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Lofted Luxury

Tue, 26.05.2015 - 17:53

As we have seen time and time again on this site, a lofted design is a great way to use all the vertical space in a home. Lofts are not only modern, but inherently interesting and leave many options open for a creative designer. In this post, we’re featuring three different loft designs that latch onto the idea of luxury and do not let go. From creative light fixtures to supple textures and sleek, modern furniture, these lofts are truly the height of luxury.

The first space comes from the design team at Plasterlina. The dark, cool color story is a bit of a departure from many modern spaces with similar styles, which often focus instead on whites and muted grays. Here, deep chocolate and olive colors pack an autumnal punch. Lighter colors are used on the upper level, which serves as a way to divide the main living area from the upstairs loft as well.

The main living area features a full range of clean lines, from the overhead lighting and mid-century inspired dining chairs to the Pacman style fireplace. The tile work is also particularly interesting, with geometric tiles arranged in a pattern that looks nearly random but is clearly meticulous.

Rather than have a bedroom overlook a downstairs living room, this particular design actually features a private wine cellar flipped on its head. The cellar is upstairs while the entertaining area is below.

The second loft space, from design Ivan Guillen, is somewhat different from the first representation, reminding us much more of what a ‘typical’ loft style might be. Warm industrial elements pervade the space from steel and able railings to soft lighting fixtures that look suspiciously DIY.

The surface materials throughout stand out as particularly stunning, from the hardwood flooring upstairs to the marble tile downstairs and of course the paneled accent wall that spans the space of both levels.

The final loft is a visualization from Julian Sadokha and goes even further towards the industrial luxury style. As we pointed out earlier, this is a loft that takes the white and gray style to heart, with white walls and ceilings making the vaulted ceilings feel even taller. Wide open spaces have an artistic bent and encourage creativity and camaraderie.

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3 Designs by Love Design: A Mad Men Inspired Take

Mon, 25.05.2015 - 16:01

Chinese design firm Love Design offers modern designs with a nostalgic twist. With plenty of clean lines, warm tones, and luxurious materials, there’s something both new and familiar about the way they approach interiors.

We’re taking a look inside three different apartments, each with its own style, but still the same vintage-inspired feel that runs throughout. Totally memorable, we couldn’t help but connect each of these three apartments to Mad Men.

Our first tour takes us into what we’d imagine as a suite fit for the ambitious and creative Peggy. This space, at first glance, may appear more masculine, but upon closer inspection, it’s easy to see why one like Peggy might easily fall in love. Open and bright, this apartment has a feel of length and continuity – there’s infinite possibility as clean lines play with soft curves. What really sold us on this space for Peggy were the luxe quilted details on the dining and living area upholstery, as well as the brushed metallics.

With a combined living and dining area, this space is ideal for entertaining. Luxurious marble along the wall and floor plays with open shelving of rich but natural woods. Like Peggy’s copy ideas, her furnishings would be carefully curated and collected – each considered in detail for quality as well as beauty and function.

While there isn’t prominent artwork on the walls, the space still feels very cozy and warm. Strategic lighting and the use of ambient light from the windows keeps this space from feeling sleepy. There is, however, a very striking sense of calm.

Everything about the common living areas is straightforward and direct, like Peggy, but still with a sense of grace and softness.

Distinctly feminine, the first bedroom is one we think Peggy would enjoy. Curved end tables sit on both sides of the upholstered bed. No doubt, exquisite textiles in a nice plum shade provide comfort. It’s the textured wall behind the bed that is the real stunner, though.

The second bedroom reminds us of Peggy’s desire for travel and exploration, as this room is all about utility. While beautiful and modern, it’s kept to the essentials and looks similar to a luxe hotel suite. Ideal for guests, it offers ample comfort with a media center, comfortable bed, and writing desk.

The third bedroom is an unexpected departure from the rest of the house. It is sensual and exotic, with design elements pulled from multiple cultures and influences. It is a true escape and treat – and it captures perfectly Peggy’s own desire for the new and the unexplored. A master suite we know she would adore.

Finally, the fourth bedroom is light, airy, and modern with plenty of clean lines and brightness. We could see Peggy using this space for guests or as her own office or reading nook. Imagine copy drafts across the desk or storyboards laid across the bed. This is where Peggy could let her imagination run wild, but in comfort.

The living area offers ample seating for entertaining and it’s easy to imagine Roger hosting cocktails here before taking a few steps over to the dining area, which showcases a stunning lighting fixture. Along the walls, there’s plenty of space for housing treasured items. We know Roger would likely have a mix of past and present – and most assuredly, a few copies of his memoirs, “Sterling’s Gold”.

Light spills into the living and dining area from ample windows. And we all know how much Roger enjoys a good view.

