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Studio Apartments for Young Couples

Thu, 30.07.2015 - 18:01

The first space is built around the central living area, with private spaces spiraling off of that main room. Tall ceilings make for an open atmosphere and light fixtures are kept close to the ceiling in a way that ensures the space does not become too closed off. The bedroom and guest room are both visible from the main living area through interior windows, with curtains that can easily be closed when privacy is required. The color palette is largely neutral with a few brighter pops of yellow for a youthful glow.

The second home is a 70 square meter (753 square feet) studio who had limited space but still wanted to be able to host parties. iN order to accomplish that, the designer has left the floor plan open and make the different larger pieces easy to move and slide around to create a central gathering (and karaoke) spot. Despite the small size there is still plenty of seating, a comfortable work space and a cozy dining area.

In this last home, the simplicity of the design makes it feel very welcoming and approachable. The design is for a young family and the vibrancy of the colors in use, as well as the playful fixtures and streaming sunlight, certainly feel as if a child would be able to get along here.

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Modern Thai Home Inspiration: Beautiful Images Captured By Photographer Soopakorn Srisakul

Wed, 29.07.2015 - 18:43

Thai design and Thai homes in particular have a long and storied history. From rich colors and handmade tapestries to creative decorative art pieces and glamorous carved wood, Thai style tells its own unique story. In today’s Thai homes, these traditional features are woven in with the clean lines and modern elements that have clear personalities and timeless looks.

In addition, the homes featured here were each photographed by talented Thai photographer Soopakorn Srisakul. The rich colors and stunning details give a lush look inside the gorgeous homes.

The first space as the floor-to-ceiling windows and low, clean profile that is indicative of a stylish modern home. The wood elements in this house are particularly notable with rich lacquered wood covering floors and walls. The outdoor carport is also quite stylish, emphasizing the fluid life of a Thai family that merges the indoor and outdoor easily and almost without thought.

The second home is taller, standing two stories, and utilizes surrounding greenery to great effect. The vibrant leaves on trees that burst forth through the pool deck stand in sharp and beautiful contrast with the concrete exterior. A second level balcony looks out over the pool and courtyard area while glass doors slide open for plenty of ventilation, even during the steamy summers.

In the third space, we see what can only be an example of true Thai luxury. Multiple levels tower over the nearby town with wood slat overhangs that allow for air to flow easily while still offering shade. The wood paneled exterior is particularly beautiful while an infinity edge pool just begs to be dove into. The interior, again, is made up of deep, rich wood as well as creative lighting fixtures and beautiful, polished reclaimed wood countertops.

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A Heavenly 2 Storey Home Under 500 square meters (With Floor Plan)

Tue, 28.07.2015 - 17:23

When you arrive home after a long day, you want to be able to take a long exhale and relax into your surroundings. This house in Kiev, which measures 470 square meters (5059 square feet), feels deeply relaxing even at first glance. From the spacious living area to the cozy attic space, every design element from the architects and designers at Soesthetic Group is perfectly chosen for luxurious and calming atmosphere.

An open floor plan is a trendy description when it comes to modern homes, but the spacious main living area here looks nearly timeless. A welcoming oatmeal colored sectional sofa offers the perfect place to collapse with friends. It melds and melts into the colors of the other pieces in the room, including a brownish grey area rug, a marble topped coffee table and simple wood bookshelves.

The kitchen and dining area stick with the open plan, with a sizable but understated dining table and complementary breakfast bar. The kitchen is on the smaller side, but still offers enough space to prepare warm meals for all the friends that are sure to want to spend time in this lovely home.

The home office is a bit darker than the rest of the home, with wood paneling on the walls. That is actually aligned with some thoughts on decorating a home office because it does allow for some separation between relaxing family areas and business time.

The attic area of the house is still neutral and calming, but the pitched roof and white painted brick make it just a little bit cozier. It’s the perfect retreat for a teenage and her friends, with its own televisions and plenty of seating.

A gorgeous, deep soaking tub and lovely natural wood paneling is perfectly simple.

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20 Sleek Kitchen Designs with a Beautiful Simplicity

Mon, 27.07.2015 - 16:00

Whether you are a gourmet chef or just like to have a comfortable and stylish place to eat leftovers, the design of a home’s kitchen is of the utmost important. The rooms featured in this post are not just stylish, but each celebrates its own version of simplicity with clean lines, luxurious textures and cool, neutral colors.

Cool greys and creamy whites are the perfect calming influence for this modern kitchen.

