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A Design Lab to Foster Interior Ideas

Thu, 01.10.2015 - 16:43

Casa Cor is an annual design event that brings together architects and designers to showcase their talents through the design of individual spaces within a large venue. The 2015 Casa Cor is taking place at the Villa Aymoré in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. To celebrate the event, Gisele Taranto Architecture has partnered with LZ studio to create what they have termed LAB LZ by GT. This space is a “design laboratory” meant to inspire the sharing of ideas so that anyone who steps inside wants to fully participate in the experience.

While the lab is essentially a meeting and conference space – both for local attendees and those that attend virtually from other countries – the design has many interesting and creative elements that invite people to stay a while and nurture their own interesting ideas.

The overall theme of the space comes from the idea of layers. The retaining wall and ceiling are left bare as an introductory layer, but other surfaces have design built on top of them. Simple gauzy curtains add a layer to the wall, as to shelving and art.

A common area is the perfect place for weary attendees to rest on a soft leather sofa. Clever end tables decorate the area – shaped like blocks of cheese and oversized wine corks for a bit of funky whimsy.

A reading area features a custom neon sign as well as plenty of design books, making it ideal for a bit of artistic inspiration.

The meeting space feels much more homey and welcoming than most conference rooms. Mismatched chairs include different materials and shapes, with one lucky conference goer getting to claim a lacquered wood porch swing that dangles from the ceiling.

The floor is a particularly interesting exercise in layers with broken mirror fragments layered underneath a clear, smooth finish.

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Two Sleek Apartments with Interior Glass Walls

Wed, 30.09.2015 - 17:04

The two apartments featured in this post are similar in style though each has its own personality. The simple, sleek designs of both homes call to mind a minimalism, if they are not entirely minimalist. Further uniting the two spaces is the use of interior glass walls that provide separation between rooms and much-needed privacy without actually closing anything in or keeping anything out. Take a look inside these two homes and imagine what type of creative mind might be at home here.

Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev  

The first apartment is is a visualization for a creative family, with an artist and sculptor intending to take up residence. The open floorplan is broken up by interior glass walls, which allow for both like and privacy when necessary. The dark, rich hues are reminiscent of a dreary autumn day, which is surely why the style of this home has been described as “soft brutalism.” An accent wall in the main living area looks like the bark peeling off a dying tree while a burnt orange sofa represents those last falling leaves.

Not every part of the home is quite so dreary, however. Both the bedroom and a conversation nook by the large window in the main living area are rather bright. Though the tones stick to neutral, natural sunlight provides a bit of warmth and levity.

Visualizer: Katie Domracheva  

The second house brings in a bit more color and tends towards the warm, natural colors of the earth. For instance, a natural wood covers large swaths of the ceiling and acts as custom shelving a well. Even more appealing to a nature lover is the vertical garden in the living room, bringing the bursts of spring color right into the room, no matter what the actual season.

Playfully matched patterns take this space away from the more brutalist style. Striped wall texture, patterned tile floors and modern white brick all work together to create a bit of warmth without sacrificing the overall sleek look or atmosphere.

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5 Apartment Designs Under 500 Square Feet

Tue, 29.09.2015 - 16:00

How do you live in an apartment that is under 500 square feet? Quite comfortably if you know a good designer. The five small spaces featured here are modern, stylish, and surprisingly spacious. By utilizing open floor plans and keep color schemes largely neutral so that one area can flow naturally into another each of these homes creates a unified, elegant feel with plenty of places to rest, entertain, cook, and sleep. Take a look into these undersized spaces and get your own ideas for how to simplify, style, and organize your own home no matter how much space you have.

Visualizer: Elena Teplova  

The first home is a visualization from Elena Teplova for a young couple with a need for a peaceful landing place that spoke to their love of travel. The home measures 484 square feet (45 square meters) with each inch of the design working in harmony with the other. The use of neutral colors throughout make pops of color in artwork and accent pieces really stand out for a modern look that does not veer too far towards trendy and can look fresh for many years to come.

Visualizer: Konstantin Kononenko  

The second home is an open apartment in cool, neutral tones. It measures 495 square feet (46 square meters) and has just one room that functions as the main living area and the bedroom. A carefully disguised modern Murphy bed folds into a lovely light wood cabinet when not in use, making the most of the square footage. A nicely patterned area rug also serves to delineate a space for the living area without putting up any walls or physical dividers.

Visualizer: Konstantin Kononenko  

In this next home, a black and white color palette makes for an interesting interior. A few key colorful pieces – including a creatively painted shelf and multicolor area rug bring a bit of playful life into the small space without making it feel cluttered.

Visualizer: Irina Aref’eva  

This two-room home is an apartment designed for use by a young family. The design is quite warm and bright with an awesome geometric accent wall taking the interesting angles of the space as inspiration. The color and pattern are pulled through into the bedroom with an additional textured wall that adds some fun to an otherwise plain white space.

Visualizer: Yury Pospelov  

The final home is a 1 bedroom apartment in Dubai designed for a young couple. The 376 square feet (35 square meter) home has separate areas for living, dining, working, and relaxation. The separate home office area is particularly notable, nestled up against a window for lots of light and given its own dividing wall so that whomever is working can fully separate from the domestic area of the home.

