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Four Interiors by Juliya Butova

Mon, 29.06.2015 - 16:00

One of the most fascinating parts of studying interior design is to see how one designer plays with different spaces. Each space tells a story and each is designed with a different concept in mind.

In these four interiors by Juliya Butova, we explore a variety of shapes, colors, textures, and design elements that combine together to form family-friendly spaces. One might picture these spaces as a way for the designer to get in touch with her inner child.

And finally, in this fourth interior, bright colors take center stage as the designer explores yet another whimsical side. The bright orange coverlet pops against the soft yellows, natural woods, and whites of the bedroom area. As for the windows and light potential? Simply sublime.

And, as shown in other spaces, storage is ample but low profile. Windows the outside take shape in both the use of media and the placement of furnishings around the large windows.

Curtains too play a starring role in this space. With such dramatic windows, the use of these fabrics is a natural fit.

In the main living area, primary colors pop but aren’t glaring. There’s playfulness in the use of shapes and detailing.

And as demonstrated in all of the other designs, there’s an appreciation for the idea of playing. Butova plays with colors, lights, shapes, textures, and materials to create spaces that are truly unique but always feel comforting.

The designer has such a grasp of color and how light can play with different environments. Imagination is clear in every room.

Yellows and blues complement the grays and whites in this other bedroom. Like the previous space, lots of light from the large windows gives this room an almost ethereal feel.

Color plays an important role throughout the space, with a neutral and clean backdrop to play off of in every room.

Angles might be plentiful, but they never seem harsh. Like her other designs, she manages to soften even the most striking of silhouettes in a room with texture and color choices.

In another design, Butova gives the apartment more of a calming and luxurious feel, with color choices and soft textures that are reminiscent of a spa escape while still remaining practical for everyday living. The kitchen and dining area showcases white walls, plenty of natural light and wood accents. It’s minimalist but feels far from sparse with textured curtains and uniquely shaped dining chairs.

Clever storage allows the space to feel uncluttered.

In the living area, the palette of soothing whites, woods, and neutrals continues through.

Large windows with sheer panels allow light to flood the room, giving a sense of warmth in spite of the minimalist furnishings.

In a children’s bedroom, twin beds bank along each wall with smart storage built underneath. Matching chairs and bookcases ensure perfect symmetry.

Here, as in the other spaces, whites and woods are carried throughout while curated furnishings are meant to add a bit of color. Soft window treatments keep the rooms from feeling stark.

The dining and kitchen areas mirror each other. There is no clutter, both figuratively and visually. This is a soothing space.

In the living area, the furnishings are a bit more whimsical. There’s a beautiful textured wall behind the sofa, a branch lamp, and woven rug that all create a very cozy feel in the room while sticking with the same color palette and feel as the rest of the home.

The woven wall is stunning and further accentuated by the room’s strategic lighting.

Smart storage is found throughout the home. For example, in the children’s bedroom, built-in wood closets and under the bed drawers give plenty of room for clothes, toys, and other items.

In this interior, the designer again plays with texture, but takes a more natural feel. The textiles and colors found throughout are reminiscent of those found in a newly sprouted potted plant. In the bedroom, exotic looking pendant lights pair perfectly with pops of green from plants and a natural, almost burlap-type texture found in the bedding, curtains, and wall behind the headboard.

The bedroom plays with texture and shape here also, with a natural backdrop behind the headboard, layered linens, and an exotic looking set of pendant lights.

Interesting lighting, coupled with the greens and whites used in the space, make it feel fresh.

The main living area, while compact, feels fresh and bright.

The small footprint of the space itself presents a unique challenge in that it’s important to strike the right balance between furnishings and design elements. Here, they marry well as each curated piece captures that freshness the designer may have been going for.

In the hallway, mirrors make the space seem larger and more smart storage takes the stage in a pale green.

In the bathroom, a natural woven rug acts as a focal point in the otherwise minimal – but still beautiful – space.

Greenery can be found in just about every room – whether it’s in the form of a topiary, a small houseplant, or a rug made from a natural woven fiber.

Green accent tile in bathroom” width=”600″ height=”800″ /> The greens even work their way into the tile choices.

The dining area also features the same palette and interesting use of shape.

Along the opposite wall of the main living area, the same blue found in the art and sofa pillows shines as an accent wall behind the media center. There’s plenty of seating for entertaining in the kitchen and dining areas.

The large sectional offers ample space without making the room feel small or cramped. Each furniture piece is carefully curated to offer both form and function.

Geometry plays an important role throughout the space, as evidenced by the color blocking along the back wall and custom headboard. The room and all of it’s pieces while full of sharp angles and interesting shapes, surprisingly flows well.

In this child’s bedroom, bright colors and whimsical shapes show off the designer’s sense of fun. This is a room built for play and exploration. The desk along the wall offers a canvas for creation.

Over the bed, fuschia and yellow pendant bulbs hang down like new ideas. Whimsical shapes in bright colors decorate the opposite wall. Smart storage lines the room for toys, books, clothing, and other belongings, so there’s no clutter.

In one bedroom, the designer again plays with shapes and colors while adding in smart storage. Floor to ceiling storage closets line the room to keep it uncluttered. Pops of green and orange make the room feel warm and welcoming.

A gallery wall of art and a unique rug add interesting focal points to the otherwise minimalist room. Again, there’s a strong sense of play here.

The hallway, while more subdued in its use of color, still plays with shapes through the pendant lights and use of mirrors to make the space feel larger and more open.

The first apartment makes smart use of bright colors and simple shapes to create an atmosphere that’s both welcoming and modern, but entirely family-friendly. In the main living area, which showcases and open floor pan, neutrals are complemented by black metal lighting fixtures in unique shapes and pops of color in the artwork.

