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Two Apartments In Modern Minimalist Japanese Style (Includes Floor Plans)

Wed, 12.11.2014 - 17:32

As we have explored before, the Japanese style interior design aesthetic is highly tied to the idea of minimalism and negative space. In these two small apartments, you will see that there is truly nothing there that does not have a purpose. The spaces never feel cluttered or cramped, no matter what the actual area measurements. Instead, air and energy can easily flow from room to room in a relaxing and comforting way.

Natural wood is another common element in Japanese design, and both of these spaces use it to great effect. Combined with swaths of sunlight and warm, light colors, even a small space can feel open as well as orderly when utilizing this style.

The first apartment is a renovation, done by the team at Sinato Architects. The house is known as Fujigaoka M and is more than two decades old. The purpose of the renovation was to create a space that was both more modern and more comfortable for the married couple who was to live there.

The architects sought to make the house more open and give it the connected feeling that comes with living as a couple.

None of the rooms in the home are closed off by walls and doors. Instead, half walls create some division and necessary privacy while sunlight from two sides of the home is allowed to flood in.

Of course, the use of sturdy natural wood, for the inner terrace as well as furnishings and flooring, is distinctly aligned with the Japanese aesthetic, giving the entire space a warm and cozy glow.

The central portion of the house, referred to as the “inner terrace” by the renovators, acts as a room separation but does not close anything off. Instead, it offers space for storage as well as display walls for personal photos, art, and books. The central wall therefore becomes a personal element of the house that is easily updated for seasonal changes or the occasional redecoration.

The second apartment is also a renovation, this time of a 75 square meter (800 square foot) home in Western Australia. The renovation was undertaken by Clare Cousins Architects and was necessary to make a warm and open home for a young family who was expecting their first child.

With such a small space for two adults and soon a child, an effort was made to minimize the sleeping area while maximizing the living space. This meant that every element had to be truly necessary, in the Japanese style, and when possible each space had to have multiple functions.

This was partially accomplished through the use of sleeping cubbies, that are no larger than a mattress. These areas can be closed off at night for privacy, or during the day to hide the bedroom away.

A young family of course will also want to be able to entertain on occasion and perhaps have overnight guests. The lofted area of the apartment accomplishes that goal with a spare guest bed as well as access area to hidden storage compartments. The lofted storage is actually home to more furniture, made from plywood, that folds flat to save space.

Moveable partitions throughout the home give residents the option to change the layout as they see fit, from day to day.

A simple but chic bathroom uses clean white tiles and gold plated fixtures for a modern and minimal – if not traditionally Japanese – look.

Fan of the Japanese style? Do check out these then.

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Contemporary New Delhi Villa with Amazing Courtyard and Water Features

Tue, 11.11.2014 - 16:23

While we love to celebrate smaller homes and their creative designs on this blog, there is no substitute for a sprawling, modern house that would make most design lovers’ dreams come true.

This expansive family home in New Delhi, from the team at DADA Partners, incorporates the homeowner’s affinity for contemporary design with a spacious layout and beautiful outdoor elements. The six bedroom home is truly a space that the family can enjoy on their own, and where they can easily and elegantly entertain friends and associates.

The villa sits on 2.5 acres of land and in addition to each of the six bedrooms has both indoor and outdoor living areas and plenty of room for entertaining.

The two story house stays true to its contemporary influences with sweeping horizontal lines, clean angles, and neutral stone construction.

A brilliant backyard pool forms the border of the north courtyard, making that space a destination for outdoor entertaining and relaxation.

Sliding doors from the living room offer a view to the pool, or can open up to create a seamless indoor and outdoor space.

Two courtyards make up the center area of the home, giving it its project name of Center Court Villa. By building the house around these courtyards, the architects have allowed nearly every room to have full exterior views, helped along by floor-to-ceiling windows where possible.

A reflecting pool along the driveway of the house becomes a modern moat as a wood and steel bridge traverses it to lead guests into the foyer. A shaded canopy comes out over the formal entryway for a cooling, and stylish effect.

The groundfloor of the house is home to a formal dining room as well as the living area, bar, and prayer room.

Upstairs, family bedrooms face out onto the private lawn for a beautiful view of the manicured grass as well as much desired privacy for all.

The interior spaces throughout the house are sleek and minimal, which serves to draw attention to the landscape outside the windows. These landscapes include both verdant foliage and carefully chosen paving stones, with natural textures and their own minimalist sensibility.

Even the roof is manicured for a unique and lovely perspective.

Via: Contemporist.

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Delicious Interiors with Natural Materials and Gorgeous Outdoor Spaces

Mon, 10.11.2014 - 16:56

Every space on this blog is carefully crafted by architects and designers, often in concert with homeowners and their own personal style. But we would not be able to feature them as we do without the help of luscious, textured, colorful photographs. The images in this post were selected from the portfolio of photographer Tom Ferguson. This Australia-based photographer has photographed many different design projects in his home projects and beyond. His photographs masterfully capture the vibrant colors of these homes that utilize large natural open spaces, plenty of greenery and modern lines.

For more gorgeous photos from Tom Ferguson, check out his site.

This interior view, with a nearly panoramic look into the garden, is from a terrace house in the Paddington area of Sydney.

A major renovation of the interior allows this space to blend effortlessly with its outdoor area.

These shots are taken from a renovated terrace home in Randwick that’s listed as part of that area’s State Heritage.

The design for this bright and creative interior won the 2014 Belle/Coco Republic Residential Interior Design Award.

That comes as no surprise when you see the lovely interiors, freshly landscaped garden area, and clean, modern look.

This space is from a Darlinghurst Apartment, a 1915 apartment on the eastside of Sydney that was renovated.

This lovely sunroom feature succulents, bonsai, and of course sunny views of the nature outside.

