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Spectacular Modern House With Courtyard Swimming Pool

Di, 26.04.2016 - 17:00

Lush gardens, sleek design, open windows — this home is a slice of paradise. This modern take by Ayutt and Associates on the traditional Thai home incorporates nature into every bit of the home it possibly can. The 1,500 square meter villa just outside of Bangkok is practically held up by floor to ceiling windows which perfectly frame the modern yet traditional courtyard filled with trees, lush jungle plants, and a pool. The windows not only bring the beautiful colors of the outdoors into the nearly all white space, but it allows for that tropical breeze to slither through the house and move all that hot humid air. So take a tour, imagine a cold tropical drink in your hand while you do it, and enjoy all this luxury tropical oasis has to offer.

Pack your bags, you’re moving in! Kidding — but after you see this incredible layout, how each window frames a beautiful view, and the stunning materials used within this home, we guarantee you’ll be on a flight to Bangkok. From here, you can see those massive windows which take advantage of this dream back yard.

In the daylight you can see how all these crisp lines and colors play wonderfully against one another. The red on the right pops against the pools turquoise tiles and really helps drawer eye up to the white windows in the center.

This living space is not only spacious, but completely open to the outdoors. The sliding windows allow for this hybrid indoor-outdoor space which is very typical of Chinese and Thai homes. It adds a bit of drama, whimsy, and takes away from some of the stark modern elements of the living space.

Look at all that shining sunlight! The light is reflecting off the pool and moving straight into the living room, illuminating the space with warm natural sunlight and bringing the greenery right in. The open floor plan is framed by these views, acting almost as a centerpiece or accent wall as it would in any other home.

Architect: Ayutt and Associates  

At this angle you can also see how crisp and white the space is. There’s no need for a lot of color because those big beautiful windows (open or closed) bring in all the colors of the outdoors.

The way the rays filter through the tree branches and leave a pattern on the white couch and floor is a perfect example of why all this white works. The white doesn’t distract from the beauty of the outdoors, and literally allows for nature to creep right into the space without overwhelming the rest of the design.

Living in a warm place that allowed the windows to be open all year is a dream in itself. Let alone this incredible courtyard which plays on traditional Chinese home design methods while incorporating modern luxuries. Having these big windows on both sides of the living space lets you see right through to the other side of the home, and integrates the indoors with the outdoors perfectly.

These seemingly floating stairs are magical! Not only is the wood spectacular, but from the top if looks like you can just run and jump straight into the courtyard pool.

This view makes you feel like you’re in a treehouse, looking out amongst the treetops. Really it’s just your courtyard, but in this house it sure does feel like a kingdom.

Wouldn’t you love to take a steam in that shower? This bathroom is the epitome of luxury, and makes you feel like you’re taking an outdoor bath without all the inconveniences. This is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

The deck in the courtyard is stunning. The red accents the blue pool wonderfully, and the cutouts along it’s edges for plants like that tree are seamless.

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the views this home has to offer. At night the entire home lights up with an iridescent white and illuminates the pool and all those lush plants.

Of course, if you’re living in a villa like this one you need a space to park your beautiful cars. Well, this carpark is the ultimate place. The design of the rest of the home is incorporated here with glass and slick tiles.

Admire your ride from the living room. If you have a house this nice, full length windows to sneak a few peaks at your car is definitely a luxury you’d enjoy.

The front of the home is much darker than the back, but all that natural stone — despite all the harsh lines — makes it look like it’s emerged from the rock-bed beneath all that lush jungle.

Day or night the stunningly harsh angles of this home stick out against the sky — while still reflecting it’s colors.

Lining the entrance to your home with plants is a wonderful way to make everyone feel invited. Plus in this place, the plants bring the surrounding jungle right up to the door, hinting at the magic that lays on the other side.

From above you can see how carefully constructed this entire home was. Each detail was very thought out, and they really tried to maximize how they could bring the outdoors in.

From here you can see more of the detailed design plans to this dreamy home.

Here you can see more of the detailed layout of this dream tropical home.

Check out this 3D rendition where you can see the entire structure and what went into it.

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3 Small Spaces Packed With Big Style (Includes Floor Plans)

Mo, 25.04.2016 - 17:00

Just because your space isn’t big, doesn’t mean it can’t be packed with style. But having an eye for design and organization is a tricky skill to master. It’s a balance between both space and storage, and color and design. And what may be right for one space, isn’t necessarily the solution for another.So, take a look at the designs of these architects and designers who have come up with insanely creative and beautiful solutions for small living. Whether you’re in a small city apartment, a dorm room, or a new flat, you’ll be sure to incorporate some of these ideas in your own home.

Visualizer: Anton Zaytsev   

Looking at this apartment from this angle, it’s hard to believe it’s only 30 meters. The sleek lines and glass walls make this space feel much larger than it actually is.

This space triples as an office, living room, and bedroom. But the large windows and glass wall into the kitchen help this otherwise tiny space feel spacious.

White is the main color in this space, it helps the apartment feel bigger and it looks beautiful with the airy architecture.

Separating the kitchen and living space with tiles, and warm wood helps define the small space. The warm wooded living space also makes that part of the flat feel less stark, and more livable.

The kitchen table can also double as an island, and provides much needed eating space in this kitchen.

White may be the main color of this space, but it feels anything but stark. The textured cabinets, and stone tiles add an organic element to the space and keep your eye moving.

Small but functional is the name of the game for this stylish yet tiny space.

While this room may be multipurpose, everything has it’s space. The bedroom is brilliantly separated from the living space by the warm wooded walls and frame that bolster it up.

And look at that! Those gorgeous wooden walls extend around the front of the bed to add privacy when needed.

When fully closed you won’t even know an entire bedroom is on the other side. Instead it looks like a lovely accent wall, or even a closet.

The wood walls of the bedroom don’t match the wooden floors in the living space, but that’s okay. The warm wood of the bedroom against the cool wooden floors provides a wonderful contrast and separates the spaces from one another.

Even with the bedroom doors pulled shut the living space feels spacious.

This overhead view of the apartment reminds you just how small it is! But the designers and architects have truly thought of everything, and found a way to make this space effortlessly stylish and functional.

The bathroom mirrors the rest of the space, small functional, white, and beautiful. Everything has a place and enough space so you don’t feel cramped.

Once again, seeing the layout really shows you how they’ve maximized the space here.

Visualizer: Sergey Hrabrovsky   

This apartment is functional, colorful, and filled with hidden treasures. Firstly take a look at this creative desk space on the right, and how it effortlessly transforms into a kitchen eating space on the right. It’s a great solution that looks beautiful.

This white couch pops against this luxurious suede wall and that bright rug. The mix of colors and textures really adds dimension to this small space without making it feel busy.

This black matte cabinet is tall, sleek, and fits the space wonderfully.

Woah! What’s that? A washing machine? Bet you didn’t think that fabulous cabinet held that treat inside.

The kitchen counter has a small cutout for fresh plans built right in. A wonderful solution to grow some of your own herbs without taking up extra space in the apartment.

This small space comes equipped with a nice big foyer — what a luxury!

Dab a bit of your favorite perfume before you leave, or kick off your shoes after a long day in this functional and elegant boudoir nook in the foyer.

Visualizer: Taleh Mehdisoy  

The glass wall between the kitchen and the living room lets some of that fabulous light into the kitchen space, but it also adds a sense of separation.

The kitchen is quite big for this tiny space! They’ve played it up with some beautiful marble tiles in a unique pattern, and accented the lower white cabinets with some warm wooded ones up top, drawing your eye upwards and making the space feel much bigger than it actually is.

The layout highlights how they’ve utilized every nook and cranny to make this space functional.

Visualizer: BURO ROOMDESIGN   

This apartment may be tiny, but it’s packed with innovation. These incredible walls let the tenant hang everything from shelves to artwork quickly, easily, and without damaging any walls. Best yet, they’re super light, eco friendly, and made in their native Russia.

Just because these panels are white doesn’t mean they’re boring! Even without hanging things from the holes, the walls add texture to the rest of the space.

White is the primary color in this space, which helps bounce that beautiful natural light throughout the space.

The walls can even become a makeshift closet with the addition of some handy hooks. Brilliant for such a small space!

This fabulous kitchen is actually quite big for this space, and much of it is thanks to that long extended countertop. Underneath it adds more cabinet space, but best yet it adds prep space, as well as a place to sit and eat meals.

The wooden barn door oddly looks right at home in this modern space. But it’s warm tones match the chairs and kitchen perfectly.

The same wall material in the rest of the space is also used in the kitchen to maximize space.

Kick off your shoes at the front door, and then easily tuck them away in this closet space.

The bathroom plays on the same cool gray and white tones with warm wood tones.

Wood in the shower? These specially engineered tiles are perfect to add an organic and warm element to your bathroom space.

Everything has its place in this tiny stylish place.

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Game of Thrones Gifts And Decor For Your Home

So, 24.04.2016 - 17:00

Whether you’re looking for awesomely geeky gifts or just want to add to your ice and fire decor theme, you’ll definitely want to check out this mega-list of houseware and decorations inspired by the Game of Thrones. Suspense, passion, greed, and treachery – the struggle for the Iron Throne has captivated fantasy enthusiasts since the release of the first book in 1996 and its passionate fan base has only grown after the television debut in 2011. With every new season comes a new surge of collectibles, so now’s the time to start stocking up just in case your favorite character meets the misfortune of exile or demise.

Buy It: $44   

7″ Iron Throne: This amazingly detailed Iron Throne figure stands exactly the same height as the Blu-ray and DVD cases so it’s perfect for display on a shelf alongside your collection. If you have any action figures lying around, get ready for some hilarious mashups.

Buy It: $33   

Dragonclaw Goblet: A replica of the goblet shared by Maester Cressen and Melisandre at Dragonstone, this chalice is faithfully sculpted from resin and a 12-ounce amber glass bowl. Just be sure not to drop any spoilers around dinner guests who haven’t gotten around to starting the series yet!

Buy It: $17   

Dragon Goblet Mug: With the bowl being small and coming with a “for display only” label, it’s not exactly a wine glass but it would make a fun display for snacks or shots of liquor. The overall figure stands at almost 10 inches to capture attention on a shelf.

Buy It: $14  

Hand of the King Bottle Opener: Very similar to the brooches and pendants worn by the second most powerful in the Seven Kingdoms, this bottle opener makes it easy to demonstrate the wielder’s might against even the sturdiest ale with just the flick of the wrist.

Buy It: $25 each  

GoT Letter Openers: There isn’t an envelope in the world that can withstand Valyrian steel! There are plenty of Game of Thrones inspired letter openers out there; the ones pictured here are faithful reproductions of Longclaw and Ice. Each one is roughly 1/6 scale in case you were thinking of accessorizing any articulated Jon Snow or Eddard Stark figures you’ve found.

Buy It: From $220  

Officially Licensed Swords: With the weight and feel of a real sword, you’ll feel like you can take on any rebellion or invasion. Even the White Walkers aren’t safe from these gorgeous replicas.

Buy It: $40   

Dinner Is Coming Cutting Board: A great housewarming or wedding gift for the Game of Thrones fan in your life, this bamboo cutting board is sure to become a talking point of the occasion. Or gift yourself and use as a clever snack tray at your next epic dinner party.

Buy It: $16   

Map Marker Spice Shakers: Take a strategic approach to dinner with these Stark and Lannister salt and pepper shakers, an indispensable addition to any Kitchen of Ice and Fire.

Buy It: $11  

Game of Thrones Coasters: Let your guests choose their house with this licensed house sigil coaster set. You just might be surprised to find a rival in your midst.

