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The Tetris House: A Creatively Organized Modern Brazilian Home

Mon, 26.01.2015 - 17:42

The name Tetris House likely calls to mind the brightly colored game, but it is not the colors or infectious music that are the inspiration for this Sao Paulo home. Instead, architects Marcio Kogan and Carolina Castroviejo found inspiration from the way that the boxes in that game fit together snugly. This home, like the game, seems to be made up of many different boxes that fit together, creating separate rooms that work in harmony with one another. The home is large and gorgeous, featuring a bold use of natural wood slats, creative circulation, and sleek furnishings that create a beautiful space perfect for luxurious Brazilian living as well as wonderful, boisterous entertaining.

Unless a luxury home is perched high above the Manhattan skyline, space and privacy are essential elements and it is no different with this house. From the front entry, the house is set back from the street and shaded with trees and a gorgeous natural wood fence to provide the utmost in discretion.

Inside the house we can begin to see the architect’s vision come to life. The main living area is made up of one box, measuring 2.85 meters (just over 9 feet), that is nestled inside the larger box of the house, which measures 15.5 meters (about 51 feet) high. The open plan living area is contained within this box, but there still opens up to both the front and back of the house, maximizing the space.

Overlooking the main living space is a “de dentro para dentro” esplanade, which is essentially an indoor balcony. The interior designer, Diana Radomysler, as created a bright and welcoming workspace from this element. It is on this balcony that we also get a clear look at the warm and lovely wood slatted ceiling. These slats are not only design-friendly but they actually serve a climate control purpose as well, absorbing heat during the day and keeping the space cool even in the Brazilian summer.

The outdoor space in the back garden is particularly inviting. Because the living area opens up into the garden, the stone flooring actually carries out onto the patio for a unified feel. A unique elevated deck creates a cozy vantage point that is perfect for a late afternoon cocktail, or drying off after a splash in the pool.

From the front gate to the facade to the pool deck, the use of beautiful natural woods is a lovely theme for this home. The way that these wood panels fit together is just one more example of how each piece of this home fits snugly in place for a winning design.

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Gorgeous Colorado Cabin Secluded Among the Trees

Sat, 24.01.2015 - 16:00

With nearly 2000 acres of skiable terrain, Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado is one of the most desirable winter recreation areas in the U.S. While condos and hotels abound in the area and in the surrounding mountain regions, there is nothing quite as luxurious as curling up in front of your own private fireplace in a sprawling mountain cabin after a long day on the slopes. Like our recent post featuring a Canadian ski retreat, this Colorado cabin is a far cry from the rustic mountain homes of yore. With five bedrooms and five baths, this Beaver Creek cabin is a beacon of warmth and natural beauty in both the winter and the summer.

The house is one of the original homes in the Beaver Creek area, having been built in 1983 when the resort was much less developed than it is today. The home sits on 1.11 acres and features a number of luxury amenities starting with this gorgeous pitched roof living room.

The natural wood throughout the shared living space gives it a timeless rustic feeling while huge windows give majestic views out into the surrounding forests. The architect has even managed to bring the forest indoors with a large planter featuring trees that stretch up to the vaulted ceilings.

A gourmet kitchen with a butcher block island and breakfast bar is ideal for preparing the feasts that follow a hunger-inducing day on the slopes.

The bedroom designs are kept simple, but still showcase the home’s gorgeous surroundings with the use of tall windows wherever possible. A white marble bath brings a bit of urban luxury to this otherwise rustic-chic locale.

While Colorado and Beaver Creek in particular are certainly winter destinations for ski bunnies and snowboarders, the summers in the Rocky Mountains are also particularly beautiful. A spacious back deck provides the perfect setting for enjoying an al fresco dinner in the cool mountain summers or simple relaxing apre hike on one of the nearby trails. And a hot tub is ideal for any weather.

The home is listed on Zillow.

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3 Sparkling Apartments That Shine with Wonderful White

Fri, 23.01.2015 - 18:09

Some people think that white is the absence of color, but it is actually the reflection of all colors. That means when white is used as a major part of any interior, it opens up the whole rainbow for other elements. The apartments in this post are not entirely white, but they use white to create a clean palette on which anyone would be happy to paint their lives. From flat white walls to clean white countertops and luxuriously white furniture, these spaces are an indulgence. Some people might be afraid to track mud into these types of spaces, or send a wine glass spilling onto a creamy white sofa, but that’s what makes these white designs so decadent and so beautiful.

The first space is a Ukrainian apartment, which is actually a detached guest house. The architecture came from the team at Kaeel Group.

Even the light fixtures in the main room are cleverly white, giving otherwise modern and whimsical designs a more muted appearance that fits with the interior.

The surfaces and angles of this dreamy white and silver apartment are paramount to its overall feel. Something as simple as the metallic coffee table sitting just exactly as high as the soft gray sofa creates long, languorous lines that make the entire space feel open, airy, and comfortable.

The second space comes from designer Sergey Harneko and while it does not use nearly as much white as the first, it uses a preponderance of white to offset the other colors in the design, especially green.

Green accents from the wall art to the area rug to various plants sprouting around the space give it a very lively feel. A deep and soft navy blue sofa brings a water element into the sunny space and makes the white walls really pop.