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Four Sunny and Stunning California Interiors from Commune Designs

Fri, 26.06.2015 - 16:00

For people who care about preserving historic buildings and take their inspiration from designs of the past, it is always distressing when an old building is renovated and/or entirely destroyed in the process of trying to make something old into something new. For their part, the team at Commune Design has made it their mission to not just restore historic, design-forward spaces but to transform them into spaces with all the modern amenities that still retain the spirit of the past, in addition to their commercial work on stores and hotels. In this post, we’ll look at four different, equally stunning examples of their California dreams come to life by way of incredible design.

The first space is a private residence on Amanda Drive in Studio City, California originally designed by Rudolf Schindler in 1948. This renovation took a tremendous amount of work, starting with the research into what the original design intended. Only after the team was able to strip away drywall, paint, tile, and other materials that had been slapped on top of the original look could they really get to work on their stunning restoration. With a beautiful frame for the space in the house itself, Commune was able to fill it with custom furnishings and interesting elements that give it a unique, timeless feel.

The next design is another California residence, this one in the Nichols Canyon area of Hollywood. The building was first built in 1961 by Buff & Hensmen. Commune restored the space to its original floorplan, including expansive windows that all slide or stack for maximum airflow. The unique exterior of the home was another stylistic addition and is made from reclaimed barn wood. In true Hollywood fashion, the home is remote controlled and energy efficient.

The third example from this talented team comes in the form of jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth’s West Hollywood shop that could easily be mistaken for a jewelry-lover’s home. From it’s stunning brick facade to the plush pink sofas and quirky displays for the designer’s wares, this is a luxury shopping experience from top to tail.

The final space we’re featuring is another Los Angeles residence renovation. The home was originally built in 1931 by a Japanese engineer. The team at Commune brought this home into a new century with the addition of reclaimed metal windows, clay finished walls and glazed concrete floor tiles. There is a distinct Spanish villa feel about this home, though the designers themselves call it a modern Japanese farmhouse. The outdoor entertaining spaces are the icing on this gorgeous cake.

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An Old Attic is Transformed into a Gorgeous Apartment

Thu, 25.06.2015 - 16:00

For a suburban homeowner, a trip to the attic might be a must, dusty and uncommon occurrence to retrieve Christmas lights or plan a garage sale. But for one pair of architects, a dusty and dilapidated attic wasn’t just a storage space – it was a challenge. The two founders of Superpozycja Architekci did not see a run down space when they first encountered this attic: they saw a bright, modern home. It would take a lot of work to get there, but once you see the results we think you will agree that it was well worth the effort.

The attic itself is not enormous, but the vertical space meant there could be enough room for a comfortable home as long as things were arranged creatively. The architects used the vaulted, slanted ceilings to create a mezzanine which in turn created the effect of a two story home, with a bedrooms tucked upstairs and an open living area below.

The slanted ceiling of course gives an interesting effect, but it could be quite constricting. That’s why the team opted to turn as many spaces as possible into bright skylights, which let that dark attic feeling slip away quickly.

The white color of the space, blending easily with the light colored wood floors, make the home feel bigger but the contrasting natural wood supports give it a unique twist. Most of the furniture is kept quite simple, in both color and shape utilizing the same wood and white palette. A few of the pieces in the home are actually made from wood that was salvaged from the demolition of the original attic space.

The bathroom is also definitely notable. Once an attic laundry room, the team painted to exposed bricks and added some thoroughly modern fixtures for a totally different feel. A step inside this space and you would be hard pressed to determine that the home was once on the verge of total collapse.

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5 Homes with Neutral Colors and Rich Textures

Wed, 24.06.2015 - 16:00

The ability to not only design how a sleek, modern home will look but also create a visualization that brings the space to life is a rare talent. The five homes featured here are all from the team of creative and skilled visualizers at Iqosa. Each space is so vibrant and elegant that it may as well be real. Take a look inside these simple, stylish homes and see for yourself.

The first home uses natural materials to create a particularly warm atmosphere within the space. Natural wood grain paneling covers the kitchen cabinetry and extends onto the ceiling above for a unique, enveloping effect. Other accents include a natural stone column, dense shag area rugs, and minimalist wire sculpted light fixtures. The interplay of these simple materials and their rich textures create a unique and overall interesting space.

The next space takes some of those same natural elements and turns them into a home that has a bit more edge to it. Vertical wood paneling makes you feel as if you are actually settled into a copse of trees while rich, dark tones in concrete and olive add a certain special decadence.

The third home takes the neutral color palette to its highest heights. Chocolate brown, clean creams, and simple beige all mingle together in this classy design. The superb neutral tones offer a backdrop for an electric pop of color in the bedroom with an awesome sapphire blue headboard drawing focus and inviting you in for a nap.

The neutrals in the next home take a more gray slant but otherwise have largely the same calming effect. The textures in this space are once again quite notable, with smooth walls, hardwood floors, rich rugs and gently tufted sofas. The bedroom is almost in a world of its own in this home with an elegant and romantic canopy design that includes creative hanging lights. The tone might be neutral but the effect is not.

The final space is a bit more raw and urban that the other designs, with exposed brick take a center stage. It is easy to tell that the home is a bit smaller and the ultra simple elements all around, from a simple bedframe to a molded dining chairs, keeps the space from feeling too closed in.

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Two Homes with Colorful Kids Rooms Included

Tue, 23.06.2015 - 16:00

Nothing can inspire a kid quite as much as growing up in a home where beauty and design are highly valued. In this two homes from designer Juliya Butova, that penchant for style carries through not only the shared living spaces, but also the boisterous and gorgeous kid’s rooms. When a child has a place to play that they can call their own, creatively designed to stimulate their growing minds, the possibilities for their future become easily endless. Let’s look inside these spaces for our own youthful inspiration.

In the main living area of this first home, primary colors yellow and red are pitted against some cool oatmeal neutrals. The way these bright colors pop really give the otherwise simple and modern home some playful pizzazz. The palette really carries itself throughout the shared space, from an accent wall to dining chairs and throw pillows and even into the master bedroom, where the yellow takes on a more muted tone.