Buy It: $29  

Wax Seal Coasters: Here’s another set of coasters, this time made from flexible silicone. The set includes all six houses shown and comes with a tin canister for easy and attractive storage.

Buy It: From $9   

Game of Thrones Keychains: These sigil keychains would make a nice party favor or inexpensive gift for your favorite Game of Thrones geek. Or you can buy one for yourself to show off your house pride!

Buy It: $20   

Dragon Ear Cuff: Do you remember Daenerys Targaryen’s gorgeous dragon necklaces in the show? Now the Khaleesi in your life can look as fierce as the Mother of Dragons with this adjustable dragon ear cuff. Don’t worry – the part that goes through the ear is as thin as any other earring for those who aren’t interested in gauges.

Buy It: $22   

Game of Thrones Calendar: Show off your Game of Thrones enthusiasm at the office, home, or business with this awesome calendar. Every month sports a different character. The pages are a little too dark to write on, but the backgrounds are attractive for display.

Buy It: $14   

Adult Coloring Book: Combining two rapidly growing trends, this adult coloring book is sure to keep Game of Thrones fans occupied while waiting for the next season or episode. Each one-sided page boasts brilliant detail for the advanced colorist. Remove pages with a sharp blade and add a frame for home decoration.

Buy It: From $18  

GoT Travel Posters: Have you ever admired the travel posters your friends bring back from vacation? Now you can cop their interior design theme with these classy Game of Thrones posters based on famous landmarks from the books and television series.

Buy It: $41   

Game of Thrones Monopoly: On-theme and beautifully made, this MONOPOLY: Collector’s Edition set is sure to become a treasured addition to any fan’s board game collection. The tokens are cast in weighty zinc, the instructions are printed on a scroll, and like any game of Monopoly it will fire up rivalries that make Game of Thrones feel tame in comparison.

Buy It: $5  

Playing Cards: Planning a game night after a big Game of Thrones viewing party? Consider picking up a pack of these themed playing cards. The face cards have full-color pictures of the characters, while the number cards feature sigils from the four main houses from season 1 – Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, and Baratheon.

Buy It: $20   

Classic Style Cards: Here’s another playing card set based on Game of Thrones, this time with a clever classic style. Characters include Robb Stark as the King of Spades, Robb’s mother as the Queen, Joffrey Baratheon as the King of Diamonds, with Cersei Lannister as the queen, and so on. The jokers are Littlefinger and Varys.

Buy It: $9  

House Targaryen Laptop Sticker: Represent either House Targaryen or House Blackfyre anywhere you go with this neat vinyl laptop sticker. It comes in a matte black finish and is easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue behind. It would work just as well for vehicles, mirrors, or any other flat and smooth surface.

Buy It: $18  

Iron Throne Toilet Decal: A kingly addition to any bathroom – use this decal to transform your own porcelain throne into the most powerful seat in the Seven Kingdoms.

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A Minimalist Family Home Design That Doesn’t Sacrifice Fun

Fr, 22.04.2016 - 17:00

Designed for a growing family in Zhubei, Taiwan, this modern home maintains a clean canvas to put life and love at the forefront. The relationship between space and form becomes more important than decoration itself, relying on natural materials to provide the texture and color that makes this space interesting. The creatives at Phase 6 worked to instill this home with the perfect balance between comfort and luxury and the result seems to hit the target head-on. Fun details hide around every corner to delight the children and parents alike. If you love the natural and easygoing side of minimalism, this space is sure to spark ideas.

Photographer: Black Wang   

Family interaction is a central theme. This wide-open layout allows family members to feel a sense of togetherness even while enjoying different activities: play, work, cooking, entertainment, etc.

To reduce visual clutter, some of the furniture serves dual purposes. The stylish Sibis Rosa rocking horse combines art and fun, and the innovative Tripp Trapp high chairs adjust to suit adults as well as babies.

Both furniture and layout focus on functionality and simplicity first without sacrificing aesthetics.

Photographer: Black Wang  

The space to the right of the kitchen leaves plenty of open space for activities, while the colorful bookshelf prevents the area from looking underutilized. Those yellow planters are gorgeous!

Here, audio-visual equipment hides within a slatted cabinet – the elegant marble drawers catch the eye instead.

Kitchen and dining come together quite smoothly. Everybody can easily congregate in this well designed gathering space.

The kitchen feels large within the context of the room, but further inspection show it is relatively compact – workspace is somewhat limited on the inner half of the island but there’s plenty of room to work on the outer edge.

Because most of the functional kitchen tools are located on the side of the island facing outward, the parents can watch television or watch the children play while food is cooking.

In a family home like this one, storage is a necessity rather than a luxury. The entrance features a coat locker and a long bench with drawers to make getting ready even easier.

Check out this incredible slide! It would be easy to get kids to come down for breakfast with something like this.

Transit between the ground floor and the next level becomes an opportunity for play.

In addition to sliding down, children can also use the slide as a ramp for toy cars and other games.

Bedrooms enjoy the privacy of their first story location. First, let’s peek inside the bedroom of the youngest family member.

A comfortable blue bed rests on a low platform across from a handy desk area to the left. Striped blinds adopt stronger contrast than those in the living room for added decorative appeal.

The desk is compact but perfectly functional, occupying free space between built-in cabinetry. Philipp Mainzer’s iconic Backenzahn stool doubles as functional artwork.

Cute and comfortable, a folded blanket cushions a little reading spot in the corner near the cabinetry.

The master bedroom takes a position at the top of the stairs. At the landing, a folding door serves as a sound barrier for the office between the stairs and the shelves.

Children can look through the glass for a visual connection with a working parent without actually disturbing the parent’s productivity.

The shelves double as a way to enhance privacy to the master bedroom on the other side.

Another unique feature is this headboard wall – it separates the dressing area from the rest of the bedroom.

Although there are plenty of inspiring features to acknowledge within this dressing room, the small vanity area is especially unique.

The bathrooms are especially interesting! This one uses various colors of hexagonal tiles for an artistic and creative look that doesn’t override its minimalistic appeal.

Do you remember this glass block wall? The stairs are on the other side.

Each bathroom features natural wood details that fit with the rest of the home.

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40 Unique Modern Flatware Sets That You Can Buy Right Now

Do, 21.04.2016 - 17:00

Whether you’re planning to highlight to a gorgeous heirloom dish set or just want to complement your budding collection of everyday service, flatware is an investment worth serious consideration. For those seeking formal dinnerware, guests will come in direct contact with the cutlery far more often than the other table elements. For everyday use, it pays to find a set that feels just as comfortable in the hand as it does on the eye. This guide details 40 flatware sets that have some type of unique feature or finish – something that can help set your dining arrangement apart from the rest.

Buy It: $86  

Herdmar Black Cutlery: Black cutlery makes a bold impression at any table setting – a rare choice sure to get guests talking. Plus, the unique finish means you won’t have to polish them!

Buy It: $107  

Mahogany Flatware Set: Petite and elegant. This flatware set takes a unique approach to a classic design, pairing rich mahogany handles with sleek and simple stainless steel.

Buy It: $165   

Cutipol Goa Set: This handmade cutlery set includes one knife, one fork, one spoon, and a set of attractive chopsticks with matching stand.

Buy It: $70   

Alessi “eatit” Flatware: Designed by Wiel Arets, this flatware set boasts highly symmetrical curves to put tactile pleasure on equal measure with taste.

Buy It: $95   

Arne Jacobsen 5-Piece: Renowned designer Arne Jacobsen created this immediately recognizable cutlery set in 1957, and it has endured as an icon ever since. You can see this set used in Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: a Space Odyssey.

Buy It: $50   

Alessi Santiago Set: English architect David Chipperfield designed this gorgeous set of hefty, polished, and nice-to-hold cutlery for beloved kitchen brand Alessi. The design is highly symmetrical and line-based.

Buy It: $40  

Heart-Shaped Spoons: These are so perfect for sweets. Designed by Miriam Mirri, this set provides a touch of whimsy to elevate any coffee or dessert spread. Consider these if you’re looking for a gift for a housewarming or wedding!

Buy It: $20   

Alessi Zlin Plastic Cutlery: Crafted from thermoplastic resin, this blue flatware set is sure to draw second glances. If you’re planning a picnic or other event that requires sturdy but lightweight cutlery, this set is a strong bet.

Buy It: $285   

Villeroy and Boch: This 64-piece flatware set makes a big impression with a small twist right where the handle ends. The knife has an especially distinctive shape, standing out from the rest.

Buy It: $53   

Almoco Flatware: Available in black, copper, gold, and silver, this flatware set carries a classic appeal for those who don’t want to stray too far from tradition. The wide variety of finishes makes this set easy to pair with your favorite dishes.

Buy It: $74   

Mediterraneo Salad Set: Although these serving spoons would look wonderful with Alessi’s Mediterraneo set, they would add the perfect touch of artistry to any ordinary salad bowl.

Buy It: $66   

Treble Clef Flatware: Whether you’re looking for a housewarming gift for a musician or just want a flatware set to compliment your artistic table setting, these heavyweight utensils will leave a lasting impression with dinner guests.

Buy It: $25   

Kaya Black Pearl Cutlery: Titanium plated, generous proportions, and a gorgeous black finish – this set distinguishes itself from others with a smooth shape and ergonomic curves.

Buy It: $278  

Arthur 24-Piece Set: Villeroy & Boch created this cutlery set with a detailed approach, sure to complement any dish set.

Buy It: $35  

Solex Sophia Flatware: Flared handles and smooth shoulders give this cutlery set a distinctive profile. The knife’s curved handle is especially distinctive, but the curvature of the spoons will likely draw comments as well.

Buy It: $44   

Splendide Bella: Thick and wide handles give this flatware set a superior grip, just as lovely to use as they are to admire.

Buy It: $48   

Yamazaki Merge Duo: Heavy and artistic – this cutlery set elongates the form of the tines and bowls, shortening the handles in relation. The distinct proportions would ensure they fit wonderfully with a weighty dish set.

Buy It: $25   

Cantilever Flatware: Didn’t think there were any new ways to innovate with flatware? This is the solution we’ve all been waiting for! This cantilever cutlery design provides a degree of separation between the utensil and the surface on which it sits. This set is sure to make dinner party cleanup easier than ever.

Buy It: $79.95   

Copper Twig Cutlery: Your rustic cabin tableware theme craves these twig-shaped fork, spoons, and knives. These would make a wonderful gift for the hunter or outdoors enthusiast in your life.

Buy It: $90   

Silver-Plated Twig Flatware: Here’s a higher-end approach to the twig cutlery theme. This brass and stainless steel flatware set is created from casts of real twigs for a mesmerizing sense of realism. A final coating of silver brings them into the realm of luxury.

Buy It: $30   

Goldleaf Salad Set: Absolutely gorgeous! This salad fork and spoon effortlessly mimics a budding twig, every bump and leaf transcribed without flaw.

Buy It: $68   

Gourmet Settings Flatware: Artistic handles are a great way to infuse a little character within a dining set. This flatware makes an immediate impression with light radiating from every detail of its silver-coated finish.

Buy It: $44   

Conquest 30-Piece Cutlery Set: Available with a generous 25-year limited warranty, this cutlery set is sure to make an impression for generations to come. The swirly accents would work well to suit a great variety of contemporary dishware sets making the rounds these days.

Buy It: $56   

20-Piece Wilderness Flatware Set: The handles include engraved images of forest plants and animals: a leaf, bear, duck, moose, pinecone, and fish. It’s a traditional cutlery set with just a touch of rustic flair.

