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A Midcentury-Inspired House with a Few Fun Accents

Fri, 27.03.2015 - 16:00

Mad Men may be coming to an end this year, but the midcentury modern design craze is far from over. The clean lines, simple and chic designs, and cool color palettes are still absolutely of the moment as we can see in this house from HerZu Design. An upper level home with views of the city, this house includes contemporary furnishings that would be just as comfortable in Don Draper’s office as they are in this 21st century apartment. Take a look inside for more stylish inspiration from the stunning wood floors to the cowhide club chair.

The main living area unsurprisingly has an open floor plan. This choice works particularly well in this space because light from the wall of windows is able to filter in through the dining room, living room, and kitchen unobstructed. The cool gray, white and turquoise color palette is also decidedly hip and runs through the entirety of the house.

Texture is also a major component of the design here. The slick wood flooring contrasts with the plush geometric area rug and also the soft, tufted loveseat and side chair. Different materials manage to mesh and play off one another, creating interest without feeling busy.

Most of the personality comes from the larger furnishings and some carefully selected accessories that sit perched on tabletops and floating shelves. As far as wall mounted art, the eye is drawn to the cool marbled hanging behind the sofa. It is subtle but sophisticated and creates its own sort of artistic force field with its swirls of color.

Accessories in the kitchen and dining room revolve around the idea of those smooth clean lines. White molded chairs, an overly simple dining table and polished chrome barstools sacrifice nothing when it comes to style but never detract from the bigger picture, either.

In the bedroom, white gives way to gray, which is certainly one of the coziest colors. A soft corduroy duvet is totally dreamy.

Finally a soft, simple corner is the perfect place to meditate and end the day with thoughts of this pretty, fashionable home.

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Two Taiwan Homes Take Beautiful Inspiration from Nature

Thu, 26.03.2015 - 16:00

The first project is called “Urban Palace” and it is located in Taipei, Taiwan. It combines elements of a palatial estate suited for royalty from the Qin or Han Dynasty but also with plenty of natural materials, particularly wood. The team has taken creative license with the ideal of a palace here. The ceilings are not high and ostentatious. Instead, the design brings focus to the length of the space, with laterally spacious open floor plan.

In addition to plenty of exposed wood and marble, the home is careful to incorporate natural lighting wherever possible. By using glass walls to separate the bedroom from the main living areas, light is allowed to flood in, even in the absence of windows.

The smooth surfaces of the home, from dining table to polished stone accent wall are also notable, firmly anchoring this timeless design in the contemporary aesthetic.

The second home we are featuring has its similarities to the urban palace, also creating a distinct comfort and luxurious peace even within the bustle of a big city. The team has subscribed here to the idea that the more white and blank space they leave in the initial design, the better able a homeowner is to add their own ideas, whether that means art, color, or furniture.

Of course, the furniture in this particular home is already quite astonishing in its craftsmanship and beauty, from a deconstructed version of a leather sectional to a Le Corbusier-inspired club chair and asymmetric coffee table.

The smaller footprint in this home does mean that the rooms are snugly fit together, with a long dining table just a couple of feet behind the sofa. Keep things open with partial room dividers makes the space feel bigger and again allows light to flow throughout.

Here is a video fly through of this home:

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Amazing Translucent Concrete Opens a New World of Design Ideas

Wed, 25.03.2015 - 16:00

When you think of concrete design, you may have images of dark, industrial-inspired interiors and drab, warehouse style exteriors. And while that is certainly one way to incorporate the material, a much less common – but brighter – option is also available in the way of translucent concrete. The light transmitting concrete feels high tech, but it was actually first introduced in 1935. Through the use of fine grain concrete and light conducting elements, usually optical fibers, construction companies today are able to create concrete blocks that transmit light and look almost as if they are glowing from within. This concrete is found variously in fine architecture buildings and also as cladding for an interior walls. In this post, we will show you a few different ways that this incredible material has been used in the real world.

The first project is a restoration of a hotel. By using FIBROTRANS concrete, designer Albert Abutov was able to create a unique separation between the main space of the room and the bathroom. The material allows sunlight to pass through into the bathroom during the day and lighting from the bathroom to illuminate the bedroom at night. These images give you a sense of how warm and almost otherworldly this material can be.

In another example from Lucen Lichtbeton, a company that produces this special concrete, we can see how it is used to create intricate patterns and designs of light that would otherwise be impossible (or extremely difficult) to create using concrete. We can also see how silhouettes are transmitted through the concrete blocks, as if by magic.

This image is the exterior of the Italian Pavilion, created for the Expo Shanghai in 2010. It was the first building ever created using i.light from the Italcementi Group. More than 3,700 panels of concrete were used in the project, and they cover 1,887 square meters (20,311 square feet). As the exterior lighting changes throughout the day, the building takes on different tones and shapes for a dramatic effect.

The following images are some other beautiful projects that use the translucent concrete technology including storefronts, light fixtures, and even a bar.

