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20 Sharp, Masculine Kitchens Perfect For Men

Thu, 24.07.2014 - 16:39

While there certainly was a time when the home kitchen was seen as the domain of women, that’s far from the case today. From self-sufficient bachelors to egalitarian couples to wannabe celebrity chefs, more men than ever are cooking for themselves and for their loved ones. Of course, not many of these men want their kitchens covered in pictures of kittens in chef’s hats or even the bright, spastic yellows or quaint ginghams of “country chic” and designers are catching on. The kitchens featured here are sleek, modern, and ready for any style-conscious man to get to work.

A glowing white kitchen can feel a bit too sterile so U6 Studio has brought in some light colored wood to warm things up in this open kitchen design.

Creative overhead lighting in this kitchen from Delta Tracing gives the room a very mod feel.

Giving the breakfast bar area a separate wood finish creates a relaxing separation from the kitchen’s countertop and a comfortable place for guests to relax while dinner is being prepared.

Not all bachelor’s have space for a fully equipped gourmet kitchen, so this sleek design makes efficient and beautiful use of every square inch.

A butcher block countertop is a dream come true for any chef, making quick work of chopping and aging beautifully over time.

Marble countertops are the height of luxury and the dark coloring keeps thing completely manly in this creative kitchen from Delta Tracing.

Black and white is always chic as evidenced in this kitchen/breakfast bar space that’s perfect for one (or hopefully two).

Not every kitchen needs to adhere to monochromatic schemes to be more masculine. The mustard yellow countertop in this kitchen cleverly winds around a corner making a perfect space for breakfast or a neat, inspiring work area.

Tucking bulky appliances like a stove into the wall makes this gleaming white kitchen seem that much more orderly.

The centerpiece in this kitchen is certainly the massive copper hood. Natural, neutral elements like a cool wood table and soft drapes help to focus attention there.

No bachelor kitchen is complete with a place to store and display wine. This out-of-the-way option keeps it accessible without being ostentatious.

A perfectly framed window lets light into this otherwise dark kitchen, making it seem bigger, brighter, and more comfortable.

An acute angle in this black and white kitchen adds a surprising amount of interest, as well as practical chopping space.

The awesomely unique angular counter is definitely a centerpiece in this narrow penthouse kitchen.

The combination of black, white, and sunlight make this kitchen the perfect marriage of the masculine and feminine without straying too far into either.

Angular and clean, this kitchen could easily fit into the corner of any bachelor pad and heat a burrito or support a five course meal.

Kitchen cabinetry is great, but someone that wants to display his treasured cookbooks would do well with this island that adds shelving to the lower space.

Rustic is the key to this kitchen design, which uses warm natural wood from floor to ceiling.

When it comes to modern lofts, using warm wood to offset the cool and sometimes sterile concrete fixtures is essential, as demonstrated here in this modern kitchen.

This large white island is the perfect canvas to begin any gourmet meal.

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Modern Remodel in Hong Kong With A Ferrari As Focus

Wed, 23.07.2014 - 17:02

When it comes to remodeling a home to meet the needs of a new owner, design teams face quite a challenge. The team at Millimeter Interior Design in Hong Kong rose to the challenge with this split level house, taking the boxy frame and turning the interior into something unique, and uniquely livable.

By turning the garage into a centerpiece for the downstairs living area, the design allows car enthusiasts to keep their prized possessions on display while also making the space itself feel bigger and more open.

A dining table is actually hidden inside the floor, in a typical East Asian fashion.

It raises up at a moment’s notice to host both traditional and modern meals.

A second spacious living room allows for plenty of open floorspace, tucking a sectional sofa into one less conspicuous corner of the room.

Large kitchens are a luxury few in Hong Kong can afford, or indeed require. This narrow space is perfectly capable of preparing a gourmet meal for a crowd.

A well appointed home office is a modern home requirement. This open plan gives plenty of space to keep ideas moving and even includes a highly coveted carbon fiber exercise bike for multitasking.

The bedrooms themselves are also spacious, with the master bedroom opening up onto its own private balcony.

Enclosing an en suite bathroom in glass is a daring way to ensure its modernity, if not to ensure your own modesty

A pool fits snugly into this otherwise narrow backyard, with plenty of deck space for lounging in warm months.

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Via: HomeDSGN

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Luxurious 9 Bedroom Spanish Home With Indoor & Outdoor Pools

Tue, 22.07.2014 - 16:25

Designed by ARK Architects, who are local to San Roque, the villa is to be situated at the end of cul-de-sac for ultimate privacy.

The indoor amenities are also notable, starting with an indoor Jacuzzi and continuing on to a private movie theatre, game room, and private fitness center. With so many comforts, this palatial estate will certainly give the many nearby luxury hotels a run for their money.

A modern living room makes use of clean, modern lines by pulling in low sofas that are as perfect for an intimate conversation as they are for a late afternoon siesta.

A formal dining room, coupled with an open gourmet kitchen, will have friends clamoring for invitations.

Of course, there are also plenty comforts of a home in this planned villa, as well.

Many of the nine bedrooms offer splendid views and incredible en suite baths with modern stone fixtures.

In addition to the expansive private pool, the outdoor grounds will feature private tennis courts as well as a spacious private garage, equipped for any collector.

The luxurious outdoor spaces are certainly an attractive feature, since this region of Spain is well known for its pleasantly warm climate that allows for outdoor lounging year round.


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20 Uniquely Beautiful Coffee Tables

Mon, 21.07.2014 - 16:28

A coffee table can be an effective focal point for any living space. When you are able to choose one that is well crafted, it can even inspire the decor around it to a high level. The tables included in this post are high quality and entirely unique, making them a bold choice for anyone looking for something more than a place to put their coffee.

The amazing design here uses wood and class to create a coffee table that mimics real life topography.