The kitchen area is light and open, with clean white title and a minimalist design. The foyer showcases a stunning set of double doors. Very bold and impressionable. It’s easy to see why Roger might choose an apartment with an open floor plan, sumptuous details, and a bold – but elegant – first impression.

The dining area is open, with a full view of the kitchen and living room. It’s a great space for parties. One could imagine a bar station off the kitchen buffet, records playing, and laughs being shared.

The dining area is open, with a full view of the kitchen and living room. It’s a great space for parties. One could imagine a bar station off the kitchen buffet, records playing, and laughs being shared.

A private room for rest and relaxation is also included in the space, complete with massage table.

The first bedroom is ideal for guests, showcasing a large and comfortable bed, recessed lighting, large vanity and desk, and media station.

The second bedroom showcases a TV built into a textured wall opposite the bed, modern (but mid-century inspired) furnishings, and high ceilings – perfect for one’s soaring aspirations, like Roger’s.

The main living and dining area, while less spacious as the previous two apartments, is cozy and welcoming. One could imagine Don sitting on the sofa, looking over copy drafts. This isn’t a space for parties and entertaining, but for relaxation and reflection. And we all know that Don isn’t the most social of characters. The warm wood along the walls makes the space feel welcoming and serene. Over the dining table, a modern light fixture acts as a focal point in the room. The furnishings take on a mid-century feel with a bit of updating, like the natural wood lamp in the corner and the contemporary dining chairs.

From the kitchen, you can look out into the rest of the space and across to the large bank of windows. The kitchen is efficient and smartly designed. While it’s a smaller dwelling, it never feels cramped. Instead, it feels carefully curated, each decorative item or furnishing placed precisely to ensure the maximum amount of utility. It’s a perfect balance of form and function.

Along the back wall of the living area, an open shelf houses a few treasures.

The similarly toned woods throughout the walls and floors make the space feel larger and more open. In the hall, a natural wood bench is built into the wall, perfect for resting pairs of shoes, or perhaps Don’s briefcase.

An architecturally intriguing wall of wood panels and stone act as a separator between the main living areas and the rest of the house. Storage is ample yet one could imagine that Don would never use all of it. Instead, this place offers a bit of respite for his restlessness. It is welcoming. It feels like home, but also caters to Don’s desire for solitude.

The floor plan clearly shows the smart usage of space between two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and common living space. Yes, we think Don would be a fan of this bachelor pad.

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25 Modern Living Rooms with Cool, Clean Lines

Fri, 22.05.2015 - 17:36

A living room needs to be a place where families can kick their feet up. Where they can convene, entertain, and enjoy each other. But for those people who pride themselves on design, it also needs to be able to tie a home together. In these 25 living rooms, modern concepts take precedence with sleek sofas and towering windows creating a heart for these homes.

A stunning view is an enviable feature in this sleek living room, where even the ceiling opens up into the sky.

With an open floor plan, the slightest color shift can mean everything. Here, a beige sofa distinguishes the living area from its stark, white surroundings.

WIth sunlight from multiple angles, this living room is a perfect space for basking in a warm glow – of sun and design – at any time of year.

This ultra modern living room uses its clean lines to create an overwhelming atmosphere that is clean and serene.

The round columns in this living room divide the room and give an otherwise industrial apartment a bit of a romantic spin.

In this smaller living room, the white color scheme makes things feel more open.

This French-style living room has an eclectic design that’s familiar, but is unified with a color story that is springy and pretty.

The use of concrete and wood turn this modern living room into a testament to mid-century design.

This teak wood living room is perfect for a living room that doubles as an outdoor entertaining space.

A spacious living room dominated by a soft gray sectional is perfect for a family that wants to relax in style.

The green color in this particular living room is a perfect match for springtime blooms, making the indoors feel a little brighter all year round.

Slate gray walls and a deep blue sofa give this living room a bit of a stormy feel.

Black walls and a stone accent give this living room the feeling of a particularly stylish dungeon.

The adobe and teal scheme here have a distinctly 1980s Miami Beach feel to them. Totally rad.

A top floor living room lends itself to a gently sloping ceiling and stunning skylight.

This black and white living room has a sleek, artistic bent to it. A perfect setting for a martini or two.

It’s impossible to ifnore the pops of purple in this artsy living room with exposed brick.

Wood, marble, and simply gray upholstery create a mid-century masterpiece in this living room.

White, gray, and spindly tree branch painting take this space into a dreamy white simplicity.

The curtains and soft rugs give this living room a romantic air.

A twisted metal chandelier and dark walls give this living room an eerie gothic feel.

Sumptuous wood floors and walls have a decadent effect on this living room.

The stone walls in this living room, coupled with the exposed rafters, have the feel of an East Coast Retreat.

Lime green accents add a non-so-subtle vibrance to this open floorplan home.

A small space feels bigger with simple furniture and plenty of storage.