Buy It: $53  

Yamazaki 24-Karet Cutlery: With its art deco pattern and luxurious finish, this 24-karat cutlery set is sure to attract the admiration of guests. Be aware that anything plated with gold can suffer from air-drying though: dry directly after washing unless you’re using a dishwasher!

Buy It: $160   

Fortessa Dragonfly: This 20-piece set looks like a collection of precision instruments with their long slender handles. While this image only shows the spoons, each piece is distinctive in its own way.

Buy It: $202   

WMF Taika 20-Piece: Minimalistic, but with a slight flare at the ends, this set has a careful balance that feels good in the hand.

Buy It: $89   

WMF Nordic 30-Piece: Similar to the previous set, this long and heavy flatware collection maintains the clean lines that go best with a modern or minimalist kitchen. This one stands out from the previous set tanks to its distinctively curved knife handle.

Buy It: $62   

Yamazaki Gone Fishin’: With delicately finned tails on the handles and playful dotted eyes on the working end of each utensil, this set is perfect for somebody who lives on the lake or perhaps just loves to cook. The knife blade is made from high carbon cutlery steel for long-lasting precision.

Buy It: $36   

Alban 5-Piece: Thick handles and a playful line give this cutlery set a distinctive aesthetic that just might end up serving as the star of the table.

Buy It: $994   

Wallace Grande Baroque: Fine sterling silver lends its radiance to this 5-piece set of glamorously detailed cutlery. The handles feature intricate classical flourishes for a modern take on traditional design.

Buy It: $41  

Medieval Cutlery Set: Completely forged by hand, these ancient-styled utensils are just what you need for your next themed dinner party. That twist is the perfect finishing touch: a common decorative detail in antique wrought iron.

Buy It: $367   

Seletti Keytlery: Antique keys inspire the unique shape of each handle in this creative flatware set. These utensils are made of 18/10 stainless steel with an electroplated titanium finish.

Buy It: $355   

Gold Keytlery Set: Just like the previous set, except this time with a gold finish on electroplated steel.

Buy It: $293   

Midas 24-Piece: Plated with real gold, this set of 24 will enhance your table with classic luxury. The semi-matte surface ensures this set will look great even without a yearly polishing.

Buy It: $450   

Handmade Brass Cutlery: Taking inspiration from late 16th century European styles, this graceful utensil set tells a story with its unique and delicate aesthetic. Each piece is cast, forged, turned, and finished by hand in a village in Kutch where brass working has a history reaching back over 900 years.

Buy It: $118  

Linea Rose Gold Cutlery Set: It’s nice to see rose gold getting the attention it deserves. This 5-piece set (also available in gold and black) offers elegant style and reliable design in hard-to-find finishes.

Buy It: $54   

Gold Accent 5-Piece: Gold accents flaunt the edges of this stylish steel cutlery set. The forks have an especially dramatic appeal to them, with flourishes crossing over the tines for a memorable experience.

Buy It: $944   

Palio 24-Piece Set: Inspired by the Palio di Siena horse race, this 24-piece streamlined design boasts one of the largest accessory selections of any other line: anything from dessert cutlery to oyster forks, crab knives, caviar spoons, and more. This set is a Red Dot Design Award winner.

Buy It: $225   

Vitalis By Carl Mertens: A continuous curve runs down the edges of each piece. This set feels balanced yet fluid, with a satin finish that allows their distinctive profile to serve as the highlight of the show.

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A Gorgeous Home Split By A Covered Garden Atrium

Mi, 20.04.2016 - 18:33

Situated on a narrow plot flanked by public roads and neighboring homes on all sides, this residence would have languished in such a constricted space – but LIJO.RENY.architects had a creative plan to break down boundaries in a beautiful way. The structure consists of two volumes that flank an incredible atrium with towering plants reaching toward its three-story apex. The windows and atrium are clad with secure steel panels, their varied perforations allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the building. But just wait until you see the interior design! This home unifies aesthetics and function with an emphasis on quality of life.

Architect: LIJO.RENY   

Beyond these white walls, the home interior spans 2,200 square feet including the gorgeous atrium area.

Inside, each room enjoys a constant connection with the outdoors. Spaces facing the garden enjoy the freedom of sliding doors.

Modern furniture demonstrates a sense of orderliness that differentiates the interior from the central atrium, but the potted plants reinforce the connection to the outdoors.

While the smaller volume contains the living room, a short walk across the garden path leads to the larger structure that contains the dining room, kitchen, and the majority of the bedrooms.

Diagonal banisters crisscross as the staircase ascends, mimicking the complexity of the plants that surround. A short walk across the paving stones leads to the dining room.

The dining room, like many of the functional areas in the home, borders the interior atrium directly.

Private areas enjoy the lower-trafficked positions bordering the street-facing parts of the building.

Sliding walls add modular functionality to make each room as open or as private as necessary.

Going to the second level requires entering back into the garden and ascending the gorgeous wooden staircase.

Ascending the stairs toward the larger volume leads visitors to a secondary living room with accents in tropical red, lime green, and rich wood tones.

Large sliding doors look out into the greenery, with wire railing for safety.

Recurring artwork captures texture of the perforated screens and the effect of the light as it filters through.

Another flight of stairs leads to the master bedroom, the most private part of the home.

The uppermost bedroom shares its level with nothing but a bathroom and open terraces.

Through frosted windows, pinpoints of light create a dazzling “breathing” effect as the trees sway in the breeze.

This is a great chance to point out that barred windows don’t have to look intimidating. This grille enjoys a casual aesthetic with its low-profile design and fresh white paint.

It seems that even the local birds love the quiet refuge of the atrium.

In this home, simply traveling from one room to the next is an experience that brings the residents closer to nature.

As the sun shifts throughout the day, the beams of sunlight paint different parts of the home for an aesthetic that constantly reinvents itself.

Here’s a view from the bottom of the atrium looking up toward the ceiling.

At night, the glow through the perforated screens creates an effect similar to the look of dappled sunlight filtering through the palms.

Now for a look at the bones of the building – it’s always nice to see how each space interacts in context. Guests can experience the atrium on their way to the dining room while the kitchen and bedroom remain private.

Note how the study and library are sequestered in the smaller volume, only accessible from the stairs on the first floor.

The master bedroom enjoys access to the open terrace across the way.

And there’s yet another open terrace above that.

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5 Living Rooms That Demonstrate Stylish Modern Design Trends

Di, 19.04.2016 - 18:21

From material to lighting to layouts, interior design trends move in and out of style at an amazing pace. This post features five living rooms that embrace current best practices but in ways that will likely remain appealing for years to come. Some of these spaces are subdued and subtle, sparking interest without overwhelming the eye. Others take a bolder approach yet reduce risk by anchoring their designs around traditional features or palettes. Most importantly, these living rooms explore the ideas most popular in contemporary design without blending into one homogeneous group – each has its own distinctive personality.

Visualizer: Sam Habbaba  

Let’s start with an uplifting pastel design. This cheerful white living room uses pale yellow as a primary accent, with many colors of the rainbow appearing throughout. The layout is open but wraps around a central volume in an L-shape for better division. Abundant windows don’t sacrifice any privacy at all thanks to the huge hedges outside.

Stunning feature lighting guides the eye from one functional area to the next. Here, the sofa arrangement basks in the light of the Skygarden lamp by Marcel Wanders. Artwork behind the dining table incorporates some of the colors found in the living room.

Plants and earthy furniture unite the interior with the unobscured view of the outdoors. The dining room has an especially amazing position: a double-height wall of windows gives a full view of sky and landscape.

It’s not easy to find artwork to suit the scale of a wide-open atrium wall like this one. This painting flawlessly integrates the natural colors used throughout the dining and living spaces.

Diamond upholstery, chrome spherical lighting, and playfully angled chair legs all come together for an interesting geometric aesthetic in the dining room.

Just around the corner from the living room, a compact galley kitchen occupies a tiny hallway created by the stairway enclosure.

Visualizer: Sergey Baskakov  

Here’s another space that brings the outdoors in! This modern living room relishes its unique configuration, with its seating area looking out over the pool and toward the gorgeous landscape beyond. Contemporary furniture inspired by midcentury designs offers a touch of classic simplicity and maintain a low profile to preserve the view of the outdoors.

A central staircase punctuates the middle of the room. Ring lamps hang in the open void of the atrium above, with a pouf and table making good use of the space beneath.

Jean-Marie Massaud’s IPANEMA armchairs and the square-topped Tribeca table make a fabulous combination. The checkered rug is a very creative choice, eliminating the need for prints or patterns elsewhere.

These little behind-the-sofa tables are a great way to prevent a central sofa from looking too plain from behind, and serve as a handy place to store books out of the way. This one is lit by the Atollo Lamp by Vico Magistretti.

Visualizer: Constantine Rybkin   

This home design in Lugano, Switzerland, offers a cheerful approach to a minimalistic and natural interior. The bright blue sofa with oversized gray pillows definitely makes a bold first impression. It’s the only non-neutral piece used throughout the entire living room, yet this block of color more than invigorates the room.

While decoration remains spare throughout the rest of the house, the rich layered textures and geometric arrangements provide all the ornament this luxurious design requires.

Iconic furniture like the Husk Chair adds another layer of quality and style. Other decor objects enjoy unique applications, like the Dioscuri table lamp on the floor in front of the mirror.

Visualizer: Jordan Pierguidi  

What a comfortable and relaxing space! This living room uses low lighting and bold contrast to foster an atmosphere of wonder and intimacy. Natural sunlight filters down from the top of the staircase and indirect fixtures cast a warm glow over the concrete walls and polished floors.

Black and white accents find middle ground with the grayscale rug in the center of the seating arrangement. Transparent furniture and bannisters demonstrate the lighter side of industrial design.

Visualizer: Sam Habbaba   

Warm, natural, and classic – this living room uses dark colors for functional areas between its pure white walls. The ceiling makes an especially bold statement with its small knotty boards and deep bezels, reversing the expectation set by the lighter wood floor.

Like a handful of the other living rooms featured in this post, this one uses an L-shaped layout to divide between the entertainment area and the dining room around the corner.

Beat lamps are a popular choice for dining rooms, but most decorators use repetition in their arrangement. Here, the uncommon distribution of weight explores a unique approach.

Visualizer: Iskren Marinov  

Clay-colored walls and gem-tone accents cast a warm glow on this otherwise minimalistic living room. The arrangement of straightforward forms sets this space apart, the sharp lines of the furniture squaring up against the perfect angles of the layout. In the center, a circular table breaks the mold.

Four accent panels brighten the far wall, with a television placed directly at the point of intersection. Those lines help draw the eye toward the screen for a distraction-free viewing experience.

The same color theme continues into the dining room. Darker accents at the dining table help set it apart from the all-white theme in the living room.

Stairs lead to an elevated area that houses the kitchen and dining but the windows here are the same height as those near the sofa. This gives the dining room a brighter appearance, while allowing the living room a little more privacy.

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4 Luxury Bedrooms With Unique Wall Details

Mo, 18.04.2016 - 17:45

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s in this special space that you put your feet up after a long day, and it’s where you prepare for the day ahead. Your bedroom should reflect your personality, but it should also reflect your needs. Comfort, style, and organization are all important elements for your bedroom suite. So, check out these six very different, but equally stunning bedrooms for some serious bedroom inspiration. Revamp your space with some of the same design tricks and storage solutions utilized by these inspiring designers, and soon you’ll think you’re dreaming because your space is so perfect.

Visualizer: Lada Kamyshanskii  

We’re obsessed with this wall storage solution. You often see entire closet spaces take up a wall of a bedroom, but here they’ve done it a bit differently by adding an open space to act as a dresser top. A perfect spot to place your books, perfume, or a vase full of flowers.