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Minimalist Luxury From Asia: 3 Stunning Homes By Free Interior

Tue, 24.03.2015 - 16:02

When a home is allowed to celebrate the beauty of minimalism, it can end up feeling sparse or even cold. But the three houses included in this post, from the team at Free Interior, are anything but cold while still staying true to many minimalist ideals. The spaces each include warm color combinations, soft textures, and plenty of vibrant personality that allows for them to welcome guests and be habitable in a practical – but still beautiful – way.

The first home is a four bedroom space in Taipei that measures 2562 square feet (238 square meters). The two story home is quite spacious and manages to incorporate both sleek, Asian-inspired design and a bit of playful whimsy. This tongue-in-cheek style is immediately evident in the living room where, in lieu of a coffee table, we find a few hewn tree trunks on a grassy area rug, accompanied by a lemon-esque love seat. It’s the perfect place for children of any age to relax.

Upstairs, a few vibrant choices including lime green cabinetry in the upstairs kitchen and an almost life size deer, lend even more creativity to the otherwise simple space.

The next home is 1423 square feet (132 square meters) and two bedrooms. The simplicity is still immediately evident, but with more of a serious edge. Neutral tones pervade the space, with light fixture making their mark – like a modern answer to a chandelier that hangs from the vaulted dining room ceiling. A landing that overlooks the main living area below is glass, as is the railing up the side of the staircase. With the addition of a neon accent light in the kitchen, this home takes on a bit of 80s bachelor pad appeal.

The final home is a three bedroom choice that measures 3523 square feet (327 square meters). The large space means that the designers could include in spectacularly sized furniture including a massive white sectional in the living room.

In every room that extra space can be felt, from the spacious dining room and luxurious meeting nook (perfect for an after dinner drink or aperitif) the the bedroom-cum-sitting-area and the big and airy home office.

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A Set of Extraordinary Knives

Mon, 23.03.2015 - 16:00

Whether you are a professional-level home chef or just someone who likes to mess around in the kitchen, a proper knife is absolutely essential. In this post we will show you knives that are not just amazing for slicing, dicing, and julienne-ing but that look incredible while doing it. A great knife is the best way prepare food quickly and safely and its well worth the investment.

These nesting knives with hollow centers make storage easy while also offering sharp edges and comfortable handling.

These sleek black knives from France’s TB Groupe have laser-sculpted handles and extra sharp stainless steel blades. And they need sharpening only once every 25 years.

These chroma knives from F.A. Porsche are made from pure 301 steel. The single piece design makes for extra easy handling.

You’ll never ruin your cheese with these slick knives from designer Henri Mazelier.

Bring a pop of color to your meal prep with this 8-piece set from Kai.

There is nothing wrong with a little whimsy in the kitchen and this knife set definitely does the trick.

Another humorous option – get your chopping done and your frustrations out with “The Ex” Five Piece Knife Set.

A minimalist set of knives that combine clean design with great aesthetics.

This ceramic set keeps an edge and looks supercool doing it.

The grooves in these Japanese steel knives keep food from sticking to them when slicing.

You get substance and whole lot of style with these knives from design-conscious retailer West Elm.

The balancing act these knives perform proves that they handle well.

While certainly not the cheapest option, this set of Japanese knives may be among the prettiest.

Just as much artwork as kitchen accessory, these gorgeous cheese knives are sure to be a hit at any party.

This perfectly balanced option comes from designer Eric Berthes and it’s a thing of beauty.

By popping this knife into a transparent storage block you get to display its beauty even when you’re not using it.

This kitchen knife is just a designer’s concept at the moment, but what a beautiful concept it is.

Another concept, this one comes from designer Neil Davidson. The intricate handles here are particularly gorgeous.

These wooden knives are handmade in Japan and the amazing craftsmanship definitely shines through.

This design combines the chopping power of steel with the simple and beautiful color of a wood body.

The idea behind these amazing concept knives is that a great knife should be able to do more than slice and chop.

Another multi-purpose knife concept designed for F.O.R., this one lets you safely scoop up whatever you chop.

In another scooping option, the round handle might not be ideal for a lot of heavy chopping.

Matching hollow blade knives and forks make up this concept from designer Jeff Pinard.

The concept behind these Neolithic Knives is that we can cut more efficiently if we take a step back from modern technologies.

This minimalist concept from Robert Larsson offers a convex silhouette and contrasting shaft.

These concept kitchen knives were inspired by the story of the sword in the stone. A safety lock keeps them from falling into the wrong (tiny) hands.

Another safety storage concept, these knives can be locked into place. But more than that, the storage block actually sterilizes the knives as well.

These handmade knives from Mermelada Studio were inspired by the shapes and songs of birds.

Though not the most practical option, we had to include these intricate – and a little bit creepy – knives.