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50 Uniquely Beautiful Designer Faucets You Can Buy Right Now

Mon, 28.09.2015 - 16:05

Whether you’re redoing your entire house or just want to freshen up your kitchen or bath, a new faucet can be a marvelous start. The right faucet can add a pop of color or become a gilded focal piece for an otherwise serene space. Particularly interesting in modern faucets is that ability to include lighting features, as many of the included faucets have LED lights that provide illumination at night and add a bit of funky color to a modern bathroom. And don’t forget about the kitchen where brass faucet arms can swing out over deep sinks to fill pots while still integrating themselves with overall warm industrial feel of so many modern homes. Faucets shouldn’t be an afterthough. After all, you look at and use them every single day. The faucets featured in this post run the gamut from ultra minimalist to utter luxury and best off all: they’re available for purchase right now.

Buy It: $130 on Amazon  

A waterfall faucet with LED that changes colors.

Buy It: $80 on Amazon  

Let your water flow through a cool chrome sluice with this faucet that includes an LED light.

Buy It: $60 on Amazon  

Yet another LED waterfall faucet. This one needs no battery and uses the force of water to power its LED light.

Buy It: $68 on Amazon  

The thin design of this chrome faucet is in cool contrast to the knobby cube-shaped handles.

Buy It: $48 on Amazon  

A wall mount widespread waterfall faucet is super unique.

Buy It: $53 on Amazon  

The gorgeous curve of this faucet is perfect for any sleek modern bathroom.

Buy It: $148 on Amazon  

Another clean minimalist faucet – but with a twist!

Buy It: $62 on Amazon  

This black minimalist faucet has a temperature sensitive LED.

Buy It: $65 on Amazon  

This wall mounted faucet is super simple but very elegant.

Buy It: $53 on Amazon  

Like the curve of a swan’s neck, this lovely faucet has a simple sensuality.

Buy It: $49 on Amazon  

This LED faucet changes colors for a funky option.

Buy It: $95 on Amazon  

An angular faucet takes its inspiration from modern architecture.

Buy It: $78 on Amazon  

Another flat water stream with cube knobs.

Buy It: $138 on Amazon  

This black minimal faucet would be perfect for any futuristic-themed room.

Buy It: $56 on Amazon  

This sleek chrome faucet looks amazing emerging from a natural rock basin.

Buy It: $78 on Amazon  

Another sleek and elegant faucet with design in mind.

Buy It: $89 on Amazon  

The matte black finish on this angular faucet is particularly modern.

Buy It: $94 on Amazon  

Minimalist style faucet with no lever. It has a sensor that uses AA batteries or AC power and it automatically disperses water as it senses the presence of a hand.

Buy It: $93 on Amazon  

Yet another touchless faucet that has a near invisible sensor, thanks to its dark tones.

Buy It: $604 on Amazon  

However, if you simply must have a light colored faucet with sensor to match your theme, and prefer a branded premium design, the above KOHLER model is a good (but expensive) option.

Buy It: $74 on Amazon  

It’s hard to go wrong with a whimsical dolphin faucet.

Buy It: $77 on Amazon  

A bit ostentatious for some baths, but others will suite this gold swan faucet quite well.

Buy It: $85 on Amazon  

The swan faucet comes in black as well, if gold is not your thing.

Buy It: $45 on Amazon  

But if a swan is a little bit too timid for you, we encourage you to check out the dragon faucet.

Buy It: $53 on Amazon  

And yes, here is the Batman friendly version as well.

Buy It: $72 on Amazon  

A recreation of a vintage style is perfect for a country chic look.

Buy It: $54 on Amazon  

Or perhaps you tend more towards an elegant steampunk style.

Buy It: $157 on Amazon  

This regal style faucet really highlights a sense of grandeur.

Buy It: $61 on Amazon  

This antique style faucet is available in a stylish brass finish.

Buy It: $52 on Amazon  

Another classy faucet that sports old world charm.

Buy It: $150 on Amazon  

This classic pot filler type faucet is perfect for an industrial themed home.

Buy It: $150 on Amazon  

Oil rubbed bronze gives this faucet a modern industrial look.

Buy It: $196 on Amazon  

This dark colored faucet does its job with subtle style.

Buy It: $55 on Amazon  

The glass and chrome design of this faucet is sure to spark the interest of minimalists.

Buy It: $598 on Amazon  

If you have cash to burn on your kitchen remodel, this chrome faucet could be the perfect addition.

Buy It: $347 on Amazon  

The clean lines on this faucet are unparalleled.

Buy It: $374 on Amazon  

We really like this smart touch sensing series of faucets from Delta. When your hands are messy you don’t need to grab the lever; just touch and voila!

Buy It: $240 on Amazon  

The simplicity of this chrome faucet is perfect with the pretty porcelain sink.

Buy It: $288 on Amazon  

A unique faucet with a matching sink can really change the look of a room.

Buy It: $226 on Amazon  

Here is yet another faucet sink combo that adds class to the room.

Buy It: $664 on Amazon  

Another option to make the faucet and sink stand out is with the use of vibrant color as shown in this Jonathan Adler designed Purist model for KOHLER.

Buy It: $384 on Amazon  

These unique porcelain faucets are from the KOHLER Bol Series.