The neutral color pallet makes this bedroom feel cozy and warm even against the stark white sheets and cabinets.

This reflective glass wall is a stunner. It adds dimension, reflects light, and it’s warm chocolate color warms up the entire space.

The warm wood that encompasses the rest of the room is brought into the boudoirs table top to continue the continuity of the space.

Visualizer: Omar Essam   

Take a look at this stunning master suite with an attached bathroom, closet space, and even a sun and reading nook.

The bed is obviously center-stage of this master suite. It’s surrounded by a lovely large headboard that serves as storage and lighting.

The glass wall of the bathroom lets some of that beautiful natural light leak into the space. The blurred lines on the glass add not only a design element to the space, but a bit of privacy for the bathroom.

Talk about master suite! This room boasts a large beautiful tv, a wonderfully designed and integrated mini fridge, and beautiful shelling and storage space.

Swivel the tv around so you can take a nice shower or bath and watch your favorite show. Pure luxury!

Another great aspect of this room is the wonderful little reading nook by the window.

The nook’s right off the closet so you can sit there and mull over which outfit to wear that day, or cozy up with a good book at the end of the day.

The two toned closet is both sleek and functional. A great way to add a bit of design to your boring closet fronts.

Always wanted a walk in closet, but don’t have the space in the wall? If your room is big enough, just section an entire part off and fill it with shelves!

Floating shelves next to a tall mirror creates the perfect space to accessorize and choose your outfit for the day.

This bathroom is elegant with these neutral, long, and dark tiles.

The dark tiles work in this space because natural light filters into the space from the rest of the bedroom.

The bedroom is maximized in this space, they’ve thought of everything!

Designer: Vlad Kislenko  

This feminine and plush space is the perfect place to plop down with a matching glass of rosé after a long day.

This space is decadent. The wonderful blush colors are brought out by the red undertones in the wood, and this accented grayish-purple table. Fresh flowers also always add elegance to a space.

Texture, texture, texture! The tufted headboard, the silk curtains, the velvet duvet, and the shag carpet all compliment each other in this wonderfully peachy space.

Visualizer: Taleh Mehdisoy  

Talk about zen! This space is the perfect bedroom to pop down and relax. The giant yet neutral mural on the wall is reminiscent of a mandala, making the space feel very relaxing.

This fun geometric rug centers the room, and the light fixture and paintings hanging over the dresser compliment it wonderfully.

This bedrooms neutrals are light, airy, and the natural light seeping into the space highlights them.

This is a great tv solution that’s often overlooked. If you’ve got big beautiful windows, but also want a tv consider putting it on a stand so you move it easily, and so it doesn’t block those views.

Finally, check out this master bedrooms’ bathroom! It’s elegant and old world feel is complimented by the sleek modern tiles, fixtures, and that massive glass shower. Opposites attract!

Visualizer: Nikolay Yarin  

As if the headboard didn’t look incredible from the front, from the side you can see all it’s curves and protrusions. The warped wood going towards the ceiling and across it draws your eyes up and around the space. This makes you focus less on how small this room is, and more on it’s elements.

The color pallet is gray, but the wood in the bed frame and the headboard really warm up the space.

Don’t forget the bedding when you’re designing your bedroom. This plush comforter looks perfect for plopping on after a long day. The crisp white also looks beautiful against the shag rug and herringbone floors.

These industrial and brushed metal lights on the side tables are functional and stylish.

You can see the textured wall treatment up close here, and it’s stunning. Consider doing your own textured treatment in your bedroom to add some dimension to the space.

This lovely boudoir area almost blends into the walls completely, making this a cozy little area that doesn’t visually take up space, or take away from the other wonderful elements in this bedroom.

Architect: Inna Shapovalova   

This is a real ‘WOW’ space. The strong, tall lines of the canopy bed draw your eyes up towards the massive ceilings, and help frame that wonderful large window letting in tons of natural light. Canopy beds are perfect for big spaces, or bedrooms with tall ceilings.

The canopy bed is the centerpiece of this amazing bedroom. The clean lines are reflected in the rest of the rooms angular pieces, and it frames that backlit accent wall by the head of the bed.

The warm floors contrasted against a nice dark rug really make the light walls, and bedding pop. The rug also helps center the dark lines of the canopy bed.

The accent wall feature is also carried to the other side of the room, adding a sense of continuity. The warm wood brings an organic feel, and the grooves make it feel sleek and modern.

This reading nook is the perfect place to kick back with a new magazine and a hot coffee. Reading nooks are a great way to utilize that little bit of dead space in the bedroom, and can really help you take advantage of any natural light you get streaming into the space.

This dressing area is tidy, modern, and neutral. The full length mirror behind it reflects more of that beautiful natural light, and the dark wood table really pops against the light wood floors and accent wall.

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Product Of The Week: Bonsai Trees

So, 17.04.2016 - 19:08

We here are big fans of bonsais and thought we will use this week’s POTW to give them some love. Growing these little guys can be a rewarding hobby that adds beauty, greenery and clean air to your home or office. If you are someone who takes pleasures in the little things of life, growing bonsai trees and seeing them flower and yield fruits can leave you with a great sense of accomplishment! While it can take a bit of a time to start from scratch, you can always buy a grown up bonsai which can be easier to take care of. Here are some wonderful ones we found on this neat Etsy store. These are available as single pieces so what you see is exactly what you get.

1 | Buy It: $349 20 Year Old Schefflera Bonsai Tree

2 | Buy It: $299 Parrots Beak bonsai tree

3 | Buy It: $89 Buddha Belly Bamboo

4 | Buy It: $109 Dwarf Pomegranate Bonsai tree

5 | Buy It: $249 Bougainvillea Bonsai tree

Check out their Etsy store for more.


If you are serious about Bonsai and want to really explore this field, we suggest The Complete Book of Bonsai which you can get on Amazon.

6 | Buy It: $33 The Complete Book Of Bonsai

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Lofts That Are Anything But Industrial & Stark

Fr, 15.04.2016 - 17:32

Lofts are known for their harsh lines, exposed metals, a wide open spaces — so typically, they aren’t associated as being cozy and inviting. But in the heart of Beirut, architect Bernard Khoury and Cleer design studio have teamed up to create spaces that are just as warm and indulgently layered as the city’s food and history. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of industrial chic, or you want to lose some of the starkness of your own loft, you’ll want to check out these spaces.

Architect: Bernard Khoury   Designer: Cleer Studio  

Cold metals and cool colored walls may make this loft the perfect place to chill, but exposed wood, and layers of different textures warm this loft right up. On top of that, take a look at those massive windows letting in all that warm desert light.

Warm greys and lots of natural light are easy ways to warm up a space.

Layers are a great way to take away from the starkness of any space. Layers of your favorite books and magazines on a table always makes a space feel more inviting.

Natural light is still one of the best ways to warm up a cool space.

The actual ‘loft’ part of a loft often feels dark and forgotten. But with access to natural light, and a warm accent piece this place feels cozy and far from forgotten.

Don’t these chairs remind you of art stools from school? Well, no arts and crafts are needed here to warm up this area of the loft! The warm wood, brushed metal, and curved lines soften the space and contrast beautifully against the tall and straight table. Opposites attract!

This patio feels organic and is easy on the eyes despite being composed almost entirely of metals. But that kind of contrast is exactly what the designers have mastered here in this space as well as the others you’ll see.

Rich and rusty colored metal is blanketed in smooth chocolatey leather in a stunning juxtaposition. The couch and chair combo are reminiscent of retro outdoor furniture, but are modernized with these clean geometric shapes, and swooping curves. Contrasts like these are the name of the game for this warm loft.

A pop of color in accents never hurts!

This chair may play off some of the harsh lines found throughout the loft, but it’s curves — both rounded and squared soften it up.

Layers, textures, and color, oh my! The harsh concrete walls are softened by this massive statement piece that despite it’s cool color, brings out the rich golden undertones of the rug, chair, bed, side table and lamp. As if that wasn’t enough, the variety of textures in the rug, walls, and bed add much needed dimension to this large space.

Now, like I said before, just because something is ‘cool colored’ doesn’t mean it can’t add warmth. Infact, the deep blue used to accent the loft practically brings those sweeping views of the sky right inside. Contrast against warm wood tones with a midcentury vibe — this space is intrinsically inviting.

The toffee colored wood and the deep blue distract from the cold floors.

The space mirrors the views: blue like the sky, and dusty and brown like the buildings outside. On top of that, look at all those layers! The light hanging from the ceiling makes the space feel cozy, and yet the floor map draws your eyes up with the shades at different heights. Then there’s the side tables: all different heights and sizes which keeps the space interesting.

The curves of the chairs and coffee table, as well as their warm neutral tones make you forget all about those cold floors and tall metal windows.

There’s that beautiful contrast of organic and geometric again! This time — also with a pop of color.

Opposites attract! Don’t try and hide your space’s disadvantages like being too cold and harsh, instead play off of them.

This final space has a wonderful organic feel thanks to the green and mustard color combination. These natural colors draw your eye in, and away from the dark cool walls.

Another play on retro outdoor furniture, this piece breaks up the rectangular shelves that are the main backdrop to this loft.

The layers here are superb. While metal, warm yellow fabric, a woven rug, and that marble table add much needed dimension to this wide open space.

Layers of books, wooden drawers, and house plants add much needed dimension to this long flat wall.

The warm natural light reflects beautifully on, and through, this dining table. The table keeps the space feeling open, but once again adds layers.

Dine under the stars in this modern yet whimsically organic space.

The geometric light, almost resembling the constellations, perfectly contrasts against the warm wooden chairs with sweeping curves.

The metal chairs pop against the natural surface of this wooden table, and really let’s the pool’s deep blue take center stage.

Deliciously organic, these chairs add whimsy to the harsh lines of this loft. Doesn’t the green one remind you of the top of a celery stick in a bloody mary? This big rectangular patio is broken up by these curves, making it the perfect corner to kick back and enjoy that drink.

White doesn’t have to be stark! When layered with other whites, it can really make a space pop, especially around such greenery.

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4 Charming Blue Accent Apartments With Compact Layouts

Do, 14.04.2016 - 17:34

Choosing an accent color for a compact apartment is no easy task. It has to be a color you love, a shade with a little flexibility for future additions and embellishments, a tone that looks good in any room at any time of day. These four apartments show that a blue theme is a wonderfully workable choice! These spaces have very limited floor plans – you can stand in one corner and see the entire interior – so it makes sense that so much work went into the color choices. If you’ve been feeling a little blue about coordinated palettes, these interiors might help inspire your next big redesign.

Designer: Levko Davydiuk  

This home tour begins with a colorful and stylish apartment for a couple in Lviv, Ukraine. It’s a compact space measuring in at just 43 square meters yet manages to create a spacious and comfortable environment with all the amenities. A neutral palette and refined accessories demonstrate that even compact homes can look sophisticated.

It’s open but restrained. For example, the bed tucks away behind a thick wall for separation from the entrance. Simple shelves house bedtime reading material with a nest of varied pillows below.

Thomas Bentzen designed the little table shown here, its smart design including a convenient handle for portability. The floor lamp is the work of Jenny Bäck for Örsjö Belysning.

Artwork featuring mountains and open skies reinforce the airy atmosphere of the apartment, no matter how compact.

Simple chairs by Hee Welling match the decorative wall panel and desk. Natural materials are used sparingly and with purpose.

Here’s a good look at the kitchen in all of its minimalistic appeal. Forethought shines through with the copper pendant interiors showing smart contrast against the matte black cabinets in the background.

