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Open Layout House Concept By Studio MK27

Wed, 16.04.2014 - 16:19

Down at ground level, a large open plan living and dining area spills out onto a sweeping pool deck and lawns, where sun loungers are placed to further the relaxation space. Exterior uplighting creates a cozy glow around the entire property, making it possible to enjoy the exterior spaces into the late evening.

Mature trees surround the home.

An outdoor lounge is also available for relaxing in the fresh air with guests.

The view of the main garden and pool can be enjoyed when looking out from the bedrooms up on the first floor, as well as the elevated garden that is spread over the roof of the living volume below. The sleep spaces run perpendicular to lower and uppermost living floors, which creates a shelter over the entrance to the home, and shade over another deck.

At the top of the concrete stack, a penthouse family room has views towards the city lights through glass walls.

When open-sided, the first two volumes of the concrete home take advantage of through breezes and doorstep gardens, when closed by the porous wooden freijó wall, the hot midday sun can be screened off whilst cool cross ventilation continues.

The L-shaped layout of this home embraces the long swimming pool.

More items of outdoor furniture make useful rooms out of the roof decks.

Inside the home, the concrete that forms the building remains exposed across ceilings and selected walls.

Interior furniture and floors have been selected in warm wood tones to contrast against the cold concrete.

A huge white garage sprawls out in the basement, along with utility rooms and a gym.

Via Designboom

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Some Stunningly Beautiful Examples Of Modern Asian Minimalistic Decor

Tue, 15.04.2014 - 17:31

This collection of minimalist Asian interior inspiration, which comes to us courtesy of Fertility Design, features rooms from four separate home designs that whilst not overly complicated, all exhibit eye-catching flair. Each incorporates small pops of inviting color and art collections that make every one of them feel like a welcoming home.

Our first modern Asian home looks out onto a courtyard that features a complimenting minimalist design, encased in pale walls that similar to the those of the adjacent interior.

Inside, tiny orange accents have been added throughout the swathe of light neutrals, in the form of scatter cushions and decorative ornaments. A cleverly designed double sided sofa allows the inhabitants of the home to look either out onto the serene courtyard, or to sociably face into the living room itself, without the need for additional space-eating seating arrangements.

Low level lighting creates a cozy glow along the length of the room, in absence of a fireplace. Simple black shelving, in a distinctly oriental style, provides plenty of room for display pieces–though the collection is well spaced to prevent the area from appearing at all cluttered.

The shelving in this dining room has been decorated with delicate teapots and china, which act as little gems of color against sombre gray alcoves.

Two toned chairs of the same style bring different elements of the room together, as well as adding interest to the simple suite in an understated way.

In our second home design, a slate courtyard wall becomes a feature wall to this living room, and is a brilliant backdrop for some bright red accent furniture and artwork.

Two different shapes of small red table have been paired together to form one larger more interesting piece. A couple of yellow toned accent cushions introduce another layer to the color story.

Handle-free kitchen units provide a streamlined look in this kitchen diner, where the smooth white countertops over the work areas and central island are echoed by a neighboring glossy white dining table. A trio of vibrant light shades provide all the color that this chic space needs, and draws the eye to the staging area for the meal.

Home number three features a blue chair and footstool combo that has been teamed with a large piece of blue art to bring character to a pale lounge, and accent cushions pull the hue through.

A home workspace fits snugly into this narrow area.

Our last home swaps out blue accents for green, giving a fresh feeling of nature when teamed with warm wood tones.

If you enjoyed this style of design, you will definitely like more of Fertility Design’s work. Be sure to check out:
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Bryan Cranston’s House

Mon, 14.04.2014 - 16:53

Bryan Cranston, aka Walter White in the cult TV drama Breaking Bad–and Hal in the long running comedy series Malcolm in the Middle, has proudly directed the building of his family’s ‘green’ beach house that has been Platinum LEED certi?ed. The Passive House design, the very first of its kind in Ventura County, California, is the result of a team of professionals in architecture, engineering, construction and design that were to fulfil their clients desire not only for superb eco-friendly function, but for beautiful form too. Photovoltaic and water heating solar panels, radiant heated ?oors, SIPs wall systems, rain water collection, recycled materials, LED lighting, no VOC paints and stains and Energy Star appliances, are just a few of the ecologically responsible elements that make up this amazing home.

Cranston is insistent that function without form is no fun at all, so he and his wife Robin set out to prove to the world that sustainable living doesn’t mean that the style and comforts of a modern lifestyle have to suffer. The exterior of the building commands attention with its contemporary facia, and the interior is a place of light bright décor and crisp furnishings.

Hot orange accents bring vibrancy to a neutral gray and white backdrop in the open plan living area that features a lounge, kitchen and dining area.

The home drinks in spectacular Pacific Ocean views.