Another table that takes its inspiration from nature. The way the table is cut, it almost appears as if a puddle of clear blue water is suspended in the piece.

Bringing elements of nature into the home can make things feel brighter, bigger, and healthier. This coffee table, featuring a built in bonsai tree, has its own zen aura about itself, as well.

The living room can be a space where both children and adults gather. By turning a useful, modern coffee table into an element that doubles as a doll house for the children, design needn’t be compromised for the sake of the kids.

This minimalist white table is low to the ground and magnificently simple. The hidden crevasse for books and magazines gives it a practical flair as well.

This is a truly designer coffee table. Gold enamel balloons look like they are keeping the clear glass tabletop afloat for a luxurious – and whimsical – effect.

Another table that uses unique shapes as its stabilizing element, this glass topped table is like a piece of practical modern art.

This simple pebble coffee table design from West Elm stands out because its round design means that it could easily double as an ottoman or even a small seat.

What better way to reconnect with nature than by growing your own terrarium? And what better way to house that terrarium than in your coffee table? Guests will be in awe — you’ll never lack for a conversation starter with this in your living room.

Another example of marrying coffee tables with trees is this white table with a built in planter. Any type of indoor plant could fit and thrive in this table.

Bringing in elements of nature is one thing, but this coffee table is nature itself. With a mossy growth underneath the glass tabletop, this look is incredibly unique and very eco-friendly.

This world aquarium is ripe for a coffee table adaptation.

Not every home is equipped with a fireplace, but you can still enjoy the luxury of a roaring fire with this unique coffee table.

This deceptively simple design leaves plenty of space for entertaining comfortable and for storing reading materials.

Or create your own custom coffee table message, like this unique option that just says SHAZAM

In a design that looks a bit similar to the Shazam table, this unique stone creation has many little crevices and nooks for books and magazines.

If nature is not quite your thing, bring the supernatural through the door with this coffee table perched on a dragon’s back.

Don’t hide away your inner nerd. Let it shine bright with this computer circuitry coffee table.

The Lycoming R680 9 Cylinder Radial Engine Table is a perfect gift for a motorhead.

And for those homes that need a beautiful coffee table but are not quite ready for the unique designs of some other on this list, this large wooden table fits the bill.

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Sunlight Streams into Bathrooms Connected to Nature

Fri, 18.07.2014 - 16:48

These bathrooms and bathing areas definitely take the stance that relaxation is important. The elements that have attracted and pleased humans through the ages are all here. Water, fire, a connection to nature while being sheltered from the elements and a high point from which to view an expansive vista.

In this Hawaiian bathroom, the user is forced to slow down, stepping carefully along a pathway across a modernist pond to reach the deep soaking tub. From the lower point of view in the tub, there’s still plenty to see, as the sink and counter have been cantilevered to float, so as not to cut off the view.

Indonesian designer Iwan Sastrawiguna mixes nature as well as spirituality in this bathing area.

While it is much more refined and urban than the previous pictures, we can still see that humans crave some nature in their relaxation spaces, with abundant use of plants, bouquets, and the ancient element of fire, not to mention the natural wood floor.

Likewise with this room by Brazilian visualization team AX2 Studio, the potential sterility of pure shining white is naturalized with the addition of moss-green accessories and a few plants.

Kiev firm LeKS Architects designed this gorgeous modernist tub for two with comfortable backrests, natural wood finishes and candles, in addition to a built-in planter, a softly lit side panel on the tub and huge windows, again connecting the private act of bathing with the greater world outside.

This generous tub with steam flowing out of a window onto nature was visualized by Madrid’s 24 Studio complete with romantic red rose petals and candlelight.

Koj Designs of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam almost places the tub in the bedroom, separated only by a transparent glass wall along with natural stone, an outdoor vista, and candles. This is in harmony with the Asian concept of the tub as a place for relaxation, separate from getting clean and going to the toilet.

Cornwall, UK TigerX CGI animation studio gives the tub a nature-inspired shape, a terrific view, and surroundings of wood and polished stone.

We start to see a pattern; where nature is directly connected without windows in between, you can bet it’s a tropical location. Surabaya, Indonesia’s 2G Studio is no exception with this tropical grotto providing natural light to a room designed for keeping cool.

Oro, Mexico’s 4th Studio visualizes a minimalist room with five different natural wood finishes to accompany the sleek ultra modern white ceramic fixtures.

From Valencia, Spain, Cuantico‘s 3D bath visualization combines a vista of deck and rolling hills with rough-hewn board floors and potted cacti, succulents, a tree, tropical plants and vines, as well as a focal point oculus to let in more natural light, and a sculptural rough stone in the foreground.

Back to Hawaii, where Willman Interiors provides a sliding glass door/wall to separate two showers – one indoors and one out, so one can always get clean before soaking in privacy while looking out onto a walled courtyard of tropical vegetation, rain or shine.

Kiev, Ukranian freelance architectural visualizer Oleg Suzdalev shows his creation by day and by night. Showering takes place standing on a wooden floor (today’s wood finishes make this possible where wood could not be exposed to so much water decades ago) enclosed in a nearly invisible glass booth. Still on this smooth, warm surface, one can walk to the bath, but from the front it appears to be surrounded by rocks, naturally rounded by the action of water and sand. Under a rockscape like this, drainage can be hidden so that a tub filled to overflowing is no problem.

Minimalism isn’t without blossoms for Poland’s be3design.

From Curitiba, Brazil, this artist brings us a raised vista, abundant wood, and in the Brazilian tradition, a beautiful woman.

This visualization from Jakarta, Indonesia presents possibly the least nature-related bath in this collection, but with a large window, a rose in a vase, and abundant natural stone finishes, nature is still present.

