitchen is in use.

Upstairs are a lofted private bed area. An open glass partition looks out over the living room, which may not be the most private arrangement but does allow natural light to reach the otherwise closed off bedroom.

Storage, of course, is always an issue in a home this small. The designer has cleverly built storage into otherwise unused spaces in the ceiling. These sliding wardrobes pull down when needed and fold completely out of the way when not. The same is true of the hidden meditation pool on the lower level that gets sealed up by a natural wood plank when not in use.

Image Courtesy: Hey!Cheese

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10 Bedrooms for Designer Dreams

Tue, 16.12.2014 - 16:29

A good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to be healthy, productive, and happy. And of course, a good night’s sleep starts in the bedroom. The best bedroom should feel like home, from its colors and textures to its bed frame, it should not be a place that makes you feel anxious or excited. The bedrooms in this post are not just beautiful, they are relaxing and each is luxurious in its own way: the perfect place to lay your head and dream sweet, designer dreams.

The first room, designed by Juraj Talcik, is an amazing space that appears to be nestled in the clouds. With sweeping views of the surrounding forests and smooth, lovely natural wood floors and pretty potted plants. The unique headboard is particularly notable as well, springing up and out from the bed frame to create a kind of partial, modern canopy.

The second bedroom comes from visualizer Duc Jimmi and is decidedly more feminine. The use of a few carefully chosen patterns, from the duvet to the cute wire desk chair, actually have a calming effect. The creative hidden lighting is also a soft and warm, perfect for getting ready for bed.

This bedroom, from Image Box Studio, uses an ultramodern palette with black and white taking center stage. The neutral scheme is offset by a pop of yellow in the upholstered armchair in the corner. Why not curl up with a good book before turning in for the night?

For a more urban option, check out this apartment bedroom from Alex Koretskiy. The gold wall treatment, with shimmering pain dripping down from the crown moulding and a contrast color of a lovely deep pink, create a urban sophistication for perfect sleep in the city.

A bold canopy bed may be right for some, but a comfy spot on the floor is enough for others. This simple, quirky bedroom includes a low platform bed and lovely turquoise accent wall. There is something warm, welcoming, and snuggly about the girly decor, too.

In another bedroom from the same designer, we see a more masculine approach to a similar atmosphere. The creative wall clock draws the eye and is not entirely relaxing. Still, creative hanging lights, simple white bedding, and cool blue walls tone the bedroom down to the level that’s right for night.

This warm bedroom in caramel brown uses textures to create its enveloping atmosphere.

With a modern nautical theme, this bedroom from designer Oksana Mukhina could rock you gently to sleep like a boat on the ocean. The whitewashed floor and walls are particularly reminiscent of a beach house, which must be the epitome of relaxation.

This Persian-inspired bedroom from Projek F is highly sophisticated. The leather headboard and Persian art are dark almost fragrant, begging for you to turn off the lights.

The final bedroom from designer Oksana Mukhina. Its white walls and simple linen bed are enough to make the small room feel large enough to hold an entire head full of dreams.

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Beach Adjacent Home with Space for Luxury Entertaining

Mon, 15.12.2014 - 20:27

All the visions you may have of life in Southern California probably include sun-soaked beaches, sprawling mansions, and plenty of time poolside. While that’s hardly the reality for the majority of SoCal residents, one step inside this Pacific Palisades home and you will know exactly where those kinds of California dreams come from. Situated near downtown Pacific Palisades, with views that go all the way from the Pacific Ocean to downtown Los Angeles, this 5 bedroom, 6 bath home from architect Nadav Rokach is a California dream come true.

The creation of this space was truly a family affair. Nadav Rokach worked with his brother, developer David Rokach and David’s wife, interior designer Eliana Rokach, to create the home from the ground up. No expense was spared and it shows in the luxury of every room.

Of particular interest are the multiple entertainment areas. After all, what is the use of a beautiful home in the Palisades if you cannot invite plenty of people over to share in the luxury of your home? The backyard features the obligatory infinity pool with white limestone fixtures and modern lounge chairs. It’s an ideal place to spend a lazy afternoon or to sip on an apres swim cocktail.

The outdoors are an essential part of California life up and down the coast, meaning that any house like this must have easy access to the fresh sea air. Many of the tall glass doors from Fleetwood feature a bi-fold design that means that open up to the outside and make the house feel like one big outdoor space.

The interior of the house is luxurious without being extravagant. It is the details in the fixtures and materials that bring the space into the height of luxury, not ornate or fussy details.

There is no escaping the movie business in Los Angeles, either. That’s why the home has both a media room and a screening room, one of which is equipped with its own private bar.

The roof deck is another decadent feature of this home. It includes a hot tub, BBQ grill, fire pit, and dining area along with its stunning 360 degree views. It’s nearly begging for a party each and every night, by the twinkle of the city lights.

Of course, a hot tub may not be a day-to-day amenity, but a kitchen certainly is. The one in this home is sleek and open with plenty of space for cooking up anything from an avocado omelette to a fresh squeezed juice. The appliances in the kitchen come from Miele.

A private wine cellar and home gym may be somewhat juxtaposed to one another, but that doesn’t stop them from co-existing peacefully, just like the decadence and healthfulness of the glorious Los Angeles basin itself.

