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Take A Peek Inside 432 Park Avenue, the Tallest Residential Building in the Western Hemisphere

Thu, 23.10.2014 - 16:47

While the towering buildings of the New York City skyline are constantly changing, shifting, and growing, it is rare to have any construction project overtake the most famous skyscrapers in the city. This is particularly true of apartment buildings. However, as of October 2014, when the last bit of concrete was poured, the new building at 432 Park Avenue is the tallest residential building not only in Manhattan, but in the entire western hemisphere. The building sits between 56th and 57th streets, overlooking Central Park and huge swaths of the city. In fact, some condos even have views all the way out to the Atlantic.

Designed by architect Rafael Viñoly, the building measures 1396 feet (425 meters) tall, which makes it taller than both the iconic Empire State Building and the art deco-style Chrysler Building.

In fact, the massive building is even taller than the new building at One World Trade Center, if you don’t count that building’s towering spire.

Its massive height makes the building visible from every borough and even as far away as Monmouth County in neighboring New Jersey.

The building, which has currently sold about 50% of its units, includes 104 condos.

Of course, living in a massive luxury building like this one (on Park Avenue nonetheless) does not come without a price tag. The price range for the condos starts at $16.96 million and goes up from there, with the top priced unit being the sprawling penthouse suite, which listed at $95 million. Unfortunately, that one has already sold.

And the luxury does not stop with the exterior of the building. The units’ interiors were designed by Deborah Berke and include solid oak floors and Italian marble countertops, plus luxurious 12.5-foot ceilings.

But it is really the views that are worth the price. With stunning 10 foot by 10 foot windows, residents can enjoy unmatched views of the city from every room. Even from the bath. Every condo sits about 365 feet, so while a penthouse view doesn’t come with each unit, there are no sidewalk-level options, either.

The building has many amenities, too, including a restaurant on the ground level, a private gym, pool, and billiards room.

Residents are expected to be able to move in to the building starting in 2015.

But even without occupants, the skyline of the Big Apple has already been permanently altered by this impressive structure.

Image Courtesy: DBOX

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3 Distinctly Themed Apartments Under 800 Square Feet (~75 square meter) with Floor plans

Wed, 22.10.2014 - 18:24

One key tenet of small space design is the use of light colors.

This artist’s loft in St. Petersburg, from designer Anton Zaytsev, uses a lot of white and neutral choices to keep the space feeling open and airy.

The design also takes full advantage of the apartment’s 4-meter high ceilings with windows, shelving, and intricate light fixtures that give the entire space an elegant and eclectic feeling.

At only 70 square meters (750 square feet), what this apartment lacks in area, it makes up for in artistic flair.

Even the bathroom has its own cheeky decor, from this saucy pinup model decal to the decadently dark claw foot tub.

It is interesting to note that this artist’s loft is part of a three apartment ‘set’ in a renovated building overlooking the Neva River. This is the smaller of the three “art apartments,” each of which is attached by a common corridor in the building.

The second apartment featured is from designer Artem Yevstigneev.

The one-room apartment measures 54 square meters (580 square feet) and has a very distinctive nautical theme.

The nautical theme not only offers a space unique to the resident’s preferences, but fits perfectly with the small space. A boat can be luxurious but must use all space efficiently.

The home includes a bedroom, with a study that can be cordoned off by a sliding interior door.

Even the bathroom suits the theme with a floating pedestal sink and plenty of glass.

The final home was designed by Olga Kataevskaya. Another key theory of interior design for small spaces is to keep distinct rooms separate. This 47 square meter (500 square feet) home manages to do so with both furnitures and partitions.

The use of a projection screen, against a stunning red accent wall, is another way to save floor space since no television stand or entertainment center is necessary.

A floor to ceiling shelving unit offers plenty of stylish storage space.

The apartment, located in Kiev, is in a renovated Stalinist building.

Its tropical colors that pop up throughout the space are truly transporting.

And the kitchen is unforgettable with an incredible tropical backsplash helping any visitor pay no mind to the area of the home and focus all attention on the bright and boisterous details.

The use of a glass partition between the bedroom and living area allows light and air to flow freely, but still affords privacy when required.

A walk in closet may seem like a luxury in a space this small, but when there is room to organize everything, everything can actually stay organized.

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26 Living Rooms that Put a Unique Spin on What Modern Means

Tue, 21.10.2014 - 17:36

The living room is somewhat of a modern institution. Older estates might have had sitting rooms, drawing rooms, or studies. But the multipurpose living room – a gather spot for families, a cozy area for entertaining, or even just a place to put your feet up – is kind of a new concept. It’s not necessarily fussy or fancy, but with the right design it can truly become the heart of a home.

Represented here are 26 beautiful living rooms that take this modern space and make it not just welcoming, but beautiful. Have a look.

Warm colors are just one way to bring that cozy feeling into a living room. Here, it’s pops of a shocking red that contrast the cement bricks and other neutral furnishings for a vibrant, exciting space.

Of course, bright colors are not everything. This grey and black design is sleek and sophisticated – it wouldn’t be out of place in a decadent 1980’s movie.

The plush seating in this living room makes you want to sink right in for an evening of casual, bright conversation.

Adding personal effects like books and artwork give this smaller living room a unique and homey feel.

Grey and turquoise is a combination that is very ‘of the moment.’ This living room uses it subtly for a warm and feminine effect.

Another neutral option, the geometric pattern on this living room’s accent wall stands out against the calmly colored furnishings.