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5 Penthouses From 5 Different Parts Of The World

Thu, 21.05.2015 - 17:17

The first penthouse in this post is from the Ukraine. The modern two story space is steeped in cozy decadence. Overstuffed chairs and ottomans demand relaxation of the body while simple, clean design calms the mind as well. The lofted bedroom area is particularly comfortable, using its comparatively minimal area to create a nest that’s ideal for sleeping or intimate conversation.

In the U.S. home, the modern penthouse design tends further towards minimalism as personified in the elegant spiral staircase that wraps around a concrete pole. Materials like concrete and metal give a nod to industrial aesthetics while marble and hardwood keep things warm.

The mishmash of styles in this French apartment should come as no surprise in a country well knows for their creative contrasts. Bright colors pair with cool neutrals and stripes with prints while sunshine is never ever forgotten.

This Denmark home has a simple Scandinavian appeal. Lots of white stands in contrast to elegant dark wood beams and subtle black accents. The resulting design is clean and evokes a majorly upscale version of IKEA.

The final apartment comes from Vietnam and the southeast Asian influence is unmistakable. Intricate light fixtures and carefully carved cabinetry play well with Vietnamese ceramics. The space opens up into an elegant outdoor area that truly takes advantage of the tropical surroundings.

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Eco-Friendly House in Mexico Does Not Sacrifice Style

Wed, 20.05.2015 - 18:04

When you are able to live in beautiful surroundings, you want to be sure that your lifestyle is not diminishing those surroundings for generations to come. In the tropical, gorgeous area of Tulum, Mexico, the New York-based architects from Specht Harpman were able to create a home that celebrates its environment and works with – rather than against – the climate. The house, known as Casa Xixim, is truly a testament to the future of eco-friendly design (or ‘ecoluxe’ as the case may be). It uses natural air flow and architectural ingenuity to keep the home comfortable all year but does not sacrifice any of the modern, luxurious design elements.

The ground level of the house consists of a back pool deck with room for entertaining. The crystal clear pool has a view that is just as clear of the protected bay area behind the house, and the modern ground floor interiors. The living room, kitchen, and dining area are unsurprisingly a part of a lush open floorplan. Because the walls can, in effect, open up to the world, cooling breezes can constantly be filtering through the house, keeping the environment comfortable. This air flow, in addition to other features we will discuss, keeps the home net-neutral for energy and waste.

The second floor is home to most of the house’s four bedrooms, which also open up to the outside (with privacy shutters easily snapping closed when necessary). Gauzy canopies hang over the beds while neutral oatmeal tones speak to the crunchy granola roots of this house.

The rooftop terrace is more than just another entertaining space. A photovoltaic canopy collect solar power to use in the rest of the house. Native plants provide natural insulation and another area of the terrace collects rainwater.

The beauty of this house is that it looks and feel luxurious, but its decadence is in its comfortable design and stunning location. There is no overindulgence that is so common in luxury homes, making this eco-friendly house something that architects should look towards for the future of home and of our planet.

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Three Dark Colored Loft Apartments with Exposed Brick Walls

Tue, 19.05.2015 - 16:39

This is certainly not the first time we have explored the variety and creativity of loft living on this blog. The increased emphasis on urban spaces that are both practical and beautiful, with the added benefit of using lofts that have been repurposed from a former life, makes loft living that much more appealing. The three apartments in this post have that barely industrial loft style running through them, and each uses dark colors to create a space that is just a little bit brooding. Exposed brick is the final commonality that puts these lofts into that same creative, somewhat European, artistically aesthetic category.

The first home comes from designer Vladimir Bolotkin. Immediately, the slanted attic apartment ceilings stand out in this design. A cool spiral staircase connects multiple levels of the home while cool grey neutrals act as a blanket over the entire apartment. Soft sofas, a perfectly styled bistro kitchen and a smattering of white painted brick all serve to give this home a modern Parisian feel.

The next apartment, from designer Kostya Entaltsev measures just 35 square meters (376 square feet) and is a bit brighter and somewhat more sleek than the first. Here, bare brick contrasts with perfectly polished wood paneling and floors, making the brick more a statement and less of a happenstance. A small kitchen and cozy bedroom give enough space for a bachelor or maybe a young couple. The white tiled bathroom is perhaps one of the more stunning achievements, with is deep modern tub and vintage-styled showerhead, marrying old and new looks.

The final space is a condo unit in Bangkok with a decidedly masculine style. The space is fairly compact, but the design still manages to include plenty of big state furniture – from a polished leather chesterfield to towering custom shelf units. A brick wall in the bedroom gives the area an industrial oomph and a few natural wood accents soften anything that feels at first harsh.

These final images are photos that show just how close the designer was able to get when working off the above visualizations.