Image Courtesy: The Agency

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Korean Interior Design Inspiration

Fri, 12.12.2014 - 16:00

No country or culture can be defined by one style of design. However, the region where a design grows up, learns, and lives can certainly influence his or her style. In this post, we explore selections from the portfolio of Jung wook Han, a Seoul-based interior designer who draws inspiration from traditional Korean aesthetic ideals as well as contemporary design theory. The one thing that each of these spaces has in common is a celebration of natural light – whether through the use of gauzy white curtains and large windows or stunning modern skylights. Have a look inside these beautiful modern spaces and get inspired to create your own sunny retreat.

When you can escape into the luxury of a good book, you don’t need anything else to enjoy yourself. But this space, with its floor to ceiling bookshelves and ample sunny spaces to curl up on a cool day would be the ultimate escape for any book lover. The color palette is simple and warm, letting the books themselves really take center stage.

Books can provide a certain type of sustenance, and for the rest this space offers this cozy bistro-style kitchen, complete with its own chalkboard A-frame.

One of the great things about the designs showcased here is that the designer has taken the time to show the versatility of different spaces. For instance, the lofted area here is shown as a bedroom, workspace, and another cozy reading nook. By simply shuffling around some light furniture, it is easy to create any of these configurations depending on your mood.

Jun wook Han has also created many beautiful kitchen designs, including this modern offering. With a white color palette, the creative and brightly colored kitchen accessories are allowed to pop. This modern kitchen utilizes space efficiently so that even though it is not among the most spacious, it feels every bit as open and liveable as a much larger gourmet space would be. A simple natural wood dining table with a matching bench is a cute yet modern finishing touch.

Of course, the minimalist look of a modern white kitchen is not right for everyone. In this final space we see the glory of a fully equipped cooking space with every design element carefully chosen. From a vintage-inspired refrigerator to a folding bistro table and butcher block countertop, this kitchen is warm, cozy, and just a little bit quirky.

Sunlight filters in through bright, pretty windows and the entire tenor of the room can change just by swapping out fiestaware for neutral ceramics. With simple barstools and plenty of chopping room, it’s really a kitchen where families can meet, cook, snack, and chat.

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Creative and Inspirational Workspaces

Thu, 11.12.2014 - 16:00

With the advent of the internet, the idea of a workspace has transformed into something much more than a sterile desk in a gray cubicle or even a plank of mahogany in a corner office. So many jobs now encourage employees to work from home, and even more artists and designers are inspired to work from beautiful spaces they create themselves. In this post, we’ll explore 20 gorgeous and inspirational workspaces where anyone would be lucky to spend a day.

If you live in the right climate, fresh air and sunlight can be just the creative boost you need in your workspace. This beautiful wood and concrete bunker provides a hidden but open work area for multiple designers, artists, and creative thinkers.

In a more traditional take on an office (meaning, it actually has a ceiling), we find this industrial-inspired space with plenty of dark colors and sleek lines. No distractions to be found.

This sleek drafting table gives its artist owner plenty of space to spread out while a white brick wall can reflect light as well as ideas.

For a cozier, craftier office that would fit nicely into someone’s home, we have this white washed room with sparks of playful yellow. Suspended shelving above the desk let the owner display personal effects, and create a warm and personal atmosphere.

A design team that works side by side needs space and boundaries. This two person desk with matching Eames chairs might not fit the bill for everyone but its simplicity is divine.

With space to spread out and a desk to focus, this sleek and organized office is the perfect space for the fashion forward. The hanging terrarium bulbs are a particularly creative touch.

What’s more inspiring than a cabin-inspired nook of your own? The wood paneling behind this wall is the ultimate in rustic and there’s not a computer to be seen.

Sometimes a home office needs to find space where it can. Here, a cozy and clean workspace is nestled neatly between a television and closet.

The ombre spectrum used in this minimalist workspace is entirely relaxing. From cream to gray to black to time to get to work.

Some artists may find it distracting to face a window, but here the sunlight actually provides another work surface for Post Its, which is nothing if not creative.

The playful textures in this cheeky home office, from a fuzzy rug to a plastic molded desk chair are both practical and playful.

This office is organized. Period. A few carefully chosen splashes of color give it a bit of personality, but it still screams “Time for Work.”

It is a successful executive who finds herself with this kind of view.

Whether it’s a crafting area for mom or a study space for daughter, this cozy little office nook has the bare essentials plus bit of pretty pink.

The creative storage nooks is this desk are overshadowed but its spectacular placement. It’s the top of urban office design – though the direct sun might get to be a bit much in the summer.

Perched on an upper level of a secluded cabin, this spacious workplace is something Thoreau might have longed for. Simple, rustic, and clean.

The hanging storage units on either side of this simple desk are both stylish and practical. Even the dangling plants serve their own air purification purposes.

Of course, a well organized desk is key to a successful workspace design. Matching wood desk elements are just one way to encourage yourself to keep things as organized as they can be.

This desk concept is specifically designed for those people who use a laptop, desktop, and need space for sketching and storage. Its creative design is sleek and practical.

Finally, a musically-inspired office with a desk that could easily have been home to a Beatles contract – if it weren’t for that MacBook perched on top.