The pops of yellow in the cabinets and backsplash of this kitchen make it extra welcoming.

Done the wrong way, wood paneled cabinets can look kitschy, but the horizontal grain in this kitchen are elegant and sleek.

The open floor plan in this two-story apartment means that the kitchen really has to blend with the design of the rest of the space, which its simple white color scheme certainly does.

Keeping the shelving in the island open in this sunny kitchen make the whole room feel bigger.

A cool ceiling and plenty of windows give this kitchen a special slant of its own.

You don’t need to have a lot of room for a beautiful, modern kitchen as this simple white option proves.

The circular rug in this kitchen area manages to create a separate dining room without adding any walls.

A simple breakfast bar is a must for a kitchen that wants to double as a gathering place.

Natural wood all around gives this kitchen a bit of a rustic bent.

The hexagonal shelving are a little bit playful but still functional.

When a dining table is attached to a kitchen countertop, two rooms can take up the space of one.

Even a penthouse apartment needs a slick kitchen and this butcher block breakfast bar is the perfect option.

In this industrial style loft, the kitchen fits in with slate grey cabinetry and concrete flooring.

Another countertop with attached dining table fits well with elegant wood paneled walls.

White counters and open cabinets are completely on trend.

This kitchen tends towards the darker side when it comes to color palettes, but its the creative lighting fixtures that really set it apart.

In a rare choice, this open floor plan option has no kitchen island, so it may lack a bit in prep space.

On the other hand, this kitchen has tons of counter space with three separate counters.

Finally, white and wood are a simple and stylish combination in this modern kitchen.

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Mexico City Restoration Adds Luxury Comforts to a Challenging 1970s Design

Fri, 24.07.2015 - 15:49

When you look at a building with classic, stylish architecture it is easy to see how a renovation could create a brand new, beautiful space. Likewise, when you look at a home that is out of date and perhaps decrepit, you might want to instantly tear it down. But in this Mexico City home, Ezequielfarca Architecture found something that laid in between. The structure was originally built in the 1970’s and to them was somewhat of an eyesore. But was it worth tearing down?

Despite its outdated style, the architectural quality was there. Instead of starting from scratch, the team restored and renovated the space into something completely modern, taking advantage of the good parts of the home and repositioning those that were not quite as good.

It is not difficult to see the 1970’s influence in the harsh exterior of the home. Slate gray tiles and a low profile could easily be off putting. That’s why as part of the renovation, some walls were removed to make room for floor to ceiling glass, which makes both the interior and exterior more welcoming overall.

Native plantings around the exterior also make for a more palatable design and introduce an eco-friendly bent to the structure. Other sustainable elements include solar power and grey water reuse.

Of course, the Mexican climate is a key feature to embrace with any home in the region. Although the backyard may not have the same space as a larger home, a narrow pool and deck still make room for entertaining and relaxing.

The design also managed to bring the outdoors inside by ensuring that large glass doors slide open and let fresh air directly into the open living room as well as the bedroom that lies right off the pool.

In addition to eco design, the materials throughout create an overall earthy feel with dark neutrals and mossy greens alongside marble, stone, and wood.

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An Eclectic Loft Designed for Cats (and their humans)

Thu, 23.07.2015 - 16:40

For many of us, our pets are much more than just pets. They are really members of our family, no matter what species they are. That is certainly how one couple in Taiwan felt when they had HAO Design create a perfect loft space to accommodate not just them – but their cats. While the cats might not have had final say on color schemes or brand names, their comfort played a huge part in some of the more creative elements in this eclectic modern loft space.

In true loft form, the main living area is completely open with easy movement from a fully outfitted modern kitchen space to a large living room and welcoming stylish entryway (complete with whimsical artwork/room divider). The polished concrete floors replaced older marble tile and give the room an instantly modern, industrial look.

In addition to cats, the couple also collects other ephemera that is not quite so demanding. Plenty of shelving options make it easy to curate a picture perfect display.

There are two cat-friendly features that particularly stand out in the loft. The enclosed window box is absolutely ideal for a curious cat perch. Streaming sunlight from outside makes a great lounging spot for kitty and human alike while adding an extra layer of insulation for the indoor area. The other obvious cat feature is an adorable cat door that lets the cats go in and out as they please – until it’s closed and they can be contained.

The bedroom carries the eclectic theme with a bit more color, including lemonade yellow, pretty pink and some fun patterns on the bed linens. The warm and sunny space is perfectly welcoming, not falling prey to a colder industrial design. The final touch for storage is a spacious walk-in closet in the aforementioned lovely petal pink tones. Who could imagine a more cheerful place to get dressed.

