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10 Modern Kitchens That Any Home Chef Would Envy

Thu, 05.03.2015 - 19:11

Some people say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. After all, it is where meals are prepared and often where family and friends gather at the end of a long day. That means that a kitchen should be a reflection not only of someone’s personal style, but also of their personality and the kind of impression they want to make. The ten kitchens in this post are not simple gathering spaces. They are testaments to modern design elements with clean, elegant lines and carefully chosen details. But above all they are functional, with spaces to cook, to sit, and to enjoy.

With its sleek, reflective countertops and off-kilter angles, this kitchen is a vision of the future. Even the cooktop has a ultramodern bent, fusing the technology of touchscreen with the actual stove and making sticky cookbooks and flour spattered smartphones obsolete.

The second kitchen takes a contrasting color scheme from the first with bright white dominating the space. More importantly, simplicity is key with a floating tabletop, minimalist bar cart, and origami-inspired dining chairs.

This kitchen keeps things cool with a comforting oatmeal beige palette. Cozy leather dining chairs invite guests in this humble by stylish home to stay as long as they like.

This next kitchen gets a bit more playful than the previous designs. With pops of creative color from the abstract art to the lush purple Chesterfield, it’s a place where the creativity of cooking could easily thrive.

A lemony neon yellow runs the risk of feeling cartoonish, but the subtle accents in this kitchen are nothing if not sophisitcated. Set against shiny black and lucite, this kitchen is also youthful and fun.

With a warm and welcoming palette, this kitchen beckons to every guest who enters the home. A countertop extends to become a kitchen table/breakfast bar but could easily be a spot for a nightcap, too.

Visualizer Elena Gorenstein has termed this young family’s kitchen “Winterfell.” LIke its fantastical namesake, it is a bit dark and even forbidding from certain angles, but for the people who live here, it is the only thing they will ever call home.

Another white on white kitchen, this one harkens back to our first entry in that it has the same futuristic vibe. Whitewashed brick, glass accents, and the somewhat eerie overhead lighting makes this kitchen really feel like it could be on Mars.

This ultra modern design from the visualizers at Visual Method feels as though it could have stepped out of a scene from a film set in the future. Its glossy black surfaces are startling and sleek while a cooktop concept integrates touchscreen tcechnology with the actual cooking process, making sticky cookbooks and oil-splattered iPads a thing of the past.

This industrial inspired kitchen in an open floorplan home uses plenty of wood to offset the dankness of a concrete ceiling. The white paneling , countertops, and flying sauceresque light fixture complete the look of contrasts.

This final kitchen, while modern, is a bit more traditional than come of the other featured spaces. The teal and wood color palette has a bit of hipster lean while a living art piece over the front door also gives it some modern cred. Otherwise, the design is simple with Eames-inspired dining chairs, lovely lacquered wood cabinets and a simple polished concrete floor.

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3 Stylish Industrial Inspired Loft Interiors

Wed, 04.03.2015 - 16:35

Loft living is all the rage and its no surprise. After all, these types of homes can be extremely spacious with vaulted ceilings, lots of natural light, and endless design possibilities. One of the most popular design styles you will see in these loft spaces attempts to marry the industrial elements with the warmth and color of an artsy home. The three lofts in this post definitely manage to do that with great success, using art, accessories, furniture, and color that manages to turn these big empty areas in homes.

The first loft comes from visualizer Pavel Vetrov. Rather than the typical concrete that you will find in many lofts, this particular space has a large amount of brick, which immediately gives it a leg up when it comes to warmth.

Adding to the warm and welcoming feel is a soft, cozy sofa and armchair. However, not all the furniture in the house is quite so plush. The dining table and a sunny breakfast bar are welcoming in their own way, but hard backed chairs in molded composite and aluminum are more style-forward than soft.

Exposed wood beams and beautiful hardwood floors complete the warm look, which also includes some fun elements like cardboard cutout mounted heads and graphic heavy wall art.

In the second loft, from designer Djordje Stevanovic, we get more exposed brick but the overall design is much more sleek and sophisticated than the first space. The color palette is very cool with gray wood floors, wood stamped concrete and neutral beige sofa. Custom shelving in black and white add a lot of personality on their own, putting books and tchotchkes on full display. Granite countertops in the kitchen complement the clear cabinetry, which is the only type allowed in a place this stylish.

A dreamy reading nook by the window with a brown arm chair that looks like your grandmother knitted it for you is worth noting, too.

The last loft has more of a sleek penthouse feel, but still incorporates some of the industrial loft elements. The Kiev apartment has an area of 170 square meters (1829 square feet) and calls all attention to the sweeping views the location affords. Lighting grows out of the ceiling like a circuit board and wood for the fireplace is stacked high and tight. Even the sofa is only completed by separate, disparate pieces notching together. This loft is a tribute to orderliness, to be sure.

