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A Calm And Simple Family Home With Neat Features

Tue, 26.01.2016 - 16:28

The public-facing areas are the most subdued, starting with this simple yet textural living room, its single crimson pillow drawing the eye toward the comfortable seating area.

A backdrop of rich dark wood creates more visual drama without adding extraneous decoration.

But on the other side of the room, a handful of exciting features add immense character. The angled bookshelves are especially distinctive – and so is the smooth oversized planter.

This hallway closet appears to have a versatile layout, with plenty of space for shoes and accessories.

It’s hard to go wrong with such a refined dining layout. It’s simple, effective, and totally on-theme with dark red chairs.

Gray cabinets, a mirrored backsplash, and glossy white cabinetry makes sure the kitchen doesn’t stand out more than the elements that surround it.

What a gorgeous office! Black is such a calming and stimulating color. Ample sunlight and light accents (like the white ceiling and light wood floor) prevent the space from feeling too oppressive or dark.

This iconic piece of furniture is the classic Eames Soft Pad chair with the 4-pad base and executive back options.

Across the room, a nice gray sofa allows a comfortable place to lay and think when work gets too stressful. Note the folding backrest – a cool and versatile feature.

The basic elements of the child’s bedroom are as simple and refined as can be. This leaves plenty of room to personalize the space as the young one develops new interests and hobbies.

Even the pint-sized office features a productive layout and relaxing atmosphere.

Plush hearts mingle with low pendant lights over the bench. This would be an easy look to DIY over the weekend!

And, the most precious detail of them all: a little tent for reading and daydreaming. The rug provides a nice soft floor and stuffed animals offer loyal companionship.

Metallic edging throughout the hallway promotes a very chic, sleek, and modern aesthetic. The recessed lighting to the right catches the metal framing just right.

The bathroom has a few of the boldest characteristics of all the rooms in the home. Textural stone walls and floor contrast with the super-sleek surface on the vanity area.

The small tile in the shower offers a lovely contrast to the larger slabs of stone in the main portion of the bathroom. That stripe of white looks quite sharp.

But really, it’s the attention to detail that makes this space work so exceptionally well. The height of each surface, the prominent edgework, the layered textures… It all comes together for a seamless visual experience.

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4 Beautiful Dark Themed Homes

Mon, 25.01.2016 - 17:30

Designer: Annabell Kutucu  

This stylish home combines the refined simplicity of a matte black and white color theme with the sophistication of timeworn leather and rich natural wood. Carefully chosen vintage decor mingles with modern selections to bring out the full range of personality this space has to offer. The designer, Annabell Kutucu, created this distinctive interior as homage to Berlin’s creative diversity.

With chalkboard paint so popular lately, it’s hard to find a novel application – but this chalkboard ceiling is a rare sight indeed.

Low profile Scandinavian-style armchairs keep things simple.

The beautifully distressed leather sofa and weathered rug give this home a strong sense of age and character.

Against its matte black backdrop, this media center offers a selection of hands-on activities.

With electronics as attractive as these, they don’t need to be tucked away somewhere hidden. They match the materials and decor like a charm.

Even the knobs match the interior theme!

More chalkboard artwork gives the kitchen backsplash a little extra personality.

Note the coppery chalk used to the right – not too bright, not too plain, and adds just the right amount of spice to coordinate with the other accents throughout the home.

Boutique-style shelves serve as an open wardrobe in the bedroom, with milk crates and a leather trunk for a little extra storage.

Worn leather and a vintage laundry basket give this space a classic boxing club feel.

Architect: Karchman Architect  

The gorgeous Strizh House, designed by Oleksii Karman, highlights its bright accents against a grayscale and wood background. While the rest of the home uses a green and grayscale color theme, the living room pictured here boasts a distinctive orange diamond-patterned rug that really brings out the subdued apricot tones of the leather sofa and the nearby firewood.

For the most part, the living room maintains a very light aesthetic with a nice view of the outdoors.

The floor lamp to the far left is from the Balloons collection by Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova.

The darker color palette is far more evident in the dining and kitchen spaces. The two areas are open yet delineated by the transition from a smooth white ceiling to a lowered matte black “canopy”, making this zone feel closer and more intimate.

Unique lighting options really make this space! Three oversized industrial lamps in high gloss capture the eye immediately, and add a great deal of visual weight over the dining table. A series of smaller pendants illuminate the kitchen island.

The transition from dark to light is especially powerful from this view – the indirect lighting along the left side helps to emphasize the effect.

Although the dining chairs and barstools are from different designers, the thin wooden legs and smooth seats match brilliantly. The barstools are from the Form collection by Simon Legald.

Designer: UMKY design  

Here, UMKY Design visualizes a dark black and concrete home contained within an ample yet relatively contained 43-square-meter floor plan. Many people are hesitant to invest in a black interior palette for fear the dark colors might make the space look even smaller – but this gorgeous modern home demonstrates how clever composition (and tall ceilings) can assuage those worries.

Bright teal artwork and a lemon yellow sofa bring energy to the interior decor.

On the other side of the room, the kitchen and dining areas remain simple, open, and relaxing.

Even the coat hook has a rather artistic look thanks to the stark contrast and dramatic lighting.

The bedroom is much lighter than the rest of the home, but still features a few carefully chosen dark elements.

Black curtains contribute to a restful sleep (for those who sleep past sunrise, anyways). An interesting stripe of concrete reaches across the ceiling to frame the window.

Very bright! The bathroom has all of the smooth white and concrete surfaces of current trends, brightened by a pastel tangerine floor.

Visualizer: Jean Regauer   

This final series of images does not depict the same home – instead, it looks at two homes and two offices, all by Jean Regauer, each decorated with dark colors. Perhaps they are all visualizations of concepts for the same apartment building? Both of the residential spaces feature the same modernized waffle ceiling as featured here.

Naturally arranged stone gives this backsplash a unique sense of personality. No two could ever look exactly alike.

Here’s the first office, a commercial space with a very home-like vibe. Dark coves to the left offer a relaxing place to work and socialize.

The second office features a dark gray interior with a colorful artistic backdrop.

Now for a look at the second residential property! This one makes an immediate impact with that dramatic waffle ceiling and composite stone floors.

The kitchen is a delight of textures. The far wall has a rough appeal, the countertops are so matte and silky, and the marble backsplash adds that requisite touch of luxury.

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Exposed Concrete Walls Ideas & Inspiration

Fri, 22.01.2016 - 16:38

Designer: Tanya Dorokhina  

Inspiring exposed concrete walls and contemporary furniture create an interesting counterbalance to the traditional wooden rafters above (and keep an eye on the ceiling throughout the rest of this home for some serious ceiling envy). This space takes advantage of a little white paint to brighten the concrete walls to the right.

Up close, you can see the intricate texture of the concrete – a very stylish choice. The exposed brick wall in the background adds another nice source of texture, and makes the yellow bedding theme look even more welcoming.

Concrete walls are featured in the bedroom, as well. Although the bed does have a very lovely headboard, the designer placed a painting partially behind it which serves as a convenient way to close the gap between the floor and the high ceilings.

An incredible variety of windows and skylights helps to fill in the expansive surface area as well. The skylights are especially admirable – what a nice layout for stargazing! The pendant lamps are from the AIM collection by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

Smooth lighted shelving, a nice window view, and a comfortable armchair are the only ingredients needed for a cozy reading nook.

Rough concrete in the shower makes the bold marble look even more dramatic.

Designer: Vladimir Nikiforov  

This artistic home features a very fine texture on the concrete walls, quite smooth compared to the distressed style that seems so popular these days. Cheerful decor and furniture looks so homey and comfortable. The colorful geometric rug, pair of city-themed prints, and playfully mismatched pillows all play a role in softening the aesthetic of the concrete.

Brown, yellow, blue, concrete, wood, and textiles – it’s cool to see how these natural colors and inexpensive materials come together in such a fresh and exciting way here.

Neat shelves! The color variation would be a fun idea to adapt at home, too.

Note the large wall clock on the freestanding fireplace in the background. The cute poufs on the floor in front of it are a sweet touch.

The kitchen walls use the same fine concrete but painted white.

That backsplash accent wall is especially inspiring. While most would think to hang that shape of tile horizontally, vertical tiles are becoming more popular.

Rich, dark woods offer a relaxing and warm atmosphere in the dining room. And get this – there’s even a sofa in place of a bench seat on the far side. The sleek Danish breakfast stools by Erik Buch are undeniably inviting as well.

Designer: Sergey Baskakov  

Designed by Sergey Baskakov, this minimalistic black and white space features mid-tone concrete walls with glossy concrete floors to match. Pillars, beams, and ceiling are all cohesive and uniform, punctuated by a large glossy kitchen unit in the center of the room.

The kitchen unit continues the streamlined theme with elegant handle-free design and a sleek stainless steel backsplash.

The living room and dining areas are pared down to their most basic components. The dinner table and chairs are very low-profile and look quite lightweight, so nothing can obstruct the limited natural lighting.

Glass walls offer a peek into the office just behind the sofas. Drawing the curtains provides a little privacy.

Visualizer: KeremmucuR  

Making fantastic use of both light and dark concrete, this home offers an inspirational look at the flexibility of concrete as a finished surface. With such tall ceilings, the darker colors get rid of that “empty” feeling and make the home feel more intimate and comfortable. The floor-to-ceiling painting draws the eye immediately – and the lighter concrete makes a wonderful backdrop.

The floors are scored into the shape of tiles, and finished with a treatment that looks very much like stone.

Travel-inspired decor makes this bedroom feel especially comfortable, personal, and charismatic. The dark walls are perfect for those who aren’t fond of waking up early. The incredible oversized station clock on the upper right is beyond amazing and well-suited to this space!

Visualizer: Ruslana Petrovskaya  

Painted brick and scored concrete walls create an interesting visual dynamic in this bright home. These distinctive surface treatments lend themselves to a softer look when paired together, far more comforting than either wall treatment could be on its own. The eclectic furniture and decor certainly help to enliven and energize the whole room.

These highly textured walls work well with the ultra-high ceiling. Exposed conduit and pipes hint back to the industrial materials but don’t overshadow the chic vibe below. And take a second look at the spidery chandelier above the dining table: because it’s made of many individual adjustable desk lamps, this piece can be expanded or contracted to focus light as needed.

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Amazing Metal Sculptures Made From Reclaimed Bronze Ornaments

Thu, 21.01.2016 - 15:56

Designer: Alain Bellino  

This striking Vintage Vader is immensely intricate. The dark finish and skillfully polished eyes suit him quite well. As with most of Alain Bellino’s work, this helmet is made of finely-assembled antique bronze ornaments and finished with a patinated silver coating.

Many of the photos is this series highlight the sculptures at various phases in their construction. Here’s the piece before applying the silver.

Of course, no collection is complete without R2D2. This one would certainly stand out in any hobby room. Imagine how long it must have taken to find the perfect bronze ornaments for the shoulders and the details! The artist says that keeping a wide assortment of parts on hand at all times is crucial.

This piece is rather large, and takes advantage of color finishes in addition to the lovely white paint.

Forming such delicately-constructed items from such a durable material must be a difficult task – especially considering the level of realism achieved with each one. The overall construction process is likely as interesting to behold as the finished product itself.

Here’s the ornate overlay gilded to perfection, against the backdrop of mechanical hoses and chains with a rust-like finish.

Scrolling through the photos you will notice that the artist creates many sculptures featuring skulls. Published interviews with Alain Bellino reveal that his favorite artistic genre is “vanitas”, Latin for “emptiness”, a reflection of the transience of life and the certainty of death. The black-treated bronze seems to reflect this theme.

This sculpture does a good job of highlighting the nature of the ornaments the artist deconstructed to create these sculptures – notice the lion pendant on the center of the forehead, and the teeth made from the handles of vintage bronze cutlery.

Flourishes and medallions and large plates of bronze make up the sturdy frame of this proud rhinoceros. It’s hard to determine where many of these pieces came from (except the keyhole covers perhaps) but it’s neat to see the spectrum of natural patina and weathering displayed by each component.

Here’s the completed rhino, finished with a silver coating on the front half and a silk blank finish on the rear.

It’s amazing how smoothly the parts fit together; this jaw looks like it could open at any moment.

Some of the sculptures follow a common material motif. This one is made entirely out of clock parts soldered together and carefully gilded. Time is a common theme in the vanitas genre, reflecting the fleeting nature of life and beauty. The shapeliness and curvature is impressive considering how clocks come with such flat and rigid pieces.

The small amount of variation from one timepiece to another gave the artist an advantage in the search for symmetry.

Alain Bellino expresses himself through a variety of styles. This dragon is rather playful-

-while this bust approaches realism.

With access to just a few different types of cutlery, the artist can weave entirely new worlds within the mind.

