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Two Apartments With Texture: One Soft, One Sleek

Mon, 16.11.2015 - 16:06

Designer: Iryna Dzhemesiuk  

Designed by Iryna Dzhemesiuk, this Tel Aviv apartment features a warm and comfortable living room decorated with soft textures that beckon the viewer to reach out and touch them. From fuzzy wool to unfinished concrete, this space mixes and matches tactile experiences to make every square meter unique in its own right.

A slanted floor lamp provides just the right amount of light for casual reading on the sofa. The coffee table – actually two square tables pushed together – comes with a fitted tea tray to make serving guests as easy and convenient as possible.

The living room uses the softest textures, expressed through patterned throws, ornate spheres, and silky finishes – all tied together with a lovely shag rug. Exposed concrete on the far wall acts as a stunning canvas for a rugged print and the accent wall to left enjoys a drama of light and shadow that plays over its deeply grooved surface.

Prince armchairs by Rodolfo Dordoni offer the only true accent color in the apartment, a vibrant splash of orange.

Built-in low tables make this sofa ideal for placement in the middle of a room. Here, miniature works of art brighten the apartment. One is a small-scale version of the Cloud Gate sculpture by Anish Kapoor – the full size version of which serves as an interactive exhibit in Chicago. The other piece is the Domsai planter by Matteo Cibic, inspired by the Tamagotchi trend of the 90s.

The dining room is slightly smoother, centering on a wire frame dining table with a unique trapezoid marble top. Perfectly coordinated chairs seat six. Of course, the most eye-catching part of this arrangement must be the oversized pendant lamps by Swedish architecture firm Claesson Koivisto Rune. They’re relatively thin and light, but the rugged texture makes them look heavy and substantial.

Clean lines and low-profile aesthetics preserve the gorgeous view. The shape of the conical pendant lamps reappears in inner profile of the table – a very cool effect.

Concrete, wood grain, and heavy curtains provide a nice textural contrast to the glossy black cabinetry, completing the transition from a soft aesthetic to a sleek one. The bar stools at the kitchen island are quite unusual, featuring three legs joined together with a T shape and supported by only the faintest hint of a backrest.

Designer: Studio DEnew  

Studio DEnew emphasizes the sleek textures of polished brass and lustrous stone in this extra-luxurious Moscow apartment. Even the ceiling is richly plated with brilliant brass! It would be difficult to find an apartment with metallic texture as well integrated as this one. Of course, this opulent style would certainly prove difficult to emulate without extreme attention to detail – and this apartment is very conscious of how each part fits into the whole.

The goldish-brass table seems to take inspiration from the Panier table by Erwan and Rowan Bouroullec, although the sophisticated materials really enhance the design compared to the popular plastic version. Perched on that same table are two beautiful white crane sculptures to keep guard over the sitting area. In many cultures, cranes symbolize grace, beauty, and even eternal youth.

A cozy social area centers on a dramatic stone-clad entertainment center, underlined with a niche for firewood. The chairs are part of the Motley III Collection by Samuel Chan – this model is known as the Egg Chair.

Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves fill the far wall of the library space, otherwise minimally furnished with a charming wood rocking horse by Dutch designer Bo Reudler and a yellow Elios side table by Antonio Citterio.

The master bedroom expresses texture in a much more subdued way. Layered curtains in weightless gossamer and strong tweedy fabrics offer a lovely contrast. The curtains continue alongside the desk niche for a neatly integrated look, the desk itself serving as a continuation of the open shelf that bisects the wall of cabinets.

Recessed stone creates a vertical extension of the strongly woven headboard fabric. White cantilever side tables against a satin black wall serve as a sort of visual inverse to the black shelves and white cabinets on the right.

A branch of yellow flowers brightens the dining table and breakfast bar combo. This is a great angle to view how the extremely varied textures come together as one cohesive interior design.

The table seems to defy gravity perched on a thin panel, but the strength comes from its cantilever attachment to the marbled kitchen island beside it. Wishbone dining chairs by Hans Wegner are a classic and nostalgic touch.

Kitchen cabinetry is either from the Maxima 2.2 collection from Cesar or the Pure collection from SieMatic – both are top of the line systems. Fixtures include a commercial quality Küppersbusch range hood and modern minimalistic faucets.

Smart indirect lighting helps the smoothly textured and monochromatic bathroom feel bright and welcoming without becoming overwhelming. It seems like a nice, relaxing place to wind down with a hot shower after a busy day.

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Three Luxurious Apartments With Dark Modern Interiors

Fri, 13.11.2015 - 21:03

Designer: Dzhemesyuk & Yurov Design  

This apartment in Kiev (Kyiv) is the work of Dzhemesyuk & Yurov Design. Preventing dark materials from absorbing all the available light is one of the most difficult parts of working with such a subdued palette, but this home demonstrates plenty of clever tricks to keep things feeling bright and comfortable.

Shelves and niches are usually the first spaces to suffer from a lack of natural light – but this dividing wall tackles that problem by remaining open in the back, treated with a glossy finish to catch the light coming in from the room behind it.

The white ceiling reflects the sun as it pours through a singular window in the living room.

Cantilever side tables slide under the sofa for a space-saving and extra-functional touch. The entire living space is tied together by a cozy black rug so the feet can hit something a little warmer than marble after spending an evening curled up with a book.

These wood and leather wing chairs are from the Almora collection by Doshi Levien – a very hot item. As demonstrated by the other views in this series, these seats are beautiful from every angle and very appropriate for placement in the middle of the room just as they are in this apartment.

Glossy wall cladding and subtle recessed lights brighten the stairway despite its ultra-dark color scheme. Designers are often wary of using a palette that runs the risk of making a stairwell look too gloomy and foreboding, but it’s so easy to love this one with its sleek and creative atmosphere.

A lightbox or solar shade creates a stunning silhouette of the sculptures.

The dining room uses glossy black and white marble to amplify the amount of sunlight it receives – a thoughtful and attractive choice. Additional light over the table comes from upholstered Silenzio pendant lamps by Monica Armani.

Every piece of furniture in the dining room contributes to the atmosphere. Here there are no afterthoughts, just good design. The chairs are especially fitting, part of the Cut series by Francesco Rota.

Every spacious hallway could use a waiting area as classy as this one.

Zebra-striped tile ensures this bathroom fits into the “truly unforgettable” category. A mirror behind the vanity makes this dark room feel extra spacious despite how much visual real estate the bold patterns use.

Architect: Paul Zagrabchuk  

Designed by interior architects leqb, this apartment enriches its monochromatic interior with smooth mocha tones. Pictured here is the office, where a stunning wine collection enjoys a floor-to-ceiling showcase on the far wall.

A low chandelier helps this social space achieve an even more intimate and cozy aesthetic – a feat that often proves difficult to accomplish in a room with such high ceilings. The stone accent wall helps bring the space even closer.

A tall storage unit seems to float above a marble sideboard. Carefully arranged wooden panels echo the geometry of the modular sofa, while open niches in matte black help disguise the television. A sliding door can easily conceal the television between uses.

The living room is more open and bright, occupying a double-height space centered by a spectacular spiral staircase leading to a private mezzanine. A wall of books stands on the left, a dining space in the background on the right. The attention to detail is very pronounced in this space: even the series of lights over the dining table reflects the shape of the wineglasses below.

Sensational coffee tones and luxurious materials infuse this bedroom with a sense of sensuality and intimacy. Every line is smoothly curved – no sharp angles here. Note the large canvas tucked away in the corner, featuring a passionate arm-wrestling match beneath a delicate chandelier.

The overstuffed headboard alone would not have made a visual impact dramatic enough for a bedroom this impressive. A floor-to-ceiling curtain behind the bed has theatrical appeal, and creates a powerful play of light and shadow thanks to the opaque shades on the bedside table lamps.

Light wood floors brighten the walk-in closet. An interesting contrast of textures is at play here – high gloss cabinets and roughly textured walls make for a striking combination. Rather than the ordinary dressing benches one would expect, this closet uses stylish poufs arranged for ultimate convenience.

The guest bedroom isn’t quite as sultry as the master bedroom, but does embody the suave intellectual influence of the rest of the home. Upholstered surfaces and richly grained wood make this space feel soft and welcoming enough for any guest – and given the expertly appointed surroundings, such a guest may never want to leave!

Here’s a classy room for a sophisticated young woman, decked out with fun yet luxurious furniture. Mauve and brown set the tone and rich textures complete the look. The carpet is especially unique, carefully layered to invoke images of shifting sands or perhaps even exaggerated wood grain.

A view of the other side of the room shows ample seating for visiting friends. Near the window, a small office desk takes advantage of a pullout side table for added workspace, with extra storage provided by a unique bookshelf filled with books and sentimental belongings.

Ghostly tulle creates a canopy around the bed, illuminated by columns of light filtering through the floor-length chandeliers on either side – a very graceful touch befitting the ballet theme. The wavy carpet flows in the same direction as the pleats in the fabric and the wood grain on the walls, imbuing the space with a sense of movement and rhythm.

The master bath represents more of a classical design. Stunning baroque mirrors take their place above each smooth vessel sink. There’s no need for extra decoration between these mirror frames and the abundance of marble on the floor and countertop, it’s perfectly luxurious as it is.

Another bathroom, with the same vessel sinks. This time simplicity rules the room – clean lines and simple materials make for a very bright and refined space.

Designer: Dzhemesyuk & Yurov Design  

Created by Yurov Design for a young couple with an appreciation for minimalist modern style, this Kiev apartment offers a panoramic view of the city wrapped in interior luxury. This one features a monochromatic black color scheme coupled with bright brass accents, and furniture from a range of famous and up-and-coming designers.

A large marble monolith divides the living room from the kitchen and houses attractive brass-finished shelves. The television is hardly noticeable in its glossy niche, a nice way to integrate technology without resorting to mechanical obfuscation techniques.

Every lamp in this apartment is a work of art in its own right – here, disk and sphere lights from Areti beautifully complement the sculptural low-set coffee table. In the daytime, the glossy white panel behind the sofa reflects enough natural sunlight to make even the darkest-themed interior look bright and cheerful.

Both the loungers and the dining chairs are the work of Italian designer Antonio Citterio. It made sense to choose lightweight pieces for this particular location as to minimize the amount of skyline blocked by the furniture – the thin frames of the loungers and the mesh bodies of the dining chairs offer a versatile solution.

Lindsay Adelman chandeliers brighten the table, nicely coordinated with the centerpiece decorations below. Thanks to the table’s enviable position surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, the chandelier isn’t much needed in the daytime but surely provides a stunning display at night.

Glossy cabinetry features a hue somewhere between coffee and brass, drawing extra attention to the clean white worktops. The backsplash looks jet-black from this perspective yet matches the tone of the cabinets as seen from the other angles – a neat optical illusion that increases perceived depth.

Extra space near the entrance gains a functional purpose with the addition of a waiting sofa. The gorgeously framed Squares lamp from Areti draws immediate attention and beckons visitors to take a seat.

This playful print is sure to make a lasting impression on houseguests – an unforgettable piece from the Zoo Portraits series by Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal. Everybody loves animals in suits, right?