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Casa Redux: A Stunning Architectural Tribute to Stark Modernism

Wed, 10.12.2014 - 16:00

Completed in 2013, Casa Redux – or “Redux House” – is a truly breathtaking contribution to modern residential architecture. Studio mk27, a São Paola architecture and design firm headed by Marcio Kogan, created this home from start to finish. The resulting structure is a textbook study in clean lines and stark, modern detail from its captivating windows to its concrete textured walls. Step inside for more views of this amazing space.

As with any project, the architectural team had to begin this design by focusing on the natural environment of the land. They chose to build the house on the highest ground of the plot, giving residents full, sweeping views of beautiful Brazilian sunsets and surrounding natural landscapes in the gated community of Quinta da Baroneza.

Perhaps the most noticeable visual cues in this home are the dual slabs – the floor and the ceiling – that sandwich the large window panes. These concrete pieces create and almost overwhelming sense of long and clean, situating the house perfectly in modern style. The way in which the floor was created, sitting 50 centimeters (about 20 inches) off the ground, the home almost seems to float above the earth.

The ethereal feeling is extend in the large yard with a simple, deep concrete pool that glows at night, making it easy to wonder whether you have stepped into a home or into a dream.

From the outdoor pool to the striking folding wood panels, the home is not just located on a plot of land, it is located in nature. The easy flow of the design from inside to outdoors creates a home that does not let one forget about the land, the earth, or the sky that give us all a home. The wood panels also serve as practical privacy curtains for the home’s bedrooms, since there are limits to the desire for sunlight and envious eyes.

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Pedal to the Metal: A Sleek House that Puts a Passion for Cars on Display

Tue, 09.12.2014 - 15:55

A fabulous home starts with an open and honest collaboration between the architect, interior designers, and of course, the home owner. In many cases, this type of collaboration results in a home that is borne out of a special love for a certain style, a particular piece of art, or even a color. But in the instance of this house from the team at LINE Architects, the house was inspired by the homeowner’s passion for cars. That passion is carried through each choice in the design, even to the extent that the homeowner’s cars are visible from many different areas of the space.

The house, designed by architect Dmitry Petrov and located in Chi?in?u, Moldova, measures 494.2 square meters (5319.52 square feet). It consists of two main areas, including an open and airy downstairs living area and the upstairs bedroom and working areas.

The first floor, starting from the entrance hall, fights to be as open as possible with vaulted ceilings and a consistently implemented white color scheme. Staying true to the automotive theme, the downstairs lounge is separated from the garage by a glass partition. This unusual choice, finished with neutral drapes, means that the occupant’s beloved cars can actually be put on display at any time.

An oversized floor lamp in the lounge area works as a major focal point, particularly when the drapes are drawn over the garage. The style of a desk lamp blown up into almost comical proportions is one we can seen before in a number of modern homes.

The house, which the architect refers to as House 4 Cars, is made mainly from metal, glass, concrete, and ceramic. The emphasis on these industrial materials are just another way to reference the pieces and parts of the sleek machines in the garage.

Of course, not every part of the home is entirely focused on cars. The downstairs living area is deftly separated in the lounge, dining room, and kitchen by partial walls that provide separation but also keep the space open and bright. The first floor also houses a guest bedroom and bath.

On the second floor, private family bedrooms and office spaces, coupled with small balconies and large windows, allow the residents to melt away from the rest of the house easily and instead spend time gazing out over the well manicured lawn and pool area.

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Beautiful Brazilian House Built Up and Around a Tree

Mon, 08.12.2014 - 16:58

To create a home that blends into the natural beauty surrounding it is a challenge in itself. But to build a home that actually incorporates nature – not just in its colors and textures, but it its actual plants – is truly a feat. This residence in Brazil, covered by Casa Vogue and built by architect Alessandro Sartore, manages to do just that by allowing trees that were already growing on the plot of land to continue up and through the new structure. The results are a house that is certainly modern in its design, but also unique and deeply personal.

The house was created for dentist and art collector Rodrigo Quadrado, a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When first discussing the undertaking with his architect, he specified that he did not want a house “that had a showroom face.” Despite a thorough appreciation of design and a desire for a beautiful space for his family, he wanted to the warmth and personality of a family home before the splendor of a magazine cover.

The large, leafy mango tree that grows up through the middle of the main living area has been named “Bethany” and comes up through a hole in the slab of the floor that is 3 meters in diameter. The tree is not just a clever design element, it influenced how the entire house was arranged, allowing it to provide air, shade, and a sense of flow through the difference living spaces.

In order to accommodate Bethany as well as another tree in the garage, the architects decided to forgo air conditioning. In the heat of a Brazilian summer, this was certainly a bold choice. However, the shade from Bethany as well as the glass walls manage to keep the house cool and comfortable even in the hottest weather.

The materials used for this home were also largely dictated by the natural look desired by the homeowner. Sartore worked with warm materials such as paroba-do-campo (formally Aspidosperma macrocarpon) and wood stone, both of which exude a warm and familiar feel.

As an art collector, Quadrado also insisted on creating enough wall space for some of his beloved art, including works from Nuno Ramos, Meireles , Beatriz Milhazes , Jorge Guinle , Joaquim Tenreiro and Poteiro.