Buy It: $442 on Amazon  

Create a world apart with this individually crafted artistic design. Vas faucets with Imperial Blue design lead you to relaxation with the soothing sounds of flowing water. Inspired by a porcelain vase created during the Yung Lo reign of the Ming dynasty, the blue-and-white floral motif of the Imperial Blue design portrays traditional strength and wisdom. Washerless ceramic valving ensures reliable performance and durability.

Buy It: $394 on Amazon  

A gold plated faucet is sure to catch any eye.

Buy It: $690 on Amazon  

Both chrome and white versions of this faucet are available with a joystick style design.

Buy It: $819 on Amazon  

Of course, sometimes you just need the simplicity of a standard faucet.

Buy It: $880 on Amazon  

The Bouroullec Shelf with Integrated Single-Handle Faucet is a must have in your modern bath. This stylish, wall-mounted faucet set contains a mineral cast shelf with a sturdy gel coat finish, a laminar spray, and a ceramic cartridge for durability. With its fresh and sophisticated look, this set is sure to blend harmoniously with your personal bath.

Buy It: $820 on Amazon  

This pivoting faucet is the the perfect marriage of modern industrial and minimalist style.

Buy It: $2378 on Amazon  

The Luna Spout” was inspired by the moon.

Buy It: $2818 on Amazon  

The stunning HANSALATRAVA Faucet by Octopus Design. Water is so much more than just a flow. It rushes, billows, effervesces, whispers, rages, pearls, dances.

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A Bright Modern Row House Redone for a Fun Couple with a Love of Cooking

Fri, 25.09.2015 - 17:41

Sometimes the best way to start any large project is to create a focal point that can be the “must have.” It’s no different when it comes to designing a home that perfectly suits a client. For instance, this row house in Washington, D.C. was built around the idea of a cook’s kitchen where the owners could spend hours creating elaborate meals for friends and family. While that wasn’t the end of the design, it was an effective place to start. Let’s look inside the house to see what else the team at KUBE Architecture was able to do to create this adorable, colorful “Salt + Pepper House”.

From the rear of the house, it is difficult to even discern its traditional architecture that permeates the curbside portion. The architects opened up the back of the house for easy, spectacular access to the back yard, which is itself a serene oasis in the city. By removing what was once the second story of the home, the back section gets an even more dramatic look, with windows climbing right up the side of the building.

Once inside, drama largely gives way to playfulness. Despite a leaning towards black and white (hence the name of the project), there is actually a great deal of color inside. From electric orange dining chairs – where lucky dinner party guests can await the next course – to deep purple armchairs that would be just as suited to a Prince listening party as to an after dinner cocktail.

The upstairs area is perfect for a young couple, with a spacious master bedroom and pleasant balcony overlooking the living area below as well as the yard a little further out. The love of color makes its way up the stairs as well with lime green and bright red accents.

Finally we get to that cook’s kitchen, opening up into the main living area with spacious abandon. A deep, undermount sink, breakfast bar that easily becomes a chopping and prep space, and luxurious gas stove, this is definitely the chef’s choice of kitchen designs.

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A Midcentury Inspired Apartment with Scandinavian Tendencies

Thu, 24.09.2015 - 17:39

The main entryway and living room benefit from large amounts of natural light. The design takes full advantage of these rays by using plenty of light colors, including a soft cashmere gray for the sofa, a light wood flooring, and white walls. In the entryway, a creative wood slat design acts as an open coat closet and creative room divider.

Looking into the living room from the kitchen area we can see one of the most prominent midcentury pieces in a beautiful credenza. Its simple design is firmly anchored in that midcentury modern look, but still manages to be ultimately timeless. The coffee table in the living room has that same feel, with its just barely rounded legs and beautiful wood finish.

In the kitchen and living room a playful personality comes through by way of checked blue wallpaper and a magnetic chalkboard wall. This type of design really celebrates creative expression, allowing the home’s occupants to continue to participate in the design of their home long after the initial build out is over. The black Eames style chairs are almost a given in a space like this but the color plays well with the magnet wall without putting a damper on the otherwise whimsical room.

The bedroom, bath, and closet taken a love of neutrals to a new level. Everything has its place, as is so necessary in the Scandinavian style, while lots of black, white, and nice neutral wood create a comfortable canvas on which to paint your dreams.

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Custom Home in Sonoma Gives a Modern Twist to Wine Country

Wed, 23.09.2015 - 17:03

Sonoma, California is the heart of wine country. But while rolling hills covered in lush, green vineyards may be the first image you conjure, there is a lot more to Sonoma than swirling a glass or smashing a grape. The house we are featuring today sits nestled into a Sonoma hillside, overlooking the valley below. Its modern aesthetic, from DNM Architect, includes clean lines, and beautiful textures and give it all the dimension of one of the state’s most fragrant pinot noirs or decadent cabernets. Being located in California, there is also that state’s almost stereotypical environmentalist woven throughout the home.

Throughout the house, sustainability is an important factor in the design. Concrete flooring, for instance, is not just trendy and clean but offers a low-maintenance flooring solution and helps to control temperature swings, even in Sonoma’s mostly mild climate.

The idea of sustainability even extends to the inhabitants themselves, who are already retired. Wanting to remain in this dream home for many years, the house was designed to accommodate future elevators and wheelchairs. Further, by putting most of the important living areas on the first floor, it will be easy to continue to utilize those spaces, even if the occupants have limited mobility.