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Modern Warehouse Renovation at Historic Ransome’s Dock

Thu, 12.11.2015 - 18:40

The previous open floor plan allowed abundant flexibility for creative structural expression, like the use of bespoke dividers to create new spaces within the home – each interior wall hides a wealth of discrete storage space.

A gorgeous rug from Ododesign centers the living room with lively contrasting colors. This piece is from the Kilim range – kilim referring to a style of notably delicate rugs made with only warp and weft rather than pile, a method perfected in ancient Persia and Anatolia.

Lighting plays an extremely important role. Each space is defined by its own studio lights, with exposed wires attractively integrated and carefully routed along the ceiling to lead the eye from one space to another.

Most of the paintings and prints come from a partnership between CLPD and London artist collective Chrom-art. The artwork featured on the far gallery wall is the work of Ireneo Frizzarin, titled The Right Thing.

This time, the artwork is a mixed media piece called Litany for Those At Sea by Joyce Treasure. The image pays homage to the famous Benin Pendant Mask – an image of Queen Idia, a powerful African monarch of the 16th century.

The midcentury-inspired sofa and chaise are from the Suita collection by industrial designer Antonio Citterio.

A brilliant mixture of fabrics and textures help this light bedroom feel extra warm and substantial, its personality brought to life with playful cerulean accents. Next to the bed sits a delicate gilded table holding fabulous decorative rarities, and a bright canvas by Spanish painter Daniel Dalopo ties the room together.

Designed in 1955, the sleek dining chairs in this photo only existed as a prototype until 2014, when Carl Hansen & Son put them into production to honor the 100th anniversary of Hans J. Wegner’s birth – a very special chair for a very impressive home. The paintings are the work of Jason Pengelly.

In the foreground, you can see the excellent detail of the blown glass Selene pendant lamps designed by Sandra Lindner. In the background, a marble-clad modular kitchen unit from Minacciolo extends the wall to divide between the living room and kitchen.

Copper vases from Habitat add yet another precious material into the mix – and a little pop of color as well. On the breakfast bar, a little wooden toolbox makes the perfect no-nonsense condiment holder, easy to hide away between uses.

Italian kitchen manufacturer Minacciolo went above and beyond with this design using customized elements from their popular Natural Skin collection. Metal worktops provide a professional-grade working surface, and eco-friendly sandstone paper gives the cabinetry a subtle but highly luxurious finish.

Also part of the Natural Skin collection, the modular “monolith” provides clever integration of all kitchen appliances, while providing hidden storage spaces for baskets, drawers, shelves, and everything a chef could need. Minacciolo decided to use gorgeous marble – not normally available with the Natural Skin line – and the effect is truly breathtaking.

The countertop wraps around into the dining room to create a handsome little breakfast bar with an extra wide surface. PARIS counter stools (also from Minacciolo) offer a lightweight barely-there aesthetic.

Distressed structural columns heighten the luxurious feel of the modern materials through careful contrast.

Modern pan supports give this Siemens cooktop a unique angular style.

A fitted panel covers the sink when not in use, providing even more workspace in an already spacious kitchen.

Tiles designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec give the bathroom a splash of relaxing color and texture, and they’re made of recycled materials for an added bonus. A rounded mirror by Monica Graffeo hangs above the gorgeous Ergo_nomic vanity from Italian bathroom design company Rexa.

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A Cool Beachfront Villa With Geometric Architecture

Wed, 11.11.2015 - 14:54

Architect: 123DV  

A smooth white facade folds around transparent glass volumes, the top half slightly offset in relation to the ground floor. An angular terrace divides the two floors and overlooks the spectacular pool and patio below.

Thin floor-to-ceiling windows preserve privacy while providing unique view of the surroundings. In the evening, these columns of light emanate an inviting warm glow – a cool effect that balances the strong horizontal lines of the structure.

Can you spot the curved pipe protruding from the top of the building? That’s a rooftop shower! It would hard to find a more invigorating way to start the day than soaking up the 360-degree view at the top of the world.

On the side of the home, the windows vary in width and spacing for a staggered and unique appearance. Open volumes on the street-facing side remind the viewer of the home’s weightless folded architecture.

A creative feat of pool engineering: two glass walls give the pool a perfectly transparent edge, with no visible supports to block the view. Angular decks emphasize the home’s unique layout.

Cantilever stairs with a sleek glass handrail leads from the private bedrooms on the first floor to the rooftop terrace above. Skylights and picture windows erase the visual boundaries between indoors and out.

In this bedroom, bright cerulean matches the pool and Mediterranean waters outside. Around the corner, a modern soak tub enjoys an uninterrupted view of the hills.

An acutely angled island allows a pleasant view of the pool deck while preparing ingredients or working over the sink. Dark cladding and recessed lights soften the aesthetic – warm, natural details are an important recurring theme throughout the home.

The dining and living room occupy an open plan, separated only by a black freestanding fireplace with a broad white vent – ideal to enjoy from any angle. Big Bang suspension pendants from Enrico Franzolini echo the geometric theme of the home. Natural materials promote a more comfortable and lived-in appearance amidst the streamlined planes and glossy curves. In the background, the living room gets an even cozier treatment with a textural rug and dark built-in storage.

An alternative to the rooftop and window-front bathing spots, this dark and relaxing master bathroom offers a more intimate and guarded atmosphere. Glittering tiles strike a textural contrast against the tub’s sophisticated patina.

A small channel of water wraps around the house, another reminder of this home’s connection to its Mediterranean environment. At night, the underwater lights scatter sparkling reflections against the home and the surrounding privacy wall.

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Super-Colorful Bedroom Ideas for Kids and Teens

Tue, 10.11.2015 - 15:07

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova  

Teal and yellow make for a very refreshing color palette, especially with the occasional pop of pink as a playful touch.

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova  

A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf makes sure all important study supplies are well within reach. Glossy cabinetry offers private stash spots – and a hidden Murphy bed blends right in.

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova  

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova  

Tucked into an alcove, the extra-deep sofa doubles as a daybed or a guest bed.

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova  

At night, the glossy white surfaces take on a more comfortable and relaxing tone bestowed by the soft glow of Light Bean lamps from Moscow-based designer Katerina Kopytina.

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova  

It’s easy to see how teal and yellow could work just as well in a room for a boy as it does for a girl, playful enough for youngsters and sophisticated enough for older teens too.

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova  

A hidden walk-in closet takes advantage of indirect lighting for a luxurious showroom effect.

Visualizer: Maggi Samir  

This bright bedroom is the work of architectural engineer Maggi Samir, based in Egypt. Her children’s room concepts are out of this world! This one features joyful shades of orange, blue, and lime – a flexible color scheme for kids of any age.

Visualizer: Maggi Samir  

The bunk bed layout is extra impressive – a staircase made out of useful cubbies and drawers leads to the top. Not only does it provide ample storage space, it’s a slightly safer way to carry books, blankets, and teddy bears to bed compared to dragging them up a ladder.

Visualizer: Maggi Samir  

This shot does a good job of showing off the versatility of the bunk bed. It sleeps two kids comfortably – and it’s easy to accommodate sleepovers with the hidden trundle bed beneath!

Visualizer: Maggi Samir  

Another fun bedroom concept from Maggi Samir, featuring hot pink and lime with sleek modern decor and a strong pop art attitude. Bold patterns make this space seem full of life and laughter.

Visualizer: Maggi Samir  

The chrome-and-pink pendant lamp brings all the decor elements together with a twist.

Visualizer: Maggi Samir  

Sleek mirrored storage takes up the wall opposite the bed and reflects the wonderland colors and flowers from every angle. This light touch brightens the room with ease.

Visualizer: Roxolana Abramiv  

A red and black room hints at danger, adventure, and personality – a great theme for a teenage bedroom. Don’t you just love the modular wall units? They make it easy to get that on-trend geometric look.

Visualizer: Roxolana Abramiv  

The blanket adds a dash of contrast, but the dark palette makes it easy to coordinate secondary colors like these. A cute vinyl wall applique reminds the teenage occupant that the bed is for restful sleep rather than texting and gaming.

Visualizer: Roxolana Abramiv  

Sometimes screens seem to ruin the aesthetic of a room. But in this case, the technology really ties in with the overall super-modern design. The television definitely doesn’t look like an afterthought in this arrangement.

Visualizer: Roxolana Abramiv  

Visualizer: Ngurah Arya  

These two bedrooms couldn’t get any cuter! A neon city and garden theme looks like a cartoon brought to life – and what little kid wouldn’t want to sleep in a room like that? On the right, blue shapes and stripes set the imagination alight. Both of these rooms have super cute desks with miniature versions of iconic designer chairs.

Visualizer: Michael Temnikov  

A more subdued room promotes relaxation and concentration rather than just energetic play. Soothing tones and natural materials like the ones used here are suitable for kids of any age – perhaps especially for younger children who have trouble unwinding at the end of the day.

Visualizer: Ngurah Arya  

Another extremely cool loft room with stairs that double as drawers, with a refined color scheme to match – this time, the design caters to older kids and teens who crave a more grown up environment. Typographic prints are a sharp and inexpensive source decoration with the extra benefit of being easy to adapt and replace as tastes change.

Visualizer: Image Box Studio  

Pink lemonade is the first thing that comes to mind: playful, bright, summery, and light. This pink and yellow bedroom features all the essential cartoon characters every kid loves from Disney princesses to SpongeBob. Polished white floors promise easy cleanup after intense play sessions and creative craft projects.

Visualizer: Ngurah Arya  

Visualizer: Cheryl An  

This blue room reflects the peaceful coastal view seen from the window. Plus, this bedroom features a cool DIY project idea: pendant lights hanging through open shelves, perfectly framed among special knick-knacks. The adjustable reading lamp mounted from the wall on the right is neat too!

Visualizer: Beata Pawluk  

Moody lighting and luxury materials take center stage in this music-themed bedroom. Of course, music isn’t the only expressive medium this young adult will grow to appreciate – chairs by Eero Aarnio and Antonio Citterio are sure to establish an appreciation for fine design. Teen trends may come and go, but those two chairs won’t be going out of style any time soon.

Visualizer: ?????? ?????????  

A delicate bedroom decked out in pretty lavender and fresh bright white – surely a lovely little place to wake up in the morning. Birds in flight make for a nice accent wall, a motif the resident can appreciate at any age.

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4 Sleek Interiors Where Wood Takes Center Stage

Mon, 09.11.2015 - 15:48

Architect: LP Architektur  

Designed by LP Architektur, this single-family house makes good use of subtle wood paneling on the walls and ceilings – the wood floor blends into the design very smoothly, only slightly differentiated with characteristic knots and lines.

The charcoal-colored fireplace and countertops are made of a modern composite material called fibreC anthracite, developed by the Austrian concrete company Rieder Group. It’s a blend of glass fiber and concrete – its strength supports a great number of creative applications, and many of the elaborate exterior facades found in contemporary architecture are made of a similar material.