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Ex Machina Movie House

Mon, 18.05.2015 - 16:46

There are so many different pieces that go into the creation of a film. From the first keystroke that starts to write a story, characters with all their inherent quirks, traits, and personality are spun from thin air. When a film actually starts to take shape on-screen, those traits have to be reflected not just in the actor chosen to portray the character, but in the scenery, design, and every image. In a movie like recent science fiction film Ex Machina, those necessities are heightened. A near future and a billionaire protagonist need to have a very specific setting (remember Tony Stark’s house?) that sometimes may not just physically exist. The filmmakers did not find a perfect setting and instead cobbled together two real life locations with visual effects and sets to create a stunning world for their artificial intelligence opus.

This image from the movie is a still from the film. Real exteriors meld with visual effects to create a technology billionaire’s secluded home.

Much of the home used in the final film is actually a hotel. The Juvet Landscape Hotel, from the Norwegian team at Jensen & Skodvin Architects. Although the film takes place in Alaska, this stunning hotel is actually found in a remote area of Norway. The hotel, which has not been open long, is nestled among rocks, forests, and water. It plays the part of the billionaire’s dining room but is also available for booking – if you can afford it.

There is something inherently luxurious about seclusion. Even if it were not for the stunning, modern design behind these gorgeous interiors, being far removed from society provides both safety as well as a bit of danger.

Some of the home interiors, such as these of the living room, were shot a separate location. A private summer house, also designed by Jensen & Skodvin, speaks to the themes of the movie. The home and its sleek modern aesthetic is actually carved into the side of a mountain. Cliffs and rocks come into the house and must be worked around, just as the film uncovers so many elements of the nature that man is up against when working with technology.

Also here is a video shot at the location:

Image Courtesy: A24 Films, The Juvet Hotel, Ty Pennington

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A Simple, Modern Home with a Lot of Personality is Perfect for a Fun Couple (and their dog!)

Fri, 15.05.2015 - 16:00

While many of the homes on this site feature stunning architecture, insane design elements, and massive outdoor spaces, a home does not have to be aspirational to be inspirational. This home, from the team of architects and designers at 2B Group is beautiful. There is no denying the soothing simplicity of the design with plenty of bright white open space and exactly zero clutter. But the best part is how the quirky personality of the home is able to shine through in the creative and colorful elements without ever feeling overwhelming or forced.

The main living area and open kitchen are a welcoming introduction to the home. A stunning butter yellow sofa is just about as cozy looking as any couch with lots of space to stretch out for a long nap. The bright pop of color certainly stands out but it lives in a subdued hue that isn’t garish. And of course, regular visitors to this blog know how timeless and stylish an exposed brick accent wall can be.

The reading nook by the window is another place that would be oh-so-easy to sink into for a long and lazy afternoon. The chaise is elevated off the ground, keeping it clean and warm. The bookshelves above are a cobbled together creation of vintage suitcases for a Pinterest-friendly DIY vibe along with some serious functionality.

There is more brick – and more light – in the bedroom along with a zen space for study and work. Simple, clean elements like a polished tile floor and soft gray area rug keep the bedroom free from mess or distraction, making it an ideal space for relaxation.

While there are a lot of cute and quirky features in the home, perhaps one of the cutest is this private dog bed that is build right into the wall. No home is complete without a comfortable place to sleep for every member of the family.

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Small, Smart Studios with Slick, Simple Designs

Thu, 14.05.2015 - 16:00

The simplicity of a studio apartment is beautiful in and of itself. Whether an artist’s bed is hidden away behind a curtain or a modern, urban couple isn’t afraid to simplify in the city, there are so many different ways to indulge in creative design in such a small space. The apartments featured here are each contemporary and chic, opening up the idea of studio living to anyone who is willing to try an open door policy.

The first studio comes from design Igor Glushan. The simple Saint Petersburg space was designed for a modern technology employee. By keeping the design fairly simple, with a very basic gray and white color palette, the space is easily adapated to many different personalities. Of course, the neutral colors also serve to open up the space, allowing for more light and a brighter feeling overall.

The next studio home from from visualized Lopatin Philippe and Catherine Harutyunyan. They have chosen to name the space “Wood & Stone” and the entire area is just under 50 square meters (538 square feet). Designing a studio always means find a way to fit in a comfortable sleeping area without taking up too much space or forcing the occupant onto a sofa. This apartment does an incredible job of this by creating a visual separation using wood slats, but not actually closing of the ‘bedroom’ from view. As a result, it feels like a separate room without cutting into any of the overall area impression.

The final studio comes from visualizer Newzboy. We can immediately see some similarities with this space and the previous two. For instnace, a netural color palette is quite prominent, although this apartment uses more natural elements like wood and marble to create a warm effect. The wood slat room dividers are also in use here to keep the bed separate from the living area. A balcony with an outdoor eating area gives this particular home a bit more space inside without sacrificing necessary entertaining area.