This family home in Camperdown, Sydney, uses playful color to create a perfect family space.

The glass bulbs inside catch the color of the outdoor pool, making the whole kitchen feel as if its underwater.

This house also notably features a garden and exterior design from Brendan Moar, who chose the brilliant dangling plant life that overhangs the back patio.

This gorgeous brick house was renovated to give it a much more modern look, including this sleek fireplace.

This project, a residential home in Petersham, in Sydney’s Inner West, features incredible floor to ceiling windows.

They slide right open into the modern deck area, making a perfect area for kits to run circles and pedal tricycles.

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Designing A Super Stylish Party Pad: The Oh!dessa Apartment

Fri, 07.11.2014 - 16:58

When entertaining friends and family is a key part of your lifestyle, that has to be built into your space. This apartment from the design at 2Bgroup incorporates the owner’s own comfortable modern style with her desire to play hostess for anything from dinners to sleepovers. For it’s sophisticated and eye-catching style, the team has termed it the oh!dessa apartment. Let’s take a look inside.

This cheeky cover photo is surely a shoutout to the penchant for parties in this space. What’s a night on the floor when your friend has a crash pad like this?

The apartment adheres to absolute minimalism when it comes to doors and windows, instead relying on columns, curtains, and elevations to create room divisions.

With a mixture of concrete and wood, the design certainly takes a turn towards warm industrial, though the designers didn’t set out to make a modern loft.

A cozy dining table is perfect for a small dinner party but doesn’t feel overwhelming on those nights home alone.

From this angle, the openness of the space is readily apparent.

Hardwood floors and low pile carpet is easy to clean in case of a party emergency. Plus a soft place to land is perfect for anyone who has one too many.

A cozy reading nook and exposed brick make for a welcoming entryway to be sure.

The massive closet is actually a walk through rather than a walk in – you have to pass through it to get from the master bedroom to the bath.

With it’s subtle molded walls the bedroom manages to soften out the industrial vibe, which is perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Though the style is very open, each room, from bedroom to guest bath, is carefully arranged so that wherever a guest goes, both he and the host have the privacy they need.

Not exactly your run of the mill double basin in this stylish space.

By adding the bookshelves to the window wall, designers were able to keep the rest of the walls completely free from objects, resulting in an amazingly open feeling for this 180 square meter (1937 square foot) apartment.

Soft lighting throughout, with the use of various hanging fixtures, adds to the chilled out cocktail party atmosphere.

Taking openness to the extreme, the apartment actually includes a transparent glass bath.

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Ultra Luxury Bathroom Inspiration

Thu, 06.11.2014 - 19:15

Perhaps more than any other room in the house, the bathroom is a private retreat. It is a place where we perform important daily rituals and where we take the time to truly indulge ourselves with the wonderful luxury of solitude. The bathrooms collected here use their own design elements but have the luxury factor in common. The bathroom is not a place to skimp and none of these designs do.

An elevated platform puts this stunning marble tub on display while large windows fold open for the truly indulgent experience of bathing in the open ocean.

Wood paneling surrounding the bath are another important element that set the bath area apart from the rest of the bedroom in this ensuite design.

Double sinks nestled into a marble countertop that matches the marble tub are a simple luxurious feature.

And what better way to relax after a decadent bath than to dry off in the setting sun on this private deck.

One view is all it takes to experience the lovely luxury of this feminine bathroom. The floral wall design and curlicue light fixtures make this an ideal retreat for any time of day.

For a less flowery option that is no less luxurious, peek inside this more masculine bath. Dark gray, black, and white are the height of masculine chic while a soaking tub and deep bowl sink offer everything you might need.

The simplicity of this bathroom is the perfect contrast to the stunning views. By sinking the tub into the floor, the designer allows the bather to feel as if they are washing off in the still waters of a lake.

The wood features in this bathroom mesh well with its views, letting you feel at one with the surrounding woods.

Sticking with the theme of nature, this safari inspired bathroom features a zebra rug and mosquito netesque light fixtures for all the glamor of a safari with none of the danger or discomfort.

Sleek floors and shining countertops make this bathroom the perfect mirror for the decadent city below.

A large round tub is the focal point in this simple but inviting space.

While this bathroom, designed as a showcase for Artecasa, UAE, may be a bit over the top for most average homes, it does make it possible to indulge in the possibilities of true luxury.

With coppery tile and gilded accents, there is no question that this bathroom is fit for a queen.

Side by side sinks go glam with intricate mirrors and reflective walls.

This Moroccan inspired design creates plenty of glowing, flattering light with a combination of bare bulbs and hidden fixtures.

A countertop that mimics a lovely dresser gives this space a more feminine touch.

Suited for the most vain, this vanity area is clearly designed with one person who loves her privacy in mind.

This black and white bathroom, with multiple countertop options, has a distinctively 80s feel to it.

Black and white marble throughout is exactly what Gordon Gekko would have wanted.

The angular designs in the counter are a bit futuristic, while other options remain more traditional.

Storage space is always a concern in the bathroom, which is the room of sprays, creams, and salves.

Finally, a colorful addition to this list, where purple tiles and vaguely gothic mirrors give this bathroom a bit of a haunted house vibe, but in a fun way.

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21 Cool Bedrooms for Clean and Simple Design Inspiration

Wed, 05.11.2014 - 16:32

While you might not consider a fireplace in the bedroom to be a bastion of simplicity, plenty of negative space a neutral color palette mean the room is peaceful in its own way.

The pops of red that show up in this bedroom give a little hint of passion to an otherwise simple design.

In this large bedroom, the combination of natural wood flooring and dreamy ocean blues are the perfect amount of calm to help you drift off night after night.

An ocean breeze and plenty of sunshine aren’t possible for every bedroom, but they sure to make for a lovely way to relax.