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8 Luxury Bedrooms In Detail

Fri, 20.03.2015 - 16:12

Unless you yourself are part of the 1%, it’s hard to not be at least a little curious about how those lucky people live. And perhaps nothing is quite so intriguing as where they might lay their heads down each night. The luxury bedrooms featured in this post are the height of indulgence from sumptuous bedding to glorious bedroom chandeliers, they offer us a glimpse into the world that always seems just out of reach.

The first bedroom here, designed by Mauritz Snyman, uses soft and soothing grays and silvers to create a sparkling, luxurious feel. From an ultramodern chandelier that dangles over the bed to a plush silvery gray carpet that practically begs for your bare feet, waking up in this bedroom would be like waking up inside a warm storm cloud.

While having more money might seem like a one way ticket to all the happiness you could handle, it doesn’t hurt to bring in some cheerful colors, too. This sharp sunny bedroom has plenty of that with splashes of citrus and lots of light.

The oversized tree graphic really gives this bedroom a focal point. Chocolatey brown bedding and walls are neutral but still rich while a stunning vanity and metal accents make this a modern Cinderella’s dream.

Of course, sometimes a stripped down design is what luxury is all about. This sleek and minimalist bedroom still speaks to luxury but it does so in a whisper. From simple white gauze curtains to a long and low bed there is nothing here that isn’t necessary. Except maybe the chandelier.

The luxury features don’t stop in this bedroom. Mounting the elevated bed platform is like climbing into a throne while an elegant, ornate vanity is also fit for royalty. The huge private bath is the only way to soak away a long day of luxury living.

This bedroom tends toward what most people might envision when they dream of luxury. Rick purple tapestries on every surface, a perfectly polished marble floor, and lots and lots of gold leaf.

On the other end of the spectrum is this simple bedroom that celebrates luxury in an entirely different way. With dark wood accents and a carefully organized storage system, this bedroom is what modern luxury is all about.

Finally, a fashion forward lady’s bedroom with space specifically for planning outfits is a creative luxury choice. The fantastic views and supersoft bedding are nice, too.

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A 2 Bedroom Flat in Kiev with Sleek Contemporary Features [Includes Floor Plan]

Thu, 19.03.2015 - 18:05

With 198 square meters (2131 square feet) available, plenty of design work went into creating this open and vibrant two bedroom loft in Kiev. The space was designed by the architecture and design team at Ukrainian-based Soesthetic Group. Although there are plenty of fashionable and even trendy elements in use – such as white painted brick and clean, contemporary lines – the overall feeling in the home is an overall timeless kind of style that is youthful and lasting. Take a look inside and see what we mean.

A top floor house, the pitched ceiling creates its own design challenges but also adds immediate interest to the main living area. By bisecting the large room with a floating wood platform, the design has managed to create separate spaces for work and relaxing without putting up any full walls. This makes the pitched ceiling more stylish and less closed off. A couple of carefully places skylights and plenty of bright white paint help, too.

The television is hung from a custom mesh surface that separates the living room from the rest of the home but also lets light and air pass through. Next to that is a contemporary fireplace that is almost a modern spin on an old coal burning stove.

The kitchen is bright and a bit funky, with a concrete chopping block and sleek wire-backed bar chairs. Small dangling lights have a bit of that Edison bulb aesthetic without taking it over the top into hipster territory.

The home’s entryway is the perfect amount of minimal. Concrete flooring and stairs, coupled with a custom wood bench where people can easily put on and take off dirty boots and hang up heavy winter coats is a sight for sore eyes in the harsh Kiev winters.

In the master suite we find things to be a bit softer with cozy grays dominating the color palette and deliciously soft fabrics on the bed. Some floating shelving makes for a bit of modernism while the ensuite bath is luxuriously simple.

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A Dramatic Glass Home Overlooking the L.A. Basin

Wed, 18.03.2015 - 16:30

When it comes to luxury houses in Los Angeles, there is always architecture to consider but perhaps nothing is quite as attractive as a spectacular view. This Hollywood Hills home, located in the fashionable Bird Streets area above the Sunset Strip, has both a stunning exterior and an incredible view of the entire city below. Boasting current and former neighbors like Dr. Dre, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, George Harrison, Aviici, and Megan Ellison this neighborhood is clearly a destination for those with a taste for the finer things in life. Look inside and decide if this home from architect Paul McClean and the interior designers at Minotti, is where you would spend your millions.

The entrance to the home takes guests over a modern answer to a medieval moat. A sleek brushed metal bridge gives a view straight through the home’s glass walls from front to back, including peeks at the sleek and modern furnishings.

But the views from the back of the house are really what sets this space apart. The home includes three main outdoor areas: a private lounging terrace accessible only from the master suite, a water lounge with bar and fireplace, and a “sky deck” for dramatic entertaining. The views offered from the property stretch from downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean (on a clear day) and make for impressive events – both intimate and large scale.

While the views may be enough to convince even the pickiest shopper, the yard also includes lush green grass and the obligatory infinity edge pool.