A terrific swooping waveform tub grabs our attention in this sunlit room by of Vilnius, Lithuania.

This design features some very cool accents in the form of glowing planters and ceramic jar-inspired toilet and bidet. Unfortunately, interior design clients, concerned with the logistics of wax removal are not usually as fond of the artistry involved in creating realistic candle drips as 3D visualization artists are!

From Russia with love comes this indoor garden featuring climbing and draping vines, even on the martini table. We’re not sure about including an old-fashioned non-waterproof telephone and a Barcelona chair in a bathroom… the chair is too relaxed to change in, but not relaxed enough to stretch out on after a hot bath, but to each, his or her own!

A skylight throws natural light onto wooden wall accents and floor in this visualization by 2G Studio

Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa is located in Trancoso, Brazil. Lush nature surrounds this whirlpool.

Indonesian photographer Gala Indiga took this shot of a modernist jungle bathroom. Water streaming into the tub from above would make for an excellent massage!

..and in our final salute to nature in the bathroom, a highly unusual tub carved by artist Mario Dasso from a single tree felled by natural causes. Located in Mio Buenos Aires luxury hotel, it is our only tub in this set from Argentina. The video below shows how the hotel’s tubs were hand crafted. The interiors of the hotel were designed by Beasley & Henley Interior Design of Florida, U.S.A.

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IKEA 2015 Catalog [World Exclusive] [Updated With Full Catalog And Download Link]

Thu, 17.07.2014 - 18:46

IKEA is officially set to unveil their 2015 catalog on July 24th, but we have gotten our hands on an early copy and thought it was just too good not to share! The really different thing about this year’s catalog is IKEA’s focus on the bedroom and bathroom. In fact in the catalog these two spaces are covered before the living, dining and kitchen. Why the bedroom and bathroom? Because IKEA believes these are the places where we begin and end our days. “Everyone goes to sleep and wakes up, but everything in between those moments is very personal. We all have individual needs when it comes to our morning and evening routines,” says Patty Lobell, Sales Manager, IKEA U.S.

Storage is also an issue in the bedroom, but for different reasons. Although it is the place for relaxing, it is also our own personal territory, where adults can keep things that they don’t want the kids to have access to, and a place that a kid can call his or her own.

Bedding is frequently shown as different on each side of the bed, emphasizing the identity of each individual while showing how well IKEA’s textiles coordinate with each other.

Consumers have expressed a need for more space and storage in bathrooms. The bathroom is most often a shared space, and in many homes, it was not originally built to accommodate more than one person at a time comfortably. We also use a lot more toiletries than we used to, so IKEA has addressed this with solutions that clear the clutter and create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.

We move on to the living then.

As always, IKEA’s brand of Swedish design is homey, comfortable, colourful, and super functional.

Only one room seems to have been a bit less addressed than we would like to see, as is the usual case with IKEA, and that’s the home office… because that’s where one writes design articles!

In focusing on these rooms, however, the kitchen has not been forgotten! Often the place where families bond and the home of much multitasking, IKEA has kept the kitchen up to date to function not only smoothly and beautifully, but in harmony with the latest technologies.

One of our favorite pieces from the 2015 catalog is this nifty exploding light. We will go ahead and call it the Death Star lamp! See it in action below.

Also here are some teaser videos IKEA released yesterday:

Update, July 24: We have embedded the full catalog below. Click on it to view full screen. Download link also provided.

Download Catalog

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Modern Daniel White Home in Saanich, BC, Canada

Wed, 16.07.2014 - 18:04

This Saanich home, designed by Daniel Evan White, is organized in steps on a forested slope, and several exterior decks continue the stepped progression providing an entertaining BBQ area; a pool with adjoining changing room and steam/shower; separate guest or caretaker quarters; as well as coastline decks that offer a variety of transitional daylight and shade opportunities to enjoy both White’s remarkable creation and one of Victoria’s finest coastlines.

White was never called a “Starchitect” because he designed homes rather than public buildings, but he was both prolific and masterful at what he did. As recognition of his work, the Museum of Vancouver even exhibited a retrospective of him in 2013.

Inspiration is said to have gone both ways between White and his mentor and colleague, Arthur Erickson. Erickson did get called a ‘Starchitect’.

It’s clear that both had been inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s earlier work. This home, at 530 Salmon Rd., displays strong connections to nature throughout, with plenty of windows and natural material choices in addition to its strong, linear modernism.

An open air courtyard makes it hard to say whether the house lets nature in, or whether nature lets the house in.

Curved skylights look a little dated now, but in 1974, when the house was first conceived, they were a cutting-edge way to expand the view and let in more natural light.

The building of the home was finished in 1978.

More than 30 years later, the home has been recently restored and is up for sale, priced at $5,575,000 CAD.

Many of the interior surfaces are locally milled cedar.

A carefully designed system of programmable lighting continues the harmony at night.

Flooring is Australian brush boxwood.

Arched skylights are arranged as an interlocking series.

The Western facade, facing the Pacific coast, is fully glassed.

State of the art seismic engineering secures the structure to its foundation.

Windows and doors are of top-grade commercial quality, rather than residential.

Custom quarried Rajasthani slate floors are found both inside and out.

The counters are black honed granite, and the cabinetry panels are of resin-embedded reeds.

The entire structure encompasses 5500 square feet.

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4 Bedroom Apartment/House Plans

Tue, 15.07.2014 - 15:55

After having covered 50 floor plans each of studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments, we move on to bigger options. A four bedroom apartment or house can provide ample space for the average family. With plenty of square footage to include master bedrooms, formal dining rooms, and outdoor spaces, it may even be the ideal size. The home plans included in this article give us plenty of wonderful ideas as to how to best arrange and even decorate this type of home. The visualizations here range from the modern and chic to the suburban and cozy. Keep reading to get more ideas for your home or apartment space.