Like this lamp-

-or this spoon winged crane.

Some of his cutlery sculptures embrace folk art aesthetic through-and-through.

And others transform into objects of contemporary luxury.

Although famous for his lifelike human skulls, his animal-themed sculptures are quite detailed and realistic as well. The horns are made from finely-curled strips of bronze, and the range of ornament density does a great job to enhance the range of visual depth.

The somber eyes are especially beautiful.

This one seems to have a basis in Greek or Roman mythology, featuring a trident-wielding figure similar to the famous Nereid sea nymphs known to wear gold-trimmed robes yet wear bare feet. Hoisted up in her hand is a wave of shells with the half-horse half-fish hippocampus carried along in the swell. The combination of gilt, dark patina, and matte white paint certainly make for a dramatic and admirable figure.

Even the singular skulls are just as interesting as the more abstract pieces. The layering and arrangement are perfectly exquisite. No matter where the eye rests, there is something fascinating to occupy it. This one features a prominent ornament in the center of the forehead, and little rose flourishes winding their way across the bottom and top of the teeth.

Here, a gilded skull floats in the center of matte white egg. The frame seems to follow the basic composition of a rose vine with its swirling tendrils and pointed thorns. It’s almost reminiscent of a Fabergé egg but made of sturdy metal rather than delicate porcelain or carved material.

Anything related to the vanitas genre makes for a powerful conversation starter around fans of art interpretation.

A cockatrice is a mythical beast with the body of a dragon, the head of a rooster, and two legs that end in fearsome claws. This gorgeous piece is made of gilded bronze ornaments carefully chosen for a cohesive texture. The wings are cut from large pressed medallions for their smooth look, the upper body is composed of rich scrollwork to allude to feathers, and the tail uses small smooth disks to imitate scales.

What a fabulous saxophone sculpture! Surely this would be an admirable decoration for anyone with an interest in both timeless music and classic design. This piece required a great number of small medallions, likely taken from various back plates and furniture appliques – the variation between the medallions makes it seem more vibrant and emotive, much like a good jazz number.

This earthy sculpture is another highly tailored appeal to the themes of the vanitas genre. The tree itself displays a twisted yet beautiful frame completely devoid of leaves, finished with a deep brown patina. Ridges and knots realistically echo the contorted grain of dead wood snags.

Zooming out reveals the gilded skull in which this dramatic tree has plunged its roots. Acanthus leaves, bold flowers, and other natural flourishes make up the structure of the skull. Even the teeth have a unique wood grain pattern.

The contrast is striking!

Some of Bellino’s sculptures very large while others are small enough to fit into the palm of a hand. Despite its small size, this carefully crafted skull contains almost as much detail and consideration as the life-sized figures, its extreme small scale design making it even more of a pleasure to admire.

Here’s a shot of the completed figure, finished in silver. It’s incredible to see how the intricacy of the skull continues into the petite bones of the skeleton.

Carefully sculpted waves give the illusion of motion as if the ship were forging full speed ahead, carried by its glowing silvered sails and strong oxidized hull and keel. Constructing miniatures of classic ships is an ancient and enjoyable pastime, but it’s unlikely that many hobbyists have built anything quite like this before.

Despite its fanciful motif, the attention to realism is what makes this artist so rare and impressive. Check out those ropes made from bronze chain, and the perfectly-styled balustrade at the bow of the ship.

If only we were able to see the scale of this fabulous stag beetle! It looks so delicate yet so strong, much like the real thing. The anatomy is exceptionally realistic, down to the fine teeth on the antlers.

Did you know that the big “jaws”/antlers on these beetles are not for biting, but for jousting with one another?

This one is just fabulous! Organic ornaments and oxidized brass tubes come together to create a brilliant likeness of the human heart. It’s a very emotional piece with many interpretations – and it’s an absolutely stellar fit for the artist’s collection of vanitas-inspired sculptures.

The gilded pedestal is an attractive and highly functional addition, rich with potential symbolism.

Antique bronze isn’t the easiest metal to work, but this artist knows how to bend it to his whims. Here’s a fun shot of a bronze triceratops in the making.

The result is half gilded, half rusty patina. This piece seems to prove that anything old can seem and feel new again, whether it’s a theme or a material or an idea.

Here’s another assemblage series. This one starts with the lips, lifted by a fluttering ribbon.

Each antique bronze ornament is examined for fit, thematic relevance, texture, and visual density.

Butterflies, cherubs, flowers, wings, and holly leaves are just a few of the distinctive ornaments that reveal themselves with a glance.

Here’s the face after the silvering, with a smooth black underframe added.

William Tell gets to breathe a sigh of relief knowing his gilded arrow has hit its mark. This matte white skull features ornaments in extremely high relief, distressed to reveal slivers of bronze at the edges. The apple is treated with a glossy crimson lacquer for a rich contrast with the gold.

Subtle, but gorgeous – the eyes are repurposed from flower ornaments.

A machine rises from this gilded skull like a rusted city skyline. This style could best be described as “steampunk meets sumptuous baroque”. It’s an especially interesting piece because the artist does not ordinarily emphasize mechanical layouts, but this mechanism looks like it could spring to life at the flip of a switch.

If the intricate machine doesn’t draw your attention, these deep and powerful eyes surely will.

A gilded crown rests on a silvered skull, with a menacing black snake trawling its way through the cranium. The somewhat dark theme doesn’t stop this sculpture from embracing its sophisticated aesthetic, capturing the imagination with elegant detail.

Up close, the snake reveals a multilayered personality expressed through precise composition.

Notice the lion-shaped door knocker placed in the center of the forehead – likely part of a functional drawer pull set, but now it’s a work of art.

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3 Open Layout Interiors With Yellow As The Highlight Color

Wed, 20.01.2016 - 16:45

Designer: Petro Buchok, Grits Boychuk, Roma Verbishchuk   

Rich goldenrod makes up the majority of this interior decor theme, with a few touches of red and orange sprinkled about for emphasis. So many people are afraid to decorate with yellow because it’s usually visualized as a bold color but this subdued hue shows that yellow can be just as relaxing and as stylish as anything else. This apartment fits within a reasonable 73-square-meter floor plan, which may have influenced the choice of such a calm shade of yellow since lower-saturation choices tend to embrace mismatched tones whereas higher saturations are slightly less adaptable.

Eclectic contemporary decor takes on a mostly geometric theme with just the slightest hint of industrial influence. The lights are from Tom Dixon’s widely-available Beat collection. The adjustable task lamp is a cool touch too!

The color accents tend to emphasize the larger pieces of furniture, like the breakfast bar and the sofa. Even the floor-to-ceiling curtains are aglow with radiant gold. Note the innovative entertainment panel with its glossy squares that help the television blend into the background for a smooth look.

In the bedroom, a mellow bedspread and curtain continues the yellow palette. A singular piece of art hangs on the wall, reminiscent of zebra stripes. The pendant lights are from the Pipe collection by Tom Dixon.

This stylish office is accessible through glass sliding doors leading from the bedroom. With the blinds open, the sunlight can pour in from the bedroom. And don’t you just love that patterned wallpaper? Of course, to continue the theme, cheerful yellow cabinets provide some room for extra storage.

What a fantastic kitchen! Charcoal stools and lower cabinets meet sleek yellow cabinets, with the pull-grooves treated with the opposite color. A geometric tile backsplash in neutral tan sits in the middle.

Art is always a great way to make a first impression in an entryway. These geometric prints (and two blank canvases in the back) give visitors a little taste of the design themes they’re about to enjoy.

Because rooms like the bathroom and office are so private, it’s far less risky to use bold saturated colors. Sunny yellow is desirable in the bathroom because it makes up for the lack of windows, whereas it makes a brilliant match for the office because of its energetic properties.

Yellow tiles brighten this efficient bathroom in a big way. It’s compact but makes fantastic use of its space with an under-cabinet washer and dryer. Despite its size, it doesn’t hold back on the luxurious soak tub.

Visualizer: Olga Podgornaja  

Striking accents turn this grayscale interior from attractive to unforgettable. Where other homes tend to use accent colors to draw attention to big-ticket items like sofas and tables, this home is unique in that it uses many small bursts of vivid color in the most surprising places: books arranged in a loose rainbow pattern buck the all-white binding trend, a photo of a woman in a yellow rain coat immediately catches the eye of visitors, etc. and you’ll see even more fine examples in the following visualizations. If you’re looking for inexpensive color accent ideas, don’t miss this one!

The flowers, the reflectors inside the pendant lamps, the Edison bulbs over the dining room island… a nice variety of yellows.

With the singular yellow bar stool, every other minor yellow detail in the kitchen seems to stand out. A set of spice jars and a decorative fruit bowls means that you can turn everyday groceries into beautiful colorful accents – as long as your chosen color is common in the food world, that is.

The brick backsplash is especially nice. It’s likely covered with some type of acrylic panel to keep moisture and food debris from mucking up the surface.

Perfectly coordinated with the breakfast barstools pictured previously, these soft dining chairs look absolutely smooth and luxurious. The dancing chain of cuboctahedrons complements the modernistic aesthetic.

Visualizer: Oleksii Karman  

Heavy industrial features and light whimsical accents make this home quite interesting. Concrete surfaces are balanced by the light parquet floors, the heavy cement staircase contrasts with the playful framed art, and the hard edges give the soft woven rug and pale yellow sofa combination an extra chic appeal through smart contrast. Opposing themes become a cohesive style – this unique approach seems to reveal a great amount of hidden character within each detail.

A freestanding fireplace unit divides the kitchen and the living room area, with a simple dining arrangement straddling the boundary between.

It’s nice how these polished brass-toned tables reflect the yellow of the couch.

The other side of the fireplace divider features shelves of varying heights to accommodate containers of every size. Each container is finished with the same glossy white with no visible markings, so it’s quite possible to forget which spices or dry goods are in which jars, but the varied sizes and precise arrangements could make this idea work.

Blue, gray, and rust-colored tiles ensure the kitchen carries a completely different aesthetic than the living space. Although they are visually connected, each one feels distinctive yet intertwined.

Love yellow? Do check out these 25 Gorgeous Yellow Accent Living Rooms.

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Stylish Exposed Brick Wall Lofts

Tue, 19.01.2016 - 18:10

Designer: Adrian Iancu  

This first home features white painted brick with very crisp horizontal lines. The neatness of this brick is one of this home’s most hard-to-recreate features. A concrete ceiling and light wood floors contribute to the light and welcoming aesthetic, with energetic orange accents for personality and charm.

When it comes to art placement, this home has two restrictions: the brick, and the lack of interior walls. This painting echoes the shape of the brick but with a looser and more dramatic aesthetic.

A chair intended for the center of a room should be evaluated to make sure it’s visually pleasing from every angle. Here, the iconic 3-legged design of the Shell Chair by Hans J. Wegner serves its central position well.

A single highly-polished duct traverses the ceiling and draws all the little metallic elements together. Its position helps to divide the living and dining segments of the home.

Designer: Studio Mode  

While the previous home featured painted white brick, this one goes in a completely different direction by embracing its dark and gorgeous natural brick assets. This initial view reveals a cozy living room and a set of thin cantilever staircase leading to a second floor.

As stunning as the brick may be, this home features several ordinary materials used in surprising and interesting ways, like the diagonal wall panels on the far right.

The library takes advantage of the double-height ceiling, accessible by a steep climb up a ladder. Certainly gorgeous but surely not for those who might be afraid of heights.

Pristine white surfaces take over where the wood leaves off.

Despite the emphasis on clean and modern materials, there’s still a few hints of brick here and there…

…and another exposed brick wall makes up the far side of the kitchen and dining units.

The layout is obviously quite unique – here you can see a large central fireplace splitting the triangular layout into two paths. One goes to the kitchen, and the other to the private hallway.

Besides the brick, other notable material choices include these fabulous wall panels in the hallway and the distinctive choices for the ceiling and floor. One might ordinarily imagine a glossy white ceiling and a wood paneled floor but this home switches the two around in a bold move.

Designer: Sergey Muskhazhiev  

This eclectic Brooklyn loft combines classic designs, industrial elements, and natural materials. The resulting interior falls squarely between urban modernism and charming rustic style – a very welcoming look! Painted white bricks make up the exterior side of the walls, with their slightly-uneven depths making the overall aesthetic so much more charming.

Some of the furniture has a cheerful farmhouse vibe, especially all the wood and iron items combined with Edison-bulb lighting. Our favorite feature has to be that huge industrial swing-arm pulley repurposed into an adjustable lamp.

Other fun decor touches include the chandelier print in the background and the clever framed chalkboards to its left. The chalkboards might be a fun weekend project adaptable to any style.

Some features are retro or rustic, but some items have an undeniably contemporary flavor – like this fun set of red accents.