In terms of specifics, the home has five en-suite bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and 13 foot ceilings throughout. In addition, there is a luxury screening room, making it a perfect space for an entertainment industry veteran, as well as a large garage and sliding glass walls that open up throughout the house for an incredible, open feeling and view.

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Beautiful Bedrooms Perfect for Lounging All Day

Tue, 17.03.2015 - 17:30

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a mansion, there must be a place where you retreat at the end of every day. A bedroom should be a place that celebrates the owners own personal style. A place to sleep, to dream, to relax and sometimes a place to spend the day lounging, reading, recharging. The bedrooms in this post all offer a unique design that is comforting, beautiful, and inspiring.

The tones in this bedroom are warm and welcoming, making it easy to fall asleep fast but perhaps not as easy to leave the bed in the morning.

In a sleek, modern example this bedroom uses a blend of colors and neutrals to create a gorgeous palette.

A man – no matter what his age – needs a space to call his own. This masculine bedroom in dark grays and silvery accessories belie a love of cars, machines, and all things manly.

This pretty bedroom uses the natural sunlight to create a lovely zen feeling, perfect for saluting the sun without ever geting up.

The colors and patterns mixed together in this one room space are playful and stylish.

A polka dot duvet brings a pop of funky fun into this white, feminine bedroom.

When your bed faces the great outdoors, it can be so tempting to stay and watch from sunrise to sunset.

The creative sculpture that grows out of this bedroom’s headboard might make you feel like you’re sleeping in a futuristic jungle.

This design from perennial favorite Black Haus uses a stormy gray to create a super cozy vibe.

When you feel like everything is in the right place, like in this simple bedroom, you can always get a good night’s sleep.

Overhead lighting and mirrored walls make this bedroom feel like an intimate party.

Inspired by art, the creative elements in this bedroom are sure to get the creative juices flowing morning and night.

Sleep sweet dreams in this simple, sleek white bedroom.

With its own dressing area and plenty of verdant accents, this feminine bedroom is not too frilly but still so sweet.

We can’t get enough of the hipster favorite white painted brick, used perfectly in this stylish bedroom.

A lofted storage area and lots of wood make for a bohemian – but upscale – one room apartment.

Exposed ceiling beams and a pitched ceiling makes you feel like you’re sleeping in an ultrastylish loft.

Wood, wood everywhere lets the simplicity of this bedroom design shine.

A brown shag carpet brings a retro splash to this otherwise modern bedroom option.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate, make the most of it with a bedroom that opens directly into the outdoors.

There’s no better place to start an art photography business than in an upper level coverted loft with lots of brick and unfinished wood.

A soft platform bed and gauzy curtains make this bedroom soft and feminine.

Bring the popular lumberjack aesthetic home with creative cut wood artwork and a checked duvet.

With gold and purple dominating, this slick bedroom is suited for royalty.

The passionate reds included in this bedroom design will make it easy to rise with the sun.

Lovely lilac and a deep soaking tub make this a dream bedroom for any sleeping beauty.

A funky silver sculpture brings some edgy creativity into this bedroom that is otherwise quite standard.

And finally, a touch of whimsy!

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Apartment Designs For A Small Family, Young Couple And A Bachelor (All Under 50 Square Meters And Includes Floor Plans)

Mon, 16.03.2015 - 16:15

Small spaces are perfect for many different applications. While a tiny apartment is a natural choice for a bachelor, it may be surprising just how well a young family can fit snugly into a home that measures less than 50 square meters. The apartments in this post all come in under 50 square meters (538 square feet) but still manage to include all the necessary features and do so in stylish and creative ways. Take a look and see how these disparate people manage to live comfortably with a little bit less in terms of space and a little bit more in terms of style.

The first studio apartment is located in the Russian city of Surgat and is home to a young family. The apartment measures 46 square meters (495 square feet) and does an excellent job of celebrating this family’s love for creativity and art. Though the kitchen and living room are directly adjacent, a pretty and creative room divider helps to separate the space without cutting anything off or interrupting the flow. The Mondrian-inspired accent wall actually manages to camouflage the television, while bringing a lot of color to the home.

A bed for the parents and a crib are snugly packed into the tiny bedroom. It may not be a long term solution for a growing child, but it is perfect for the intimate and brief span of childhood.

The designer even manages to incorporate a home office space, where natural light floods in and a cozy desk nook is free from distraction or clutter.

The second home, from designer Alexey Stepanov, is an open floorplan apartment in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, designed for a young, active couple. The kitchen is actually quite spacious for an apartment of just 48 square meters (516 square feet) and is situated directly behind a compact living room that still includes all the necessary comforts. A countertop functions as a cooking prep area as well as a dining space while a small gray sofa is just enough for a pair of lovebirds.

The oversized aquarium is an important piece of this design, reflecting the personalities and preferences of the home’s inhabitants while bringing movement and color to the space.