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Open Tropical Home with Interior Courtyard and Stunning Wood Features

Wed, 13.05.2015 - 16:00

Located in the Greenbank Park neighborhood of the small city-state of Singapore, this tropical home is a truly serene space that celebrates its natural surroundings along with stunning design. The house was concepted and built by the team at HYLA Architects and measures 520 square meters (5597 square feet). It is marked by a number of unique elements, particularly the central courtyard and the use of beautiful, natural materials particularly wood paneling and slats throughout the house.

One of the most notable features in this modern home is the interior courtyard. We have featured homes with stunning courtyard elements before, but this one is no less impressive. It’s two story height allows it to be enjoyed from almost any space in the home. The architect points out that in addition to the natural light infusion, it “acts as a buffer against noise from a major road a distance away.” Of course, it is also just plainly beautiful with its frangipani tree and small pond.

In any tropical environs it can be a challenge to create a space that allows for plenty of airflow, celebrating the natural surroundings while still maintaining a comfortable temperature for inhabitants. With temperatures in Singapore frequently running towards 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 Celsius), this is certainly a concern here. To address this, in addition to the open central courtyard, there is plenty of open air space in the home, including an outdoor bath. Large windows slide open and the living room opens out onto a covered verandah. There are plenty of opportunities here to enjoy the outdoors without overheating.

On the second level, bedrooms, a private screening area, and even a home office maintain the clean lines and simple designs of the rest of the home. The space is gorgeous as well as restful, the perfect tropical retreat.

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An Open Floorplan Highlights a Minimalist Design

Tue, 12.05.2015 - 16:00

When walls come out of the equation, it every piece of furniture and tiny accessory or fixture in a home can take on much more meaning. It is only the things in the home that actually serve to separate one room from another, and each of these things must create a cohesive story. In this open floorplan home from architect Igor Sirotov, that story is a cool, neutral color palette with plenty of grays and sumptuous but minimal furniture.

The main living area includes a large seating area as well as a desk and breakfast bar. There are no walls or other division between the spaces. Rather, the carefully chosen furnishings create a visual division with a low angular sofa dominating the entertaining space and white molded chairs positioned on either side for the home office and kitchen area.

Even the most open familes still crave a semblance of privacy when it comes to their bedrooms. The two rooms featured here are quite different from one another, but still live in the same minimalist realm.

This very feminine bedroom features a delicate, lacy wall that creates beautiful shadows across the other surfaces of the room, softening the clean, angular lines.

On the other hand, this highly masculine space uses darker colors to emphasize those same lines. A low bed and deep, dark gray put a point on the minimalist style, with no superfluous design elements whatsoever.

The bathroom lays somewhere in between the feminine and masculine elements with such inviting accessories as a deep, white porcelain tub and luxurious sink bowls but also the dark gray colors that can feel a bit cold.

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2 Single Bedroom Apartment Designs Under 75 square meters (With Floor Plans)

Mon, 11.05.2015 - 18:34

A one bedroom apartment can be an urban oasis in the hands of the right designers. The spaces featured in this post both measure in under 75 square meters (807 square feet) which is hardly among the smallest we have features, but still puts some limits on what a designer can accomplish. Still, both homes manage to sparkle and shine with welcoming features and warm feelings, perfect for their inhabitants to spend a few years or a lifetime.

The first apartment comes from architect Dmitriy Kurganov and was designed for a young man with an affinity for dark colors and open spaces. It is not difficult to discern exactly how the designer managed to incorporate these preferences. The living space has an easy open design, with the dining, kitchen, and lounging area all flowing together nicely. Muted earth tones throughout create a sense of calm while a kitschy lady lamp give just a hint of whimsy.

The bedroom is not overly spacious, but has enough room for a cozy bed and plenty of storage hidden behind slick wood paneling.

A spacious bath uses creative textured walls to give it the feel of a modern saunda with all the necessary accoutrements.

The second apartment comes to us from visualizer Elena Vlasenko and is considerably smaller than the first space. This one bedroom, decidedly feminine design is just 49.5 square meters (532 square feet). The apartment was designed for a young family and takes some inspiration from “American classic” themes as well as Restoration Hardware.

For such a small space, the design does manage to incorporate plenty of furniture and accessories, from a cozy chesterfield to that seeming ubiquitous indoor spotlight.

A breakfast bar that could, if you squint, also be a dining table is a nice multipurpose space while the bedroom, hidden behind some custom bookshelves has its own sense of cozy.

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A Transformer Apartment That Does More With Less

Fri, 08.05.2015 - 16:19

When you decide to make your home in a trendy neighborhood like Manhattan’s Gramercy Park, you must accept the fact that no matter how much you can invest, you will never live with rolling hills and spacious guest rooms. Instead, the stylish and affluent of such an area learn how to make do – and do quite well – with less space. The apartment we are featuring in this post, located as you might have guessed in a Gramercy Park building, was completely redone by the creative team at MKCA (whose work we have featured before). These brilliant minds managed to use moving walls, sliding doors, and creative space to turn 390 square feet (36 square meters) into a spectacular home.