This urban home from Estado Properties has plenty of gorgeous details to love including an interesting variety of flooring options, a huge gourmet kitchen and a cozy private patio.

This home plan from Privie World includes a formal dining room that seats 10 as well as en suite baths and a spacious deck area.

Making use of a spacious living area, this four bedroom layout, also from Privie World, turns one living room into two by tucking a sectional into one corner and creating a cozy, Asian-inspired conversation nook in the other.

In this four bedroom flat, Visualizer Razvan Leontescu shows us that limited square footage doesn’t have to mean compromise. The layout still includes four bedrooms, a private balcony, a dining area and even a breakfast nook.

This home plan from DNA Realtors makes good use of every square inch, managing to include three separate balconies along with three large bedrooms and a smaller guest bedroom.

This sleek flat takes every opportunity to simplify from platform beds to low tables. The basic color choices, largely whites and grays, make it much easier to get a sense of the actual space and room available.

This four bedroom layout from Media Contact gives each occupant a good deal of privacy. Three of the rooms even include a private outdoor space with separate entrance.

When it comes to four bedroom floorplans, including uses for outdoor space is essential. This one-story layout has a grassy patio in addition to wooden decks and balconies, which really add to the overall luxury of the home.

Plenty of windows and reflective surfaces give this four-bedroom apartment a much bigger feel.

It is easy to see where the passions of this home’s potential occupants would need to lie. Each bedroom is barely large enough for a bed but there is plenty of room for billiards and dining.

This four bedroom house manages to make room four two cars, four bedrooms, and separate study. An amazing use of space.

This luxury four bedroom from Ansal Housing includes four regular bedroom and a servant’s quarters. Fancy that.

Another spacious option from DLF that includes a master bedroom, children’s bedroom and a servant’s bedroom with separate entrance.

This apartment from First Site Apartments proves that you do not need a lot of space in order to have four bedrooms. Although, you may need to downsize the beds.

At only 1950 square feet, this four bedroom apartment can still comfortable fir a small family or a few roommates with room to spare.

With splashes of color and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, the VTSRealty four bedroom could be ideal for a growing family.

Visualizer Shake Gurgenidze does a wonderful job of making four bedroom layouts seem playful and brights.

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3 Bedroom Apartment/House Plans

Mon, 14.07.2014 - 16:01

A three-bedroom home can be the perfect size for a wide variety of arrangements. Three bedrooms can offer separate room for children, make a comfortable space for roommate, or allow for offices and guest rooms for smaller families and couples. The visualizations here show many different ways that three bedrooms can be put to good use with stylish furnishings and unique layouts.

This colorful home would be an ideal choice for music lovers, featuring two bedrooms and a spacious living area, complete with music storage and stereo, that opens out onto a cozy veranda. A small kitchen and an office area complete the comfortable home.

This three bedroom house fully embraces a natural aesthetic. Not only does it use neutral browns and grays throughout, it features four separate outdoor patio areas.

In a spacious design that would be perfect for roommates, this three bedroom house includes private baths for each room and a separate guest bath in the front hall. Outdoor lounging areas complete this modern, luxurious layout.

Another three bedroom layout from Astin Studios turns the largest bedroom into the lap of luxury with white marble floors, a conversation nook and a walk-in closet.

Working with a small space than some of the other designs in this round up, this three bedroom apartment still has all the trappings of a comfortable, modern home. A Jack and Jill bathroom makes a perfect option for siblings with the master bedroom has it’s own bath and walk-in closet. The kitchen includes a breakfast bar as well as a dining area.

Another three bedroom home that would be ideal for a small family in an urban environment. Two smaller bedrooms would work wonderfully for siblings. A comfortable, modern living area is spacious enough for family gatherings while windows on two sides make it seem even larger.

This small, three bedroom still leaves space for a larger family, fitting siblings in one back room. An outdoor dining area with deck chairs is perfect for warmer weather and has a private entrance from the master bedroom.

Once again, outdoor spaces are key to this three bedroom design. Decks running outside two sides of the home give many relaxing options while the bedrooms are cleverly arranged to leave space for work areas and storage.

This beachy design uses white and sea foam green to immediately transport you to Cape Cod or another seaside town. he bedrooms are not large, but the centralize living area and patio leave space for ultimate relaxation.

Proving you do not need square footage to fit three bedrooms comfortably is this floor plan. A master bedroom with ensuite bath and two smaller rooms for children and guests are perfectly spaced.

Many homeowners may overlook the luxury of built-in closets, so this design makes stylish and practical use of freestanding wardrobes in each of its three bedrooms.

The simplicity of the furniture choices in this three bedroom apartment ensure that it feels extremely spacious, while still including all the necessities, like three baths, an office area, a dining area, a spacious kitchen and even a balcony.

This design acknowledges both the importance of outdoor spaces and of privacy by giving each bedroom its own separate balcony and allowing residents to retreat to their own corner, or commune in the formal dining area and spacious kitchen.

This three bedroom apartment is bright and airy though may be lacking in the storage department with only a few small wardrobes to speak of.

This apartment keeps the communal living areas separate from the bedroom flow, making it easy to maintain privacy when necessary.

A three bedroom apartment with modern, unobtrusive decor makes for the perfect corporate suite or temporary housing for traveling executives.

White tiles and floor-to-ceiling windows make this colorful apartment an ideal beach retreat for friends or family. Each bedroom has it’s own private bath and multiple balcony areas leave plenty of room for soaking up the sun.

Each of the three bedrooms in this visualization have their own distinct personality, from floor treatments to bright wall coverings, encouraging individual expression.

3 Bedroom apartment with servant’s room.

A vibrant, spacious terrace turn this three bedroom apartment into a luxurious option for any family.