The exterior of the home, with a folded metal roof and native, drought resistant plants, brings the aesthetics of the project in line with its environment. The shape of the roof mimics the surrounding hills while the landscaping is both beautiful and practical, not draining any of the state’s precious reservoirs. Beyond that, the south side of the house is home to solar panels as well as rainwater collection technology.

Of course, the house is also beautiful. The architects have certainly not let their green initiatives interfere with their modern vision. Indeed, if more designers and homeowners were willing and able to put these types of concerns first, the world might indeed be a more beautiful place.

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A South African Home that Maximizes Nature Reserve Views

Tue, 22.09.2015 - 18:38

When you have a home perched atop a hill in South Africa, chances are you may get some truly spectacular views. But in this home, from the team at Nico van der Meulen Architects, the views are nothing short of amazing. The Johannesburg home was designed for a family and is located at the foot of a local nature preserve. In order to maximize the views of this stunning landscape, attention was placed on opening up the North side of the home with plenty of glass of outdoor entertaining areas. The resulting home is a testament to its architects, with its unique exterior and open, welcoming interior the best of what a home can really be.

The house’s exterior has been described as “sculptural” and for good reason. Contained within these morphed steel forms is 1100 square meters (11840 square feet) that is anything but modest while still maintaining a sense of open simplicity.

In a climate like South Africa, both heating and cooling are essential, but sustainability was also highly desired. The result was a water-based system that runs through the polished concrete floors. This system provides both heating and cooling with minimal environmental impact.

The architects of this home are particularly well known for their ability to merge indoor and outdoor spaces, which was an essential requirement from the client as well. The living room and lanai become one space by virtue of frameless folding glass doors. When open, moving inside and out is simple and when closed, the view is still lovely. Outside, a floating pavilion and sloping garden create a serene space for entertaining, only made more inviting by a cantilevered koi pond and its north facing views.

The entryway of the house is also quite interesting. Natural timber in a herringbone pattern softens the look of the steel exterior, making the house a bit more warm and welcoming. Meanwhile, diagonal strips of light toward the entrance actually serve to guide guests to the gate.

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50 Uniquely Beautiful Designer Table Lamps You Can Buy Right Now

Mon, 21.09.2015 - 16:08

The perfect lighting can make a huge difference in any room. Overhead fluorescents can easily send you into a self-confidence tailspin while the perfect soft bulb can make you feel like a million buck. The 50 lamps featured in this post range from the classic to the whimsical, from industrial to minimalist and from those meant for the study to those for the nightstand. Indeed, some are based on classic lamp designs that have withstood the test of time. Use them to make sure you look perfect while you pore over your homework or just to make the bedroom a little more magical. When you change the lighting in a room, it can change the whole look for things. Each one offers a certain special ambiance that may be just what your home (or office) is looking for. Plus, they’re all for sale right now, so shop away!

Buy It: $70 on Amazon  

This industrial style table lamp would be perfect for a like themed loft.

Buy It: $85 on Amazon  

An Edison bulb design makes for a hip edition to any table.

Buy It: $155 on Fancy  

The Brewmeister Industrial Table Lamp includes an upcycled beer bottle as its light source.

Buy It: $165 on Amazon  

Yet another lamp suitable for an industrial style room.

Buy It: $40 on Amazon  

The 3d spiral shape on this LED lamps is actually an optical illusion. It’s flat. It is also a pretty cool nightstand lamp.

Buy It: $46 on Amazon  

An Iron Man lamp is a stylish addition to any comic aficionado’s home. Could be a great bedside lamp or an conversation starter in the living.

Buy It: $28 on Amazon  

This pretty cherry blossom lamp will remind you of spring all year long.

Buy It: $515 on Fancy  

How jaunty is this Jeeves hat lamp!

Buy It: $490 on Fancy  

Reminiscent of a bubbling cauldron, this lamp casts a decorative spell.

Buy It: $65 on Fancy  

This adorable hedgehog lamp withstands hits and heats and is washable – perfect for a kid’s room.

Buy It: $82 - $298 on Fancy  

Choose your own polar animal design to go atop the ON Lamp LED base.

Buy It: $245 on Fancy  

A portable, rechargeable table lamp that offers warm light anywhere you need it.

Buy It: $120 on Fancy  

The pleated Chantilly Lamp is inspired by custard and casts an array of soft, pastel shades.

Buy It: $44 on Fancy  

The sustainable Egg of Columbus Lamp is made from recycled cardboard but remains moisture resistant.

Buy It: $84 on Fancy  

The clean design of the eco-friendly Pulse lamp turns a boring glass jar into an illuminating force.

Buy It: $695 on Fancy  

The S7 bedside lamp is completely flexible so you can twist, turn, and reconfigure it how ever you like.

Buy It: $47 on Amazon  

The LAMPAT lamp is powered with LED bulbs in addition to being dimmable. It serves as a great power saving desk lamp.

Buy It: $487 on Fancy  

This Compasso LED Desk Lamp has a gritty edge.

Buy It: $450 on Amazon  

The Hatha LED Desk Lamp by QisDesign is made from silicone rubber and zinc alloy so it can bend and flex to provide light at different angles.

