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An Industrial Home With Warm Hues

Mo, 27.06.2016 - 19:22

Designed by Dmitry Sheleg and ZROBYM Architects, this 280 square meter interior in Minsk attempts to shatter the stereotypes associated with industrial-influenced interiors while still embracing the features that make the style so popular with modern design fans. It maintains the mainstays of industrial decor such as the extensive use of unfinished concrete and exposed ductwork but makes a more comfortable impression thanks to its warm color theme and comfortable furniture choices. If you’ve been looking for a way to combine urban sensibilities and traditional accents, this interior is definitely work a look.

Texture rules this home design. Concrete cladding captures the eye with a mottled finish, while the distressed wood floors imitate the effects of age. Unfinished wood offers up organic warmth and soft textiles comfort the resident without sacrificing an ounce of contemporary style.

While many industrial inspired interiors stick to greyscale themes, this one embraces warm tones with a rich and layered oxidized finish. It’s a nice way to bring classic style to an otherwise ultra-modern theme.

The occasional spot of greenery also helps make this space more comfortable than the typical minimalist-modern industrial loft. Houseplants don’t overwhelm the original intent but rather soften it.

Chalkboard cabinetry looks so great here! Even without the writing and illustrations, the textural matte black surface looks right at home.

Tall ceilings are difficult to decorate. This space makes good use of exposed ductwork, smartly routed conduit, and creative lighting fixtures.

Wheels aren’t just a convenient choice for the dining table – they definitely contribute to the utilitarian industrial vibe as well. Midcentury chairs from Eames and Pauchard add just a touch of vintage charm.

Even the staircase gets on board with the theme thanks to stylish yet sturdy support cables.

Upstairs, the bedroom makes a strong first impression with chain link fence over exposed brick. A vertical garden reinforces the urban aesthetic.

The opposite side of the room remains simple to minimize distraction. The eye naturally rests on the soothing flicker of the fireplace, sure to lull the resident into a comfortable slumber.

Chain link even wraps around to the ceiling, providing a brilliant scaffold for moody Edison bulb pendants.

Overall, the bedroom remains surprisingly calm and versatile despite its bold industrial influence.

The office absolutely takes a few risks to achieve its technical aesthetic – the result is creative and engaging, but doesn’t overwhelm the eye or distract the resident from the important work to be done.

Geometric chairs clad in wood provide a comfortable meeting point for family or business guests, set against a dramatic backdrop of chain link over exposed concrete.

Colorful accents and artwork draw attention to the work area where a rivet-effect desk almost brings to mind an aeronautic aesthetic.

Storage begins on one side of the desk and wraps around top. The high areas might not be easy for just anyone to access, but it makes a nice out-of-the-way space to store rarely used materials.

The tour winds down with an extensive look at the innovative bathroom areas. The tub luxuriates between wraparound windows, seeming to float above the raised platform thanks to LED strips below.

Exposed brick, an oxidized barrel trash bin, and cinderblock-influenced shelving drive the theme home in a big way.

Despite the lack of artwork or obvious ornamentation, it would be difficult to call this bathroom minimalistic.

Do you remember the oxidized panels in the living room? The warm tone returns to smooth the transition from concrete to brick.

Although the interior architecture is impressive throughout the entire home, these spaces where the ceiling pulls away from the wall are especially inspiring.

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11 Ways To Make A Statement With Wood Walls In The Bedroom

Fr, 24.06.2016 - 17:01

Wood is such a classic material, it might seem like there aren’t many ways to innovate anymore – at least not without embracing something completely outside the comfort zone of most decorators. This post hopes to challenge that concept by introducing eleven bedrooms that use creative wood walls to their advantage while remaining perfectly approachable at the same time. Whether you’re interested in textural wall panels, sleek contemporary designs, or something with a more traditional influence, this post should have something to inspire your next big renovation.

A Charming Eclectic Home Inspired By Nordic Design

Do, 23.06.2016 - 20:08

Nordic home designs are just as diverse as any other style – the foundational elements definitely leave ample room for individuality, experimentation, and growth. Minimalism is more popular than ever but it’s not the only option out there by far. This charismatic interior by Koj Design demonstrates this important sense of aesthetic versatility extremely well. Take a quick scroll through this inspiring house tour to gather some fresh ideas for your own Nordic-inspired decor aspirations. Each room is different, so there are plenty of great techniques to enjoy and adapt.

Modern Decor Meets Classical Features in Two Transitional Home Designs

Mi, 22.06.2016 - 17:00

It’s always a shame to cover up traditional features during a renovation – but the allure of fresh modern design is hard to pass up. This post looks at two attractive interiors that embrace the best of both worlds by preserving classic architectural details while decorating with stylish modern furniture and lighting features. The color themes and materials transcend eras for a totally integrated style that pays homage to the history of the buildings in which they reside. Both interiors are the result of collaboration between architects Slava Balbek & Artem Zavarzin.

6 Master Suits to Inspire You

Di, 21.06.2016 - 17:00

A master suite is your retreat. Where you rest your feet after a long day – curl up with a good book, or flick through the tv channels until you fall asleep. This space is more than a bed, it’s reflective of who you are. Here, we’ve put together 6 very different but equally stunning bedrooms that we’re sure will inspire you to revamp your space. It’s time to make your master suite your own – so scroll through, take some ideas, and run with them.

Dream Big With These Imaginative Kids Bedrooms

Mo, 20.06.2016 - 16:57

To a child, even an ordinary bedroom can become a jungle, castle, doctor’s office, or anything in between. A blanket becomes a cave, a chair becomes a mountain… imagination is limitless! But these fun kids’ bedrooms go even further toward encouraging creativity and exploration with places to hide and things to climb, plus super-cute themes. Even parents are sure to find some of these ideas popping up in their home design sketches or renovation wish lists, especially some of the storage solutions and play areas. If you’ve been looking for unique bedroom inspiration for kids, you’ll love these five innovative examples.