Distressed leather tends to bring to mind the smell of fine cigars and old books.

This loft in Florence is a former medieval convent with one-of-a-kind walls, built up over centuries of patching and layering and repairing. For the architects, the main challenge involved the labor-intensive process of revealing these original features and decorating around them to preserve the history of the space while making sure it felt contemporary and comfortable enough for a modern occupant.

It would be nearly impossible to recreate this ancient blend of brick, stone, and concrete. The fresh coat of paint unifies the diverse materials without obscuring their distinctive character.

This unit originally featured only one window, so the architects removed as many interior obstructions as possible. In the back, you can see a hint of a loft bed with storage beneath and to the right you can see an office hiding above the kitchen.

Notice the difference between the materials used on the sleek and modern kitchen side and the materials used on the classically-inspired dining side. Very dramatic!

Designer: Annabell Kutucu   Photographer: Claus Brechenmacher   

Here’s a loft apartment designed for a musician, complete with an included studio. The brickwork in this space is much more subtle than in any of the homes featured previously in this post, with just the slightest amount of texture to hint that it’s there. Some of the most creative features are quite subtle – it makes each unique detail more satisfying.

Notice the slightly rough edges on the ceiling beams above, and the distressed layered rug beneath the sofa.

Flanked by the faint white brick, the kitchen makes its mark with a matte black accent wall and glossy dark tiles, different from the rest of the home.

The walls aren’t too plain: in fact they’re perfect for highlighting the lovely artistic objects found here.

Another black accent wall makes its appearance in the studio.

Notice the clever organization bins to hold countless cords and accessories below the workbench.

Lightweight fabrics make the bedroom look unbelievably comfortable in every way.

Stylish dark accents give the dining room an intimate and quiet aesthetic. Hand-formed bowls and musical equipment gives this space a personal touch.

The black and white bathroom boasts a singular yet fantastic focal point: that attractive back leather hanging mirror.

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7 Bedrooms With Brilliant Accent Walls

Mon, 18.01.2016 - 17:21

Designer: Penint Design Studio   

Gorgeous! This bedroom makes an immediate visual impact with rough textured concrete in a sharp geometric pattern, with oversized headboard panels above and below. Copper lamps from Tom Dixon hover above the cantilever bedside tables (also concrete) and a bright patterned rug energizes the color palette.

Seeing the snowy branches outside really emphasizes how warm and inviting this bedroom turned out to be, especially considering the cold reputation of concrete.

Designer: Elena Sedova  

This artistic monochromatic room uses subtle white-painted panels as a backdrop to the stunning portrait on the wall behind the bed. A striking, textural rug draws the eye toward the artwork to maximize its position as the focal point of the room. The singular brown chair balances the distribution of visual weight.

Cosmos pendant lamps flank each side of the bed and add a distinctively playful appeal.

As you can see from this angle, the pendant lamps are flat rather than spherical – a cool reversal of a hot trend.

The ceiling is incredible! Also worth admiring: that beautiful weightless-looking television panel and the cantilever sideboard cabinets to the right.

Neutral grays dominate the color palette, but the matte gray on the far wall contains strong hints of dark blueish-green.

A little paint and primer can make diverse decor sets go together. The trick is to introduce a natural amount of variation, like the beige vase in this arrangement.

Architect: ?ình D?ng Hoàng  

Understated, yet glowing with a luxurious touch. This bedroom uses layers of three different materials on the far headboard wall – the effect is calming and artful. The natural wood presents a warm focal point, with the glossy glass panel above providing a weightless and ethereal appearance sure to invoke pleasant dreams. Functional white cabinetry occupies the uppermost tier.

The scale of the room is just perfect. A large rug softens a generous perimeter around the bed and the bed itself looks plush and comfortable despite its low profile.

Black satin paint brings out the texture of the slatted wardrobe.

Word-cloud pillows – always a good gift for fans of typography.

Architect: ?ình D?ng Hoàng  

Don’t you just want to reach out and touch the smooth plush-looking panels behind the bed? This type of accent wall doesn’t require expensive materials, and as you can see from this excellent bedroom, an oversized like this one can add a tremendous amount of character to an otherwise simple space.

Patricia Urquiola’s Husk Chair somewhat echoes the shape of the headboard.

Rectangles and contrast define the overall interior design theme.

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova  

Here, the accent wall is a little simpler in terms of concept, and more accessible to those who prefer a classic decor style. The brick accent wall is painted in white but retains plenty of characteristic texture. The painting to the left serves as a sort of implied headboard. The overall look embraces a rugged, chic, and tasteful personality.

Which one counts as the accent wall? Both are so beautiful! This one is composed of wood panels interspersed with stripes of glowing recessed lights.

French architect Jacques Adnet popularized this mirror design with the release of his iconic Round Mirror in 1946. The molded armchair from Eames was designed just a few years later, making this a very relevant pairing.

Layers of textures and patterns on the bed echo the eclectic surrounding decor.

Don’t you think the transparent doors on the walk-in closet are interesting? The blurred design ensures this functional space doesn’t make the rest of the bedroom look cluttered.

Designer: Sequoia design studio   Visualizer: Sequoia design studio  

Geometry is the language of expression in this attractive bedroom. The centered headboard is especially interesting – a variety of painted and unpainted boards come together at matched and unmatched points. Even cooler is the cubic bed frame that continues the diagonal lines of the headboard.

The accent wall is eye-catching yet relatively subdued, leaving plenty of room to appreciate the incredible view.

Simple decor allows the headboard area to take center stage.

While the furniture offers a contemporary aesthetic, the decor leans more toward a blend between urban industrialism and modern rustic. Industrial bedside lamps and steel containers have a huge effect on the overall attitude of the room.

A drawing of a sequoia tree is a nod to the designer and visualizer, Sequoia Design Studio.

Visualizer: Polouektov Vladimir  

This bedroom features a big bold accent wall composed of an oversized mosaic of wooden rhombuses arranged in a gorgeous pattern. The wood used here has a very fine and distinct grain and heightens the luxury of the panels. Plush rectangles make up the headboard for an added layer of visual interest.

Brass accents brighten the space and coordinate with the natural materials used throughout.

What a neat idea! Anybody with a little paint and a set of matching frames could recreate the tidy photography arrangement to the right.

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Watercolor Floorplans from Recent Television Shows and Films

Fri, 15.01.2016 - 18:42

Designer: Floor Plan Croissant  

First, artist Boryana Ilieva explores the world of colorful NYC apartments belonging to struggling young artists, illustrators, actors and other creatives. This first apartment highlights Hannah’s apartment from Lena Dunham’s television series Girls, a colorful space with an open layout.

Here’s the layout of Adam’s new apartment, a serious upgrade from the humorously trashed bachelor pad he previously occupied on the series.

The detail is wonderful!

Each unique architectural feature gains a vivid life in watercolor. These apartments have uniquely characteristic features rarely highlighted on the television screen.

Now for a look at the set from Tiny Furniture, Lena Dunham’s independently written and directed dramatic comedy from 2010. The real life apartment is located in Tribeca and it’s absolutely fabulous – and recently sold for a tidy sum. The walls of storage and smart furniture selections are especially inspiring.

The apartment has since undergone several reconfigurations, but this film-worthy floor plan remains just as relevant and inspiring.

This one is especially exciting because of the importance the set plays in the movie. ROOM is a fascinating film directed by Lenny Abrahamson, telling the story of a mother and her 5-year-old child trapped in a windowless room with no outside contact. The mother does all she can to provide the young boy with a fulfilling upbringing even within the restrictive environment, before risking an escape plan as the boy’s curiosity grew.

Tight filming angles emphasized the small layout at every turn. This watercolor series fully reveals the sparse furnishings and the relative impact of the few bright colors. The small floor plan wasn’t just a fictional element – the film crew was actually confined to this cramped space, even sometimes filming from the bathtub to utilize every extra inch.

Here is a highly detailed series of watercolor paintings that explore the rooftop penthouse from the 2013 movie The Great Beauty written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino. Notice the distinctive architecture? The movie was filmed in Rome, and the apartment of the main character Jep Gambardella really does exist. This floor plan series is especially exciting because the exterior of the building never appeared in the film (except the fabulous terrace area), giving fans a unique perspective into the set location.

The apartment is located with a gorgeous view of the Colosseum, just like in the movie.

Here’s a cross section showing the interior of the apartment as it relates to the terrace. It certainly looks wonderfully warm and inviting in watercolor.

Apparently, some of the architectural elements on the interior are fictional additions by the movie’s director, including the staircase and possibly even the kitchen and bathroom.

Here’s a depiction of an apartment from the 2015 movie Love by director and screenwriter Gaspar Noé. This is a watercolor of the apartment belonging to the main character Murphy, at a point in his life when he was happy. The spare apartment accommodates the movie’s emphasis on the memories and recollections of the main character.

As a highly erotic film, the layout’s emphasis on the bold crimson bed is certainly no accident. Emotion is the main source of decoration and personality.

This interior visualization, based on the 2012 film Amour by Michael Haneke, is based on a location that doesn’t exist. The painter realized by studying the movie interior that certain elements were constructed or arranged in impossible ways and make allowances in the watercolor to reflect that. In all, production designer Haneke and art director Jean-Vincent Puzos did a fabulous job creating a set that felt substantial and real despite being custom-built within a sound stage.

The creator of Floor Plan Croissant reports feeling a little disappointed upon realizing that the Parisian apartment in the movie wasn’t a real life location, but quickly adjusted with a delightful sense of curiosity and problem-solving, bending the arrangement of certain elements like windows and cupboards until they made sense architecturally.

An interesting fact for movie-lovers: although the apartment itself never existed, the layout is identical to the apartment belonging to the parents of the filmmaker.

It’s very cool to see fictional sets realized with such detail and seriousness. Interior architecture and interior design are probably the last thing on the mind of many moviegoers, no matter how much time and effort went into crafting these intricate stages.

This interior is based on the movie Elena, a 2011 Russian drama film directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev. Boryana Ilieva spent weeks studying this space on pause on play, and captures the details gorgeously. The main movie setting revolves around two spaces – an exclusive penthouse in downtown Moscow, and a crumbling apartment in one of Moscow’s industrial suburbs. This watercolor examines the spacious penthouse in detail. A movie based on strong emotional realism, the interior invokes this feeling down to the sultry blue palette and dark mysterious atmosphere.

Craving more floor plans and interior visualizations based on sets from television and movies? Don’t forget to click here for more famous homes!

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30 Beautiful Speakers That Don’t Compromise Your Room’s Aesthetics

Wed, 13.01.2016 - 18:02

Buy It: $250   

With a soft faceted design, the BeoPlay S3 is sure to blend in with any interior theme – or swap out the face plate to make an even better match. A single speaker provides a clean and natural sound, or you can build up a surround sound system by pairing multiple BeoPlay units together.

Buy It: $200   

A little bit classic and a little bit modern. The Big Blue Studio wireless speaker maintains a traditional form wrapped in silky contemporary materials. It’s compatible with Apple products, Android, and Blackberry through Bluetooth connectivity so there aren’t any cords to mess up your interior aesthetic.

Buy It: $140   

These levitating speakers are sure to serve as a potent conversation starter. With 360-degree surround sound, this minimalistic design won’t go unnoticed. Is your interior inspired by futurism or ultra-contemporary concepts? A cool levitating design like this might be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

Buy It: $299   

Another stunning levitating speaker with a simple and fun aesthetic. Advanced microphone technology creates a better calling experience, and the 360-degree sound makes it easy for everyone in the room to enjoy. The levitating “UFO” will gently land when it runs out of batteries, recharging right from the base and ready to be returned to service.

Buy It: $180   

Amazon Echo is a fantastic piece of technology, but the sleek aesthetic is overlooked surprisingly often. Its streamlined form packs incredible capabilities (news, music, audiobooks, traffic, sports, weather, etc.) and helps to usher the world one step closer toward a true “wireless age”. This unique piece of tech easily replaces an office-full of supplies, making it a strong contender for a minimalists dream device.

Buy It: $299  

Available in a wide variety of colors to match any interior style, the Stelle Bluetooth Audio Pillar focuses as much on design as it does sound quality. Premium 360-degree sound, easy wireless connectivity, voice prompts, and long battery life combine to create a functional and versatile device for any home.

Buy It: $399   

Here’s a fashionable speaker you can carry with you – and thanks to the precise Bang & Olufsen engineering, it won’t disappoint in the performance department. The attractive leather strap is removable so it can look fabulous either in the home or on the go.

Buy It: $199   

Triby is a super-cute portable speaker and digital message board that can be used to play music or communicate throughout the home. It even supports Bluetooth-enabled Internet calling so you can keep your other devices clean and pristine while doing messy projects. Plus, its easy-to-use design makes it kid-friendly.