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2 Sunny Apartments with Quirky Design Elements

Fri, 05.12.2014 - 19:41

In order for an apartment to be beautiful, it does not have to glitter and sparkle with gold or have heavy velvet curtains and a spacious gourmet kitchen. More than any of that, a home should be comfortable, warm, and welcoming. These two apartments, both of which come from the designers at Plasterlina, have tons of sunshine, simple furnishings and a few quirky, fun design elements that will make you feel like the designer is right there throwing you a big wink.

The first apartment is a home in Warsaw. The look uses quite a bit of white from the walls to the lacquered metal barstools to the whitewashed floor, which serves to open up the space and bounce around plenty of natural light from the large windows.

Behind the sofa is a chalkboard wall, which is an easy and highly affordable way to bring a spark of creative energy to any room. Though the overall color palette in the living space is neutral, a few splotches of tangerine and mustard bring in a vibe of spring.

The bedroom brings even more color into play with a fantastic teal and white polka dot wallpaper and awesomely orange duvel. Clever geometric animal drawings over the bed are cute without being cutesy.

Plasterlina has given the second apartment, in the Polish city of Lodz, the theme “Less not Bore,” which very clearly belies the idea that simplicity does not have to mean empty or cold.

Here, light colors continue to take center stage from the white brick that calls to mind a modern Manhattan bistro to the natural wood flooring and custom shelves. We can also see this living room’s nod to quirk with its amazing custom bookshelf that’s situated such that it looks as though the books are pouring into another cabinet. The matte teal wall is certainly a trendy tone, but it works here in contrast with the otherwise neutral style.

The kitchen is small and simple, but its reflective cabinetry and appliances keep it feeling spacious. Built in shelving for cookbooks is particularly useful for the culinarily inclined.

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Eclectic Single Bedroom Apartment With Open Floor Plan

Thu, 04.12.2014 - 20:05

The hits just keep coming from the design team at INT2. In this post, we’ll explore a 69 square meter (742 square foot) apartment in Minsk, Belarus. The space is not particularly large, but as we have seen in previous projects from these talented designers, it does not take excessive floor space to create a beautiful and welcoming home. What’s more important is that each piece is perfectly chosen to fit with an overall atmosphere and purpose, just as we will see here.

The general floorplan is quite open, with only the bedrooms and bathrooms being closed off from the rest of the house. This allows natural light to filter in for most of the day, keeping this bright and warm.

The design utilizes a mixture of a warm industrial trend with vintage, upcycled pieces. For instance, the caged bulb next to the warm leather sling chair is made from a vintage barn pulley and the headboard in the bedroom is a repurposed vintage door.

Mixing these different time periods and style gives the apartment an eclectic and warm feel, creating a sense of personality and life. It is this type of design that makes even a casual visitor want to settle in and stay for a long stretch.

Storage is an issue to address in any type of design. Using a vertical bicycle rack, the residents of this apartment can turn a utilitarian object into its own work of art, while also preserving floorspace on their simple but bright enclosed terrace.

A custom mural in the bedroom is a loud shout to the personal tastes of the occupants. It’s watching eyes and high contrast design might be unsettling for some, but for these homeowners puts a unique stamp on their private space.

The partition in the living room, made from carefully chosen cinderblocks is distinct and decidedly cool, but not overly fussy or fancy. The contrast between the rectangular and round designs in the bricks gives it a special artistic element.

A small bathroom with built in laundry tucked under the counter is a finishing touch on this efficient but stylish design.

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7 Inspirational Loft Interiors

Wed, 03.12.2014 - 16:45

Loft living, once the refuge of eccentric artists who needed space for canvas stretching and the occasional cocktail party, is now indicative of a stylish and affluent lifestyle. The loft interiors in this post are each unique, but manage to embrace the challenges of vaulted ceiling, open floor plans, and an overtly urban atmosphere. Let these stunning interiors inspire you to create your own urban, artsy oasis, no matter where you are.

This first loft comes from the team at Nudesign and was created for Italian designers Snaidero. The design here takes full advantage of sunlight streaming in from floor-to-ceiling windows.

Perhaps the most unique design feature of this particular loft is the patchwork wall treatment that creates a quilted look on the kitchen wall and spills down onto the floor. This design element also serves to separate the kitchen space from the other parts of the apartment, which is always a challenge in loft style living.

Using the ample vertical space for storage, without covering up the marvelous windows, it another way to take advantage of the loft architecture.

In the second loft home, luxury and sleek modernism take the place of the quirky elements in the first home. This design comes from the Italy-based team of Arrital Cucine.

Using natural, unpainted wood and neutral grays and whites, the design gives the impression of minimalism while still including plenty of features and furnishings. The Overhead light fixtures spread out like broken umbrellas and serve to make the space and it’s massive ceilings a bit less daunting.

The third loft is not quite as spacious but still feels open and airy, thanks to carefully chosen design elements such as a suspended staircase, simple, open kitchen storage, and a minimalist wood crate sofa.

The upstairs bedroom sits much closer to the ceiling and stays true to the neutral color scheme established in the main living area.

In this next loft, the neutral palette is taken to the extreme with monochromatic pizzazz. This 3D modeled apartment features a lower level living area and upstairs mezzanine with bedroom, closet, and bath.