One favorite detail is the barstools that nestle under the stone breakfast bar. The seats are made from bicycle seats. It may not make for the most comfortable bowl of cereal, but it sure does look stylish.

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Stone and Wood Home with Creative Fixtures

Tue, 03.03.2015 - 17:01

While there is always a place for color, perhaps there is nothing quite so soothing as a neutral color palette, especially when those neutral colors come from nature. In this beautiful homes from the designers at the Fedorova firm use stone and wood to create an ultimately beautiful and relaxing interior. The emphasis on right angles and clean lines is truly impressive, with every element from sofas to stair railing cutting the same sharp silhouettes. The two story home also features modern luxuries, like an indoor swimming pool and gorgeously deep bathtubs.

The main living area uses a mostly open floorplan but in place of any wall between the dining and living rooms there is a beautiful stone wall that includes a cutout fireplace. But there is no need for messy wood and matches in this modern incarnation since the gas flames pour out of a sleek bed of glass.

In the dining room, sliding glass doors open out onto a patio, which has its own outdoor entertaining space. Over the dining room as well as the living room, creative light fixtures capture your attention with sparkle and shine.

Up the floating glass staircase are the bedrooms, including a guest suite and quaint office/study space.

As with any modern family home, there is always a desire to keep the children’s rooms age appropriate while still having them flow and match with the rest of the home’s decor. Both children’s rooms in this home manage to do that. While pops of color are allowed to peek out, the tone of both rooms stays largely cool and neutral.

The bathrooms in the home are especially luxurious with their use of glossy wood accents and beautiful stone textures in everything from the his and hers sinks to the beautiful paneling in the shower.

The finished basement is another opportunity for beautiful lighting with a creative, reflective cluster fixture perched over the pool table while nearly white wood flooring and an oatmeal sofa finish the look.

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Ultramodern Lake House with Luxurious Details

Mon, 02.03.2015 - 17:48

When you think of a Canadian lake house, this is probably not what usually comes to mind. Without an expose roof beam or hand hewn deck in site, this home on the edge of British Columbia’s Okanagan Lake gives new meaning to vacation home with its stunning, ultramodern architecture and interior. The home was designed by the team at All Elements and covers a whopping 11,613 square feet (over 1000 square meters) and includes six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, four laundry rooms, two offices, and five fireplaces along with a detached guest house. While it certainly offers a retreat away from the city, it’s not exactly a cozy cabin in the woods. Take a look inside to experience the sweeping vistas and sleek decor.

Readers of this blog will express no surprise at the main living area’s open floor plan, which lends itself to amazing views of the lake and surrounding wilderness. Windows from the floor to ceiling are sure to let in the colors of every Canadian sunrise and provide a perfect backdrop for weekend entertaining.

The furnishings throughout the house have a simple elegance to them that is common for many vacation homes: luxurious but easy to match. From white leather sofas to sleek marble floorings and the occasional abstract-inspired art piece, the home projects luxury without implying too much personality.

For colder months (which Canada knows a thing or two about) there are also indoor amenities like a private gym and even a built-in spa area.

The gourmet kitchen has an enviable amount of slick white counter space, perfect for setting out a continental breakfast before spending a day on the boat.

The bedrooms upstairs offer a more private viewing platform for lake views, while huge bathrooms and soaking tubs are ideal for washing away a long day of nature appreciation.

Certainly the space is ideal for entertaining, from the easy gathering areas around fireplaces and wet bars to the lovely outdoor deck. Speaking of which, the infinity pool is an indulgent touch. While it can’t compete with the lake in terms of aesthetics, it is likely a bit more comfortable (and warmer) for an afternoon dip.

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An Architect’s Attic Apartment with Custom Furniture

Fri, 27.02.2015 - 17:06

If you spend your life ensuring that other people have beautiful places to live and timeless building where they can thrive, it can be difficult to find the time to make your own space what you really want it to be. For architect Dimitar Karanikolov from firm Meshroom and interior designer Veneta Niklova, it was a two-year labor of love that finally found them with a space they could call their own. After returning to Sofia, Bulgaria after many years abroad in London, the pair was searching for a home where they could put down roots when they found a unique attic apartment in a new development. The space was small but it had character and they knew they could turn it into something they loved. With their own expertise and ingenuity, they combined many creative spaces and custom pieces that resulted in the inspiring home you see here.