Carefully consideration gives this three bedroom design space for a two car garage and indoor as well as outdoor dining areas.

Built in closets and a separated kitchen make this three bedroom space both modern and comfortable.

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Inside The Corridors Of Power

Sun, 13.07.2014 - 17:17

Photographer Luca Zanier has released an intriguing series of photographs titled as the ‘Corridors of Power’ where he shoots the interiors of some of the most influential buildings in the world. These include assembly halls, board rooms and galleries of some of the most powerful organizations out there. It is safe to say that these spaces are silent witnesses to meetings and decisions that sometimes shape the world. Check them out below:

UN Security Council, New York

PCF French Communist Party, Paris

CGT General Labour Confederation, Paris

Library at the Institute of Law, Zurich

UN General Assembly, New York

UN Room XXIV, Geneva

UN Room XIX, Geneva

Consiglio Regione Lombardia, Milan

FIFA Headquarters Executive Committee Room, Zurich

Prayer Room In FIFA Headquarters, Zurich

The New School, New York


Federal Parliament Building, National Assembly, Bern

UN Trusteeship Council, New York

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Avant-Garde Apartments feature the Latest Lines and Lighting [Visualized]

Fri, 11.07.2014 - 16:35

If you were to ask us to associate thoughts with Ukraine, we might think of wheat farming, or perogies (Yum!!) or even the current crisis around Crimea but we probably would not immediately have said, “Cutting edge interior design!”. These two apartments, rendered by Dnepropetrovsk-based Svoya studio are the epitome of where interior design is going next.

While clean sparse modernism dominates the ‘bones’ of the design, Svoya has achieved a warm welcoming feeling by throwing in a little bit of plaid, and using wood plank flooring that looks like it has a long story to tell. Of course, nothing says “Welcome to the warmth” like a roaring fire!

A consistent feature throughout Svoya’s designs is the use of innovative lighting. Multiple jointed arms on this chandelier recall the versatility of task lamps, adding elements of mystery and surprise – the room says: “This is how you see me now, but can you imagine the rooms that I turn into when you’re not around?” Note also, how the angles of these arms reflect the angled lines of the coffee table.

Modernism started out with lines that met, almost exclusively at 90 degree angles. In the 80′s, all cool designs featured at least some 45 degree angles. Some designs now feature a complete lack of straight lines, while others, like these examples, make use of angles other than 90 or 45 degrees. Furniture legs continue this trend.

A double-panelled minimalist art piece picks up the warm tones of the floor, fire, and throw cushions. Many people think of natural wood finishes as ‘neutrals’, but we see clearly here how wood can introduce a non-neutral accent colour to a room.

Nothing says ’21st century’ quite like a green wall. Bringing some of the outdoors inside while taking up minimal floor space and improving indoor air quality, a green wall adds loads of colour and texture to a design. If you plan to install one, look for a space like this near large windows, because living plants require ample light indoors. Also, plan from the beginning how your plants will get their water, and where the excess water will go. These pendant lamps express the design elements of rhythm and repetition, while adding surprise with varied heights. They almost look like musical notes on paper!

Structural columns can be the bane of a designer’s existence, but with careful planning, the one in the center of this picture becomes a room divider separating the kitchen from living and dining areas without completely closing the rooms off from each other.

Svoya doesn’t just make use of innovative lamps, but also uses lighting in subtle indirect ways. Indirect cove lighting, such as we see here surrounding an arch where it meets the ceiling, is often the hallmark of a professional design.

More surprising angles and innovative lighting in the master bedroom with a pulley-style pendant assembly over the bed and faceted shelves that match the flooring and headboard while bathing the plants that they hold in a soft glow from beneath.

Night table lamps and a pendant over the reading corner still don’t complete the rooms lighting – there is yet more hidden in a cove around the upper edge of the room. Such a large number of lights may seem wasteful, but given independent (and often automated) switches, can actually save energy by ensuring that the occupants have exactly the right type and amount of light at all times.

This is a room where creativity happens! Wall panels printed with rough ideation sketches, a task lamp suited to work on the bed, the seating area or the floor, and a telescope and Union Jack chair, to dream of places far away. The theme of irregular angles continues here in the floor lamp, chandelier, wall art, and area rug.

No room is left without plants, even the teen’s bedroom.

For a younger child, a ladder has been considerately supplied so she can reach the higher shelves and be in control of her own space. A feminine traditional chandelier and workstation chair combine with bolder, more androgynous wall finishes to produce a very individual, eclectic room.

In an adult’s home office, the apartment’s surprising angles find their boldest expression, while Gothic wall art expresses the past in an up to the minute way.

Oversized theatre lighting tells us that this room’s inhabitant has a creative streak, too.

With a bidet and heated towel rack, comfort doesn’t have to take a back seat to design.

A rippled mirrored wall reminds us that this is the room where the water is.

In this second design, Svoya takes the lighting surprises further, adding glowing globes to a cluster of plants on a raised green platform.

A patchwork rug adds a Bohemian touch. Coordinated cushions tie it to the rest of the room.

Coved lighting hidden in the edges of the bed platform make it appear to float, while alternating lampshades create a fun rhythm that reminds us of piano keys.

One accent colour in a room full of neutrals always looks harmonious.

Today’s ceramic tiles can look identical to wood planks. This enables interesting colour variations, as each tile is identical in size and thickness to the next.

Truly professional design is marked by subtle, informed use of colour, line, rhythm, repetition, and lighting. This firm seems to get it just right.

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Beautiful Spanish Villa with Views of Port d’Andratx

Thu, 10.07.2014 - 17:03

Anyone would be lucky to even dream of living in a home perched on a cliff on the island of Mallorca. This stunning five bedroom, five bath Port d’Andratx villa, then, would certainly be a dream come true. The house takes full advantage of its enviable location by making sweeping views of the port visible in nearly every room. Combined with plenty of comfortable, modern furnishings both indoors and out make this an ideal space to make a home or simply spend a summer.