In the dining room, we can again see the impact of light fixtures against a white backdrop. Here, a truly unique sculptural piece hangs over the table in place of a more traditional chandelier. However, the plants on the table and windowsill balance the fixture so it draws the eye without taking over the room.

The bedroom uses more green than white, but tones it down, almost appearing to mix the brighter greens of the living room with the white wall paint. The result is a cozy room that feels like spring, no matter what the weather.

The final apartment comes from architect and designer Kaschuk Kostya. It uses white in a more traditional way, namely to offset a few exposed brick elements. This contrast makes the space feel modern while still giving a nod to the original architecture of its building.

Recessed lighting makes it feel as though it is always sunny inside the room, reflecting softly off so many white surfaces and really opening up the space.

Of course, anyone who lives in this lovely high rise space will want to invest in a good cleaning person because no amount of caution will keep this luscious white sofa clean for long.

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Luxury Mountain Retreat is Not Your Average Log Cabin

Thu, 22.01.2015 - 18:11

Quebec’s Mont Saint-Sauveur is one of the most popular ski resorts in the area. But rather than slog up to the mountain in an SUV only to spend the night in an impersonal hotel, wouldn’t you prefer to stay in your own luxury mountain retreat? Set on 11 acres, with ski in/ski out access, this beautiful modern cabin is spacious, cozy, and just as perfect on a wintery night as on a balmy spring morning.

In warmer weather, the outdoor entertaining spaces in this home are unmatched. On the sprawling back deck, simple but modern outdoor furniture offers a comfortable place to curl up with a glass of wine and there is plenty of extra room for larger gatherings as well.

Inside, the same boxy, modern feel dominates the furniture, but does not detract from the massive windows and vaulted ceilings. The open floor plan is enviable, allowing guests to easily roam from a seat in front of the fire (in one of the four fireplaces, of course) to a stool at the gourmet kitchen’s breakfast bar.

Exposed wood ceiling beams certainly give the home that cabin feel, but there are not very many cozy retreats that could boast such luxury. The home feels as if it goes on forever, though it only has three bedrooms and three baths.

Of course, one of those baths has a porcelain soaking tub overlooking the mountain range below.

The indoor pool is another distinctly luxurious feature. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer but always protected from the elements.

The bottom floor of the home features a private lounge, complete with wet bar and pool table. It’s ideal for unwinding after a long day on the slopes, or even for getting things started up again. The amazing lighting scheme makes you feel like you are being transported from Canada to Studio 54.

A private driveway meanders through the home’s 11 acres, making it ultimately private while it is only a short ways away from world class skiing and entertainment.

Listed on Sotheby’s.

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2 Creative Apartments Featuring Whimsical Art

Wed, 21.01.2015 - 19:04

Designing a home for a creative person can be an exciting challenge. Artists, writers, and creators have their own tastes and ideas about how their homes should look and feel which can provide helpful guidance as well as welcome freedom to the designer. The two homes in this post take that creative spirit and run with it. Each includes numerous clever and whimsical nods to creativity from the art on the walls to way that light interacts with the rooms. Take a look inside these sleek apartments and get your own creative juices flowing.

The first creative apartment for a creative person comes from the design and architecture team at NORDES Design Group. At first glance, the cheeky superhero painting in the living room draws the eye entirely. This boldly colored piece is allowed to stand out because so much of the color scheme is neutral gray and white.

A home projection system is an ideal media solution in an artist’s apartment because it allows for the consumption of even more types of whimsical art – such as The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou as seen here – but doesn’t require a television, which can detract from the overall style of a room.

A small kitchen and dining area use bright white and light wood to create an open and welcoming feeling. Bare bulbs with cords in primary colors are a playful addition to the space.

The bedroom is utterly simple with a red exposed brick wall and another version of the cheeky superhero art that we saw in the main living area. Simple matched bedframe, nightstand, and desk give the room a unified feeling that has a calming effect.

Finally, a concrete bathroom is made much more stylish with the addition of a white tile wall treatment. While still sterile and easy to clean, it has a hip vibe about it.

The second apartment comes from the architects at Unikat Lab and bring a bit more color, overall, to its design. The main living space, which includes a dining table, sofa, and a small kitchen, uses varying shades of blue to create harmony while still keeping some separation between the different areas.

Behind the dining table, we can catch a glimpse of some of this apartment’s creative whimsy. A boldly designer graphic print of a hand has an almost unfinished quality about it, which can be particularly attractive and inspiring to the creative mind. The kitchen has a similar piece, which leaves space for imagination and creation.

A lovely mint green bathroom is instantly inviting and vibrant, much more so than a standard neutral design.

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25 More 3 Bedroom 3D Floor Plans

Tue, 20.01.2015 - 17:28

Whether you’re moving into a new house, building one, or just want to get inspired about how to arrange the place where you already live, it can be quite helpful to look at 3D floorplans. These images, from top designers and architects, show a variety of ways that the same standards – in this case, three bedrooms – can work in a variety of configurations. A three bedroom house is a great marriage of space and style, leaving room for growing families or entertaining guests. Take a look at these 25 new options for a three bedroom house layout and you’re sure to find out that would work for you.

With a wide open outdoor area as well as a cozy dining room, this three bedroom space is ideal for entertaining.

Three bedrooms does not always mean three beds. This home turns that third space into a comfortable home office.