Wood paneling and shutters give this bedroom a cozy atmosphere and let you block out the light when you want to sleep in.

This bedroom from visualizer Ngoc Bau has a feminine je ne sais quoi without resorting to pinks and florals, just some ethereal tufting and plenty of smooth white.

Though it stays a bit from the theme of simplicity, the cool tones and soft textures still make this bedroom quite inviting.

The simplicity here is palpable but also means this bedroom will never truly go out of style.

With a furnished workspace and private balcony, you would never even need to leave the comfort of this bedroom.

Vertical stripes reflected around this bedroom make it feel taller and more spacious.

Glass closet doors make this simple bedroom feel more open – and are a nice encouragement to keep things organized.

The subtle accents in this bedroom, from the lamps to the accent wall, take this simple bedroom from lovely to luxury.

Another white on white offering from Valkyrie Studio stays light and airy.

A low bed and high ceilings make for a wide open and relaxing space.

The slate gray walls and cozy area rug in this bedroom make is snuggly and simple at the same time.

Artsy choices on the walls don’t detract from the overall industrial simplicity of this bedroom.

In a towering apartment building, staying low to the ground with a platform bed and simple work area is key.

Yummy neutral brown and vibrant green splashes make this bedroom feel like a retreat for a wood nymph.

This is the perfect grey bedroom is slink off to when you’re done with a difficult day at the drawing board.

A futuristic light fixture and lush royal blue chair make this bedroom into a decadent space for an evening alone.

Finally this artist’s loft bedroom is so wide open that it may as well go on forever. Even the tufted headboard is oversized.

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Gorgeous Family Home in South Africa features Majestic Ocean Views

Tue, 04.11.2014 - 17:34

When it comes to designing a home that is situated near an incredible landscape, it is always a challenge to ensure the home is beautiful in its own right without detracting from its natural surroundings. The family home, located in Pezula Private Estates outside of Knysna in South Africa not only takes on this challenge, but succeeds spectacularly. Architects from Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects (SAOTA), led by Greg Truen and Roxanne Kaye, worked to make sure the space integrated seamlessly with the landscape.

For instance, the slanted roof is set at such a height above the main living area that when you are inside the home, it seems to disappear completely, “creating the illusion that one is sitting in the landscape rather than in a room looking out into a landscape.”

The stunning site in The Cove section of the Pezula Estates, eventually to be used as a family home but first as a holiday get away, has ocean views from both the south and east.

The children’s bedrooms, visible in this image, keep true to the emphasis of views and glass, but feature heavy privacy curtains, allowing them to escape into their own private chambers whenever necessary.

The interior design, of course, is understated but should not be overlooked. The design team of Mark Rielly and Tavia Pharaoh, out of Antonia Associates, used a starkly minimalist style. Many of the pieces are sparse, which serves to emphasize the stunning architectural spaces. For a unique space like this, it should come as no surprise that many of the furnishings are bespoke.

The sun was a major concern when working on this project. A solar assessment allowed the architects to determine how best to situate and build the house to minimize the negative effect of direct sunlight. The final results include a sunscreened glass panel as well as a wooden screen across the large overhead skylight.

For this screen, as well as the rest of the home, materials were chosen with great care and not only for their look and durability. Materials such as off-shutter concrete, Rheinzink roofing, timber cladding, and stone were specifically chosen for the way in which they will be able to age gracefully and fade into the landscape as the house stands for many years.

Photographs: SAOTA, John Devonport & Micky Hoyle courtesy of VISI

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Open Apartments that Make Creative Use of Texture and Pattern

Mon, 03.11.2014 - 16:01

Anyone who believes that interior design is simply a matter of choosing furniture and painting the walls has probably never tried to design a room or a home. These apartments, each visualized by Archivizer, have so much more than some pretty paint and a cozy sofa. Specifically, these apartments use color and texture to bring a new dimension to the designs. From cool, smooth tile to playfully patterned throw pillows, these apartments take into account all the senses. The results are welcoming, stylish, and far from simple.

The first apartment uses colors that remind us of an art deco hotel on Miami Beach.

Black and white patterned throw pillows bring a modern zing to the room.

The tiled wall and floor have a delicious chocolate brown coloring that mimics the inside of a seashell.

Teal and lime shades complement each other in a surprising way.

In this next apartment, the beachy colors are absent but we can still see a particular attention to pattern among the otherwise neutral palette. Specifically, this area rug and its bold geometric look, and the accent wall behind the television with its textured design.

In this space, houndstooth is a running theme. The pattern is certainly trendy but also lends a timeless appeal.

This apartment and its lush leather sofa invite you to lounge for house. The smooth texture of the sofa along with the appeal of the leather scent is certainly notable.

A white brick accent wall creates an interesting texture and is a nod to the stacked wood near the fireplace.

This apartment’s living room is dominated by a massive, velvety sofa that’s slate gray and orange.

It’s touchable texture makes it difficult to look away, making that space an inviting focal point in the room.

This lovely apartment is a bit more spacious and utilizes reflective surfaces as well as a decadent magenta color to great effect.

The open floor plan means that the kitchen cabinetry must work with the living room, so the visualizer here has brought the pink into the sofa throw pillows as well as the coffee table centerpiece.

This vibrant apartment uses lime green to make an unmistakable statement.

More houndstooth pillows are very of the moment.

A chevron striped rug speaks volumes about the style of whoever might live here – youthful and fashionable.

A smaller apartment with a gray and black theme uses particularly sleek countertops and a tufted sofa to point to luxury.

A soft white sofa and gorgeous natural wood floors are beautiful features in this fully feminine apartment.

And towards the more masculine, bachelor design we have this dark gray and black apartment with another patterned area rug and smooth, creative light fixtures.

For an artsy turn, look no further than this sunny apartment.