In the bedroom, storage is key. With shelving built into the custom bed frame as well as tall bookshelves and a long narrow console under the television, there are plenty of places to hide away those daily accessories that don’t need to be on display.

The final space is a minimalist apartment designed for a bachelor with unique specifications. According to the designers, one of the most interesting options given by the occupant was that there was no need for a traditional television and sofa setup, which opened up the possibilities in this tiny space. Instead, the sofa and seating area arrange in an open way, looking out onto the dining area and kitchen instead of closed off at a wall.

The bed is tucked away in one corner, removed enough so as to still feel private even when guests are over. The ceiling is another interesting feature of this particular design, since the designers used different textures and fixtures actually serve to divide the space without any additional walls or separators.

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Luxury Beachfront Condo Development in Pattaya

Fri, 13.03.2015 - 16:37

The rooms in this building naturally take full advantage of their beachfront location. The higher the floor, the more expansive the panorama from these condos. Modern interior decor is comfortable and not too fussy, meaning it is easy enough to come inside from a day spent on the sand and not worry about leaving a few grains on the wooden furniture.

Outdoor spaces are another important part of the design, letting occupants lounge in the temperate climate without leaving their rooms.

In an example of the height of luxury, this capsule bedroom makes the lucky occupant feel as if they are drifting off to sleep on the deck of a luxury yacht, gazing out over the beautiful water (with none of the seasickness).

The gathering areas of the building are also modern and welcoming. These include extensive lounge areas for meeting with friends or relaxing amongst the bustle of visitors, as well as private gym facilities and luxury dining options.

Other bedrooms take a bit more inspiration from the nearby jungles, with handpainted forests on the walls and pretty florals upholstery.

The exterior of this development is certainly not subtle with the ocean-inspired shapes rising up and above the otherwise short skyline of the Pattaya community.

Photos by Wilson Tungthunya

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Italian Apartment Renovation Brings Open Space to 1960s Home

Thu, 12.03.2015 - 17:53

The main living area is the “day” area of the apartment, proving space for entertaining, relaxing, cooking, and eating. The design here is the height of simplicity, even going so far as to avoid hanging anything on the walls. Instead, art is propped up on the ground and the television is hidden in a custom wood cabinet. The sofas are arranged around the entrance to the home, making the flow from visitor to guest seamless.

Although the floorplan is ultimately open, the kitchen is a separate, defined block of space, starting with a separation in the material of the flooring. The cabinetry is made from gray lacquered ash while the island countertop is covered in Carrara white marble – both luxurious and practical. Behind the gray ash are a series of hidden service rooms, giving the dark walls their own function.

The gray color also serves to separate the kitchen space from the living and dining areas, which are bright and white. The white dining table and chairs are easily integrated into the more boisterous living space.

A doorway becomes the passage to the “night” area of the home, though there is no door. This lets people and energy pass through as they might. The bedroom is extremely simple with the same wooden flooring and a white paneled closet.

Two bathrooms, one done in black tile and another in white, complete the renovation. Wooden slats on the floor of the shower allow for easy drainage and a comfortable morning shower, even on cold days.

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Three Luxury Homes in Cool, Neutral Tones

Wed, 11.03.2015 - 16:42

There is something distinctly luxurious about a cool, neutral color palette. It reminds you of a beautiful woman in linen pants coming in from an afternoon stroll on the beach. Or a carefully selected meal served on bright white china and a crisp tablecloth. The homes featured in this post each embrace their own definition of luxury, but they do so with the backdrop of a cool, crisp, clean neutral color scheme. From a stunning white beach house, inspired by the Art Deco hotels of Miami Beach to a deep, dark grey interior that’s rife with soft, touchable textures and pops of eccentric art these houses are worth exploring.

The first space comes from visualizer Albert Mizuno and has the kind of luxurious look that would easily fit in by any beach. The home’s pool deck is immediately notable both for its sparkling swimming pool but also its white spiral staircase that winds up to the roof of the two story home.

The interior of the home does not have quite the same art deco vibe, but the cool neutral palette remains. From a soft gray sofa to subtle natural wood paneling, the overall tone of the home is welcoming and easy to embrace. The one burst of color comes in the form of a mustard yellow side chair, which gives the home just a bit of playful whimsy.

The second house, located in Israel, comes from architect Stanislav Kaminskyi. The house is 250 square meters (2690 square feet) and uses dark grays, black, and white as its main color palette. The high contrast look is not nearly as reassuring as the more subtle tones of the first home, but it certainly offers its own artistic appeal.

The dark furnishings and art work to complement the dark wood fixtures and concrete wall treatments while the white walls and curtains ensure that the space stays light and bright enough to be comfortable.

The last house also comes from Kaminskyi, but this time is a home located in New Jersey and measuring 300 square meters (3229 square feet). The space is very open, with towering ceilings and huge picture windows looking out onto the surrounding nature. The color palette here is more in tune with that of the first house, with soft grays, beige, and white. There is also a peek into the unique interior courtyard that gives the lower level some architectural interest as well.