Visualizer: Landusheva Nastia  

Let’s start with an incredible loft conversion designed with an adventurous little one in mind. The exposed brick and vaulted ceiling are enough to capture the attention of adult design fans, while the climbing rope and fun details will make kids beg for a bedroom renovation.

A tipi and train track offer endless opportunities for imaginative play, while the climbing rope encourages exercise and adventure.

Other parts of the room look sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy as well – parents can likely use this desk to catch up on work while watching the kids play.

A nook near the window looks out onto the city below. Little ones can use the inspiration they see to complete fabulous works of art on the chalkboard to the right.

While the rest of the room is wonderfully open and airy, the bed nook feels much more cozy and private – it’s a little darker than the rest of the room so the young resident can sleep in on the weekend.

Visualizer: Max Shpak   

Two children, one bedroom, but plenty of style to go around – this space uses a creative layout to accommodate both kids while preserving as much play space as possible. Plus, who couldn’t love a comic-themed kids’ room? Batman and Superman are such a fun theme, especially considering the super hero renaissance.

Almost all of the built-in furniture pieces include hidden storage areas to help keep the room neat and tidy. The overhead cabinets work well for seasonal storage, while the under-bed drawers are ideal for school clothes.

This adorable Captain America themed jungle gym offers several ways to work out some energy. Kids can climb the ladder, the rope, hang from the handles, or jump down and start all over again.

Of course, life isn’t all about super heroes and jungle gym time. This neat dual desk ensures both youngsters can complete their homework side-by-side with an inspiring view of the yard.

Visualizer: Oleh Vynarchyk  

Bold colors and cool built-in features make this kid’s room special. Even though it’s not as spacious or as extravagant as the previous bedrooms, bright colors and comfortable furniture make it feel like a welcoming place to a child rather than just a place to sleep.

Is this curious little frog the inspiration for the color theme, or did the theme influence the frog choice? It’s just too cute! He matches so well! Choosing art for a room this bold surely isn’t easy, but kids probably aren’t too picky.

An adorable white house shape surrounds the television and the clock, its white picket fence continuing along the wall to serve as a creative row of shelves.

Visualizer: FINE DESIGN   

Pink decor and pretty accents are sure to inspire envy in parents who may have never fully outgrown their inner princess. It’s a very sophisticated space for a young child, complete with oversized pillows and sparkling gold accents for just a subtle hint of luxury. The stripe of LED lighting surely sets the atmosphere for amazing sleepover parties.

Tall cabinets make storage and cleanup a breeze. One of the doors is clad with a full-length mirror, surely a favorite feature for costume making or fashion shows.

With very little distraction, the desk is sure to offer a peaceful environment for study. The child-sized floor lamp is an especially cute touch.

This young occupant just might grow up to appreciate classic design just as much as the parents do – especially with this rocking chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames.

Finally, after all the homework is completed and packed away, it’s finally time to enjoy a little television time before dinner. This media cabinet is just the right size for the room.

Visualizer: HOMESTYLER .VN   

What an incredible bedroom! This space transformed a central support beam into the perfect little treehouse for the young resident to play inside. In fact, the entire bedroom seems themed around a neighborhood motif, with potted trees and mock storefronts and even a lush rug made to look like verdant grass.

The tree house covers three stories, with private rooms and open decks to facilitate all types of fun playtime scenarios. Lights hang down on all sides and mimic the shape of wild vines or dripping rays of sunlight.

Even the storage wall implements creative and whimsical details. Toys reside in their own little shopfronts, with room for just about everything else stretching to the ceiling above.

As if the room didn’t inspire enough creativity on its own, this chalkboard wall allows the young resident to draw or write out some of the stories after a play session.

It’s not just a display of architectural ingenuity – precious teddy bears, precious objects, and plenty of cheery plants surround the young resident.

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Two Takes On The Same Super-Small Apartment

Fr, 17.06.2016 - 18:35

How many ways could you think to decorate the same 24 square meter apartment? Martin Architects set the stage with a tidy layout, and designer Landusheva Nastia took to the drawing board to explore a range of styles that would work well with the interior. The results are fun to see! The first interior employs bold retro and industrial themes in bright colors. The second enjoys a casual, cute, and Scandinavian-inspired style with plum accents. Both offer worthwhile design and organization ideas on their own – but these studies make an important point about how flexible even the smallest apartments can be.

The first interior design makes waves with a bold tangerine accent wall – an adventurous style for such a small apartment. Organic decor like floral prints and wicker lights bring a little nature into the interior, a fun contrast to an apartment with otherwise urban and industrial background.

Retro-inspired furniture takes queues from the adventurous “atomic era” side of mid-century design, a playful throwback to the days of exaggerated angles and almost cubist forms.

The bed is tucked away into a cove with a tall curtain to provide privacy when needed. A single step leads up to the platform, upholstered to double as a comfortable bench for guests.

In fact, the entire rear wall of the bedroom luxuriates in rich rolled fabric. It must make a comfortable backrest for late-night reading.

Rather than opting for a studio layout, the designer chose to divide the living room and kitchen with a thin wall and sliding door – this provides a mounting point for the television on one side, and artwork on the other.

Same apartment, different personality and atmosphere. This charming interior features strong Scandinavian influences like clean white walls and painted floors along with plenty of warm details. It’s a more laid-back style – notice how this interpretation includes a knit pouf rather than the stylish chair, paintings on the floor rather than the walls, and table askew rather than perfectly aligned.

It still has a touch of industrial flavor by way of carefully routed cords along the ceiling, showing that even building-specific details aren’t enough to override such a complete decor transformation.

Just look at the gorgeous layering of texture! Chunky knits are a fun and versatile trend to consider. Knit fabric even adorns the headboard wall in the bed niche. This would be a wonderful place to snuggle up on a cold day.

The chandelier is an amazing work of art by Lindsey Adelman – an amazing focal point for an otherwise simple apartment design. The gorgeous sliding door to the right leads to the kitchen.