The upper level apartment grabs hold of the old-fashioned aesthetic that is currently in style and uses it to innovative ends. Though modern technology is central to both the architect and designer professions, the pair has gone to great lengths to conceal the most garish of modern comforts. For instance, an air conditioning unit is hidden inside a custom wooden drawer while bar edison bulbs dangle from magnets over the dining table.

The largest custom creation in the small space is the large black box that stands at the center of the room. Though you would never guess it, this room is perched atop the building’s elevator shaft and actually contains the apartment’s bathroom. The exterior material is dark concrete paneling which looks worn as though it has always been a part of this building.

Storage is always a challenge in smaller apartments. But from an open-air coat closet to a wardrobe hidden inside what looks like a vintage suitcase, the space does not lack for practical storage. Even the coffee table, also styled as a suitcase, opens up for blankets and other comforts.

The building is situated close to another, taller residential building, which meant the apartment was lacking somewhat in privacy. Rather than construct a large fence or wall, privacy shrubs were added in aluminum planters that serve both practical and aesthetic purposes.

The second floor bedroom, up close to the curved ceiling, serves as a guest bedroom as well as a bathing area, with an in-floor bathtub.

Finally, a narrow outdoor deck serves as a bit of outdoor storage as well as a relaxing place to enjoy a coffee or two.

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A Modern Summer Cottage Utilizes Tons of Gorgeous Walnut

Thu, 26.02.2015 - 16:19

The two story house features a common design with communal living spaces on the ground floor and private rooms on the upper level. The ground floor includes a sunken living room and open kitchen that flows seamlessly into a lovely sunny dining room. Throughout the house, we can feel the influence of the lustrous wood that is walnut. From the exposed ceiling beams on the lower level to the custom paneling behind the television, to the hand carved bed frame in the master bedroom, the beautiful chocolate color and natural grain creates a warm and indulgent atmosphere while still celebrating simplicity.

While the finishing touches of the house are few, with focus staying mainly on the major furnishings and luxurious materials, there are hand made ceramics from Sergey Gorban that are scattered around the home for a bit more personality.

To reach the second floor, occupants can luxuriate on the minimalist staircase that is wide and deep, making it appear as much as a sculptural element as a necessary feature. Once on the upper level, the master bedroom, children’s room, and guest room keep the same tone. Each room strives to maximize the natural sunlight that is able to stream in from the home’s location near a reservoir while white walls work with, rather than against, the strong wood features.

In the bathroom, beautiful stone tiles take the place of the walnut, giving it a bit more life and texture than standard marble might provide.

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A Rooftop Oasis Anchors an NYC Remodel

Wed, 25.02.2015 - 16:48

In many cultures, caviar is synonymous with luxury. Only the highest society can afford to indulge in it. So it is perhaps fitting that this apartment remodel from architect Andrew Franz was a caviar warehouse in its previous life, because today it is certainly a luxury space. The top floor apartment is located in the stylish and ultra high-end Tribeca region of Manhattan. The results of Franz’s efforts are truly breathtaking. By using an open floorplan and pulling focus to the outdoors with an interior courtyard and stunning rooftop garden, the architect was able to create a spectacular urban retreat that is perfect for entertaining and, let’s be honest, showing off.

The large open living space on the first floor of the apartment uses some of the wood beams and exposed brick left over from the building’s history. However, it also adds gorgeous hardwood floors and plenty of colorful accents, including a stunning teal sofa and creative modular coffee table.

There is no picking out one unique element in this home since every piece has its own personality, but the interior court that was added can not be overlooked. The sunken courtyard has a retractable glass roof, which means that residents can still enjoy its natural splendor during harsh New York months. The greenhouse effect was created with new custom steel along with repurposed beams that were reclaimed from the original space.

The interior design choices are ultimately luxurious and very fashionable, but they use a bohemian chic aesthetic that makes them feel quite accessible. From a carefully tossed striped area rug to a bright red freestanding wardrobe, there is a flavor of the Southwest with plenty of contemporary artistry thrown in.

Up on the roof itself, a brilliant spring garden is the ultimate urban oasis where anyone from the New York elite would be thrilled the entertain. Throughout the home, both indoors and out, sustainable choices were made wherever possible including energy efficient appliances and native plants that require less water and also add insulation to the home below.

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Bel Air Estate Made for Design Conscious Royalty

Tue, 24.02.2015 - 16:25

The neighborhood Bel Air conjures images of all kinds of luxury, but perhaps none so memorable as the Roman columns of Will Smith’s house on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. But in the real world (or as real as it gets in Los Angeles) there are actually many different styles of architecture that pepper the exclusive landscape of this California enclave. Today, we’re going to look at one that, though it was originally built even before DJ Jazzy Jeff had taught us what parents do and do not understand, has a stunning modern look that could have been finished just yesterday. Take a look inside this amazing estate from famed architect Ted Tanaka and see if you can imagine what it would be like if your aunt and uncle actually lived here (and had a butler named Geoffrey, obviously).