The outdoor pool is certainly a focal point with a stunning waterfall pouring into its crystal blue waters while plenty of deck chairs and chaise lounges for sunbathing adorn every corner of the outdoor area.

The master bedroom has a spacious seating area for maximum privacy while enjoying the sweeping ocean views.

A quiet, sunny reading nook is the perfect retreat when the chill starts to blow in across the water.

And those meals are ideally served in the outdoor dining area as the sun sets.

Each bedroom has an en suite bath with sleek, modern fixtures and plenty of sun. What could be more glamorous than washing your face while watching boats sail in and out of Port d’Antratx.

The gourmet kitchen has plenty counter space for preparing anything from the simplest of snacks to multiple courses of tapas and wine.

A private driveway, complete with its own entryway arch, makes every visit feel like a real entrance.

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Stunning Belgian Family Home with Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Wed, 09.07.2014 - 16:28

The main living area is dominated by enviable floor-to-ceiling windows that let in plenty of sunshine during the day. Curtains on the ground floor keep out harsh light during summer or prying eyes at tight time.

Furniture with clean lines, in cool neutrals like white and chocolatey brown fit with the long, flat lines of the modern home but at the end of the day offer a comfortable retreat without being too fussy.

Clean white flooring, when coupled with the glut of sunlight, makes the space feel enormous from every angle.

Low platform beds are an easy way to keep guest rooms simple and clean.

The outdoor areas are welcoming, with seating and greenery, but not overly manicured.

Sleek bathrooms in white tile and gray slate stay true to the home’s modern designs while still providing a relaxing atmosphere for the home’s occupants.

The home’s exterior is almost unassuming with its plain white walls and long, angular roof. But the expansive patio and outdoor dining area let outsiders know this is a welcoming home for friends and loved ones.

Listed on Brussels Sotheby’s

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Four Apartments from St. Petersburg’s Int2 Architecture

Tue, 08.07.2014 - 17:28

At 107 square meters, this Moscow apartment may not be spacious, but careful design and organization from Int2 Architecture has allowed for plenty of storage, a master bedroom and even separate rooms for two children. The team of designers at Int2 has managed to do this without straying from the simplicity and beauty of their chosen modern aesthetic. Cool neutrals and hidden nooks and crannies make this apartment wholly livable, comfortable, and beautiful.

The wooden slat motif that accents the living room ties easily with the funky wooden coffee table and will be seen again in the master bedroom. Light wood rather than dark keeps the space open and bright, perfect for gathering the family.

An oven and microwave recessed into the kitchen wall gives even more space for cooking and meal preparation.

Even the front entryway is not immune from the design’s hidden storage options with a cleverly built-in cubby for mail and keys.

The wooden slat theme makes a reappearance in the master bedroom as a support for the bed’s headboard. Cool beige, brown, and great with soft fabrics and a platform bed make it the perfect zen retreat.

The children’s rooms maintain the neutral color palette while bringing in greens, blues, and even pops of coral along with playful wallpaper and unique works of art.

The overall floor plan of the apartment showcases how cleverly the space is used, with ever square centimeter having a distinct purpose, giving the apartment its spacious feel.

Although originally designed with just one bedroom, the team at Int2 was able to turn this 64 square meter St. Petersburg apartment into a space able to accommodate a master bedroom as well as a separate room for a child. Again, creative storage and cool, neutral color schemes keep this sunny apartment feeling very livable despite its constraints.

The expandable dining table can accommodate up to 9 people, which is no small feat for this small space. If you are curious about how that can be achieved, do check out < a href="" target="_blank">this.

Recessed appliances, from oven to stovetop, create extra space and look extra stylish.

A small desk with overhead storage is practical, but the chair can tuck under for extra floor space or flip around for an instant conversation area. Keeping the desk wall painted the same color all the way across makes the bedroom door nearly disappear, giving the illusion of even more space.

When the hidden door does open, it reveals an platform bed, nestled into a comfortable nook.

Plenty of light keep this cozy sleeping area from seeming too claustrophobic.

The hidden master “bed” room allowed for the creation of a separate nursery, with room to space for a growing child.

The floor plan in this apartment makes it seem as though there is actually room to spare.

This apartment by them in Moscow was awarded the Golden Diploma for Residential Interiors for its creative use of space and marriage of classic and modern elements. Built from a pre-revolutionary house, the apartment has all the trappings of a French neoclassic design with white walls, high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, cornices, and wooden shutters. The team at Int2 was able to contrast these classic elements with their own colorful and distinctly modern choices. The “black box” in the center of the apartment contains the technical appliances necessary for modern living including the pitch, boiler, and bathroom. By containing these elements in one room, the rest of the open, bright space can take on a life of its own.

The owner’s artwork certainly acts as a focal point in this apartment. Here you can see a unique highlight, propping a spotlight on the floor to bring attention to the unique piece leaning against the wall.

A built in desk surface gives a practical work area without bringing in any bulky furnishings.

Chevron wood flooring contrasts with the parallel planks in the bathroom, for an interesting geometric pattern that separates the rooms while maintaining an open feeling.

This goal of the Int2 team in this final St. Petersburg apartment was to maximize open space while giving the occupant dedicated, functional areas for living. This began with inserting a separate but open “dining room” in the form of a wooden box, with accordion windows that let in plenty of fresh air and sunlight.

This apartment stays true to a neutral background, particularly with its light color floor and white brick walls, but Int2 uses these neutrals as a backdrop for a warm and welcoming palette that includes coral and blue.

The living area is conducive to conversation, leaving the necessary television in the corner but not making it the focal point of the room.