The shared areas are kept on the opposite side from the bedrooms in this small but organized option.

Sharing a home can be a lot easier when each bedroom has its own assigned bath.

An L-shaped house allows for plenty of privacy in the bedroom win and tons of space in the living area.

Whoever shares this apartment will do well to stagger their showers since there’s just one bathroom.

A wraparound balcony ensures lots of outdoor time in this long and lean three bedroom design.

Perfectly designed for a small family, this three bedroom house keeps the master bedroom separate from the kid’s room for privacy on both ends.

What the third bedroom in this home lacks in space, it makes up for in private balcony access. Keep a watch on any teen who sleeps there…

By putting the dining table in the kitchen, this layout opens up more room for the living area.

In this option, each bedroom has its own corner of the house.

An overhead view lets us see how each bedroom is tucked cozily in one corner of the building while a wide open floorplan takes up the rest of the house.

A 3 bedroom home can also be incredibly spacious, as evidenced by this big airy design.

An enclosed kitchen may not be the trendiest option, but it works with this layout.

This layout actually makes space for a living area as well as a TV room, which can provide nice quiet time when necessary.

Adding a couple chairs to a small balcony can make it much more welcoming. This layout also features a servant bedroom.

The bedrooms in this design are especially roomy, as is the kitchen.

Lots of closet space makes this design work well for a trio of fashionistas.

Something about the shape of this home has a distinctly retro vibe.

The master bedroom in this home has it’s own balcony, which would be a lovely retreat in a house that doesn’t have a ton of privacy.

Whether kids must share a room or just have friends over a lot, two twin beds can make easy work of the situation.

A wide open kitchen, dining, and living room keeps this layout feeling huge and modern.

Every bedroom in this layout has its own area and a private bath, which is ideal for most people.

The common areas in this layout give some space up to the big bedrooms.

Finally, this three bedroom space is spacious with plenty of outdoor areas as well.

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Six Beautiful Bedrooms with Soft and Welcoming Design Elements

Mon, 19.01.2015 - 17:41

Color is an essential element of any design aesthetic, but in the bedroom texture may be even more important. Clean lines can go a long way towards creating a comforting atmosphere, but do little in the way of comfort if they are hard, rough, or sharp. Instead, bedrooms should be made of plenty of soft textures that can move, shift, and provide physical as well as aesthetic comfort. The bedrooms covered in this post are not just beautiful to look at, but use soft, sensual textures that would be perfect for touching, snuggling, and getting wrapped up in at the end of a long day.

The first bedroom in this post, from designer Mário Nogueira, is actually a small studio apartment in a downstairs, garden-level space. The space is decorated with largely neutral colors and natural elements including smooth, lovely wood. The overhead lighting element is particularly unusual and noteworthy. The smooth floors and soft area rug under the bed are ideal for bare feet and perfect, therefore, in a bedroom.

The next space, rather than a beige and oatmeal color theme, uses cool gray blues for its palette. Like the first room, it uses a soft area rug to create an inviting space around the bed along with cozy blue blankets that can make you feel like you’re wrapped in your own raincloud.

The third bedroom gets a bit more creative in terms of color. The eye cannot turn away from the luxurious purple velvet sofa at the end of the bed. Both the color and the texture are a perfect central element for a beautiful bedroom. Another soft rug and even the cool smooth glass of the brass coffee tables create a fully realized vision of touch and texture.

This bedroom also has a private dressing area that includes an ultramodern vanity and easy to organize wardrobe.

The next bedroom from designer Hüseyin Sedef uses, understandably, the bed as its focal point. The wood canopy, which is actually built into the room, creates a separate and enclosed feeling that is lovely for sleeping without actually closing the bed in. This room also features a luxurious ensuite bath that includes a massive private whirlpool and a waterfall inspired shower. On the other side of the bed’s canopy is a lovely little vanity area.

Yellow is a dominating color in this particular bedroom, which could be a bit loud. However, by cutting the effects of the bright yellow with cool grays as well as soft textured bedding, the room instead feels soft and soothing.

The final bedroom, from designer Victoria Yakusha is decidedly feminine. It includes the ruffled throwback of a bedskirt and decadently soft lighting. The built in shelving, long luscious curtains and perfectly chosen sparkled knick knacks just add to the ethereal atmosphere of this perfect and pretty retreat.

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Two Modern Apartments with Perfectly Placed Bursts of Colors

Fri, 16.01.2015 - 09:46

The first apartment comes to us from designer Yarovikova Anna and was designed with the needs of a modern life in mind. Bright light filters into the home from multiple windows, but it comes through simple, neutral curtains that use their vertical folds to add height to the ceiling and the room.

The main living area is wide open, framing a modern spiral staircase that carries you up to the second floor. Though neutral colors dominate, it is the perfect splashes of those unexpected deep burgundy or the rich and decadent caramel colored leather than bring a boisterous life into the space.

Texture is also abundant, from velvet embossed throw pillows to a stamped concrete pattern on the beautiful central fireplace gathering area. Further, natural materials dominate, including oak and granite, to give a warm and enveloping feeling throughout the space.

The second apartment is a small two bedroom space in Moscow, designed by Andrew Rudoi with an interior of 56 square meters (about 600 square feet).