Cheeky pillows and cool, textured light fixtures give this apartment an immediate creative boost.

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Sleek and Simple Luxury in Luxembourg

Fri, 31.10.2014 - 18:24

There is a distinct luxury in simplicity. This Luxembourg house from architect Katarzyna Kuo Stolarska takes this idea to the extreme. With a simple grayscale color palette and the best materials, from furniture to flooring, the house is beautiful and relaxing.

Lofted ceilings have their appeal but the long and low lines in this house are simple but not simplistic.

Cool greys that almost seem to shift from more black to more blue are calming and captivating.

In the living room, ample seating can’t go unnoticed. A deep and wide sofa makes it easy to bask in the light that filters in from the back wall of windows.

The combination of the sofa and coffee table, both on the same parallel planes, make the room seem to go on forever.

Fitting a television into a highly stylized home is always a challenge, but here custom cabinetry means that a flat panel television can disappear and be revealed in just moments.

A conversation nook in one corner offers some of the only furniture that is not a muted gray, black, or white. These stylish woven chairs are not jarring, however, because they sit carefully against the vibrant greenery outside the window.

A simple workspace with completely clear countertop and cozy gray office chair is the blank canvas you’d need to let your imagination take flight. .

Up a white and lucite staircase we find the bedrooms, which are unsurprisingly simple as well.

A low platform bed with a clever bedside table design give the room a focus and that focus is relaxation.

Another seating area is a bit warmer with a modern sueded bean bag chair and seating cushions that evoke the cozy macrame of your grandmother’s house.

The kitchen is again committed to sleek simplicity with glorious marble countertops and bar stools that offer function but not at the expense of extreme, minimalist style.

In the bathroom, white and natural wood bring a bit of warmth to the space.

A deep slate tub is perhaps the opposite of the coveted clawfoot, but has its own ultramodern appeal.

Natural light filtering in from above ensure privacy while bringing its calming effects to anyone who enters.

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5 Kiev Apartments with Verdant Vertical Gardens and Other Natural Elements

Thu, 30.10.2014 - 17:10

With sleek lines and neutral color palettes, modern design can sometimes stand in stark contrast to surrounding nature. However, when a designer like Anton Biytsev is able to take the most important tenets of modern beauty and bring in natural elements as well, it can really bring a space to life. The five Kiev apartments here were each designed by Biytsev. They include a lot of grey, white, and natural wood but each also features an interior vertical garden. Some are subtle while others are more bold and blossoming but each brings a special atmosphere to the entire home.

The first apartment nestles a small wall garden in the living room, amongst industrial-style concrete slabs.

The living room features a slick, modern fireplace that uses natural wood paneling and brings some warmth to the otherwise angular design.

The small kitchen features dark wood cabinetry and caged light bulbs, which are also a hallmark design element of the warm industrial style.

Texture is also important in this design, from the cushy sofa and armchair to the varied texture of the wall planting and of course the smooth wood floors and concrete walls.

In the second apartment, we see many of the same cool gray colors, including an expansive and cozy sofa in the living room that could easily double as a bed.

The luxurious bedroom keeps with the dark colors, creating a separate space for the massive four poster bed and a welcoming area for watching the mounted television.

This time it’s the dining room that features the living wall, and does so quite dramatically.

A creative gold ribbon light fixture contrasts beautifully with the plants growing from the wall in a marriage of manmade and natural elements.

The bedroom also brings in its own nod to nature with a beautiful oversized bonsai tree.

A simple kitchen area with wooden bar stools is very open and modern.

The kitchen and dining area are separated from one another by the creative use of a fireplace, allowing the fire to provide modern ambience to both rooms at once.

In the third apartment, while gray is still widely utilized, a lighter nearly white version on the walls opens up the space.

Reflective kitchen cabinetry makes light bounce around the room playfully but looks super slick.

With a creatively tufted bed, large area rug and slatted walls, the bedroom makes interesting use of texture, creating a sense of being enveloped and safe.

On the other hand, the living room is made up largely of right angles and straight lines, from a marble-style accent wall to an angular modern sofa and chrome coffee table.

A second bedroom, with an even more textured bed in a chocolaty brown velour, would be a dreamy place for guests to spend a night.

The entryway to this apartment gives the distinct impression of entering a sophisticated lair.

The fourth apartment is a bit smaller, but sticks to many of the same aesthetics, including a creative living wall.

Wire light fixtures in the living room are large, but because the design is so open they don’t cut off any space.

A small modern loveseat pulls double duty as a breakfast bench.

The final apartment brings a bit more color into the equation. And that color is a bold and stylish mustard yellow.

The space also makes use of levels, with an elevated dining room that gives the apartment a distinct sense of elegance.

Other elements, however, such as a patterned backsplash in the kitchen and colorful wall art, keep the overall feeling light and livable.

This is also the only apartment that does not feature a living wall, instead allowing the greenery from outside to shine in, and pulling in its vibrant colors with small potted plants and branches.

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Stylish St. Petersburg Apartment for an Artistic Professional Couple [Includes Floor Plan]

Wed, 29.10.2014 - 16:43

For a professional couple, the apartment they share should be a reflection of their values: beauty, style, and a little bit of fun. Designers Natasha Janson and Dmitry Kirsanov of I Am Home Studio have created a playful and modern space in this 166 square meter (1786 square feet) apartment that would be sure to help any couple find their own corner of heaven in St. Petersburg.

A sociable young couple not only wants to spend comfortable time in their home with each other, but should be able to entertain their circle of friends.

The living room design is certainly beautiful, but also provides plenty of seating for friends.

The turquoise egg chair is a cozy and create place to relax away from the buzz of a party or just after a long day away from home.

A gold tinted coffee table gives the perfect sparkly setting for serving drinks or hors d’oeuvres while overhead lights that dangle on individual cords are another playful addition.