Despite its layout remaining identical to the previous apartment, the Scandinavian influence shines brightly in this one thanks to white painted cabinetry and light floors.

This pegboard wall is such a neat idea! With plenty of DIY potential, it offers a configurable solution to storage and decoration. All you need is pegboard, dowels, and some repurposed pieces of wood to serve as shelves.

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40 Incredible Lofts That Push Boundaries

Do, 16.06.2016 - 17:00

In this collection we’ve put together some of the entries of the Evermotion ‘Whole Lotta Loft’ competition that are sure to blow your mind. Incredible designers from the world over have poured their hearts, souls, and creativities into these spaces – and you won’t believe what they’ve come up with. Explore ultra modern, boho chic, old airplane hangers, and even a loft with a seaworld sized aquarium. While some of the design elements you may be able to incorporate into your own space – this post is really all about dreaming. So take a tour, and see what we’re talking about.

Visualizer: Thomas Pasquet  

This loft is like an atrium – with a tree in the middle, and rocks bulging out the back wall it’s as if they’ve placed the glass right on top of a park and built around it. A stunningly open, modern, and organic space.

Visualizer: Bartosz Domiczek  

A night at the museum? How about a night in here? This lot looks like something out of an ancient cave – with the rocks, hanging fossil skeleton, and the mossy, dropping plants. We also love the rustic fireplace and how it looks like a caveman has draped his cape over the chair.

Visualizer: Adel Maza  

This place is eclectic and charming – with bright colors, stunning art, and that industrial chill feel you expect from a loft.

Visualizer: Joel Langeveld  

Not only is this space incredibly large and imaginative – but the view is a show stopper in itself. We love how every angle of this loft space takes advantage of it, and how the warm spot lighting contrasts against the deep blue sky.

Visualizer: Goray Egor  

We love the industrial old world vibe this loft gives. With the classic brick walls and exposed beams, you feel transported back to an old factory – except better because now it’s impeccably designed.

Visualizer: Krzysztof Wolski  

We love this loft because it looks like a real space anyone would love. With a desk area, scattered books and shelves, and a tilted shade – it’s like any 20-something could call this chic loft home.

Visualizer: Javier Weinstein  

Get your zen on in this wide open loft. We adore the light fixtures here, including the hanging fans. The giant windows let in beautiful light and we love how the brick is a faded color – playing off of the wide planked light wood floors.

Visualizer: ReFL Studio  

Talk about chic! This masculine, industrial space plays off of the exposed pipes with shiny tiles, cool heath furniture, and lamps with swooping curves and lines.

Visualizer: George Sofronidis  

This is a ‘wow’ space. The ceilings alone can take your breath away – and we love how the visualizer has played on that old world feel with the oversized leather couch, a hanging bird cage, and even the old studio lamp in the back. The contrast of old and new is stunning.

Visualizer: Marlis Streicher  

What this space lacks in light from normal windows is made up for in these incredible skylights. A great alternative, especially for the top floor of a loft space. We love the totally open concept – from the bath in the center of the room to the living space.

Visualizer: Sean Hockly  

This entire loft looks like a playground for adults – and we love it. From the catwalk on the left, to the slide and climbing wall on the right – this loft has no shortage of fun factor.

Visualizer: MxLancer  

A classic, masculine, and industrial loft – this space boasts soaring ceilings and concrete floors that will make any classic loft lover swoon.

Visualizer: Yarko Kushta  

We love the casual feel of this loft. From the colors to the old dirty windows – and even the curtain separator in the bathroom. It makes this space feel like the lofts we used to love – a bit ruggeed, absolutely industrial, and a once commercial space totally transformed.

Visualizer: Artur Saljukov  

We love the darkness of this loft – because when the light pours through the windows it really shines a light on all the details. The massive brick walls are a piece of art on their own – but being bolstered up by those massive beams this space screams old-school loft.

Visualizer: Quattro Studio  

The window and the wall around it really set the stage for this loft – with it’s curves, the molding, and the flaking paint it looks like a part of the old world has really been kept here. Then the industrial comes in with that steel beam holding up the loft, and those pipes running through the kitchen.

Visualizer: Iliyan Stoyanov  

This loft has a retro feel that we adore. With it’s stunning stairs to the mustard yellow, the globe chandelier and the geometric bookshelf you can’t help but be brought back to the 60’s.

Visualizer: Shree R  

We love this loft because they’ve brought the windows inside – separating the spaces yet keeping that open feel we love about lofts totally in tact.

Visualizer: Patyk  

This loft space looks like it could be a suburban home – but instead it’s just been transformed. We love the beams crossing on the ceiling, and that giant window in the back mixed with the super modern staircase.

Visualizer: David Brun  

This ultra modern, white, minimalist space is a stunner. We love how the brown pops agains the stark white – and the sleek furniture.

Visualizer: Circo Solarte  

A creatives retreat – this loft has plenty of space for inspiration. From the recreated street art on the wall, to those floor to ceiling windows – you can’t get enough of what this space has to offer.

Visualizer: Sebastien Perez  

This loft has a boho chic feel we can’t get enough of. With a bungalow roof and couches that look like bean bags, this is an incredible space for some yoga and relaxation.

Visualizer: Szymon Biegaj  

We love the staircase in this loft – its absolutely the centerpiece of the space. The swooping sides and the stunning light around it really makes it stand out – yet blend in with the rest of the warm space created here.

Visualizer: Lukas Korner  

This loft is light, bright, and colorful. We love the accents of blue pink, and orange, and how their pastel color looks against the concrete walls and flooring.

Visualizer: Morat Morat  

This loft is a phenomenal space. We love the insanely huge windows, and the arched windows above the kitchen area. The entire space is mix of modern and old world – and we love how the lighting here – whether it’s the windows or fixtures – illustrates this.