Buy It: $295 on Amazon  

Winner of the Red Dot design award, this clamping lamp is made from North American Hardwood and powered by LED lights.

Buy It: $67 on Amazon  

A book rest lamp is a perfect addition to a bedside table.

Buy It: $245 on Fancy  

This drippy Liquid Lamp is sure to start coversations.

Buy It: $110 on Fancy  

The Phrena Table Lamp uses its simple but elegant design to go from completely flat to glorious 3D

Buy It: $575 on Fancy  

The Beehive Table Lamp is quite elegant and perfect for a minimalist design.

Buy It: $625 on Amazon  

This modern desk lamp, called the Studiolise W084t has an appealing retro flair.

Buy It: $63 on Amazon  

You can put together your own bamboo desk lamp and be assured it is completely eco-friendly.

Buy It: $110 on Fancy  

This simple copper wire frame Agraffe table lamp was created by designer Giulia Agnoletto.

Buy It: $280 on Design Within Reach  

The Tolomeo Micro Lamp is one of the most iconic lamps ever designed. Perfect for bedsides as well as workspaces.

Buy It: $280 on Amazon  

The Type 75 Anglepoise Mini Desk Lamp is iconic in its own right with its matte chrome finish being exceptionally stylish.

Buy It: $590 on Design Within Reach  

The Modo Table Lamp is a bit playful in its design with a tinted glass globe and Edison bulb.

Buy It: $820 on Fancy  

The Duli Desk Lamp in both gray and yellow has a certain playful industrial feel to it – like Legos for adults.

Buy It: $240 on Fancy  

The Silva LED Table Lamp is ideal for an office space.

Buy It: $406 on Fancy  

Recognizing that not all situations call for the same type of light, the Otto Watt lamp can switch from cool to warm with the use of a diffuser.

Buy It: $344 on Amazon  

The Luceplan Fotrebraccio Table Lamp has an architectural style that is quite attractive.

Buy It: $240 on Fancy  

The Woodspot Table Lamp uses its wood design to diffuse light from its interior bulb, creating a warm and flattering glow.

Buy It: $540 on Fancy  

This lamp serves many functions: light, valet tray, and device charging station .

Buy It: $310 on Fancy  

Another lamp, known as the CARRY, with valet tray attached, which includes a rocker switch and USB outlet.

Buy It: $70 on Fancy  

This wireless charging lamp is ultra futuristic. If your phone is supported, you can eliminate the need for a clutter of wires altogether.

Buy It: $340 on Fancy  

The Cromatica Bluetooth Speaker + Lamp provides a source of warm sound and warm light, allowing users to program the light to change along with the sound.

Buy It: $159 on Fancy  

For a more retro look, this speaker lamp base is a good choice.

Buy It: $500 on Fancy  

This ultra simple modern style table lamp is perfect for any minimalist home. It is available in both black and white.

Buy It: $654 on Fancy  

The aptly named Seagull LED desk lamp includes lighting adjustment possibilities that cause the lamp’s “wings” to flap depending on the setting.

Buy It: $435 on Fancy  

This minimalist LED lamp, the BE Light uses a hinge design that lets it extend up to 33.4 cm or fold down less than 2 cm, cutting down on storage space.

Buy It: $130 on Fancy  

What’s cuter than a touch activated lamp that looks like a dog!

Buy It: $300 on Fancy  

The Extended Reach Lamp is perfect for precise lighting in many different settings. It contains 42 bright white LEDs that can be folded into and out of place easily.

Buy It: $500 on Fancy  

This nesting owl lamp is a perfectly adorable addition to any home office or child’s bedside.

Buy It: $599 on Fancy  

A large glowing egg provides suitable beautiful, glowing light.

Buy It: $600 on Fancy  

This Large Ship’s Lamp by Stelton is the only non-electric one in the mix.

Buy It: $390 on Fancy  

Called the Trapeze Desk Lamp, the rotating lamp head makes it easy to focus this light anywhere you like.

Buy It: $1048 on Fancy  

The designer AJ Lamp, by Arne Jacobsen, remains a classic and stylish piece to this day.

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Gorgeous Use of Wood Takes this Artistic Mansion to the Next Level

Fri, 18.09.2015 - 17:18

This beautiful hilltop home from Bligh Graham Architects is a sight to behold both inside and out. Its varied volumes connect seamlessly, emphasizing outdoor spaces, natural light, and of course, wood finishing. The wood throughout the home is not perfectly matched to every other room. Instead, the different shades complement each other with each different piece emanating its own warmth and style.

When you have a house that’s perched on a hill, it’s important to maximize the views from all angles. The easiest place to do this, of course, is outside. A large pool deck and glassed in staircase make this outdoor entertaining space aesthetically pleasing from the outside as well as a spectacular place to enjoy from the inside.

The main living area is quite cozy and warm for such a modern home. While clean lines wind their way through the design, built in bench seating is welcoming and playful and also provides ever-necessary storage space under the seats. Hinged windows open up for fresh air circulation while transom windows along the outer edges of the room let in even more afternoon sun.

This home is particularly suited to those pursuing the creative life, with inspiration all around. The art studio is perfect situated in an upper level with windows that peek into the surrounding trees and a large open space that looks outside. It’s en plein air without being completely exposed to the elements.