Buy It: $119   

Muji is a high-end Japanese furniture and household brand known for iconic minimalism, perfectly embodied by this simple and streamlined device. The product manual is in Japanese but the device is simple enough to use that it won’t be a deal breaker.

Buy It: $229   

Sugr Cube is fun and interactive speaker controlled either by phone or tablet, or by tilting or touching the device. By eliminating the need for control buttons, this design has achieved the cleanest of lines and form. Light finish and natural wood grain ensures this piece will serve as an understated yet stylish feature wherever it is placed.

Buy It: $50   

Each ZVE wooden Bluetooth speaker is handcrafted to perfection, and comes packed in a secure but stylish box perfect for gifting. Its minimalistic form makes it appropriate for use in the home, car, or anywhere portable music would be appreciated. Affordable and attractive.

Buy It: $180   

Smooth curves and a fabric covering make this speaker a great choice for an interior with a more classic aesthetic. Touch volume control on the top of the speaker reduces the need for unsightly buttons.

Buy It: $200   

The famous Pill+ is the iconic home speaker from Beats by Dre. Its design is quickly becoming a classic with its streamlined yet instantly recognizable form. The buttons on top barely rise up from the surface for an even better profile view. Perhaps the only thing more famous than the design is the reputation for incredible sound.

Buy It: $90   

An angled cut in the bottom of the base makes it possible to tilt the speakers toward the listener, providing a more directed sound and a more interesting visual aesthetic. These speakers deal with the cord situation in two ways: Bluetooth connectivity and a hidden compartment to store the cords.

Buy It: $199   

If Apple built a wireless speaker, we’d imagine it like this. Hiddenradio2 features a touch cap that lifts to reveal the 360-degree speakers so it looks inconspicuous when not in use but immediately reveals its purpose when played. Simply touch the capacitive cap to switch songs or adjust the volume – another feature to lend it a little extra minimalistic appeal. This speaker is available in black or white to coordinate with a range of interior designs.

Buy It: $40   

Handcrafted from a solid piece of carved bamboo, this portable speaker looks warm and natural and is available in two different bamboo tints to for lighter or darker interiors. This eco-friendly speaker comes with a convenient carrying case for extra portability. It would be hard to go wrong with such an affordable and attractive design.

Buy It: $139  

Looking for the perfect gift for the metal head in your life? The AeroSkull HD Speaker projects a powerful sound from speakers positioned behind the rockin’ dark sunglasses. Note the bone-shaped remote control. Definitely a conversation starter! This fun design is the work of Jean Michel Jarre.

Buy It: $40   

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this adorable snail-shaped shower speaker? Honestly, it would look cute and fun just about anywhere it’s placed, whether on the fridge or the desk. The little suction cup feet help hold it to any smooth surface. It’s also available in green and black.

Buy It: $398   

Going big in the living room? This LG sound bar is gorgeous! The compact form factor makes it ideal for the audiophile who prefers streamlined modern aesthetics. To flawlessly match your sound bar and television, make sure to get the right size: this one is best for televisions 49-inches and larger. The wireless subwoofer (not pictured here) looks just as sleek and minimalistic, a simple black box with smooth angles on its face.

Buy It: $500   

Artistic and useful – this Bluetooth home speaker looks like decor until a simple hand gesture brings it to life with sound. Just plug it in when it runs out of batteries and enjoy how the simple cord makes it look like a fun round balloon.

Buy It: $600   

Here’s another artistic speaker, this time in the most literal sense of the word! The stylish Soundwall doubles as a chalkboard so you can decorate it in whichever colors and designs you’d like. Use it as a convenient memo board in the kitchen or office, or draw your own patterns and illustrations to add a personal touch to your interior design.

Buy It: $78   

Free your shelves from excess clutter with this neat design that combines a shelf and speaker into one simple and attractive unit. This simple white shelf could be used to hold your devices as they stream music, or you could add a few plants or books to get full use of its cool multipurpose design.

Buy It: $59   

Another unique multipurpose speaker – this one works as a vase, too. A very unexpected design! Its smooth lines make it quite attractive even without a flower or other decoration.

Buy It: $98   

This minimalistic wooden clock combines multiple features into one sleek and streamlined form. It includes a high quality speaker, built-in microphone, digital clock with temperature features, and an invisible Qi wireless charger on top. It eliminates so many devices by packaging them into a single block of wood; a must-have for anyone who wants to reduce technology clutter at home or in the office.

Buy It: $340  

Effortlessly coordinate your interior design color theme with the CROMATICA speaker and lamp hybrid. Use your smartphone to program the music and color choices and control playback with gestures. Set the color to match the mood of the music, the theme of the movie on movie night, the color of your curtains, or whatever you want!

Buy It: $40   

Now you can turn any light socket in your home into a Bluetooth speaker. There’s a lot of great minimalist speakers on the market right now, but this is truly one design that most visitors would never even notice – until the light socket started playing music, that is.

Buy It: $19   

Here’s another completely incognito speaker option, this time with a pretty cool purpose. Simply slide these low-profile Sound Oasis sleep therapy speakers under any ordinary pillow and enjoy comfort and relaxation as you ease into sleep at night. The sound resonates throughout the pillow but doesn’t disturb your partner trying to sleep nearby.

Buy It: $150   

Very modern! Fluance Fi30 speakers feature an audiophile-approved MDF wood cabinet for precision audio and a stylish aesthetic. These speakers are available in sleek white, black-on-black, and wood with a white face. If you’re looking for a speaker that balances performance and design in one sleek package, the Fluance should definitely make it onto your shortlist.

Buy It: $260   

Finally, a portable radio for a fan of classic style – this gorgeous piece from Tivoli has the knob layout a true traditionalist would expect, wrapped up in a super refined and sophisticated design. The Tivoli Bluetooth speaker is available in black ash, walnut, silver, and cherry, a nice selection to match the woodwork in your home.

Buy It: $44   

With the same basic AM/FM and Bluetooth functionality as the previous model, this design appeals to fans of a more modern look. This one also includes a digital clock, making it ideal for the bedroom or the kitchen. This is a weighty and well-constructed radio for those who want something built as strong as it sounds.

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Black Living Rooms Ideas & Inspiration

Tue, 12.01.2016 - 16:43

Designer: Dzhemesyuk Design  

This stunning living room from Dzhemesyuk Design pairs dark woods and matte black walls with a stripe of dazzling gold.

Decor incorporates a textural rug, modern furniture, and a touch of marble luxury.

A bold elephant print serves as an engaging focal point, with pendants cleverly occupying some of the white space.

Recessed lighting on either side of the gold stripe creates a dazzling play of light and shadow.

The other side of the room is a little more practical. The black entertainment center includes a large sliding glass door to protect the contents of the bookshelf and display cabinet to the left.

Any interior with a bright or clear view could benefit from a dark-themed interior.

Black really does make a great color for a media center, blending seamlessly into the background.

Visualizer: Mitaka Dimov  

Mitaka Dimov designed this dark apartment living room around an uplifting message, “Stay Positive”. A variety of materials are layered for richness and depth, enhancing the sense of contrast created by the black and white color theme.

Note how the media area includes plush black sofas and a glossy black wall, tucked away in a corner without much natural light. The lightweight white dining set takes full advantage of the sunlight it receives through the luminous curtains.

A glossy backlit panel draws attention to the uplifting message.

Dark and comfortable near the media area, bright and open at the table. The geometric seats are from the Chair One series by Konstantin Grcic.

The table is sleek and minimalist, but features two stealthy drawers for extra storage space.

Besides the backlit “stay positive” panel, other creative sources of lighting include cove lighting above the window to the left and a row of rectangular frame lights above.

Visualizer: Who Cares?! Design  

This living room concept centers on a unique backlit wall system, as visualized by Who Cares?! Design. Dark panels embrace the full range of grayscale tones as they flow across the wall in continuous lines. The leftmost portion is more jagged and mountainous, with plenty of room for books and decoration. Several of the panels contain hidden drawers. A large sectional sofa set also addresses the library and television portions separately.

Visualizer: Iryna Dzhemesiuk & ??????? ????  

Dark, mysterious, and luxurious – this living room embraces its high ceilings with tall boiserie dressed down with textural black paint. Excellent chandeliers offer soft mood lighting but perhaps most striking of all, a waterfall of ferns cascade down a portion of the wall near the foot of the stairs.

Visualizer: Mock Up   

This artistic black and white living room utilizes a solid block design. The matte black accent wall centers the living space, a suspended credenza and shelf unit sharing the spotlight with a bold canvas. Dramatic black curtains line each side of the fully windowed wall to the left and very likely transform the entire room when drawn.

Visualizer: UMKY  

Black, concrete, yellow, and just a touch of turquoise – this living room is bright and cheerful as can be. Notice the contrast between the frosty view of the outdoors and the bright tropical theme of the interior. The rounded bubbly shape of the sofa emphasizes this easygoing appeal.

Visualizer: Tung Le Xuan   

Here’s another interior with a single accent wall in silky black. It’s a perfect backdrop to the geometric wire lamps above, and the zigzag rug off to the left helps integrate the side chair and tables. A good amount of unfinished concrete stands between the decorative living room and the staircase, likely to highlight the amazing partially-suspended cantilever treads.

Visualizer: Dusan Vukcevic  

Matte black walls lend this living room a comfortable and soft aesthetic. Distressed parquet floors pair well with the modern furniture, a nice touch of classic design within a space carefully decorated to contemporary tastes.

Visualizer: Jakub Komrska  

This living room combines classicism and modernist design, with a sharp contrast in themes ranging from the intricate molded ceiling to angular modern furniture. The cute artwork on the far wall is a recreation of a Banksy piece, originally created in 2011 when Banksy visited L.A. to promote his documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop”.

Visualizer: Abraham Guerrero  

Dramatic black and gray stone make an immediate impression on the far accent wall. Smooth gray-tinted stone makes up the fireplace mantle, and a hint of gold shines through the stone used on the floor. It’s an interesting interior with simple furniture, illuminated by the sculptural Skygarden lamp by Marcel Wanders.

Visualizer: Para Design   

A black brick wall and bold white mural steals the show in this chic living room design.

Visualizer: Roy Fredy  

Matte black walls with white wainscoting offer dramatic contrast, balanced by a series of three black-and-white photographs above. Grayscale furniture makes a warmer impression – and the cheery pink pillows seem to brighten the whole living room.

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A Stunning Apartment With Colorful Geometric Design

Mon, 11.01.2016 - 17:13

Carefully-chosen shades of paint create dimensional polygons on chosen accent walls – the flat walls suddenly take on a rich sense of depth, but with impossible geometry. Each small mural is a work of art.

The color scheme gets its energy from the gorgeous contrast of deep orange and flattering blue.

A selection of wooden furniture ties into the theme of the dining room. We’ll explore that room later. This wheeled wooden table invokes a rustic and charming appeal that contrasts with the ultra-modern design of the room.

Love the faceted geometric lamp! The #homey hashtag on the wall draws a nice connect with the video game inspired polygon theme.

Because comfort is still the top priority in any home, this space relies on stylish yet cozy elements to warm it up a bit – like cable knit pillows and a big sunny hammock.

The attractive bookshelf comes with niches in all different sizes, some with open shelves and some with doors. This larger cabinet could hold anything from spare blankets to extra vases. Very useful!

As a tranquil and calming color, the blue accent wall proves to be an excellent location for the home office. The lightweight a-frame table doesn’t obstruct much of the gorgeous color behind it.

Notice how the walls slant forward to meet the brick? This dramatic effect is enhanced even further by the light of the office floor lamp.

This cool dividing wall might qualify as a workable DIY idea, created by stringing a long piece of colorful rope through carefully-spaced hooks.

Gray floors and ceilings begin with long slanted edges leaning toward the hallway, meeting the brick on the other side.

Exposed brick brings a little traditional charm to the comfortable dining room. The sculptural edge on the wooden table and the steel-potted plants give this space a free and natural aesthetic compared to the precise angles and palettes of the living room.

It even includes a wood stove with clean lines and curvaceous legs, topped with a handy storage niche above.

Two rectangle frames center the table and provide an adjustable mount for the group of lights.

Check out the cool modular wall garden! If it weren’t for the difficulty of mounting towels in brick, this would make a great weekend project! The plants are set into boards that rest easily on the pegs and can be rearranged at will.

On the other side of the room, the black wall with varied black photo frames (above the piano) is the definition of “totally doable” DIY.

The split ceiling and floor paint theme widens as it traverses the dining room.

Here’s a view of the traffic path as seen through the kitchen door.

This galley kitchen jumps right back into the ultra-contemporary design theme with opposing orange and blue walls, brightened by a singular window at the end of the room.