Though the space is largely white, it does not hesitate to use playful color options to create a more youthful vibrance. Most notable, perhaps, is the living room accent wall. Brightly colored stripes in varying widths are immediately cheering and the diversity of colors means that at any point the occupant could choose one to play up with accessories, new furnishings or something as simple as rug.

The bright blue kitchen wall is another beautiful burst of brightness, the tone of which carries into the vibrantly colored bedroom as well.

Much of the furniture in the home was custom made, including the bed and wardrobes. The idea behind each piece was to create a home that used space efficiently without making any sacrifices on styling.

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5 Houses That Put a Modern Twist on Exposed Brick

Thu, 15.01.2015 - 16:16

While the thought of exposed brick might call to mind a hole-in-the-wall Italian bistro, there are a lot of ways that this classic look can be incorporated into a modern space. The five homes in this post range from the dark and sleek to sunny and welcoming but each uses the unique texture and feel of exposed brick to create a space that’s truly special.

The first home we are featuring is a residence local in Prague, from designer Angelina Alekseeva. Unlike some spaces that leave just one wall in exposed brick for effect, this one keeps the rough red bricks out in the open on multiple walls. The look contrasts with the smooth, finished wood floors and highly modern furnishings for a trendy ‘unfinished’ feel.

The softness of the neutral furniture and the hard walls and floors makes it that much easier to settle in on the sofa or the cozy built in seating next to the indoor fire pit.

The second home is from designer Howard Chu and uses a few different tactics to incorporate bare brick, including one accent wall with the drywall broken away for precisely that Italian bistro look we spoke of earlier.

The brick carries over very successfully into the home office area that features chevron striped hardwood flooring. There is no better pairing, it seems, then hardwood flooring and exposed red bricks.

The rest of the home is noticeably smooth, from hardware-less cabinetry to sleek track lighting and glistening granite countertops.

Our third example comes from designer Elena Arsenteva. It’s not too difficult to draw some parallels between this space and the first one we saw. Both feature soft gray furnishings and smooth, light wood floors along with exposed brick accents. This apartment, however, has a much more industrial loft feel, with none of the luxury trappings of the first option, just a simple kitchen and cozy living room.

For a bit more vibrancy, we can turn to this fourth dwelling from designer and architect Vladimir Bolotkin. The red accents really bring the warm industrial vibe in this apartment to life. The same can be said for the creatively textured area rug and pops of yellow in the furniture.

The floating bookshelves, which look like little more than precariously stacked books against the wall, cannot go unnoticed here.

The exposed brick in the modern bathroom is subtle but extremely effective in giving the area a little push towards old world charm and keeping it from feeling too minimalist.

The fifth and final apartment makes much more polished use of exposed brick. The accent wall in the living room is yes, unfinished, but the brick is perfectly even and smooth, making it sleek yet textured.

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Villa In The Sky: Bollywood Actor John Abraham’s Penthouse Home In Mumbai

Wed, 14.01.2015 - 16:24

While some of us may balk at the idea of working on an extensive project, such as a home renovation, with our siblings, Bollywood actor John Abraham embraced the idea with this luxurious apartment project. His brother Alan, an architect with Abraham John Architects, undertook the logistically challenging but ultimately stunning project of combining two older apartments in the city into one modern, spacious two level apartment and terrace. The results are not only a complete change from the original look, but are sustainable, chic, and perfectly suited to this actor’s life.

The space is located on the 7th and 8th floors of a building described as “unremarkable.” To combine the two apartment spaces, all internal walls were taken down and a new staircase, cantilevered off the interior columns, was added to connect the floors.

It should be no surprise that the spectacular views of the Arabian Sea were among the most attractive features of this space and as such, were maximized with the new design. This included putting in floor to ceiling windows wherever possible, including the massive new master bedroom. In fact, these sea views are now visible from every room of the house.

The kitchen is in the southeast corner of the home, which not only makes it adhere to the ancient traditional Indian design principles of Vastu, but also means plenty of morning light for a truly rejuvenating breakfast. Speaking of which, the kitchen island, which could easily double as a breakfast bar, is made from a stark stainless steel for an ultra modern look.

Along with the living room and dining area, the kitchen creates the central meeting area of the home, which is perfectly laid out for dinner parties and entertaining. We must draw attention to the hand hewn dining table and seating, both of which are made from teak.

The master bedroom, complete with its amazing views, also contains a luxurious bathroom and private whirlpool as well as entrance to the stunning deck area with infinity pool and outdoor entertaining space.

On the top floor of the home, the architect has added a private media room which includes blinds for turning it from a glass enclosed overlook to a cozy cave for screenings.

The materials in the home are kept largely natural as well as neutral. This gives the open space a unified feeling throughout while also making maintenance much easier. Further, sustainability was a concern, so local woods and green construction practices were used wherever possible.

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25 More 2 Bedroom 3D Floor Plans

Tue, 13.01.2015 - 17:46

Two bedrooms may not be a mansion, but with the right layout it can be plenty of space for a growing family or even a swinging single. The best apartment layout for any situation will depend on how important noise, light, and privacy are to its inhabitants. For instance, parents with a young child will likely prefer to have him or her right next door while two college roommates might prefer the bedrooms on opposite sides of the home. No matter what square footage you’re working with, chances are you will be able to find some inspiration from these creative 3D renderings of two bedroom spaces.