A sunny dining terrace serves more than one purpose as well.

While the heavy wood table could easily host an intimate dinner party, it’s also spacious enough to provide a work area for these two creatives.

The open floorplan has the dining area in direct contact with the small kitchen, which includes a splashy red refrigerator and the obligatory chalkboard wall. The uniquely patterned floor tiles create separation between the two areas.

The attention to every detail is readily apparent when you realize that even the front hallway has been designed for maximum comfort and style.

It features a creatively textured wall and a cozy ottoman that’s perfect for adding the finishing touches to an outfit — or taking them off once you get home.

There’s no question that this cozy hallway would make anyone feel immediately at home.

In the bedroom, we can also see influences of the couple’s love for art and creativity.

These artsy elements can work because of the neutral color palette that keeps the room from feeling busy or cluttered.

The designers took into account that often women need more space in the bedroom – for storing clothes, dressing, and their entire routine. That’s why the woman’s side of the room is a bit more spacious.

But the artistic accoutrements are feminine without being girly. From the bespoke wood panels with its own bold art to the whimsical mounted unicorn head.

Floor to ceiling mirrors are the only way to get the whole impression of your outfit, so of course they are a requirement here.

For those with the luxury of space, a dreamy room for meditation, yoga, and centering can make a huge difference in how you experience your house.

The yoga room here is white, bright, and simple with a modern altar that allows anyone to set a dreamy mood with flickering candles and incense.

Angel wings give the space even more ethereal appeal.

For a couple that works from home, a separate work area with everything you need to get down to business is essential.

Spacious desks with comfortable but stylish office chairs create just that area.

White tile works with the streaming sunlight to create a space where it’s easy to create throughout the entire year.

A bright sofa and fireplace mean welcoming clients into the home is also possible, when necessary.

Finally, a cozy bathroom provides the ultimate relaxing retreat.

A deep porcelain tub contrasts with the creatively textured wall and natural wood flooring for the feeling of a personal spa right at home.

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Stunningly Beautiful & Modern Apartments By Koj Design

Tue, 28.10.2014 - 15:41

When your home is beautiful, everything in your life becomes a little bit easier. But beauty comes in many forms. These apartments, with interiors by Koj Design, are beautiful and sunny. Each has comfortable living areas, cozy, simple bedrooms, and welcoming dining spaces that are perfect for entertaining.

These lovely designs comes as no surprise, since our previous coverage of Koj Design has included lush contemporary bedrooms and clean, modern apartments.

Step inside these dream apartments and get inspired.

The first apartment is spacious and modern, utilizing natural materials and textures to create a warm atmosphere.

The surrounding windows let in plenty of natural sunlight, working to make all the interior elements sparkle a bit easier.

Light greys and blues combine with natural wood floors for an overall calming effect.

In the bedroom, a different lovely color scheme takes over. A combination of subdued green and pinkish coral has an innocent, candy flavor to it.

The bath is a bit darker with pewter walls and a deep soaking tub making it a bit of cozy indulgence.

In the second apartment, we find a nautical-themed beach house that uses the cool and relaxing tones of the ocean to create an enviable retreat.

An open floorplan is made more comfortable by creative room dividers that keep the space open, but mimic privacy.

A few carefully placed baubles bring home the theme of the ocean, but almost blend into the backdrop so as not to seem kitschy.

Other carefully chosen elements such as the graphic “Bar” wallpaper as well as the sleek bar cabinet make it clear that this is a house where parties and relaxing are not just common – they’re expected

The third apartment is a bit smaller, but uses light and warm earthtones to create a more open feel.

Splashes of color take the form of pretty pieces of art or creatively covered shelving.

A light wood theme in the kitchen, coupled with tiled floors, makes the space feel very clean and modern.

A small bedroom is opened up with sunlight and a simple platform bed.

Floral accents – from artwork to centerpieces – are a warm and welcoming addition.

The fourth apartment is a simple family home that includes sleek, modern wood accents as well as a bright and playful room for a little girl.

An accent wall in the living room uses Mondrian-inspired shapes to help the mounted television blend in, almost as if it is a work of art in itself.

A little girl’s room shrouded in pink may seem cliche, but it’s actually quite lovely here. The pink feels subtle and genuine instead of overwhelming.

A master bedroom uses neutral colors and takes full advantage of its corner position with a modern window seat to bask in the sun.

The terrace is a lovely final touch with plenty of plants creating a sort of urban oasis.

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5 Lovely Homes in Poland with Soft, Feminine Elements

Mon, 27.10.2014 - 17:18

Successful interior design does not draw gender lines, but there are certainly elements that most would consider more soft and feminine. These five homes, from Polish-based designer Monika Rogsuz, manage to use lovely, soft design features without coming across as overly saccharine or frilly. The results are spaces that bring in lovely colors, plenty of sunlight, and simple, welcoming furnishings.

The first apartment, in Wroc?aw, uses an open floorplan to make the entire space feel airy.

A uniquely modern grandfather clock in a pretty seafoam green is the perfect accessory for the living room.

A light wood dining table is nestled against the window for a sunny, pretty start to any day.

Creative, custom shelving built in light wood provides storage and also hides away clutter.

The kitchen is also light and open, with white walls making it feel even more spacious than it is.

Wood floors and fixtures in the bathroom keep it from feeling sterile, but plenty of clean, white porcelain ensure it’s a comfortable place to bathe.

In this next apartment, natural light and wood are still key design elements.

The home also uses creative elements like glass interior walls to keep the space open while also creating division. The glass wall also has song lyrics etched into it, for a truly special effect.

The dining room table is another focal point with its reflective yellow surface and central planter.

In the bedroom, interesting textures make the space feel more vibrant.