In a small space, a living room may have to take on more than one function. Here we see how a narrow room can be a comfortable seating area and a shared home office.

And sometimes decadence is the name of the game. Most of us will never have a grand piano, but if you do you should certainly make it a focal point of a room like it is here, with small, subtle furnishings sinking into the background.

An open floor plan demands creative use of furniture and decor. Here an area rug and large, heavy pieces keep the living area separate from the foyer.

Surrounding by glass and stunning views, the last thing this ultra modern living room needs is the obligatory television.

Low to the ground with a bit of mustard yellow, the furniture in this room screams mid-century.

The elliptical coffee table in the center of this spacious and modern living room is a tiny bit retro futuristic. Coupled with the white, grey, and red color scheme you’re almost in the Home of the Future. I wonder if there’s a refrigerator attached to a telephone hidden somewhere in the kitchen.

This living room does a stylish job of mixing and matching textures from a soft shaggy rug against hard tile to carved wooden ottomans and sleek upholstery.

In this slightly altered version of the previous room, the larger wall art is gone, bringing focus to the beautiful wood paneled wall.

Pristine white furniture that contrasts with inky dark walls is probably not idea for a family, but is super sleek for the most fashionable couple you know.

This artsy loft style with painted wood floors and cute sayings in frames makes you feel like finally getting to work on that novel.

Simple is perfect in this cool grey living room with massive, deep sofas. They make you want to take a nap even when you’re barely out of bed.

In a small apartment, the living room is visible from every angle. This stylish sectional and neutral coffee table are unobtrusive.

Coat the walls and ceilings of this modern living room with bamboo skewers and be instantly transported to a weird hipster luau, which sounds ironic.

At the end of the day, a living room really just needs a place to sit and a coffee table. This simple living room fills those requirements without much fuss, but with a lot of style.

And in a different look, we have the same flood of natural light and simple furnishings, but this time with massive lighting overhead and a wide open floorplan.

Swap out a camel chair for a tufted version in chocolate brown and you’ll have this version of the same Valkyrie Studio.

Overwhelming white can be a bit sterile, but with the addition of some slick art and plenty of light, this living room feels more elegant than ER.

Another day, another Grand Piano. This lovely living room would have you longing to learn your scales once again.

Japanese-inspired sliding doors keep books and documents hidden away when they’re not needed while allowing for necessary storage space.

Any furniture would feel dwarfed by these massive windows, so keeping things simple and comfortable is the right way to go.

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2 Simple, Super Beautiful Studio Apartment Concepts For A Young Couple [Includes Floor Plans]

Mon, 20.10.2014 - 17:46

Being a young couple can be a challenge. You may just be starting out in your careers, saving to buy a home, or just trying to find your footing in the world. On top of that, moving in together for the first time is stressful. But a few talented designers have decided to take on this challenges, offering two lovely studio apartment designs that would give any pair of newlyweds – or even just lovebirds cohabitating – enough stylish space to spread out and enjoy themselves on their way up the corporate (or artistic) ladder. The first apartment comes from the team at int2architecture, while the second is from designer Art Ugol.

The team at int2architecture designed this one bedroom apartment as a temporary home for a young couple.

Largely, the design focuses on dividing the small space into useful, separate zones without putting up any walls that would serve to close off the space.

The bed is in a small lofted area, which also includes a shared workspace.

A sunny breakfast nook is an amazing place to start a day with your loved one, but it also allows you to shut the door when you need some time to yourself.

Vertical storage – here and inside the main room – is key to making a small space like this work.

The interior dining area uses Eames chairs and a simple table to keep things feel open.

A hidden drawer under the bed is helpful, too.

The designers even managed to tuck a laundry area in, which means less time lugging clothes to a laundromat and more time at home with your honey.

We particularly love the creative herb storage, perfect for a couple that loves to cook.

The second apartment was intended for a young female artist, but could easily be suited to a pair of artists as well.

The full sized bed sits in a cozy cubbyhole and can be hidden from view in the event of guests.

The living room gets plenty of natural light, which works well with the natural materials used throughout the home.

A breakfast bar provides a perfect space for one or two, though a dinner party might be difficult to pull off.

With a stone wall and modern appliances, the kitchen is simply spectacular.

A mirrored entryway wall is essential for those last minute outfit checks.

A sleek tiled bathroom with cool, 80’s-inspired fixtures is just artsy enough without losing any functionality.

Plus it has laundry!

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3 Gorgeous Apartment Interiors in Rich, Warm, Tones

Fri, 17.10.2014 - 19:05

The designers at Studio.O., a design firm located in Warsaw, Poland can take what just appears as a space and transform it into a unique and welcoming home. In the projects presented here, we have a chance to explore three different homes that each offer their own take on what it means to be comfortable. Although each plays with pretty neutral palettes and carefully chosen furnishings, they are easy to differentiate and stay true to the separate natures of each homeowner.

The first Warsaw apartment is 180 square meters (1900 square feet) and was designed in 2012.

The interior is decidedly modern and though it keeps true to the modern aesthetic of clean lines and low profiles, it also manages to include extensive seating in the way of a long grey sofa and Eames-inspired dining chairs.

A long corridor connects the open living area, which includes the kitchen and dining area, with the bedrooms. The stripe design in the hallway emphasizes the area of travel and flow.

Wit furry textured linens and a tufted headboard/accent wall, the bedroom is clearly cozy.

In a contrast to the grey theme throughout the home, the kitchen is set in black and white.

The second home is also in Warsaw, and comes in at 450 square meters (nearly 5000 square feet).