Dual purpose: the fireplace continues along the length of the room to serve as a divider for the hallway and an entertainment console for the living area. While many designers would have chosen a glossy finish for the sake of modernism, the matte treatment seems to establish a softer touch more appropriate for the organic wood theme.

The more you explore this home, the more detail it reveals. It starts out with a relatively simple living room brimming with warmth. Horizontal wood panels feature a mix of shorter and longer segments, making it easier for any integrated storage spaces to blend seamlessly and disappear within the woodwork.

Behind the living room, a little glass-walled office allows a working parent to watch the children (or even the television) – they can simply close the curtain when it’s time to buckle down and focus.

A soft touch of lavender makes the bedroom look soft and inviting. The elongated headboard – complete with soothing cove lights – ties back into the overall home design.

The dining room looks fabulous with wood accents in all the right places. And check out that amazing ceiling! Taken together, the design is futuristic, fun, and undeniably artistic. The iconic pendant lamps from Tom Dixon were the perfect choice for such a distinctive and geometric motif.

The cat door is seriously adorable, a great choice for such a minimalistic door. To the right, scattered brick cladding is quite different from the rest of the home – a surprising and effective contrast to the woodwork and glossy white treatments.

No wood here! The bathroom is purely monochromatic and offers a clean break from the rest of the home. There’s nothing wrong with going for a completely different palette in a room as secluded as the bathroom, and in fact, such a bold change can help reset and reframe the mind – and that’s what a nice long bath is all about, right?

Visualizer: Iqosa  

A striking portrait grabs the eye for an energizing first impression. Designed by IQOSA, based in Ukraine, this home reveals its soothing nature as the eye starts to soak up all those gorgeous muted neutrals and warm mocha tones.

Curves and sharp corners are distributed thoughtfully to create an impressively cohesive look overall. Rich exotic woods heighten the sense of luxury.

A slatted wood ceiling panel unifies the dining and living areas. In this visualization, it’s easier to see that the floor, ceiling, and cabinetry all feature different styles of wood – and how well they all work together even in a small and open space.

Stylish interlocking wood panels echo the arrangement of the sofa. Subtle details like these are one of the most enjoyable things about this design. And the black birds on the dining table? Totally loveable, and a great centerpiece to balance out all the purely geometric forms used throughout the space.

Behind the sofa and located just to the right of the dining table, a luxurious wingback chair takes advantage of a subtle fireplace – historically, the wings were intended to shield the face from the heat of the fireplace or to trap it in place for all-encompassing warmth.

Sharp contrast defines the kitchen. Color, form, and materials change abruptly for an incredibly striking effect. Wood transitions to glossy white, concrete turns to marble, all wrapped up in a clean modernist package.

Built-in shelves add extra storage space at the end of the kitchen island. It would make a great place to store cookbooks, but the dish display definitely looks more stylish and inviting. Even ordinary dishes can look fabulous when with such a thoughtful and precise arrangement.

Visualizer: Visual Workshop 3d  

Super simple forms and a bright white palette give this interior a sleek and minimalistic appeal, but the generously applied wood paneling makes it look warm and natural enough to feel like home. Continuous horizontal woodgrain leads the eye around each room until it rests on a neat focal point, like the striped solar shade in the living room.

Each feature integrates into the next. A stripe of white continues from under the cubby and across the front of the door. Then, a long and low wall-mounted sideboard wraps around the corner and becomes a windowsill. At the far wall, the sideboard no longer floats as it does along the entertainment console. Here, it sits flush with the structure beneath, perhaps providing the support necessary to serve as secondary seating with a great view.

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Small Apartments With Cheerful Colorful Accents

Fri, 06.11.2015 - 17:58

Visualizer: Yana Osipenko  

This interior, designed for a young family in Kyiv, features a grayscale color scheme and smart simple furniture. But it doesn’t feel like the typical monochromatic minimalist space. The occasional splash of green makes all the difference. The centerpiece – a moss garden reaching from the floor to the ceiling – gives this home a verdant and youthful attitude very fitting to the client specifications.

Polished brass pendant lamps coordinate with the wood cabinets and cream backsplash in the kitchen. The warm hues also provide a surprisingly pleasant contrast to the textural greenery found throughout the living room.

Unfinished wood mirror frame, shelf, and wall decorations make the white hallway look chic as can be. The recurring natural themes are subtle but add a necessary touch of fragility to an otherwise strong urban home design.

A cube containing the bedroom and office employs a few creative techniques to maximize space and privacy. A sliding door can hide either or both spaces when not in use, allowing the rest of the room to look lighter and more spacious. The mattress is elevated on a white platform with storage underneath.

The bathroom is especially gorgeous! Wood tile clads the far wall and the floor sandwiched by white tile on either side, a clever arrangement that makes the room look more elongated. The freestanding tub is extra compact and makes up for the lost legroom with plenty of depth, backed by a long white planter filled with tranquil grass – the same type tucked into cute spaces throughout the rest of the house.

Visualizer: Francisco Marchisio  

Bright and cheery, this yellow interior concept has only has one window, making the application of happy colors so much more important. To prevent the wood from absorbing too much light, the designer chose a slightly reflective satin finish for irresistible sheen. Cool sliding bookshelves hide the bedroom and ensure that not a single inch of square footage goes to waste.

The floorplan demonstrates just how compact this concept really is. Note the generous use of sliding doors and panels to save space – even the bedroom closets slide in and out like large vertical drawers.

Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev  

Designed for a young man in Moscow, this studio apartment uses a mostly-grayscale color scheme brought to life by shots of brilliant yellow – and it doesn’t shy away from using bold textures and prints wherever possible.

A ring-shaped pendant light and triangular side table adds a touch of geometric variation to a room based largely on rectangles and lines. The white edges on the glass bedroom panels look amazing when the divider is fanned open.

The dining room continues the yellow theme. Isamu Noguchi’s Cyclone dining table offers a touch of industrial appeal, surrounded by the distinctive Ginger Ale Armchair from Roberto Lazzeroni upholstered with coordinated perfection.

The bedroom faces the sitting room, separated by a glass wall with a sliding privacy curtain. The color scheme in this room is more sensual: royal blue, violet, and coffee.

A compact kitchen unit integrates all the necessary appliances, plus plenty of room for storage. This is also a great angle to view the dramatic transition from dark marbled tile to ash gray wood flooring.

The office breaks the theme of black, white, and yellow with a splash of comforting blue, more comparable to the bedroom than any other room.

The ocean print and subdued colors – combined with a strong textural accent wall – would surely help foster a relaxed and casual home office environment.

Visualizer: Viktor Kanishchev  

Clocking in at just under 35 square meters, this small apartment takes advantage of its unique architecture and layout in a few inspiring ways. Parquet flooring and rough brick set the scene – accented with a bright red couch and contrasting steel blue accents. The overstuffed red couch creates a kind of “signature look”, distinctive and casual.

The cantilever pendant lamp looks quite similar to the Agnes line from Lindsey Adelman, an organic branching chandelier with modular construction.

A small office resides on an open sun room. Suspended in the center of the room between the walls, the desk enjoys plenty of space ahead and behind, easily avoiding the small room dilemma that causes many designers to simply push the workspace against a wall. The free and uncluttered atmosphere would certainly help boost concentration.

Rather than opting for a solid kitchen island, a steel-framed table doubles up as a dual-purpose dining table and work surface. This lets more light reach the compact kitchen – a smart choice for a home with sunlight coming from only one direction.

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Video Walkthroughs of Exquisite Homes

Thu, 05.11.2015 - 21:07

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Surely a video is worth a thousand pictures. Sit back and relax as we walk you through of some truly beautiful homes.

This animation features the iconic Eames House in its serene settings, considered as one of the greatest buildings of the 20th century.

This video captures the beauty in Scandinavian simplicity.

Unreal Engine 4 is creating waves in the architectural visualization industry. Interactive walkthroughs that let the user explore the scene as though he is in a first person shooter game is now possible thanks to Unreal’s game engine.

If you have been left with any doubts as to how this is more useful compared to a normal rendered production, the above two videos should settle it.

Here is yet another walkthrough using the UE4 Engine.

A luxurious living room that oozes sensual appeal.

Welcome back to the real world with this luxury Beverly Hills house captured using traditional(?) drone photography.

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Unique Home Office Desks

Wed, 04.11.2015 - 17:35

Buy It: $614  

The super-streamlined Multi Storage Desk offers a clean and distraction-free form, with simple shelves tucked away on the sides of the legs. It’s available in a variety of finishes to suit any environment.

Buy It: $420  

Charge, connect, and store absolutely anything with the Hollow Core Connect IT Desk. The unique slide-to-open design makes it easy to organize your devices while keeping your workspace clean and clutter-free. Tangled cords are yesterday’s problem.

Buy It: $950  

A simple mid-century design with today’s simple workspaces in mind, the Celine Desk by Nazanin Kamali is easy on the eyes and easy to assemble. This desk is available in oak and walnut, each featuring the distinctive white panel and a convenient cubby in which to store your laptop or important papers.

Buy It: $1585  

Too perfect! Danish-American furniture designer Jens Risom is an exemplar of mid-century modern design, but he certainly predicted the future of minimalistic workspaces with his namesake desk. He originally designed this light and cheery piece for his own Connecticut home in 1968, originally meant to serve as a simple writing desk – a place to read books or take down notes. The singular drawer features a lift-out compartment to hold basic office supplies.

Buy It: $191  

Classic and contemporary elements combine to form the perfect lightweight desk for everyday needs. It features a two-toned design with wood-panel tops and drawers, centered by a polished work surface that draws the eye to the task at hand.

Buy It: $230  

The super-sleek Berkley Desk slides out to reveal a nice little compartment. This is a boon for small spaces because it means the desk can be closer to the wall – you don’t have to account for the extra space needed to open a standard drawer.

Buy It: $140  

This minimalistic desk cuts out all unnecessary details in favor of extra storage space – the drawer doesn’t even have a handle, but instead uses a simple cutout, easy to grasp and fitted with multiple compartments for easy organization. Smooth wood laminate and powder-coated steel legs provide unprecedented sturdiness for the price.

Buy It: $175  

Beautiful AND functional, Knack features clean lines and simple materials but with an added twist: four wood-grained panels along the back hide a magnetic frame to hold storage trays, penholders, or any photos and notes you might want to keep around for inspiration.

Buy It: $570  

The Brioso Table is sure to delight any fan of Bauhaus-inspired design. A smooth tempered-glass top and chrome frame provide a streamlined style appropriate for any workspace.

Buy It: $160  

Not a huge fan of drawers? The Bin Desk puts everything on the table – literally. Slide working items into the provided niches when you’re not using them, and easily retrieve anything you need without a fuss. Keep your inspiration right where you need it with this classic and beautiful design.

Buy It: $1510  

Focus, pure focus, is the intent of the iconic Copenhague Desk by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. The split-top work surface is perfect for hiding cords and propping up your tablet, books, or inspiring odds-and-ends.

Buy It: $150  

Natural minimalism at its finest – the Avélére Desk provides a simple workspace made of sensible materials that are easy to assemble without tools in under a minute. Of course, the best designs are tried and true: the Avélére team says they use this model for their day-to-day tasks.