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Minimalist Inspirations from Oporski Architektura

Tue, 10.03.2015 - 17:08

This is hardly the first time we have mentioned minimalism on this blog, but few designers do minimalism quite as well as those at Oporski Architektura, who we have featured before. Every room in these homes doesn’t just have a place for everything, it has only the most basic, most necessary things. This goes for color as well. Every surface here is a different shade of white or gray, almost without exception. The resulting homes are not just minimalist, they feel like a long exhale because their simplicity is ultimately calming and inspiring at the same time.

The first house is located in Wroclaw and draws heavily a dark gray color palette. The main living area features a dark gray modular sofa with cushions that can easily be swapped and slid and removed according to an individual’s comfort level.

The geometric chairs match the overall gray theme of the house but the intricate design pattern brings interest and breaks up the otherwise perpendicular lines.

Intersecting lines are also a thematic element in this particular home, reflected on the area rug in the living room as well as the creative shelving.

The next house uses a light natural wood as its neutral element, which is paired with white throughout the space. Rather than bring geometric patterns in through the use of shelving and chairs, as in the previous home, the designers have chosen hanging light fixtures and lucite to add texture.

Of course, minimalism is still rampant here with starkly squared off platform beds and ottomans as well as simple dowel room dividers.

In the bathroom a pair of square pedestal sinks act as reflections of one another while a sharply rectangular bathtub is perhaps less than inviting, but easy enough to sacrifice a bit of comfort for this obsessive style.

The final home in this collection is an apartment by the sea, designed for a couple who frequently entertains friends. Of course, any friend who would deign to enter this white house best remove their shoes and not expect to be served any cabernet. While there is plenty of cozy seating, it is an off putting shade of bright white that would certainly show any spill or stain.

Again the bedroom features right angles galore with nary a pillow or headboard in sight. There is no telling what the occupants choose to do when they actually sleep here, but perhaps the style conscious residents of an Oporski home simply levitate a few inches off the bed in order to sleep and keep the sheets wrinkle free.

The reclaimed wood dining table is certainly a centerpiece in this stylish home. The lucite chairs around it actually do make it look like it is floating in mid air, just waiting to host a vegan dinner party.

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Modern Home Exteriors with Stunning Outdoor Spaces

Mon, 09.03.2015 - 16:23

Although most homeowners will spend more time inside of their home than outside admiring the exterior, there is still something to be said for curb appeal. That is, a beautiful home often starts with a stunning skeleton, a structure built from the ground up to house a family of real people. The exteriors featured in this post each come from the architects at Fedorova, who certainly have shown themselves able to create both gorgeous exteriors and sleek, modern interiors. Today we will focus on what makes these homes beautiful from the outside.

The first home is a country villa near the Russian port city of Taganrog. The low profile house is building into the side of a gently sloping hill, using stone and glass as its main materials. The upper deck of the house look more precarious than it is, actually bound in by a sturdy glass railing. The small outdoor pool is the perfect size for an evening swim, if not an Olympic event.

The next home, a country house in Zhukovka, features many of the same clean lines and sleek, modern feelings of the first. The upper level of the two story house has a long, spacious patio while the front entrance sits far back from the road among lush green grass and tall trees. A back patio with outdoor entertaining area and fireplace is also prominent.

This next house uses a lot of natural wood on the exterior of the home, from the walls to the decking. This makes it blend nicely in with its natural green surroundings. Above the indoor pool, a rooftop deck provides the perfect setting for stargazing.

The fourth house on this Fedorova tour is a lovely, light colored exterior with a double decker deck. Both upstairs and downstairs are spaces for intimate and luxurious entertaining, plenty of seating and warm lights, making it the ideal place to enjoy a summer evening.

This country residence in the Mari El Republic has a larger, boxier feel that some of the other exteriors featured. The back steps go up a gentle slope into the main area of the house while a second level deck is covered in sod and visible from the upper levels of the home. An indoor pool completes the luxury vacation feel.

With edges of boxes poking out at all angles, this expansive home gives the impression of an oversized space while still maintaining minimalism.

The two levels of this home are stacked nearly directly on top of one another, making it appear quite large from any angle. Windows from the bottom floor to the top let sunlight stream in all day long while a second level balcony overlooks a large back deck.

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A 60s-Inspired Apartment with a Creative Layout and Upbeat Vibe

Fri, 06.03.2015 - 16:30

There’s no question that design inspired by the funky colors and general freedom of the 1960s is entirely on trend right now. The visualizer of this house, who goes by Plasterlina, has titled it “That ’60s House” and it is easy to see where the name come from. Still, the clean lines and creative details would probably feel more at home the upscale Haight-Ashbury of today than they would at the original Woodstock, which is definitely a good thing since there is not enough Lysol in the world to make us want to return to the real 1960s.