Visualizer: Romas Noreika  

Well – that’s something we’ve never seen before! Exposed beams and piping are the norm inside a loft – but a floor that looks right down onto them is another story. We love this creative design element.

Visualizer: Martin Loureiro Prego  

The walls and ceilings of this loft have been dipped in this awesome steal-y blue. From the crumbling walls to the steel beams – it all has this cohesive element despite their major differences in materials.

Visualizer: Amer Farah  

This loft is super eclectic and we love the vibe. The Persian rug, wall art and floors covered in trinkets – seemingly from travels – makes this space one you want to sit and listen to stories.

Visualizer: Tri Budiarto  

Like right out of an old church – this loft stand tall and strong. Taking full advantage of the incredible ceilings, unique windows and arches – this loft keeps it simple so all you focus on are the architectural wonders.

Visualizer: Robert Filipowicz  

Given the first prize in the Evermotion loft visualization contest – this steampunk inspired loft is out of this world imaginative. Everything has been thought of intensively here, and given it’s own very unique design. You can’t help but fall in love with the dream behind this loft.

What looks like an old meat factory has been transformed into a tinkerers paradise. It’s almost like a man cave with the plane and hog hanging – plus that pool table and bar. Let’s just say we’d like to kick back with a cold beer here.

Visualizer: Pavel Huerta  

This loft is also a steam punk design – but quite different than the other featured above. With a much bigger space to work with this loft boasts more of the classic loft design elements we love with the steam punk flare that makes this space stand out.

Visualizer: Michael Johnson  

Is this a night club or a loft? That incredible staircase lit up like a runway looks like something you’d see in London or New York. And that pink chandelier glows magnificently like a work of art.

Visualizer: Olga Redina  

This loft has a country flare. Set on the screen of a wooden cabin, this loft takes advantage of the character with beautiful wide planked wood, and an amazing peaked ceiling thats shiplapped.

Visualizer: Tamas Medve  

A loft is often propped up by timbers – but not ones so unrefined. We love how the visualizer has used real birth trees to bolster up this loft. Their trunks are sleek, thin, and modern like the rest of the space.

Visualizer: Rogelio Isai  

We love how this loft looks like an old hanger – or at least where the built something massive. With scaffolding still up on the right wall, and cables hanging every which way – this industrial space is warmed up with oversized comfortable furniture and bright colors and plants.

Visualizer: Sitnik Vladimir  

The brick walls really take center stage in this loft. They’re rich, a bit tattered, and they pop against that white vaulted ceiling. We love the mix of modern, retro, and classic style here – from the couch to the lamp and that big Persian rug.

Visualizer: Aurelien Jagla  

This is as modern as lofts can get. Nice crisp bricks, a hanging loft instead of a beamed one, and concrete floors that have been cut into large tiles make this space unique.

Visualizer: Alejandro Samaniego W  

We love the angles of this loft. The windows are slanted, the ceiling then slants back the same way – only to the vault upwards. The rest of the space is minimalistic, leaving the focus on the space itself.

Visualizer: Angel Lovera  

We love the old feel of this loft. Not just the old pipes, shiplapped walls, or the rusty beams – but the hanging lamps, the retro inspired chairs, and the fridge looks like it’s out of the ’50’s.

Visualizer: CSandzerg  

And finally a bit of whimsy! This loft is entirely built around a fish tank fit for any aquarium. Imagine living, eating, and cooking surrounded by such beauty from the sea. The incredible blue hue leaves you feeling refreshed and intrigued, and we love how the water glows against the bricks.

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Luxury Homes That Take a Different Approach To Open Layout Design

Mi, 15.06.2016 - 18:59

Although more common in small studio apartments, even sprawling interiors can benefit from the sense of freedom an open plan layout allows. Hosts can prepare drinks while keeping up with the card game raging at the coffee table, parents can catch up on their favorite television shows while keeping an eye on kids doing homework at the desk. It’s great! But total openness does have drawbacks: lack of space to hang artwork, fewer walls for shelves, and even increased ambient noise. These stunning luxury homes offer a smart compromise with dividers and creative layouts – solutions that work for smaller homes too.

Visualizer: YØ DEZEEN  

This gorgeous stone-clad interior features a circular layout that revolves around a spectacular onyx wall that contains a bookcase and offers a mounting point for the television. This bookshelf, and other bookshelves throughout the living room, helps to compartmentalize the interior without fully isolating any functional area.

While the original plan would have resulted in a typical minimalist interior, the designers decided to up the ante with luxurious details with just a touch of jazzy Art Deco flair.

Lighting features include LED strips in the ceiling, a pair of impressive Brubeck floor lamps in brass – and most impressive of all – lighting sandwiched between the translucent onyx panels in the bookshelf.

Separating the living room from the kitchen is another breathtaking dividing wall covered in a lush vertical garden.

Together, these natural features make the home feel like an exotic hidden cove, a piece of modern living carved into the stone.

A formal dining room occupies the space behind the onyx wall. Its combination of reflective and matte materials brings the otherwise subdued furniture to life.

Storage surrounds the table on all sides, providing artistic accents to admire and a library of design books for guests to flip through over a glass of wine.

The chandeliers are from the Castle collection by Jason Miller, named for the orthogonal movements of the chess piece.

Continuing the circular path around the open plan layout, the kitchen peeks out from behind a wall of open shelving. Smoky backing obscures without feeling heavy-handed.

Grey travertine covers the kitchen in soothing ripples that flow along the backsplash, floor, and charming breakfast island.

No matter where guests choose to congregate, they’re certain to meet beauty at every turn.

Visualizer: Julia Sultanova  

This home also makes fantastic use of a central bookshelf for subtle division and convenient organization – and it conveniently solves the question of where to hang artwork in such a spacious open plan interior. The bookshelf portion is open to the other side of the room but uses potted plants as a clever shield.

Its high-contrast color theme isn’t flashy, but quality materials and decor exudes luxury. Vibrant plants stand out even more effectively against the black and white palette and capture attention without effort.

Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, this home appears bright and cheerful despite its moody palette.

The dining room is elegant and well-composed, sharing decorative details with the living room thanks to the open shelving.

Carefully curated materials serve as their own form of ornamentation. Rich wood grain, textured concrete, and small marble details capture the eye as well as any sculpture or painting.

It’s not an extraordinarily large room by any means, leaving a narrow but workable path between the chairs and kitchen. The view more than makes up for the compact layout!

Creative cabinetry and shelves can really make the kitchen. This design flips the expected upside down with black cabinet faces and wooden backing.

Visualizer: Anya Abramova  

Occupying a long and somewhat narrow floor plan shaped like a “U”, this open living room had to take a very careful and calculated approach to its layout. The sofa and media area occupies the middle of the room, with a kitchen at one end and a small office at the other.

The central volume that makes up the “U” shape (on the left) allows extra room for useful storage space. The kitchen island (on the right) takes a similar approach by integrating extra shelves on its outward facing side.

For items that aren’t suitable for display, like linens and clothing, there is plenty of storage in the hallway as well.

Even more shelves adorn the wall on the opposite side of the living room. The little corner niche on the white dividing wall is an especially creative touch.

The wall itself shields the small office from the rest of the room, and even provides the desk! The comfy-looking chair is called “Tabano” by designer Patricia Urquiola.

Visualizer: Ebru Yucesan  

This extravagant interior makes an unforgettable first impression with swirling marble tables, stone tile floors, and spectacular wall cladding. Its layout is simple and straightforward, but uses a dividing wall technique much different from the other homes featured in this post.

Rather than using partial walls to divide, this one uses them more like a frame. The island on the left serves as one part of the frame, with the artfully suspended planter serving as its counterpart.

The unique pattern that makes up the bars on the planter show up again on this dramatic feature wall, but this time the polished metal is set into a rich brownish red backdrop.

Classic furniture completes the look – the stools are a midcentury design by Harry Bertoia – a tasteful piece for any interior.

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Four Sleek Living Rooms With Simple Color Palettes

Di, 14.06.2016 - 18:30

Bridging the gap between modern minimalism and comfortable traditional design, these open-plan living rooms offer a practical and accessible style for just about any taste. All four of these interiors are the work of Architektura Design and share the same approachable aesthetic, but each one has something different to offer – this post contains inspiration for spaces small and large, with light accents or dark, using themes that are ornate or streamlined in turn. We hope these subtle (but important!) differences will help you find ways to incorporate this pleasant style within your own unique environment!

Visualizer: Architektura Design  

The first featured living room is an exceptionally compact design, but the smart layout of the home allows for a comfortable and spacious-feeling atmosphere. It’s a bright and cheerful interior, made even more endearing by its careful application of pale yellow accents.

Even the grey tones harbor a secret hint of warmth, a classic match for its more colorful focal points. Most of the decor remains simple, but the colors make them stand out with incredible character.

Are you surprised to see a spacious hallway in a home with such a compact living room? This efficient design likely saves quite a few spare feet that went toward the private areas like bedrooms and baths.

Creative storage helps keep the interior looking tidy while still feeling like home. This media center includes overhead cabinets, open shelves, and low table to hold speakers and electronic equipment.

The kitchen layout is extremely charming, and makes it easy to feel connected with the rest of the living room – an important feature for any family that frequently entertains guests.

Intricate, but not overworked – this interior makes good use of geometric forms, especially by employing furniture that could easily double as sculptural artwork. Contrast is an important theme even beyond the color palette. For example, the weight shifts between the light base of the Eames dining chairs compared to their substantial seat.

When you’re hanging a perfect piece of artwork, a simple frame is the best option. This home remains streamlined and refined to give this amazing garden view the emphasis it deserves.

Industrial influences shape the material choices: plywood walls, wire furniture details, and a dash of concrete (the base of the Line One lamp). This living room demonstrates the warmer side of industrial-style decor.

The plywood cladding even extends to the stairwell.

And the kitchen! This cabinet arrangement looks gorgeous, with a stripe of open shelves neatly displaying the most commonly-used spice so they’re just within reach.

This space is seriously small. Such a compact apartment almost requires an extremely minimalist approach. Here, the designer decided to forgo decoration in favor of lots of light, clean surfaces, and bountiful open space.

The desk looks like it can accommodate some serious work – but it also doubles as a dining table. The next photo demonstrates why!

Even the patterns and textures remain smooth and simple. The only hint of pattern comes from the polka dots or perforations on the feature wall and upper cabinets behind the sofa.

Here’s one of the most decorative homes in this series. Despite the lack of art or knick-knacks, the delightful combination of textures helps to weave a strong personality and warm character. Pale yellow furniture dots the interior with focal points to anchor the eye.

Do you notice anything different about the wooden volume on the right? Cabinets open to reveal an adorable tiny kitchen. Being able to conceal this area makes the rest of the room look slightly larger.

Residents can easily serve food directly from the range to the breakfast bar – perfect for entertaining guests.

The kitchen and dining are spacious and bright. Stylish coordinated jars on the open shelves ensure everything is within reach and looks tidy, and the potted herbs are a nice addition as well. In the kitchen, it’s important to balance aesthetics and function very carefully.

Drying rack, wash pans, and cutting board are just a few of the accessories that can extend the functionality a kitchen sink. This set looks especially nice.

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See The Tel Aviv Skyline Reflected In This Gorgeous Modern Home

Mo, 13.06.2016 - 18:19

Designed by Partizki & Liani Architects, this incredible home relishes its elevated view of the coastal Tel Aviv skyline. Glossy surfaces stretch this view far into the depths of the home to maximize its effect on the interior. The skyline isn’t just part of the view – it becomes part of the home itself. This residence occupies 168 m², laid out in a logical L-shape to guide the flow of traffic throughout the home, the interior passageways designed to frame the most aesthetically interesting views of the city outside. It’s hard to find a luxury property more contextually-sensitive than this one! It’s a home you have to see to believe.