Buy It: $1059  

The quirky Origami Desk is a classic yet innovative design, with an abundance of well-arranged drawers to hide the essentials. Its smooth folded shape would look great anywhere, and would look especially fitting in the office of a mid-century design fan.

Buy It: $763  

A smart and simple design made of converging angles and folded planes. Beautiful from every angle, the folded ledge makes it easy to store items within reach without the need to pull out a drawer.

Buy It: $588  

Weightless and elegant – the Abeyance desk features a tempered glass top suspended by a polished a-frame form, with wooden drawers beautifully balanced on a subtle crossbeam.

Buy It: $850  

The perfect desk for a pilot or aeronautic engineer: the Aviator desk from Safavieh features smooth materials and characteristic rivets to recreate the look of an airplane wing.

Buy It: $200  

The Josephine Desk is functional, simple, and undeniably beautiful. X-shaped legs keep the form sturdy, and the drawer helps keep you organized. Finished in high-gloss white, Josephine is a great desk for any space that calls for simple streamlined design.

Buy It: $1920  

For those who are tired of losing pencils and misplacing notebooks, the Leo Desk offers a transparent glass top that allows the user to view the contents of the drawers below. Designed to mimic the shape of a drafting table, this piece is perfect for those who value functionality as much as they value aesthetics.

Buy It: $720  

Do you often find yourself rolling from one workspace to another? The LAXseries Wall Mounted Desk eliminates troublesome table legs for a clean, functional, and down-to-earth design that maximizes visual space and reduces visual clutter – ideal for small spaces.

Buy It: $1685  

Another wall-mounted desk with an emphasis on pure productivity, the Modern Ledge Workstation Desk is perfect for people who are limited on space but chock-full of creative ideas. This gorgeous design reimagines the traditional secretary desk with drop-open drawers, but integrates all the necessities of modern workspaces, like seamless cord management.

Buy It: $799  

Orange22 created a perfectly thin desk with a perfectly spacious working surface. A full-length table slides out to accommodate a keyboard, utensils, or anything else necessary to get the job done. Rounded corners and simple materials ensure this weightless wall-mounted desk would look great in any interior.

Buy It: $1299  

It would be difficult to find a desk more minimalistic than this one. The Walker Desk is a cantilever design supported by a smooth backing base (it almost looks more like a canvas than a piece of furniture), and supports two pullout drawers perfectly integrated into a continuous rectilinear shell.

Buy It: $1274  

If ergonomics is your ultimate concern then Herman Miller’s Envelop desk is THE desk you need to get. At $1200+ its pricey, but worth the investment if you are the kind of person who sits for 8+hrs a day. Designed to prevent the standard desk hunch that we are all guilty of, the top of this desk is capable of sliding and inclining at an angle which enables you to sit back or sit straight while maintaining a healthy posture at both these positions.

Buy It: $825  

Manage those cords like a pro with the Bluelounge Studiodesk. The leather-covered top slides out to reveal a convenient charging station with room to spare for accessories you’d rather tuck away out of sight. A long slot along the back of the desk makes it easier to route cords of any length, so even devices with shorter cords can sit within reach.

Buy It: $3146  

Fluid, adaptable, and customizable – the Milk Desk by Danish designer Soren Rose packs an abundance of advanced features into a streamlined and eye-catching design. With the touch of a button, an electronic mechanism adjusts the height to accommodate sitting or standing. Four modular spaces make it easy to add or remove accessories.

Buy It: $5049  

If standing is healthier than sitting, and walking is healthier than standing, the Sit-to-Walkstation is the logical evolution of modern desk design. When the day starts to drag and desk-bound workers wish they could take a quick stroll, this desk steps up to the challenge with a low speed treadmill complete with an integrated health-tracking display to show stats like distance walked and calories burned.

Buy It: $480  

Trekdesk is a more affordable walking-desk option for those who want the health benefits but don’t need all the fancy features. It fits most treadmill sizes (you have to provide your own) so it’s ideal for people who already have a treadmill and don’t really want or need to purchase another.

Buy It: $2020  

Typography fans are sure to love this one! The Kattedra Table is made from a single plate of metal, neatly folded and decorated with laser-cut lettering – a fun addition to any classroom or design studio.

Buy It: $179  

Ikea does it again – the Micke computer desk is a simple and delightful way to brighten up any workspace. The back is fully finished so you can set it up right in the middle of a room, and the legs can be mounted on either side so it’ll look great just about anywhere. Cord management and sliding drawers provide the complete package at an unbeatable price.

Buy It: $1020  

The Julien loft bed and desk is a space-saving combo with a sleek and modern design. With lots of room for storage and a spacious work surface tucked underneath, kids and teens can harness their creativity without compromising on style. The stairs are a nice alternative to ladder rungs and make it easier to carry a book or binder to the top for some light studying before bed.

Buy It: $299  

Clean lines and organic wood texturing give this compact desk a lightweight and cheery appeal. Storage cubbies and two shelves leave plenty of room for decorations or peripherals.

Buy It: $425  

Not into super-modernist design? Check out this updated take on a classic style.

Buy It: $605  

Another classically inspired desk – this one with updated modular features and cool sled-style legs. A wheeled file cabinet slides easily underneath, easy to pull out when you need to search for an important paper. It includes two drawers: a standard drawer to organize office supplies, and a fold-down drawer that would work equally well as a keyboard tray or a convenient spot to stash a laptop.

Buy It: $199  

The Tvilum Function Plus desk takes a traditional form and adds contemporary asymmetric details for a distinctive look. Two drawers and a tucked-away shelf offer light and easy storage.

Buy It: $358  

Modular desks are a fantastic solution for small spaces that require flexible functionality. The Liber-T collection offers a variety of configuration options – slide the storage compartment underneath the desk for a more compact form, or pull it outward for more legroom and a broader work area.

Buy It: $125  

Very cool! The shelf rotates outward to create an L-shaped workspace with plenty of room for storage and reference materials. Simply rotate the arm back into place when finished working to save space in a small room.

Buy It: $643  

Taking cues from the Star Trek starship USS Enterprise, the Warp desk explores a new frontier of curvaceous lines and space-age appeal. It’s a highly creative form for adventurous souls.

Buy It: $2500  

With metal a-frame legs and a weightless elevated workspace, this desk provides a minimalist approach to industrial design influence. Large cabinets and plenty of storage space ensure this desk remains as functional as it is attractive – a nice design for executives and creatives alike.

Buy It: $3055  

Need more storage? Strates is ready to rise to the challenge. Modular interlocking units allow for endless arrangement possibilities: stack as high or low as you like, create an L or a U, or add extra shelves above or below the desktop.

Buy It: $4600  

Curvaceous and dripping with attitude, the Bean Desk features an exciting retro shape wrapped in a high-gloss candy-colored finish.

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5 Luxurious Interiors Inspired by Louis-Era French Design

Tue, 03.11.2015 - 17:40

“Louis period styles” is a collective term for French design trends spanning between 1600 and 1790, encompassing the transition from Baroque to Neoclassicism. Royal families were the de-facto tastemakers of the time – and in this case, those tastemakers were Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, and their fashionable queens and mistresses such as Marie Antoinette and Madame Pompadour. While ornate styles have been replaced by clean minimalism today, these fabulous visualizations offer a rare glimpse of French palatial decadence translated to lighter modern-day interiors.

Visualizer: Pure Art  

A gorgeous stateroom dressed in olive and white, influenced strongly by the baroque designs associated with the “Sun King”, Louis XIV. The intricate scrollwork takes on an almost silver hue – Louis XIV loved the precious metal so much that he often commissioned solid silver furniture (later melted to refill the treasury post-war). Thankfully, the furniture here is much more subdued.

Gallery sofas – sometimes referred to as boudeuse (French for ‘sullen’) – allow visitors to appreciate the sophisticated surroundings from any angle. For a very similar contemporary version, check out the Epoch sofa by British designer Christopher Guy.

Rounded furniture more accurately represents the Louis XVI period, rather than Louis XIV, yet they work wonderfully in this design. Of all the Louis-inspired furniture available today, those oval-backed chairs are probably the most beloved. The thickness and ornamentation makes them quite different from the ones you’d find at the market, however.

Visualizer: Sergey Tomenko  

This luxurious home combines neoclassical and modern design. The streamlined aesthetic is reminiscent of Louis XVI – note the fluted legs on the sideboard and side tables. Neoclassical decor took cues from Etruscan influences, which itself is derived from Greek architecture.

These sofas and chairs offer a luxurious take on the Chesterfield, made quite unique with oversized diamond tufting and ornate Chippendale legs. They’re perfectly coordinated with the rest of the space even if furniture like this didn’t exist until many years after the last Louis gave up the throne. Although, interestingly, Thomas Chippendale and Philip Stanhope (the Earl credited for commissioning the first Chesterfield) were both contemporaries of Louis XVI.

Greenery, gilt, and heavy fabrics create a warm look despite the home’s vast proportions. The colors are truly lovely – not as flashy as the gold typically applied in Louis-era designs, but still sophisticated enough for a palatial theme.

A small outer-parlor makes good use of extra space in the hallway and features a decidedly more subdued style. Simple lines and textures are well suited to this area’s purpose. Mirrored cabinetry reflects the light and makes the hallway look even more weightless and spacious.

Such a decorative chandelier won’t work in every hallway, so take note of this brilliant application – it works wonderfully here.

Louis XVI championed neoclassical design as a less-extravagant alternative to the excesses of rococo, but this lavish staircase provides a necessary counterbalance to the straight lines that define the rest of the interior. Despite its association with baroque design, the acanthus scrollwork is another feature derived from Greek architecture – so it’s still true to the neoclassical theme overall.

Visualizer: Maximilliion Design  

Different from the baroque and rococo inspiration of the previous homes, this unique space seems to rely more on Provincial and Empire influences. It’s an eclectic and romantic aesthetic – appropriately titled “Coffee with Milk”.

Only the faintest hint of baroque influence touches the kitchen. It’s elegant, low-key, and demonstrates how versatile French provincial design can be. The damask dining chairs are especially admirable.

Compared to the baroque influences present in the Louis-era, this boiserie is more understated and the bas-relief crown moldings take center stage instead. Note how crown molding replaces the traditional function of window cornices by hiding the curtain hardware. It’s a surprisingly minimalistic touch for such a classically inspired interior. It makes the curtains look so neat and tidy!

Visualizer: Azer Dizayn  

Louis XV would have approved of this design, without a doubt. It has an undeniable rococo vibe and embraces the strong scrollwork and ornamentation of the era. Madame Pompadour – Louis XV’s famous mistress – actually had shades of blue and pink named after her, so the soft palette used here is incredibly on-trend.

Not to be overshadowed by the intricate and artful ceiling, weighty furniture draws immediate attention. The chairs (bergère) and sofas (canapé) feature a camelback design that perfectly echoes the arched windows and gilded wall panels.

Visualizer: Archiviz  

Absolutely gorgeous! This private room shares many similarities with the style found throughout the petit appartement du roi at Versailles, famous for demonstrating the clearest examples of Louis XV’s design influences. This visualization is just as opulent as the iconic Versailles rooms, yet displays its own unique character with the addition of a breathtaking inlaid floor.