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Five Unique Lofts that Use Space Creatively

Wed, 22.07.2015 - 16:00

From the edgy industrial-inspired loft to the softer and more eclectic artistic loft design, there are plenty of ways to make a loft interior all your own. The five homes featured here have a lofted space in common but otherwise are quite unique in the way the utilize, decorate, and celebrate that space.

This first loft is the ultimate in simplicity. The angular design, with deep windows reflecting the squared off ceiling as well the flat lofted space above the main living area give the home an almost futuristic feel. Simple furnishings managed to intensify the space with sleek stained wood and minimal superfluous decoration. Although the home may not measure up in terms of square footage, the low profile furniture coupled with the lofted design make it feel positively cavernous.

This next space continues on a modern design theme, but in a bit more hospitable way. This space was visualized for a young family and intended to match the rest of the apartment building where it exists. From the ground floor, the ceilings measure up 6.5 meters (more than 21 feet). The concrete, glass, and metal used throughout the design may not scream “family friendly” but they do manage create a safe and stylish space with a reasonable dose of that industrial loft style.

The next space from Cloud N9 has a delightfully warm and elegant tone. From first glance the right brown leather furniture calls out to you. It would be just as comfortable in a mountaintop cabin as in this home with a loft. Throughout the space, colors are kept neutral, towards the darker end of the spectrum. The open floorplan allows the mod kitchen (completely with rolling ladder) to spill out into the simple, subtle dining room and in turn the main living space. The lofted bedroom upstairs brings a bit more color into play but remains calm and indeed quite cool.

The space is on the smaller side, measuring just 24 square meters (250 square feet). The loft was necessary here because there is no other division between rooms. Overall the sunny space, which uses white walls and playfully colored floor to create the illusion of more room, trends towards feminine and whimsical to great effect.

The final space, which is a flat in Prague, is modern and enviable in its simplicity. We see how white can overtake a space and bring an undeniable warmth. The white painted brick contrasts with the exposed wood beams for a mishmash of the rustic and the sophisticated.

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A Cozy Apartment in Kyiv with Soft Citrus Accents [Includes Floor Plan]

Tue, 21.07.2015 - 16:34

Keep things light. It’s the best way to have an uncomfortable conversation. It’s the best way eat a healthy meal. And some would argue it’s the best way to live. In this cozy Kyiv apartment, they designers from Dvoetochie Design Bureau do just that. Natural sunlight is allowed to illuminate all corners of the home – from the open living and dining area to the playful children’s rooms and home office. Colors are also kept warm and welcoming with neutral wood paneling and flooring dominating and subdued citrus colors in the upholstery. This home is a place that looks ready for guests of any age and calmly cozy for its owners.

The kitchen and main living area is quite open with windows running the length of one of its walls. Cleverly placed indoor plantings separate the large lime sectional and nesting coffee tables from the small but sleek kitchen. Wood paneled walls match hardwood floors while creative built in shelving acts as both storage and display.

The bedrooms stick largely to the same wood and neutral color scheme, keeping any accent colors tending towards pastels. The master bedroom stays securely in the neutral zone with creamy white linens and a warm caramel duvet against bright white walls.

In the children’s areas, a little more playfulness is called for. Colors are bit more vibrant and patterns come into play with stripes dominating.

With the advent of the internet, most modern homes require a substantial home office. The design of this particular space fits nicely with the look of the rest of the home while still offering the necessities of a work space. It doesn’t get too sterile but still has the feeling that you could get down to work.

The main entryway to the house is simple but notable. The recessed bench area is an ideal landing spot for removing shoes, setting down purses, and starting to settle in at the end of the day.

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4 Stylish Homes with Slanted Ceilings

Mon, 20.07.2015 - 16:00

Penthouse apartments and hotels sit perched on the top of high-rise buildings in every city. But living on the top floor isn’t reserved for millionaires. The homes in this post have exposed sloped ceilings and skylights, giving their rooms a hugely open and luxurious feel, making it seems as though there is even more space on the floor below.

The first home takes advantage of a spacious and modern open floor plan. Slanted ceilings on both sides of the home have deep, recessed skylights that allow plenty of sun to stream in throughout the day, opening up the space even further against white walls. Because of the interesting shape of the room, simple furnishings do enough to create a creative atmosphere with themes of white and grey.