The largest and most notable element of the apartment is the massive sliding wall that contains a televisions and audio equipment. When nestled to one side, it leaves plenty of room for working and relaxing on a full sized sofa. However, when the owners pull the wall out on its tracks, it reveals a Queen sized bed as well as closets and a dressing area.

Because of the custom design, the team was able to consider every detail, including electricity, when creating this space saving wall. The television is not just wired into the wall, it also swivels 180 degrees, which means it can be watched from either the sofa or the bed. Further, there are plugs for an alarm clock and lamp in a side table that is integrated with the bed’s headboard.

The working area for the home is perhaps not as spacious as some home offices, but the sliding cabinetry means that it is easy to hide away when work is not on your mind. The same is true of the closet and dressing space, which can be accessed with the bed in either of its positions.

For an apartment this size, the kitchen is quite spacious, leaving plenty of room for preparation in the event of a four person dinner party, for which there is also plenty of room. A cozy renovated bathroom with pocket door and linen storage completes this intimate and fashionable space.

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25 Gorgeous Dining Rooms to Make You Drool

Thu, 07.05.2015 - 17:05

When you bring greenery into a dining room, like here, you automatically turn your senses to the fresh and leafy possibilities of every meal while allowing guests to actually breathe fresher air.

Simplicity is key in this dining room, with natural light that makes it a natural choice for breakfast and leisurely brunch.

The way that this low, dark table is almost a mirror image of the elevated kitchen shelving gives this modern dining area a bit of a twisted Alice in Wonderland feel.

As we see time and time again, it is hard to go wrong with molded chairs inspired by Eames. Here, the white version gives this dining table a light, bright, feminine feel. The table is ready for lemonade and macarons.

Of course, not everyone needs the space of a formal dining table. Take a page from this book and stick with five chairs and a round table for a more intimate affair.

Something about upholstered dining chairs and sea views just speaks of luxury. This space is perhaps not the most unique, but it would be a perfect beachside retreat.

Here, country chic is married to hipster cool at this dining table/breakfast bar. Careful splashes of color give the whole open space a youthful bounce.

This dining room manages to feel both unfinished and completely polished. Perfect for a host that never wants guests to get too comfortable.

The unique wooden chairs here play nicely with the wooden wall design on the opposing wall. An open floor plan makes these kinds of complements necessary.

In another take on a similar design, different color options give the room a different atmosphere.

Some homeowners simply prefer their dinner served cold. And there is nothing quite so cold as a long table with just two chairs.

When you attach a dining table to a kitchen counter, you immediately create a convivial, celebratory spirit in a small space.

The mid century inspiration is clear in this design, from the slightly mod dining chairs to the gray upholstered sofa.

Another entry for Eames chairs, these with an unmistakable red poppy color that is just about as joyful as chairs should be.

For some, this much beige is boring. For others, its a soothing retreat.

A small table in a cozy white kitchen is quaint, simple, and perfectly fine.

With a bit of inspiration from an artist’s loft, this messy dining table looks to be just as comfortable cover in canvases as crudite.

An indoor/outdoor kitchen is a dream come true for those in warm climates (or those who are just tired of setting off the smoke alarm).

Freshly renovated industrial spaces make for dining rooms that are easily swallowed up by vaulted ceilings. This glass table is happy to blend right in.

Not so much a dining room as a bistro table in the corner, this space is highly European and oh-so-chic.

With such a wine collection in full view, who could say no to another glass at this table?

So much sun from every direction. It would be hard to leave this breakfast table with its trendy bohemian style.

On the other end of the spectrum is this nearly futuristic space with chairs that pop and sleek, monochromatic design

The room divider in this tiny dining room means you can watch TV or tune it out easily while you eat your cereal.

Finally, a simple and spacious dining room design that would make every family eager to sit down together.

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Designing For Super Small Spaces: 5 Micro Apartments

Wed, 06.05.2015 - 17:25

When it comes to designing comfortable homes when there is little square footage to work with, there are many places to look for a solution. Many designers start, understandably, with the ceiling. When you have vertical space to grow, the possibilities for design open up, from lofted beds to skylights, there are a litany of different ways to make a small space feel bigger and provide the occupant with all the necessary nooks and crannies. These four micro apartments each put their own spin on super small spaces, but the results are all equally beautiful.

The first apartment from visualizer Adrian Iancu takes the vertical design idea and runs with it. A lofted bedroom area might seem like a natural solution for a super small space, but the design here is particularly well executed. A custom built staircase climbs up to the bedroom, using the same wood that makes up the compact kitchen and breakfast bar. By utilizing the same materials, the space actually feels bigger because of the cohesive colors. Of course, plenty of natural light is always ideal for a small space and this apartment has that, too.