The kitchen, as compact as it is, uses smart organization techniques to keep things tidy. Notice how the brass towel rod continues all the way around the work surface.

Versatile and natural, the chopping block countertop makes a tremendous statement when paired next to the organic curves of the dining set.

What an inspiring dark bathroom! Flat black surfaces seem to absorb the indirect lighting on contact. Functional objects remain in traditional white, easier to find in the early hours of the morning.

Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev   

The clients for this apartment design desired shared spaces but also craved a degree of individuality. Ideally, the interior would feel quiet and welcoming, pleasing to the eye with its timeless style – achieved by using neutral colors and outstanding iconic furniture throughout.

Comfortable seating comes by way of the Place Sofa by Jasper Morrison, and the modern Spar floor lamp is the work of Jamie McLellan.

Other eye-catching furniture selections include the famous Eames lounge – when you have to pare down your furniture selections for a space this compact, it pays to invest in quality showpieces.

These compact vertical shelves are a popular storage solution these days, while the George Nelson clock on the wall is an enduring icon.

Glass interior walls help shield residents from the sounds and bustle going on around the home – the residents can utilize the restricted floor plan without feeling cramped in together.

It also allows for a clear view around the corner, and brings some of the kitchen’s natural light into the hallway.

Blue polygons express themselves with vigor when the sun shines on the rug.

Chairs include the 2015 Belleville Chair by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and the classic 1951 Wire Chair by Charles & Ray Eames.

But what’s all this about a sofa in the kitchen? This was a special request from the clients, who enjoy spending time together in this hub of family life.

Visualizer: Elena Ponomarenko   

Designed for a young doctor with confident tastes, this apartment adopts an interior style that feels serious and playful at the same time. Dark materials lean toward the sophisticated side while typographic decorations express a modern edge. The layout balances privacy with freedom to roam.

Many of the furniture items come from the Vitra catalogue, with the stage perfectly set by the Eames House Bird peeking over the ledge of the nesting tables.

And here’s a cheerful little Eames Elephant, the House Bird’s slightly less famous cousin.

The kitchen combines contemporary and mid-century themes, like Tom Dixon’s Lustre pendant lights and the 40s-era armchairs by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen.

Of course, the Dr. House decal might seem a little “on the nose” in a house for a young doctor, but what fan could resist that steely gaze and no-nonsense expression?

All of the blue accents help bring out the cooler tones found in the rich marble floor tiles.

“Things happen” is a great inspirational phrase for a kitchen, where improvisation and delightful discoveries are part of the process.

The blue chair taking the spotlight here is Grand Repos by Antonio Citterio.

And in the bedroom, pendant lights by Jordi Vilardell seem to drip down the wall. Cool white light radiates from beneath the raised bed platform.

Visualizer: Eugene Anfilova   

Wrapping up the apartment tour is a fun blue design for a young couple. Bright colors provide for energetic days and soothing nights. Natural materials, plants, and vivid prints help lead the mind away from the city and into a more peaceful place, perhaps a forest overlooking fresh blue waters.

Decorative shelves separate the bed and sofa spaces. When the young couple needs some time to pursue individual interests, they can stake out their own territory without feeling completely closed off.

This desk couldn’t have a better location. When the sunlight from the bay window begins to fade, the Tribeca lamp by Søren Rose Studio can illuminate the desk or swing over to shine on the bed.

Back in the living room, the artwork is always among the first details to catch the eye. Layered glass panels give it a complicated and dimensional aesthetic – impossible to ignore.

Throughout the home, round accents help break up the boxy forms: the lamp shade, the planter, the side table, and vases all contribute toward a sense of balance.

Dining takes place in a relatively secluded cove shared with the kitchen. It’s nice to have somewhere to slip away from the main gathering.

In the background, the iconic Delmori clock centers the design. Beat lamps by Tom Dixon cut a lovely profile.

The kitchen itself melts right into the wall. Not a single inch of potential storage is wasted.

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30 Large Wall Clocks That Don’t Compromise On Style

Mi, 13.04.2016 - 18:26

With the popularity of smartphones, wall clocks are moving away from the realm of utility and into the world of design and decoration. Rather than reducing the number of options available, this trend has ensured a wider variety of styles to choose from – whether you’re looking for a unique timepiece to enhance an interior that feels modern, rustic, minimalist, futuristic, artistic, and so on. This post will introduce you to 30 attractive clocks in a wide range of styles and colors. Each pick is available in a large and easy-to-see size for maximum functionality and aesthetic appeal. Large clocks are functional artwork for the wall!

Buy It: $370   

Mondaine Wall Clock: As the official clock of the Swiss Railways, this beloved and iconic design has won honors from MoMA and the London Design Museum. Apple even paid $21 million just for permission to use its likeness on iOS. This model is a generous 15.75 inches (40cm) in size.

Buy It: $81  

Blomus Clock: Its stainless steel finish provides just enough contrast to suit a dark-themed room, yet will stand out beautifully in just about any space. This model is 15.75 inches (40 cm) across – and the white on black theme makes it readable from long distances.

Buy It: $50  

Tuma Silent Wall Clock: Gorgeous! A spectrum of grayscale adds just enough decoration to prevent this clock from blending into the background. This piece would be a lovely addition to any minimalist interior. It’s slightly smaller than the previous two clocks at 14 inches (35.56 cm). In addition to this lovely silver tone, this clock is also available in black and white.

Buy It: $124  

Wooden Pocket Watch Wall Clock: Looking for the perfect clock for a classic, rustic, or whimsical interior? This 15″ (38.1 cm) clock looks just like an oversized pocket watch for a creative twist on a traditional style. Its wooden body gives it a natural look that fits well within any color palette.

Buy It: $57  

Cape Craftsmen Oval Clock: At 20″ (50.8 cm) tall and 12.5″ (31.75 cm) wide, this oval-shaped wall clock is sure to become a focal point of your interior. It would work well alongside other antiques or vintage-style furniture, but might be just the bit of artistic contrast needed within a modern space.

Buy It: $110  

Oversized Vintage Clock: If you’re looking for a real statement piece, this 28″ (71.12 cm) wall clock just might fit the bill. It’s a functional and dynamic sculpture for the wall. Imagine this piece inside a warehouse-style loft or a chic and eclectic interior.

Buy It: $34  

Port Wine Wall Clock: Indulge your love for wine with this lovely vintage-style clock featuring the name of one of France’s famous wine appellations, Bordeaux Côtes de Francs. This clock is a large 18″ (45.72 cm) model, ready to enhance the traditional aesthetic of a dining room or living room.

Buy It: $521   

Rustic Oversized Clock: This is definitely not an ordinary clock. Hammered copper enjoys the classic patina of a gray wash, with Roman numeral pegs in black to stand out from a light background. This clock would look fantastic in a classic space – perhaps a French or Italian style kitchen – and might even compliment an industrial theme as well. This piece steals the show at 60.25″ (153.03cm).

Buy It: $366  

Hawthorne Tower Clock: Useful for spaces where decorators want the wall color to shine through, this style of clock is flexible enough to travel from home to home with a family throughout the years. It has a strong Art Deco appeal for a 1930s theme and can add bold appeal to a minimalistic space. This clock is 38″ (96.52 cm) across.

Buy It: $298  

Stockton Gallery Wall Clock: The Stockton Gallery wall clock by Howard Miller is a substantial 49″ (124.46 cm) in diameter, its smooth brushed nickel body sure to add a touch of sophistication to any interior. The hands and numerals are finished in charcoal black for better visibility.

Buy It: $84   

Colorful Wall Clock: Here’s something fun for artistic interiors! This piece is vivid and playful, its character brought out with a distressed finish. Use in a neutral interior for a touch of color, or match to one of your accents. The inner clock face is 19″ (48.26 cm) for a total of 30.5″ (77.47 cm) including the frame.

Buy It: $100  

River City Clock: Stone-textured ceramic tiles border this clock for a striking rustic contrast against its minimalistic face. The extra dials measure temperature and humidity. If you’re looking for a 15″ (38.1 cm) clock to accessorize a natural or neutral room, this one certainly stands out from the rest.

Buy It: $100  

Caledonian Railway Clock: Railroad enthusiasts and classic design fans alike are sure to appreciate this sturdy Caledonian Railway clock with its black numerals and metal construction. This model is 23.5″ (59.69 cm) across, and its classic vintage style will work well within any interior.

Buy It: $130   

Kensington Station Clock: Here’s another railway-inspired clock for your collection! This one is available in a crackled cream and black finish with distinctive wear marks around the edges for an authentic look. This piece is 29″ (73.66 cm) across and 24″ (60.96 cm) tall.

Buy It: $168  

Cle Du Ville Clock: Nostalgic and charming, this clock from Howard Miller boasts an aged parchment background printed with the names of famous cities in France, with applied skeleton keys taking the place of numerals. This would be a great addition to any travel themed interior, or a fine centerpiece to a nostalgic collection. It’s just the right size at 26.2″ (66.54 cm).

Buy It: $50   

Wooden Clock With No Branding: Need a wall clock to suit a minimalist interior? This light wood wall clock features lines for hour markers, an unembellished frame, and a silent movement.

Buy It: $70   

Minimalist Wooden Wall Clock: Here’s another piece for a minimalistic home, this time with a solid wood construction. Each one is handmade and silent, with markings carved from the surface rather than painted on. This wall clock would look especially at-home within a Scandinavian interior. It measures in at 15.74″ (40 cm).

Buy It: $64   

Copper Clock: Stunning! The copper trend is still going strong, and this clock can help round out your metallic accents. It’s a minimalist piece with plenty of style – the brushed copper case draws the eye, and the flat glass face ensures a clear view from any angle. At 15″ (38.1 cm) in diameter, it’s sure to make an impression on guests.

Buy It: $169   

Swallow Clock: Haoshi Design created this clock as a functional piece of artwork for the wall. The included templates will let you adjust the sculptural swallows in diameters of 19.68″ (50 cm), 21.65″ (55cm), or 23.62″ (60cm).

Buy It: $20   

Modern Frameless Wall Clock: Do you love to incorporate typography within your interior design theme? This frameless wall clock spells out the twelve, three, six, and nine for an effect impossible to ignore. Hour markers and hands both shine with a metallic finish. The minimum size to achieve accuracy is 24.8″ (63 cm) in diameter.

Buy It: $19   

DIY Mirror Clock: Made with sturdy foam with a mirrored surface, this clock has a modern minimalistic appeal that would look gorgeous in a dark room like this one but could stand out against a white or colorful background as well. The hour hand is 12″ (31 cm) long and the minute hand measures at 15.3″ (12 cm) – so it’s sure to make a statement.

Buy It: $1295   

Nelson Sunflower: Designed by Irving Harper for renowned design house George Nelson Associates, this piece enjoys an elegant aesthetic that falls somewhere between Art Deco and Mid Century Modern. But those aren’t the only interior styles that could rock this clock, as it would look right at home in any classic or natural interior too. This artistic piece measures at 29.5″ (74.93 cm) for a brilliant but not overpowering display.

Buy It: $167   

Hans Andersen Petal Clock: If you’ve been looking for a clock to pair with your favorite Mid Century Modern furniture, this design by Hans Andersen just might be the best piece to fill that empty spot on the wall. 20″ (50.8 cm).

Buy It: $60   

Ribbonwood Wall Clock: Ribbon-shaped clocks seem to strike the perfect balance between minimalism and decorative value. This piece was designed by Michelle Ivankovic for Umbra – and it makes quite a statement, being 20.25″ (51.435 cm) in diameter and 3.75″ (9.525 cm) thick.