In the second home, just one side of the apartment has a deeply slanted ceiling as well as skylights. Again, white is chosen for the ceiling, including a light and purposefully imperfect whitewash around the frame of the skylights. The slanted ceiling here also allows the open room to be easily divided with a sofa nestling underneath the skylights and shelving filling the space along one wall. The lovely modern kitchen and dining area have a standard, flat ceiling.

The third home is extremely warm and a bit more rustic in its style, which has become popular in Eastern Europe, particularly western Ukraine. The slanted ceiling here, in the 112 square meter (1205 square feet) is home to exposed, natural wood beams. Alongside a central fireplace and seating area, these ceiling beams call to mind a modern cabin. In the bathroom, stone flooring and skylights take the rustic towards ultra modern and certainly luxurious.

In the final space, we have a deeply modern approach to the highly slanted ceiling. A lofted bed area lies up a set of minimalist stairs while the main living area benefits from the massive overhead space. Modern, minimal furniture and lots of grey and white make this home just a bit edgy but ultimately comfortable.

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A Dark and Calming Bachelor Pad with Natural Wood and Concrete

Fri, 17.07.2015 - 17:58

There is not one single way to be a bachelor. Indeed, elements that may seem masculine and desirable to one man may be entirely the opposite of what another needs and craves from his own living space. This home in Kiev is designed for one specific bachelor who has his own tastes and desires. The space measures 90.6 square meters (975 square feet) and was created to give this man a place to relax and unwind after long days of an active and busy life. In order to create this kind of serene atmosphere, the designers from Yo Dezeen used deep neutral colors along with rich, unadorned materials like natural wood, concrete, and glass.

The main living area is fairly spacious with a huge, comfortable sofa (from Minotti) that dominates a large portion of the area. The grey color palette extends to many of the pieces in the space, including an armchair (also from Minotti) and a plush area rug. When a man’s hair start to grey it gives him a distinguished air and the same clearly holds true in this home. The greys and neutral tones are distinguished, sophisticated and indeed quite calming.

The living room opens up to the other areas of the home, including a glamorous entry way, a simple dining area and a sleek utilitarian kitchen. In each space, the natural wood really serves to take the lead, from creative wall covering to carved wood furniture.

The dining table stands in contrast to the natural wood flooring with is simple, sleek metal table and modern molded chairs.

In the bedroom, lines get a little bit softer as they should. The wood paneling remains, but the floor covering goes from soft pile to deep shag. The lush leather bed is of course a focal point, just begging to be touched, smelled, and ultimately collapsed into.

The bath keeps with the sleek themes using luxurious marble tiles and angular fixtures for a clean and polished look.

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Lovely Living Rooms for a Design Loving Life

Thu, 16.07.2015 - 19:01

A living room does not have to be huge to be stylish and comfortable. Lining the windows with benches saves on floorspace in this sweet, Scandinavian-inspired space.

The warm tones of the wood paneled accent wall play nicely with the fuchsia armchair in this high rise living room.

Sometimes the high rise is in the living room itself. Vaulted ceilings give a lot to work with in this luxury home.

Nothing quite like Tiffany blue to take a sleek minimal design and give it a special pop of feminine luxury.

On the other end of the color spectrum is black accented by grey. This living room might be at home in a lair as much as a house.

This townhall in Belarus features wood ceilings and contrasting plush sofas.

For a sleeker option, these ceiling beams are not so rustic, but still give the warmth of exposed wood.

Don’t ever cover up a view like this. Floor to ceiling windows make it hard to focus on any other elements in this living room.

Book lovers rejoice! With shelving that climbs up two stories, this living room and its mustard colored couches are calling to you.

Folding glass doors open up onto the beach in this luxury vacation home with simple, clean lines.

An awesome sling chair and marbled wall treatment give something special to this mid-century inspired living room.

Another option for bibliophiles with books piled so high they need their own ladder in this living room that’s enclosed by glass and trees.

Delicate dangling light fixtures give this loft-style living room some extra style.

In an open floor plan home, the living room becomes even more central. A simple sofa and coffee table setup is enough to distinguish the area here.

In another space with vaulted ceilings, lush leather sofas and walnut armchairs create a timeless retreat.

It’s not hard to imagine a long night of chatting in this living room with a central fireplace as well as plenty of windows.

This spacious living room uses a neutral color palette and the result looks luxurious and soft.

Dark wood paneling and an overstuffed sofa contrast with one another in this living room that could easily double as a study or meeting area.

Colorful area rugs and accent pillows give this bright white living room a bit of playfulness.