The next apartment is a 25 square meter (269 square feet) one designed for housing one person. Sliding doors and small partitions help separate spaces in this home without using up too much space.

This next apartment measures just 15 square meters (161 square feet) which is tiny, even compared to other micro apartments. With no space to loft the bedroom, the designer here has gone with the next best option, which is a convertible bed that can function as both a sofa and a bed (some would call it a futon). Multipurpose objects like this, as well as hidden storage such as the creative sliding closet, are absolutely essential if an apartment this size is going to be livable.

The third apartment, from designer Benoit Marc, goes back to the lofted ideal with its tall ceilings. Like the first space, this one also uses natural wood element, for their aesthetic as well as ecological appeal. One way the apartment saves on space is by forgoing a traditional sofa and using portable, compact bean bag chairs for communal seating.

The final space is a 28 square meter (301 square feet) studio apartment in Surgut, Russia, as designed for a young woman who is also a student. By creating a slightly elevated pace for the small kitchen, the studio immediately feels like it has more space by way of multiple rooms. A low wall separates the sleeping area from the rest of the apartment for at least the illusion of a bit of privacy.

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Two Homes for Stylish Young Families Who Love the Industrial Look

Tue, 05.05.2015 - 17:23

Bringing a child into your life is probably the biggest decision anyone could make. But that doesn’t mean that it has to dictate where you live and how you decorate. These two urban chic homes are set up to accommodate the tastes of the parents as well as the needs of a new child. With industrial elements such as concrete walls and reclaimed wood coffee tables, these homes are definitely trendy. But nestled inside their hip walls are also colorful, whimsical rooms perfectly suited – and perfectly safe – for a child. Have a look.

The first home comes from the team at Zooi Design and uses many standard loft elements for its interior, starting with concrete walls. To jazz up the large blank space in the kitchen, the designer has included a stylized painting of a fluffy cat. The abstract nature is definitively artsy while its actual subject matter gives a nod to childlike wonder. Other elements in the main living room, from vaulted ceilings and minimalist furniture certainly give the home a grown up vibe.

The kids room does not play perfectly with the industrial theme, but certainly looks welcoming for child. Color and light are always popular while a small wall-mounted desk and a subtle nautical theme give it a playful tone without feel too cutesy and precious.

The second home is a bit larger and is more of a traditional apartment than an industrial loft, although it still uses concrete and metal styling. The wide open living room includes a deep cushy couch perfect for many friends as well as a spacious breakfast bar and formal dining area. The natural wood tones with their warm grains dominate the design and play well with cozy metallic neutrals.

Here, the child’s room is warm with white and oatmeal colors working in the same color story as the main living area. A tufted headboard is fit for a princess while friendly panda wall decals ensure no one in this room is growing up too fast.

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Classy Studios with Subtle, Stylish Accents

Mon, 04.05.2015 - 18:59

Creating a stylish studio is never a simple task. When nearly everything is out in the open, the challenge is to find comfort and privacy without the traditional options of walls and doors. The studios featured here have managed to do just that. Each is sophisticated and certainly stylish but in a subtle way that should be much appreciated by the design-minded with an eye towards small spaces.

The first studio comes from visualizer Maxim Lipovtsev and makes no apologies for its minimalism. The visualizer here focused on the linear form and all the myriad ways that could apply to the design of a simple, elegant home. The space is cool and neutral with a few boldly unique elements including a stylized wood slat wall and creative light fixtures. The resulting space is comfortable and chic without feeling overly modern or at all uninviting.

The next space from the designers at ART UGOL takes on the challenge of a small kitchen and living area. In the final design, the kitchen is cordoned off with its breakfast bar and disparate flooring but ultimately everything still flows together.

The third studio takes its inspiration directly from the mid-century modern style but still manages to situate itself in the 21st century. From the sleek armchairs to the spindly barstools, its clean lines are so simple they nearly disappear. Statements are made with plants and light fixtures so as not to take up floor space.

This studio from visualizer Inna Usubyan measures 32 square meters (344 square feet) and works largely in shades of grey. The Moscow apartment was created for a young couple with no children, as a studio space may make an infant difficult. The space takes on privacy by hiding the bed behind a heavy curtain while still leaving space for entertaining.

In visualizer Timothy Vishnjakov’s studio gray also plays a central role, but the shades take a darker turn. Creative room divisions are made with suspended wires, which break up space without closing it in. An open kitchen area completes the home with plenty of white and light.

The final studio comes from DA Architecture and is a bit more artistic than some of the others featured here. The designer was not afraid to include color, warmth, and patterns. In a small space like this, a brightly colored pattern runs the risk of making a room feel even smaller and so should be used sparingly.