This decadently decorated apartment is spectacularly spacious two bedroom option. With massive bedrooms and a huge open living area including a full kitchen and private patio, it would be an ideal retreat for a bachelor who needs a guest room or a pair of particularly stylish roommates.

Of course, not every two bedroom apartment needs the same amount of space. This smaller option has just one bedroom and an al fresco dining area.

The two bedrooms in this apartment are directly next to one another, which can help to insulate from common room noise from the kitchen or dining room.

Despite a smaller square footage, this two bedroom apartment still manages a 6 person dining room and a cozy living room.

This two bedroom apartment puts a nursery between the two bedrooms, making it a perfect choice for a growing family.

A small private veranda is accessible from the living room of this apartment, which also includes a guest bed.

The two bedrooms in this apartment are located on opposite sides of the space for maximum privacy. Both bedrooms also have easy access to a bathroom of their own, which is ideal.

A large patio and outdoor dining space in this home covers nearly as much square footage as the rest of the rooms combined making it perfect for warm climates.

Two spacious bedrooms with study areas and a shared bath make this a quaint spot for an urban family.

The ultra mod design of this particular apartment has a youthful vibe that would be well suited to young roommates starting out on the journey to adulthood.

An open floor plan in the common areas of this apartment make it welcoming for a family that wants to spend time together before retreating to their own rooms.

By separating the water closet from the bath, this two bedroom has maximized the bathroom to minimize annoying waiting times in the morning.

A small kitchen and dining area is open to an equally cozy living room in this snug but stylish layout.

Closet space and natural light are obviously key to this particular two bedroom design.

With a separate room for a home office, this home is more spacious than most two bedrooms.

This overhead view gives a good impression of just home much space a two bedroom can have.

A rounded wall with lots of windows acts as a focal point in this creative, classic layout.

Two bedrooms plus a small enclosed patio make this a perfect urban space for cooler climates.

A wraparound patio and huge master bedroom make this one of the larger options for a two bedroom layout.

A huge kitchen acts as a centerpiece for another spacious design from Rishabh Kushwaha.

Simple but elegant, putting two bedrooms next to each other but with the beds facing one another maximizes privacy while still making efficient use of space.

A small entryway living area is all there is room for in this particular layout, which features two small balconies as well.

A large, open dining room gives plenty of options for decoration or furniture in this sparse 1295 square foot home.

Vaulted ceilings makes this home that’s on the smaller side seem bigger.

Finally a massive porch makes up for a compact interior in this standalone two bedroom.

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Scandinavian Apartment With Adorable Art and Classic Colors

Mon, 12.01.2015 - 19:29

We have certainly seen some marvelous representations of the Scandinavian aesthetic on this blog before, but it is a theme that carries so well into modern design ideals and truly livable style that it’s worth revisiting. This apartment, with an interior designed by Duc Jimmi at Talenti Design, holds true to many of the elements that are so important in Scandinavian design including beautiful functionality, natural materials, and a creative use of color. While this particular apartment does not have the strict minimalism that many Scandinavian-inspired designs do, it still gives the impression of everything in its place, with a purpose and has enough whimsy to inspire a smile in any visitor.

The main living area is not very large, but its open floorplan and coordinated color choices make each section of the space work well together. The living room takes hold of a mostly neutral palette, from a chevron striped area rug to a classic gray sofa. However, the contrast bursts of orange, by way of a throw pillow and arm chair is daringly bright and jovial.

And of course, we cannot ignore the playful and adorable graphic art that decorates the sofa wall.

In the dining area and kitchen black and white is once again central to the scheme with the ubiquitous Eames-style dining chairs and two decidedly Scandinavian black woven light fixtures. The sunlight pouring in from the kitchen is enough to brighten up the breakfast table in this otherwise enclosed room.

The two bedrooms in the apartment and simple but comfortable. The first carries the same color palette in from the living room with black, white, gray, and orange. The bed dominates the small space, but there is still room for a tidy study area and private television.

The other room is much brighter with a cotton candy pink gingham duvet. Along with the white walls, these color choices make the small room, which only one small clerestory window letting in light during the day. Of course, that does make for a cozy sleeping chamber after the sun goes down.

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20 Creative Living Rooms for Style Inspiration

Fri, 09.01.2015 - 15:55

The tricky thing about living room design is that it needs to suit all your own personal quirks while also being welcoming to friends and family. In the modern trend of open floor plans, the living room also has to mesh well with the surrounding rooms while still managing to set itself apart. Overall, living room is much more than a sofa and a television: it’s a place where you should feel safe and happy. Where a nap is easy and sometimes getting up is a little hard.

Each of these 20 living rooms has its own distinct personality, but all manage to create an amazing space where anyone would be lucky to kick up her feet and spend a few hours.

A large area rug creates a separate area in this open living room while gauzy curtains can be pulled closed to prevent the dreaded television glare.

A cozy nook for a few friends, the light fixtures in this room remind us of deconstructed bird cages. Molded wood chairs are perfectly modern, though the plush sofa is probably a better place to snooze.

A cool, neutral color palette keeps this living room simply chic.

The eye can’t help but be drawn to the pretty pastel wall art in this living room. You don’t even miss the TV.

It can be tedious to keep checking your phone for the time. In this living room, that won’t be an issue.

An area rug is one thing, but painting an entire section of wall in a contrasting color really drives home the point that this living room is separate from the rest of the home.