The kitchen of this eco-home offers all the mod-cons.

More glorious views are enjoyed from the serenely decorated bedrooms.

An ingenious drop down bed, which incorporates a wall display shelf, transforms a sofa space into a guest sleep space with ease.

The house was affectionately named the 3Palms in homage to the three long-standing mature Mexican Fan Palms that the couple wished to preserve on the property; unfortunately one of the trees had to be sacrificed in favor of essential support caissons, but a plan is in place to transplant a palm into another location on the lot, and make the place fit for its title once more.

Check out these videos as well:

Designer: Turturro Design Studio; Architect Of Record: Larry Graves; Builder: Allen Associates; Photographer: Art Streiber
References: 3 Palms Project, Dwell, Cambria

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A Paradise Of A Place, Koh Samui [Video]

Fri, 11.04.2014 - 20:08

We previously visited three spectacular Thai villas at the amazing luxury getaway on the island of Koh Samui, and we just can’t help going back for more. So, come with us once again to Thailand’s second-largest island after Phuket, as we visit yet another villa at Samujana.

Situated on a serene corner plot of the luxury villa resort, the five bedroom, five bathroom holiday home is flooded with fresh contemporary luxury. An airy open plan living area spills out onto a generous sun deck where the views of natural beauty can soothe the soul. An outdoor lounge setup brings further opportunity for relaxing or entertaining in the fresh air, and a private saltwater infinity pool provides the perfect place to cool off or clock up a few laps as part of your exercise regime.

Stony walls soften the look of the contemporary architecture, and make the building appear more at one with the surrounding beaches and natural beauty.

The massive sun deck basks in the view of a glorious panorama.

The furniture and d?cor has been kept white, bright and simple throughout the vacation villa, giving the place a clean and uncomplicated look.

Each of the five huge en-suite bathrooms offer rainfall showers and modern freestanding bathtubs, along with exquisite finishes and tropical landscaped garden views.

King sized contemporary platform beds fill the bedrooms, providing plenty of sleep space to stretch out in. Retractable glass doors open up the slumber zones to the great outdoors and private terraces.

This double vanity unit holds twin sinks for tandem washing and preening.

Glass balustrades have been installed around the sprawling sun deck to ensure that absolutely not one bit of the splendid view is obscured from the daily sun worshippers.

Live-in staff at the villa make sure that the lucky guests have everything they need in the holiday hideaway.

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Making The Most Out Of Small Apartments Using Transformable Spaces

Thu, 10.04.2014 - 16:20

We’re exploring the ideas behind some refreshingly handy transformable spaces, from BosaSPACE™ homes, where a whole host of slide-away and fold-away furniture solutions seem to secretly fill every nook and cranny. The collection of cunningly thought-out pieces allow small open plan spaces to be utilized in several different ways, to suit the ever-changing living and entertaining needs of modern life. In a home like this, apparently nothing is what it seems…

A seemingly compact kitchen space can open up to provide a neat desk or cozy dining spot for two, thanks to a pullout dining table that extends from a practical kitchen island.

The same modest kitchen-diner can then expand vastly to comfortably accommodate a large dinner party, offering a very generous eight-seat setting.

Neatly stackable dining chairs mean that the whole thing can be hidden away just as quickly as it appeared–though the dirty dinner dishes from eight diners may not be so quick to vanish!

In order to make room for such a large dining area, the freestanding lounge pieces need to make their way along to into a neighboring sleep space in this particular example, but this is no problem when the queen sized bed can be folded away.

The large bed can even morph into a modern sofa as an extra seating opportunity. A set of slide-away privacy doors make the amalgamation of spaces all possible, and incredibly seamless.

The TV panel too can shift its locale, making the screen more viewable from either the kitchen diner or lounge area, or indeed the bedroom area when the privacy doors are opened.

The entertainment wall even conceals another modern sofa option.

Once the party is over and it’s time to hit the hay, the neat fold-out sofa can be converted into a comfortable bed to accommodate an overnight guest.

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An Amazingly Beautiful Modern Waterfront House From New Zealand

Wed, 09.04.2014 - 16:52

If you love life on the lake, where the hardest choice of the day is whether to go kayaking on the water or take up a spot of fishing in the bay, then this amazing piece of waterfront real estate will set you dreaming. The home, designed by international award-winning architect Richard Naish, is situated on a narrow finger of land in beautiful Kerikeri, Northland New Zealand, that has the lake on one side and the sea at the other, which gives this place a real sense of peaceful seclusion.

The harbour entrance, Kerikeri Inlet, rural farmland, and a boutique Olive Grove of 650 trees that is part of the property, all add to the surrounding soothing panorama.

The house is modern yet simple in style, and comprises of three pavilions. A covered breezeway stretches between the three structures to provide a connect, whilst still maintaining clear separations of the homes functions.