A cute breakfast nook occupies the alcove to the left.

Note that the colorful wall to the right actually has a white background. The alcove seems to throw a brilliant blue shadow toward the doorway.

The alcove itself is pretty inspiring. It features a built-in wine rack, a book shelf, and a useful chalkboard wall!

The actual workspace offers an interesting optical effect. The workspace aligns flush with the lower cabinets, but stands out from the wall above. This colorful “self-contained” style of backsplash is unforgettable.

Even the bathroom uses bold blocks of color to make an immediate impression. Here, a single white stripe circles the center of the room.

Cantilever sinks hover over the vanity, a contemporary design choice that reflects the optical illusions found elsewhere. It must make cleaning the countertop so much easier.

These hanging towel racks are a cute touch…

…and so are the peg-and-board shelves.

The smooth white hallway is flanked by natural brick on either side, one decorated with an oversized mirror that helps brighten the space despite a notable lack of natural lighting.

A minimalistic flat black wardrobe has a shelf and a table to catch all the necessities as you walks in the door.

The layout of the hallway gives hints as to where the geometry-inspired theme came from.

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25 Gorgeous Yellow Accent Living Rooms

Fri, 08.01.2016 - 17:47

Visualizer: Olga Podgornaja  

Let’s begin our exploration of yellow decor with an especially strong example. This artistic home features smartly-arranged yellow accessories, a great way to spice up the gray sofa and open kitchen shelves. The painting ties the theme together.

Visualizer: Annete Manuilova   

Here, part of the allure comes from surprise – while the pillows and throw were expected, but the single yellow dining chair and the yellow clock pendulum are absolutely delightful. Darker golden-yellow table napkins are a nice accessory.

Visualizer: Catherine Domracheva  

Those colorful doors are amazing! Investing in an unusual door is always slightly risky, but the risk really pays off in this small yet exciting apartment interior. A bold striped rug and neon orange chandelier add a touch of pop art flair.

Visualizer: Polygon  

Yellow is an energetic color, but it doesn’t have to be loud – here, select red and orange accents help bring those sunny yellow tones down to earth. Subdued goldenrod is a staple where relaxing colors are concerned.

Visualizer: Jakub Komrska   

Luxurious matte black and stark white decor yields to the brightness of carefully-chosen yellow accents, like the sideboard table and the sofa throw pillows. Taking center stage is the bright yellow Nikos chair by Sergio Bicego.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova  

Light yellow and blue make such a cheerful interior theme! Note how the upholstery of the chair matches up with the tufting on the sofa pillows – a unifying feature can increase your odds of a cohesive look if you’re ever unsure about including a single item for contrast.

Visualizer: Aurélien BRION  

Do you have a piece of furniture you never use because it’s hard to match the color? Here, the bright Grand Repos Chair by Antonio Citterio blends smoothly into an interior of varied yellows ranging from subdued dandelion to bright lemon. Variety can make all the difference.

Visualizer: Image Box Studio   

Artistic black and white decor provides a neutral backdrop that makes the wooden elements stand out – the furniture looks absolutely lively! Here, the only two yellow accents are the classic Danish chairs to the left (a 1953 design by Helge Sibast) and the oversized throw pillow to the right.

Visualizer: MG Design UK   

In the foreground, the IPANEMA armchair by Jean-Marie Massaud takes on a daring shade of bright lemon yellow, while a trio of varied pillows adds character to the grayscale sofa in the background.

Designer: Kuten Studio  

The only thing more bubbly than the shape of the furniture set is the canary yellow armchair!

Visualizer: Alanucko  

Rich jonquil yellow takes center stage in this modernist interior. The angular sofa in the background is quite striking, especially the choice of beige pinstripes.

Designer: Brunete Fraccaroli  

Highly saturated yellow gains an almost neon effect thanks to the liberal use of transparent materials and thoughtful accent colors like green and blue in gem tones.

Visualizer: Maram Elshennawy  

Blue and yellow are usually paired in their more vivid forms, but these subdued shades wonderfully lend themselves to the relaxing atmosphere set by the stone walls and rich wood floors. The curtains are the only yellow feature that adopts a brighter tone, perhaps to draw attention to the view outside.

Visualizer: Tima Vishnyakov  

Steel and brushed black cladding set the stage for a dark and industrial theme, but the bright sofa adds an element of adventure and surprise.

Visualizer: Juliya Butova   

Yellow and blue are always immediately engaging. As true contrasts, this combination of raw primaries can create quite a jarring effect – this interior uses a darker and more muted shade of blue for a vibrant theme that feels lovely on the eyes. Green joins the color theme on the accent wall.

Architect: Landmak Architecture  

Bright furniture and fixtures make an immediate impression, even managing to stand out against the exciting ceramic tiles in the background. A very imaginative style!

Visualizer: Pierre-Yves Martin  

Sleek, modern, industrial… Almost any accent color could work within this interior, but it brings out a whole different character in the yellow accessories. Perhaps it’s because the grays lean more toward the blue side for subtle contrast.

Designer: Privalov Design   Visualizer: Olga Podgornaja  

Dandelion yellow and soft mint green energize this eclectic apartment interior. It’s just the right amount of color to brighten the room without overshadowing the unique patterns and decor that make this space so unique.

Visualizer: Oleksii Karman  

Muted yellow stands out from the grayscale background, a soft oasis in the sea of concrete. This is another interior where balanced interior elements allow for endless experimentation with color.

Loose and flowing patterns on the curtains contrast nicely with the tight lacelike print on the wall. Of course, bright peacock blue and rich yellow create a lovely drama of contrast as well.

Visualizer: Aspa Gutmeni   

Now this is a very bold use of yellow! Several different yellow tones come together in this fun and quirky design concept, standing out against gray and silver furniture. Note the playful addition of lemons, sticky notes, and little yellow birds.

Visualizer: Trizone Architecture  

Stunning! In a space with ceilings as high as this, it can be hard to ensure the upper portions of the walls feel interesting and appealing. This design takes height to task with bright yellow niches that run all the way up the matte black accent wall. From there, a series of bevels and recessed lights and wooden slats prevents the ceiling from looking bare.

Visualizer: Alexander Shapovalov  

Yellow works in natural contrast to the panoramic view of the sea. The interior is bold and modern, perhaps even minimalistic, but the yellow offers a slightly tropical aesthetic to the mix as well.

Visualizer: Jenpol Sumatchaya  

Within such a dark and elegant living room, the strong yellow accents feel rebellious and full of attitude. Every classically-inspired element enjoys a sharp modern reinterpretation. And the result? Gorgeous!

Source: Ikea  

Impossible to resist! A bright yellow floor bursts with charisma, surely lifting the spirits of anyone who enters. Abundant light floods the white furniture and further fuels the sunny theme.

Looking for more yellow-themed ideas for your home? Check out this mega-post of yellow interior design inspiration next.

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6 Beautiful Home Designs Under 30 Square Meters [With Floor Plans]

Thu, 07.01.2016 - 16:44

Visualizer: Yelena Potemkin  

Yelena Potemkin designed this studio apartment to fit the client’s requirements of a sleek and functional interior on a modest budget, with the intention of creating a home anyone would love to rent. At just 29 square meters (not counting the balcony) this small studio makes the most of simple furniture to maintain a sense of spaciousness. The neutral palettes and smart storage solutions leave plenty of room for a tenant to explore different decor themes.

Black and chrome pair perfectly with the concrete ceiling. The industrial influence is easy to appreciate but an occupant with different tastes would have no trouble adapting it.

Pale green accents are fresh and cute, a nice contrast to the strong industrial materials.

A simple interior doesn’t have to lack decorative flair. This soft watercolor painting both complements and opposes the scored concrete wall behind it.

The kitchen is distinguished by a matte black volume, concealing the bathroom inside.

Overall, the layout is tidy and efficient.

Geometric pendant lights in the foreground provide illumination over the dining table without obscuring the view from anywhere in the apartment.

Near the door, kitchen storage transitions seamlessly into entryway seating on the far left.

A textural black stone wall makes up the main portion of the bathroom, and wood cladding defines the other.

Visualizer: Catherine Remizov   

Catherine Remizov designed this apartment with a surprisingly classic and luxurious vibe despite its restrictive 20 square meter floor plan – and the result is bursting with personality! It contains all the necessities, some of which are hidden away with clever tricks to save visual real estate. Every inch of this apartment reflects a strong and adventurous personality, and seems to utilize each available surface for the purpose of expression. Keep reading to see the room visualized in several subtly different styles.

This interior certainly doesn’t back down from bold accessories like zebra print, silky pillows in orchid pink, and shapely accessories on the shelf behind the sofa. Diagonal wood floors offer another irreplaceable source of personality.

Mirrors and glossy surfaces maximize the amount of light this apartment gets from its single large window.

The kitchen is especially polished. High-gloss cabinetry in white reflects a tremendous amount of light back toward the living room, while exotic wood panels with rich grain make it feel unique and welcoming.

A small office occupies an open spot near the entertainment console.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the other bedroom configurations the designer visualized to see how flexible this interior really is. This one features sleek wooden paneling behind the sofa-bed, the same pattern used in the kitchen. Shelving surrounds the sofa on all sides.

For comparison, here is the original sofa area featured in the first visualization.

Here’s a visualization of the same space with a rounded retro-style mirror. This is also a good view of the bed fully extended – a smart design for such a small space.

And another view of the original decor, this time visualized at night.

This time the headboard is decorated with framed architectural sketches. Note the cute child’s bed in front of the window with drawers beneath.

Indirect lighting beneath the open shelf is a nice touch.

The Murphy bed is pulled down to reveal three rows of architectural sketches. The shelf visible in the previous visualization likely swings down to become the end legs of the bed.

Here’s an overhead view of the compact yet exciting apartment.

And here’s the same view, where mauve pillows replace the white ones.

The bathroom makes great use of its limited space with a corner shower.

Visualizer: Stanislav Aynulov   

This home by Stanislav Aynulov takes a clever approach to space management by integrating dual-purpose furniture and storage wherever possible. Its 28 square meter interior looks simple and spacious – brightened by a colorful geometric rug and gem-toned pendant lamps.

The raised sofa/bed platform offers plenty of room for storage beneath, and modern artwork unifies the rainbow color theme.

Pendant lamp wires are routed carefully along the ceiling. This contributes to a cool industrial flavor, enhanced by the iron cantilever wall lamps and the painted brick walls in the background.

Check out that mirror! Its playful angles echo those of the corner shower.

Even the toilet occupies a corner position!

A cheerful little office makes good use of the enclosed balcony outside.

There’s always room for a vertical garden!

Visualizer: Eugene Han   

Designer Eugene Han had to overcome a number of unique challenges to transform this apartment into the stylish and modern abode it is today. Located in an older building, it was necessary to refit the interior to accommodate a family of three – in just 21 square meters. This renovation balances the needs of the family with a strong respect for historic architecture.

Already, smart space-saving solutions come into play with a coffee table that lifts and expands to create a full dining setup. The small chairs have no backs and slide easily under the table in case anybody needs to get through. At least two table places are accommodated by the sofa itself.

No, the room isn’t huge – that’s just a full length mirror on the wall behind the entertainment console.

The Murphy bed and sofa combination has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. Pay extra attention to the lower shelves on the left hand side, and compare to the next picture…

…surprise! A panel folds down and two cabinets open up to create a sturdy and functional desk for working or studying.

But, the coolest thing about this Murphy bed is the unique shelf design – rather than needing to clear the shelf to use the bed, it simply swings forward to serve as support.

A small bed for the children occupies the platform in front of the window and conveniently doubles as a comfortable bench seat for socializing. A cute wood slat screen slides out to provide some privacy for sleeping.

Don’t you just love those rich red floors? This color warms the room and adds visual interest without compromising the monochromatic interior theme.

In a home this compact, it makes sense to take advantage of every inch of storage space available. Here, you can see the cabinetry above the entryway, accessible by a sleek sliding ladder.

The sliding ladder also conveniently doubles as a rack for coats and umbrellas.

With a high window making it difficult to see outdoors, this fabulous backsplash mural offers a breathtaking view – not one to be found from most apartments.

Visualizer: Olga Chekmaryov   

Olga Chekmaryov designed this small apartment within a new residential complex – to make the space attractive to renters, natural materials and neutral colors provide the interior with an appealing blank canvas suited to the needs of any future occupant. Warm textures and materials make it feel like home. This apartment is compact but certainly doesn’t feel cramped.

Painted white brick and warm wood cladding are perfectly in line with today’s trends, but these classic materials never really go out of style.

The walls are lined with convenient storage spaces. Tall cabinets occupy the left, while extra-wide cabinets occupy the right.