In the kids room, yellow does seep in from the outside but even more colors are brought in and oatmeal gives way to pastel pinks. The ultra cool area rug and geometric wall art give this room a special creative boost that any kid would be luck to latch onto.

In the second home, the living room takes on a softer and more romantic feel with creams and corals making up a large part of the palette. Creamy soft sofas, white walls with creative molding, and a sleek natural wood dining table complete the room. The bedroom here is also a bit brighter with a stunning teal duvet and a nod to hotel room art above the headboard.

The kids room is where things really get interesting with a tea party-ready space for the girliest of girls including everything from pink ruffled bedspreads to too cute cherry pairs on the wallpaper.

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Sleek Interiors for a Range of Personalities

Mon, 22.06.2015 - 16:00

The five homes in this post all come from designer Ewelina Chawawko, but each has its own occupants and therefore its own personality. Every space is entirely modern and ultimately gorgeous. With nods to minimalism and just a small hint of the mid-century styles that are so popular still, each home offers beautiful spaces for its occupants to enjoy fully. Basic needs are accounted for including seating, entertainment, and even storage, but all in a stylish and sophisticated manner.

Even the most stylized spaces need to have space to relax. This modern home features a spacious living room that includes a massive, modern sectional. It’s an ideal area for entertaining, with a flat screen television that hangs amid a custom shelving unit as a piece of art. Any number of people could easily lounge, socialize, and enjoy this modern home.

While the second space is certainly still modern, it includes classic elements as well. The design uses a mix of painted and natural wood for a beachy, clean aesthetic. An open floor plan allows for foot traffic, air and light to circulate but the design also includes doors that can close off the dining room for a more intimate experience. This ‘best of both worlds’ feature is unique in a modern space such as this one.

The third home, which is for a family, has an amazing focal point in a stainless steel spiral staircase. The designer has build the home around this feature, giving it a distinctly futuristic and hip feel. Concrete walls, mossy green furniture, and mainly gray and white palette make this simple home just a little bit foreboding.

This next space consists of a man’s apartment. It includes similar concrete elements to the previous home but on a different scale. Instead of steel, we see accents of glass and wood for a masculine finish that still feels welcoming.

The final space is a turn towards something more traditionally modern. White walls and furniture open up the two store house while suspended stairs are clean and visually interesting. There is no concrete or harsh steel, instead accents include light natural wood and molded wire for a warm and sophisticated air.

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3 Examples of Modern Simplicity

Fri, 19.06.2015 - 16:00

While some homes certainly opt for the opulent, there is always something particularly intriguing about those luxurious designs that manage to keep things simple. The three homes featured in this post from architect Artem Trigubchak and not only are they ultimately elegant, they are simply luxury at its finest. By using clean lines, rich textures, and a few carefully chosen pieces, these homes are transformed from something everyday to something special. Let’s have a look.

The first space is bright cheerful but not too busy. Colorful furnishings live in the same color family, giving a unified feeling to the living area, while a few contrasting elements add interest. A simple home office with extremely sleek furnishing options is truly a retreat for a creative – yet industrious – occupant while a bit of whimsy in the way of nautical elements and round, bubbly light fixtures keep the space warm and welcoming.

In this next home, the deep, rich colors are the ultimate in masculine elegance. A forest green sofa and lusciously dark wood paneling give an immediate sense of a private den, something much more sophisticated than a modern day “man cave.” The elegance of the living room carries throughout the home with sleek kitchen countertops and a breakfast bar that could easily double as a conference table. In the more intimate areas, a large platform bed is grounding and cozy while mostly monochrome bathroom styling is more than a bit indulgent.

The final home definitely shares some of the simple, elegant characteristics of the previous entry but does so in a lighter, brighter, and at the risk of assigning gender roles to furniture, a more feminine way. In this space, sunshine is paramount and streams in from every angle, reflecting of clean white surfaces and illuminating a plush purple sofa that even Prince would envy. The natural wood elements throughout lend a bit of natural charm to this otherwise urban oasis.

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Views of Mountains and the Sea Make This South African Home Truly Stunning

Thu, 18.06.2015 - 16:00

If you are lucky enough to have a house that overlooks the sea in any area, you are living your best life and that is rare and magical enough. However, even more rare is that dream home overlooking the sea – and may an island or two – that offers 360-degree views of water and mountains, and also borders a majestic national park. It might sound like a unicorn, but this stunning house exists and it’s in South Africa. The home, by the architects at SAOTA, is truly an architectural feat to behold, from the inside out. Let’s look inside.

The house was built on a mountain ridge below Cape Town’s Lion’s Head peak. The area offers views of Robben Island, Camps Bay, and the Twelve Apostles. The setting is steep and the southern boundary of the land actually shares a border with a National Park, which meant the team had to be sensitive not only to the needs of their clients, but also to the needs of the land and its natural beauty.

In order to deal with the steep pitch of the land, the home was created in a layered design, with guests entering through a central level of the home and private spaces being hidden below, nestled in the side of the mountain itself.

In a space this beautiful, any architect would strive to maximize the experience of outdoor spaces. A sparkling pool and expansive outdoor terrace is inviting during warmer months, while a winter lounge off the kitchen offers a relaxing space for entertaining when temperatures drop.

Even the bedrooms manage to maximize the views, making it impossible not to get a good night’s sleep, safe from nature but also deeply entrenched in its splendor.

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Dark Neutrals and Clean Lines Unite Six Stylish Homes

Wed, 17.06.2015 - 16:00

Bright, bold colors and pretty pastels or even wildly white designs all have their place. Plenty have been featured here. But there is also something lovely about cool, dark, neutral tones. The six homes featured in this post are all different in their designs, but they are united in their use of shades of gray, browns, and dark creams. Coupled with soft, modern furnishings and undeniable style, these homes are unique and beautiful each in their own way. Have a look.

The first space uses cool, dark grays as its main color palette. The gray walls and furnitures meld with the dark exposed brick and hardwood flooring for a look that is decidedly dark but certainly not frightening. Instead, it has a certain stylish bachelor pad appeal with a few industrial notes for good measure.