Natural sunlight plus a white color scheme keep this lofty living room so open you might feel like you’re literally on a cloud.

A calming beige and brown complement natural wood paneling on the walls and floors in this sweet and simple living room.

The living room and dining room in this particular design play off one another with space age dining chairs and an ultra modern sofa that are both brown, but it slightly different shades.

Just enough space for a casual conversation in this sunny sitting room.

This living room is everything urban from the skyline views to the sleek and simple furniture.

A hipsterfied apartment would be nothing if it weren’t for an Eames-inspired chair and a bicycle. Look out, Park Slope.

The mustard yellow area rug in this otherwise neutral space really ties the room together.

While most homes don’t have the luxury of a two story living room, when you do you need to take advantage of it with a massively modern light fixture. Who even needs the sun?

This living room takes full advantage of the sun with its white walls and light gray sofa.

Truly an exercise in fantasy, none of us will ever live inside a clock. But imagine how cool you could make your house if you did?

Skewing towards a side of the spectrum that’s the opposite of most of the other rooms in this post, this dark den of drama is fit for a vampire.

A soft rug for bare feet is perfect as long as you don’t stub your town on the ultralow chrome coffee table.

The wood slats running across the ceiling in this space give the illusion of a much bigger room and provide an interesting texture.

Our final living room is lovely and bright, with carefully chosen furniture that works together without matching.

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Thai-Style Villa Sarawin with Gorgeous Wood Furnishings and Sweeping Bay Views

Thu, 08.01.2015 - 19:50

Just because you want to plan a vacation as an escape from your everyday does not mean that you have to sacrifice convenience or even luxury. Villa Sawarin, located just 20 minutes outside of Phuket International Airport in Thailand, has the luxury features that even the most persnickety of travelers require, all contained in a beautiful design that has none of the generic feel that some resorts may fall victim to. The completed eight bedroom villa is the results of a design collaboration between Jean-Michel Gath and Phillipe Starck, and the influence of both of these renowned architects can be felt throughout the space.

The villa’s interior covers 4000 square meters (43000 square feet) while the entire campus covers 3 acres. Located along the beachfront of the Yamu Peninsula, overlooking Phang Nga Bay, every detail of Villa Sawarin was chosen for both luxury and retreat.

A private infinity pool features not only space for swimming but a floating private deck with cozy chairs, creating a perfect place to relax after a long swim or simply to sit surrounded by gentle water.

Inside the villa, space abounds from floor to ceiling but the idea of a beach vacation is never far away. Floor to vaulted ceiling windows provide alternately views out onto the bay or onto the surrounding tropical gardens, which include a private area for practicing golf.

Floating stepping stones across the outdoor corridors are a lovely zen element that helps to anchor the design in that of a Thai villa, unmatched around the world.

Unlike other private villas, this one also provides areas for massage and other spa treatments that can easily stand empty for the ultimate in privacy. The villa is part of larger Yamu Peninsula resort that can provide not only masseurs but also a concierge for booking local excursions and a 24 hour private chef. The villa is also located near top rated golf courses and includes its own game room for a bit of healthy, vacation competition.

Whether employing the chef or choosing to cook for yourself, the meticulously appointed gourmet kitchen is just the right spot while a luxurious dining area indoors is ideal for climate control and the outdoor dining pagoda is wonderful for an al fresco option.

Of course, the bedrooms are the ultimate in relaxation with soft sheets, warm colors, and spectacular bay views.

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Minimalist 1 Bedroom Apartment Designed For A Young Man

Wed, 07.01.2015 - 17:15

Living alone is not for everyone, but those that can make it work have the opportunity to create a space that is entirely their own. In this 47 square meter (505 square feet), as visualized by Pavlova Oksana, the young man who the designer had in mind has plenty of space for all his daily activities. From a small dining nook that’s flooded with morning sunlight to a cozy sofa for a comfortable night in, every space is used perfectly in such a way that the minimalist space feels much bigger than it actually is.

The living room and kitchen area are one open space, which also connects out into the sunroom that acts as a dining space. Although there is certainly a theme of vibrant colors with splashes of lime green and lemon yellow, the are used sparingly so that the neutral tones, such as the soft gray sofa fabric and the white brick walls, can help to make the space feel more open.

With plenty of built in cabinetry, the kitchen has room to hide away all the necessary kitchen appliances while a bright green backsplash gives it some extra dimension. A narrow breakfast bar makes it easy to grab a quick bite while watching the news on the wall-mounted flatscreen.

The dining nook is particularly charming in this apartments with a curved window that mimics the effect of a window seat and lets in tons of morning light. Despite its small size, there is still plenty of room for an intimate dinner party.

A workspace is a necessity for many modern adults, whether they work from there full time or just need a place to catch up on emails. This cozy area has room for all the necessities without taking up too much floorspace.

Through a quirky painted door is another relaxing space that also doubles as a bedroom. This modular beige sofa can be rearranged to create a cozy bed.

Finally, the bathroom uses a coppery color palette plus mismatched patterned tiles to give it a warm and comfortable glow.