The open plan of the main living area is decidedly modern, with a narrow but stylish kitchen opening out into a sunny living room. The spidery light fixture that hangs overhead is both practical and a bit whimsical. Overall, the color palette stays mainly neutral, true to the natural spirit of the 60s, but a few pops of mustardy yellow and some vibrant greens from the indoor ‘herb’ garden is more than welcome. The pattern on the area rug is particularly inspiring with a bit of Southwest happening, while still managing to meld with the wood flooring.

While a home office wasn’t really a thing in the 60s, everyone needs that workspace today. Adding a modern egg chair might invoke a Bond villain a bit, but also ensure privacy .

The bedroom takes less inspiration from the 60s and more from Park Slope. A custom canopy bed with built in book shelving underneath adds a bit of modern romance to the room. A window seat is a perfect reading retreat while the painted brick accent wall is warm and fashionable.

The kitchen is a little narrow, but still has the comforts that any gourmet would require. From expansive counter space to fresh herbs and a sleek cooktop as well as a natural wood breakfast bar, its a cozy slice of this home.

The bathroom is not so spacious, but the clean design means there is plenty of room for all the necessary preparations for the day. A concrete basin and clean tile shower are ultramodern while the dangling Edison light gives the room just a little bit more personality.

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10 Modern Kitchens That Any Home Chef Would Envy

Thu, 05.03.2015 - 19:11

Some people say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. After all, it is where meals are prepared and often where family and friends gather at the end of a long day. That means that a kitchen should be a reflection not only of someone’s personal style, but also of their personality and the kind of impression they want to make. The ten kitchens in this post are not simple gathering spaces. They are testaments to modern design elements with clean, elegant lines and carefully chosen details. But above all they are functional, with spaces to cook, to sit, and to enjoy.

With its sleek, reflective countertops and off-kilter angles, this kitchen is a vision of the future. Even the cooktop has a ultramodern bent, fusing the technology of touchscreen with the actual stove and making sticky cookbooks and flour spattered smartphones obsolete.

The second kitchen takes a contrasting color scheme from the first with bright white dominating the space. More importantly, simplicity is key with a floating tabletop, minimalist bar cart, and origami-inspired dining chairs.

This kitchen keeps things cool with a comforting oatmeal beige palette. Cozy leather dining chairs invite guests in this humble by stylish home to stay as long as they like.

This next kitchen gets a bit more playful than the previous designs. With pops of creative color from the abstract art to the lush purple Chesterfield, it’s a place where the creativity of cooking could easily thrive.

A lemony neon yellow runs the risk of feeling cartoonish, but the subtle accents in this kitchen are nothing if not sophisitcated. Set against shiny black and lucite, this kitchen is also youthful and fun.

With a warm and welcoming palette, this kitchen beckons to every guest who enters the home. A countertop extends to become a kitchen table/breakfast bar but could easily be a spot for a nightcap, too.

Visualizer Elena Gorenstein has termed this young family’s kitchen “Winterfell.” LIke its fantastical namesake, it is a bit dark and even forbidding from certain angles, but for the people who live here, it is the only thing they will ever call home.

Another white on white kitchen, this one harkens back to our first entry in that it has the same futuristic vibe. Whitewashed brick, glass accents, and the somewhat eerie overhead lighting makes this kitchen really feel like it could be on Mars.

This ultra modern design from the visualizers at Visual Method feels as though it could have stepped out of a scene from a film set in the future. Its glossy black surfaces are startling and sleek while a cooktop concept integrates touchscreen tcechnology with the actual cooking process, making sticky cookbooks and oil-splattered iPads a thing of the past.

This industrial inspired kitchen in an open floorplan home uses plenty of wood to offset the dankness of a concrete ceiling. The white paneling , countertops, and flying sauceresque light fixture complete the look of contrasts.

This final kitchen, while modern, is a bit more traditional than come of the other featured spaces. The teal and wood color palette has a bit of hipster lean while a living art piece over the front door also gives it some modern cred. Otherwise, the design is simple with Eames-inspired dining chairs, lovely lacquered wood cabinets and a simple polished concrete floor.

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3 Stylish Industrial Inspired Loft Interiors

Wed, 04.03.2015 - 16:35

Loft living is all the rage and its no surprise. After all, these types of homes can be extremely spacious with vaulted ceilings, lots of natural light, and endless design possibilities. One of the most popular design styles you will see in these loft spaces attempts to marry the industrial elements with the warmth and color of an artsy home. The three lofts in this post definitely manage to do that with great success, using art, accessories, furniture, and color that manages to turn these big empty areas in homes.

The first loft comes from visualizer Pavel Vetrov. Rather than the typical concrete that you will find in many lofts, this particular space has a large amount of brick, which immediately gives it a leg up when it comes to warmth.