The next space also uses a good deal of gray, but the cool tones are balanced with some playful splashes of color and pattern. In particular vibrant yellow dining chairs, patterned throw pillows, and a tucked away bed draped in a psychadelic blanket are perfectly framed by the otherwise neutral space.

This next space, a studio in Moscow, uses an almost concrete shade of gray as its base. To stand out from this dreary color and bring some vibrance to the room the designer has chosen to include some stunning lime green furniture and a smattering of indoor plants. The resulting space feels creative and fun but sophisticated at the same time.

In this space from architect Pavel Vetrov, we move away from the grays into the more brown and coppery neutral tones. The walls in this home are done in varying textures, which makes the space feel quite modern, while creamy white furnishings complete the look.

This 80 square meter (861 square feet) home in the Ukraine is again enveloped in shadowy gray tones. When it comes to these dark colors that can feel harsh and constricting, it is important to include plenty of soft textures so as not to be offputting, and this design certainly manages to do that.

Finally, a lovely and simple design that, due to natural wood, sunlight, and some splashes of teal does not feel quite as dark as most of the other homes on this list. For another creative textured wall option take a look at the bedroom with its perpendicular wood slats.

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A Bright Home With Lots Of Storage-Friendly Space

Tue, 16.06.2015 - 16:00

Sometimes, it’s all about finding the best way to make an existing space work for you. In the case of this apartment located in the city center of Sofia, Don’t DIY Studios took on the task of creating a contemporary living space. It needed ample storage, smart use of design features to minimize clutter, and an advantageous design to maximize the natural light available.

We’d say it’s a success. Let’s explore, shall we?

The living room features a bespoke plywood table that can also perform duties as a workspace or a dining table.

The space can easily go from work to play and back again, based on the design choices made.

This cozy seating area is a welcome spot to just relax and reflect.

There’s plenty of white multi-functional storage furniture to hide shoes, clothes, and even the washing machine of the owner.

A black rotating Jean Prouve Vitra lighting fixture hovers over the sofa area, creating a unique visual point.

A large picture window gives a lovely view of the outdoors.

While not large, this living area offers ample room for entertaining comfortably.

The white wall in front of the seating area actually serves as a projection screen for movie and TV viewing, which is a unique use of that particular space.

The light blue Scandinavian sofa contrasts against the exposed brick wall that was painted white.

Here, you can see the fully concealed kitchen, blending into the surrounding walls.

The built-in kitchen makes use of plywood and is unique in that it’s fully concealable behind sliding doors, also painted in the same white as found throughout the space.

The chevron of the wood flooring creates an interesting visual that can be found throughout the space.

Along the same area as the built-in fireplace, you’ll also find appliances and an air conditioning unit.

A small fireplace was built into a large white cabinet, giving light to what was the darkest area of the space.

And like other design choices throughout the space, the bedroom combines together the bespoke with the purely modern. A perfect balance.

The sleeping area is all white and has a large built-in wardrobe along the walls. The bed is bespoke and made of plywood.

The wardrobe area can be reached by walking through a large sliding white door. It also acts as a sleeping area for the owner’s pet.

Using white epoxy resin, a flooring strip leads you into the bathroom while separating the living and bedroom areas.

This vibrant shelf holds carefully curated belongings, ensuring the space feels free of clutter.

The vestibule of the apartment was enlarged.

There’s a yoga deck built of gray granite, as well as a winter garden to lend freshness and life to the space. A little escape.

In addition to expanding the vestibule, the apartment’s former kitchen was also modified into a wardrobe to give the occupants additional storage.

Smart storage abounds in this contemporary living space.

Bespoke shelving allows for attractive storage of media.

The ceiling in the apartment was also lowered to hide ventilation ducts that needed to be added to the kitchen.

The bathroom is clean, minimal, and bright.

The floor plan shows the care put into the design for not only space considerations, but for function as well.

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3 White Apartments in Different Styles

Mon, 15.06.2015 - 16:00

A blank canvas is white, but not every blank canvas is waiting for a brushstroke to make it complete. The three homes featured in this post are feature bright white walls, cool cream furniture, and plenty of blank open space. But the designs of these homes do not cry out for more color or more art, instead the white spaces open the home and help to turn the people who live there, who entertain there, and who visit there, into the real focal point of the design.

The first space, from designers at Ando Studio, uses white to create a truly posh look. In contrast to white molded walls and linen sofas, are a few bold black stripes and of course some gilded accents. An ornate mirror, a silvery candlestick, and even a striking rusted gear art piece/conversation starter each create their own force fields of interest, adding their personality to the otherwise white, chilled out space. With the addition of a plush purple modern wingback chair, this white house takes a turn towards contemporary royalty.

The next home has that distinct Scandinavian style that we have come to know and love on this site. Coming from Image Box Studios, shades of white are the perfect complement to the minimalist style. Whitewashed wood floors add their own rustic flair, while such quirky pieces as a wireframe deer’s head and the oh-so-hip caged light bulb fixtures make the design perfectly homey, cozy, and warm.

The last apartment comes from the designers at Fabrykabarw. It measures 41 square meters (441 square feet) and is located in Warsaw, Poland. The space is designed for a couple that lives somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle and that certainly informed the interior choices made. The design is not the poshest (e.g., not the most expensive) but it works for the people who make it their home. The use of white makes it easier to switch things out and up either when the current occupants want to make a change or a new owner is ready to come in.

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Three Modern Homes by Terri Brown

Fri, 12.06.2015 - 18:29

Finding an architect or interior designer who can merge the best of the surrounding landscape with the creative vision of a new property is quite the feat. Luckily, we can see this perfectly in three examples of renderings by Terri Brown.

This first set of renderings shows a private home on the beautiful island of Mayotte. The property is unique in that it focuses more on the surrounding environment than on the space itself.