The house sits on 3.2 acres and has unobstructed views of the city, ocean, and nearby Stone Canyon Reservoir. The lush green landscape may not be native to the mountain desert, but that’s hardly of any concern to the owners of this kind of home. After all, their taxes probably pay for most of the city’s water supply anyhow.

Sunny, lovely stone paths wind their way around the exterior of the home, providing the perfect quiet retreat from what are sure to be regular raucous parties. Catwalks around the upper levels offer the perfect vantage point for celebrity spotting. Assuming the celebrities are in the pool.

The interior of the home, which was completely redone in 2008, is bright, open, and modern. California sunlight streams in from window stacked atop window inside the three-story space. Visitors (and residents…and butlers) are carried to all private rooms in a glass elevator that opens out into a master suite, private gym, and staff quarters.

White dominates much of the home’s interior, making it perfect for entertaining if you are in the habit of throwing white parties. And perfect for hiring a full time cleaning person who provides her own bleach.

Of course, no Bel Air home would be complete without the ultimate collection of modern accoutrements from a sprawling private swimming pool and spa to a personal tennis court, fit for a visit from your own personal tennis pro.

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Wild for Wood: The House of Life

Mon, 23.02.2015 - 16:46

Any style minded person looking for a new space often has natural hardwood floors high on their list of must haves. That’s because hardwood floors are beautiful, easy to match, and timeless. This house from the designers at RYNTOVT Design takes that impulse to a new level. From floors to walls to furniture, gorgeous and smooth natural wood, all in the same spectrum, covers virtually every surface. The finished product, using light oak, radiates a lovely warmth and really captures the beauty of all the natural light that comes along with the design.

The open living area is spacious, which gives plenty of attention to the changing grains and shifting shades of the wood floors. The wood surfaces build up from those inspiring floors to include nest coffee tables as a well as custom built in shelving on multiple walls.

The few elements of the home that are not made from wood use cool neutrals, like a gray sofa, silver planters, and dark slate curtains, to keep with the overall tone of the interior. Even the curtains pay homage to the trees beyond the windows with their creative silk screened tree pattern.

Where the designer chooses to include bursts of bright color, it really stands out, starting with an oversized abstract piece in the living room. The bright colors certainly take their inspiration from nature but contrast to strikingly with the surrounding surfaces, it is as if the entire home works as a frame.

The use of creative grooving in the shelves and cabinetry acts as simple ornamentation, allows the craftsmen behind the house to show off their skills rather than cover them with paint or hardware.

In the kid’s room, we also get a special pop of brightness in the lime green accent wall. While green is certainly a color closely associated with nature, the shade is all but electric, giving this particular space an eye-popping effect. But wood is not far behind, particularly in the custom desk that includes unfinished branches as supports.

Finally, the bathroom really minimizes (but does not completely ignore) the natural wood theme. Instead, gleaming white tiles and porcelain fixtures keep things simple and elegant.

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Wondrous White: Three Lofts with Clean, Bright Interiors

Fri, 20.02.2015 - 16:57

White is a reflection of all colors. So when something is white, it is not actually lacking in color but rather it is every color. The lofts featured in this post take full advantage of the unique possibilities afforded by large swaths of white. From walls and shelves to dangerously white furniture and floors, these interiors have never met a glass of pinot noir they were afraid of or a muddy shoe they could not tame. Take a look inside these creative homes and imagine your own life in white.

The first stunning space is a multi-level loft with sky high windows. Bare bulbs dangle from long wires, lighting up the main living room like fireflies at night while sun streams in and across the beachy inspired furnishings and chevron striped throw pillows by day. Of all the impressive features, you cannot help but be drawn to the stunning second floor library, where white shelving reaches the ceiling and is stacked high with beautiful books.

The second loft from visualizer Denis Khramov is more horizontal than the first option. The long space is reminiscent of an airplane hanger and feels even bigger due to the subdued whites and grey throughout the home. The corrugated metal roof is painted white as are the exposed beams and walls. The floor is a reflective white tile, letting light from the overhead fixtures as well as the wide windows bounce off of it.

The lofted workspace in this apartment is not white, but certainly worth mentioning. What better way to get some work done than to remove yourself from your normal plane of living and perch up above your kitchen at a lofted desk.