Architect: Partizki & Liani Architects   

Perhaps the most striking feature is the glossy ceiling that reflects the cityscape below, much like a scene from Inception. The effect is beautiful yet surreal – it becomes part of the home, rather than simply a feature.

The reflective ceiling draws the city into the home in the most intimate way, interacting with every movement and change that occurs in the bustling city below.

The layout’s clever L-shape provides a unique way to segregate and divide spaces without excessive enclosure. Footpaths follow a logical and guided progression.

Indoor and outdoor connectivity is important. The architects didn’t hide the frames and support structure, instead choosing to celebrate their functionality and aesthetic.

It’s hard to ignore the beautiful interior staging. The furniture choices are extremely significant and well curated, with selections from Hans J. Wegner and Eero Saarinen among other greats.

Classic rugs take a completely different approach from the rest of the furniture, offering a touch of traditional ornament within an almost-minimalistic interior.

Residents can easily rearrange the lightweight chairs and tables to suit the occasion, whether entertaining or spending time at home.

The lighting is adjustable to create the desired mood as well. All of the ceiling and floor lamps in the living area are the work of famous French designer Serge Mouille.

Did you notice the unique television stand? It’s a raw and industrial choice, and definitely in line with the brilliant architecture.

In these black and white images, it’s easier to notice the effect of contrast on this interior – the contrast between dark and light, city and home, curve and angle.

With a setting as beautiful as this one, it would make sense for residents to choose simple furniture to avoid overshadowing the environment in any way.

Each passage is well-planned to expose the residents to powerful views while entering or exiting a room.

This angle frames the skyscrapers flawlessly.

Mirrors, glass, and weightless white surfaces make up the bedroom palette. A freestanding tub is the ultimate luxurious touch, easily shielded by airy curtains.

Rough stone gives the bathroom an incredibly natural aesthetic without compromising on modern sensibilities.

Full-wall mirrors may confuse the eye, but they offer an infinite view worth admiring.

Glass, stone, mirrors, wood, and more – this particular angle shows how modern and traditional elements can work together to create something fresh and inspiring.

The mirror in the bedroom serves an important purpose by offering privacy in the otherwise open bathroom.

Without the help of the generous home windows, this bathroom feels dark and moody unlike any other.

The rest of the home emphasizes minimalism. This bathroom makes a point to highlight the complexity of its natural cladding.

What an incomparable way to relax at the end of the day!

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A Cleverly Decorated Family Home In Ukraine

Sa, 11.06.2016 - 17:40

Designed by Yevhen Zahorodnii & Sivak Trigubchak, this 180 square meter home offers some exciting inspiration. Fascinating decor stands out against its minimalist backdrop. This contrast between complexity and simplicity enhances the effect of its carefully curated color palettes and sleek designer furniture. Each room takes a different approach. The home includes a bedroom for each of the two children, a luxuriously appointed suite for the parents, and vibrant social areas for entertaining kids and adults alike. You’ll find lots of great lighting fixtures and stunning artwork within – this tour is a treasure trove of lovely interior design ideas.

Designer: Yevhen Zahorodnii & Sivak Trigubchak  

The tour opens to this brilliant view of the corner sectional sofa, its ultra-smooth upholstery allowing for breathtaking curves. Behind, staggered shelves provide extra storage without obstructing the window.

Polka dots, a lovely glass-encased fireplace, and clever lighting features provide decoration within an otherwise minimalistic environment.

Streamlined furniture allows the sunlight to filter right through, without heavy lines to obstruct it.

The open layout is dynamic and perfectly connected. Parents can easily keep an eye on the children while cooking, dining, or entertaining friends.

Streamlined themes continue into this casual dining space within the main floor layout.

Here’s another take on the living room, this time with different artwork and a different dining room layout.

With dark wood and more substantial furniture, this dining room has a heavier but more formal aesthetic.

Textural wall cladding alights thanks to LEDs just behind the kitchen worktops.

Tall, dark cabinetry helps to visually distinguish the living spaces from the kitchen.

But what if the kitchen instead employed a lighter design? This visualization demonstrates the difference.

Private areas occupy the upstairs spaces. Here, in the stairwell, Selene lamps by Sandra Linder light the way.

Indirect lighting plays off glossy wood walls, while black stair tread backing continues in the hallway theme.

It’s hard to overlook the artwork and sculptural planter pots. Although this home feels minimalistic, these details bring plenty of life to the interior.

The first stop on the upstairs tour is this tasteful home office. Dark wood, green accents, and ample designer shelves all contribute to the aesthetic.

Business guests can appreciate the inclusion of this sofa. It probably doubles as a helpful spot for the resident to relax and regroup concentration on a long workday.

Rather than opting for typical curtains, this office uses a semi-transparent screen to preserve light while locking out any distraction from the exterior.

Here’s a look at one of the children’s bedrooms, complete with playful details like the cut-out rug, charming illustration, and stylish AIM pendant lights.

The cozy office arrangement features a cantilever desk with storage sitting on the floor beneath. Comfortable seating comes by way of the gorgeous Serpentine chair by Éléonore Nalet.

This linear suspension lamp is a neat touch – the bolder black cord stands out while the thinner white cord blends into the background, making it look precariously balanced in the air.

A floor-to-ceiling window allows for some creative daydreaming between homework assignments.

Although the perfectly coordinated bookshelf probably isn’t easy to pull off in a kid’s room, the ample storage space does make it easier to keep things tidy.

Everything is simple and contained, leaving plenty of open space for activities and projects.

Here’s another stylish children’s bedroom, this time with an adorable zoo theme! The bright yellow accent wall and tall giraffe decals definitely make an exciting impression.

The textile theme is fun too. Greyscale stars and stripes are almost reminiscent of a big-top circus.