The designer chose to focus on concrete and wood materials, which allow for a more natural and warm atomosphere.

Creative dining chairs and a surprisingly classical chandelier make the dining area striking.

Plenty of sunlight and a cushy platform bed give this bedroom a dreamy quality for sure.

Here we get a glimpse of the floor, which is actually made from a sealed resin, giving it a unique and easy to clean look.

These cool kitchen chairs are as much an artistic element as they are furniture.

The spacious bath is sleek with a huge bath and subtle gold accents.

The final example from this team was designed in 2010 and measures 125 square meters (1300 square feet).

Originally, this apartment was two full levels, but the renovation created one large space with high ceilings.

The corner fireplace, just visible here, is what separates this main living area from the bedroom.

The mezzanine balcony in the bedroom is particularly striking.

A wood countertop is an unexpected but lovely addition to the spacious bathroom design.

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Incredible Vertical Garden Walls Bring Vibrant Life to a Contemporary Apartment Interior

Thu, 16.10.2014 - 18:04

The best interior designs do not, in fact, feature a surprising element around every corner. In fact, the best designs keep to basic colors, simple objects, and bring focus to one or two truly unique pieces. In this contemporary apartment, from the team at SVOYA Studio, it is impossible to ignore the amazing vertical gardens that decorate the small but luxurious living area. With vibrant green plants and mosses growing straight out of the walls, the apartment becomes an oasis overlooking the city. The classic and the contemporary exist in harmony, and the result is an apartment that both celebrates its city, and lets you forget about the world bustling on below.

The design team admits to being incredibly inspired by this space, largely due to the views of the River Dnipro, the longest river in the Ukraine.

Here we get a small glimpse of the spectacular views, which are expertly framed with the beautiful vertical garden panels.

The apartment is not spacious, but still manages to incorporate plenty of comfortable spaces.

The apartment’s flow is oriented such that “right from the entrance the window framed panels of vertical gardening overlooks the city.”

Simple, modern elements and largely neutral color palette in beige, brown, and white make the space feel serene from every angle.

The bedrooms are not large, but offer enclosed comfort and their own private views of the river.

The little girl’s room is understandably the most colorful space with gauzy pink curtains and even a chandelier fit for a princess.

The master bedroom on the corner has city views on two sizes and simple but bold spotlights for a bit of an industrial effect.

At night, the garden panels, which were the construction company’s biggest challenges, are even more stark against the dark night sky.

Despite the conservative square footage, this beautiful apartment offers a lovely space to come home to and is a tribute to its surroundings.

The authors of this space are Denis Sokolov, Valeria Sokolova, Tatyana Lazovaya, Julia Martinenko, Artem Martinenko from SVOYA Studio. The photographer was Tanya Kovalenko.

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Moroccan Style Interior Design

Wed, 15.10.2014 - 15:55

Situated in Northern Africa, as one of the only three countries to have a coastline along both the Atlantic and Mediterranean, Morocco has often been the subject of lush and romantic fantasy. The country is extremely diverse, with residents that are Arab, Berber, and many European and sub-Saharan African immigrants. The interior design that originates in Morocco reflects this diverse area, rich in cultural traditions and history. Characterized by intricate carvings, arched doorways, and colorful fabrics, it should come as no surprise that Moroccan interior design has become quite popular around the world. The images in this post are representative of some of the most stunning and vibrant modern examples of Moroccan interiors, both in and outside of the country itself.

Much of what can be described as Moroccan interior design has its origins in Moorish architecture.

Moorish architecture was quite common and continues to be seen throughout the Arab regions of North Africa as well as on the Iberian Peninsula.

Some of the most common characteristics of Moorish architecture including arches, domes, courtyards, and decorative tile work, all of which are well represented in the homes included here.

This particular house is rich with Moroccan details, but also draws inspirations from the simplicity of Scandinavian design, despite the fact that the home is actually situated in Doha, Qatar.

The design comes from the Mimar Interiors, and incorporates the stunning colors and contrast that are so common in Moroccan-inspired designs.

The horseshoe arches are extremely common in Moroccan design and are characterized by a large round arch atop a straighter, narrower doorway (or in this case, indentation). In fact, they may also be referred to as Moorish arches (or keyhole arches).

It is not unusual to find these types of arches in mosques. Here, they act as a lovely framing device for interesting art pieces.

The following images are also from the designers at Mimar Interiors, but represent more modern and varied takes on Moroccan styles.

Colorful textiles, from upholstery to wall hangings, can indicated Moroccan influence as well.

For the layman, it may indeed by archways that are most indicative of Moroccan design.

Any room or home with a peaked doorway can immediately be categorized as having at least some influence from Moroccan design.

Although not the most common arch found in Moroccan interior design, this equilateral archway, combined with the surrounding interior elements, is certainly notable.

Riads are an extremely notable and gorgeous aspect of Moroccan design and architecture.

The term “riad” can refer either to a palatial house, or to the house’s interior garden or courtyard.

A Moroccan riad is usually characterized by an elaborately carved skylights that were open to the air.

This decidedly modern bathroom uses the Moroccan style as a jumping off point for contemporary decor. The archway, for instance, is a classic example of the Moroccan look, but instead of using brightly colored tile mosaics, here we see flashy silver.

Here, the use of interior plantings in the center of the room is clearly a reference to the riad design.

It is interesting to note that the concept of riads was originally due to Muslim influence. Since women were generally not allowed outside of the home alone, they could relax and enjoy an interior garden such as a riad without compromising their faith and modesty.