The striking loft was designed by the team at Dragon Art for a an active young couple that spends weekends on long bike rides and would cherish the simplicity and fashion of this loft look.

The final three loft concepts come from visualizer Piotr Czech, each with its own modern spin on a loft-style space.

The first is close to an open floor plan home without some of the industrial elements that tend to invade a loft style design. Again, cool neutral tones bend towards the masculine and modern, keeping the space simple and comfortable.

In the second space, exposed red brick and a winding metal staircase are, in contrast, decidedly industrial. Graphic wall art adds a bit of decorative whimsy to the downstairs living area as well.

The final loft concept has a bit more color than the previous entries, with a particular focus on red and pinks. The understair storage draws are a practical and stylish way to add much needed concealed storage in an otherwise open design.

If you are a fan of lofts, do check out our extensive coverage of loft design.

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4 Masculine Apartments with Super Comfy Sofas and Sleek Color Palettes

Tue, 02.12.2014 - 20:13

Though everyone wants a space that’s all their own, not everyone needs a space that’s entirely unique. Instead, many people choose interior designers because they know they can handle the exact style they like. The four apartments here, designed by YoDezeen, all have striking similarities. Utilizing plush leather sofas, dark neutral color palettes, and right wood tones, each creates its own dreamy, masculine atmosphere.

The first apartment is highlighted by a chocolatey brown leather sofa.

The dark gray wingback chair is ultra modern and perfect for enjoying the news – either in paper form or more likely on an iPad – at the start of a long day.

The apartment also pulls in some natural elements with indoor plants mimicking the greenery out the window.

Glistening gold light fixtures in the dining room, coupled with cozy gray chairs, make this apartment fit for a dinner party of the future.

One of the most unique features in this room is the stunning carved walls, which feature birds of paradise flowers in stark relief.

In Kiev, we find this next apartment, with similar elements in slightly different places.

The sofa, for instance, is that same plush design but the room is a bit warmer since the upholstery is a soft cream color.

The dining area also features creative metal light fixtures, but these are a dark, wire design and the egg chairs are a rich black.

The spike metal theme carries out into the living room with a fascinating floor lamp that looks almost like a metal flower in bloom.

Black leather sling chairs make for a lovely, if serious, conversation nook in one corner.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves allow for bold display of books and personal effects.

The second Kiev also uses similar elements, starting with its own nod to the sling chair.

The dining room features cool lucite light fixtures and much simpler black chairs.

Its black leather sofa is enormous and begging to be sunk into.

Simple floor lamps offer more style than substance, but bring the chrome element into the space.

Trunk-inspired storage boxes are super sleek.

This is the last of the lot and bears a strong resemblance with the first one but with greater emphasis on wood.

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3 Whimsical Apartment Interiors from Sergey Makhno

Mon, 01.12.2014 - 16:30

While you could certainly argue that even the most monochromatic interiors are using color in a creative way, there is something particularly satisfying about the bold look of very bright colors, used shamelessly. In these three apartments from designer Sergey Makhno, color and playfulness is in the foreground at every turn. From wild Moroccan-inspired patterns and textured walls to the bold blues of oceanscape paintings, these homes are so full of life they look as though they might start breathing at any moment.

Working with just 50 square meters (538 square feet), the owner of this first apartment still wanted to be able to incorporate every unique space of a much larger home, including a living room, kitchen, dining area, bedroom, dressing room, library, and sizeable bathroom. With some creative design tricks, Makhno was able to make this happen.

One of the easiest space saving techniques connected a small dining surface, complete with striking orange stools, to the kitchen area. This way the surface can double as a preparation space for the chef.

The living room, which is open to the kitchen, is certainly the dominant force in this apartment. Its texture corduroy sofas use bright colors and whimsical patterns to draw the eye from every corner of the rom. The sofa is a modular design from Roche Bobois that can be shifted and reconfigured for different setups, including a cozy guest bed when the need arises.

The bedroom is tucked away in a small cubby hole that provide plenty of privacy when needed but can also stay open to the rest of the home. The bedroom and living area also both feature a unique 3D accent wall in a copyrighted Sergey Makhno design.

The second apartment is a 130 square meter (1399 square feet) space located in Kiev. For this design, Makhno was given free reign by a childhood friend to create a warm, and welcoming space with plenty of his trademark color and life.

Guests in the home are immediately welcomed by the living room to the right, which features a deep plush sofa and is separated from the kitchen and the rest of the house by a partial wood paneled wall. Behind the sofa, the love for color comes into play one again with three vibrant piece inspired by the works of Mark Rothko.

The designer lamps are also sure to draw the attention. The fixtures in the living room are a design called Zepplin from designer Marcel Wanders. The dining room fixtures are from Tom Dixon’s Beat Light series.

Upon turning left at the main entrance to the apartment, you would be led down a hallway that contains the private rooms of the home – including bedrooms, bathroom, and a nursery where the use of unique light fixtures certainly carries over.

The interiors of the bedroom and nursery are simple and clean, with modern angular furniture that serves a purpose without too much ornamentation. Even in the nursery we can see the light fixture theme with a clustered hanging fixture in the center of the room.

In the last apartment, the colors are much more subdued but we can still see the whimsical, playful influence of the designer. The color of concrete dominates the space, but the contrast of soft textures in the furnishings gives it a much more welcoming feel.