An infinity edge pool and an outdoor fireplace populate the tropically-landscaped courtyard outside of the home.

A bright glass walled main living area is an open plan design that holds the lounge, kitchen and dining spaces. A large glass dining table has been chosen to reflect the style of the glazed construction.

As the walls of the home are glazed, the décor is minimal with just a few striking pieces, such as a run of smooth black kitchen units that command the back of the expansive space, overlooking lush greenery, and two bright red comfortable leather sofas that look out over the water ahead.

More gorgeous views can be enjoyed from the ensuite master bedroom, that comes complete with a private balcony and a large walk-in closet, as well as its own snug that can be utilized as a study, library, or as an extra TV room. The off-shot room comes with a private balcony too, which looks out from the sea facing side of the property.

An 80 metre long jetty juts into the serene lake water.

Here is a video tour of the place:

Price is open for negotiation. Head over to Sotheby’s if you can spare a few millions.

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Sangsuri: A Luxury Holiday Rental Villa In Thailand

Tue, 08.04.2014 - 17:39

Villa Sangsuri 2, on Koh Samui in Thailand, is one three luxury holiday homes on the awesome Sangsuri Estate. This six bedroom property is situated on tropical landscaped grounds, as a group of stand-alone pavilions that have been set over four levels. Holiday home life can flow through the beautiful exterior spaces as family and friends move between the separate living and sleeping spaces, and the sea air and view of the beachfront can be fully enjoyed.

Delicate climbing plants feather the clean edges of the contemporary structures, and established palm trees provide small areas of shade along the walkways and lawns.

A softly bubbling body of water is bridged to provide unobstructed access between areas.

Sliding wooden shutters close off the pavilions to provide cozy comfort during the evenings.

Indoor-outdoor living has been made absolute key in this luxury villa design. Multiple outdoor dining areas provide plenty of alfresco opportunities, and the walls of the kitchen-dining and lounge pavilions are none existent so that not one moment is wasted in being cooped up indoors when cooking, replenishing and relaxing.

Glass walled rooms soak in the sunlight and the ocean views.

Large bedrooms open onto private terraces and gardens, whilst the master bedroom pavilion is fronted by an infinity edged plunge pool. Antique Balinese wooden carvings and original artwork decorate the master sleep space, and a big bathtub awaits the dweller out under a clear blue sky.

Two ocean view swimming pools and a generous beachside jacuzzi are close at hand.

Thatched roofs over the pavilions bring a lovely tropical island look to the otherwise crisp constructions.

The decor of each structure on the complex is sophisticated and modern but with elements of natural elegance, demanded by the stunning location.

A private gym is provided for guests who don’t want to kick-back 24-7.

A beachside terrace holds a barbecue area that supplies a ten seat dining table, and a daybed that looks over a jacuzzi.

Sea views from the bed, bliss!

Via Luxury Villas and Homes

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$9000 House: The Ultimate Low Cost Home

Mon, 07.04.2014 - 16:46

The homes we cover here on Home Designing scale from aspirational mansions down to compact contemporary apartments, but this home dials down the build footprint a little bit further than we have ventured before. This tiny build is a quirky construction designed by Hajjar Gibran, who has built a series of domes at his retreat center in northeast Thailand. The home we are looking at here was created with friend Steve Areen, so that Areen could set up home on Gibran’s very own mango farm, in Thailand.

As this home was built in cost-friendly Thailand, the final costs came in at just $6000 for the basic structure, plus an additional $3000 for doors, screens, upstairs structure, stonework, furnishings, the pond and landscaping.

The affordable dome home offers a strong, attractive and fun housing solution; it was built using time-efficient cement blocks and clay bricks, as suitable compressed earth blocks were not available at the time of construction. Hajjar Gibran recently built a compressed earth brick press for future quick and sustainable builds, and is also developing a new system for building with cellular concrete to offer better insulation for colder climates.

The finished result look reminiscent of a hobbit house on the shire, though the wooden door to this house is more oval than round.

The tiny home has huge windows to allow not only light to flood into the enclosed quarters, but a feeling of open space and the beauty of surrounding nature.

Inside the home, the décor is of warm hues, with simple comforts. Floor level furniture creates the feeling of extra headroom, as well as a laid-back feel.

The raw materials that make up this basin, faucet and vanity shelf design are beautiful in their simplicity.

More light comes into the home through numerous glass ceiling domes, which protrude through the curvaceous roof. Cut glass spheres have been hung in the skylights to project pretty rainbows on to the interior walls.

The roof structure holds a hammock chair, where the homeowner can gaze out over the land.

Image Courtesy: Steve Areen

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Elegant Thai Retreat, Koh Samui

Fri, 04.04.2014 - 16:25

Situated on the quiet Lipa Noi beachfront, in Koh Samui, INASIA is an exemplary Thai villa of a contemporary style. Featuring a number of spacious open plan living pavilions and not one, but two private swimming pools, this eight bedroom holiday home enjoys a stunning panorama from sunrise to sunset.