For instance, the deconstructed headboard design is creative but because it matches the color of the wall, it is not too busy.

A simple bath rounds out this small apartment with lovely wood accents and clean, smooth white walls.

The third house, located in Wroc?aw, uses a trendy dark mustard color to accent an otherwise white palette.

The geometric area rug complements the patterned throw pillows without being overly matchy.

And nothing says modern like a houndstooth arm chair. This living room is decorated perfectly for a ladies book club. Especially one that decides to read Sherlock Holmes.

An ombre blue in the bedroom is particularly calming.

A small kitchen is plenty of room for growing potted herbs, as long as you do it on the wall.

The patterns on the bathroom floor and walls is truly intriguing.

For more patterned floors, we need to look no further than the entryway to the fourth house on the list, which is in Warsaw.

Though the pattern does not make it into the living room, there are still plenty of playful elements, including a neat chandelier and a modern fireplace.

Tall shelving is ideal for a book lover who wants her whole collection on display.

Glass walls in this apartment separate the ensuite bath from the bed that’s fit for a princess.

In this final house, in Kraków , we’re treated to a few different views, starting with a cozy gray sofa.

The second view swaps out the sofa for a deep, turquoise which makes the room feel a bit more constricted but does demand attention.

Finally we get to see a sofa fit for Prince himself, upholstered in a deep purple color. Starburst-inspired light fixtures make sure this purple option isn’t too overwhelming.

Dark wood floors and kitchen counters are a bit more luxurious than lighter options, but the larger space can handle it.

And once again, natural sunlight ties everything together beautifully.

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Super Luxurious 400 square meter (4305 square feet) Apartment in Kiev, Ukraine

Fri, 24.10.2014 - 17:55

A luxury apartment can be the easiest way to marry the desire for decadence with the need for a central, urban location. In this spacious Ukrainian apartment from designer Irena Poliakova, it could be easy to forget that you are in an apartment at all since the luxe design is reminiscent of a sprawling estate more than a chintzy studio. Step inside this beautiful space and imagine what you life would be like if there were the kind of place you could afford.

The apartment’s foyer includes its own private elevator entrance, completely with abstract sculptures and its own chandelier. Any guest arriving to this space will be instantly impressed.

The living room uses a neutral color palette and luscious texture to up the inviting factor. It isn’t hard to imagine a lovely lounging lady sprawled out on one of these deep, plush sofas.

Of course, anyone with a place this is going to want to show it off with a dinner party or two. It’s no mistake that the formal dining room includes purple upholstered seating – because nothing says “I may as well be royalty” like a good dose of deep purple.

Each bedroom has its own subtle theme, from slate gray with a feminine tufted headboard to lovely blue with natural wood and monochromatic line drawings.

By giving each bedroom its own personality, but still sticking with the drapey, languid lines of the rest of the home, it becomes that much more luxurious.

Guests are likely to feel more like they are in a top rated hotel than a friend’s home. Of course, they’ll be in for a nasty surprise when they expect turn down service.

It can be hard when you encounter a kid who gets to grow up living in a room like this one, with its own custom butterfly artwork and carefully decorated space. But we’re sure daddy’s princess is perfectly sweet.

You don’t get an apartment like this by taking days off, so a home office is a necessity. This one is private and slick enough to entertain clients when required.

A home gym ensures residents don’t have to deal with the unwashed masses as the local YMCA. If they have those in the Ukraine.

Although it’s a half step below the formal dining room, the breakfast table is most stylish and more formal than most homes, with creative light fixtures and wine red chairs.

Each bathroom also has its own distinct look but of course, from private whirlpool to obligatory bidet, each keeps with the theme of luxury.

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Take A Peek Inside 432 Park Avenue, the Tallest Residential Building in the Western Hemisphere

Thu, 23.10.2014 - 16:47

While the towering buildings of the New York City skyline are constantly changing, shifting, and growing, it is rare to have any construction project overtake the most famous skyscrapers in the city. This is particularly true of apartment buildings. However, as of October 2014, when the last bit of concrete was poured, the new building at 432 Park Avenue is the tallest residential building not only in Manhattan, but in the entire western hemisphere. The building sits between 56th and 57th streets, overlooking Central Park and huge swaths of the city. In fact, some condos even have views all the way out to the Atlantic.

Designed by architect Rafael Viñoly, the building measures 1396 feet (425 meters) tall, which makes it taller than both the iconic Empire State Building and the art deco-style Chrysler Building.

In fact, the massive building is even taller than the new building at One World Trade Center, if you don’t count that building’s towering spire.

Its massive height makes the building visible from every borough and even as far away as Monmouth County in neighboring New Jersey.

The building, which has currently sold about 50% of its units, includes 104 condos.

Of course, living in a massive luxury building like this one (on Park Avenue nonetheless) does not come without a price tag. The price range for the condos starts at $16.96 million and goes up from there, with the top priced unit being the sprawling penthouse suite, which listed at $95 million. Unfortunately, that one has already sold.

And the luxury does not stop with the exterior of the building. The units’ interiors were designed by Deborah Berke and include solid oak floors and Italian marble countertops, plus luxurious 12.5-foot ceilings.

But it is really the views that are worth the price. With stunning 10 foot by 10 foot windows, residents can enjoy unmatched views of the city from every room. Even from the bath. Every condo sits about 365 feet, so while a penthouse view doesn’t come with each unit, there are no sidewalk-level options, either.

The building has many amenities, too, including a restaurant on the ground level, a private gym, pool, and billiards room.

Residents are expected to be able to move in to the building starting in 2015.

But even without occupants, the skyline of the Big Apple has already been permanently altered by this impressive structure.

Image Courtesy: DBOX

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3 Distinctly Themed Apartments Under 800 Square Feet (~75 square meter) with Floor plans

Wed, 22.10.2014 - 18:24

One key tenet of small space design is the use of light colors.