Time for some chair terminology! The lovely seat featured here is a fauteuil, or an open-arm chair, in contrast to the fully enclosed bergère. The curved leg style is referred to as a cabriole or, outside of French design, as a Queen Anne leg. The good news is that knowing the language isn’t necessary to find what you’re looking for (especially since so many classic French designs are timeless and constantly reinvented) but it does help!

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A Set Of Extraordinary Exteriors

Mon, 02.11.2015 - 19:42

Visualizer: Walter De Marco  

A gorgeous cliffside home, embraced by a curved glass shell.

Visualizer: Tung Le Xuan  

Roughage and timber resolve into orderly rectilinear architecture. The visualized landscape is whimsical, but the home itself is equally breathtaking.

Visualizer: TRES 31  

Here, there are no boundaries. A verdant stone wall intersects the main volumes, and the rooftop lawn surrounds an outdoor living space on the roof. The stairwell itself is the most substantial part of the glass-clad design.

Visualized as a part of a resort for the “unplugged yet not-disconnected”, this space is carefully integrated into the surrounding landscape. It sits perched atop an overlook, its foundation plunges into the earth and emerges from the hillside as a chic entertainment space. The pool’s sunken fire pit is especially inspiring!

Serene settings with a view of the great mountains. What more could you want?

Yet another building that is built right into the landscape!

Architect: Yuriy Bochkaryov  

Orderly, linear, folded – rustic wood cladding and sleek concrete panels help this home feel like the perfect compromise between suburbia and country living.

Visualizer: Brown And Blue  

Built into the cliffside, this home features classic Greek influences mixed with notes of streamlined modernism. An observatory-type space sits discreetly underneath the patio.

Visualizer: Yuriy Bochkaryov  

Another gorgeous cliffside concept, with a gravity-defying observation deck. Recreation areas occupy the top floor, with private areas enjoying the shade beneath. The uppermost room would make for an especially inspiring office.

Designer: Alex Barcelos  

Wintertime visualizations are surprisingly rare but this home looks like the perfect place to warm up as the snow falls outside, especially with the yellow-hued lighting that emanates from the interior.

Visualizer: Topsidefront  

The juxtaposition between the smooth white walls and textural stone cladding exert amazing visual appeal. Don’t you just love the cistern/urn-style fountains integrated with the retaining wall? The shapes echo the planters used on the upper balcony and, taken together, provide a touch of classical appeal to an otherwise fully contemporary design.

Visualizer: V? Tr?ng Quý  

This home takes full advantage of its narrow plot. The pool runs alongside a tasteful garden and terminates at a patio sheltered by the room above. A tidy row of bamboo softens the look of the modern striped fence.

Visualizer: Xavier Xu  

Part of a villa hotel project, this u-shaped retreat embraces its tropical environment. Small palms in the courtyard extend the landscape.

Pools occupy multiple levels. The topmost pool features clean glass walls to preserve the view for people lounging on the balcony, and to give swimmers an incredible way to experience the landscaped surroundings.

Visualizer: Mohamed Heshmat  

The home architecture seems weightless and divine, but the lovely pool deck deserves a second look as well. The furthest portion extends out from the underneath a breathtaking cantilever dining room, transitioning from smooth white to sumptuous dark wood that matches the singular section of timber cladding on the upper story of the home. A neat boardwalk provides another route of access to the entertainment areas.

Visualizer: Maxim Jurov  

A sleek rectilinear volume intersects with a strong triangular prism. This unique form helps to enhance – rather than obscure – its connection with the conifer forest behind it.

Visualizer: Michal Nowak  

Rendered by Michal Nowak and designed by 81.WAW.PL architects, the Crown House projects its stoic form across a still dark lake. The somber color of the water is reflected in the treatment of the charcoal-colored eaves, heightening contrast and making the folded architecture look even more dramatic.

Visualizer: Adam Spycha?a  

Diamond-shaped trusses support the home like a bridge, with a singular beam placed in the middle to create the illusion of an impossible balancing act.

Visualizer: Dachi Papuashvili  

Designed for single person-usage, this compact modular home features a distinctive shape and an even more distinctive interior layout. Alternating stairs help to save space at the entrance but ladder rungs provide access to the main living spaces housed in cantilever cross-section. Ascending further, the vertical passage leads to a quiet observation deck with the potential for an amazing view.

Visualizer: Rados?aw Ignaciuk  

Severe angles and impressive stepped cantilever volumes set this home apart from any other. The open vaulted ceiling and glass-clad gable creates a spacious impression, almost like a cathedral, and is made even more striking by the series of glass skylights that makes the ridge of the roof look transparent.

Visualizer: Shady Sayed & Nour El Deen Khaled  

Intricate girih strapwork forms a metallic screen to shield the open volumes. A lower horizontally slatted wood screen offers a more discreet aesthetic that directs attention upward.

Architect: MOB Architects  

This perforated building (located in Nicosia, Cyprus) is a striking blend of angular construction and playful port windows. Not pictured – but alluded to on the left – a u-shaped fold gives the back of the home an open and organic aesthetic that smartly contradicts the sharp facade.

Visualizer: Marat Zakirov  

Designed to mimic the shape of binoculars, the Two Hulls project by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple makes spectacular use of its unique view of the Nova Scotian coastline. Geothermal heating, wooden rain skin, and concrete piers ensure harmony with the surrounding environment.

Visualizer: KAISERBOLD /ArchViz  

A living room rests on thin concrete piers and offers an incredible 180-degree view of the mountainous surroundings, and a covered porch brings the surroundings into the architecture with a round porthole with a tree growing through.

Visualizer: Andrzej Drawc  

The translucent ground level living space opens to the world, supporting the chevron-clad private living spaces above.

Architect: Thanh Nhan Tu  

A modern boardwalk crosses a carefully framed channel of water, leading to an ever-so-slightly elevated indoor/outdoor living space decorated with trendy diamond frame lighting and streamlined furniture.

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Small Home Designs Under 50 Square Meters

Fri, 30.10.2015 - 17:40

Designer: Piotr Matuszek & Gosia Czarny  

Talented designers Piotr Matuszek and Gosia Czarny gave this small-scale apartment a bright and spacious makeover. The clients were a young couple who inherited the property from their grandmother – and at only 20 sq. meters, it required a near-total structural transformation to make the space feel large enough for two.

Designer: Piotr Matuszek & Gosia Czarny  

Light colors and simple lines always make a room look a bit larger than it really is. The designers used scaled-down patterns in monochromatic colors to weave a playful character without creating any unnecessary visual clutter.

Designer: Piotr Matuszek & Gosia Czarny  

One side of the room pops with cool graphic-printed wallpaper, and the other shines brightly with glossy white paneling. An abundance of integrated storage is a must-have for a space as tiny as this one.

Designer: Piotr Matuszek & Gosia Czarny  

Designer: Piotr Matuszek & Gosia Czarny  

Very clever take on the classic pull down bed – the hidden pendant light is a fun touch that offers a striking contrast to the teal accents found throughout the room.

Designer: Piotr Matuszek & Gosia Czarny  

Designer: Piotr Matuszek & Gosia Czarny  

The stylish chair is a refurbished Chierowski design that originally belonged to the client’s grandmother – an important piece of nostalgia, and perhaps one of the few features left over from the renovation. Grandmother must have had fantastic taste in furniture. The matching sofa is a contemporary interpretation of the iconic 366 design.

Designer: Piotr Matuszek & Gosia Czarny  

Designer: Piotr Matuszek & Gosia Czarny  

The bathroom takes a completely different approach from the rest of the apartment. It can be risky to use such large patterns in a space this small, but the effect here is absolutely gorgeous. Cohesive colors and clear lines make a statement without crowding out the senses.

Designer: Solo Design Studio  

Solo Design Studio completed this sophisticated studio apartment for a young couple who wanted clearly defined zones within the interior. Each space is distinct in terms of aesthetics and function, interspersed with smartly coordinated characteristics to unify the space overall. It has all the practicality of a studio without necessarily looking like one.

Designer: Solo Design Studio  

Designer: Solo Design Studio  

Designer: Solo Design Studio  

This sleeping area is the perfect “room within a room”. Curtains hang from a recessed cove that also provides a bit of soft indirect lighting – ideal for relaxing in the evening, when the pendant lamps might be too bright.

Designer: Solo Design Studio  

Designer: Solo Design Studio  

Designer: Solo Design Studio  

Designer: Solo Design Studio  

Lively colors help set the living room apart. The modular shelving above the television hints at teal and white, while the geometric pattern rug ties the space together. The apartment only has 40 square meters of floor space, so these little pops of color really make a big difference.

Designer: Solo Design Studio  

Designer: Solo Design Studio  

Where the living and sleeping areas feature brighter colors, the dining and kitchen take on a darker palette. Wood cabinets complement the natural furniture materials used throughout the home.

Designer: Solo Design Studio  

Architect: Nastya Antonyuk   Visualizer: Anya Garienchick  

Designed by Ukrainian architect Nastya Antonyuk, this bold apartment makes a big impression in just 43 square meters. It centers around a matte black structure that houses the entertainment system on the outside, and cleverly hides a bathroom on the inside – a window at the top ensures that natural light can penetrate even into the private heart of the home.

Architect: Nastya Antonyuk   Visualizer: Anya Garienchick  

Architect: Nastya Antonyuk   Visualizer: Anya Garienchick  

Eclectic decor reflects the personality of the client. Antique furniture, diverse textiles, and industrial lighting come together for a fascinating and fun aesthetic. It’s hard to go wrong with a nice mid-century modern focal point to center the space, like the classic Acapulco chair in striking cyan blue.

Architect: Nastya Antonyuk   Visualizer: Anya Garienchick  

A quick peek at the kitchen reveals gorgeous vintage-inspired appliances from Smeg. The industrial lighting also enjoys an antique revival – highly visible cords draw immediate attention, while the Edison bulbs provide a soft glow that won’t overwhelm the senses.

Architect: Nastya Antonyuk   Visualizer: Anya Garienchick  

Architect: Nastya Antonyuk   Visualizer: Anya Garienchick  

Architect: Nastya Antonyuk   Visualizer: Anya Garienchick  

Lovingly curated details make this small Moscow apartment feel like home.

Architect: Nastya Antonyuk   Visualizer: Anya Garienchick  

Most of the necessary storage space is housed in minimalistic white drawers treated with a silky white finish – it looks clean and sharp, and most importantly, doesn’t take any emphasis away from the more important decorative details throughout the apartment. Using round decor provides an interesting contrast to the cubic forms of the furniture.

Architect: Nastya Antonyuk   Visualizer: Anya Garienchick  

Architect: Nastya Antonyuk   Visualizer: Anya Garienchick  

Designer: Michael Temnikov  

Working within a small footprint of just 43 square meters, designer Michael Temnikov took a minimalistic approach by embracing simple geometric forms and rich textures. Concrete, wire, and wood – the designer did a fantastic job applying these inexpensive materials in a way that looks fresh and sophisticated.