The dining chairs become a draw with their plush, bulbous design and lovely sky blue color.

In the bedroom, a low platform bed with white walls and wood flooring is almost zen in its simplicity, both of color and of style.

The private patio has its own tropical atmosphere with a potted palm and knitted ottomans. It’s a step into the islands without leaving home.

Finally the bathroom draws us back to the tongue-in-cheek style preferred by this designer with its clever use of wallpaper on the ceiling.

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A Duplex Penthouse Designed With Scandinavian Aesthetics & Industrial Elements [Includes Floor Plans]

Fri, 28.11.2014 - 15:44

When we think of Scandinavian design, we may immediately go to ideas of flat furniture with some assembly required. Simplicity and style at its most affordable. But the reality is that while the Scandinavian aesthetic does include an element of affordability, it is also about simplicity, functionality. In this duplex, designed by INT2 architecture for a family of four, the Scandinavian influence lives in harmony with trendy industrial elements. The home is beautiful and functional with no hint of “cheap.”

The ground floor of this three story penthouse includes the kitchen, dining area, and living room which carefully melt into one another, as well as an entrance hall, guest bathroom, and laundry room tucked away underneath the stairs.

The natural wood, from floor to ceiling, is intrinsic to the Scandinavian trend towards sustainability and design that breathes in its natural influences.

Though the space certainly emphasizes the functional, it is not as sparse as some minimalist homes. Instead, there is room for those purely decorative elements, like colorful artwork and vibrant potted plants.

The second floor houses three bedrooms for each member of the family as well as a shared bath. The rooms throughout the house work to highlight the actual construction of the house as much as the furnishings and design elements added to the interior. For instance, the upstairs nursery includes a stunning teal ceiling, which calls attention to the height of the room as well as the craftsmanship of the architecture with its exposed beams.

The bathroom also uses the ceiling as a gorgeous accent, leaving the wood unpainted for a lovely natural effect.

The third floor of the duplex is an attic, which poses its own design challenges. The pitch of the roof in an attic space runs the risk of feeling closed in, but the designers here have used color, light, and texture to create a cozy and welcoming sitting room.

The attic also houses a home office, bar, entertainment area, shower, and storage closet. Rather than an afterthought, it becomes a meeting place for the whole family as well as the perfect entertainment room for guests of all ages.

A cinderblock wall divider is one of those industrial elements that is breathtaking in its simplicity. The ultimate in minimalism with function and style without fuss or overt decoration. The cinderblock patterns of holes are allowed to speak for themselves.

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Sophisticated Family Apartment with Rich Wood Accents (Includes Floor Plan)

Thu, 27.11.2014 - 16:26

When a family is living in an apartment together, it is essential for each family member to have his or her own space. At times, it may not be possible for every child to have his own room or every parent to have a private office, but each person must have at least some space that is their own. In this family apartment in St. Petersburg, from the designers at Art Studio Design, each room has its own distinct feel and each family member has a space that is unique where they can retreat whenever they need to get away.

The apartment itself is 108 square meters (1162 square feet), which is not extremely large for a growing family. Still, the designers make use of each room so that it feels quite spacious and even luxurious.

The living areas are dominated by the contrast of light and dark. Wood elements are rich and dark while furniture, area rugs, and walls are white. This contrast in and of itself is sophisticated and urbane.

A small kitchen and its included dining area is not extravagant by any means, but the simple design is comfortable and welcoming for a family meal. The white molded chairs in place of wood or metal give the space a bit of whimsy.

In the master bedroom, we can see the influence of contrast. The upholstered wall behind the bed acts as an oversized headboard with a call to something more classic while a modern armless chair perched by the window is the epitome of futuristic style.

The purple color scheme is just the right amount of rich to be relaxing and never overpowering.

The child’s room makes full use of a colorful wall design, keeping everything else safely neutral. Creative shelving and a workspace by the window will let the room grow up with the little girl.

A simple, angular bathroom with a white tile accent wall is sleek and utilitarian without some of the flourishes other designs might have.

Finally, the entryway calls us back to the living area with its dark wood, offering all guest a rich and warm welcome.

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Warm Modern Interior Design

Wed, 26.11.2014 - 18:38

When you invite someone into your home, you want them to feel comfortable. Not “take up residence on the sofa and stay a few weeks” comfortable, more like “take off your shoes and enjoy an aperitif” comfortable. There’s a lot to be said for how interior design can make guests feel welcome. These apartments from the designers at Workshop Art all utilize modern design elements in warm and inviting tones. The resulting spaces are exactly the kind of place you would want to bring a friend or two. Have a look.

The first apartment is a perfect space for a young family.

Its warmth and natural materials, including wood and stone, reflect an idea of coziness and comfort.

The front door, set apart with its use of darker wood, melts into the wall and invites you to stay just a little longer.

A cozy dining area complete with the whitewashed brick of a Parisian bistro is just right for a casual meal.

While guests may not generally find themselves in the bedroom, it’s still important for the regular inhabitants to feel comfortable and welcome, too.

The second space is a 60 square meter (645 square feet) apartment in the Russian city of Romashkovo.

This design takes warmth to a new level with whites and creams dominating the design throughout.