Buy It: $70   

Cage Wall Clock: Designed by Alan Wisniewski for Umbra, this clock would fit well within modern and classic interiors alike. The cage actually projects outward from the clock face, turning it into a sculptural focal point easy to appreciate from any angle. This piece measures 16″ (40.64 cm) in diameter.

Buy It: $642  

Abstract Art Wall Clock: Colorful abstract art meets precision timekeeping with this amazing oversized clock. Handmade with paint on prepared glass, the texture and detail is unmatched and irresistible. This clock is part of a collection by that interprets planets through a post-modern lens. At nearly 3 feet across (almost 1 meter), it won’t go unnoticed among your art collection.

Buy It: $74   

Karlsson Moon Clock: Appealing to fans of astronomy, modern art, and nature, this clock features a bold printed moon covered by a protective glass face. The movement is silent to make your nights even more peaceful – a great accent piece for the bedroom. This moon is 23.5 inches (59.69 cm) in diameter.

Buy It: $221   

Giant Digital Wall Clock: This is such a cool wall clock! While digital displays are usually reserved for alarm clocks and wristwatches, this one takes it to the wall. The numerals stand 8 inches (20.32 cm) high for easy reading from anywhere in the room.

Buy It: $130  

Modern Digital Wall Clock: Here’s a digital wall clock with a more minimalistic aesthetic. Each number is 5.9″ (15 cm) from top to bottom, making it a popular option for schools and museums and stylish modern homes. Each clock comes with a remote to control brightness and to switch between time, date, and countdown modes.

Buy It: $110  

Blue LED Calendar Clock: For the modernist that isn’t into minimalism, the Ivation oversized digital wall clock has all the necessary features wrapped up in a cool futuristic package. The time uses a standard digital clock display, with the date printed in dot matrix below. The largest model is 22″ (55.88 cm) long.

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Two Sophisticated Luxury Apartments In NY (Includes Floor Plans)

Di, 12.04.2016 - 20:03

If you’re looking for inspiring homes, New York has plenty of hidden gems. This post examines two sprawling luxury apartments with meticulously staged interiors worth admiring. While both have several themes in common (stylish metallic accents, classic furniture) each one incorporates these elements within a different architectural background. For example, the first retains its industrial framework while the second boasts original Art Deco details. Whether you dream of owning your own NY penthouse or just need ideas for your next renovation, this post delivers.

This gorgeous 4,871 square foot apartment occupies a duplex space atop Walker Tower. The modern interior respects the traditional architectural details, incorporating many of the Art Deco details original to the 1930s tower. The interior staging offers a nod to the building’s history as well: metallic accents and blocky geometric patterns are abundant throughout, and contrasting black and white themes seamlessly alternate with calm natural palettes.

Inspired brass furniture reinforces the Art Deco flair present in the building’s classical features like the intricate ceiling, black chevron floors, and the breath-taking staircase.

Geometric details continue the theme but in a more subdued way. This angle demonstrates something unique about the floors, how several thin tracks of chevron flooring break up the space between window bench and the dining room.


This apartment occupies a generous 6,471 square foot floor plan centered on a great room with a double-height ceiling, its lovely neutral interior flooded with light from windows that span the 17’5″ walls. The current design maintains the characteristic industrial details from the property’s former life, setting the stage for a glamorous modern interior in line with today’s minimalist tastes. Track lighting, spectacular chandeliers, and eye-catching artwork offer abundant interior decor inspiration.

The main volume consists of a living area and a full dining room. Brass and silver details bring elegance to the streamlined decor staging. Sweeping gossamer curtains give the wandering mind something to appreciate from every angle.

Sculptures line the walls, their short pedestals offering a unique counterbalance to the high ceilings. In the background, Gino Sarfatti’s iconic 1958 chandeliers hang above the table.

Set in a more private area, this cozy breakfast nook and small living space make up the perfect ingredients for a casual suite. The group of copper pendants reinforces the luxurious accents throughout the house.

The media room remains simple but continues the trend of metallic accents. This layout is practical and feels laid back yet every detail stands out.

Reaching into the industrial roots of the property, this kitchen uses fascinating chairs and rolling tables to reinforce the steel theme of the appliances. The pendant lamp ties it all together.

Elsewhere, concrete decor reinforces the industrial context as well. The stairs have a dark and unpolished look to them – another holdback from the property’s manufacturing context.

A sculptural Serge Mouille three-arm chandelier serves as the primary overall lighting for this refined bedroom. The silky wooden wall panels behind the headboard serve as a good blank canvas for self-expression.

What an inspiring material theme for a bathroom! Relaxing cream tiles bring warmth to the floor, decorated by an ornate medallion with a round pendant centered overhead. The famous bench is a design by George Nelson.

The lowest floor is an open space with dramatic exposed beams. It’s ready to become a gallery or creative space but it has the bones to become anything: office, gym, bedrooms, etc.

Nothing says “home” like classic brick.

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50 Modern Front Door Designs

Mo, 11.04.2016 - 17:15

The front door is often the focal point of a home exterior – a door is the first thing guests see when they arrive, it’s the last thing they contemplate after leaving, it’s visited daily by the mail delivery, and it gives potential buyers something to remember the house by. An ordinary home can become “the house with the red door” with nothing more than a simple coat of paint, while a magnificent piece of architecture can rely on a unique door style to tie its exterior design together. Why settle with normal? This post looks at 50 spectacular front doors that boast expressively tailored personality and style.

Architect: Stuart Silk Architects  

Let’s start with a modern take on a classic. Smooth horizontal wood panels gain a contemporary update with a silky black handle guard that runs from top to bottom.

Architect: Sanders Pace Architecture  

Here’s a wood door formed from a solid sheet of veneer, integrated within matching boards that wrap around on the side and ceiling.

Doors that reach from top to bottom make entryways look larger than they really are. This one is especially interesting because of how the handle guard continues sideways with room for a mail slot.

Architect: SBCH Architects  

Warm wood panels jump out from the neutral home exterior, horizontal matte black panels providing a little extra decoration.

Architect: ONG & ONG  

Vibrant wood tones add natural character to concrete exteriors. Here, a matching walking path further differentiates the entryway from the paved parking and patio tiles.

Architect: McClennan Architects  

In the context of an industrial exterior like this one, a natural door can have an even bolder effect. This one has a textural exterior to stand in contrast with the concrete and steel that surrounds it.

Architect: Atelier M+A   

This classic door seems to float weightlessly between frameless sidelights.

Source: Daniel James Hatton  

Camouflaged within its bordering panels, this door makes a dramatic first impression by offering a surprising substantial and weighty look among a perfect glass-clad exterior.

Chevron wood panels are a nice break from the traditional horizontal or vertical wood planks. Fiery orange is a nice finish for a modern Californian home like this one.

Designer: Joseph Douglas  

Timber planks and alternating glass strips allow for guarded visual continuity, allowing sunlight to filter through an otherwise heavy-looking door. The long door pull is another interesting touch.

Source: Bramco Builders  

Incorporating artistic glass is another way to make a front door stand out. These textural sheets of glass coordinate well with the textural exterior of the home, and provide extra privacy that ordinary panels could not. Note that this door also opens on a pivot to save space on the interior.

Designer: Jute Home  

Garden-facing doors don’t need a lot of bulk, so something with glass panes like this is perfectly workable. It’s the perfect solution for an entryway with a farmhouse vibe like this one.

Architect: Sculp[IT]  

Wow! These oversized atrium-height doors are breathtaking. Mechanized hardware allows designers to overlook the weight of the doors so the homeowners can go as big and bold as they want.

Source: Borano  

Deep rose tones ring with a traditional and sophisticated tone, while the brushed steel door guard incorporates modern styling.

Designer: Keratuer  

This Red Dot Design Award winner gains admiration for its enhanced security and keyless entry options as well as its distinctive styling. Exotic woods like the ones used here always catch the eye.

Designer: Axolotl  

The ideal door a minimalist exterior – this sleek and modern design uses uncomplicated modern materials, its stripes serving up just a touch of decoration for visual interest.

Designer: Minarc  

Wavy wood panels flow and interweave for an artistic effect. The ultra-tall and wide design opens on a pivot, making it stand out both in terms of looks and functionality.

Designer: Axolotl  

This part of the door tour takes us through several highly artistic and up-to-date options. This futuristic door incorporates a textured print on top of a cloudy finish.

Designer: Axolotl  

Unusual materials can transform an ordinary front door into a true focal point. This one goes for a bold approach to texture, with stone-like panels varied by tint and height.

Designed by Deborah Aguiar and executed by Joinery Piñeiro, this door transforms ordinary wood panels into a daring sculptural arrangement. Even the mail slot plays an integral role in the design.

Designer: Axolotl  

Laser carved doors give homeowners endless possibilities for self-expression. This floral imprint continues along the frame to either side to stretch its effect on the home’s exterior.

Designer: Axolotl  

Here’s another laser carved door, this time featuring an aerial view of the client’s home and neighborhood in the finest of detail. Its aluminum coating contributes substantial visual weight.

Designer: Denai Kulcsar Interiors  

Even snake scale texture looks right at home on a modern front door. Edgy and elegant.

Designer: Axolotl  

This door combines cutout branches with a multi-tone finish for a perfectly up-to-date result. The handprint on the door pull is a neat idea, too.

Designer: Michael Fullen Design Group   

Check out this flattering take on pane windows, with small squares of amber glass embracing an open view without compromising security. This would be a nice door for an updated take on a classic exterior.

Architect: Mahoney Architect & Interiors  

Here’s another take on tiny panes, this one with frosted glass to provide ample privacy while still retaining a bright and sunny appeal.

Architect: Silvas Studios Architecture  

Are you looking for a way to incorporate natural themes without sacrificing your modernist aesthetic? This starburst pattern draws the eye immediately, its distressed bright blue paint keeping the personality nice and casual.

Architect: MCK Architects  

Screen doors can boast plenty of style too. Here, decorative strapwork creates a guarded but attractive boundary between the front door and the street outside. Fresh air filters right through to cool the home, but the hot sun doesn’t get very far.

Architect: Dick Clark Associates  

Designed by architect Dick Clark and constructed by Gary McFarland, this artistic door glows brightly from within thanks to the ethereal lights sandwiched between semi-transparent onyx panels.

Designer: Mark Tessier  

The mid-century Scandinavian vibes are strong with this door! Natural shades of orange and green blend flawlessly with the nearby furniture and decoration while livening up the home’s concrete exterior.

Architect: Workroom  

Natural materials meet minimalism in this gorgeous entryway.

Architect: Chamberlain Javens Architects  

Sideways herringbone patterns certainly aren’t a common pattern for front doors, making this one even more noticeable. The golden ratio inspired sidelights reinforce the artistic elements at play here.

Designer: Jennifer Post   

Glossy doors are uncommon as well. White stripes offer a response to the black strips along the exterior walkway. Inside, glossy walls and floors continue the highly polished theme.

This cardinal red door uses its extra-wide stature and pivot construction to make a dramatic statement every time it sweeps open.

Designer: Denise McGaha Interiors  

Pivoting doors always seem to create a stir among visitors. This method can turn even an ordinary door into a show-stopper.

Architect: Furman + Keil Architects  

Some doors don’t have much of a pivot to them at all. This lovely example could be mistaken for a traditional hinged door at first glance, but the lack of visual hinges makes it a great option for those who seek out minimalism in exterior design.

Architect: Olson Kundig Architects  

It’s impossible to overlook this creative modern door. A pivoting outer frame reveals a smaller door within, the smaller door adhering to traditional sizing and the outer door blurring the boundaries between inside and out.