Nature flows into the property seamlessly, as the lounge and deck are designed to merge into a centralized living space, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding sea. It’s easy to imagine sea breezes and warm sunlight being taken in at every turn. This first home looks ideal for family holidays or entertaining, or perhaps a romantic retreat. A large contemporary living area offers a stunning panoramic view.

The open floor plan allows for easy entertaining as it blends together living and dining areas, all while letting the large panoramic window be the star of the space.

Above the dining table, a unique series of pendant lights create a focal point to delight in.

Lit by only the night sky and a few outdoor lanterns, the clean lines of the space make it feel airy, open, and almost limitless.

Squares and clean lines dominate the floor plan.

A unique palm tree grows in the open walkway between the living and bedroom areas.

The bedroom feels serene, as natural fibers, crisp white walls, and plenty of natural light combine together.

The glassy reflection of the home from the pool only adds to the geometric mystique of the property.

Each room offers panoramic views with floor to ceiling windows. Simply breathtaking.

The second property is regarded as one of the most highly sought after in Mauritius. It’s located at the base of the famous Le Morne mountain. All of the nearby homes blend naturally into the landscape and provide exceptional views over the bay, which is something that was kept into consideration in the design of this space. This property is designed to blend into the mountainside while offering stunning views and luxurious accomodations.

Warm woods lend comfort to the living area while large windows let the stunning view speak for itself.

Blending earth and sky, this property uses natural woods, stone, water, and a low-profile design to blend into the surrounding mountain landscape.

Open to the surroundings yet with a feel of privacy, this space is a stunning mountain retreat. Nature here also blends into the living space, with lush gardens, lots of natural light, and an open design that makes connecting indoor and out only a step. One of the more unique features of this property is the use of natural materials throughout. Warm woods are showcased in both the walls and ceilings.

Le Morne’s stunning views and natural flora are highlighted throughout these renderings.

Glass allows light to flood the rooms. Stone walls along the outdoor parking area keep the property from feeling intrusive. Furnishings are kept simple. Everything is low profile, allowing for the beauty of the mountain to take hold of any visitor. While it may not be in the traditional lodge style, this contemporary mountain retreat certainly feels like it unifies both earth and sky.

Dramatic in black and white, this Le Morne property is a mountain retreat that takes the breath away.

Finally, the third property is all about serenity. A family home, it offers the best of form and function, with colors inspired by the sea and the use of natural materials throughout. Like the other designs, there’s plenty of natural light and an appreciation for the surrounding landscape. It’s easy to relax in this serene, contemporary home.

Light streams in from multiple angles in this gorgeous living area.

The colors used throughout the living areas are reminiscent of shades found at the beach, with sand, seaglass, driftwood, and white all showcased in furnishings.

Simplicity makes this room striking. Statement artwork in simple black and white lends a surprising element to the soothing palette of light woods and natural linens.

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A House Shaped Like a Flying Saucer Takes Earthling Design to New Heights (and Shapes)

Thu, 11.06.2015 - 17:56

Have you ever wondered what it would be like not just to see a flying saucer but to actually go inside of one? Or even better, to live inside? This amazing eco-friendly house in New Paltz, NY could be your dream home. Although the wood construction would likely not survive long in outer space, it creates the perfect aesthetic for its real rustic location on 28 acres of wooded seclusion. One look inside and you can tell this is a home for the style conscious with a love of nature who needs a space to be all their own.

The stunning interior features 10 foot tall ceilings at its peak. The home overall has 2300 square feet (213 square meters) of living space, including three bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

The open floor plan gives the home a very open and airy feel, which is only amplified by the stunning windows that climb up the sides of the dome. In a fascinating design choice, the dome itself actually rotates (via remote control and solar power) to give the house maximum (or minimum) sunlight throughout the day.

The upstairs of the home contains a guest bedroom and full bath as well as a home office and library and can be reached only by a sweeping central staircase. The first level is home to the master suite

The exterior of the home is surrounded by 40 feet worth of deck that curves around the dome shape. The extra acreage offers plenty by way of privacy for truly enjoying the outdoors in any weather, even in the private hot tub.

Interested in buying this house? It’s yours if you are ready to spend a million dollars.

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Modern Apartment Designs by Phase6 Design Studio

Wed, 10.06.2015 - 17:14

Designed by Taiwanese designer Phase6 Design Studio, these three apartments showcase the firm’s ability to play with texture, light, and minimalism to create truly stunning spaces.

1. A High Ceilinged Wonder: The focal point – and most dramatic feature – of this space is the high ceilings. Speaking for themselves with just a little bit of light and a lone ceiling fan, the eye is instantly drawn up by the vertical lines and natural light. The room, which uses a balance of natural tones, wood, and stone, feels very in touch with nature. In a way, it’s a modern take on what one might feel while sitting in a forest. The fan, a cool breeze. The large windows, the sunshine. The wood surrounding the space and dotting the furnishings? The trees that surround you.

To keep the space from feeling too dramatic, pops of playful blue stand out on the comfortable sofa.

The view from the living area out into the hallway is a unique one. It feels as if you’re looking toward the sun, even though it’s only a uniquely placed lighting sconce.

The floor plan is open and airy, with plenty of storage and shelving in the rear of the sofa. It’s a practical yet beautiful work space, with dual desks and a gorgeous view.

Clean lines and warm wood tones dominate the entryway, which showcases just a simple bench inside the door.

The recessed lighting, coupled with the white walls and polished floor, make the room appear to glow.

To break up the wood, white cabinets and drawers dot the built in along the back wall.

In the bedroom, the same wood tones carry through in the floor and room divider, which doubles as both part of the wardrobe and headboard. A built-in vanity stands across the room next to the terrace windows. The closet space is ample.

Clever touches that save on space or clutter can be found throughout the apartment, like the bedside lamps, matching wood nightstand, and walkthrough closet area.

Windows to the side and behind the bed make the room feel bright and airy, along with the fixtures positioned close to the walls.

The vanity, while compact, has plenty of space for jewelry and cosmetics, as well as drawers and tabletop space. Photos or curated artwork might rest on the open shelf above the mirror.