Hanging Edison bulbs in the kitchen are a modern twist on an antique look while giving practical light for home chefs. Hidden storage in the kitchen’s island is open, leaving pots and pans readily accessible.

Black dining chairs complement, rather than match, one another for a cozy, bohemian feel.

Plenty of shelving for books and a nook for a piano are a bold indication that the apartment is a home and not just a showcase for design elements.

Each of these apartments are clear evidence of the passion and talent at Int2. Though each design is different, they all reflect a firm understanding of the importance of maximizing space and including practical storage while still ensuring that each piece of the design is beautiful and useful.

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Loft Design Inspiration

Mon, 07.07.2014 - 19:32

The idea of lofts has been around forever it seems but that is with good reason. Lofts are special in feel and diversified in ways you can use them. In this post we feature 4 lofts each solving the design puzzle in its own unique way. Take a look.

This loft features a desk/work area with leisure in mind by means of the hammock. Inviting, isn’t it? The high ceiling allows room to incorporate this loft leaving the main floor with extra space for living.

From this view we see the open stairs. Storage has been added to steps two, three and four. Though the look of the stairs would change a bit, more of the same storage could be incorporated all the way up. This stairs would not be ideal for senior citizens. Also we are pretty sure this would break a few building regulations.

This cozy sitting area under the loft is great for one or two people, yet affords extra company sitting with the floor ottomans and the upholstered bench. Again, storage is provided discreetly under the bench. The floor ottomans serve as seating for eating at that platform-like table that divides the living area from the kitchen.

The bedroom, though part of the small apartment is quite spacious. The windows visually elevate and open up this space quite well. If you remember, this actually made it our list of 25 Bedrooms We Are In Love With.

Notice the “wine cellar” on the left wall. The barrel and stool can be used for sitting while eating as well as sitting while preparing a meal. Large art on the wall works nicely in small spaces. It makes the wall appear bigger.

Here is another loft that is perfect for the person who loves the industrial look. The bare cement looking walls strike you as a no nonsense feeling while the open beams on the ceiling enhance that emotion.

Black, white and wood make for a great look here.

The bird’s eye view of the living area shows a little splash of color on the throw pillows, just enough to get your attention but not so much as to spoil the simplicity of the rooms décor.

This little sleeping nook looks quite cozy.

Black. This is always a dramatic hue to use in any décor and here we see how it defines the kitchen area. The ebony wood grain compliments the lighter wood in the apartment beyond the kitchen area. The black sofa stands out boldly against the white walls, a crisp and attractive look.

Ah! The beauty of this view!

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French Interior Design: The Beautiful Parisian Style

Fri, 04.07.2014 - 16:00

The French have never been accused of sacrificing style for anything. While modern Paris may have moved away from powdered wigs and bustles, there is still a certain stylistic effort in everything they do. Though these Parisian homes do not share just one style, each takes a cue from the French attention to detail while reflecting their occupants deepest desires and most powerful passions. In these Parisian apartments and home we will see that the French style is about incorporating the old with the new and letting unique pieces complement one another and stand together, rather than creating a look wherein every piece “matches.”

This attic apartment makes use of every opportunity to create and play with its black and red theme. From throw pillows to cheeky art and an enviable Eames chair, the apartment matches itself without feeling overly done.

Not every Parisian space will make such dramatic use of red, but it makes this French studio apartment feel like a delicious den of passion.

It is also interesting to note the variety of rugs and other floor coverings used throughout these Parisian spaces. The different textures protect antique wood flooring while make the whole space more comfortable and dampening echoes in close quarters.

Despite a simple design, this apartment is made incredibly homey by the inclusion of one simple houseplant. Bringing the outdoors inside can help occupants to remember and hope for spring, even in the rainy, dreary winter months.

This apartment, with its wrought iron balcony railing and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves is indicative of the French way of life. Reading, relaxing, and celebrating beauty. The black furnishings are another popular theme throughout these French homes.

Although this loft has a much more open and modern feel than some of the other spaces in this roundup, the massive central chandelier and textured furnishings, including an Asian-inspired floor pillow, indicate that it knows its place.

The open living area flows seamlessly into a massive, gleaming kitchen with a golden tile backsplash and huge amounts of counter space. The perfect retreat for any Parisian gourmand.

Again, bookshelves and patterned rugs bring a distinctive lived-in feel to this Paris home. A leather armchair is a timeless addition to this library nook.

Modern, convertible furnishings give the occupants of this downstairs room a place to site, sleep, dream, and even meditate.

Another home of nature lovers, putting these easy to care for succulents and plants on different levels creates art from living things.

Not many Paris homes would have the luxury of a courtyard as big as this.

The furnishings and art in this garden-level apartment are particularly modern, but classic elements like molding and sterling silver serving trays make for a fascinating and stylish mix.

The handing vines in this interesting living area, along with the colorful garlands, give the impression of a constant French-Polynesian luau.

Simple sofas and subtle lighting turn this almost medieval space into something perfect for a modern Parisian bachelor.

There is no mistaking the classic elements of this home with massive double doors closing off the living room and intricate molding on the ceiling. Adding a modern coffee table and letting in plenty of light makes this luxurious apartment fit for any level of entertaining.

Mismatched side tables and an antique wall as a headboard make this bright Parisian bedroom beautiful, cozy, and chic.

And here, another instance of highlighting the natural ceiling beams, allowing the irregular wood grain to shine rather than trying to hide it beneath paint or finishes.

While not every Parisian home has the space for a gourmet kitchen, there is still plenty of attention paid to the details of this central space, from the butcher block countertops to a gleaming hood over the stovetop.

Using the vertical space is always essential in an urban environment. Here we see books stacked clear to the ceiling, with easy access from a rolling librarian’s ladder.

While heavy curtains and chevron flooring would be at home in any antique dining room, the choice of bright purple chairs situates this space in contemporary France.