The final loft in this post is smaller than either of the other two. It is located in Amsterdam and comes from designer Sam Habbaba. It almost fits between the first two looks. It has some of the beachy vibe of the first huge home but a lower ceiling and a longer space. It is the least industrial option as well, with comfy white furnishings, low ceilings, and lovely views of the city below. This truly feels like a home that could be lived in, even if you might need to hire a live-in maid.

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A Super Small Apartment That Adapts To Its Owner’s Needs

Thu, 19.02.2015 - 16:07

When a sociable urban couple moves into an apartment that’s just 35.7 square meters (384 square feet) there are a lot of questions for their chosen interior designers. Who are they? What is their personal style like? How many friends do they have? Do they like to go out or stay in? Are there any babies in their future? (Things can get personal pretty quickly).

In this apartment, the design team at The Goort had no trouble taking all these answers into consideration and creating a versatile and stylish space. The apartment, located in Mariupol, Ukraine, is somewhat small but the furnishings and storage options give the couple many different configurations to choose from. This minimalist apartment gives the popular pair space to host dinner parties, movie nights, and even overnight guests.

The height of the apartment lent itself perfectly to a lofted design, which really maximizes the space options. The building once housed the printing press for city’s first newspaper, before it became a standard apartment and then took on this lofted design. The bedroom, a private space, is open and bright but still entirely removed from the main living area, where the action is. The two spaces are connected by a simple and safe stairwell.

In its standard configuration, the main living space is perfectly accommodating for a pair lounging at home. The exposed brick roots the home firmly in its post-war, repurposed building while new wood flooring brings a modern sophistication.

A television can be a troublesome design element, so in this case the designers went with a projection system. The screen easily rolls up and out of sight, then pulls down for movie night with a few friends.

What looks like matching kitchen cabinets actually holds everything a modern kitchen space could need including range hood, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and oven. But it does so in a non-intrusive way.

Oversized custom cabinets in the living area hold the secrets to the apartment’s other configurations. Larger furniture slides out of the way to make room for a folding formal dining table and chairs or to free up floor space for dancing or a sleepover.

See how the layout adapts to different occasions and purposes.

Here is quick video that shows off the versatility of the apartment.

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Stunning Home Perched on a Slope with Atlantic Ocean Views

Wed, 18.02.2015 - 18:43

An essential part of any architect’s job is to take full advantage of the site they are working with. In this South African home from the architectural team at SAOTA, that was even more of a challenge than normal. The site of this stunning single family house features spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, Camps Bay, and the Twelve Apostles, but also steeply sloped land. In order to make a level space so that there would be room to live comfortably, the architects elevated the main level and set the ground floor into the side of the slope. The different segments of the design are then connected by a glass bridge that lets light in from the North, into the bedrooms and common areas. The resulting home looks as if it tracks along the natural slope of the ground, melding beautiful with the natural surroundings while still creating its own beautiful silhouette.

With a landscape as enviable as this, there is no question that outdoor spaces were a priority in the design. The home is built around a central, sheltered terrace while full height sliding windows open up onto a generous pool deck and upper balcony levels.

The main living areas themselves flow together, each leading towards the main terrace. That means the family room, lounge, kitchen, and dining room are each on the south end of the house, with views of the spacious pool deck and its infinity pool.

Entertaining is a treat in the gorgeous private bar that is situated in the entertainment room.

Visitors to the home are sure to be instantly impressed. A set of gorgeous concrete stairs leads up to a massive foyer where they encounter a custom water feature as well as slivers of the view that lays beyond the entrance.

The private bedrooms, on the second floor of the house, are decorated in their own brand of opulence, which includes the furnishings as well as the sweeping views, even from the bath. The master bedroom also includes a private fireplace and its own spectacular views of Table Mountain as well as the surrounding national park.

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Three Sleek Apartments Under 1500 square feet from All In Studio (Includes floor plans)

Tue, 17.02.2015 - 16:19

All In Studio is a Bulgarian architecture, interior, and product design firm. The team at All In Studio is extremely talented in creating spaces that are beautiful, sleek, and most importantly that meet the needs of their clients. The three homes features in this post do just that. Each is uniquely modern in its own way and representative of the impressive work coming out of All In. Have a look.

The first apartment featured in this post has been termed “The LOVE Apartment” because it was the results of two neighbors falling in love. When they decided it was time to move in together, rather than find a new place they chose to combine their two apartments. The final combined apartment measures 100 square meters (1080 square feet) and feels quite open from start to finish. Most of the furniture was custom built for the home, using natural, affordable materials. With the new space, the team was also able to add a nursery, which will certainly come in handy for these lovebirds.