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25 One Bedroom House/Apartment Plans

Tue, 06.01.2015 - 18:10

While a one bedroom space might seem dinky compared to a suburban McMansion or a Dubai penthouse, the truth is that one bedroom homes have a lot of advantages. Not only is it plenty of room for a single person or even a couple, but less space means less cleaning, and more time to simplify your life. One bedroom houses and apartments can be spacious or conservative, depending on what you need. The floor plans in this post should help you to decide whether it’s time for you to downsize and let you see just how many options you have.

This modern one bedroom has all the trappings of a slick bachelor pad from a dark gray interior to a private balcony, perfect for an afternoon cocktail.

This one bedroom includes a private office space, making it ideal for an artist or small business owner.

A spacious outdoor area and massive walk-in closet means this one bedroom could easily work for a couple – even when they need alone time.

The open living area with a dining room and breakfast bar keeps this one bedroom light and airy.

In a similar configuration we see a little less floor space and no formal indoor dining area, but still plenty of room to relax and entertain.

A separate laundry room and cozy balcony make this upper level apartment perfectly comfortable.

A simple one bedroom design keeps the living area separate from the bedroom for maximum sound insulation.

This one bedroom has two baths which means no guests snooping through medicine cabinets.

The next five floorplans are variations on a theme from Spring Apartments. Despite varying configurations, each home features a bedroom, large closet, kitchen and living area. With more square footage, we also get a balcony, dining area, and breakfast table.

Putting the balcony entrance off the bedroom makes this cheerful apartment pretty and private.

A massive balcony makes up for the small bedroom in this configuration.

This apartment might lack a lot of space, but it’s a prefect, simple urban retreat.

Furniture takes up quite a bit of room in this one bedroom, but it doesn’t lack for seating.

In a creative layout, this bedroom is off the kitchen while the dining table sits near the entryway. The flow is not conventional, but it seems to work.

This spacious one bedroom includes two entrances for its huge bath, which is quite convenient.

Three balcony spaces may seem excessive, but there will be no Vitamin D deficiency here.

Each corner of this apartment has its own purpose, with furniture getting a bit crowded in the bedroom and balcony.

Double baths and a narrow kitchen might make this a good options for a couple just starting out.

Just enough space in this sunny apartment for entertaining a few friends comfortably while maximizing space.

A guest bath here means no one has to walk through the bedroom to use the facilities, which is always nice.

Storage space is at a minimum here but a laundry room and balcony mean its comfortable enough.

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Invisible Doors Turn a Modern Home into an Artistic Feat of Design

Mon, 05.01.2015 - 19:21

An open floor plan is currently one of the most desirable design features in a home. While this type of space can be elegant and modern, it doesn’t really afford you a lot of privacy. In this house, from the designers at Russian studio Fedorova, doors that run run from the floor to the ceiling manage to blend into the walls and create the illusion of a wide open space, while still allowing the homeowners to close off rooms when necessary. Combined with beautiful natural materials and simple clean lines, this family home is a beautiful tribute to the art of interior design.

The designers have said that their goal was to create a space that was interesting even in the absence of decoration. In order to accomplish this, the materials used had to be captivating in and of themselves. Throughout the house you will see a lot natural wood, including walnut, as well as cool gray stone.

Furniture made of chrome and glass have a distinctly modern feel and allow the other natural surfaces to shine through while still creating essential spaces for eating and entertaining.

The interior as a whole is relaxing and nurturing, which was certainly the intent for a house intended for a small, young family. It is neither overly crowded nor distractingly sparse and the neutral tones throughout are anything but busy.

With a downstairs devoted to common living areas, the upstairs rooms are left for bedrooms. There is a spacious master bedroom with a beautiful en suite bathroom in white marble as well as rooms for a son and daughter, each with their own baths as well. The kids rooms are decidedly adult in their decor, but still manage to include a lot of personality and critical spaces for studying and relaxing.

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High Rise Apartment with Stunning Minimalist Interior

Fri, 02.01.2015 - 17:26

Urban living can be extremely hectic. The busy lights, sounds, and schedules of a major city is inherently stressful, even for those that thrive in such an environment. This apartment, from designer Anton Medvedev, manages to quite literally rise above this atmosphere. The stunning interior is perfectly minimal with calming materials, smooth, clean lines, and a color palette that is so neutral you can almost hear the silence of the apartment.

The living room and kitchen are open to one another and both utilize a white, gray, and natural wood look. The slick hardwood floors are certainly notable, serving to unify each part of the apartment. The endtables that flank the soft sofa are hollow, creating simple but elegant lines. This design extends to the kitchen where barstools mimic the same shape.

In the dining room, natural light floods over the beautiful wood table, bouncing off the smooth white walls, for an ethereal and appetizing feeling. The modern windowseat consists of a wood slat bench with two simple trees, bringing a bit of nature up to the high floor.

Rather than use area rugs, the interiors where barefeet may be preferred have soft panels that fit together, creating another level of flooring. The resulting look is very minimalist with none of the eccentricity of a furry, soft carpet.

In the bedroom, white and gray are still pervasive. The low platform bed is flanked on either side with creative end tables. These surfaces extend from the ceiling to the floor, drawing the eye up and helping to elevate the apartment’s ceilings even further.

Closet space and other storage options can never truly be minimal, but the walk-in closet here has plenty of nooks, crannies, and simple wood hangers to keep things are organized as possible. Of course, images with the closet devoid of clothes are not exactly indicative of how a person might live, but they do add to the overall impression of the space.