Expansive workspace ensures this young resident has plenty of room to spread out with books, paints, and anything else.

Parents deserve a well-appointed bedroom too! This lovely space uses a calm palette of white and dark grey. The bed’s upholstered headboard doubles as a comfortable place to sit up reading books after the children have gone to sleep.

The lamps are from the Oda collection by Sebastian Herkner, and the rug is from the Verner Panton design house.

A white panel makes up part of the desk and wraps around the corner, ending at the television.

One part of the desk actually sticks out in the front of the window so the resident can soak up the sunlight while doing creative work.

The home has many bathrooms, each one unique. This one uses warm stone tiles and textural wall cladding to create a welcoming and relaxing environment.

While the walls are fabulous, the vanity is interesting too. The sink melts right into the surface, and a portion of the vanity extends across the tub to serve as a convenient spot for towels or a book.

In another bathroom, lighter stone and jet-black fixtures offer a dramatic and showy appeal.

Oversized stone vessels give the sink area an undeniably luxurious appeal. Varied materials make up the dynamic storage area below.

Towels and toiletries share a pair of minimalistic racks on the open wall.

Dramatic transitions from dark to light make an intense impression.

Black tiles differ from the brighter aesthetic in the main portion of the bathroom.

More incredible wall textures show up in this small but stylish half-bathroom.

This bathroom is more compact because it has to share its space with the laundry appliances, hidden behind the glossy black wall on the right.

Without much decoration, the textured wall paneling captures attention without trouble.

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A Pair Of Dark And Enchanting Homes

Do, 09.06.2016 - 18:32

Dark doesn’t always mean gloomy. These rich interiors exemplify the sophisticated side of the greyscale spectrum. This post looks at two homes worth admiring – one uses its spacious floor plan to highlight complicated decor features, while the other works around a compact environment to defy expectations at every turn. Are you looking for a way to make your dark-themed interior feel rich and luxurious, no matter the size? Embracing a darker greyscale interior requires extreme confidence: hopefully, these interiors can help you find your next source of dark design inspiration.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

With minimalistic furniture, luxurious details, and innovative materials, this interior makes a lasting impression from several directions. It’s a space that doesn’t pretend to follow ordinary contemporary style ideals and instead carves its own niche with engaging and memorable design.

While it may have the adventurous attitude of a sprawling home, this residence actually boasts a very conservative floorplan. Living room and kitchen share an open plan for easy entertaining.

Creative walls appear throughout. In the living room, textured cladding embraces lighting that brings out the best of its burled pattern and oxidized coloration.

With indirect lighting tucked around the molding on every side, the walls themselves become an important source of atmospheric mood lighting.

In the dining room, furniture transcends eras. Hans Wegner’s iconic Wishbone chairs balance dark elements with light wood, and Lindsey Adelman’s Catch chandelier adds a touch of contemporary luxury above.

Black-on-black stone appears monolithic against the lighter floors of the kitchen. Steel stool legs contribute just a hint of industrial influence.

The hallway transitions away from striking contrast to stark black floors and ceilings. With a lack of natural sunlight, this dramatic palette turns a disadvantage into a flawless complement, doubling the effect of the dramatic skylight.

A vertical garden can completely transform an interior – as in this view, where verdant greenery brings life to an otherwise rigid space.

Bedrooms don’t bend to conventionality either. Oversized pendant lights foster a whimsical atmosphere, with classic wooden cabinetry setting a functional and beautiful backdrop.

More storage continues on the office side of the room. Thin slats help divide the sofa from the sleeping and working areas to prevent distraction throughout the day.

Reflective cabinet doors extend the visual breadth of the room without making it feel overly bright.

This bedroom maintains a more refined style, forgoing extra decoration in favor of streamlined design and quality materials: save for one dramatic accent, a geometric pendant light that centers the eye overhead.

It, too, uses reflective materials and slatted dividing walls to great effect. It’s hard to ignore the headboard wall texture with a reminder like this.

Dark wood and black accents are an attractive theme that isn’t too hard to pull off – especially if both surfaces have a silky finish, like this gorgeous office arrangement.

Moving deeper into the private sections of the home, even the laundry room looks sophisticated with a dark color palette.

Tall ceilings and eggshell-textured floors prevent these close quarters from feeling too imposing. These sorts of scenes aren’t entirely realistic for the average household but do provide a workable starting point for careful interior design.

Bathrooms can look lovely in dark shades as well. This one keeps things natural by pairing warm wood accents with brushed concrete walls.

And this freestanding shower is incredible! The raised round basin is a cool modern twist on the standard. A convenient table serves up hygiene essentials nearby.

Here’s a second bathroom, this time with a greater emphasis on natural wooden elements.

Each functional area enjoys the privacy of partial walls. Split-form bathrooms are not entirely common because of space restraints – but wouldn’t it be nice to explore this kind of concept?

Imagine coming home to this after a long day! Indirect lighting in the tub enclosure offers a modern take on the “candlelit bubble bath” aesthetic.

Visualizer: Elena Ovcharenko  

At 125 square meters, this Kyiv apartment feels far more expansive than it really is thanks to luxuriously layered textures and deep sources of contrast. It catches the eye with muted yellow sofas and maintains attention with artistic applications in surprising places.

Geometric furniture cuts sharp lines while charcoal sketches soften the effect with organic curves. Stylish furniture hails from a range of eras to defy contemporary convention.

This central rug is the perfect way to tie the space together. Its unique pattern almost echoes the wall texturing, and draws all of the greyscale tones into one definite palette.

The chandelier is the work of Serge Mouille, and the chairs are from the Diamond line by iconic designer Harry Bertoia.

Chevron flooring and washboard blinds are throwbacks to classic decor. In this interior, they look as current as can be without a single reservation.

Intricate ceiling molding is one of the many interior elements that guide the mind toward more historical setting. Fortunately, this kind of architectural detail can make any space feel beautiful.

Ample storage on the leftmost wall allows residents to experiment with creative furniture and decor.