Designer: Michael Temnikov  

Luscious vines serve as a living accent wall. This lively display helps balance the emphasis on industrial materials – you can never have too much greenery in a refined or minimalistic space.

Designer: Michael Temnikov  

Designer: Michael Temnikov  

Designer: Michael Temnikov  

Negative space plays an important role throughout. Much of the furniture feels weightless as can be, whereas opaque or heavy furnishings would have blocked too much light and might have made the monochromatic theme feel imposing. Whitewashed woodwork certainly helps to amplify and preserve the sunlight.

Designer: Michael Temnikov  

Concrete treatments appear in the most surprising places, like the hanging lights and even the planters. And aren’t those planters just fabulous? They’re the work of Decha Archjananun – and they serve a crucial role in uniting the greenery, wire accents, and concrete themes throughout the home.

Designer: Michael Temnikov  

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36 Bathtub Ideas With Luxurious Appeal

Thu, 29.10.2015 - 15:53

Visualizer: Silvia Saez  

Irresistibly smooth and balanced. Fixtures centered on the wall of the tub can accommodate an occupant lounging in either direction.

Visualizer: 747 Studios  

A subtle pedestal permits a lighter aesthetic than designs that rest on the floor. The slender faucet lacks any excess or ornamentation, allowing its graceful curvature to capture the spotlight.

Visualizer: Carlo Maura  

A separate feature holds the hardware and doubles as the perfect place to set a book or glass of wine – very usable, and a pleasure to look at.

Visualizer: Vic Nguyen   Buy It: $1196  

An ovoid tub is the crown jewel of any minimalistic bathroom. This design features a subtle faucet and overflow so the comforting shape can take center stage.

Visualizer: Vic Nguyen  

It’s easy to fall in love with this bathroom. This round tub features a slightly curled rim and a defined bottom edge. The smallest details make all the difference in a space characterized by its simplicity.

Visualizer: Image Box Studios  

Perfect symmetry, illuminated by a whimsical hanging light arrangement that drenches the occupant with a soft glow.

Visualizer: Javier Wainstein  

The smooth satin finish makes this black freestanding bathtub a delight to behold. The slightly recessed tile underneath is an especially inspiring touch.

Visualizer: Lorenzo Pennati  

A bathroom as bold as this one certainly deserves a truly distinctive bathtub. The Cuna tub, by Patricia Urquiola, is braced with a tubular bronze frame for a sense of structure and elegance.

Visualizer: Kaan K?l?çay   Buy It: $999  

A delicate balancing act with intriguing proportions.

Visualizer: Paulo Rosario  

This glossy bathtub is the perfect piece to complete a bathroom graced with an abundance of natural light, but its minimalistic form could work well in almost any space.

Designer: Andreia Santos & Francisco Santos  

Sculptural and unforgettable, the Petali Bathtub offers a unique approach to bathroom design, where the tub is the centerpiece and a work of art as well. The space underneath each petal could easily accommodate a small bookshelf or dressing stool.

Buy It: $38,000  

At first glance, the Ciotole Tub looks like two oblique basins, but this sculptural design is actually made from a single piece of masterfully carved beige marble.

Visualizer: Eloisa Conti  

Clean lines for a casual space. The thicker rim on the outer edge looks functional, weighty, and visually appealing.

Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina   Buy It: $634  

A distinctive recessed setting allows the fine edges of this design to stand out from its beautiful alcove, rather than being hidden by it.

Visualizer: Bloomsbury Design   Buy It: $1600  

This minimalistic design has straight lines along the edges capped by gentle semi-circles that cradle the body – a sharp look with a soft touch.

Visualizer: Image Box Studios  

In its setting, this tub is fiercely beautiful, stark, and eye-catching.

Visualizer: Lorenzo Pennati  

Here’s a contemporary take on the classic slipper style. This unique design forgoes the traditional claw foot in favor of straight lines and contrasting angles.

Visualizer: Image Box Studios  

Sharp on the outside, soft and curvaceous inside – a fantastic paradox of geometry with unforgettable appeal.

Visualizer: Antonio Lupi  

Compact form meets enormous creativity. This tub is the perfect shape to cradle the upright body, perfect for those who don’t typically recline while bathing. It would look just as fabulous tucked away in a corner as it would displayed center stage.

Visualizer: Vic Nguyen  

The tub walls stand tall and vertical for that all-encompassing experience – a must have for serious fans of soaking.

Visualizer: Image Box Studios  

This design makes the most of dramatic contrast – very elegant. The marble platform looks luxurious and serves as a functional way to protect a wood floor from the water.

Visualizer: Sofia Zhurko  

Matching wall and tub cladding creates a cohesive aesthetic without the need to search for perfectly coordinated fixtures.

Visualizer: Vic Nguyen  

Dark and sumptuous, this smoky vessel shines with the same radiance as if it were carved from a smooth onyx stone.

Visualizer: Lyudmila Kalabekova  

A delightful bath with a unique profile that proves eye-catching from any angle. The pleasing shape provides extra back support while remaining easy to enter or exit.

Designer: HJC Design  

A smooth stripe of white swirls around a base of charcoal-colored veneer, echoing the dynamics of flowing water. This modern bathtub design is part of the Salacia range from HJC Design.

Visualizer: Mitaka Dimov  

Pristine and refined – a minimalist bath this sleek can make you feel fresher just by looking at it.

Visualizer: Image Box Studios  

Slightly tilted edges give this tub a playful personality while providing extra support for the back.

Visualizer: N&M Studio  

Simply dripping with luxury. The scale pattern was once a staple of Art Deco design and here we see it re-imagined in a gorgeous contemporary setting.

Visualizer: Assembly Studios   Buy It: $1206  

Slightly flared at the rim and perfectly smooth all around – this elegant design looks fantastic paired with those sleek vessel sinks.

Visualizer: Carlo Maura   Buy It: $8000+  

This spacious design is part of Jean-Marie Massaud’s Axor Collection. The rounded triangular shape looks comfortable and invokes a natural sense of tranquility.

Visualizer: Black Box  

Lush greenery surrounding a recessed outdoor tub – this imaginative concept would invite many new ways to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Visualizer: Emanuele Tortora  

Sometimes details, such as smoothly integrated drain covers, can determine whether you simply “like” or truly love a design.

Visualizer: Black Box  

An incredible view for an incredible bathroom.

Visualizer: Image Box Studios  

Who wouldn’t feel like the king of the world, soaking up a view like this one? Another breathtaking bathroom concept, as long as you’re not afraid of heights.

Visualizer: Vladimir Nikiforov   Buy It: $6850  

The balance of visual weight makes this egg-shaped tub especially exciting to view.

Visualizer: Lorenzo Pennati  

Organic, classic, and slightly rustic – the rich marbling and warm colors of the travertine stone invites relaxation. Travertine is especially well-suited for bathrooms because it’s formed over time from the mineral deposits left behind by hot springs.

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A House With 4 Courtyards [Includes Floor Plans]

Wed, 28.10.2015 - 17:05

A bright central atrium contains the main living room, flanked by a spectacular two-story library on one side and a light and airy staircase on the other. This hub connects the ground floor living spaces – kitchen, dining, and entertainment room – with the private living areas on the next floor. The stair treads balance on a thin spine, a perfect complement to the dark steel frame of the home.

Natural materials and dark accents foster a surprisingly intimate atmosphere that emphasizes the verdant focal points interspersed throughout. The contemporary furniture is practical and inspiring – for example, by combining four side tables to create one large coffee table as shown above, residents can easily free up more floorspace when entertaining.

Segmented yet unified, cascading glass walls provide a continuous view punctuated only by the stylish landscaping between. A streamlined enfilade layout preserves the functional circulation between each area, making the property easy to navigate despite its unique shape. This photo shows the minimalistic kitchen layout and offers a peek through the living room toward the ground floor study.

Even the upstairs bedrooms aren’t excluded from the lovely courtyard greenery – gorgeous trees planted in central locations offer a splash of color to enjoy from almost any room in the house. Although the foliage helps shield the view from one bedroom into the next, the occupants can pull down the super-low-profile shades for a more reliable barrier.

Unique cabinetry serves up plenty of integrated storage while acting as a well-defined yet visibly connected boundary between the kitchen and dining room. A mirrored backsplash behind the stove makes good use of the soft lighting and, as demonstrated in a few of the previous photos, extends the view of the courtyards.

The staircase leads up to a glass-encased cube that opens to a diverse rooftop garden. The garden helps cool the home, while its circular walking path provides an excellent 360-degree view of the surrounding neighborhood. That fun hammock looks like an irresistible place to nap, read, or daydream.

Would you have guessed that this unassuming facade hides such a sleek and modern home? The perimeter wall respects the original architectural style of the neighborhood down to the finest detail, even going so far as to reflect the age of the surrounding buildings. Crossing the threshold into the inner courtyards would surely leave first-time visitors entirely speechless. To passersby, the only hint of what lies within is the spray of lavender peeking out from the rooftop garden above.

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Wall Texture Designs For The Living Room: Ideas & Inspiration

Tue, 27.10.2015 - 18:01

You didn’t think we will leave you guys hanging with just some bedroom texture inspiration, did you? Get ready for some serious living room action! As you can see from this post, the most common sources of texture come from substantial materials like tile and fabrics that make you want to reach out and touch them. Other ways to express texture are more surprising, ranging from contemporary 3D wall cladding to full-scale art installations. Then, there is the budget-friendly option of implied textures created by repeating patterns or subtle color variations. Are you excited to find the perfect texture for your living room walls?

Visualizer: RNDR Studio  

This classic stone wall treatment provides an interesting contrast to the modern furnishings and helps to soften the effect of the minimalistic entertainment cabinet.

Visualizer: Maram Elshennawy  

These textural wall tiles embrace the irregular: some are dappled, some are streaked, some are wide, others are thin. The result is a warm and welcoming backdrop that echoes the geometry of the modern furniture, yet could easily be adapted to accommodate any decor.

Visualizer: Vüsal Abbasov  

Bright white marble tiles make this monochromatic living room look luxurious, sharp, and clean.

Visualizer: Mitaka Dimov  

Smooth integrated storage and subtle black wallpaper serve as a frame for the main attraction: a breathtaking slab of Calacatta marble. The rich veining adds a dynamic sense of energy and motion to this intimate living room.

Visualizer: Erlind Llanaj  

A brilliant arrangement of tiles adds color and variety. This fabulous accent wall accomplishes its purpose by drawing the eye and uniting the subtle patterns and textures used throughout the space.

Visualizer: Iqosa  

This contemporary living room demonstrates how large textures can give small spaces huge personality. The bold patterns avoid looking too heavy thanks to the simple colors and the clever addition of indirect cove lights.

Visualizer: Iliyan Stoyanov  

Staggered wooden blocks create a playful landscape with plenty of space for storage. The matching coffee table is an absolute treat.

Visualizer: Archivizer  

Dramatic! The fractured wooden panels are oh-so-slightly tilted to catch the light at different angles to recreate the effect of shattered glass. It’s part accent wall and part art installation, and fully impossible to miss.