Designer: Karim Rashid  

Karim Rashid’s innovative Ring front door design won a Red Dot Design Award, thanks in part to its unique opening mechanism: a ring hiding inside the volcano that opens when activated.

Designer: Karim Rashid  

The gorgeous Blow door, also by Karim Rashid, curves outward to provide a visually stunning alternative to a traditional door handle.

Source: Inside Out  

Now let’s move on to a collection of doors that emphasize color. This bright blue door stands out against the surrounding potted plants, a cool drink of water within a desert-inspired garden.

Bright yellow is a cheerful and welcoming color, perfect for a front door.

Architect: Moises Esquenazi and Associates   Photographer: Studio DIY   

Do you recognize this famous entryway? The creatives at Studio DIY noticed this bold door making waves on Pinterest, and became so obsessed they actually took the time to hunt it down.

Color is a great way to embrace bright flora growing nearby – these blossoms would have outshined any other door, so now the entrance gets to share the spotlight.

Architect: Matharoo Associates  

Constructed from 40 planks of Burma teak, this door contains fabulously intricate inner mechanisms including a wire rope and hidden counterweight to create its dynamic opening effect. It looks just like an ordinary oversized door when closed, but fans out into a beautiful curved opening.

This door offers another amazing example of construction turning ordinary materials into something magical, in this case, a lovely starburst pattern that extends the door framing on either side.

Photographer: Toni Kaarttinen  

This wooden door is especially unique. Its wood body continues down beneath the stairs and off to the sides to create the illusion of one large door, with a set of varied stairs seeming to float in front.

Architect: Peter Zumthor and Gottfried Böhm  

What could make you feel more secure than a stone door? This work of art is carved from solid basalt.

Woodcarving can come in handy for artistic expression as well. This door takes its owl motif to the next level by including a sculptural beak and tinted windows for eyes.

Source: Decoesfera  

While this is not a home, the idea is still solid – the door itself is an ordinary style, but the streetlamp painting gives it a distinctive artistic frame.

Wow! This door is built into a round window, its unique shape and proportions ensuring undivided attention.

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Product Of The Week: Blumoo Smart Control For Universal Control Of All Your Devices

So, 10.04.2016 - 19:04

Blumoo solves a real problem. In this age of an ever increasing cluster of devices that we are pressured to operate on a daily basis, keeping track of which is which can be a challenging task. The beauty of Blumoo Smart Control is that it combines the functionality of every one of those remotes into a single device that you will always have at hand – your mobile phone. It even enables those phones that do not have an IR blaster like the iPhone or the Galaxy S7 to control infra red based devices. Getting one of these will sure help you avoid remote overload.

Here is how it works:

It can even enable your non-smart stereos to be controlled by your phone.

Current version supports about 250,000 devices.


Assign single buttons for multi step activities like turning on, changing inputs and even navigating menus.

Apple watch and Amazon Echo support is included as well. This means that if you have Echo, you can say things like “Alexa, tell Blumoo to Watch Movie” and the device will respond!

You can get in on Amazon here.

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Luxurious & Inspiring Penthouses

Fr, 08.04.2016 - 18:51

Penthouses are synonymous with luxury. But just because your your penthouse dream home may be a bit out of reach, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some of the incredible design ideas into your own home for a luxurious feel. Take a look at these stunning penthouses and their meticulous designs to find ideas you could bring into your own space. Fair warning, you may drool a little in the process!

Source: James Edition   

This Manhattan penthouses boasts massive windows with sweeping views of the famous New York skyline. The designers have done a fantastic job not only focusing the furniture so it can take advantage of these views, but they’ve sectioned off the living space with a L shaped couch and a low bookshelf. Both tips you can use in your own space!

White doesn’t have to be boring! The sleek white floors make you wonder where they end, and where the silky smooth countertops begin making the space feel open and airy.

What we love about this space is the shape of the rug, and how it mirrors the ceiling cut out above. You don’t need a dining room the size of a small tennis court to copy this great idea! Although, vaulted or higher ceilings may play better into this.

Talk about a statement piece! This open, and white space calls for something to draw your eye back in, and away from those million dollar views. Use a bold colored statement piece like they did here to center a room in your home.

Wood paneling doesn’t have to be a thing of the past! These sleek, warm wood panels are a modern twist on old-school luxury.

This home office hands down has one of the best (and maybe most distracting) views. But these built in shelves with a built in table maximize the space. Consider a fold out table from a built in shelving unit for your own home office to save some space.

Gray doesn’t have to be a cool color, and the designer of this penthouse suit knows all about that. The warm wood-tones play wonderfully off the warm grays in the rug, TV unit, and the chair, making this space clean and inviting.

Pocket doors are a great way to keep a space open, but still get the privacy you need. The designer has done that here for this home office — leaving the pocket door open to let more of that amazing natural light into the room. But the door can then easily be pulled out for much needed privacy.

This room is maximized to it’s full potential. The built in unit provides drawers, a TV stand and even a desk, leaving plenty of room for two large beds. Consider a wall unit in your space to maximize it.

Penthouse views of the Manhattan skyline.

Architect: S & T Architects  

This penthouse is packed with personality. Color, texture, and layers by S & T Architects make this space diverse and luxurious. Play with these three elements to bring a sense of eloquence to your own space.

This penthouse maximizes space, even though it probably doesn’t have to. And staircases are a great place to do it. Here, the designer has created a space to hang coats, but also a place to put your shoes. Get creative and innovative with your own staircase and see how you can maximize its utility.

The bold wallpaper brings a sense of whimsy to this otherwise modern penthouse. The contrast of the rusty red and the green also compliment each other wonderfully.

This space draws your eyes up with that white cylinder chandelier, the hanging black fixture, and the tall wood paneled walls. While this incredible penthouse already boasts high ceilings, you can use elements like these in your own space to give the illusion of more head space.

The clean thin lines of this penthouse bookshelf are mirrored in this stunning chair. Tying in different elements of the room into one another subtly brings a unity to the space.

This penthouse kitchen may be white, but it’s anything but stark. What we love about the space is how the wallpaper flows from the dining room into the kitchen, giving the two separate spaces a sense of continuity. The kitchen also heavily ties in greens from the dining room with the potted herbs and table accents. Tie your separate spaces together with color.

You don’t have to be match-matchy. The rug in this penthouse kitchen is striped, and colored with peaches and maroon — a contrast to the greens in the rest of the space. But it really anchors the kitchen, and plays off the warm wooded island.

Hanging shelves are a great way to save space, and display some of your most beautiful kitchen appliances and silverware.

What this penthouse is so great at doing is making everything look opulent, even though it’s neutral. Whether it’s the sleek lines of the glass table, or the bronzed surface of the shelving unit, the surfaces and textures in this space (while neutral in color) feel innately luxurious.

Persian rugs are all the rage right now, and this penthouse has taken this trend to new heights with this stunning faded blue rug. While the rest of the space has rather clean lines and neutral tones, the rugs robin egg color brings out the warm undertones of the bed and headboard and grounds the rest of the space. Use this as inspiration to bring a twist to the old Persian rug in your own home.

Don’t you just want to cozy up on this massive bed with a cappuccino and the Sunday paper? This penthouse bedroom is warm, inviting, and luxurious — all elements you can incorporate into your own space. The tufted headboard is a familiar but given a twist with that warm leather. And that stunning painting is leaned up against the wall and styled perfectly with books and other home items.

If we’ve learned anything from this space it’s all about surfaces. The wood, stone, and glass surfaces may be neutral, but their shine and texture compliment each other and bring a luxurious feel to the space.

Architect: SOTA & CO.  

Playing on agains the warm tones of the herringbone wood floors, the velvet blue couches bring some cool tones into this otherwise golden and olive warm space.

This penthouse suite is all about opulent layers. Whether it’s shiny surfaces like this coffee table, or that silky rug, the contrast is a luxurious design by SOTA & CO.

The herringbone floors of the living and dining room carry right into the penthouses kitchen, making the space feel open and unified.

The mired wall in this penthouse foyer makes the space feel much larger than it really is, and extends the view into the space. Consider adding a massive mirror of your own to one of your rooms to make it feel bigger.

This space screams luxury. From the skyline view, to the coffee table with a built in fireplace. And while you may not be able to recreate this view for you own patio, you can use the sleek monotone colors and surfaces of this space for your own luxurious inspiration.

This penthouse bedroom adds a pop of color with that evergreen colored chez lounge. The rest of the room is this warm gray color with purple undertones, and the green really pulls that out. Consider adding a pop of contrasting color in your space to bring out new events of the colors you’ve already put in place.

The continuity of the stone tiles on the floor, walls, and sink make this space feel wide open.

Architect: SOTA & CO.  

This penthouse boasts a masculine feel with dark furniture and accent pieces thanks to the design of SOTA & CO.

The contrast of the clean lines of the chair and lamp against the curved fireplace are stunning.

The gold and black chairs are super luxurious, and pop off of the marble table and white kitchen. The colors also tie into the beautifully marbled black stone behind the book case. Contrast makes perfect!

The space is mostly black and white, with accents of gold. But the designers have added a bit of whimsy to the clean-lined space with a zebra throw rug — adding some character.

The black and white penthouse bedroom is warmed up with a beautifully rusty colored brown chair in the corner, bringing a bit of organic chic into this masculine space. Don’t be afraid to throw in something a little different in your own bedroom to add some variation.

The wood paneled walls bring out the warm tones in the gray bedding.

Thes honeycomb stone tiles add texture and fun geometric pattern to this space. Consider different sharped tiles for your bathroom to add some variety and a sense of luxury.

You may not be so lucky to bathe in front of such a view, but you can bring a bit of luxury into your own bathroom with wonderful mood lighting. This space has warm lights under the stairs to the bath, over the sinks, and right over the tub. Bringing in light to shine off of all those wonderful surfaces will reflect true opulence into your space — and make you feel like you’re in a penthouse all your own.

Sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline from this penthouse.

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20 Beautiful Examples Of Bedrooms With Attached Wardrobes

Do, 07.04.2016 - 19:01

Clothing storage is usually a humble affair consisting of a chest of drawers, a simple closet, and maybe a coatrack or two. But it’s nice to dream about having a spectacular walk-in wardrobe with room to access everything all in one place – no more searching every closet in the house for that seasonal clothing and those extra shoes. This post looks at 20 inspiring bedrooms that combine stylish interiors with smart storage and organization solutions. If you didn’t already have walk-in closet envy before seeing this post, you just might find yourself looking for ways to reclaim enough floor space after checking out these brilliant wardrobes.

Visualizer: Maksym Luriichuk  

Glass doors enclose this spacious wardrobe, open and bright thanks to the lighting incorporated beneath each shelf. There’s space for shoes, undershirts, and includes plenty of small drawers and boxes for garments the owner doesn’t want to put on display. If you have a fantastic fashion sense or an impressive shoe collection, why not show it off?

Visualizer: Alena Taeva  

Frosted windows give the occupant a little more privacy when it comes to storage, and helps maintain a more minimalistic look to match the bedroom’s style. Only the silhouettes of outfits are visible through the cloudy panels.

Visualizer: Alena Taeva  

In a smaller room, it’s hard to justify giving up square footage for a massive wardrobe. This is where transparent doors really shine, preserving the line of sight rather than blocking the area away. But sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a plain and simple bedroom without having every outfit within view – this wardrobe includes curtains for just that reason.

Visualizer: Design at Sketch  

Here, sliding doors allow the wardrobe to occupy the wall behind the headboard, leaving plenty of open space for emphasis on the incredible view outside. Inside of the closet, smart storage options offer endless organization ideas.