Adding to the warm and welcoming feel is a soft, cozy sofa and armchair. However, not all the furniture in the house is quite so plush. The dining table and a sunny breakfast bar are welcoming in their own way, but hard backed chairs in molded composite and aluminum are more style-forward than soft.

Exposed wood beams and beautiful hardwood floors complete the warm look, which also includes some fun elements like cardboard cutout mounted heads and graphic heavy wall art.

In the second loft, from designer Djordje Stevanovic, we get more exposed brick but the overall design is much more sleek and sophisticated than the first space. The color palette is very cool with gray wood floors, wood stamped concrete and neutral beige sofa. Custom shelving in black and white add a lot of personality on their own, putting books and tchotchkes on full display. Granite countertops in the kitchen complement the clear cabinetry, which is the only type allowed in a place this stylish.

A dreamy reading nook by the window with a brown arm chair that looks like your grandmother knitted it for you is worth noting, too.

The last loft has more of a sleek penthouse feel, but still incorporates some of the industrial loft elements. The Kiev apartment has an area of 170 square meters (1829 square feet) and calls all attention to the sweeping views the location affords. Lighting grows out of the ceiling like a circuit board and wood for the fireplace is stacked high and tight. Even the sofa is only completed by separate, disparate pieces notching together. This loft is a tribute to orderliness, to be sure.

One favorite detail is the barstools that nestle under the stone breakfast bar. The seats are made from bicycle seats. It may not make for the most comfortable bowl of cereal, but it sure does look stylish.

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Stone and Wood Home with Creative Fixtures

Tue, 03.03.2015 - 17:01

While there is always a place for color, perhaps there is nothing quite so soothing as a neutral color palette, especially when those neutral colors come from nature. In this beautiful homes from the designers at the Fedorova firm use stone and wood to create an ultimately beautiful and relaxing interior. The emphasis on right angles and clean lines is truly impressive, with every element from sofas to stair railing cutting the same sharp silhouettes. The two story home also features modern luxuries, like an indoor swimming pool and gorgeously deep bathtubs.

The main living area uses a mostly open floorplan but in place of any wall between the dining and living rooms there is a beautiful stone wall that includes a cutout fireplace. But there is no need for messy wood and matches in this modern incarnation since the gas flames pour out of a sleek bed of glass.

In the dining room, sliding glass doors open out onto a patio, which has its own outdoor entertaining space. Over the dining room as well as the living room, creative light fixtures capture your attention with sparkle and shine.

Up the floating glass staircase are the bedrooms, including a guest suite and quaint office/study space.

As with any modern family home, there is always a desire to keep the children’s rooms age appropriate while still having them flow and match with the rest of the home’s decor. Both children’s rooms in this home manage to do that. While pops of color are allowed to peek out, the tone of both rooms stays largely cool and neutral.

The bathrooms in the home are especially luxurious with their use of glossy wood accents and beautiful stone textures in everything from the his and hers sinks to the beautiful paneling in the shower.

The finished basement is another opportunity for beautiful lighting with a creative, reflective cluster fixture perched over the pool table while nearly white wood flooring and an oatmeal sofa finish the look.

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Ultramodern Lake House with Luxurious Details

Mon, 02.03.2015 - 17:48

When you think of a Canadian lake house, this is probably not what usually comes to mind. Without an expose roof beam or hand hewn deck in site, this home on the edge of British Columbia’s Okanagan Lake gives new meaning to vacation home with its stunning, ultramodern architecture and interior. The home was designed by the team at All Elements and covers a whopping 11,613 square feet (over 1000 square meters) and includes six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, four laundry rooms, two offices, and five fireplaces along with a detached guest house. While it certainly offers a retreat away from the city, it’s not exactly a cozy cabin in the woods. Take a look inside to experience the sweeping vistas and sleek decor.

Readers of this blog will express no surprise at the main living area’s open floor plan, which lends itself to amazing views of the lake and surrounding wilderness. Windows from the floor to ceiling are sure to let in the colors of every Canadian sunrise and provide a perfect backdrop for weekend entertaining.

The furnishings throughout the house have a simple elegance to them that is common for many vacation homes: luxurious but easy to match. From white leather sofas to sleek marble floorings and the occasional abstract-inspired art piece, the home projects luxury without implying too much personality.

For colder months (which Canada knows a thing or two about) there are also indoor amenities like a private gym and even a built-in spa area.

The gourmet kitchen has an enviable amount of slick white counter space, perfect for setting out a continental breakfast before spending a day on the boat.

The bedrooms upstairs offer a more private viewing platform for lake views, while huge bathrooms and soaking tubs are ideal for washing away a long day of nature appreciation.

Certainly the space is ideal for entertaining, from the easy gathering areas around fireplaces and wet bars to the lovely outdoor deck. Speaking of which, the infinity pool is an indulgent touch. While it can’t compete with the lake in terms of aesthetics, it is likely a bit more comfortable (and warmer) for an afternoon dip.

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