Apart from religious issues, a riad also provides climate control for homes in areas like Morocco that can be punishingly hot. The open air and water features commonly found there can have a pleasant cooling effect on the rest of the home.

In modern Moroccan design, colorful cushions on the floor have been replaced with cozy sofas that sit low to the ground but still offer support.

This skylight is a more traditional example of the riad design.

Muqarans are another common and intricate element included in many Moroccan designs.

This types of decorations can be made from brick, stone, stucco, or wood and common in palaces and mosques as well as luxury homes.

The ceiling here is a subtle reference to this style while managing to blend into an entirely modern space.

The elaborate archways in this room defy categorization, but are clearly Moroccan-inspired with splashes of lovely turquoise.

The floral patterns in this Moroccan space from designer Amine El Hammoumi give it a feminine bent.

Also from Amine El Hammoumi, this loft uses intricate carvings and rich textiles to evoke the Moroccan spirit.

This home, from designer Kenan Osman, is a sleek and modern take on the Moroccan style.

The tilework and archways bring the lush history of Moroccan design into the modern space.

This final home is one of the most elaborate and fuses both classical and Moroccan elements.

The water feature room divider and detailed ceiling could easily be Moroccan and even riad-inspired.

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A Type-face Design Firm’s Office By YellowSub Studio

Tue, 14.10.2014 - 17:29

When a business is creative, every aspect of that business can be driven by inspiration. For the type-face design firm Indian Type Foundry (ITF), this has extended naturally to their office space. The firm is actually one of its kind which designs fonts for the Indian languages and caters to clients like Apple, Google, Sony, etc. for their Indian language needs. And for a creative, inspiring, and beautiful space, they turned to the design team at YellowSub Studio. Working with a blank slate, YellowSub Studio was able to turn the space into a warm, colorful, open office with plenty of spaces for collaboration as well as retreat

The teal color running throughout the office is subtle and soothing, but acts in lovely contrast to the natural woods and white elements.

The open space was intentional, designed to spark interaction, collaboration, and open-ended discussions throughout the office.

The elevated library is not just a design focus, but an easy and comfortable place for informal discussions.

At the foot of the elevated space is a cozy conferencing area completely with vibrantly colored chairs.

Letters from local languages provide some excellent diversity within! For instance, the symbol on the top shelf is the letter for the sound ‘Ma’ in Malayalam, which is a language spoken in the southern part of the country.

By including creative partitions and plantings, the space gets an extra pop of color and character.

The central area with picnic-style tables is ideal for lunching but can also be a flexible work space for visiting designers or anyone with a laptop who feels like a change of scenery.

This cafeteria space is open, but its almost whimsical design, with its own unique typeface elements, makes it feel like a family gathering place rather than a formal business area.

With a small team of designers, is was easy to create a space that was very open but still allowed enough ‘elbow room’ to have a bit of privacy and sanctuary.

Even in an open office, a private conference room, with curtains that close, can come in handy, particularly when clients come to visit.

The use of cozy nooks makes collaboration more comfortable so that ideas can flow.

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Stunning Desert Abode Fit For A James Bond Villain

Mon, 13.10.2014 - 17:49

When most of us dream of a luxury home of our own, our mind may wander to a penthouse in Manhattan, a villa in the South of France, or a private tropical cabana. But it takes a special kind of person to find their own sense of luxury in the solitude of the desert. For example, the type of person that might not want to be found?

Once you look inside this incredible organic modern estate from the architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, you might wish you had your own henchmen to polish the rich wood and keep the front steps swept clean of high desert sand.

The home sits on 10 acres though the building itself measures 4,643 square feet.

Its amazing exterior design is such that from certain angles it’s difficult to even tell a house exists about the rocks and cacti. A hideout? We’ll never tell.

The home is located in Joshua Tree, California, a tiny area just outside of the national park.

The roof is certainly an central element to the overall design. Its rounded paneling is incredibly unique but somehow fits precisely with the landscape. It would be the perfect way to keep this hideout off the radar.

Even the color of the house seems to shift and fade from sunrise to stunning sunset.

From every angle, the house is a surprise with curves just where it seems like they shouldn’t be and corners appearing seemingly from nowhere.

The rusted iron elements are purposeful and give the home a distinctive California feel.

And what would a house like this be without its own private expanses to view the incredible landscape?

Of course, the exterior is only half of the story. If there was any doubt as to the incredible design of the home, once we get a peek inside there is absolutely none.

Every inch of the interior flows seamlessly from one room to the next.

The sweeping dark wood beams are combined with strangely threatening light fixtures and oddly angular interior walls. Enough to confuse any intruder.

A rich leather sofa and cool copper fireplace would be the perfect place to kick your feet up after a long day of spy hunting.

Even the kitchen appears to be carved out of rock. Supervillains don’t tend to spend much time cooking anyway.

Of course, no matter what your profession or who you want to hide from, the sunsets in the desert just can’t be beat. Not by Bond or anyone.

Also check out the video walkthrough below:

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Kiev Apartment Showcases Sleek Design with Surprising Playful Elements

Fri, 10.10.2014 - 19:25

Sophisticated interior design depends on a harmony among many different elements. A home needs to use space efficiently, be comfortable for its inhabitants as well as guests, and create this atmosphere with style. By combining sleek modern elements, such as exposed concrete and low profile platform beds, with playful colors and surprising splashes of fun, architect Sergey Makhno has successful turned this Kiev apartment into the perfect sanctuary for a small, urban family.