Visualizer: Alena Makagon   

Here’s an attached wardrobe space that hides when the door is closed. Seams in the glossy wall panels allow the entrance to blend to a state of near invisibility, a useful quality considering its proximity to the television. The boxes in the first photo are worth a mention too: labels like “large things” and “medium things” is a cute touch.

Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina  

Slatted doors match the unique wall feature along the leftmost wall of this stylish modern bedroom. Slats offer balance between clean aesthetics and decorative appeal, and they’re a great way to integrate wood within a natural interior without the heavy look of a solid panel door.

Visualizer: Black Box   

This dark wood wardrobe looks sophisticated with its classic style. The wood grain on the drawers run horizontally while the backing panels run horizontally, a subtle decorative distinction that enhances the sense of luxury.

Visualizer: Michel Leyraud  

Why bother with walls when your organization game is so on point? Suitcases, minimalistic boxes, and the occasional drawer helps keep items organized on these boutique-worthy shelves. Recessed lighting illuminates the uppermost shelves and draw attention to the transition from a black background to a white one.

Source: Zalf  

A unique shelving layout leaves room for storage containers of every size. Antique chests are more than just practical: they’re a clever way to beautify an otherwise utilitarian space. This wardrobe looks nothing like an ordinary closet. Smoky glass panels clarify the room without obscuring the details within.

Visualizer: Andriy Voskolovich  

Here’s another wardrobe with smoky doors, this time in a lighter white color. When the sliding doors open, the variation in opacity embraces the range of grays used throughout the rest of the bedroom.

Visualizer: Lukasz Wojciechowski & Paulina Libiszewska  

This freestanding wardrobe doubles as a boundary between the sleeping area and the integrated bathroom for a creative layout that maintains an acceptable level of privacy without sacrificing openness. A second freestanding volume acts as a gorgeous monolithic headboard to the bed.

Visualizer: DEKAA architects  

Dramatic floor-to-ceiling slats upgrade the typical wardrobe door for a striking and modernistic effect. The space between the slats isn’t open but uses its slight opacity to prevent the wardrobe interior from adding visual clutter.

Visualizer: Vitaly Yurov & Iryna Dzhemesiuk  

Sliding doors are a great choice for wardrobes in rooms that don’t have a lot of extra floor space. This bedroom isn’t tiny but a traditional swinging door would have restricted the walking path to the side.

Source: Zalf  

With wardrobes that include a walking path, the transparency of the doors grows even more important. Nobody wants to feel cramped up inside of a dark closet while looking for clothing, no matter how luxurious the closet might be.

Source: Zalf  

Do you notice any similarities between this wardrobe and the previous one? Both were designed by the talented creatives at Zalf. The builds and interior arrangements are the same, but the difference between transparent glass and tinted glass makes all of the difference.

Source: Zalf  

Here’s another innovative Zalf wardrobe, this time with a fun twist. The shelves twist and turn in continuous lines for a look that falls somewhere between minimalism and art.

Source: Jesse  

For those who prefer a classic style, a wardrobe like this one can provide. The drawers look like part of an ordinary dresser, and the symmetrical clothing racks look nice without stealing all of the attention.

Visualizer: TOTL Studio  

A folding door is a compact solution where there’s width to fit one. This bedroom likely incorporates extra shelving or cabinetry on the hidden side of the wall. This wardrobe isn’t open to the rest of the room like many of the others in this post, instead carving out its own private niche. These types of wardrobes also make excellent dressing rooms.

Within this open floor plan, the large wardrobe serves as a kind of standalone dividing wall. It separates the bedroom from the dining and living room on the other side without the need to enclose the space completely.

Partial walls and smoky panes of white glass separate these beds from the open wardrobes behind them – a solution that provides far more visual interest than simply moving the bed to the other side of the room and living with a completely exposed wardrobe space.

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5 Stylish & Organized Mini Apartments

Di, 05.04.2016 - 18:59

Designer: Khanh Nguyen  

This tiny apartment maximizes space and makes it feel bigger with sleek design and a neutral palette.

Pops of color. While this space is based on neutrals, the reoccurring theme of yellow and turquoise add wonderful variation to this tiny space.

Slick and smooth surfaces make this tiny apartment feel glossy and luxurious despite it’s small size.

A simple trick to make smaller spaces feel bigger is to focus on a clean color pallet. The designer here has used white for an airy feel, but warmed it up with the wall wood toned wall that once again draws the eye up and alludes to a larger space.

This bedroom maximizes every nook and cranny. The bed has drawers underneath, and even a built in bedside table. And the built in closet unit spans the entire room to give the owner a great amount of storage.

Designer: Ksenya Surikova  

This tiny apartment is masculine and dark, but the dark colors don’t make the space feel smaller because of the neutral pallet and glass surfaces that designer Ksenya Surikova has incorporated.

While often in tiny spaces it’s recommend to keep the same floor throughout the space for continuity, the long stripes on the kitchen floor elongate this space.

Long, sheer curtains help diffuse harsh light and make the tiny space feel airy.

Sometimes it’s best to play into a tiny space by making it cozy, just like the designer has done in this bedroom space. The oversized curtains, bed that looks like it’s on top of a giant pillow, and the wood walls make this space one you want to crawl into after a long day at the office.

Designer: Alex Koretsky and Viktoria Pashinskaya  

Designing duo Alex Koretsky and Viktoria Pashinskaya have transformed this tiny space with technicolor and slick modern designs to make ti feel much bigger than it actually is.

These incredible mood lights draw your eyes up and through the entire space. And while you may think it would emphasize the small size, it instead keeps your eye moving and interested through the dynamic setting.

Fun meets functionality. These awesome wood panels are also a shelf and bench to lay down your things.

Once again the designers are drawing your eye up and around the entire space with swooping lights, and this magnificent breakfast bar. While the space is small it can still seat up to 6. Breakfast bars are a great option for tiny kitchen spaces.

It’s all in the details.

This bathroom isn’t all that small, but it sure stunning. The walls are shiny and make the space glow and appear larger, and the mirrors also add a sense of space.

Designer: DesignRush  

The DesignRush team transformed this 25 square meter tiny apartment into an incredibly modern and functional space which they say is perfect for the modern woman. Although, we think any man would enjoy this space just as much too!

The modern working woman needs a home office. In tiny spaces many people forego a home office because they think they can’t fit it. But the designers here have incorporated it perfectly into the space, right next to the kitchen.

The beautiful wood backsplash of the kitchen flows onto the island and the home office, bringing continuity to the tiny apartment.

Look at all that storage space! Behind those sleek glossy white panels are plenty of shelves to store everything from clothes to cleaning supplies.

Separating the kitchen from the living room with different floors gives the owner a real feel that they are in a new space when they leave the kitchen. While having the same floors can make the space feel bigger, adding a different flooring for a different room can also make an extremely tiny space feel bigger by giving a sense of an entirely different space.

Glass and mirrors! These slick surfaces help tiny spaces like this little bathroom give the illusion of more space.

Where does the shower even begin? The angled lines that disappear against the bathroom mirror really make this tiny apartment bathroom feel much more spacious.

The 25 sqm apartment layout is designed to maximize the space.

Designer: Alexander Raschenko  

This tiny space is incredibly cozy and warm despite it’s industrial influence by designer Alexander Raschenko.

The island sure is tiny, but it’s also functional. This tiny apartment is perfect for a single young professional who will be serving up tapas to friends on a Friday night, or cutting up some veggies on the island for a mid-week salad dinner.

The tiny island teaches further on the side of the kitchen to maximize space.

Succulents and green plants make any space feel like home.

The sky blue couch and rug play off the wonderful sea glass blue of the island, and really bring out the tiny apartments warm wood tones. Also note the staircase that’s doubling as a chic and casual bookshelf.

The rich wood floors and stairs really ground the entire room, and the light elements like the walls and furniture keep it light and airy. You can see just how much open space there is below, and how it’s really been maximized.

The pipe railing is mirrored as a hanging rod for clothes on the back wall, one again playing on the industrial feel. And the designer has gone for these indulgently warm orange lights for the loft bedroom to bring a coziness to the otherwise airy space.

The bathroom of this tiny apartment is just as stylish and functional as there rest of the space. Easy to care for concrete surface with wonderful storage shelves make this the perfect space for a young professional.

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Stunning Costa Rican House With A Spectacular Coastal View

Mo, 04.04.2016 - 18:44

The interior maximizes its exposure to the gorgeous landscape with an open floor plan for the social areas, the kitchen and living room divided by a dramatic central staircase that ascends through a rectangular void in the concrete ceiling.

At night, curtains sweep closed and lights dim to foster an intimate and comfortable atmosphere. The brown accents seem neutral in the daytime but they come into their own under the warm lamp.

Natural materials play an important role throughout – wood floors and ceiling panels offset the minimalistic sofa and emphasize the amazing garden arrangement under the staircase.

Furniture stays low and humble to avoid blocking the view of the hills outside.

Enhancing its connection to the outdoors, the living room directly and indirectly integrates representation of the four elements: fire, air, earth, and water.

Want the hanging chair look but don’t have a sturdy place to hang them? A stand does take up more space, but it’s perfect for outdoor applications like this one.

Back in the dining room, winged chairs offer a classic form wrapped in chic modern materials. Overhead, a tangled metal suspension lamp stands in contrast to the wood kitchen cladding in the background.

Minimalism fares well in a space surrounded by such breathtaking natural beauty.

The kitchen utilizes creative expressions of popular design trends. The breakfast bar is exceptionally tall, no doubt to provide a better look over the formal dining arrangement out of frame to the left.

A darker palette fosters a peaceful environment in the bedroom. The materials remain similar to those used elsewhere in the house, but they see a bolder application here.

We just can’t get enough of the fabulous setting, but this bedroom absolutely relishes it. Positioned between two corner windows, it almost appears to float above the Pacific waves.

Comfortable chairs and a wood slice table offer a cozy place to sip coffee or tea in the morning.

This bedroom takes a strong modernist approach balanced with soft details.

Can you see the door? Wall paneling serves as the perfect camouflage for a more continuous look.

The bed faces a media center and artwork rather than the window because the view is partially obscured by a concrete balcony wall.

Sophisticated and moody, sculptural accessories bring an artistic quality to the third bedroom.

Sliding shutters conceal the closet.

During a home tour, everyone wants to see the bathroom – bathrooms are difficult to decorate, and their level of privacy means there are fewer visual examples to draw from.

Thankfully, this tour offers views of the many bathrooms from every angle.

Each of the bathrooms use similar color palettes but the end results are all quite different. This one uses matte black and white paneling for a sleek modern look, yet retains a natural aesthetic with textural stone cladding.

Matte black tiles appear in the glass-enclosed shower as well, focusing all attention on the view outside the windows.

This bathroom includes a distinctive combination of materials: classic white tile and modern brushed concrete.

The final bathroom offers a strong contrast between humble and luxurious natural materials: richly veined stone, a wood shower floor, and wicker organizers.

Pebbles fill the gap between the bathtub and the tiles – a handy way to catch the occasional water drip, likely channeled by a drain underneath.

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Product Of The Week: Click & Grow Smart Garden

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In this age, it may not always be feasible for everyone to own a piece of land where they can grow plants. The Click & Grow Herb garden gives an efficient indoor alternative for those struggling to find space with switchable cartridges that allow you to grow fresh herbs, tomatoes, wild straw berries among many others. Here is how it works: Just plug in the planter, install cartridges, add a little water and enjoy watching your plants grow and thrive. The smart garden has built-in water level, smart soil and light sensors that make sure the plants get enough water, oxygen and nutrients.

There are several options for refills.


You can get in on Amazon here.

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