An afternoon in this apartment would be akin to spending it in a soft cloud or a Martha Stewart photo shoot.

But perhaps skip the Merlot and bring a nice bottle of Chardonnay. Or even better, water.

When you use color so sparsely, those pops you do use become that much more important. In the bedroom it’s verdant green pillows and a neat, silver wall sculpture.

Lucite dining chairs are designed to disappear into the design and indeed they do. Just make sure every guest has an actual chair underneath them before they go crashing to the ground.

This 38 square meter (409 square feet) apartment in West Kuncevo adds a bit of color back in, but maintains that same warm and cozy feeling.

The space here is all about texture from the plush leather sofa to the gauzy white curtains.

And Eames dining chairs are practically required if you want to call a space modern.

In this 74 square meter (796 square feet) apartment, designers had a bit more space to work with.

A Le Corbusier style chair is a comfortable landing place in the cozy, wood paneled bedroom.

The dining area is small but open with upholstered chairs and a modern blown glass chandelier.

A second bedroom features a more feminine, beachy style with its creative fixtures and private deck.

Even its small mirror resembles a porthole.

The final space is a 45 square meter (484 square feet) apartment with even more color, starting in the living room that features stunning wildlife paintings.

A corner bedroom is a modern, relaxing retreat that features its own grown up version of a beanbag.

The dark marble bathroom with its pedestal sink certainly strays from the warm color palette but stays within the modern framework.

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2 Super Small Apartments Under 30 Square Meters (~325 square feet) [Includes Floor Plans]

Tue, 25.11.2014 - 16:44

In a tiny apartment, everything must have its place and stay there. When you’re working with just a few square meters of floor space, there is no room for a spontaneous floor lamp purchase or a flea market bean bag. From concept to design to the actual living in the apartment, you have to be meticulous. The two apartments features in this post are just that. Each item has a purpose and a place. Frivolity is not an option, but style is required.

The first apartment, from designer Felipe Campolina of ArchViz is a masculine take on small space design. The apartment is just 29 square meters (312 square feet) but still manages to include the conveniences necessary for a modern bachelor life.

A neutral color scheme helps the space feel more open, despite the fact that a couple of small windows are the only view to the outside world. And those windows don’t even open all the way.

The use of natural wood with white and gray also means it is easy to add and subtract from the design when necessary, without overthinking it. It’s the perfect blank canvas for an intimate dinner, for instance, since it lets the colors of the meal take over instantly.

While the bedroom (such as it is) is technically part of the same space as the living room, a privacy curtain can be drawn closed if necessary, or left open to keep the space feeling full.

As far as apartment bathrooms go, this one is not too bad considering the overall area of this place. A classic white design works perfectly with the corner shower and surprisingly spacious countertop.

The second apartment lends a more feminine air to the idea of small spaces. The detailed design of this 20 square meter (322 square feet) comes from Art Studio Design as intended for a young female designer.

More than simply sliding a curtain over an open doorway, this space makes more creative use of the space it does have, starting with the tall white cabinetry that lines the wall. These massive storage spaces actually become the walls, giving the apartment a modern feel while disguising this essential design element.

Mirrored wall dividers slide around easily, shutting off portions of the apartment that are not in use and giving a clean and intimate feel to those that are.

The dining room table is on casters, rolling out of the way when it isn’t needed so that the entire kitchen area can be cordoned off.

Even the bed hides away when not in use. This contemporary answer to the murphy bed is far from old fashioned.

The purple color scheme that pervades the apartment, even into the bathroom, is deep enough that it doesn’t not come off as immature or “girly,” instead giving a distinctly sophisticated but still feminine impression.

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Living and Sleeping Areas Exist in Harmony in these Comfortable Studio Spaces

Mon, 24.11.2014 - 15:35

When it comes to our concept of what constitutes a home – its living room, its bedrooms, its dining areas – it really depends on how we grow up. The suburban child may grow up with her own bedroom, canopy bed, and private en suite bath while a child in the city is used to sharing a bedroom with her sister and a bathroom with her parents. But still, most of us find the maximum comfort level with walls that separate the distinct areas of the home, particularly the bedroom.

The designs featured here take the comfortable idea of a separate bedroom and challenge it. They are studio apartments with living and sleeping areas closely intertwined, if not completely overlapping. The designers have managed to make this concept comfortable through the use of meticulously chosen furniture, cozy design elements, and careful consideration as to how the residents of these homes will move through and exist in them comfortably, without the need for more walls.

The first apartment, from designer Artem Shelipov, is a 33 square meter (355 square feet) studio designed for a young man living by himself. The main room acts as both living and sleeping room with a large convertible piece of furniture taking center stage. It can easily move from sofa with central coffee table to relaxing bedroom with just a few motions.

Because of the small space, the designer has chosen to use only a few different materials, creating comfort rather than clutter. The minimalist design is keeps everything from the walls to the lighting simple and sleek.

The small kitchen, with its retro-inspired bar chairs and ultra-minimalist cabinetry is just enough space to cook for one or two, with no unnecessary accoutrements.

A simple bathroom stays true to the design style, but utilizes warm wood and chrome that sets it a bit apart from the rest of the home’s dark grey and cream elements.