It doesn’t take a lot of pieces to decorate a modern living room successfully. Just a few stylish ones, starting with the cozy white sofa.

A coffee table made from reclaimed wood is indicative of the warm industrial style that pervades much of the 383 square meter (4000 square foot) home.

A second seating area carries on with the white furniture theme, but uses more angular lines.

These white pieces can be slid around, connected, and moved apart to create different arrangements on a whim.

The oversized art pops against the otherwise black and white palette in this room.

And a makeshift indoor rock garden adds a bit of Asian flair.

A small, uncluttered computer area is conducive to work when necessary but not too distracting during non-work hours.

Here we can start to see the welcoming modern dining room with extremely elegant seating and more creative art choices that complement, but don’t match exactly, their surroundings.

The dining room takes the required elements – from a large table to overhead lighting – and makes each piece fit within the modern decor, even eschewing a tablecloth.

The open floor plan is ideal for entertaining, when guests can easily filter from sitting room to dining room and back.

In the bedrooms, the tones get a bit warmer but stay simple.

A colorful area rug adds a lot of personality with just a little bit of space.

Exposed concrete walls covey a loft aesthetic, but warm wood paneling makes the room really feel like home, instead of like a warehouse.

The master bedroom has its own seating area, with a gray midcentury inspired sofa that matches the bed’s duvet.

An enviable walk-in closet is spacious enough for even the most dedicated fashionista but has plenty of cubbies to keep everything organized.

The child’s room is perhaps the biggest surprise in this apartment.

It manages to feel completely grown up while still including adorable elements like cheeky art.

The bulbous armchair is particularly notable for how it goes against the clean line theme.

Plenty of play space and a guest sofa mean sleepovers are easy and fun for all.

The kitchen is open and sleek with bar seating and a cool reflective backsplash.

Marble is always elegant and this green bath is no exception, marbled from floor to ceiling.

A simple design is both easy to clean and cool to the touch.

For a warmer option, the second bath has much more light and plenty of clean, white surfaces.

The bath is decidedly luxurious while hanging light fixtures bring a bit of modernity in here, too.

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Private Beach Villas Offer Spectacular Ocean Views and Luxurious Interiors

Thu, 09.10.2014 - 17:32

Once an area that many tourists were reluctant to visit, Vietnam has since become a tourist hub for travelers from around the world. One of the many attractions the Southeast Asian country offers is access to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. This cluster of beach villas, named Oceanique Villas, by MM+ Architects in Phan Thiet takes full advantage of these beautiful beaches. The villas look out onto the water from every possible angle. Visitors can easily swim in the scenic ocean or relax in a private pool or luxurious interior areas.

The villas are located in Mui Ne on the southeast coast of the country where much of the beachfront property is dominated by large resorts and hotels.

Instead of a highrise, this property features three villas that face the ocean and also offer privacy.

Sliding doors offer plenty of fresh sea breezes for both levels of each villa.

Each villa also offers its own private infinity pool and deck lounging area.

Palm tree plantings and expansive grass keep the villas set back from the road and its inherent noise and traffic.

Guests can relax and enjoy spectacular views at any time of day or night.

Amazing sunsets are no surprise, but still make for lovely private moments.

The villas are actually built six feet above beach level, so as to ensure maximum privacy for all visitors.

Simple landscaping makes for a comfortable backyard area that also serve to separate the villas from the public beach and crowds.

Interior staircases are open to the outdoors, allowing air and people to flow from one level to the next. They are also flanked by private garden areas for a lush, tropical atmosphere.

The simple but beautiful wood elements tie together upper and lower level design with the staircase and wood louvers giving the villas an earthy, natural feel while maintaining luxury.

The wooden shutters on the upper levels allow fro enough air flow that air conditioning can be limited to the bedrooms, for a more energy efficient space.

The top floor deck, also made from carefully chosen wood slats, offers guests another perspective on the ocean.

The living room areas are open and sparsely furnished, allowing for all focus to turn to the views.

The master bedroom in each villa opens out onto the deck and pool area.

But even those bedrooms that do not open directly onto the patio have incredible ocean views from their floor-to-ceiling windows.

In each villa, the main living area has an open design to maximize sunlight.

Simple, white color palettes are perfect for the location and do not distract from the natural beauty around.

An outdoor shower is a luxurious addition to the outdoor space.

Even the bathroom sinks have access to the gorgeous sea air with the shutter design.

Via: Architizer

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Luxurious Home Uses Wood and Stone Elements to Marry Interiors and Exteriors

Wed, 08.10.2014 - 18:55

Immediately from the outside, we see wood slates on every level of the home, blending seamlessly into the wooded surroundings.

It is only the glow from inside the house that makes the home stand out once the sun goes down.

The driveway and entryway steps are both paved in textured, natural stone.

While warm, glowing lights from within even themselves have a feeling of being close to nature.

The natural wood overhang creates a stylish design element and prevents the home from looking overly boxy despite its angular design.

Inside, an open floorplan makes the house feel extremely spacious.

While large sliding doors, windows, and skylights allow sun and air in when it is most convenient and comfortable.

Interior gardens can easily make you forget you are indoors at all, and when the roof windows open, you really aren’t.

The furnishings are luxurious in right leathers and upholstery, but the colors stay mostly neutral, keeping attention on the surrounding greenery.

From the second floor, it is easy to see how open the living area, which includes the dining room as well, really is.

Deconstructed railings made of vertical boards are stylish while still providing a modicum of safety.