The kitchen and dining area is the final space where things – and people – come together. A large open kitchen with a modern styled island and breakfast bar, plus a huge outdoor dining area with grill and fireplace, make this an ideal home for hosting a dinner party or an unveiling of your most recent masterpiece.

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4 Cute and Stylish Spaces Under 50 Square Meters

Thu, 17.09.2015 - 16:17

As it turns out, 50 square meters (538 square feet) is plenty for a beautiful, livable space. And not just for one person, but for a whole family. In this post, we feature four small homes that are totally These four lovely yet small apartments are carefully appointed, well organized, and completely stylish.

Visualizer: Maria Trifanova  

The first home, incredibly, is for a family of four and measures only 42 square meters (452 square feet). The main living area is bright and open, with a small kitchen, dining space, and living room all interconnected. Playful features like an oversized wall clock and crafty backsplash give it that levity that family spaces often strive for. The private areas of the home include a master bedroom and shared kid’s room with a nautical theme and small play area.

Designer: Tallbox  

The second home is much more grown up in terms of design but ultimately measures just 28 square meters (300 square feet). The space is made a bit larger by its tall ceilings, which measure 3.1 meters (more than 10 feet) high. In this limited area, the Bulgarian apartment manages to include a small living room, kitchen, ample storage space and a lofted bedroom area. The neutral color palette goes a long way towards an even, comfortable feel even in the cramped quarters.

Designer: Ruslan Prosvirin  

The third apartment is a design located in St. Petersburger and measuring 37.5 square meters (403 square feet). The design is intended to be both trendy and ergonomic so as to maximize the available space. A few key elements lent themselves to a certain elegance including a beautiful velvet entryway bench, the white brick accent wall in the kitchen, and the truly spectacular bedroom design. Nothing about the space seems to indicate its size at all, and that type of confident design can go a long way in a small space.

Designer: Design Studio Mango  

Finally we have another small apartment designed for a young family and measuring just 50 square meters (538 square feet). The modern space includes a bit of brightness – electric blue and orange – but otherwise keeps things simple. This is often the best choice in small spaces, since it can quickly begin to feel busy and almost stressful with too many colors and patterns. A comfortable bedroom and a wood paneled bath that actually feels quite spacious round out this design.

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A Contemporary Apartment with Lots of Open Space

Wed, 16.09.2015 - 16:56

Open space is key to so many contemporary designs. The flow from one room to another – of people, of color, and of light – is what makes these designs work. It creates a welcoming home from an otherwise barren space. This apartment from designer Marta Gord manages to make exceptional use of space, keeping the design mostly simple with palatable colors and rich yet neutral natural materials.

The living, kitchen, and dining space all have easy communication with one another. In order to make this possible, the design has to both separate and connect the disparate spaces. Patterns and unique design elements manage to do this well. In the kitchen, a half wall made out of wood slats creates more division but still allows light and air to flow through. Similarly, a swirled rug design in the living room contrasts a checked pattern in the entryway, which makes it easier to divide spaces.

The lighting in the main living area is not exactly inspired. Simple track lighting lines the perimeter of the space, offering plenty of illumination for every angle without getting too fussy or pretentious .

In the small but stylish kids room, division also comes into play. The room is clearly divided into a sleeping/lounging area with storage options, a study area, and a wall that holds the bookshelves and television. Though the room is not large, the carefully chosen furniture works in harmony to create a welcoming and cheerful space.

Similarly, the master bedroom is not massive. But simple, relaxing colors like deep purple, gray, and white paired with natural wood makes it easy to settle in for the night, even if there is not a ton of square footage.

The small but sleek kitchen is the perfect size for the home and the use of solid colors and natural wood makes is ultra comfortable for cooking.

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Micro Home Design: A Super Tiny Apartment With Just 18 Square Meter Area (Under 200 Square Feet)

Tue, 15.09.2015 - 16:28

The next time you find yourself wishing you had more counter space in your bathroom or making the excuse that you just don’t have room in your house to workout, think about this micro home. Designed for an athletic weightlifter and visualized by One Studio, this apartment measures only 18 square meters (less than 200 square feet). But despite the miniscule size, there is space for exercising, sleeping, relaxing, and working.

The main way that this micro home is able to fit so many different areas into the tiny square footage is the vaulted ceilings, which measure 5 meters (more than 16 feet) high. This nearly doubles the available space because it allows the home to have a completely separate bedroom that is lofted above the main living area.

The living room, with a small exercise space and huge windows, feels quite spacious considering its actual measurements. A lack of really large furniture (e.g., no entertainment center and a fairly small custom built sofa) means there is actually some empty floor to move around or even exercise.

We will say that this is not the house for a gourmet chef. A tiny kitchen space provides a cooktop and microwave, but you would be hard pressed to make a meal for more than two in the cozy cooking nook.

The upstairs lofted bedroom is surprisingly spacious. Plenty of room for a large bed and also a small home office area overlooking the main living room. The room doesn’t even suffer from the loft issues of many spaces with this type of design in that the ceilings are high enough you can actually stand up and move around comfortably, as if it were a full second level.