The second apartment, located in Sophia, is much smaller at 55 square meters (592 square feet) but leaves plenty of room for its occupant, who is a young single man. The bedroom is kept separate from the living space with heavy curtains that can open and close, giving each area its own enclosed feeling when necessary. However, the color theme carries through the different rooms so that every piece still manages to feel connected. The pretty teal blues are none too feminine but also do not have the harsh, dark edge that some ‘masculine’ designs can have.

The last apartment in this post is bigger at 135 square meters (1453 square feet). Like the first apartment, plenty of natural wood kept costs low but still looks beautiful. Dark slate furniture and walls have a calming effect while scattered lighting is only necesary at night since so much sunlight streams in during the day. The nursery created in this space is also ultra modern, leaving plenty of room for growth as the child gets older.

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Designing For Small Spaces: 3 Beautiful Micro Lofts

Mon, 16.02.2015 - 17:18

In design, as in life, bigger is not always better. In microlofts – urban apartments that can measure as little as 200 square feet (less than 20 square meters) – it is about what you do with the space you have rather than how much of that space there is. The three microloft designs in this post have their small size in common but each manages to create its own personality. Yes, designing a space this size and including all the necessary functions from a kitchen to a bathroom is certainly a challenge. But once you embrace the idea of keeping things small, it is almost liberating to be able to see just what a designer can do in these tiny homes.

The first microloft measures 47 square meters (500 square feet), so it is actually on the larger end of the microloft spectrum. The home does feel quite open and airy as a result of the colors and furniture elements. Natural wood paneling coupled with plenty of white space lets the light from outside really create the feeling of a much bigger area. A compact kitchen still has a small eating nook and enough preparation area for some light cooking – even if it would be a difficult place to prepare a five course meal. The bathroom, too, is surprisingly large with elegant white tile and a deep soaking tub turning the one private area of the house into a real retreat.

The second microloft in the collection is a bit smaller at 39 square meters (419 square feet). The small area makes it necessary for the dining table to sit between the sofa and the television, which is a bit awkward. The kitchen in this space is little more than a bar, and the bedroom, hidden away behind sliding doors, is essentially a sleeping cave, which actually looks quite cozy.

The last home in this collection measures 56 square meters (about 600 square feet). A little bit more square footage means a few more options when it comes to the design. A four person dining table fits snugly in the kitchen area and a separate bedroom can be hidden away by a sliding door. Just the ability to separate bed from living room makes a huge difference when it comes to the actuality of living in a microloft. It means you can relax or work in one area and sleep in another, and that division is very important for stress relief.

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Dark Themed Interiors: Using Grey Effectively For Interior Design

Fri, 13.02.2015 - 18:17

A grey day is dreary and cool and can put you into a bit of a funk. So why would you want to bring that drizzly, damp color into your home? Because it can actually be a beautiful and seductive neutral. After all, it’s no mistake that the hit book-turned-film 50 Shades of Grey uses the color right there in its title. There are so many different shades and textures that can really bring grey to life, letting an interior feel like a soft, comfortable embrace. Take a look inside these five apartments that use grey as staple and you may just change your mind about this cloudy palette.

The first apartment comes from visualizer Eugene Buys and it is located in Malevich. The space is designed for a young couple who strives to be modern and stylish. Though the interior takes few risks with color, it is still distinctly trendy without feeling like it will go out of style soon. Dark grey walls ar coupled with light grey curtains and a large, medium grey sofa for the full spectrum of the shade. A few hints of sunny yellow serve to warm up the atmosphere just a bit.

The second apartment is from visualizer Tatiana Shishkin and measure 48 square meters (just over 500 square feet). Again, the design is purposefully modern and fashionable. In keeping with this desire, the space is tastefully undone, meaning it includes unfinished concrete walls, bare light bulbs and hanging wires. The small space is made more livable by the inclusion of sliding wood wall dividers, which keeps the bed feeling separate from the living area — but not completely.

The third apartment is from designer Sergei Mansurov. The lighting in this grey space is particularly notable as recessed shafts of light are scattered at surprising angles and create a kind of invisible light fixture. The soft gray walls and floors, made from concrete, are in keeping with the minimal style. This stylish apartment also uses interesting architectural elements, particularly a secret door that keeps the private living areas separate from the entertaining spaces.

In the next apartment, from designers Elvin Aliyev and Leyla Ibrahimova, there is significantly more color than we’ve seen in the previous spaces. While grey is certainly the background, stunning gold chandeliers and colorful throw pillows brighten things up. The natural wood floor even has a grey tint to it, but the addition of the wood grain (or is it grey-n?) makes it feel much warmer.

The final apartment from architect Stanislav Kaminski goes all in with the grey interior. The result brings a lot of attention to the windows, which are the only source of color. Even the art in the bedroom is a grayscale image. This is truly a home for someone who wants the only color in their home to be them.