This playful armchair on an upstairs landing is notable for its use of a decidedly non-natural palette and pattern.

The expansive patio is truly a centerpiece of the whole rear part of the house.

Natural wooden boards in a beautiful deep cherry color are almost made into lilypads between the grass in the backyard.

A simple pool built into the deck all but disappears into the ground.

Finally, this perfect view of the back of the house with its amazing second floor brings perspective to the whole lovely home.

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Creative Bedrooms that Any Teenager Will Love

Tue, 07.10.2014 - 18:47

Creating a space for a teenager to go to sleep, study, and hang out can be a tall order. All teens are different — some never want to leave their rooms while others would rather be anywhere but home. These rooms, designed for sophisticated teenagers as well as their parents, create beautiful atmospheres that teens will be proud to show off, be comfortable in, and maybe actually appreciate.

This first room, a totally cool room for a teen boy, comes from the designers at HQteam.

The creative slats on one wall work as a module storage system.

Simple but creative wall art brings a real hipness to an otherwise plain white wall.

Of course, any good teen room also has space for studying and this desk with a colorful chair is the perfect one.

Frosted glass bookshelves turn an otherwise ordinary storage option into something a bit more abstract.

Even this lime green desk lamp is a carefully chosen accessory that adds modern flair.

Shelves can easily be slid, moved, and removed to accommodate different objects.

They even have a place for the most essential accessory for a suburban teen: a bike.

This next room is a basement bedroom from designer Olga Podgornaja.

The room offers plenty of seating without feeling too cluttered.

The occupant’s love of football is certainly apparent, but not overwhelming.

Even the mossy green couch seems to be a nod to the pitch.

The bed is low to the ground and separated from the rest of the room with a creative divider element.

The third room comes from visualizer Dima Dolgykh and has a more subtle football theme, in particular a love for Real Madrid.

From this angle, the football theme is even more subtle, instead the eye is drawn to the teal details.

This room, from the designers at FH Studio is simple, but still has a playful teen sensibility.

The blue and yellow theme is a classic combination but done in a modern style.

The yellow shelving in particular creates a fun visual thruline.

White cabinets are an easy enough way to hide any messiness. Not that a teenager has ever been messy before.

With this room, from designer Gluzdakova Maria, we get a taste of a more specifically feminine teen room.

Though it’s a little dark, there are plenty of places for a girl to relax, study, or visit with friends. (No boys allowed, obviously).

The orange hammock in the window is a really fun retreat.

Mixing textures from the corkboard wall to the woven rug and upholstered purple sofa makes the space really feel like home.

A private vanity and dressing area is an absolute must for any teen girl.

This final teen room from designer Tania Ahmed would be perfect for a sophisticated teen girl.

The long yellow sofa could easily double as a twin bed.

The overhead light fixture is completely creative and not the least bit childish.

And the accent wall is a testament to creativity – something teenagers have in spades.

A little personalization goes a long way in creating a safe space for teens where they’ll actually want to be.

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Bright and Sunny Amsterdam Apartment Renovation

Mon, 06.10.2014 - 18:04

Although it’s a beautiful and historic city, Amsterdam is also home to typically gloomy weather. This presented a challenge – and an inspiration – for the architects from MAMM Design when they were renovating this 85-year-old apartment that was exceptionally dreary. The team eventually took a cue from the homeowners’ desire for more sunlight and moved around the staircases, knocked down a few walls, and really opened the space up so that it is welcoming for every family member and visitors as well.

The kitchen and bathroom are located around the center tower element and utilize the home’s pipe box that already ran through this space.

White walls and plenty of vertical space also emphasize the overall area and make things feel sunny even when it may be overcast outside.

We can easily see the way the space in the house flows, from inside the creatively sunken kitchen all the way out onto the terrace.

A few carefully placed houseplants add a splash of greenery without becoming too much work for the homeowners.

The open and airy living space on the main floor is kid friendly, yet sophisticated.

Here we can peek into that centrally located bathroom area, which is convenient in terms of design and renovation, but also in terms of daily use.

Various landings throughout the home make it easy for the family to communicate and see one another all day.

The dark staircase that blocked so much overhead light in the previous design was removed and replaced with a simple metal grated stairway that climbs to the highest level of the home.

In the perch above the kitchen, a simple playroom also lets in sunlight but is closed off enough that kids can play without fear of taking a tumble.

Interior windows are another way light is allowed to travel through the home.

The exterior does not betray the modern and spacious interior, but the floor plans offer insight as to how the whole project took shape.

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Two Cheerful Apartments with Creative Storage and Splashes of Color

Fri, 03.10.2014 - 18:16

Sometimes all it takes is some carefully placed splashes of color to really bring a space to life. In these two apartments, meticulously designed by the Ukraine-based team at Mooseberry Design, we can see just what a difference some vibrance can make.

In the living room, the use of color is eye-popping.

In the custom sofa design, we almost get the illusion of three separate sofas in one while proving that ‘coordinating’ isn’t synonymous with ‘matching.’

And the addition of the Union Jack area rug is nothing if not a little cheeky.

The living room opens into the breakfast area and kitchen, with a pair of lime green chairs for each.

In the bedroom we find one of the most common loft elements: a concrete wall. Pairing the cool grey with oranges and red, the room immediately becomes more welcoming.

A wood slat headboard makes for creative and modular end tables.

And a cityscape wall decal offers even more personality.

The bathroom, kept mainly in white and natural wood, is actually open to the main room, but tucked behind a wall for privacy.