While the bathroom is naturally small, it still allows for a washing machine and a luxurious tiled shower stall. Overall, this tiny home is quite cute and cozy, really lacking for nothing apart from perhaps a bit more closet space and a full sized fridge.

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3 Homes that Make Bold Use of Wood

Mon, 14.09.2015 - 17:20

Wood paneled walls take many different forms. In the three homes featured here, designers do not shy away from their carefully chosen and brilliantly polished wood, letting it become a focal point for the space rather than just a practical accent. From walls to floors, it makes each design come to life.

Designer: Nicolas Jouslin  

In the first space, the warmth really comes across in the mid-century style wood. The flooring is, of course, stunning and polished but the creative use of wood on the walls is particularly interesting. The paneling itself complements the floor but the design builds open, backlit bookshelves over the wood so that it is allowed to shine through the shelving. The effect is both modern and classic, the perfect blend for this particular home.

Architect: Andi - Alexandru Buftea  

The second space is much lighter and cooler in color, though its use of wood is just as prominent. The artistic space takes on a much more contemporary feel with a sliding wood panel covering up a flat panel television and wood virtually growing out of the floors to create a desk area, shelving, and decorative display nooks. The patterns used in contrast to the natural wood elements definitely give this space a Scandinavian feel as well.

Check out the dining area where additional boards swing into place to create more space.

The wood paneling in the bathroom is particularly notable. It’s the perfect backdrop for a relaxing bath, nestled into the wood paneled tub and the teak flooring adds a literal warmth to those first precarious steps onto dry land.

Designer: Nikita Ryazhko  

The final space uses its wood with a bit more subtlety. Smooth surfaces are used for shelves, kitchen backsplash, and ceilings (mostly). The wood peeks out from underneath large area rugs or dangles out over the dining room and kitchen. It still feels present, natural, and modern but perhaps not quite as much like you are walking into a log cabin.

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Two Lovely Apartments Featuring Wood Paneling

Fri, 11.09.2015 - 17:37

Visualizer: Andrew Skliarov  

The first home from visualizer Andrew Skliarov is a contemporary apartment in Kiev. The home measures 98.6 square meters (1061 square feet) and the chief direction from the clients was to maintain simplicity — with neither excess or deficiency.

Wood paneling is aligned with the client’s particular affinity for natural materials and it is used to great and stylish effect in the main living area. The flooring and wall paneling climbs up onto the ceiling creating a living area that has a warm enclosed feeling without actually putting up any walls. The adjacent dining area is slightly elevated and replaces the warm wood walls with bright windows.

The home office and bedroom have their own uses for the pretty paneling: the former on the floor, shelving and spacious desk and the latter reserving the look for the floor.

Visualizer: Catherine Domracheva  

The second space from visualizer Catherine Domracheva is build around a lovely, bright color palette. The concept is for a youthful and welcoming hotel room and therefore features no kitchen and little in the way of room division. Rather, the paneling – which is a bit darker than our previous space – creates separation. The small desk and seating area has its own arcing wood while the bed is enclosed in the same style.

Of course, you cannot speak about this particular space without mentioning the vibrant color scheme. Bright, cheerful yellows against varying striped patterns along with the occasional pop of orange is the perfect buoyant look for this stylish hotel room.

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A “Smart” Penthouse in Kiev is the Perfect Party Pad

Thu, 10.09.2015 - 17:31

The open floorplan in this industrial loft space is no surprise, but the creative way the different rooms and sections are divided is certainly unique. Interior glass paneling acts as an open division, so that light from the sweeping wall of windows is never far behind, yet there is some separation between bed and bath, living and sleeping.

Speaking of that wall of windows, blackout curtains slide closed with the tap of an iPad, which means late night revelers don’t have to worry about being woken up by the pesky sun. Other smart features of the home include water and lighting for the interior garden that overlooks the bathtub.

In the dining area, which is more “who wants eggs” than “7 course meal,” welded copper chairs match reclaimed copper light fixtures for a bit of artistic edge. Natural wood paneling and a simple, sleek countertop complete the kitchen and dining look, which is easy to understand and easy on the eyes, if not exactly gourmet.

The bedroom and guest room are kept fairly minimal, though an awesome modern chaise looks out over the city and offers the perfect place to cuddle up with your favorite party partner.

The bathroom itself is quite chic, with its own glass panel design, a shower with rainfall showerhead, and of course that natural wood bath, flanked by a vertical, self-watering garden.

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An Opulent Chinese Mansion Straight Out of the 80s

Wed, 09.09.2015 - 15:11

The beauty of interior design is that no matter what the current trends, the best spaces take inspiration from current styles and marry them to retro or vintage looks to create something that’s ultimately unique. This opulent house with a clearly modern exterior and structure uses interior elements that have a distinct feel that is quite far removed from the more minimalist spaces we tend to feature. Indeed, much of the home feels like the home of a wealthy widow with exotic tastes from a 1980s show like Dynasty. Either way, it’s certainly fun to glimpse around this design from ? ?? (Love Design).

The exterior has a modern gothic feel to it, with different levels stacked haphazardly on top of one another and jutting out in different directions. It’s as if the Addams Family had to buy a new house and no turrets or widow’s walks were allowed.

Inside the home, those levels become tall, decadent spaces with massively high ceilings. To take advantage of this vertical space, dangling chandeliers that seem inspired by paper cranes and cherry blossoms hang down to fill the volume.