It’s not just a decorative touch – to visually divide the dining room from the kitchen and living room, a band of wood slats traverses the right wall and reaches across the ceiling overhead. Implied boundaries are much more space effective than dividing walls.

A glass backsplash maintains the character of the brick while significantly simplifying cleanup.

It’s rare to see such an attractive entryway! The matte black door wraps back into the wood theme with a bar of paneling stretching across the middle portion, decorated with a clock and three lights above.

Large mirrored panels help open the entryway to make it feel more spacious and lively. The bathroom is tucked away behind the nearly-invisible mirrored door.

The mirrored door might disorient visitors at first, but it’s a smart way to make the space look larger while bouncing more light into the far corners of the room.

Such a cute idea! A driftwood wreath hangs from the full-size bathroom mirror to create a sort of frame – this would be such a fun and easy idea to recreate.

Compact bathroom design meets every need (including laundry) without an inch of wasted space.

Visualizer: Yulia Baranova   

Our final compact home design is the work of Yulia Baranova, with a sweet and stylish home decorated in white and gray with abundant wood cladding. Bright teal accents demonstrate the flexibility of the design – how it could be decorated to fit any style. But perhaps the most impressive feature is the loft bed that takes advantage of the home’s high ceilings, freeing up space for storage beneath.

Even the stairs to the loft bed contain drawers for extra storage. This abundance of storage eliminates the need for dressers and cabinets so the rest of the interior can maintain its sleek minimalistic theme.

Geometric themes add decoration without overwhelming the interior with too much visual noise.

Despite fitting in a space barely large enough for the chair, this little office offers quite a robust setup. Three rows of bookshelves hold a great deal of reference material, with a cute little guard rail on the bottom shelf for style and stability.

Glossy green cabinetry adds a splash of color to the kitchen design. The rest of the space is white and matte gray, putting much of the emphasis on the lovely view out the window.

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5 Creative Kids Bedrooms With Fun Themes

Wed, 06.01.2016 - 17:41

Visualizer: Amir Sayed Mohamed Refaat  

White and cotton candy pink make this expertly-coordinated room extra sweet. Toy Story prints make a big impression covering the far wall, each with a unique frame for playful variety. Circles, squares, hearts, and flowers contribute to the lively atmosphere. This charming design is the work of Amir Sayed Mohamed Refaat, a designer working from Cairo.

Such playful furniture! The pink rocking horse is adorable, and the child-size club chairs pair so well with that fabulously unique circle-tufted headboard. Those wavy lamps are such a neat addition.

The closet features motivational phrases in a variety of fonts, with memorable adages like “Smooth seas never made a skillful sailor”.

Designer: Mitaka Dimov   

Bulgarian designer Mitaka Dimov created this bedroom suitable for boys and girls alike – the delightful yellow and gray color theme is super flexible, and the art is positively delightful including pieces like The Yellow Umbrella by Taren Black and Artic Constellations by Katerina Nikolovska. It uses bold patterns and colors but with an exceptionally light touch.

The printed wallpaper comes from an original 1950s design by Una Lindsey. Detailed bird illustrations offer a cheerful presence.

Don’t you just love that little owl table lamp? This bright character is called Ti.Vedo by Matteo Ugolini, made of ceramic and outfitted with Edison bulb eyes. It’s important to give workspaces a bit of personality without sacrificing practicality – this desk sets the stage for concentration with a classic Eames armchair.

Grayscale interior design makes the color elements pop out. Plus, the neutral base is a functional choice because it’s easy to incorporate into future designs. Yellow could be a fun color to pair with other additions if the young resident desires more variety in the future.

Cutout circles on the yellow desk drawer pair so well with the LEGO storage heads, a subtle sub-theme within the overall design.

The same yellow circles appear on the drawer of the floating television console. The raised console is particularly nice because it’s just the right height for getting to the drawers, while being easy to sweep beneath.

Other cute art includes another cute polar bear framed on the wall, and a clever “Cat Man” print behind the lamp.

Designer: Elena Sedova   

This next bedroom, by Elena Sedova, sets a whimsical tone with flowing curtains and soft textures throughout. Soft grays and pinks create a relaxing atmosphere ideal for cultivating sweet dreams and enjoying gentle morning sunshine. Much of the magic comes from individual details rather than expensive architecture, so it’s an especially accessible design.

A gossamer tipi steals the show – perfect for reading, writing, and imagination. It’s gently lit from within to create a welcoming and functional retreat.

The simple floor lamp and ballerina prints are among the few decorations near the bed. An uncluttered sleeping area is less distracting when early mornings call for a swift and productive sleep.

The adorable decorations are easy to change out, while the gray walls and decorative wallpaper will grow with the child.

Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev  

This neat interior by Pavel Alekseev combines industrial, rustic, and retro themes into one delightfully imaginative bedroom. The gray walls and strong wooden floor are sure to serve the child well until teenage years. It’s nice to see that the decor is easily engaging enough for children while stylish enough to please the parents too.

A big scribbly bear print on the door adds a cool artistic element. The black wall clock looks especially sophisticated hanging by a silver-capped rope on the wall, a sleek grown-up counterbalance to the star-clad poufs and industrial-style chromed bedside drawers.

Typographic wood decorations create a stimulating accent wall, spelling out CMYK in honor of the primary colors of the printing world. It adds a little more pop to the color theme without requiring bright hues throughout.

A chalkboard door offers an inspirational phrase by Joseph Chilton Pearce, noted child development author who believed that imaginative play was the most crucial of childhood activities.

Visualizer: Anya Abramova   

Especially charismatic, this room by Anna Abramova invokes the feeling of a fresh and diverse meadow. It certainly packs a lot of interior design inspiration, starting with the adventurous tent-shaped bed with a canopy that folds closed to create a cozy secret hideaway. The fantastic bedframe is the work of designer François Lamazerolles.

Cheerful animals bring the walls to life – fish, rabbits, and cows join a stunning deer and fawn. A woodland rug enhances the theme and ties the room together with perfection.

A little contact paper and foam board is all it would take to create the whimsical clouds on the far wall. The tree bookshelf is called Louane, from the Arbres collection by Christophe Boulin.

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6 Creative Bedrooms With Artwork And Diverse Textures

Tue, 05.01.2016 - 18:07

Trying to decide between texture and artwork as the main emphasis in your next bedroom redesign? You don’t have to sacrifice one just to enjoy the other! The six creative bedrooms highlighted in this post prove that adding artwork to a room doesn’t necessarily have to take attention away from the bold patterns and sophisticated materials used within, or vice versa – it just means being a little more careful to make sure the dual sources of ornamentation doesn’t overwhelm the eye. It’s all about the balance! See how these bedrooms enjoy the best of both worlds within radically different decor themes.

Visualizer: Maria-Yoana Popova  

Visualized by Maria-Yoana Popova, this neutral-themed bedroom makes a big first impression with dramatic parquet that defines the space immediately behind and above the bed, in deep contrast with the textural gray matte treatment at either side. Now, let’s inspect some of the artistic elements…

A large framed image of mountains centers the sleeping space. Note how this artwork is hung over the most decorative wall texture rather than the simple walls to either side. This arrangement heightens the visual experience of both features.

The slanted dividers within the shelves echo the crags and slopes of the mountain photo.

Artwork centers the bed just as the hanging pendant lights center the side tables. Because the functional furniture (the bed, entertainment center, etc.) are not in the middle of the room, this sense of weight plays an important role.

A small row of grass beneath the wall-mounted shelves and the yellow pouf at the vanity both tie back into the natural accents.

Visualizer: D2 STUDIO  

This bedroom clearly belongs to enthusiastic fans of typography and graphic design – perhaps with a dash of DIY passion as well. This lovely monochromatic space was visualized by D2 Studio for a young couple in Lviv, Ukraine. Along the headboard storage niches resides a nice combination of urban and nature photography along with large white letters and subtle wooden houses, among other interesting objects.

The view from the bed maintains a simpler aesthetic, mostly focusing on a modest television and a few dramatic prints.

Don’t you just love that bedspread? Geometric prints in black and white are a great way to add visual interest to a monochromatic room.

Note the sparing use of natural tones like the wicker basket and little house statues.

Because this room has such a frosty cool color theme, the luxurious rug beneath the bed works wonders to make the room feel and look warmer.

From this angle, you can see that the full-length curtains aren’t covering floor-to-ceiling windows. Instead, they have a dual purpose of simplifying the interior and hiding the radiator.

Check out the wooden star – wouldn’t this make a wonderful weekend DIY project? Old signage or barn art, a drill, some wiring know-how, and a handful of Edison bulbs can result in wonderful things.

Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev  

Although the color theme is coordinated with precision, the artwork here is personal and eclectic. Some may hesitate to decorate a textural brick wall with art – designer Pavel Alekseev addressed the usual inconvenience of hanging items on brick by hanging only one tall piece and allowing the remaining canvases to lean with a relaxed style.

Yellow and blue accents add a pop of color within this textural yet neutral theme.

This angle offers a great view of the many contrasting textures used throughout: a watercolor-effect accent wall, matte black brick, and two types of wood, plus many subtle textiles.

Much of the artwork is based on the written word, like this chalkboard door currently featuring a quote from author Joseph Chilton Pearce.

Visualizer: Zinaida Baklanova   

Charming in every way, this bedroom by Zinaida Baklanova hosts a wealth of expressive features from the well-worn whitewashed floors to the unexpected yellow door. And of course, it’s impossible to ignore the many DIY decor ideas that use simple objects in creative ways, like the curtain of string lights in front of the blue accent wall or the cute pinecones on the ladder shelf.

This bedroom doesn’t utilize any paintings or prints like the previous designs did. Instead the artistic elements come from the careful arrangement of color, shape, and form. Note how the geometric patterns create interest without added visual weight – the barely-there contrast of the wallpaper and thin lines on the side table make a statement without overwhelming the eye.

The floral arrangements could easily be considered artwork as well.

It’s hard to ignore that gorgeous divider between the bedroom and bath! Panes of glass create a distinctive boundary while making both rooms feel larger.

A gorgeous tile floor provides a touch of subdued color in a room otherwise decorated exclusively in black and white.

Visualizer: Vashantsev Nik  

This bedroom by Vashantsev Nik celebrates the power of expressive paint. This first photo shows a shot of the thin and long headboard that runs the length of the wall, spattered with bright yellow.

Deep texture is another important element. The black wall in the background maintains a high contrast between the matte brick and the charcoal mortar – both tones echoed throughout the room.

Indirect lighting offers ambiance – but for tasks that require more concentration, adjustable cantilever lamps by Paolo Rizzatto offer the perfect solution. The designer lighting also draws some extra attention toward the distinctive exposed beams above, where highly polished wood implies a creative hammered texture.

Another large piece of artwork stands out in front of the mirrored wall. Its abstract, urban, and reflects the selective use of color demonstrated throughout the bedroom.

Such eclectic decor! This is a bedroom to excite the creative soul.

Vico Magistretti’s Atollo Lamp embodies the delicate balance between curved and linear geometric themes, an important source of contrast in this bedroom design.

Visualizer: Olga Podgornaja  

This bedroom visualized by Olga Podgornaja offers a gorgeous modern update of the Art Deco aesthetic, infused with a hint of industrial Bauhaus design influence – an interesting combination considering the historic philosophical opposition between the two styles. The polished wall medallion combines both in one unifying centerpiece.

Other artwork includes a large canvas painting propped casually against the wall, and gorgeous floral arrangements executed with precision and care.

Soft indirect light illuminates the bed from Here Comes the Sun pendants by French architect Bertrand Balas. A whole wall of storage cabinets occupies the background and exaggerates the geometric patterns used throughout the room and especially the bedding.

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50 Cool & Unique Wine Glasses

Mon, 04.01.2016 - 18:39

Buy It: $118 for set of 6   

A glass more than two years in the making. Each L’Atelier du Vin L’Exploreur is unique – the high quality lead-free glass joins together at a subtle seam that helps to release and develop the definition of each aroma.

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Six crystal wine glasses made in Florence, Italy; part of the Fusion collection from Lorenzo. The smaller size (five and a half ounces) helps to prevent over-pouring, ideal for dinner parties and tasting clubs.

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Wedgwood teamed up with wedding designer Vera Wang to create this contemporary interpretation of the traditional Duchesse pattern. Characterized by a simple starburst cut, these fine crystal glasses also sparkle with a distinctive platinum rim.

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Baccarat stemware is known for its immaculate quality and high detail, and this collection is no different. Massena stemware features deep bevel cuts in heavy fine crystal, a weighty glass that feels good in the hand.

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These festive champagne flutes are the perfect conversation piece for a party – when filled, it almost looks like the bubbly is floating in midair! Double-wall design means the champagne stays cold and the glass remains free of condensation right down to the last drop.