The first apartment is actually a micro loft that doesn’t have a lot of extra space to play with.

The second space from Mooseberry is more of a traditional apartment (meaning it actually has doors on its bathroom).

The living room is bright and sunny with personal touches in the gallery wall and geometric throw pillows.

The dining area consists of both a small table and a breakfast bar. Mismatched chair cushions are a whimsical touch.

The kitchen is largely white and has a country chic style with splashes of pink and red.

The front entryway features a cute shoe storage solution for an otherwise easily cluttered space.

Robin’s egg blue walls are positive and pretty.

Bicycle storage can also be an issue in urban apartments. Offering a stylish solution can go a long way towards making city live livable.

A tucked away home office space is free from distractions, but not from style.

The lovely pastel palette comes into the bedroom in the form of a luminous seafoam green.

Faux shadow boxes manage to store books while making themselves a feature on their own.

The bathroom is the only space where we find a bit of darkness in the form of jewel tone tiles.

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A Beautiful Melbourne House That Connects With Its Exteriors

Thu, 02.10.2014 - 19:43

One of the most difficult challenges that architects and designers can face is the task of keeping the historic look and fixtures in older buildings while also paying heed to modern design elements. The architects at Australia’s Techné Architecture and Interior Design have taken on that challenge with this house in the Fitzroy suburb of Melbourne. Take a look inside to see how the team has managed to breathe a contemporary and vibrant style into this old home, making it the perfect space for a young and growing family. 

The photos in this post focus on the rear addition to the house, which includes three levels, beginning with this open and sunny living area.

A modern kitchen, complete with a hightop breakfast table and dark, natural wood accents is sleek and simple.

The colors are largely neutral but carefully chosen splashes of colors in the throw pillows, footstools, and crazy cool hanging light fixture keep the room feeling youthful and livable.

Here we get a glimpse into the front part of the house, where the interior stays true to the historic facade. Embossed wallpaper and intricate carpets use a palette of days gone by while modern furnishings make for an interesting mix n’ match.

An upstairs bedroom utilizes a gorgeous deep red wood as its accent wall and leaves space for a private, sunny bath.

The older part of the home opens up to the addition almost as if you’re stepping through a portal into the future. The bookshelves surrounding the double doors are a lovely touch.

Exposed ceiling beams and creative windows add to the modern flair of the back addition.

The kitchen is glorious with its black and white motif and contemporary fixtures. Cooking in an historic kitchen might sound quaint, but could get old quickly. Not so in here.

The outdoor spaces don’t skimp on luxury, either. The dangling egg chair and outdoor dining area are perfect for an autumn night.

The view from the back of the house barely betrays the older facade and takes on a life of its own.

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Breathtaking Stone Mosaics Turn Nature Into Art

Wed, 01.10.2014 - 18:08

Many people have a specific idea of what art means, from its display to its materials. But the two artists behind these gorgeous stone mosaics have challenged many ideas about both art and design. Naomi Zettl and Andreas Kunert, whose company is Ancient Art of Stone, design and build massive stone art installations that double as walls, murals, fireplaces, and more. The pair is dedicated to making beautiful pieces that are custom to every individual space, and doing so in a sustainable way. Just take a look at some of their work and try not to be amazed.

Here, Andreas and Naomi are posed in front of one of their stunning mosaic walls.

Working in concert with the natural wood elements in this cabin, the stone designs add a special texture and warmth.

The technique is also appealing on exteriors, as seen here, contrasting with more standard stone work below.

From up close, we can see the painstaking detail necessary and impressive volume of stones necessary to create these works.

The stones can even be used to create less abstract compositions, as seen here with this soaring eagle and fully moon.

Both stones and shells are largely collected near their home in Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

In this secluded patio, the stone mosaic background almost creates a static waterfall effect, but with more permanence.

Spiral designs are common in the stone pieces, lending each piece its own fluidity.

Larger stones, shells, and fossils can add important pops of color and texture.

The stones are also surprisingly adaptable to both warm and cool color schemes.

These creative pieces make up a wall but almost seem to sit in frames.

Long, complex pieces are labor and material intensive.

But the team can create entire walls at their studio and ship them to building sites around the world.

The variety of sizes and shapes of stones used to create a unified and very purposeful design is staggering.

Positioning large, rounded stones in the center of spiraling designs has the effect of nearly creating a solar system.

Particularly when that central stone is colored like the earth.

Stone entryways give visitors an immediate impression of a welcoming and creative home.

The stone designs, of course, play very well with natural features like plants and trees.

Multiple stone works plus a massive wooden sculpture is make this fireplace something more than a focal point.

While this creative carved fireplace may as well exist in Middle Earth.

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Colorful Kids Room Designs with Plenty of Storage Space

Tue, 30.09.2014 - 19:47

Designing a beautiful kid’s room can be a challenge because it must please the kids as well as the parents. On top of that, most people will not want to redecorate every year or so, which means the design should be able to grow with the child, even into his or her teenage years. These kids rooms from the Ukraine based design firm DA Design are able to take those fun, playful elements and create rooms that are simple, stylish, and ultimately comfortable for kids and adults alike.

While it may not be revolutionary to include primary color palettes and plenty of light in a kid’s room, the designers have done so here to great effect.

By including certain playful elements like simplified superhero art and a wooden dinosaur skeleton, the room creates a sense of whimsy without seeming immature.

The fabric pockets attached to the side of the lofted bed are an easy way to keep things neat.

A simplified study area leaves plenty of space for inspiration.