Over in the quiet retreat of the ocean view unit, three of the kingsize en suite bedrooms–plus an extra room for nannies or teenagers–fill the first floor of a pavilion. The second level hosts a generous living area that benefits from sparkling blue sea views, where along with the lounge, a kitchen and dining room all spill out onto a large terrace overlooking a swimming pool.

The entire INASIA complex is decked out in an array of Thai antique pieces and designer furniture by Thai “Nouvelle vague” artists, plus an italian brand range by french designer Philippe Stark.

Guests have a choice of two private swimming pools and patios for soaking up the sun and taking a dip.

A master bedroom tops the ocean view unit, which has its own balcony that is set with a pair of armchairs where the dweller can soak up the ocean scene.

Five deluxe pavilions make up the beautiful beachfront unit, where one of the luxurious master bedroom suites leads out onto its very own zen garden. In the living pavilion, huge retractable glazed doors open the building up on two of its sides, encouraging an ideal of indoor-outdoor living and entertaining.

One of Samui’s legendary sunsets on the famous, and glorious, white sands of Lipa Noi beach.

A cool kitchen space pops with color and modern character, providing a cheerful place to try cooking up some local cuisine.

Another of the master bedroom suites in the beachfront unit is spread out over over two levels, where a private entertainment room spans the lower floor.

A view of the famous 5 islands of the Ang Thong Marine National Park, visible from the beachfront pavilions.

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Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Thu, 03.04.2014 - 18:26

We all have bathroom clutter, it just goes with the territory; makeup, aftershaves, lotions, potions and little piles of discarded jewelry, it all adds up! Before you know it, your beloved bath tub retreat can disappear under a heap of sundries that no one has the time or energy to sort out, and so it goes on… Well not anymore! It’s time to take another look at the space in which you dress and undress, and get things organized with these handy bathroom vanity ideas.

Even power points can be hidden away.

This nifty pull-out is an amazing way to keep jewelry out of sight?and necklaces tangle free!

Drawers are an ideal way to house bits and bobs away quickly if you’re not great at decluttering and organizing. A wall mounted design also makes your floor space look bigger, and is easier to clean around too.

Try upcycling for a really thrifty bathroom vanity solution.

Tidy up an existing open fronted vanity unit by hiding away your clutter in easy to access pretty baskets.

If you find your family needs extra towel storage beneath a wall mounted vanity, try including a low bench as an extra shelf.

Crates on castors work a treat as extra drawer space too.

A simple bespoke wall mounted bathroom vanity station can be created with just a couple of shelves, design them as long as you please to house all of your essentials.

This built-in vanity wall makes full use of the entire length of one wall to maximize on storage space.

Install towel rails onto the sides of the vanity unit itself if you find yourself short on wall space?it will save radiators and door hangers from looking cluttered when there is no where else to hang them.

Once you have perfected your bathroom vanity vista, how about shedding some light on the newly pristine creation?

Strategically placed hooks provide opportunities for all kinds of extra storage: loofas, brushes, jewelry and more!

This rustic mason jar board is great for keeping makeup brushes in check.

Makeup organizers can greatly reduce clutter.

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Scandinavian Style Home With A Greek Twist

Wed, 02.04.2014 - 17:21

Beginning in the living room, familiar stark Scandi walls form a simplistic backdrop for a whole host of earthy Greek textiles that are scattered freely around the lounging zone, including attractive footstools, complimenting scatter cushions and floor cushions, and a large area rug. The walls themselves have been brightened up with a large work of colorful art, flanked by a couple of smaller pieces.

Over in one corner, a ceramic wood burning stove, of an antique Scandinavian design, creates an elegant statement in a blue and white palette that would look equally at home in a Greek interior.

The kitchen design expands on the blue and white colorway, where a long backsplash has been created from a checkerboard of tiles. The kitchen units themselves are of a traditional white wooden design with shell cup handles, opposite a more ornate dresser and a white painted dining set. The furniture selection creates a homey french farmhouse look, which has been complimented with the introduction of warm toned terracotta floor tiles, against white washed floorboards.

A small chandelier over the dining table completes the look.

A rustic stove creates an unusual cooking place…

…whilst a very modern oven nestles amongst tall larder units.

Striking black and white décor adorns the hallway, including a quirky picture frame wallpaper print. More checkerboard tiling covers the floor area beneath a coat rack and shoe stand-a sensible choice for keeping mud and rainwater drips from warping the otherwise wooden flooring.

The colors from the living area are taken through into the bedroom, where coarse stoney walls give the slumber space a quaint cave-like atmosphere.