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Luxury Home Design: 3 Inspirational Projects

Fri, 01.05.2015 - 19:19

Many of us will never have the chance to truly live in the lap of luxury. Indeed, even the services of the architects and designers featured on this blog are out of reach for the majority of people. But that is the beauty of being able to share such images. We can all see what luxury means to different people and get inspired to create our own luxurious – albeit more budget-friendly – spaces. The luxury homes featured in this post each have a unique take on luxury, but overall are charming and stylish spaces that are sure to ignite a design spark inside of you.

The first home comes from NP architects. In addition to the overall spaciousness of the home, the dominating white color palette gives its own hint as to the luxury of the design. White feels clean and decadent all on its own. Deeply piled shag area rugs are another soft indulgence, making it clear that this is a no shoes kind of home. From the vaulted ceiling living room to the gourmet kitchen and its retro-inspired refrigerator, this bright and beautiful home is a friendly kind of luxury.

On a different part of the luxury spectrum is the second home that comes to us from Soesthetic Group. Eschewing whites for oatmeal, beige and dark wood paneling. Clean lines dominate the design in the form of a soft, low sectional sofa tautly upholstered dining chairs and a work desk on simple spindly legs. A few dark teal accents complete the look, bringing just a bit of soothing oceanic color in the living and bedroom. This home certainly proves that luxury is not only defined by square footage.

The final space goes back to a largely white aesthetic, although this home seems to veer more towards trendy. From a southwest-inspired area rug and throw pillow to a precious and quirky bird-shaped candle holder, this home clearly wants to be both luxurious and youthful. A plethora of Eames-inspired chairs in various colors and constructions firmly locate this particular space in contemporary design with a hipster bent.

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Converted Industrial Space Becomes a Pretty, Sunny Apartment

Thu, 30.04.2015 - 19:04

If you enjoyed the our feature on industrial spaces converted to modern apartments yesterday, here is more of the same but with a different vibe. The industrial space featured here, converted with the help of UK interior design firm Cloud, is anything but dark and dreary. Instead, light colors, clean lines, and plenty of sunlight have created an enviable and welcoming space that has left only a few hints of the apartment’s past.

The large space was converted into two private bedrooms and wide open living space that encompasses the living room, kitchen, and dining area. White walls allow the light streaming in from the industrial-inspired windows to open up the entire area easily while Douglas fir floorboards create the illusion of more floorspace.

Plenty of shelving and a bright, sunny work area is perfect for a young, creative resident who needs to be able to work from home and get inspired at the same time.

The ceiling is whitewashed concrete and a few exposed pipes throughout keep with the industrial feel. In contrast, soft and pretty accessories like the lovely blue sofa and creative custom light fixtures make it easy to forget this wasn’t an airy home all along.

Vertical book storage eliminates the need for extra shelving, turning stacks of books into a design focal point all on their own.

The open kitchen has tons of counterspace and a long, simple dining table practically begs for a dinner party.

The effect of the conversion in the bedrooms is perhaps even more dramatic. Feminine touches from a pale pink club chair to scalloped mirrors and delicately decorated wallpaper makes for a stunning bedroom with a Parisian aura. The bathroom, too, has a distinctly European vibe with its white brick tiles and simple shallow sink.

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Converted Industrial Spaces Becomes Gorgeous and Spacious Apartments

Wed, 29.04.2015 - 18:01

It is one thing to create a home from scratch, placing every wall and window exactly where you want it to be. But when a designer is tasked with creating a beautiful home from what was once a desolate industrial warehouse it is quite another thing. More and more as we realize that the space on our earth is finite and that it does not always make sense to tear down a perfectly good building, we are seeing these types of warm industrial conversions or at least imaginings of them. In this post, we are features four industrial-inspired apartments that take some harsh elements like exposed brick and concrete and create homes that are not just liveable but amazing.

The first space has turned its supports into design elements, using a column style that speaks to elegance rather than industry. The vaulted ceiling and oversized windows make the space feel wide open while a brick ceiling and concrete floor ensure plenty of extravagant echoes. The division between spaces in this particular design are very fluid and barely perceptible, but carefully placed rugs and furniture does give some semblance of separate rooms.

The next home is not nearly so spacious with ceilings that are more aligned with a standard home. The exposed brick is the main industrial element here, left behind from the building’s last life. An open floorplan and some dreamy accents like a fairytale chandelier and plush purple sofa give this apartment a more feminine feel.

Perhaps even more spectacular than the first apartment we saw, this loft is seriously lofted. An upper level library overlooks (and we mean really overlooks from that height) an open living area that is dotted with plenty of fire engine red. The mod color scheme and sleek furnishings give this space an posh retro feel.

The final apartment comes to us in the form of a visualization of an apartment in Moscow. The ceiling beams and standard loft track lighting is practical if not imaginative. But deeper in the home’s interior we get some really creative ideas. In particular, the office space enclosed in glass is notable, offering a modicum of privacy but that’s really just an illusion.

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