This artist’s loft in St. Petersburg, from designer Anton Zaytsev, uses a lot of white and neutral choices to keep the space feeling open and airy.

The design also takes full advantage of the apartment’s 4-meter high ceilings with windows, shelving, and intricate light fixtures that give the entire space an elegant and eclectic feeling.

At only 70 square meters (750 square feet), what this apartment lacks in area, it makes up for in artistic flair.

Even the bathroom has its own cheeky decor, from this saucy pinup model decal to the decadently dark claw foot tub.

It is interesting to note that this artist’s loft is part of a three apartment ‘set’ in a renovated building overlooking the Neva River. This is the smaller of the three “art apartments,” each of which is attached by a common corridor in the building.

The second apartment featured is from designer Artem Yevstigneev.

The one-room apartment measures 54 square meters (580 square feet) and has a very distinctive nautical theme.

The nautical theme not only offers a space unique to the resident’s preferences, but fits perfectly with the small space. A boat can be luxurious but must use all space efficiently.

The home includes a bedroom, with a study that can be cordoned off by a sliding interior door.

Even the bathroom suits the theme with a floating pedestal sink and plenty of glass.

The final home was designed by Olga Kataevskaya. Another key theory of interior design for small spaces is to keep distinct rooms separate. This 47 square meter (500 square feet) home manages to do so with both furnitures and partitions.

The use of a projection screen, against a stunning red accent wall, is another way to save floor space since no television stand or entertainment center is necessary.

A floor to ceiling shelving unit offers plenty of stylish storage space.

The apartment, located in Kiev, is in a renovated Stalinist building.

Its tropical colors that pop up throughout the space are truly transporting.

And the kitchen is unforgettable with an incredible tropical backsplash helping any visitor pay no mind to the area of the home and focus all attention on the bright and boisterous details.

The use of a glass partition between the bedroom and living area allows light and air to flow freely, but still affords privacy when required.

A walk in closet may seem like a luxury in a space this small, but when there is room to organize everything, everything can actually stay organized.

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26 Living Rooms that Put a Unique Spin on What Modern Means

Tue, 21.10.2014 - 17:36

The living room is somewhat of a modern institution. Older estates might have had sitting rooms, drawing rooms, or studies. But the multipurpose living room – a gather spot for families, a cozy area for entertaining, or even just a place to put your feet up – is kind of a new concept. It’s not necessarily fussy or fancy, but with the right design it can truly become the heart of a home.

Represented here are 26 beautiful living rooms that take this modern space and make it not just welcoming, but beautiful. Have a look.

Warm colors are just one way to bring that cozy feeling into a living room. Here, it’s pops of a shocking red that contrast the cement bricks and other neutral furnishings for a vibrant, exciting space.

Of course, bright colors are not everything. This grey and black design is sleek and sophisticated – it wouldn’t be out of place in a decadent 1980’s movie.

The plush seating in this living room makes you want to sink right in for an evening of casual, bright conversation.

Adding personal effects like books and artwork give this smaller living room a unique and homey feel.

Grey and turquoise is a combination that is very ‘of the moment.’ This living room uses it subtly for a warm and feminine effect.

Another neutral option, the geometric pattern on this living room’s accent wall stands out against the calmly colored furnishings.

In a small space, a living room may have to take on more than one function. Here we see how a narrow room can be a comfortable seating area and a shared home office.

And sometimes decadence is the name of the game. Most of us will never have a grand piano, but if you do you should certainly make it a focal point of a room like it is here, with small, subtle furnishings sinking into the background.

An open floor plan demands creative use of furniture and decor. Here an area rug and large, heavy pieces keep the living area separate from the foyer.

Surrounding by glass and stunning views, the last thing this ultra modern living room needs is the obligatory television.

Low to the ground with a bit of mustard yellow, the furniture in this room screams mid-century.

The elliptical coffee table in the center of this spacious and modern living room is a tiny bit retro futuristic. Coupled with the white, grey, and red color scheme you’re almost in the Home of the Future. I wonder if there’s a refrigerator attached to a telephone hidden somewhere in the kitchen.

This living room does a stylish job of mixing and matching textures from a soft shaggy rug against hard tile to carved wooden ottomans and sleek upholstery.

In this slightly altered version of the previous room, the larger wall art is gone, bringing focus to the beautiful wood paneled wall.

Pristine white furniture that contrasts with inky dark walls is probably not idea for a family, but is super sleek for the most fashionable couple you know.

This artsy loft style with painted wood floors and cute sayings in frames makes you feel like finally getting to work on that novel.

Simple is perfect in this cool grey living room with massive, deep sofas. They make you want to take a nap even when you’re barely out of bed.

In a small apartment, the living room is visible from every angle. This stylish sectional and neutral coffee table are unobtrusive.

Coat the walls and ceilings of this modern living room with bamboo skewers and be instantly transported to a weird hipster luau, which sounds ironic.

At the end of the day, a living room really just needs a place to sit and a coffee table. This simple living room fills those requirements without much fuss, but with a lot of style.

And in a different look, we have the same flood of natural light and simple furnishings, but this time with massive lighting overhead and a wide open floorplan.

Swap out a camel chair for a tufted version in chocolate brown and you’ll have this version of the same Valkyrie Studio.

Overwhelming white can be a bit sterile, but with the addition of some slick art and plenty of light, this living room feels more elegant than ER.

Another day, another Grand Piano. This lovely living room would have you longing to learn your scales once again.

Japanese-inspired sliding doors keep books and documents hidden away when they’re not needed while allowing for necessary storage space.

Any furniture would feel dwarfed by these massive windows, so keeping things simple and comfortable is the right way to go.