Images courtesy of Hemnet

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An In-depth Look at 8 Luxury Bathrooms

Tue, 01.04.2014 - 18:05

These could be eight of the most luxurious bathrooms we have ever had the pleasure of virtually visiting; steeped in beauty and the most expensive of flourishes, these are eight amazing spaces.

This first bathroom, by Balamatsiuk Oksana, kicks off this collection of bathroom beauties with a pale scheme fit for a snow queen. Light fittings are dreamed out of stark winter branches, icy floor tiles skate across the floor and twinkling mosaic tiles form a wall of frost behind a wall mounted vanity unit.

A long letterbox fireplace provides a slither of glorious heat to the room, situated above the bathtub, for long soaks under the bubbles. The bath tub has been partially obscured by frosted glass panels, giving the whole look a secretive element, like a wintertime hideaway.

Above the bath, a faux night sky offers a soothing blanket of twinkling stars whilst you bathe. Nearby, two ghost chairs have been adorned with soft fur covers.

Wood paneling around the bath gives the bathing area a cozy cabin feel.

This bathing space, by Patrushev Eugene and Irina, is another nature inspired room. The dark branches of a treetop silhouette bough over the entire scheme, and tiny model birds perch on handles and hooks.

Beyond the stunning round window, an inspirational forest setting can be seen.

Wood paneling brings the tree bark tones indoors.

In a change of pace, this bathroom by Martyusheva Veronica follows a games theme, including a domino wall mural and dice stools.

A sunken bathtub with an integrated edge is barely visible in the floor.

Maria Ivanova designed this smart and sophisticated bathroom scheme, with swathes of granite over the floor, tub and across large feature walls.

This bathroom design, by Design Bureau ARCHWOOD Marina Izmailov, is deliciously tropical in a laid back fashion, where zoning has been created by clever cutaways in differing materials.

A masculine bathroom idea, by LINE8, has an industrial feel with a hint of rock and roll.

A lavish gilt affair, by Faynblat Victoria, has a very royal flavor where not one element of the room escapes a little glimmer of gold.

The shower cubicle looks as though it should be locked in a safe, along with other gold bars and family jewels, for safe keeping.

A dark and dramatic number comes to us from Peter Sergeev / Sergeev Petr

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Outdoor Dining Furniture Ideas

Mon, 31.03.2014 - 19:00

With the months of spring in our grasp, and the lovely warm months of summer on our minds, we’re taking a good long look at outdoor furniture sets, like these from Manutti. Outdoor patio furniture is simply a must to make the most of better weather, as it provides numerous opportunities for moving the humdrum of everyday life into the sweet smelling fresh air for a while, where routine dining feels like a holiday experience and friends and family are drawn together into the late hours.

We’re kicking off our search with wicker furniture. Resin wicker is weather resistant so can be left out for years in the sun, snow and wind thanks to its synthetic polyethylene make-up, unlike regular wicker that would only last about a year out in the elements before it started to break down and lose its beauty. All weather wicker is widely available and looks great when teamed with tables of other materials too.

Resin wicker chairs come in all manner of shapes and sizes, but check out these armchair style pieces that have been teamed with a wooden table, the look is très chic! With a few extra cushions added to soften the backs of the seating, guests are more likely to linger later for after dinner drinks. Don’t forget to leave a few cozy throws around too, just in case some guests begin to feel the nip of the breeze as the sun goes down. A patio heater is also a handy way to keep guests warm and toasty into chilly evening time, or if you’d like to set a more atmospheric scene, how about an attractive outdoor fireplace or centrally placed fire pit?

We’re not discovering a brand new idea here, wicker outdoor furniture has been around for a very long time, but it really can look amazingly contemporary when selected in the right silhouette.

The black seat cushions on these keep things looking sharp and bang up to date.

The chairs can have a lovely light look, especially in a white finish with a slimline outdoor table.

Black wicker can look pretty cool too though–team with matching decorative bowls or fruit baskets for a cohesive look. A buffet of colorful summer fruits will zing against the backdrop of a black table too.

These sets are great for both modern and traditional gardens.

Outdoor wrought iron furniture has always been a firm favorite, so a dining set of this style is definitely worth consideration when kitting out your garden patio or pool deck. The main draw back however is that these pieces are typically very weighty to move around, so they don’t make a great choice if you commonly move your chairs to follow the last rays of the setting sun.

Solid and traditional, and elegant in design, these pieces make the perfect place to serve brunch, or sip tea in the sunshine. This chair design has a timeless appeal, and a neat table completes the look perfectly.

Now, onto teak finish, another sophisticated choice. Sets like these have a laid-back feel whilst retaining a smart edge.

Teak chairs look warm and inviting, especially when matched up with a teak table.

This table would even look at home in an interior setting.

Outdoor dining benches are extremely in vogue right now, and provide a great opportunity for squeezing in a few extra diners at the table.