Finally, the bathroom is a cool, white retreat covered in stone and outfitted with elegant porcelain. From a deep, dreamy soaking tub to matching porcelain sinks and mirrors, it is a beautiful private space.

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An Eclectic Moscow Home Showcases Color and Creative Style

Thu, 01.01.2015 - 16:25

While many homes featured on this site take direct inspiration from the natural elements around them, that usually means trees, oceans, and scenery. This home outside of Moscow, from the architects at Pana, actually takes its inspiration from a snake. The design of the house is based on the straight but flexible line of a python’s body, which is why the architects refer to is as Python house. Each room was placed on a straight line, and then the line was folded in half, resulting in a ground floor of common areas and an upper floor of private rooms. A detached indoor pool is not part of the snake, but provides its own natural inspiration.

Despite its two level design, the exterior home still manages to convey a bit of the snakely inspiration. It is easy to see where the line was folded, a python crawling and coiling up on itself with its head as the protruding overhang.

Huge windows that span both stories make for a picturesque home at dusk, with light emanating from within while pretty gauzy curtains keep prying eyes on the other side of privacy.

The back of the house with its protruding elements almost mimic the scales of snake as well.

Inside, the design is anything but humdrum. The chosen colors bounce about from throw pillow to fireplace, not matching one another but acting complementary in tone. The furnishings, many in rich leathers and supple cowhide give their nod to the American southwest while elements like mod coffee tables and even classical chandeliers give the space an eclectic and energetic feel.

The diamond pattern on the central fireplace feature could easily be another nod to the diamond scales and patterns on a snake’s skin but the vibrant colors make it much more welcoming than venomous.

Vintage rugs keep the fine furniture and elaborate fixtures from feeling so fancy that you might not want to sit and enjoy yourself. They are worn in because the house is meant to be beautiful, but it’s also meant to be lived in, on, and around.

The color schemes carry upstairs, where more private conversations can be had. Bedrooms are complete with very simple linens and plenty of bright white, letting the sunlight in to warm and welcome every gorgeous day.

Stone used for walls in the main home carry their textured, natural theme into the pool building as well. Light streams in from overhead skylights but the stone keeps the space warm, even in the Moscow winter. A verandah outside, however, is more suited to summer.

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A Envy-Inducing Look Inside Minecraft Creator’s Stunning Beverly Hills Home

Wed, 31.12.2014 - 17:53

Take a deep breath and get ready to regret every moment you spent not inventing video games. You may not know the name Markus Persson (or even his online alterego @notch) but chances are someone you know plays his game Minecraft. The game, as well as the company that birthed it, Mojang, was recently sold to Microsoft for a whopping $2.5 billion. Persson’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 billion. Of course, that means that it was no skin off his nose to spend $70 million on a new home, buying what is thought to be the most expensive house in Beverly Hills (which, as you might imagine, is no easy feat). The hilltop house was said to have generated interest from many high profile buyers, including (allegedly) the King and Queen themselves – that is, Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Take a look inside this estate, which was sold with all the furniture and decor as part of the purchase price, and see if you think Persson got his money’s worth.

The home is located in the exclusive Trousdale Estates neighborhood where celebrity resident have included such luminaries as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Groucho Marx. In fact, one of the many recreation areas in the house pays tribute to the areas Rat Pack roots with some swingin’ custom art featuring Ol’ Blue Eyes and pals.

A custom replica of James Dean’s motorcyle is an easy way to put your machismo on a pedestal if you can afford it.

No California home would be considered luxury without some seriously spectacular views and this property certainly doesn’t skimp on that front. The spacious living area, which constitutes only a fraction of the total 23,000 square feet (2136 square meters) has a 54 foot curved glass door that opens out onto an obligatory infinity pool. But this pool has something special by way of iPad controlled fountain displays, sure to liven up any party.

A custom formal dining table made from onyx seats 24, with each seat equipped with Roberto Cavalli place settings, each of which ring in at $3700.

The house actually contains a separate vodka and tequila bar, making it a major entertaining destination. Mixologists are sadly not included, although a number of cases of Dom Perignon were part of the purchase.

A crisp white kitchen area provides plenty of bar seating for casual dining all while taking in the same sweeping view, which on a clear sunny day (hardly a rarity in Los Angeles) can extend from Downtown Los Angeles all the way to the beaches of Santa Monica.

The downstairs lounge area is perhaps the crowning achievement of the home for a bachelor like Persson. It provides not only an elevator display for a bevvy of luxury cars (also not included in the purchase price) but also an array of luxury recliners and high definition screens that actually display the view from upstairs. We also can’t forget the private candy nook at the bottom of the stairs.

Each bedroom is fairly simple considering the decadence of the house. Huge, plush headboards combined with exotic, animal print linens are not exactly the height of sophistication but surely comfortable enough for any guest. Some rooms do have their own private balconies, and even baths that look out over the city for a really unique view.

Of the 15 bathrooms (compared with just 8 bedrooms), each one is equipped with a state of the art $5600 toilet. No word on whether those toilets will be programmed to allow users to play Minecraft on them.

Round out the home’s amenities with a private screening area and fully stocked wine cellar and you have truly unlocked the luxury achievement.

Now, just for fun, take a look around the replica of Notch’s house that one Minecraft user created in the game!

Here’s a video tour of the house:

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