This ultra simple living room could easily be a waiting for an especially stylish doctor.

Grey, wood, and cream colors are modern and minimal in this living room.

A soft pink chandelier acts as a focal point in this fairytale inspired living room.

Warm brown tones and black have a jungle air in this small living room.

Creative lighting and wall are make this two-story living room particularly urban.

White is anything but boring in this minimalist living room.

The final space in this living room roundup is definitely artist inspired with its warm industrial loft style.

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A Mid-Century Desert Oasis in Palm Springs

Wed, 15.07.2015 - 18:12

There is perhaps no area quite as closely associated with the mid-century modern movement as Palm Springs. It is no mistake that the most recent iteration of mid-century appreciation – the highly popular and widely acclaimed series Mad Men – set an iconic episode in the desert oasis of a town. The house featured in this post, known as the Leff/Florsheim house, has been restored to its original low profile, modern bones with updated fixtures and careful, ideal staging.

The house is built in the recognizable and luxuriously simple post and beam style with exposed Douglas fir throughout both interior and exterior spaces. Around the perimeter of the home, overhangs in this same beautiful wood provide shade for the sunny sides of the structure, keeping the essential outdoor entertaining spaces cool even during the brutal summers. After all, it is those sweaty, dry summers that draw people to Palm Springs in the first place, is it not?

A sparkling blue pool (another Palm Springs necessity) takes over the backyard area of the home with an expansive deck for lounging, dining, and ideally tossing back a cool martini or four. It would be the perfect place to invite your guests if your guest was Frank Sinatra in shorts.

Despite the renovations, the terrazzo flooring was kept and polished to a reflective shine for the ultimate in clean lines. Overall this iconic house is still stunning and feels no so much out of place or anachronistic as truly timeless.

The home also celebrates the privacy of the desert community with tall hedges fencing in the yard and those shady overhangs preventing too much exposure. The result is the feeling of being in an actual oasis or an island, looking out onto the nearby mountains as well as the surrounding palms.

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Luxury Southern California Home Celebrates the Endless Summer

Tue, 14.07.2015 - 16:00

The desert expanse around Palm Springs, California is some of the most beautiful terrain in the state. Desert landscapes and sunrises give way to luxury homes that are miles from deprivation and don’t breathe a hint of drought. This home in the Thunder Ridge neighborhood of Rancho Mirage is certainly no exception. It’s mid-century style is matched only by its subtle opulence from the inside out.

The round exterior, which offers 360 degree views of the surrounding property, sits on more than an acre of lush landscaping. The vibrant greens from carefully clipped shrubbery stand in contrast to the calm neutrals of the building materials.

With 4 bedrooms and 5.25 baths, the house had been fully renovated while still staying to to its mid-century modern roots. The round exterior measure 90 feet in diameter with each angle offering unrestricted views of the outdoors. You would never know how deep into the desert you are with the landscaping and tall, swaying palms that surround the property.

The outdoor area, as with so may California homes, is bent on creating a celebratory place for people to gather. Here, the house not only features an expansive patio, but its dining island in the middle of the pool is particularly luxurious. Guests can only arrive there by traversing a floating walkway.

Throughout the interior, luxurious materials and subtle features give the renovation meaning. From recessed lighting and a revamped fireplace to truly modern and indulgent fixtures in the baths as well as the kitchen.

A gourmet kitchen that looks out onto the outdoor entertainment area is also the stuff dream homes are made of. Just imagine a summer night where the scents of dinner waft out to waiting family and start instantly creating memories and fostering deeper, meaningful connections.

Here’s a video fly through of the house:

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Take a Bite Out of 24 Modern Dining Rooms

Mon, 13.07.2015 - 16:00

A clean and serene dining room is the best starting point for a flawless dinner party. The dining rooms featured here are modern, sleek, and gorgeous. Each would serve as the perfect backdrop for idle conversations, lingering dessert courses, and of course, a craft cocktail or two. Look inside and get inspired and hungry.

You don’t need an expansive room to have a delicious dining experience. This simple table and chairs is perfect for a small evening in.

The darker color scheme in this room keeps things a little bit more mysterious. What will the next course be?

A round dining table ensures a fair airing of ideas. King Arthur knew and this dining room does, too.

If you don’t want anyone getting too comfortable, consider utilizing minimalist stools.

Bright green Eames-inspired chairs are just a bit different and the perfect level of modern for this small, artsy apartment.