The second apartment comes from visualizer Taner Candan and is much brighter and more feminine than the first. The focal point of this beautiful studio is a cozy bed that sits perched atop a custom wood window box, meaning the lucky owner gets to wake with the sunrise everyday. The window box also gives the illusion of a separate bedroom without closing off the small space at all.

Soft textures and boisterous patterns keep the spirit of the small apartment lively and celebratory at every turn.

This third apartment, from visualizer Anjey Babych, has some similarities to the last but with even more colorful and artistic elements. Although the studio layout still leaves the bedroom and living areas connected, the design here allows for temporary separation, through the use of curtains and half walls.

The natural wood flooring and paneling, coupled with the whimsical art on the walls, keeps the feeling light and airy, making the entire space seem quite large.

The final apartment is from designer Tomas Scikala and almost marries the calming and monochromatic atmosphere of the first apartment with the colorful splashiness of the next two. The furnishings and walls are largely neutral, with the slanted roof beams being a highlight of the space.

However, splashes of color and pattern throughout bring in a bit of life and personality. Further, a wood slat room divider keeps the bed separate from the small living area, making everything quite cozy and inviting.

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Cute Kids Rooms By Fajno Design

Fri, 21.11.2014 - 18:20

There is no better place to celebrate the joy of whimsy and play than in a child’s room. With designs that are colorful and vibrant, a room can serve to inspire a child’s creativity and make them excited to spend time there alone and with their friends. These children’s rooms from Fajno Design are each unique, but use playful, youthful designs to create spaces that will surely be enjoyed for many years. The wallpapers that the designers have chosen for these rooms are particularly notable.

Though an infant in a crib may not be able to fully process their room’s design, they will certainly notice the light and colors in this adorable elephant-themed nursery.

Kids of all ages can appreciate stunning design, with these black and white wallpapers making a smooth transition from childhood to a moodier teenage life.

This Alice in Wonderland-themed bedroom is lovely and subtle with its walls dotted in spades and characters. A wood vanity and tea cup wall hangings are cute but sophisticated.

Kids need nothing more than blank canvas to let their imaginations loose. In this case, a plain white teepee provides that empty space for kids to dream and create.

The pretty blue pattern on these walls is a simple geometric repetition on the one hand, but a creative reference to the room’s nautical style from another perspective.

The wallpapers in these rooms are so creatively designed that they almost look as though they are hand painted, giving them an undone and artisanal feel.

Vibrant yellow is a favorite in kids rooms and its perfectly sunny and cheerful.

In this room, rain clouds feel almost perky with their whimsical, two-tone design. And a trundle bed is a perfect addition to any room where sleepovers are imminent.

Animal themes are not unusual for kids rooms, but these whimsical interpretations make them feel more artistic than cutesy.

Designs like this oversized king are in a childish style, but with a grownup panache.

Natural wood toys make for a much more attractive room than disposable plastic playthings, but can certainly be just as fun.

Even this car themed room manages to feel sophisticated.

A lovely leaf theme gives this room an autumnal atmosphere. You can almost hear the walls rustling and then crunching underfoot.

A colorful horse pattern could run the risk of being busy but here the design melts into itself and it becomes hard to distinguish horse from paisley.

Finally, this sunny bedroom is a dreamy retreat for any little princess.

A stunning wrought iron bed contrasts with a subtly lilac wall for a very soothing effect.

A woodsy accent wall features bird-themed art for a little slice of natural beauty, no matter what the weather.

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Steel, Concrete, and Stone Home with Central Courtyard

Thu, 20.11.2014 - 17:30

When an architect is allowed the freedom to create a space that he knows will work for this clients, that level of trust comes through in the final design. Such was the case in this elegant modern home from architect Elias Rizo, who has indicated “thorough communication” and “complete trust” were essential in completing this home. The resulting structure is careful and calming, making every effort to ensure comfort and preserve privacy as well as the illusion of isolation, even in a neighborhood that sets houses close to one another.

Beginning with a rear view of the home, we can see the simplicity of the chosen steel, glass, wood, concrete, and stone materials used throughout the construction. The form of the home is sleek, not calling attention to itself, almost daring you to guess what could be inside.

The entry into the house is simple but deliberate. A large, heavy door separates the home from the street in its entirety, but even crossing this first threshold does not give access to the home. Instead, visitors must walk along the exterior of the building, along a pathway that flanks the interior pond, to finally reach the front door, which is actually closer to the back of the house. Even the garage has a clandestine element to it, keep cars hidden not only from the street, but from all interior angles as well.

A central courtyard between wings of the house offers natural ventilation when paired with the large, sliding windows that dominate the design. By keeping the courtyard nestled between different pieces of the home, residents are allowed to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family without exposing themselves to prying eyes.

The rest of the ground floor includes a large and long kitchen area and plenty of congregating spaces, from a detached entertainment room to a modern breakfast bar and formal dining room.

On the second level, bedrooms dominate the open space but privacy still reigns. Each room has a private balcony set back into the structure for maximum isolation. The master bath is where some indulgence is allowed with extravagant white marble covers nearly every surface.

Behind the house, a swimming pool serves its own luxurious purpose while a pathway leading down a steep hill lets guests get a little further from the house and out into the idea of nature near an off-the-property ravine.

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