Visualizer: Andrew Sokruta  

Geometry takes center stage in this sharp modern living space. Black-edged curtains tucked away behind the ceiling panel make the room feel even more open and expansive.

Visualizer: Ilyan Stoyanov  

These pewter-colored tiles have a slightly cloudy texture that contrasts well with the simple white and gray shelves, and their simple arrangement continues the emphasis on horizontal lines and rectangular forms present throughout the open space.

Visualizer: Tima Vishnyakov  

Glossy black wood and polished metal tiles give this living room a sense of brightness despite the dark color palette. Imperfections in the steel add a touch of rugged contrast to the slick and refined Bauhaus-inspired decor.

Designer: Pan Jin Space Planning   Photographer: Hey!Cheese  

This gorgeous accent wall is a mosaic of highly textural tiles in shades of charcoal, brown, and gray. The tiles are set at varying depths for an even more dynamic effect – a very creative touch that makes the tiles look soft as wool.

Visualizer: Mitaka Dimov  

A modern and minimalistic take on the Art Deco style. The variegated 3D tiles are incredible – perfect for such an intimate, moody atmosphere.

Visualizer: Houzaifa Al Jandali  

Another elegant living room brought to life with unique wall textures. Warm integrated lighting emphasizes the unique landscape created by the panels.

Visualizer: Iqosa  

Natural and beautiful. This open living room captures the eye with elongated wooden boards and rough stacked stone cladding. The kitchen and living room share a continuous but differentiated design, with the stone appearing as a backsplash and the wood continuing to the ceiling.

Visualizer: Michael Temnikov  

The texture of this stone cladding evokes images of bubbling brooks or fine shifting sands. It’s a fascinating backdrop for the integrated storage and entertainment center with its subdued horizontal wood grain and glossy white cabinets.

Visualizer: Nikki Candelero  

Wood panels and unfinished concrete make a lovely pairing. The brass and steel circle adds a touch of Art Deco elegance and bold industrial influence.

Visualizer: Red Home Visual  

These hexagonal 3D wall panels look fabulous in grayscale. Rich wood tones add warmth and contrast to the monochromatic theme, and each panel provides a stunning canvas for artwork and decoration.

Visualizer: Iqosa  

This wall treatment makes great use of vertical alignment and color variation to create a rustic pinstripe effect, providing visual interest in the absence of any tall furniture or wall hangings. Dramatic lighting and subdued neutral colors give this unique living room a mysterious yet relaxing atmosphere.

Visualizer: Vic Nguyen  

This beautiful living space goes against the grain, using both vertically and horizontally aligned wood panels to create a subtle focal point that draws the eyes toward the artwork. A line of all-vertical wood panels subtly separates the lounging area from the rest of the room.

Architect: Pozas Arquitectos  

Bold, bright pinstripes are playful and impossible to ignore.

Visualizer: Alessandro Zecca  

Expansive white walls and dramatic black curtains have minimalistic appeal, punctuated by a unique staircase clad with tessellated panels. Integrated lighting makes this artful installation look like it glows from within.

Visualizer: Trinh Nguyen  

Smoky smooth concrete and rough black bricks create a powerful aesthetic that drips with mood and emotion.

Visualizer: Ruslan Tcacenco  

Modular storage units in green and white add fresh modern appeal to this industrial brick and concrete living space. The books are arranged without binding showing – a favorite staging technique for minimalistic spaces.

Visualizer: Stas Dovgal  

This whimsical living room is sure to delight the creative soul. The ceiling appears glossy, a smart strategy to brighten a room that would otherwise absorb light with its soft textures.

Visualizer: Vage Gabrielyan  

Very creative! Reclaimed wood tabletops are given a second life as a unique wall treatment. The round theme perfectly complements the organic curvature of the vaulted ceiling.

Visualizer: Lorenzo Pennati  

Smooth vertical lines, poppy pinstripes, and cool cubic wall panels – three unique styles together in one eclectic space.

Visualizer: Lorenzo Pennati  

Another cool wall treatment demonstration, this time employing dappled stone-like panels and small hexagon tiles.

Visualizer: Lorenzo Pennati  

Four more inspiring wall textures – endless inspiration.

Visualizer: Lorenzo Pennati  

Soft cream-colored slats, varied pinstripes, and elegant marble form an ethereal combination. Each selection is perfect for a modern or classical living room.

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Bedroom Wall Textures Ideas & Inspiration

Mon, 26.10.2015 - 18:43

Trade in those paint swatches for a palette of gorgeous textures – these bedrooms show how to use light, shadow, depth, and structure in a variety of beautiful and practical ways. Bedroom wall textures can be artful or subtle, simple or complex, and can result in walls so lovely you just might think twice about covering them up with photos or framed art.

Visualizer: Image Box Studios  

This bright and spacious room channels its playful style through a clever tile mosaic. In this case, the textured accent wall helps extend the short headboard for an integrated floor-to-ceiling effect, a very balanced aesthetic for tall bedrooms.

Visualizer: Isadhora Omar  

Rugged materials and geometric patterns give these bedroom walls a cool industrial appeal. Industrial-inspired design can sometimes make a room feel too cold, but the liberal use of contrasting texture makes this space feel warm and appealing.

Visualizer: Annete Manuilova  

Concrete, pinstripes, and rough wooden boards make for a whimsical layered wall treatment. This bright and rustic design could serve as fantastic inspiration if you’re looking for a way to use reclaimed or unusual materials.

Visualizer: Zrobym Architects  

Wood and tile herringbone sets the backdrop for this dark, comfortable bedroom. Matte black paint opposite the window is an ingenious way to cut ambient light – perfect for people who like to sleep in late on the weekends.

Visualizer: Ilya Leg4atov  

These concrete walls are highly finished, yet retain the original form holes for character and urban flavor. The indirect lighting helps this heavy material look light as air, and draws attention to the textural details to make this bedroom pop.

Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina  

Neat segmentation and directional contrast gives this small bedroom huge personality. Smooth white walls contrast against the concrete panels. Vertical wood slats make the modern reading area feel like its own distinctive space.

Visualizer: Mitaka Dimov  

This bedroom is exotic and crisp. The concrete panels attract immediate attention with varied patterns, alternating between herringbone and smooth horizontal strokes. Wood panels and yellow accents pop out from the monochrome palette.

Visualizer: Isadhora Omar  

Brick is beautiful! This bedroom makes the classic brick walls special by utilizing black conduit as a faux headboard.

Visualizer: Alex Koretsky  

Luxurious gold dripping down black bricks make a unique statement.

Visualizer: Zinaida Baklanova  

Bright blue pops out from the cheerful whitewash here.

Visualizer: Nurlan Sultanli  

Visualizer: Wladimir Sapyan  

This bedroom takes texture to the next level using molded wall panels combined with creative dynamic lighting .

Visualizer: Nadia Quteit  

Exploded panels adds drama to this otherwise gentle and neutral room.

Visualizer: Dimitriy Sivak  

Visualizer: Andrew Sokruta  

Light and shadow, depth and dimension – 3D walls are a futuristic and functional way to bring texture to the forefront of your interior design.

Visualizer: Frontop  

Fabulous marbled concrete stops well before the ceiling to give this spacious bedroom a calmer and more grounded atmosphere. The result looks rich, clean, and comfortable.

Visualizer: Archivizer  

Large panels offer a sharp and clutter-free approach to texture. Here, gorgeous Asian-inspired latticework bleeds bright gold leafing into the recesses of the integrated storage cabinets.

Visualizer: Artroom Studio  

Visualizer: Dmitriy Tereshchuk  

Upholstery is a great source of texture. The upholstered wall in this bedroom actually wraps around the room to cover part of the ceiling – the result is an enclave of comfort.

Visualizer: Alena Taeva  

This lighter bedroom offers a beautiful contrast between plush fabric and glass wall treatments.

Visualizer: Olesya Ligay  

Honeycomb on glossy concrete, deep layers of wood, tile and plaster… these combinations are unusual and immensely inspiring.

Visualizer: Iliyan Stoyanov  

Layering unlocks endless textural possibilities.

Visualizer: Leu Khanh  

Visualizer: Nevi Studio  

Rough unpainted wood slats create a dramatic contrast with the fresh, brightly painted blue boards. This type of design might make a great DIY project for any reclaimed wood you have laying around – a smaller version would make a wonderful headboard.

Visualizer: Red Home Visual  

Dark, sleek, and elegant. Rich wood is a good solution for minimalist designers who want to warm things up with a touch of texture.

Visualizer: Katie Domracheva  

Tessellated wood panels give each of these bedrooms a distinctive and eye-catching focal point.

Visualizer: Ekaterina Toropova  

Using multiple varieties of wood leaves room for flexibility if you decide to change the furniture or floors.

Visualizer: Houzaifa Al Jandali  

This beautiful and functional “stacked” wall treatment offers plenty of room for storage and imagination. Light and shadow take center stage, with simple materials allowing this design to speak for itself.

Visualizer: Vic Nguyen  

Fresh white brick, weightless curtains, and a perforated accent wall – these three unique textures come together in a fascinating way. The variety helps to balance out the unique leather bed and demonstrates strong contrast.

Visualizer: Ira Frolova  

Stone and wood are classic textures that maintain their place as the most versatile interior decor elements. This natural bedroom embraces the rough stone with plenty of soft fabrics and abundant sunlight

Recommended Reading: 30 Wall Texture Ideas For The Living Room

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A Sculptural Cliffside Home With A Breathtaking Tropical View

Fri, 23.10.2015 - 17:20

Aptly named The Edge, this cantilevered Queensland home seems to hover over the steep tropical cliffs of Flagstaff Hill, soaking up a beautiful view of Four Mile Beach where the rainforest meets the reefs. Designed by Charles Wright Architects, this award-winning property recently made big waves when it hit the market, available fully furnished and ready to provide a lucky buyer with an endless supply of picturesque views and impeccable accommodations. Before you start packing your sunglasses and sandals, let’s take a look at what makes this architectural masterpiece a delight to experience, inside and out:

This glossy cement-clad structure embraces its tropical location with natural cross-ventilation, and in the drier months, the evaporative effects of a cascading infinity pool helps to cool the living spaces. Visually, those crisp cerulean waters provide a seamless boundary between the airy interior and its 180-degree view of the Coral Sea.

Decor inspiration abounds. Bright white furniture and steel fixtures are interrupted only by the occasional pop of blue decor, creating a sense of continuity with the aquatic focal points. A contemporary rounded sofa echoes the shape of the bay, and the surrounding trees are reflected in the intricate Forest armchairs by Janus et Cie.

To obtain such a breathtaking view, Charles Wright Architects had to work within stringent restrictions set by local building codes. The property is located just below a public lookout point, and council mandates required that the structure could not obscure the view of the beach below. Dedication to sustainability helped guide the innovative architectural choices that make this home such a unique part of the landscape.

One must simply walk along the pool to find a weightless cantilever daybed on which to relax after the day’s festivities.

The home includes a secondary suite for visitors who travel to stay overnight… and who wouldn’t want to see the sunrise in a location as beautiful as this?