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Another inside-out design, this time for your favorite reds or whites. Starfrit double wall wine glasses make for a fun display on the table or shelf.

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Cute and funny! The WINESTEIN double-walled glass stein looks like a wine stem, sure to generate some good laughs at any gathering. Plus, the double-walled design will keep beverages nice and cool. The WINESTEIN comes in a descriptive box perfect for gifting.

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Wine-O is THE perfect gift for a friend who feels like shrugging off the glass to go straight for the bottle after a hard day. The Wine-O fits a whole standard (750ml) bottle of wine and includes a custom-fit stopper so you can revisit it later.

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Vino2Go is a portable wine glass you certainly won’t be afraid to pack up for that upcoming picnic. Made of BPA-free acrylic with a merlot-colored lid, it reduces the chances of spills while keeping bugs and debris out of your beverage.

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Part flute and part coupe, the Emotion Wine Glass fills from the bottom of the stem and looks fantastic on the table. Perfect for a good champagne – the hollow stem preserves the bubbles for a time, while the large bowl opens the aroma.

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Very witty and fun, these Tipsy wine glasses would work perfectly at a casual party or as a gift. Although not pictured here, one glass is imprinted with the question “Want to get tipsy?” while the other answers “Let’s get tipsy!”

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Stemless wine glasses are great for those who prefer to drink their wine rather than wearing it – the lower center of gravity makes these versatile wares quite difficult to spill, even after a few too many glassfuls, and they’re less likely to break during travel. This set is an inexpensive shatterproof option that can be used just about anywhere.

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Here’s another nice stemless glass, this time from The Wine Enthusiast. Each glass comes with a silicone ice mold to create a solid icy sphere that lasts much longer than ordinary cubes. Ordinarily the ice would only come into play when using this glass for a whiskey, but they might come in handy in very hot climates as well.

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It’s hard to go wrong with Riedel and these shapely stemless glasses are no different. Simply swirling your drink over curves assists with aeration if you don’t have time for the decanter.

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Looking for something a little more personal, perhaps for a housewarming or wedding gift? These monogrammed stemless glasses make a great impression.

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Modena hand-blown wine glasses are sculptural, easy to grip, and great for swirling.

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What an interesting concept! This stemless Pyrex wine cup contains a little strainer (held up by an adorable stem) that aerates the wine as you pour it – a great novelty piece for any collection.

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Simply pop these into the freezer and enjoy your wine at just the right temperature every time. Cool drinks from room temp or keep a chilled beverage for hours with this BPA-free plastic wine cup.

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Insulated with double-wall glass and sized at a generous 12-ounces, these glasses are perfect for serving up cocktails without the need to worry about coasters or extra ice.

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Here’s another double-wall design. The Asobu Imperial wine cup is well-insulated to prevent your hand from warming the wine. These are made from durable plastic and available in a variety of colors with a smooth brushed finish.

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The ultimate travel wine glass! These silicone cups are collapsible, squishable, and super durable. Fold these unbreakable cups and stick them in your pocket, sip with confidence by the pool and hand one over to a clumsy friend without worry. As the manufacturer states: it doesn’t break even if you drive a car over it.

Buy It: $60 for 1 glass   

Australian glass designer Emma Klau created the Kinetic Revolving collection as a unique solution for swirling and aerating wine. The glasses are especially innovative and solve a problem unique to stemless glassware – by swirling the glass on the table, you don’t have to worry about your hand warming the wine.

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Beautiful! The Birdie Carafe Set includes two stemless glasses that rock gently on a curve, and a tall decanter capped off by an adorable beech wood bird reminiscent of the Danish bird sculptures so popular with collectors.

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Such a fun idea! Rather than a stem, these glasses have a convenient straw for sipping anywhere. Oenophilia Wino Sippers also come in a cute and cheeky box for gifting.

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These beautiful glasses accommodate martinis on one end and wine on the other – a versatile glass and an effective conversation piece in one! These are made from solid lightweight glass.

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Daphne flutes and wine glasses feature incredible faceted gold-finish detail along the bottom of each bowl. Imagine how lovely these would look as part of a themed dinner or wedding!

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Handmade in Paris, these hand-painted wine glasses are just as much a piece of art as they are a versatile wine vessel. These glasses are large and sturdy – ideal for a tight red wine – and arrive packed safely in a durable and attractive box perfect for gifting directly.

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A wonderful gift for somebody who loves Paris or is about to visit the city for the first time, this Eiffel Tower wine glass is sure to excite. The bowl itself is smooth and clear to allow a better look at the wine served within.

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For the wine fan who only needs one glass. The Original RedNek wine glass is clever but simple; a humble Ball mason jar perched atop a thick glass stem.

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Looking for a sturdy wine glass but don’t want silicone or plastic? Try stainless steel! Guaranteed dishwasher-safe and inherently shatterproof, these cups can travel anywhere.

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It doesn’t get more classic than this! This wine goblet from Alchemade is constructed from pure copper carefully hammered into a sleek and gorgeous texture, outfitted with a brass stem for contrast. A food-safe coating prevents the piece from tarnishing with regular handling and use.

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Supported by a tripod stem styled to look like a real antler, this decorative wine glass would make a nice gift for an avid fan of the outdoors. Each set includes two glasses.

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Very menacing! This wine glass is held by a roaring dragon sculpted from polyresin. The smooth glass bowl and striking pewter-style stem is more than worthy of display. Perfect for a fan of Medieval themes.

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This dragon wine glass is in a completely different category from the previous one. This piece is made from real Austrian crystal with a writhing dragon base in English lead-free pewter.

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For those of you drawn to the dragon goblets in search of the one from Game of Thrones, this is the one you’ve been waiting for! This is an officially-licensed replica of the House Baratheon goblet of Dragonstone.

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A gorgeous gothic wine glass for anyone who prefers a darker aesthetic for their stemware – this vampiric goblet is made by Alchemy of England, with a pewter stem and real Swarovski crystal drops.

Buy It: From $33   

Created by Dutch designer Maarten Baptist, Louise is a three-legged wine glass for fans of innovative modern design. These glasses are made of sturdy borosilicate glass.

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Like wine, keeping calm will never go out of style. You can find this phrase on wine glasses of any size and shape.

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These quality crystal glasses feature a classic shape with a neat twist – each one is individually tested for musical clarity, playing whichever note the wine line reaches. Simply swirl your finger around the rim (or tap it with a swizzle) and enjoy your very own glass harmonica. Every set comes with two glasses, a great start for a glass harmonica. Dinner guests won’t be able to get enough! These glasses are manufactured in Austria.

Buy It: $9  

Based on a famous quote from Julia Child, these wine stems measure drinks by the cup and by the sip – a little for the pan, a little for the chef.

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Etched with simple measurements, this clever wine glass is an expressive gift perfect for anyone who likes to unwind with a nice vino after work.

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Need a gift for a lab technician or STEM student? This beaker-inspired wine glass makes it easier to imbibe with unmatched accuracy.

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Decorative, but not over-the-top. These glasses are etched with geometric designs sure to delight anyone who likes to display glasses between uses. The varied patterns also make it easier to tell which glass belongs to which guest at a dinner party.

Buy It: From $17   

Romanza is a decorative set of wine stems with a gorgeous textural finish.

Buy It: $22   

Hand-painted wine glasses are so much fun! This glass from Bottom’s Up features a sassy figure and the phrase “Fabulous at any age”, with a selection of numbers ranging from 21 to 60 along the bottom – a cool piece for a birthday party or a lovely gift for the creative connoisseur in your life.

Buy It: $26   

Another piece for your artistic stemware collection! The Lolita hand-painted wine glass features a sparkling tiara on the bowl and cute pearls and gems from top to bottom. Each one ships in a stylish Lolita gift box for handy storage or fantastic first impressions as a gift.

Buy It: $39 for 2   

Perfect for a wedding or elegant tableware theme – these whimsical champagne flutes are from the Opal Innocence collection by Lenox.

Buy It: $50   

Hand-set Swarovski crystal gives this balloon red wine glass a dash of luxury without obscuring the fine details of the vintage.

Buy It: $110 for 6   

JAMESSE is a collection of wide and curvaceous crystal stemware made to accommodate the technical aspects of wine tasting, without sacrificing the desire for good looks. This one is perfect for white wines and expertly preserves the effervescence of champagne. The wide base makes them exceptionally stable and easy to handle so you don’t have to be afraid of bringing out the good stemware around friends.

Buy It: $85   

With a robust 16-ounce capacity, this is the Waterford glass for those who want to give their reds a little more room to breathe. Of course, the Lismore pattern is the most famous Waterford designs – if you need a gift for a serious wine aficionado, you couldn’t go wrong with this generous glass.

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Two Homes With Elegant Decor And Neutral Colors

Sat, 02.01.2016 - 19:15

The first apartment creates a classic look with only the most modern materials and furnishings, a difficult feat to accomplish but executed perfectly here. An interesting layout allows the living spaces to feel cozy and intimate despite the scale of the space, and made even cozier by the addition of warm wood tones to the mostly gray and white color theme.

Where the dark hardwood of the living room floor ends, a small step leads to the dining and kitchen spaces. A lovely sunset nature photo centers the dining room table arrangement, illuminated by Tom Dixon’s Beat lamps and surrounded with chairs from the Grace collection by Emmanuel Gallina.

What an incredible view! The table could have fit any number of places, but this position is a clear winner.

Although the table is immaculately set, our favorite addition has to be that 3-tier serving rack to the left.

The kitchen is streamlined and efficient. Interesting features include the high-contrast white tile way in the back – black grout with white tile looks dramatic and the bright lighting really enhances that effect.

Dark gray and chrome elements make up most of the kitchen decor, with a row of glossy white cabinets to draw the eye.

The bedroom is warm and relaxing. Here, opposing materials create an innovative and beautiful appeal – like the wall behind the bed, with an intriguing contrast between the organic grain of the wood and the sharp glossy panels above them. Thin bed platform contrasts with an overstuffed headboard, and spirals within the artwork play against the angular shapes of the furniture.

A modular shelving and drawer system frames the television nicely. Peeking through the door to the left, you can see a rather inviting walk-in closet.

The walk-in closet is so spacious it even features a small office.

Plenty of extra storage facilitates the clean design in the main portion of the bedroom.

At the end of the closet space, a plush chair and table makes it easier to put on socks in the morning. Placing the mirror near the window was a great idea – the resident can easily see whether an outfit will look just as good in the daylight as it does under indoor lighting, useful for colorful wardrobes.

Because of its hidden location, this chair would also work as the ultimate space for quiet reading. Imagine being able to gain a little relaxation away from the worries of the world within your very own fortress of solitude.

This next apartment, designed for a unit in the Saigon Pearl 1 tower, is decorated with a cleaner and brighter aesthetic to take advantage of the spacious floor plan. Although the overall materials are very similar, its textures are a little more subtle and the decor falls more toward the minimalist side. Even the lighting choices are simpler and more streamlined than in the previous apartment. But one thing the two homes have in common is the feel of classic luxury and the varied neutral palette.

A marble table, geometric rug, and textural leather sofa show a good example of the variety of material and texture to be found throughout the home – but it’s all so finely integrated that, from a distance, the differences seem to converge into one seamless and stylish aesthetic.

Industrial appeal hides within sophisticated materials, like the chairs that swing more to the chic side because of the clean white upholstery. The adjustable lamp above features a highly industrial design but the traditional lampshade offers a pop of “home sweet home” as a surprising touch.

Note the fire-like marble behind the television, and the copper table to match. The table is from the Husk collection by Patricia Urquiola.

The master bedroom also hosts a gorgeous palette of texture. Angled wood panels play with the light and shadow for a more dimensional look, with satin-finish contemporary panels behind the television and on the wall to the left. A painting – its canvas split into three portions – also uses an angled arrangement to make it appear to burst out from the wall.

More angled panels catch the light behind the bed. Coordinated AJ table lamps provide flexible task lighting.

Here’s another Urquiola piece – the plush and embracing Tabano chair.

A second bedroom utilizes a lighter touch. The central painting consolidates the neutral color palette.

Not lacking in cool features, the headboard wall shines with thin strips of glass. Very attractive!

Reflective tinted glass and smart integrated lighting helps this walk-through closet look bright despite its dark tones.

Bright white walls encompass the kitchen. The chairs and work surfaces are clad with darker materials, yet the upper cabinets and range hood are both white against a light marble background – this duality helps the kitchen maintain a lower profile.

The other side reveals a view of the living room against the city skyline.

A handsome English bulldog greets dining visitors, a great conversation starter that leads the eye toward the other dog-themed artwork. Dark wood and copper colored marble makes up the storage wall on the right, and a rug from German fashion brand Tom Tailor makes a big statement beneath the table.