Out in the dining area, you’ll find a modern light fixture, curved chairs, and the same wood tones in the long dining table.

The kitchen adjoins the dining area and seems to blend in seamlessly with the white of the surrounding walls and wood of the foyer. It is crisp and clean, but still very functional.

Additional built-in shelving assures plenty of storage space for kitchen and dining essentials.

2. A Minimalist Family Home: Imagine a space that could be filled with treasured furnishings only – and plenty of imagination. The blank slate punctuated by pops of bright color is what this family home is all about. The large and open living area keeps things simple. Ample storage takes up much of the wall, while there’s a colorful throw to be enjoyed for play. A TV, plenty of seating, and light spilling in from the windows is all you need.

All that’s needed now is the family to enjoy it.

Mirrors along the back wall of the couch don’t just add to the overall brightness of the room, but they make it feel even more open and airy, as the hallway continues to lead you through the rest of the house on light wood floors.

Around the corner, one can peek to find a child’s playroom or bedroom perhaps, with folding doors as a unique design feature.

The dining room, anchored by warm browns and pops of yellow from the flowers on the table, feels inviting. A bar is nested into the corner behind it with lots of open shelving for books, a workspace, and an open view throughout the rest of the main living areas.

The desk area is compact yet an efficient use of space. It feels both connected and separate from the rest of the home, allowing it to be used as both a place for retreat or for family activity.

The kitchen and dining area have open views throughout the rest of the living area, where you’ll find pops of wood along the white walls and light floors, as well as stainless steel in the kitchen.

The bedroom carries through the woods and whites, save for the colorful pillows and throw placed across the bed.

A bathroom is just steps away through a wardrobe and closet area. In the corner, an L-shaped bank of windows gives a view to the city outside, as well as plenty of natural light.

A TV sits across from the bed in a simple recessed shelving area.

3. Like Modern Art: Picture the pieces you’d find in a modern art museum. Perhaps a painting in the Cubist style. Or maybe a sculpture made from glass and metal. Maybe something organic and alive. These are the things you’ll find in this work of art. The main living area is cozy and inviting with a soft leather couch, warm woods, and a dramatic ceiling. The view into the landscaped yard is simply perfect and one could imagine this area to be an indoor retreat from the trials of daily living.

Behind the staircase, you’ll find an open garden, a unique feature within any home. The stairs themselves are a wood, white, and brushed metal creation. The dining area on the opposite side of the staircase is simple, functional, and beautiful.

Bench seating and natural wood pairs beautifully with the smooth stone along the floor. Shining white cabinets make the kitchen area blend perfectly with the surrounding white walls. A conical black fixture creates a unique but subtle focal point in the room.

Behind the stairs in the garden area, you’ll find the bathroom door, which opens into a luxurious space with frosted skylights and smooth natural stone. This house feels like a spa, ready to invite you in for rest and relaxation.

On another level, a grand piano and small library creates a space for meditation. A simple bench is all that’s needed to complete the room. The instrument acts as the art, ready to fill the room with the same.

Through a glass paneled dividing wall, you get a glimpse back into the living room.

Double ovens and modern fixtures assure that even the most daring of gourmets won’t be disappointed by the kitchen.

Skylights spill natural light through the home.

The bedroom calls to mind the work of Surrealist artists, with a structural staircase, mirrored vanity, industrial lighting, and warm woods all blended into one.

The stairs are their own work of art, giving a bold statement to the neutrals of the rest of the room.

The view from the loft above further shows the simplicity of the minimalist space below, but it feels far from sparse. It is perfectly furnished, and like a museum, each item is expertly curated for maximum impact.

Finally, in the bathroom, gray stone tiles, woods, and granite come together for a luxurious bath. The shower is a particular stunner, having striking fixtures and a simple glass divider wall to break it up from the rest of the space.

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8 Creatively Designed Bedrooms in Detail

Tue, 09.06.2015 - 17:58

When you move into a new home, you take the time to design the bedroom just as you like it. But after a while, even the perfect room can start to feel stale, claustrophobic, and even boring. Perhaps it is time for you to completely redecorate, or maybe just a new rug or a creative light fixture could be the solution. No matter what it is, you should be able to draw some creative inspiration from these 8 beautiful bedrooms from skilled designers and visualizers.

The first room is a spacious urban room with bright city views. Sculpted light fixtures over the side tables as well as in the center of the room give it an industrial vibe while smooth tiled floors have an Italian elegance to them.

This next room is decidedly softer and perhaps a bit more traditionally feminine. White, pale yellow, and a few pops of on-trend magenta really give it a springtime aura. The cushioned headboard is another sweet, soft touch that’s sure to promote good dreams.

In this bedroom, darkness seems to be creeping in. Concrete walls and gray linens have a storm cloud aesthetic while soft lighting and some drapey curtains give its inhabitant a cautious welcome.

In what could easily be an urban apartment or a teenage boy’s room, navy blue and plaid manage to feel warm and familiar but not boring. Bare bulb lighting certainly has its contemporary roots in hipsterdom, but here it create a sleepy atmosphere perfect for relaxing.

Exposed brick and a wood slat ceiling give this modern room a totally edgy feel. But cool details like a leather side chair and caged light bulbs are a bit upscale.

A simple white bedroom is a dream come true for a neat freak. This zen space gives in to a little bit of color with some blues and even a picnic table check adding some subtle pizzazz.

Molded walls and yellow accents give this space the look fit for a modern royal or an unattainable hotel room. Abstract art and a retro-inspired dangling lamp complete the look.

Finally, a creative options from the creatively named Who Cares?! Design. The bed in this room is known as the Ice Bed and is completely made from Dupont™ Corian. For simple lighting, an LED runs from the foot of the bed, up around to the head and built-in bookshelves lend a special element.