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The Beauty of Simplicity: Minimalist Interior with Maximum Style

Thu, 12.02.2015 - 18:05

The main living area downstairs consists of the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The original space had these rooms clearly delineated, but the new design opens up the space so that they all flow together. The central wall around which the rooms pivot contains a modern answer to a fireplace, certainly a requirement in Lithuania.

While the interior is certainly minimalist in its furnishings and colors, it is not boring. The flat gray on the walls has an almost velvety look to it while sunlight pours in from the wide window in the dining room. Plenty of white in the furniture and paint makes the entire space feel bright and clean.

The staircase was also part of the renovation. Where it was once a bit dark and dreary, the new open design on the ground floor allowed natural light to hit the stairs. The dark wood flooring is one of the few decadent indicators in the otherwise stark interior.

The bedrooms and bathrooms on the second level are, of course, closed off from one another but still maintain the simple elegance of the ground floor rooms. From white tiles and wood paneling to a smattering of colored glass flooring, the rooms have their own personality while staying within the theme of the overall design.

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A Sleek, Modern Home with Indian Sensibilities and an Interior Courtyard

Wed, 11.02.2015 - 19:13

In a country with a history and culture like India’s, it is always interesting to see how designers and architects bring that context into their modern efforts. The single family home featured in this post was designed by the team at Charged Voids. The residence is located in Mohali, Punjab, India, which is a region experiencing tremendous modern growth at the moment. For this reason, the house was designed to be somewhat universal in its presentation. Many of the homes featured on this blog were designed with specific occupants in mind, but this sleek and beautiful home instead acts as a blank slate for whatever modern family chooses to move in.

Even from an initial glance at the exterior, it is easy to see the interplay of many different shapes that create a unique spatial design on the interior. The house’s many layers unfold from the ground floor, spiraling out around a central courtyard, which acts as the axis of the design.

Because the home was not sold when building began, the architects wanted to ensure the broadest possible market for the house. This is why the design, from color scheme to building materials, is luxurious but still largely neutral. It is also why they chose to adhere to the Indian tenets of Vaastushastra, ideas which dictate building layouts, measurements, arrangements, and other architectural details. While not all Indian families adhere to these ideas, a home that does will be more likely to sell.

There is also a strong connection to the outdoors even in the interior of the home. Beginning with the central courtyard, where a tree rises with room to grow, there are also a number of covered balconies, water features, and long glass windows that let in sunlight throughout the day.

The particulars of the house include five bedrooms, which can be decorated in any bright and lovely way atop their sleek neutral canvases. Three bedrooms are located upstairs while two more are on the ground floor, adjacent to the common living areas. We may never know exactly how this house shapes up as it becomes a home, but we can be confident in knowing it will be built against this beautiful backdrop.

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Bright And Compact 1 Bedroom Apartment For Young Family [Floor Plan Included]

Tue, 10.02.2015 - 17:46

Starting a new family comes with many challenges, not the least of which is finding a suitable place to live. When making that important life transition from young married couple to new parents, it can be difficult to figure out how to incorporate your old sense of style with your new needs. This apartment, from visualizer Natalia Tsetsulina, uses playful colors, open spaces, and plenty of natural light to create an apartment that is efficient in its use of its 50 square meters (538 square feet) but still comfortable enough for a fresh, easy start to this new phase of life.

To make the most out of this somewhat small urban space, it is necessary to make sure every piece is carefully chosen, and so much the better if it can have more than one use. In this bright and airy living room, we have a comfortable gray sofa with pieces that can easily shift around to make a comfortable spot for an overnight guest, or just a nap for the new mother. The coffee table is also a convertible in its own right, with the different colorful layers lifting off to reveal storage and serving trays.

The color scheme throughout the living room is important as well. With big pieces like the sofa and walls using neutrals, it will be easy to change things up and give the area a refresh by just changing out a few pillows or an area rug.

The kitchen is also compact, but the countertop plays double duty beautifully with its butcher block construction. Even the walls become a multipurpose space with the use of chalkboard paint, making it easy to create a shopping list and impossible to forget the milk. A cozy dining table with whimsically mismatched chairs is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and have a quick catch up at the beginning – or end – of a long day.

The entryway to the home is narrow, out of necessity, but there still manages to be a bit of personalization, through use of a mounted console as well as a few personal photos, artfully displayed.

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Style & Simplicity in a Japanese Countryside Prefab Home

Mon, 09.02.2015 - 17:53

As we have seen before on this blog, the simplicity of Japanese design is one that appeals across cultures and borders. However, it is always beautiful to see inspiration take root in homes where those aesthetics first blossomed. This countryside home, deemed “Tree House” in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan is one of those examples. The renovated house, which was passed down from a previous generation, uses Japanese design elements to bring literal and figurative warmth into the space. The resulting home is wide open, with indoor plants that can thrive in the stunning sunshine and unique vintage elements that give it copious amounts of personality.