The materials of the home have their own indulgent aura as well. Along with those satin pillows are polished marble floors, driftwood carved into a bar, and lots of stone – both inside and out.

Unlike so many homes featured here, everywhere you turn in this house is another large piece of furniture or display of some sort. Folding screens, sofas, heavy coffee tables, suspended shelving and shiny satin throw pillows really fill up the large space.

Although the home is stuffed full of furniture that seems to shout about the owner’s desire for things to put on display, there are still tucked away spaces for private relaxation, including an inviting bedroom for a teenage boy, a pretty pink bathroom with a deep porcelain soaking tub and, of course, a lot of private closet space.

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A Colorful Modern Space for a Stylish Couple

Tue, 08.09.2015 - 18:12

Many modern homes are so starkly simple that they can be nothing but minimalist. Others include lots of artsy design elements and Eames chairs that could never be called minimal. And still others are like this lovely space from the architects at Valentirov. A careful balance between color and neutral, between simplicity and practical style. It makes it easy to see how a family could live comfortably and stylishly.

The main living area is a large open space from living room to kitchen. The materials used are quite clearly exceptional in quality. From the deep red wood flooring to the stunning oversized kitchen island and countertops, the design is indulgent but not showy. It shows a taste and a class without being tacky. The creative use of black marbled tile to hide both a modern fireplace design and a flat screen television is just another example of attention to detail and practicality hidden in style.

A home office space bring a bit more color into the equation with creative, brightly checkered walls and fun, whimsical graphics. Of course, there is still an element of ultimate organization with sleek white shelving and a long workspace, perfect for designing.

In the master bedroom, a platform bed is put up on a stage, which provides some removal from the otherwise largely open space. It makes things cozier while also offering some additional storage underneath the wood slat platform (which is also quite attractive).

A black marble bathroom is the final touch on this 167 square meter (1802 square feet) house. Its shining surfaces proving a perfect balance to the practical and pretty teak wood flooring and simple, practical towel rack.

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White Walls and In-Floor Storage Make This Creative House Design Special

Mon, 07.09.2015 - 17:05

White and wood may be common enough when it comes to the soothing simplicity of Japanese-inspired designs. So too may creative storage options be less than unique. Still, when everything is assembled masterfully, as in this striking house from the designers at Indot (with photos from Hey!Cheese) the results can be quite impressive and indeed quite unique.

The space is designed linearly, such that the living room shares one wall with one bedroom, while that bedroom shares one wall with the second bedroom. Two long and narrow hallways on either side of the open rooms connect each separate space. That makes this home an ideal design for either a couple with guests who come frequently, or perhaps who are caring for an aging parent.

Navigating the space is simple and elegant natural wood flooring is the perfect complement to white paneled walls. Really, simplicity is the name of the game in this creative little home.

Creativity truly shines in what we can only imagine is the master bedroom of sorts. A lofted cubicle provides the ultimate cozy reading nook, overlook the bed and bedroom below and offering a sort of levitating privacy.

And privacy is certainly lacking in this mostly open house. A window runs down the entire length of the space and though curtains and blinds can be flipped closed, there is no keeping secrets in this house.

Or is there? The fun surprise we find in this house is that hidden beneath those lovely wooden floors – which can also easily double as an oversized window seat – is a ton of storage. It is impossible to look at a home like this and not begin to wonder where all the things are in this minimalist expanse. The answer is, just like the telltale heart, underneath the floorboards.

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5 Spaces with Comfortable, Neutral Designs

Fri, 04.09.2015 - 17:29

There is always a time and a place for a splash of creative color or a spread of wild pattern that seeps over the corner of a couch or underneath a coffee table on an area rug. But sometimes electric colors and bright bold patterns just don’t fit with the subdued personality of a space, or of that space’s inhabitants. The five homes in this post, each visualized by Stanislav Borozdinskiy, use neutral colors , natural materials, and soft textures throughout their designs. For some, this might be a perfect blank canvas on which to express oneself through art, rugs, or throw pillows. For others, the zen-like atmosphere of soft grays and creams are all the excitement they need.

With its open floor plan and exposed natural wood ceiling beams, the first space has the feeling of a modern, urban cabin. Overstuffed furniture – in the living and bedroom – along with flying saucer-esque light fixtures provide a comfortable whimsy without ever going too bold.

In the second home, white dominates. A large white sofa stands in contrast to dark brown rugs and walls, which creates an almost regal effect. A bit of exposed wood and brick in the home office has its own rustic charm while the bedroom trends back towards royalty with its canopy bed and chandelier.

White is present again in large quantities in the third space, but here we get just a glimpse of a color as well. The robin’s egg blue backsplash along with the primary colored barstools are the perfect way to bring playfulness into the kitchen while keeping the main living areas starkly neutral.

This next space provides somewhat of an overlap from the previous ones we have seen. A large grey sofa looks familiar while white walls and dark rugs are pulled from other designs as well. The oversized light fixture in the living room is certainly unique as well as practical and white painted brick has its own urban appeal.

In the final home, an aging cream color takes over with a bit of an oatmeal tinge. Some delicate fixtures in the bedroom add a touch of femininity in an otherwise neutral and nearly masculine interior.

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