Colorful exterior chairs are a fun and bold choice.

Subtle colors that blend into the surroundings keep things looking clean and uncomplicated.

A white simple lined set has always looked fresh.

Don’t forget you can mix and match all manner of colors and materials in a modern setting.

Surrounding nature can inspire your color palette, like this cool blue ocean scene.

Orange outdoor chairs will bring sunshine to the dullest of days.

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A Super Small Apartment Design With Floor Plan

Fri, 28.03.2014 - 17:31

This dinky apartment layout holds a whole host of cool features, designed by Lera Curve, who might have us consider: “Small space is not a reason not to dream of something more, something light, airy and beautiful. Maximize open space, light walls, light furniture, natural materials and color accents create a feeling of spaciousness and freshness.” This urban situated home interior has been created to give the dweller a sense of existing outside the city when at home, a place to feel the freshness of nature and a sense of rooted tranquility.

First things first, you cannot have a tranquil space with all of your random ‘stuff’ cluttering up your zen. So take a tip from this small open plan space and hide everything away in a generous bank of tall storage units. When there isn’t much floor space you should always look up, high ceilings become a clutter-bug’s friend when it comes to finding installation space for cupboards fit for some crafty concealing. These units have been built in a plain white material so that they blend into the surroundings rather than stand out, whilst a couple of display shelves have been picked out in light wood tone, floating against a skyscape of fluffy white clouds.

The home office area extends right out of the storage bank, which gives easy access to files and stationery supplies.

The desk is of a ingenious design that swings away to disappear into a slot left between the cupboards, leaving the living space clear and spacious looking. Over at the windows, roman blinds in a delicate floral fabric introduce playful hints of a countryside setting.

On the opposite wall, bold green tree silhouette wallpaper spans the area, along with two floor to ceiling mirrors that create the illusion of extra space and light.

A wall mounted entertainment unit prevents the floorspace from being eaten up, and a flatscreen TV keeps things sleek.

Instead of sofa end tables, tiny shelves provide a place for reading lamps and beverages.

Even a small dining area has been made possible in this well thought out space.

Colorful choices in the shower room/utility room distract the eye from its limited proportions.

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Ultra Modern Italian Bathroom Design

Thu, 27.03.2014 - 17:39

Bathtubs, basins and bathroom vanity units come in all manner of shapes, sizes and finishes so its not often that a design truly takes us by surprise. However, this array of modern bathroom furniture, by italian bathroom design company Toscoquattro, really does push the envelope.

This block walnut vanity unit with integrated basin keeps a contemporary scheme looking streamlined. The wall mounted faucet takes the form of a neat glass shelf, complete with a place for a small floral display.

A similar white design appears as a simple console shelf when viewed head-on.

This cube vanity-basin combination provides a unique opportunity for central room placement, creating a bathroom island that is facilitated by a chrome stand tap.

The cube formation can be set against a wall, with a top mounted tap, when space is limited.

The unusual slope of this basins base is a new approach to drainage.

A half-spherical bathroom basin appears to perch precariously on the very edge of this minimalist vanity block; fed by a freestanding faucet it seems almost independent of its mount.

The front of the minimalistic vanity opens up to reveal handy drawer space for bathroom paraphernalia.

Simplistic vanity and basin combos work well as twin units, to keep the look uncluttered.

This freeform bathtub really breaks the mould–and in fact looks like it has been formed using no mould at all.

An independent slide-away drawer unit is an interesting solution.

A storage section accessed via the top of this bathroom vanity unit is an unexpected find, and it’s easy to see how top accessed storage cubbies could keep countertops clutter free.

Simple isn’t always boring, as with these elegantly formed basins.

In this vanity unit the basin color blends with surrounding material; the overall look is as a solid piece of furniture rather than a bathroom specific fixture.

Grate bottomed basins look almost futuristic…

…and some grates don’t bother with a basin at all, and instead provide drainage at the vanity shelf surface itself.

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Isolagiorno: A Layout Ideal For Small Spaces

Wed, 26.03.2014 - 16:31

In short, Isolagiorno is a pretty great idea, yet so incredibly obvious you can’t help but wonder why this sort of furniture is not already commonplace in any mainstream store. For the many, many of us would like to incorporate a dining space into our modestly proportioned homes but just can’t seem to shoehorn one in without resorting to annoying fold-away designs, this could be the piece of space saving furniture you have been waiting for…

Put simply, Isolagiorno is a dual sided sofa–one side for lounging, the other side for use as a dining bench–plus a matching dining table with just enough overhang to make the whole compact dining experience entirely practical.

The ‘bench’ has been designed to match the height of a common dining chair, to ensure that the dining experience feels completely normal and comfortable when seated.

By removing the need for dining chairs–plus chair pull-out space–between the table and the sofa, the space required for the dining area is greatly reduced.