Vaulted ceilings call for a dramatic table and chairs. This is no buffet-style dining room.

Sometimes simple is best. This industrial dining room has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Picture windows give the suggestion of eating outdoors without the bugs.

Whether you’re having a dinner party or a conference, a glass-top table is a great choice (that’s really easy to clean).

For just a few friends, these cozy white chairs will do just fine.

A carefully chaotic mass of wire legs beneath this table gives it a spidery appeal.

A family friendly dining nook doesn’t get too fancy with these wood chairs and bamboo light fixtures.

A modern Parisian princess would certainly feel at home in this stunning and sunny white dining room.

Wood flooring and leather lined chairs give this dining room a rustic appeal without sacrificing luxury.

The eye is immediately drawn to the brightly colored lights in this otherwise neutral – but not boring – dining design.

Sloped ceilings and a patchwork rug give this hipster dining room and carefully crafted artistic appeal.

Black and white serve this simple, modern design well.

Not every space can pull off mismatched dining chairs, but this one does it with aplomb.

Spindly wooden chairs add a Scandinavian to this super simple dining room in the woods.

Serious diners only in this office-inspired dining space that could easily double as a shared desk.

Loft living calls for plenty of socializing and these molded wire dining chairs are the perfect place to do it.

An angular dining table celebrates interesting shapes in an otherwise square and simple space.

Another dark dining room fit for Batman, the light fixture dangling precariously over this table looks as those it could double as a weapon when called for.

Super simplicity is the order of the day in the sunny warehouse conversion.

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A Modern Loft with Character

Fri, 10.07.2015 - 18:16

Loft apartments always have a distinct feel. Their openness, combined with their usual amounts of streaming light, makes them instantly appealing for most urban dwellers. Who wouldn’t want more light and a sense of more space in what’s usually a more crowded area?

But lofts can also feel a bit cookie cutter, especially when the original space has been mass-converted to support loft living. A dozen or more lofts with the same feel and layout can feel stifling.

This loft, designed by Indot, takes the idea of a traditional loft and plays with it using geometry, color, and texture. Don’t think that lofts are just limited to red exposed brick and neutrally painted walls.

The main living area of this loft shows in just a few shots why this is more than your average apartment.

Featuring light woods and whitewashed brick, this loft feels positively clean and airy. There’s thoughtful storage, a playful blue accent wall, and a striking black iron staircase leading up to the lofted area. It’s very modern, with each furnishing carefully curated.

Industrially-inspired oil rubbed bronze fixtures lend light over the living and workspaces, connecting the same look found in the staircase. Blue, black, and neutral white woods complement each other throughout the main living space.

The office area connects to the main area seamlessly, with a large open work area that’s ideal for everything from laptops to crafting projects. Behind the desk, open wall shelving that can be personalized to hold media, keepsakes, storage boxes, or anything else that might be needed.

From another angle looking from the main living area to the kitchen, you’ll find an open bar and countertop of striking white. At the end, a simple bench with a playful pop of teal on the upholstery.

The steps leading up to the second floor loft are works of art in their own right. Wood and black metal cut through the white of the walls and are complemented by the glass sheets alongside the railings. A whimsical yet industrial collection of pendant lights soften the overall look.

A closet blends seamlessly into the wall in the main living area. The foyer is simple and compact.

The lofted bedroom takes advantage of the natural light spilling in from the windows in the kitchen and main living area.

The bedroom is soothing with tones of gray and tan. Soft textures of wood, wall, and linens make the space feel welcoming.

Light spills in from the tall windows and floods the room. The spaces between the steps are especially clever, as it allows for the light to continue its travels.

From the front door, this view shows the openness and brightness of the space. But it still feels cozy.

From above, you’ll see a cheery burst of yellow from the seat, as well as the clean white counters of the kitchen. Buffet dining that is simple, functional, and still very stylish.

The galley kitchen, while simple, is efficient and well-designed.

A vanity table placed at the corner of the sleeping area allows the light to flow in for makeup application at its best.

Behind the staircase, there’s additional open storage if needed.

The media center showcases a smart design for a flat screen, as well as built in shelving for additional media and devices.

Who wouldn’t love those pops of orange? And at the main level, you’ll see open storage which is being used as a bar. Once can easily imagine this couple entertaining.

Open closet storage allows for plenty of space for belongings, but, should you choose, you can hide that dressing area.

A simple curtain pulls over the closet, creating texture as a floor to ceiling “wall” while eliminating visual clutter.

The color palette of light woods, white walls, and black fixtures carries through on both levels.