Custom shelving surrounding the television is perfect for books, trinkets, or toys.

This next room has many of the same useful features, in a more feminine color palette.

Lovely lilac shelving leading up to a small lofted bed doubles as drawer space.

Across the room we see a sofa that can easily convert to a guest bed along with an adorable lilac vanity.

Every possible space is used for storage from a tall closet space to easily moveable storage boxes on the floor.

Pretty pennants hanging from the ceiling are a minimal but adorable addition.

This third room moves back towards the shades of blue and yellow.

The use of strands of Christmas lighting overhead is playful but also easily grows up along with the kids.

Details like an adorable owl decal certainly make this a kid’s room, but do so in a sophisticated way.

The study space in this room is very central, making it attractive, even for homework.

Storage under as well as over the bed, with whimsical X and O handles is useful while still being cute.

This final room is closer to what might be appropriate for an older child or teenager, but still with a sense of wonder.

The green color scheme is one that’s easy to update as a child ages.

A desk by the window is just separate enough to make it a space for study.

The stairs that lead down into the room as well as the white brick walls give this room a grown up atmosphere.

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Karakoy Loft Uses Rich Wood Features and Creative Industrial Elements

Mon, 29.09.2014 - 18:56

This stunning project from the design team at Istanbul’s Ofist is truly one of a kind. The loft, designed specifically for a bachelor client, has a variety of creative features that are not just beautiful but tailored to the physical experience of the space. We’re delighted to be able to give you a look inside this inspiring home.

Upon a first look into the living room, you are instantly struck by the warm wood ceiling and sweeping wide windows.

Of course, a massive couch to welcome visitors is also a focal point.

The windows fold open to turn the living room into its own balcony, since the apartment’s architecture lacks that feature.

The entry way is tucked out of the way but also spotlights a couple of selections from the owner’s art collection.

The colors pop nicely against the cool concrete walls.

The dining area, which slows easily into the open kitchen, also features a sleek fireplace and plenty of storage for entertaining (e.g., an extensive bar collection).

The minimalist industrial-style staircase is perhaps one of the most captivating features of this modern loft.

Its metal steps seems almost to disappear from certain angles and leave the space feeling open and interesting.

A creatively affixed handrail comes down from the ceiling but does not sacrifice style for safety.

Upstairs, the room is even more enveloped in that lovely iroko wood.

Angled skylights give plenty of sun to both levels of the home.

The storage shelves around the perimeter of the space do leave things out in the open, but encourage tidiness and creativity.

The lofted bedroom is simple and sunny.

Back downstairs a spacious kitchen utilizes the same storage structure for flatware and pantry storage.

While a center island leaves space for any amount of meal preparation.

The cement based floors throughout the house were chosen for their barefoot appeal.

The glass walled bathroom may not offer a lot in terms of privacy, but it’s spacious and elegant.

Marble walls in the shower are both practical and beautiful.

Exposed plumbing at this bathroom sink is the height of industrial chic.

Design Office: Ofist
Design Team: Yasemin Arpac & Sabahattin Emir
Electrical Works: Birtes Elektrik
Mechanical Works: DSM Muhendislik
Wood Works: Aren Dekorasyon
Metal Works: Sen Metal
Stone Works: Oktay Yegin
Paint Works: Ali Aksu
Cement Based Surface: Hit Design
Photography: Koray Erkaya

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Sleek Bedrooms with Cool, Clean Lines

Fri, 26.09.2014 - 16:34

This modern bedroom is dominated by its two opposing features: a massive modern mural and an en suite marble bath, complete with it’s own fire. In this way it balances relaxation with stimulation (and fire).

This next bedroom brings in some quirky design features, such as misaligned mirror squares and a foggy forest wall graphic, to create an edgy, 80s bachelor feel.

Heading towards a more traditional design, we have this minimalist bedroom with a crisp platform bed and low, modern side tables.

In an open, industrial-style loft, a beautiful bed is key. This simple wooden platform and matching shelving unit are the perfect solution.

The cool greys and reflective marble floor in this bedroom keep things simple and a little bit zen.

The ultimate in urban sophistication, no bd could compete with such a view and this one doesn’t try to.

In another entry from the retro-modern category, we have another high rise apartment featuring a cool textured wall and its own neon art.

The tufted headboard in this white bedroom acts as a focal point. The classical elements, like the wood paneling and gauzy drapes, make it feel a bit like a bridal suite.

Space isn’t everything. When you have as much sun as this beautiful bedroom, you won’t miss the square footage.

Perfectly organized and cleverly neutral, this design makes sure that the biggest splash of color here is you.

An area rug and massive wall treatment gives this room a separate sitting area without adding a wall.

This bedroom proves that beachy design doesn’t have to include wicker.

A super simple platform bed and mid-century style side table give this bedroom a distinct but understated style.

It’s difficult to discern whether the in-room fireplace or the jet engine-like overhead lamp are the most surprising elements in this chic bedroom.

This modern bedroom is the ultimate in orderly, from its creative gallery wall to its perfectly matched table lamps.

In another open loft design, the designer uses the concrete gray in the bedc overings and furniture to keep things a muted tone.

A wall behind the bed offers the tiniest bit of privacy in this otherwise glass-encased bedroom.

A leather headboard and simple cube end table are quite masculine touches here.

On the more feminine end of the spectrum is this modern answer to the sleigh bed and some decorative floral art.

The cozy white linens and simple bed frame all but melt away in view of the spectacular pool and far away mountains.

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