The central positioning also means that the walls of the room are freed-up for other furniture such as entertainment units, bookcases and sideboards. Space for these items is often a challenge in small city apartments and lofts where entire walls are eaten up in the living space by kitchenettes and balcony doors.

This central placement of furniture is also well suited to rooms with sloping attic ceilings, or the irregular shaped perimeters found in more historical buildings.

The creative combo is also open to mix and matching in terms of colors, which includes a pure oak or a snow white table, and striking dark sofa fabric or soft pebble gray upholstery. Any of which would fit right in with neutral, monochrome or all out colorful home decor schemes. Though, if you’re a particularly messy eater you might want to err on the side of caution and go for the darker colored seat!

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Modern Villa With Pool

Tue, 25.03.2014 - 18:11

This very glamorous 500 square meter property is the work of renowned architect Frédéric-Paul Goux. Located in the picturesque Valbonne countryside, in France, the 5 bedroom villa boasts a 100 square meter living and dining room space, a laundry, playroom, wine cellar, spa and fitness center plus hammam, en suite bathrooms and a dressing room to boot.

Set on a sun drenched plot amidst woodland and lush Mediterranean planting, the property makes the most of it’s prime beauty spot with a heated swimming pool that enables the outdoor space to be enjoyed even in cooler weather.

The interior of the french home is a contemporary affair with unique flourishes to add a little character, like these quirky perspex dining chairs that playfully masquerade as traditional pieces, and a central sectional sofa arrangement that allows lounging from any angle of approach.

The central open plan living space is dual height, creating the perfect opportunity for the ceiling mounted media projector to splash huge movies across a large expanse of white wall.

The dining ‘table’ is in fact an echo of the kitchen breakfasting bench, matching both the shape and same pale marbled finish. The staircase cuts through the space in a clean zigzagged line?free from banisters and spindles or balustrades.

Subtle pops of warm orange heat the white space, through abstract works of art, house plants and home accessories.

Numerous floor to ceiling kitchen units span the back wall but go almost unnoticed thanks to the fresh white doors that match the surrounding d?cor.

The bedrooms are serene sleeping spaces with soft neutral d?cor.

Huge slate tiles give the bathroom scheme a modern edge, along with twin minimalistic basins and a streamlined towel heater.

These stunning gold mosaic tiles make this room feel extraordinarily special.

How perfect would it feel to swing in this hammock under the stars?

Recommended Reading: Oceanfront House With Pool

Image Credits: 3Mille, Frédéric-Paul Goux

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Industrial Style Apartment with Meeting Room

Mon, 24.03.2014 - 17:10

This Kredytowa Street apartment, renovated by Polish designers Maciej Kurkowski and Maciej Sutu?a, was once part of an old tenement house that was built in 1912. Throughout the years the seven story building lost its crowning and attractive facade thanks to a 1950′s wave of modernization, and the structure became a much plainer four story affair. In 2013 plans were put into action to adopt rooms on the upper floor as a place of two uses; an apartment and conference room, plus complimenting social area, were designed on a modest budget from investors who were adamant that the raw feel of the original interiors should be preserved.

The overhaul covers a total area of 216 square meters, and embraces a very industrial style décor with black painted electrical ducts and simplistic lighting. Light gray is the color of choice throughout this apartment, but unusually the pale coarse-grained plaster walls have been teamed with black ceilings for a striking effect, which also prevents the overall look from becoming a plain box. The monochromatic scheme was chosen carefully to create a calm backdrop for the introduction of large colorful works of abstract art at a later date, as the investors envisaged this as a living space where exhibitions could be held, as well as meetings and various events.

The existing parquet flooring has been painted white to keep the space feeling bright.

Welcome moments of warmth are brought with the introduction of birch plywood panels, which arrive in cool digitally fabricated triangular patterns.

Partition walls were removed in order to create the two required spaces, and within the two rooms the designers have carefully reinterpreted the same shapes and elements to create a connection between the pair.

In the work area, a large conference table is formed out of many smaller tables that can be broken apart to allow multiple working formations, including individual desks if the need arises.

The large space is given a sense of balance: where one corner of the room holds a private closed-off office, the opposite corner holds the social zone that is open with informal furniture for relaxed meet-ups.

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Crisp and Colorful Kids Room Designs

Fri, 14.03.2014 - 17:40

Here we are bringing you a joyful bunch of playful kid’s room décor schemes, including a few inspirational shared kids room designs, full of colorful accent ideas, great storage furniture and fun twists.

This shared kids room design begins with a black and white base in the form of a huge geometric rug and forest themed wallpaper. On top of the monochromatic base scheme, small bursts of glorious color cover the two kids beds and matching desk chairs. The twin beds are connected by a shared couch that provides a perfect perching place for the siblings soft toy collection.