Recommended Reading: 8 Luxury Bedrooms In Detail

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A Literary Take on Fantasia Interior Designs

Mon, 08.06.2015 - 17:15

Literature can provide great inspiration for interior design. A favorite passage from a book can provide inspiration for a color scheme, decorative choices, or even the mood of a space. Looking at selected designs from the portfolio of Fantasia Interior, we found inspiration on our own bookshelves, matching literary works to several spaces. The minute we saw the photos, we though of these titles.

1. Sense & Sensibility: As the designer writes in its description of the space “Sense is stable. Sensibility is volatile.” Like Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility, this apartment combines the best of both worlds. Calming neutrals receive new life with pops of pattern from a textured throw pillow on the armchair and a houndstooth pillow on the sofa.

Wide ranges of materials (cold marble, warm wood, and soft leather) stack to create layers to the space, infusing contemporary architecture’s sense with sensibility.

The kitchen and dining area, while minimalist in style and completely functional, also have a touch of whimsy, as evidenced by the storage lighting, soft window treatments along the wall, and touches of luxurious marble as a divider to the two rooms.

Above both the kitchen bar and the dining area, you’ll find striking light fixtures that cast a soft glow over their chosen spaces. With lots of clean lines and angles, the choice of soft colors and warm lighting makes it feel smart, cozy, and sophisticated.

The marble in the kitchen can also be found along the back wall of the living area, serving as a luxe anchor for the TV. A mirrored ceiling adds space and creates a sense of height.

Stable and rhythmic vertical lines create a great contrast with the geometric design of the floor. In the enlarged foyer, you’ll find a stainless steel mirror that reflects the warm sunlight into the open space.

In one bedroom, form plays with function with ample storage above the bed, a unique swiveling TV, and plenty of light thrown by the large windows.

In another bedroom, an en-suite desk provides a comfortable workspace while open shelving lies awaiting treasures for curation. It’s the light cast through the structured shades, however, that may be the most unique piece. Softness is lent by textured textiles.

2. 50 Shades of Grey: The striking grey color palette of this next design had us thinking of the famous erotic novel. Like the title character, Christian Grey, this space feels sophisticated, steely and masculine, but with a softer side beneath. The old and the new, the classic and the modern, blend together seamlessly throughout the living room. For example, the TV is surrounded by an exquisite mantelpiece, making the art of enjoying a favorite show or movie feel even more decadent. Along the wall, floor to ceiling windows let in plenty of light over the contemporary furnishings. It’s the striking molding and architectural details, though, that make this space a stunner.

Like a shock to the senses and an exploration of all things sensual, the room is anchored by keep design elements that are very reflective of masculine and feminine energy. In the foyer, a light green pear sculpture adds a pop of color and curves to an otherwise clean and angled space. Feminine dining chairs in a curvaceous shape are paired perfectly with rich wood. Warm lighting and shiny metallic fixtures play and make the room sparkle.

In the bedroom, striking marble plays a playful part in the 50 shades motif, rounding out the neo-classical details found throughout the space. Pure sophistication at its finest.

3. Treasure Island: The glitter of treasure, the polished wood of a ship, the sense of potential and adventure – it can all be found in a way within this apartment. The wooden floor is paneled and has an oiled finish, much like a ship. A unique feature of the space is imported degradable recycled wallpaper. The specially designed television cabinet is used to separate the working area of the study and the living room, allowing light to flow freely.

According to the designer, a beveled triangular area comes into view when entering the room. This space is designed to serve three main functions, ensuring maximum capacity. They write,”The first is the cloakroom; vintage rustic metal and tile are paired with light color pebbles, the contrast of light and dark colors creates a contemporary vibe. Entering the dining area it transforms into a German Dual Zone Wine Cellar, becoming a compact mini bar when equipped with wine glass rack.” The final purpose of the space is for storage.

A clear glass panel separates the foyer’s sitting area from the rest of the house.

In the open dining area, the space is configured with L-shaped cooking area, making it easy to move around in.

But the real stunner, and treasure of the house, is the chandelier. The anchor of the room is a double layer Swarovski chandelier custom-ordered by the designer for the hostess The center island showcases an expandable design allowing for entertaining even with limited space.

In the bedroom, the bed is anchored by a stunning photo of two sailboats. One could imagine falling asleep listening to waves and dreaming of sea spray.

The other bedroom calls to mind Captain Silver, with plenty of silver tones in the room’s textiles. There’s softness with the feathers patterned in the wallpaper, quilted headboard, and plush rug.

Finally, in this space, one feels like they are below deck in a luxurious cabin. The window might as well be a porthole on the ship, sailing on to another adventure.

4. The Great Gatsby: While this apartment may not have a 1920’s or art deco theme, it does capture the luxury and style one might find in Gatsby’s home. We open on the living room, showcasing a neo-classical style brought up to date with contemporary furniture and luxe detailing. Rich wood creates built-in shelving along the back wall, forming a bookcase. The table on the back of the sofa doubles as a workspace. One could imagine sitting here and writing the next American novel, like Nick in the story writing his tales of Gatsby, or F. Scott Fitzgerald himself.

Polished wood, touches of crystal, leather, and gilded furnishings suggest real style. This space doesn’t just look beautiful – it feels indulgent. Artwork fills the space, lending color.

Throughout the entire space, one can appreciate the stunning molding and architectural detailing. It is bold, sophisticated.The light fixture over dining table shines in a brilliant gold while polished leather chairs invite you to sit down, stay awhile, and enjoy a glass of champagne.

Throughout the entire space, one can appreciate the stunning molding and architectural detailing. It is bold, sophisticated.The light fixture over dining table shines in a brilliant gold while polished leather chairs invite you to sit down, stay awhile, and enjoy a glass of champagne.

It’s the bedroom, however, that’s all Daisy. It’s pretty, whimsical, and romantic. It’s love, incarnate, in a bedroom. This is the way that Gatsby sees Daisy. The promise of happiness, the sparkle of laughter, stunning beauty – all captured here.