The loft takes advantage of glass to act as a divider, which ensures the light flows seamlessly throughout the space.

The space is incredibly functional, even with a smaller footprint. You’ll notice a long kitchen with modern cabinetry and appliances, as well as colorful seating at both levels to break up the room visually.

A ductless air conditioning unit is visible above the bedroom vanity and because of the open design, we’d imagine this loft stays pretty cool.

A great space for a couple, this loft allows both parties their space in complete comfort.

At night, a blend of industrial fixtures and recessed lighting work together to create a calming atmosphere.

The blue of the wall in the downstairs area suddenly looks richer and more dynamic with the change in lighting.

It’s almost as if the wall, like the sky, goes from day to night.

It never feels too bright or too stark. Instead, it’s soothing.

A beautiful loft that’s far from the conventional. That’s what this space is all about.

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An Innovative House Carved Out of a Cliff

Thu, 09.07.2015 - 18:42

When we think of cliffside homes, we generally cantilevered craftsmans in the Hollywood Hills or stunning seascapes viewed from sweeping balconies. This space from the architects at OPA, known as Casa Brutale, quite literally turns that vision on its head. Although set beside the sea and indeed perched upon a cliff, the house is actually carved out of the earth, with three walls surrounded entirely by the cliff itself. The resulting structure is a nod to Brutalist stylings in concrete and glass, while also realizing an architect’s vision with a completely unique home.

The house does not protrude from the ground, with the upper portion lying flush with the surrounding dirt. Instead, the home’s volume is set inside the earth with glass and water covering the exposed spaces.

A window stretching from floor to ceiling (or floor to ground, depending on your perspective) looks out onto the water. But above the main interior living area is another water view: directly into the private swimming pool. Swimmers can look down into the home while the ripples of the pool cast shadows and light into the interior.

Indeed, shadows, light, water, and natural elements are all part of the core of this space’s soul. Concrete, glass, and wood make up the majority of the structure while the surrounding earth and swimming pool provide natural insulation and cooling effects.

The house can be entered via elevator or by staircase, only after descending 50 steps towards the Aegean sea. Once inside, an interior concrete staircase carries guests up towards the private bedroom areas and down into the main living space.

Most important to the experience of this house is the landscape that surrounds it. Not only does it inspire the design, it quite literally embraces the structure, holding it in place and allowing inhabitants to meld with and live within nature.

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A Miami Apartment in Stormy, Muted Tones

Wed, 08.07.2015 - 17:17

Miami Beach is known for its tropical colors, flamboyant beachgoers, and spectacular Art Deco architecture. But not every space in Florida is covered in pink and turquoise, or plastered in birds of paradise and this apartment on Key Biscayne Island Beach, from Yo Dezeen, certainly shows that. This modern space shies away from the tropical tones and instead opts for cool muted grays, white, wood, and even a smattering of black. It doesn’t feel boring, though. Instead, it feels sophisticated, simple and even luxurious. Let’s look inside.

The main living area in the apartment is built around an open floorplan. The spacious living room features floor-to-ceiling windows that let in summer sun as well as heavy curtains to keep out those gloomy Florida afternoons. The furnishings certainly have a mid-century bent from oversized gray upholstered sofas to sleek leather side chairs. However, the inspiration is more subtle than some straight up reproductions, which is a nice change.

The dining area lives close to the living room, making it easy to transition to the different segments of a dinner party. The granite dining table on workhorse legs is just a bit artsy while the large gray chairs are cozy but not too plush.

In the bedrooms, soft, luxurious textures take over. Soft shag rugs create pools of comfort around platform beds while black molded walls give the room just a souissant of industrial appeal. A padded headboard and velvety coverlets give the second bedroom its own indulgent design as well.

In the guest bedroom, elaborately painted walls give the space its own personality: decidedly feminine and just a little bit gothic.

Finally, in the bathroom classic white granite sparkles and shines with decadence. A tall pedestal sink and chrome fixtures are fit for royalty while a stunning stained glass wall is just the artistic influence that this Miami neighborhood would insist upon.

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Similarly Simple Designs with a Bright and Cheerful Tone

Tue, 07.07.2015 - 18:21

There is nothing better than being able to feel truly at home where you live. When you arrive back there after a long day at work, or an extended vacation, it should be exactly as you want it to be. In these two homes from designer Juliya Butova, you can see the simplicity and they joy that radiate forth from the interior elements. Clean lines, simple but cheerful color palettes and comfortable materials and textures turn these spaces into truly welcoming homes and ideal areas for relaxation, rejuvenation, and ultimately for living a happy life.