The opposite wall holds a bank of storage options that have been picked out in contrasting colors too. A wooden ceiling calms the whole scheme down with a cool earthy tone.

In this space, aqua and yellow make a fresh combination; even the ceiling has been treated to a swathe of aqua blue over its entirety.

A fun print wallpaper, in pale tones, adds interest to the look of the room without swamping it.

Multiple chrome-ball pendant lights decorate the space.

Against the same subtle wallpaper print, several works of bold graphic art have been hung to liven up this shared children’s room.

A tall bookcase with open sides has been installed to act as a room divider, instead of resorting to anything too solid or unsociable. The shelving is also a very practical solution to house a shared book library or accumulated clutter–or even to keep school study books handy for bedtime reading! The open sided unit also allows daylight from the window to flow through to the second sleep space, as well as conversation.

More bright shelving decorates the opposite wall.

A fun color block rug livens up a central bedroom floor area.

A wall mural of your child’s favorite animated movie characters could be the key to bringing their bedroom scheme to life, and in a shared bedroom design like this it could also be the key to making each child feel that they have placed their own stamp on the place. In this room, the younger child’s bed covers have been made more fun with the addition of a funky throw.

Color doesn’t have to overwhelm a child’s room, small pops can make a beautiful crisp impact.

Image Credits: 1-24, 25-26, 27, 28

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Shower Room Design

Thu, 13.03.2014 - 18:13

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a good shower, whether you’re after an early morning wakeup, a midday rejuvenation, or a hot blast to relax the muscles after a long tiring day; standing under that strong stream of droplets just takes some beating. So with that in mind, don’t our beloved shower rooms deserve an extra special piece of our attention? Of course they do. Forget about the standard meager sized shower heads that dribble out an apologetic and spluttering jet, and the bog-standard off-the-rack cubicles that imprison you in their boring surrounds. We are talking about the world of wonderful waterfall shower heads that drench us in a soothing downpour, open plan settings that are inspired by nature, and just plain gorgeous shower room designs.

Not everyone has the luxury of an enormous shower room like the one pictured here, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take inspiration from its striking décor. Large slate gray tiles look great even in a small room, as large tiles generally increase the look of space in confined quarters. In this example, striking color is washed over the top of the sombre ceramics in the form of bright blue LED lighting. LED lights are great for use in bathrooms, and programmable sets will even allow you to change their color to suit your mood or the time of day.

There’s nothing quite as liberating as taking a shower in the great outdoors, but if your location or typical weather forecast doesn’t allow this luxury, then how about one of these dual aspect windows that look both out and up, forming a cutaway of your room for an outdoor effect.

This master suite really has it all: a serene sleep area, a walk-in closet, and a truly enormous shower taking center stage.

Another great application of LEDs make this shower room stand out, but lets hope the inhabitants of the next skyscraper over don’t own binoculars.

Admittedly this shower head is of minuscule proportions, but just look at how serene it’s sun dappled surroundings are.

Another beautiful open air bathing area–though you had better be good at stepping stones if you forget your flip-flops, journeying in and out of the tub over that harsh pebble floor could be painful!

This has got to be both the prettiest and most practical solution to outdoor showering, incorporating a softly sweeping decked walkway that is privately shrouded by nature itself. There is even a handy place to perch your shower potions, perfect.

This traditional room receives a blast of modernity in the form of a vivid pink pop.

This unusual layout gives the shower its own stage.

A bespoke shower screen results in a seamless look in awkwardly shaped rooms with sloping ceilings.

Drama can be created within even in the most simplistic décor.

Open plan en suites make bathing a fluid continuation of the everyday bedroom based dressing regime.

Another stylish open plan en suite.

Don’t forget the towel storage!

These patterned tiles provide an eye-catching contrast against plain wall tiles. It’s an unusual choice but the gamble really pays off in creating a superb stand-out scheme.

Simple and serene.

Plain white schemes will look luminous under a generous skylight.

A head-height sliver of nature gives an attractive view from this shower cubicle.

Over tub showers can be walk-in too.

A swathe of mosaic tiles cover the shower area over and around this sunken bath tub.

An in-shower bench provides a handy shelf space.

A stunning irregular checkerboard effect has been achieved in this shower enclosure by teaming different shades and cuts of the same tile material together. An extruded shelf fits perfectly with the look.

A bit like a human car wash, only you have to soap yourself.

How about a futuristic pod shower?

One nature inspired feature wall breathes life into this plain white scheme.

An indoor outdoor look.

This looks like something out of the Starship Enterprise transporter room, beam me up Scotty!

Not a bad view from a shower cubicle–though you could feel a little exposed.

Not all shower room schemes have to be hyper-modern, this rustic shower room has bags of character.

The dark ceiling in this space adds to the drama of a lit shower stream.

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