Check out this cool mixture of materials in the bathroom: stone, wood, marble, and porcelain with just a touch of steel.

The coolest feature has to be the stenciled wood interspersed throughout the neutral tiles. Upside-down and backward letters give each one a unique and playful appeal.

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A Family Home With Different Styles In Every Room

Fri, 01.01.2016 - 18:38

Designer: Oleksii Karman  

The main volume is an open floor plan divided by a central staircase that cuts a bright and spacious atrium between the functional spaces, a well-appointed kitchen on the left and a cozy living area lined up against the wall on the right. Notice how different types of wood give each area its own personality: the kitchen features large panels of sleek and sophisticated veneer, the living room offers an intimate atmosphere with slatted wood and integrated lighting, and the walking path remains light and simple.

Closeness seems to be an important feature of the living room, with furniture grouped together for comfortable conversation. The ceiling is slightly lower on this side of the atrium, visually compressed even further by the oversized pendant light hanging over the table. Check out those contemporary and retro-inspired prints on the sofa throw pillows – and how the colors are subtly echoed in the rug.

Look at these incredible stairs! Such an amazingly lightweight build, using ultra-low-profile treads with delicate cantilever design. It’s nice to see a cantilever staircase with handrails, an important feature for a young family like the one this home was designed to accommodate.

Open shelving offers a peek into the kitchen dining area, and allow for the free passage of light. The pendants in the atrium are from the Bell collection by Manuel Vivian.

The kitchen is incredibly distinctive, especially with such an interesting combination of materials!

Classic three leg stools feature stylish t-shaped stretchers and a gravity-defying folded seat in orange, a color that creates a fascinating contrast with the greenish-blue marble countertops and rich wood grain of the walls.

The layout is already quite spacious, but the open shelves and weightless stair treads really allow the open floor plan to spread its wings.

In terms of floor space, this office does not offer the wide open areas of the main living spaces, but creative solutions make it effective and spacious nonetheless. Glossy reflective walls preserve light near the handy floor-to-ceiling shelves on the far wall, and a window-facing desk offers an unbeatable view of the world outside.

Lime green and black make for an energizing color theme appropriate for creative work.

The simple but effective layout offers plenty of room for productivity.

Don’t you just love this classic bedroom design? The rough cross-cut wood block panels give the wall a delightfully rustic feel, and the fireplace full of candles offers a romantic aesthetic.

Without the skylights, the vaulted ceiling may have made the bed area feel a little cramped off in its secluded corner. This solution solves that problem, and allows for dreamy stargazing before drifting off to sleep at night.

A vintage-style dresser offers a delightful pop of color. Its rectilinear influences are cleverly offset by a rounded lamp and a chaotic rug print.

Such an imaginative room for a child!

Decorated with an engaging rug, a wall of plush cats, and its very own luxury sports car – who could resist?

An indoor jungle gym encourages play and fitness in one space-conscious package.

The chalkboard accent wall would prove useful for homework, art, and free expression.

Of the two bathrooms, this one is probably the most surprising and unique.

Bold artwork includes a colorful lion man mural, and a small wire sculpture that combines typography and geometry.

While this home is filled with skylights in innovative places, this type of window is the ultimate luxury feature for a walk-in closet. Imagine knowing how your outfit will look in the daylight rather than guessing from dim closet lighting… truly useful.

A neutral and simple hallway with relaxed lighting.

The mirror makes it feel more spacious.

Complicated girih tile mosaic brightens the floor and shower wall with a kaleidoscope of color. Also note the brilliant combination of textures, from the satin finish cabinets to the distressed black door, and of course the precise yet varied tiles.

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50 Beautiful Elephant Figurines and Elephant Shaped Home Accessories

Thu, 31.12.2015 - 17:34

Buy It: $385  

Do you recognize this famous design? Charles and Ray Eames created this toy elephant in 1945 but never put the concept into mass production. Now, the iconic plywood design has been translated to kid-friendly plastic and serves as a fun seat any young child is sure to love. The Eames Elephant is appropriate for use indoors or out.

Buy It: $320  

Those looking for something a little smaller and more nostalgic might be interested in the miniature version, realized in the original plywood style. The ultimate gift for mid-century design enthusiasts!

Buy It: $180  

Rosendahl figurines are highly collectible and known for their exceptional quality – and this wooden elephant has played a role in continuing that beloved tradition since its design by Kay Bojesen in 1951.

Buy It: $80  

This puzzle isn’t difficult because of the number of components, but because of the creative problem-solving required to fit the seven simple pieces together in just the right way. The Wodibow Mastodont Olaf is a winner of both the European Red Dot and A’Design Awards, crafted in Spain from 100% natural products.

Buy It: $27  

Kumiki is the Japanese term for wooden craft – or in this case, a gorgeous wooden brain teaser puzzle. This piece would make a wonderful gift for puzzle enthusiasts with a taste for simple design.

Buy It: $155  

Pose this gorgeous elephant according to your mood! David Weeks Studio created Hattie the Elephant to spark creativity and imagination through interactive design. Hattie is crafted from sustainably harvested beech wood joined together by elastic bands for flexibility.

Buy It: $43  

Designed by Gunnar Flørning and Harry Vedøe, this adorable elephant looks just as charming and modern as it did when originally released in 1961.

Buy It: $40   

Mother and calf intertwine their trunks in a sweet embrace, too tender for words. This design is made from durable cast resin with a detailed and realistic wood finish.

Buy It: $50   

It’s hard to match the beauty of a hand-carved figurine. This wooden elephant was crafted from kadam wood by talented artisans in Rajasthan, India – so no two are exactly the same, much like the majestic animal it represents.

Buy It: $100   

Dozens of Swarovski crystals give this elephant a dazzling aesthetic, a fabulous and exciting collectible by Thomas Kinkade. Each one is meticulously crafted and painted by hand right down to the very last sculpted pearl. Like most Kinkade collectibles, these elephants are hand-numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Buy It: $30   

These elephant figurines from the Hamilton Collection feel bright and cheerful with a creative design inspired by stained glass windows, its finish richly detailed and textural.

Buy It: $400   

Ancient manufacturing techniques give this metal elephant statue a strong backstory, transforming a centerpiece into a great conversation starter. Dhokra is a type of non-ferrous metal casting that uses the “lost wax” method, named after the Dhokra Damar tribes of West Bengal. This elegant sculpture was handmade by traditional artisans living in the Bastar region of India using the same 4000-year-old technique.

Buy It: $94   

Here’s an elephant figurine for anyone with an industrial decor theme, formed from bands of iron with a copper finish.

Buy It: $16   

Gorgeous as a decoration, this black Thai resin elephant could also double up to work as a ring holder.

Buy It: $40   

Hand-cast resin and hand-painted finish gives this ornamental elephant a special appeal. The detail is impressive, with scrollwork inspired by the Jali style of lattice art used in Indian architecture.

Buy It: $32   

A set of three compact elephant sculptures with the most pleasantly adorable expressions imaginable – this set would make a great addition to any elephant figure collection, and would look great in any modern interior.

Buy It: $100   

What a delightful interpretive design! The Baccarat minimalist glass elephant pares the pachyderm down to its most basic elements and the result is charming and unforgettable.

Buy It: $51   

This elephant offers a stimulating, abstract, and engaging visual experience in dimensional hand-blown glass. Imagine the possibilities, blending equally well into any interior design ranging from shabby chic to hardcore modernist.

Buy It: $119   

Tiffany glass lends these stylized elephants an ethereal gem-toned brilliance.

Buy It: $67   

Nesting porcelain elephants, parent and child – very cute!

Buy It: $155   

Jonathan Adler’s ceramic elephants all feature very distinctive personalities. These are from the Menagerie collection, and seem to take a daring and inquisitive stance.

Buy It: $68   

Check out this confident and charismatic elephant figurine with an unforgettable stride and elegant trumpeting posture.

Buy It: $20   

Leather and rope are the time-tested ingredients of this handmade elephant figure. Choose from brown, saddle tan, black, or natural leather.

Buy It: $7   

An origami-inspired DIY project easy enough for children with an end result worthwhile enough for adults. No scissors required – just the included paper, a little dexterity, and a few dabs of glue. The cool geometric elephant you create is well worth the inexpensive price and invaluable instructions.

Buy It: $16   

Now, let’s take a look at some elephants that serve a lasting purpose outside of decoration. This ceramic elephant mug has a built-in storage compartment for tea bag storage.

Buy It: $42   

Another cute elephant shaped mug! Ultra-glossy finish gives these a more minimalistic appeal.

Buy It: $24   

If you already have a favorite set of teacups, why not spice up your set with this fanciful teapot?

Buy It: $25   

This thirsty little elephant doesn’t mind watching over that bottle you’ve been saving for an upcoming dinner, as long as he’s allowed to look super-adorable while taking a swig.

Buy It: $15   

Geometric elephants made of durable plastic make for a great multipurpose contianer, especially with the added drain spout from the trunk! Use this versatile object in the kitchen, bathroom, office, or insert a little barebones pot and transform it into a miniature planter.

Buy It: $14   

This playful apple-shaped elephant holds those extra pens and pencils. While elephants are said to be masters of memory, humans generally appreciate the luxury of notetaking.

Buy It: $22   

Use the trunk to support your phone and hide a few extra styluses or pencils behind! This desk organizer could also be used to display a name placard or small notepad.

Buy It: $20   

Here’s another multipurpose elephant container – succulents and air plants don’t need water or drainage so you can always get creative with the pot!

Buy It: $104   

From contemporary designer Jonathan Adler, the Elephant Menorah candleholder is an incredible combination of subtle material and bold style.

Buy It: $144   

Another great Jonathan Adler design! These lovely porcelain salt and pepper shakers arrive in a decorative gift box for a stunning first impression as a gift.

Buy It: $75   

Coordinated salt and pepper shakers in black and white leave no mystery as to the spice each contains – a gorgeous and functional choice. These are from Kate Spade New York.

Buy It: $109   

Flexible plastic and LED lighting combine to create a child-friendly bedside lamp that’s hard to break. If you need a gift for a child with a safari- or zoo-themed room, you can’t pass this one up!

Buy It: $17   

Simple and sweet! This ceramic elephant candle holder is an easy way to add character to a modern or classic home.

Buy It: $19   

Stand this enameled steel elephant on your desk or hang it from a convenient wall to make sure you never lose your keys or important mail.

Buy It: $50   

Jørgen Møller and his grandchild designed an elephant bottle opener in 1987 and grew to become a design icon in the years following, sparking a whole line of elephant-shaped accessories for living. This weighty bottle opener feels nice in the hand and looks great on the kitchen countertop or dining table.

Buy It: $120   

The MONEYPHANT is one of the newer additions to Jørgen Møller’s beloved collection of elephant inspired accessories – and it’s hard to imagine a more stylish way to store coins or teach children about saving money. Perfect for any Scandinavian interior design!

Buy It: $13   

Who wouldn’t want to share a snack with this sweet and simple elephant? The larger compartment is just the right size for nuts, candy, or small fruits and the trunk offers a convenient place to discard seeds or shells.

Buy It: $200   

Want to infuse your home with a little art deco elegance? This brass elephant box from Jonathan Adler is luxurious and eye-catching. Use the flip-open top to hold jewelry, tiny notes, or other precious things.

Buy It: $88   

At 1.75 inches tall and 3.75 inches wide, this small elephant bowl has the same unmissable style as the previous Jonathan Adler elephant.

Buy It: $8   

Rubberized die cast zinc offers a convenient way to store rings short term without damaging them. Use this easy-to-clean elephant in the kitchen, bedroom, desk, or craft table.

Buy It: From $10 on eBay   

Many people will recognize this mid-century modern toothpick holder – once a household staple, this design is still just as charming as ever.

Buy It: $42   

Pear wood, brass, and lightweight ebonite come together to create a pipe any discerning enthusiast could appreciate. This carved pipe is handmade by Ukrainian masters and would look just as good on a shelf as it feels in the hand.

Buy It: $28   

Elephant behavior studies are filled with wonderful examples of elephants retaining detailed memory at a capacity that rivals any of the animal kingdom – the phrase “elephants never forget” comes to life with Eric the Memo Elephant, a neat little whiteboard to replace those perpetual sticky notes.

Buy It: $13 each   

These resin wall hooks offer a gorgeous place to hang your hat, towel, jewelry, or anything else! Each hook stands at 5″ by 7″, and comes in a choice of glossy modernistic hues or rustic classic finishes to suit any interior.

Buy It: $283   

What a nice idea! This lightweight resin garden sprinkler would delight your lawn and offer plenty of summer sprinkler fun for the children.

Buy It: $89   

A nice handcrafted wicker hamper with a huge personality. Just look at those eyes!

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