The two story home is built around a central open space that lets in light from windows that cover the entire front of the house. A tree in the middle of the living room extends up towards the sun, giving the home a bright, springtime feeling during all seasons.

The natural wood throughout the house is very typical of the style. It left largely untouched, allowing its natural beauty and color variations to shine through. Playing along with the tree house theme, it not only centers around the tree, but feels almost as if you are living inside a tree, surrounded by the warm embrace of its bark.

Mismatched minimalism is one way to describe the various furnishings and accessories throughout the home. Each piece has its place and purpose, but there is no sleekness or coordination. Many of the pieces, like the simple work desks and the china cabinet in the dining room are distinctly vintage but refinished to the point they have life and color. Coupled with the newer elements, from a wood framed sofa to a slight and beautiful dining table with bench, the eclectic countryside look is not so much shabby chic as cozy contemporary.

The upstairs area has its own set of sun streaked windows as well as private work areas for both husband and wife that are open to one another while still having a feeling of separation.

To maintain the open feeling throughout the house, careful organization is necessary. In the kitchen, closets, and elsewhere, each item has its own place and is perfectly put away and slid out of view.

Overall the home is warm and welcoming, providing protection against inclement weather and acting as a beautiful haven for a happy, style-conscious couple that wants to live with the memories of the generations before them.

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Ultimate Studio Design Inspiration: 12 Gorgeous Apartments

Fri, 06.02.2015 - 19:30

Artists, young professionals, and just those people who want a simpler life are all good candidates for a studio apartments. These living spaces that have little to no division between the living room and bedroom range from the shoebox to the spacious, but each provides a comfortable haven for its occupants. We’ve shown you some gorgeous studio apartment spaces before, and even given you ideas for how to lay them out, but now it’s time to take a look around these 12 studio apartments and get inspired to make your own space a little more beautiful.

The first apartment comes from designer Segey Procopchuk, and has an eclectic look to it. A few quirky elements, such as a pressed wood kitchen design and big graphic tchotchkes give it a distinctly youthful appeal. Although the bedroom is open to the living room, a custom sliding glass door closes it off for at least the impression of privacy.

The second studio is from the visualizers at Mod Design, and measures just 50 square meters (538 square feet). However, as we have seen so many times before, a home does not require massive square footage to be stylish and comfortable. The interior here is definitely modern, with many black and white elements as well as beautiful wood floors.

In this apartment, from visualizer Anton Zeitsev, we see a different style for the same area measurement. In this apartment, the bed is not hidden away at all, with the lack of walls giving it a very open atmosphere. The aesthetics of the home are very sleek and minimal, from a black matte kitchen to natural wood flooring and a simple, small dining area.

The fourth apartment was visualized by Yekaterina Volkova and comes in at 35 square meters (376 square feet). The space is quite functional, with plenty of natural sunlight coming in from skylights and very minimalist furnishings that refrain from bright colors or loud patterns.

Speaking of minimalism, this next apartment from visualizer Sergey Petrov is a tribute to that idea, utilizing only those furnishings and materials that are absolutely necessary for a beautiful and comfortable life. The apartment was designed for “a very active woman.” The small living room is just large enough to entertain an intimate group while the decadent bedroom, covered in natural wood and the perfect accessories, is somewhere anyone would love to spend a night or three.

This apartment is 50 square meters of utilitarian comfort. The Moscow apartment comes from visualizer Artem Babayants. Its open floor plan lets light filter into every area of the home while reflective surfaces create a warmth and vibrancy in the simple space.

This apartment, designed for a young couple, is a classic industrial loft style but the unique design elements live in the remodeled kitchen. The bright green color and spacious area make it a focal point for the occupants and guests alike. Shelving elements as well as natural wood palettes give it a quirky style that’s all its own.

While the last space was a bit domestic for a young couple, this bachelor apartment has its own life. The lines throughout are clean and low, calling to mind its Asian inspiration. Simple overhead lighting and white walls are ideal for some carefully chosen art as well. The bedroom gives a shout of personality with the black and white striped duvet.

This Stockholm apartment uses lots of white and natural materials, as is quite common in Swedish design. The interior glass wall creates a partition between the bedroom and living area, but again does not provide much in the way of privacy.

The last apartment is one of the more feminine and soft of this particular dozen. The intricate patterns on the wall in the living area are decidedly frilly while the soft colors are cozy and perfect for a young family.

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