Golden-hued cove lighting illuminates any area not already drenched with sunlight.

In contrast to the rough concrete of the ceiling and structural walls, rich marbled stone adds a touch of luxury to every working surface. This gorgeous material graces every tabletop, countertop, and interior wall to great effect. Cabinetry is finished in bright glossy white.

While the photos are truly spectacular, moving through the space is the only way to truly experience the unfolding dynamic views and intriguing plays on perspective. Here’s a complete video walkthrough of this majestic house, complete with closeups of details not easily observed in the photos:–XLU

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6 Clean and Simple Home Designs for Comfortable Living

Thu, 22.10.2015 - 15:40

There is a certain desert appeal in this particular space. A neutral, sandy color palette stands in lovely contrast with a turquoise sofa, giving the home the pretty shimmer of a sunset.

In this next space, gray tones manage to take over, with an ombre progression from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom and finally into the dark gray – nearly black – bathroom. This tonal shift adds a bit of interest and separates the space while staying true to that calming choice of gray.

This next home is an apartment in Kiev with a modern palette that’s quite familiar in Scandinavian styles. Black, white, and bright bumblebee yellow work together to create sophisticated space. This apartment also includes a large graphic feature on the kitchen wall, which adds a bit of fun.

The kids room is also notable for its use of stylish color combinations and hip designs that marry the needs of the child with the desires of the parents.

Playful lighting is a wonderful way to bring comfort and charm to a large living room, as seen here in another Kiev home. The hanging fixtures diffuse light wonderfully for a flattering atmosphere while themselves acting as artistic accents.

The mustard sectional sofa that takes over the majority of the living room in this Kiev apartment gives a distinct nod to the 1960s when this harvest gold was seen just about everywhere. The color itself is not bad when used as a contrast to soft grays and natural hardwood flooring, but it did ruin a good kitchen or two in its heyday.

For a darker feel, this sharky blue interior definitely fits the bill. It is cool and sophisticated throughout, using creative textures in everything from the bedding to the texture wall creations to give sense of artistic wonder to the home.

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50 Unique Pots & Planters You Can Buy Right Now

Wed, 21.10.2015 - 17:36

Adding plant life to your home or garden can make a huge difference in the look and feel. Not only do plants look lovely and lush, but they actually serve to clean the air we air we breathe.

Some plants are big, bushy, and overpowering enough to stand up to a simple pot. But a cute planter can make even a tiny blossom into a focal point for your interior design. Whether you have a large backyard that needs some sprucing up, a tiny balcony that could stand a splash of color, or even just a desk or windowsill that’s desperately in need of some greenery, there is a planter for you.

This collection of 50 planters and flower pots includes designs ranging from the adorable to the elegant. Somewhere in here you are bound to find the perfect piece for you. And if you do, you’re in luck, because they’re all for sale right now. Take a look.

Buy It: $14  

This minimalist concrete cup planter looks like an adorable tea cup and saucer but works perfectly for small succulents.

Buy It: $50  

This concrete wine bottle planter takes inspiration from vino but looks ultra stylish filled with plants.

Buy It: $8  

Show your love for plants and foliage with this concrete heart pot.

Buy It: $71  

This picture planter is made possible by a special gel base in which seeds can grow up vertically. It only takes around 4 days to start seeing growth in this cool planter.

Buy It: $79  

You don’t need a ton of space to grow your own plants. This pot is ideal for a small kitchen where you might want to grow fresh herbs or other sprouts. The wooden stand can be used as a cutting board.

Buy It: $45  

Another option for herbs, this pot uses both ceramic and wood for a stylish modern design.

Buy It: $50  

If you don’t trust yourself to remember to water your plants regularly, consider one of these self watering planters.

Buy It: $90 for set of 3  

These ceramic cups are glazed only on the inside with a matte finish on the outside. The tiny stand makes it perfect for keeping on a desk or table — but the cups can also be used for salt or spices.

Buy It: $25  

Hanging planters make it easier to grow things indoors and take up less space. These overhead herb planters feed water to the plants little by little so that there is no dripping.

Buy It: $75  

Another small space option is to hang plants on the wall. This hanging system can be used for anything from office supplies to ferns, adhering to a strip on the wall with strong magnets.

Buy It: $27  

This little house planter is nothing short of adorable.

Buy It: $59  

For a more industrial option, consider this concrete planter that is made to look like an abandoned building.

Buy It: $99  

Another planter inspired by architecture makes it look as though your plants are growing on a lush, miniature rooftop.

Buy It: $18  

This cement architectural plant cube planter has a winding stairway that would be perfect for the tiniest gardener.

Buy It: $45  

Add a little social commentary to your plantings with this nuclear plant concrete pot.

Buy It: $120  

A tiny terrarium that looks like a greenhouse is both art piece and planter at once.

Buy It: $38  

As a way to contain a few different adorable planters, consider this little windowsill greenhouse.

Buy It: $47  

Get in touch with your childhood fantasy life with this whimsical Grassland Road fairy planter.

Buy It: $71  

For a planter that easily doubles as a romantic centerpiece, consider this Vagabond Vintage four candle planter.

Buy It: $37  

Bring some playfulness to your planting with these cute animal planters — water buffalo, elephants, and rhinos, oh my!

Buy It: $74  

Seeds take time to grow. Channel some patience with this stone turtle planter.

Buy It: $59  

There’s nothing prickly about this hedgehog planter, which is cute enough to eat. (But don’t try to eat it).

Buy It: $40  

An elegant swan shaped planter is perfect for adding a bit of class to any porch.

Buy It: $59  

For a different take on the fairy feel, this stone sculpture planter is ideal.

Buy It: $160  

For a planting that is more than a little bit edgy, put a snake cactus in a stone head planter and you’ll have your very own Medusa as seen here.

Buy It: $29  

You don’t have to journey to a far off island to experience exotic art. This Easter Island Head Planter brings it right to your tabletop.

Buy It: $35  

Find some inner peace with your own Buddha planter.

Buy It: $20  

Looking for a gift for your favorite dentist? These ceramic tooth planters are sure to get a chuckle.

Buy It: $28  

This planter, made of two folded hands outstretched is instantly heartwarming.

Buy It: $35  

These adorable 3D printed tiny robot planters are sure to bring a smile to any face. One is even shaped perfectly for welcoming guests with a business card.

Buy It: $40  

Another cute robot planter option is this little guy on a swing. His friendly face and high flying demeanor is enough to make us all forget about the impending robot uprising.

Buy It: $15  

If you want to play it safe with your robot planters, get this one without a head. It looks quite cute with this tiny cactus planting.

Buy It: $95  

You can’t go wrong with this punnily named planter: Robert Planta.

Buy It: $49  

Add a little character to an otherwise minimalist planter with the Spread Sitting Pot from Wacamole.

Buy It: $60  

Another super tiny succulent planter that has a heart nose, which is just precious.

Buy It: $32 for set of 6  

These porcelain egg planters come with wheatgrass seeds. They’re stylish and healthy.

Buy It: $26  

You can choose between a superhero or a supervillain planter (the cat is the evil one, obviously) but you don’t have to because you can get both.

Buy It: $60  

If you’ve got more than one succulent to tend to, this anemone plat pot is perfect stylish solution.

Buy It: $10  

These rain cloud planters are just about the cutest thing. Pour water into the cloud and let it fall down upon the plant of your choosing. Practical, too, since it lets you water evenly without a watering can.

Buy It: $49  

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, these fence planters are perfect for an apartment balcony.

Buy It: $32 for set of 3  

A tiered planter like this one saves space, protects plants with a watering reservoir, and lets you mix and match different succulents, flowers, or herbs.

Buy It: $65  

Speaking of herbs, this planter is perfect for indoor plants since it lets you water through a corner slot, saving mess and spills.

Buy It: $60  

The Noon Planter by Nonogiorno has a unique angled design inspired by a sundial.

Buy It: $40  

For apartment dwellers who are apt to forget their watering schedule, the Algreen Self Watering Windowsill Planter is perfect.

Buy It: $285  

Let your outdoor planter pull double duty when you add this light up option to your yard.

Buy It: $15  

Perfect for kids who want to know more about how plants work, this transparent planter lets you get right to the root of things. Includes bean and pea seed packets.

Buy It: $31  

Get crafty with your herb pots when you label them with chalk in these chalkboard planters.

Buy It: $30  

This minimalist porcelain wall planter is shaped like a pyramid and absolutely perfect for any modern interior.

Buy It: $324  

Create your own plant display with this Hive Planter that turns your wall into a living work of art.

Buy It: $38  

This ceramic hanging planter looks like your tote has become overgrown, but in a cute way.

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Dark, Neutral Themed Interiors: Ideas & Inspiration

Tue, 20.10.2015 - 16:14

The word neutral may feel to some that it is synonymous with boring. However, a neutral home to others can feel quite calming and even cozy. The spaces featured here are from the architects at Leqb Architecture. Though each unique in style, the utilize neutral, dark color palettes throughout spaces, creating livable homes of all sizes. These colors truly allow for the occupants of the home to leave their own mark on the design, through the things and people they cherish, rather than through throw pillows and accent walls.

Take a look inside these home and find your own neutral inspiration. Perhaps today is the day you take a bit of color out of your home and add it back into your life.

The first home is nearly futuristic in its clean, neutral style. Every edge is perfectly placed to draw the eye around the room to each squared away surface. The dark colors may not be very lively or whimsical, but they do serve to create a sense of calming in each room.

This St. Petersburg loft, designed in conjunction with MC Interior, is quintessentially modern with a decided emphasis on clean, straight lines and flat planes. The dark neutral colors make the different surfaces the real star of the show, from platform beds to gothic-inspired fire places. Natural materials are also in use throughout the space including gorgeous wood cabinetry, painted brick, and luscious wood flooring.

This Moscow loft is just a bit softer than the previous spaces. The use of concrete gray and lighter upholstery along with light wood paneling skews the space more towards neutral. The bedroom becomes a warm retreat with its cushy bed and encapsulated feeling, while still giving the slumberer some privacy.

A Moscow loft that is a bit on the small side, measuring just 47 square meters (500 square feet) is made quite cozy with the use of oversized furniture. Exposed brick also lends a bit of warmth to the main living area while the bedroom, with just enough space for a large bed, lets high ceilings make up for the lack of floorspace.

Our 5th space is another Moscow flat with similar measurements (47 square meters, 505 square feet) but a different tone. The splashes of color that we find in the art chosen for the space are a breath of fresh air in these otherwise dark and entirely neutral spaces. The creativity expands as well, to the dangling lights and wood paneled walls, and even to the enclosed bed which would be well suited to a vampire.

We see things continue to open up a bit in this next home. The wood paneling here is particularly notable. Unlike many other iterations of this we have seen, the wood here looks as if it could have been pulled directly from a tree which gives it a special warmth. White walls and a deep blue area rug give this space a lightness that stands out among these dark interiors.

This final space take on many more browns than grays, which give it a warmer feeling. Painted brick walls are almost rustic and wood slats have a modern cabin edge to them. Chrome light fixtures add a finishing funky touch to this cool (but still neutral) home.

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