This Parisian home clearly embraces its roots with gorgeous crown molding, delicate chandeliers and beautiful antique furnishings. Still, we can see hints of the more modern in the white leather sofa and worn coffee table.

Image Courtesy: Emile Garcin Properties

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A Modern Architectural Masterpiece In California

Thu, 03.07.2014 - 17:36

Los Angeles architect Barbara Bestor’s firm, Bestor Architecture, embeds its manifesto “Everyone should experience strange beauty every day” into all the work it produces, and it shows in her recent creation, 3660 Toro Canyon Park Rd., Santa Barbara, California.

No detail has been left to chance, either in the high modernist structure or its gorgeous water-efficient gardens of cacti and succulents, reminding us of the famous quote attributed to Meis Van Der Rohe, “God is in the details”. In the modernist tradition, the structure’s lines are long and rectilinear, finishes are all natural materials, and boundaries between indoors and out have been gorgeously blurred. A 25-foot expanse of telescoping glass panels frames a panoramic view of the entire Santa Barbara coastline. The home is organized around 3 courtyards, in order to bring in natural light and calm strong winds.

Do you think you could live here? If you can afford 12.9 million dollars, and like to relax, entertain, ride horses, and swim, this might be the place for you!
The home’s eventual buyer will enjoy an infinity edged pool, an en suite spa bath complete with Japanese-style soaking tub and steam shower in the master bedroom, a media room, and a yoga room with private garden, and 160 acres of Mediterranean-climate wilderness. A separate fully-equipped one bedroom guest house sleeps up to four comfortably.

Just soak in that view!

Listed on Sotheby’s And The Agency

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Ukrainian Design Team Creates Interiors of Luxurious Comfort

Wed, 02.07.2014 - 16:00

The architectural workshop of Azovskiy & Pahomova unites the talents of designers Oleg Azovsky and Anna Pakhomova. The result is a team that creates interiors for their clients that are indicative of exacting taste, professional training, and an all-encompassing ability to listen to the needs of their clients. Interiors from this firm are replete with beautiful pieces from top to bottom, but never forget the functionality required of even the most stylish homes.

Here we explore an urban apartment that offers clean lines and uniquely playful design elements as well as a house with soft, modern appeal.

Working within an urban environment always means making concessions for space. This 125 square meter apartment requires clever room separation and lots of light to create the illusion of more space.

Storage built in to the coffee table is clever and stylish way to maximize space.

Even an apartment can make space for a breakfast area with this low countertop that doubles as a breakfast bar.

Adding artwork in the form of decals dresses up walls in a narrow hallway without taking up any precious room.

Even the most modern interiors make space for colorful accents in the way of children’s rooms, still using muted tones to blend with the rest of the decor.

Clean white countertops and plenty of mirrors, with tucked away storage under the his and hers sinks, are useful in keeping the bath clean but never cramped.

A plush section offers an inviting focal point for this living area while the cool, earthy neutrals chosen for the color palette urge visitors to take a step into a more tranquil state of being.

Green glass has an antique feel and brings a bright, natural element inside, playing nicely with the stone accent wall and dark wood flooring in this brightly lit bedroom.

It can always be a challenge to marry modern storage requirements with compelling design. Here, the team has made the built-in bookshelves an impressive element that allows the homeowners to display or hide as much as they want with recessed lighting options.

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A Super Minimalist Modern Apartment In White

Tue, 01.07.2014 - 18:10

We are smitten by this modern minimalist’s dream of an apartment designed by St.Petersburg based Modom Studio. The design brief for this 89 square meter (958 square feet) involved setting up a living space for a very mobile couple with a special emphasis on absolute use of white, clean design. The studio designed them a solution that not only went above and beyond regarding the color (or the lack of) requirements but also built into the apartment some nifty features like hidden libraries and sliding doors that completely alter its spatial complexion depending on the configuration.

Modom says the couch was a constant in the design as it was a gift from the client’s parents and a favorite among their family and friends.

Take away the couch and the electrical accessories here and you would be hard pressed to find a color that is not white here.

A minimal kitchen that would just be enough for a breakfast, coffee or a light snack is all the owners wanted.

The couple emphasized the need for a 2 computer workspace setup that is also glare free.

Don’t let the stark minimalism fool you – the design incorporates ample storage for books and seasonal storage for things like bicycles snowboards and skis.

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Ultra Luxury Design: A Billionaire’s Penthouse In New York

Mon, 30.06.2014 - 16:50

Curbed has the scoop on what appears to be a true 1% home – an 18,000 square feet behemoth that looms 90 stories above Manhattan overlooking the East River. Designed by ODA Architecture, this luxury abode boasts of 6 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, sculpture garden, theater and music room, 30′ waterfall with reflecting pool, private spa and gym, teahouse, private elevator and a 2,000-bottle wine room. Due to the private nature of the project not all these features are shown in the photographs released but we are pretty sure the coverage below won’t disappoint you.

With a perimeter of 16′ foot floor- to-ceiling windows, the essence of the apartment is the sculpture garden at its entrance. The garden features a spectacular 30′ water wall and reflecting pool overlooking the famed United Nations headquarters along the East River. This superlative dwelling also features a 75′ expanse of living and dining area along with a Italian kitchen, library, game room, day spa, home theater and professional grade listening room with recording studio. Seemingly without limitation, every feature from the façade to the interior is meticulously planned and detailed with a modern and minimalist approach using only the most pristine of materials creating a unique and exceptional setting to rival.

Neat play to conceal that TV.

This appears to be an art switching mechanism.

Check out these videos describing the home from ODA Architects.

This is a stunner, folks. It is well worth the 12 minutes.

Whose home is it? We are not sure but do hop over if you want to see some educated guesses.

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