The first home takes a simple color palette and creates a varied and beautiful space. The simplicity cannot be confused with simplistic, since the colors are actually used quite strategically. Dark gray upholstery covers the sofa, making it much less intimidating than a lighter color might be, while white walls allows light and sun to dance across every surface and truly open up the home. Yellow is used as a cheery accent color, giving the design a sweet burst of energy.

The color palette extends into the bedroom where the yellow is a bit muted by texture. This lets the throughline of the design continue without creating visual noise in what should be a relaxing space.

A simple bathroom with elegant tiling completes this space with a calming and necessary room.

The second home is not all that different from the first. Muted browns and silky yellows are once again used in concert for what becomes a natural and almost celebratory palette. An indoor tree in this home manages to extend the early elements of the design.

Wood is a bit more prominent in this home, from the hardwood flooring planks to the suspended staircase and custom shelving in the bedroom.

This design also features a cozy room for an older child or teenager that includes some spectacular custom shelving, creative wall decals and a comfortable home working space.

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Three Homes with a Contemporary Twist on Rustic Design

Mon, 06.07.2015 - 17:28

Vintage styles certainly have their appeal. But when you go for a full authentic vintage option, you also run a lot of risks. A vintage sofa, for example, will probably fall apart much sooner than a brand new one and a vintage rug is sure to have its fair share of stains. In the three homes featured in this post, the influence of a vintage aesthetic is certainly apparent, but a few older pieces are paired with brand new items that have a classic, almost timeless look. The resulting spaces are chic and a little bit rustic, but are more likely to stand the test of time.

The first home is a marriage of vintage flavor and warm industrial trends. This mishmash is exemplified perfectly in the layered floor covers. A polished concrete floor is covered by reclaimed wood planks and on top of those is a vintage-style rug. The way the different elements in the home work together is warm, welcoming, and inspiring. Of particular interest are the scattered vintage design elements from a table fan to a suitcase-as-sidetable. The look carries through the home as well, up into the attic rafters and through a pretty mismatched dining table and stunning farmer-chic kitchen.

The second space, designed for a creative, open-minded family in 2013, has a similar atmosphere if different specifics. The hardwood here is new and stylishly designed while an amazing white leather chesterfield draws the eye in the contemporary living room. We’ve seen the clock face window in other designs, but the wrought iron look definitely fits right in here.

The last space veers further towards modern than the previous two, but still has its own rustic elements. Exposed ceiling beams always give just a hint of farm life while imperfect wood planks make for a floor with a bit more character. The interior office in this home is particularly modern with glass walls and sleek work area while the bedroom takes a cozier route with lots of warm wood and a plush bed.

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4 Kids Room Designs with Color to Spare

Fri, 03.07.2015 - 17:42

Providing basic shelter is one of the most important things a parent can do. But these kids rooms do much more than provide basic shelter. With color, patterns, and custom furnishings, these rooms nurture creative thoughts from every angle. Along the way they manage to provide comfort and even organization from cozy study nooks to swinging hammock chairs to stunningly creative beds, these rooms would be the envy of everyone in the classroom and surely the sight of many boisterous sleepovers.

The first room comes from architect Agnieszka Ufnal and takes its design inspiration from the hustle and bustle of New York City life, although in a serene way. The highly organized space, designed for a school-aged girl, uses swaths of bright yellow to create the kinetic feel of taxicabs in Times Square. When paired with simple line drawings and graphic wallpaper, the resulting room is both playful and sophisticated, much like a urban-dwelling child is expected to be.

This next room takes the use of color to a new level although it manages its own affinity for yellow. In addition to the sunny chairs and blankets, the geometric pattern that plays on the accent wall and the area rug are extremely energetic. This space also includes a large desk and hanging shelves, making it easy for the room to grow along with its inhabitant.

In the third room we have what can only be described as the most enviable child’s bed design we’ve ever seen. The hot air balloon-inspired look is straight out of a storybook and is sure to be the source of many sweet dreams. The airborne theme is carried through the rest of the room as well with a hanging biplane and a dangling hammock chair for the ultimate in coziness.

The final room is a bit more muted than the others in this post, but still manage to play with color and texture. The blue and white room calls to mind the colors of clouds and rainstorms, but plenty of natural light keeps things on the sunny side. A spotted area rug, bean bag chair, and bunk beds make this room an ideal retreat for a tween.

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