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A Wild Modern Home Exterior Contains a Clean Modern Interior

Fri, 05.06.2015 - 17:14

When you are able to look past the unique shape of the home, you can see how those shapes interact with one another, and with the home’s 4650 square foot (431 square meter) interior. Light emanates from within in bold streaks and subtle slivers, keeping the home private but also a bit welcoming.

Once inside, simplicity takes over. Although elegant details like vaulted ceilings and sumptuous furniture create a space to be reckoned with, the a calming white palette and low, clean lines are ultimately easy to experience. This minimalism is not necessarily what you might expect from the way in which the exterior seems to shout.

The home’s central staircase is an interesting design focal point. Encased in glass and made from bent steel plates, it stands as an industrial inspiration in this otherwise contemporary minimalist design. While the steel itself has the echoes of a warehouse or loft, its delicate thickness could easily be a nod to the act of human flight itself — light, airy steel, seemingly a juxtaposition but suddenly aloft.

The upstairs bedrooms have their own personality, with slit windows that cause the outdoor lighting effects and provide circulation. Overhead grated skylights are more than just vents, though, giving a beautiful openness to the rooms.

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2 Provence Style Apartment Designs With Floor Plans

Thu, 04.06.2015 - 17:16

There is something so compelling about the French lifestyle, particularly in the countryside. It immediately conjures images of lush courtyards and luscious dinner parties extending into the small hours of the morning, under the stars. So it’s not surprise that designer Denis Svirid would take inspiration from the Provence style for these two apartments. They may not have a view of the Riviera or come standard with fragrant cheese and pillowy baguettes but the do bring with them a lovely laziness and mismatched elegance that is perfectly French indeed.

The first space certainly has a beachy theme to it. The light from a sunny morning streams through the space’s many windows giving every corner a brighter disposition. The striped theme throughout is just a bit nautical without extending to kitschiness.

The kitchen is worth its own mention here. It’s sparkling white cabinets and sea blue backsplash is a gorgeous blend of the Provence style and something you might find on Nantucket. The French doors are another nice feature, making it all the easier to shut away the dinner party mess and saving it for morning.

The second apartment takes a more rustic approach but with the same elegance. A beige, natural color theme gives the apartment an earthy feel without removing any of the home’s creature comforts.

A pitched ceiling gives the architecture a little more interest in the upstairs bedroom and en suite. The natural wood color gives it a cozy feel but never strays far from luxury.

Despite any differences, the designer doesn’t give up the stripes completely. After all, what’s more French than a good stripe?

Of course, the kitchen here is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Similar glass-front cabinets are gorgeous while patterned floor tile definitely stand out.

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A Farnsworth-inspired Weekend House on the Edge of a Volcano’s Crater

Wed, 03.06.2015 - 18:56

Mies van der Rohe’s iconic house in Illinois has been the inspiration for many modern architects. That masterpiece, which was also intended as a vacation home, included walls of glass to look out onto the surrounding nature and ultimate simplicity inside (at least, in the architect’s mind it did). While the home featured here may not ever reach the same levels of celebration as that national landmark, its inspiration is unmistakable. Architects from ATELIER ARS we commissioned to build this vacation home in Santa María del Oro, which edges a lake contained in the crater of a volcano. This type of landscape is certainly different from the plains of Illinois but the nature still begs for the same kind of sweeping views and calming design.

In order to make the home comfortable as well as beautiful, it was constructed with two main areas: one that mimics a more traditional house with solid walls and foundations and another that more closely resembles the Farnsworth aesthetic. In the front pavilion, an elevated, glass enclosed patio is made of sliding doors that can open for ventilation and columns that keep the building up off the ground and allow water to flow underneath.

The furnishings in the house may not be as sleek as van der Rohe would have chosen himself, but they appear markedly more comfortable with plush leather sofas and armchairs being ultimately inviting.

The surrounding landscaping of the house melds with and celebrates the natural landscape. The signature glass walls mean views for miles for hills, trees, and of course that stunning volcano lake.

The Farnsworth house is so named for its first occupant, Dr. Edith Farnsworth, who was never satisfied with her purchase. While this updated version of the house, located far south of the original in Mexico, might have caved and added a few walls and even a closet or two, it is clear that the masterful architect who build that house in Illinois is still inspiring tastes and designs around the world.

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Four Homes from the Same Designer Showcase a Diversity of Style

Tue, 02.06.2015 - 17:47

Interior designers, much like fine artists, can come to be defined by a singular sense of style. People will turn to a designer to recreate the spaces he or she is most famous for and in that way things will snowball until so much of that designer’s work looks as if it could have come from the same house. In this post we are showcasing four different homes from the same designer, Nelly Prodan. And while there are certainly similarities between each of these spaces, the reality is that they are quite different, in terms of color palette, furnishings, and overall feel. Take a look at just how broad a designer’s tastes and expertise can be.

The first space was designed for a young man who loves to travel. This cosmopolitan lifestyle is reflected throughout the home, beginning in the living room where an eclectic gallery wall immediately draws attention. In fact, eclectic design carries throughout from mismatched throw pillows to creatively geometric end tables. And of course, no traveler’s home could be complete with plenty of bookshelves for all those travel guides.

The next home is a house designed for a young family. The feel of this home is a bit lighter and more elegant than the first, but still maintains that playfulness that is so compelling. The living room provides plenty of cozy and pretty seating in light pastel blue and neutral grays. Even lighter is the kitchen design, which includes sparkling white cabinetry and butcher block countertops, perfect for an easy home cooked meal.

The third space is nearly unrecognizable as being from the same designer. In contrast to the previous two homes, this space is sleekly modern. Still, you can see a bit of whimsy poking through, like in the bright orange fire feature and creative wall art. Otherwise, this space is plainer, with lots of clean, simple lines in the kitchen as well as the bedroom and lacks those same pops of color and light.

The final home is in the same modern vein. Though the space is bigger, featuring a two story living room and modern fireplace, long lines make it seem bigger still. The only hint of that winking whimsy is in the almost floral light fixtures that hang from the vaulted ceilings.

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