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2 Simple, Super Beautiful Studio Apartment Concepts For A Young Couple [Includes Floor Plans]

Mon, 20.10.2014 - 17:46

Being a young couple can be a challenge. You may just be starting out in your careers, saving to buy a home, or just trying to find your footing in the world. On top of that, moving in together for the first time is stressful. But a few talented designers have decided to take on this challenges, offering two lovely studio apartment designs that would give any pair of newlyweds – or even just lovebirds cohabitating – enough stylish space to spread out and enjoy themselves on their way up the corporate (or artistic) ladder. The first apartment comes from the team at int2architecture, while the second is from designer Art Ugol.

The team at int2architecture designed this one bedroom apartment as a temporary home for a young couple.

Largely, the design focuses on dividing the small space into useful, separate zones without putting up any walls that would serve to close off the space.

The bed is in a small lofted area, which also includes a shared workspace.

A sunny breakfast nook is an amazing place to start a day with your loved one, but it also allows you to shut the door when you need some time to yourself.

Vertical storage – here and inside the main room – is key to making a small space like this work.

The interior dining area uses Eames chairs and a simple table to keep things feel open.

A hidden drawer under the bed is helpful, too.

The designers even managed to tuck a laundry area in, which means less time lugging clothes to a laundromat and more time at home with your honey.

We particularly love the creative herb storage, perfect for a couple that loves to cook.

The second apartment was intended for a young female artist, but could easily be suited to a pair of artists as well.

The full sized bed sits in a cozy cubbyhole and can be hidden from view in the event of guests.

The living room gets plenty of natural light, which works well with the natural materials used throughout the home.

A breakfast bar provides a perfect space for one or two, though a dinner party might be difficult to pull off.

With a stone wall and modern appliances, the kitchen is simply spectacular.

A mirrored entryway wall is essential for those last minute outfit checks.

A sleek tiled bathroom with cool, 80’s-inspired fixtures is just artsy enough without losing any functionality.

Plus it has laundry!

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3 Gorgeous Apartment Interiors in Rich, Warm, Tones

Fri, 17.10.2014 - 19:05

The designers at Studio.O., a design firm located in Warsaw, Poland can take what just appears as a space and transform it into a unique and welcoming home. In the projects presented here, we have a chance to explore three different homes that each offer their own take on what it means to be comfortable. Although each plays with pretty neutral palettes and carefully chosen furnishings, they are easy to differentiate and stay true to the separate natures of each homeowner.

The first Warsaw apartment is 180 square meters (1900 square feet) and was designed in 2012.

The interior is decidedly modern and though it keeps true to the modern aesthetic of clean lines and low profiles, it also manages to include extensive seating in the way of a long grey sofa and Eames-inspired dining chairs.

A long corridor connects the open living area, which includes the kitchen and dining area, with the bedrooms. The stripe design in the hallway emphasizes the area of travel and flow.

Wit furry textured linens and a tufted headboard/accent wall, the bedroom is clearly cozy.

In a contrast to the grey theme throughout the home, the kitchen is set in black and white.

The second home is also in Warsaw, and comes in at 450 square meters (nearly 5000 square feet).

The designer chose to focus on concrete and wood materials, which allow for a more natural and warm atomosphere.

Creative dining chairs and a surprisingly classical chandelier make the dining area striking.

Plenty of sunlight and a cushy platform bed give this bedroom a dreamy quality for sure.

Here we get a glimpse of the floor, which is actually made from a sealed resin, giving it a unique and easy to clean look.

These cool kitchen chairs are as much an artistic element as they are furniture.

The spacious bath is sleek with a huge bath and subtle gold accents.

The final example from this team was designed in 2010 and measures 125 square meters (1300 square feet).

Originally, this apartment was two full levels, but the renovation created one large space with high ceilings.

The corner fireplace, just visible here, is what separates this main living area from the bedroom.

The mezzanine balcony in the bedroom is particularly striking.

A wood countertop is an unexpected but lovely addition to the spacious bathroom design.

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Incredible Vertical Garden Walls Bring Vibrant Life to a Contemporary Apartment Interior

Thu, 16.10.2014 - 18:04

The best interior designs do not, in fact, feature a surprising element around every corner. In fact, the best designs keep to basic colors, simple objects, and bring focus to one or two truly unique pieces. In this contemporary apartment, from the team at SVOYA Studio, it is impossible to ignore the amazing vertical gardens that decorate the small but luxurious living area. With vibrant green plants and mosses growing straight out of the walls, the apartment becomes an oasis overlooking the city. The classic and the contemporary exist in harmony, and the result is an apartment that both celebrates its city, and lets you forget about the world bustling on below.

The design team admits to being incredibly inspired by this space, largely due to the views of the River Dnipro, the longest river in the Ukraine.

Here we get a small glimpse of the spectacular views, which are expertly framed with the beautiful vertical garden panels.

The apartment is not spacious, but still manages to incorporate plenty of comfortable spaces.

The apartment’s flow is oriented such that “right from the entrance the window framed panels of vertical gardening overlooks the city.”

Simple, modern elements and largely neutral color palette in beige, brown, and white make the space feel serene from every angle.

The bedrooms are not large, but offer enclosed comfort and their own private views of the river.

The little girl’s room is understandably the most colorful space with gauzy pink curtains and even a chandelier fit for a princess.

The master bedroom on the corner has city views on two sizes and simple but bold spotlights for a bit of an industrial effect.

At night, the garden panels, which were the construction company’s biggest challenges, are even more stark against the dark night sky.

Despite the conservative square footage, this beautiful apartment offers a lovely space to come home to and is a tribute to its surroundings.

The authors of this space are Denis Sokolov, Valeria Sokolova, Tatyana Lazovaya, Julia Martinenko, Artem Martinenko from SVOYA Studio. The photographer was Tanya Kovalenko.

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