Notice how the main furniture is a pale yellow, while secondary furniture adopts a soothing greenish tone. It’s a retro color theme, but the overall interior style is perfectly modern.

Nesting furniture, gorgeous artwork, classic decor meeting contemporary influences – it’s hard to avoid falling in love with this versatile interior theme.

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Four Small Studios That Explore Fun and Whimsical Styles

Di, 07.06.2016 - 18:18

Although minimalistic studio apartment styles might seem easier to coordinate, there’s limit to the creativity that a constricted space can inspire. Small spaces aren’t impossible to work with: in fact, having fewer options can help residents tailor their taste for an even more powerful impact. This post looks at four ultra-compact apartments and examines the defining touches that make each space its own unique world. If you recently downsized or hope to downsize in the future, these inspiring small studio designs might offer some ideas you can apply in your own home.

Designer: Polygon  

At just 44 square meters, this apartment required a very tailored approach to interior decor. Thankfully, the designer bucked the status quo and decided to embrace an eclectic look, featuring a wide variety of textures ranging from modern to regionally inspired and even geometric. Burnt sienna tones bring to mind the rich intensity of spice stands and flaming sunsets, engaging all of the senses with one smart design.

Furniture remains modern but the playful selection does include a few iconic designs, like the 1951 Contour Armchair by Grant Featherston.

Limited space required a creative approach to layout. Sliding slats provide privacy for the small bedroom tucked away next to the living space.

Another famous chair selection includes the Cherner Chair originally designed by Norman Cherner.

In the kitchen, geometric tiles blend seamlessly with the wood floors. Another interesting feature includes the fish scale backsplash tile – a throwback to the Art Deco style.

Around the corner from the living area, a small entryway shakes things up with a bold floor pattern.

Circular details bring out the fluidity of the design, and retro primary colors bring out the warmth of the wooden elements.

Eclectic tiles are totally in! This bathroom uses a combination of modern mosaics, stone-textured tiles, and wood effect paneling.

Designer: Natalie Dubrovska  

Next is a lovely home for a young couple. It’s modern, cozy, and lively all at the same time – and even more importantly, this design highlights the experiences and interests of the couple’s shared life. While the social views look ordinary enough at first glance, only further exploration can uncover the distinctive features that make this residence feel magical.

The living space includes a kitchen and a modern curved dining bar, all reflected in the floor-length mirror on the dark accent wall on the far end of the room. And the stairwell is nothing short of artistic.

Although tucked into a small area, the kitchen isn’t missing a single feature or convenience. Those glass-fronted shelves are a unique touch that preserves the “open” look without risking dusty dishes.

Upstairs, a little bedroom makes the most of its floor space with dramatic mirrored closets. Round features soften the neutral interior’s effect.

Minimalist artwork and concrete pendant lights defy expectations and bring character to the space.

Who would be able to resist spending their mornings sitting on the cozy padded bench and soaking up the beautiful outdoors view?

The bathroom includes a few surprising features as well. The vanity is a nice touch, especially its position near the window: imagine taking your seasonal makeup inspiration directly from the landscape.

Designer: Nataliia Liventsova   

Greyscale interiors can exude creativity too! This living room takes an inspiring approach to everything from furniture arrangements to decor choices. It’s a chic and playful little pad, filled with typography and delicate accent colors and surprises around every corner.

One of the most imaginative spaces is this windows-side bench, filled with charismatic pillows that reflect the resident’s personality. Storage space hides beneath: a must-have in any studio apartment.

Reflective surfaces are just one recurring feature that lends a sense of whimsy to this residence. The tea set on the dining table certainly helps too!

Multi-level tables are an extremely handy feature for apartments as small as this one.

Several socialization zones share the same space. Guests can either watch television, congregate near the window, or sit on the bed.

A singular shag rug warms the feet at each social space simultaneously.

One side of the sofa faces toward the media center, and the other side serves as a dining bench. Doubling functionality is always a smart tactic for compact spaces.

Reflective work surfaces make the kitchen shine. The acrylic backsplash is a look almost any home could pull off, but the mismatched chairs are a skillful move.

The bedroom shares the open living space without much conflict. Sliding curtains allow for privacy whenever guests might sleep over on the sofa.

And don’t forget to appreciate this ultra-smart laundry niche! It looks like a convenient addition to any apartment.

Near the entryway, stools and shelves provide the comforts that make leaving home easier than ever.

In the bathroom, luxury marble and warm wood tones create a space that invites relaxation no matter the circumstances of the day.

Designer: Daria Kazanceva   Visualizer: Maria Fadeeva   

Now here’s one of the boldest small apartments we’ve ever had the pleasure to feature! Green, red, and harvest gold join their intermediary complements in a compact apartment interior that feels full of energy and personality. Something captures the imagination anywhere the eye turns.

Formal dining furniture occupies a spot directly behind the sofa, with the kitchen to the left and the bed near the television.

What an interesting color theme! Very few objects share the same exact hue, giving the entire interior a certain carefree aesthetic.

Geometric patterns give order to an otherwise very experimental aesthetic.

In the bathroom, olive green tiles meet orange walls for an exciting twist. The washer/dryer utilizes the extra space beneath the sink to save precious square footage.

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Lovely Bedrooms With Fabulous Furniture And Layouts

Mo, 06.06.2016 - 18:18

Have you been searching for bedroom ideas that look casual but feel luxurious? These designs by Eke Interiors are sure to inspire. Rather than stealing the show with decor alone, these spaces put an emphasis on unique furniture choices and creative layouts. You might notice a few similar themes throughout this feature but every bedroom takes its own unique approach to space constraints, color palettes, material choices, and more. Keep an eye out for ideas you can use – there are even a few examples for kids bedrooms! When renovation season rolls around, you’ll be ready to give your bedroom a style that really fits.

If you’re looking for a compromise between built-in and freestanding storage, check out this elegant wardrobe complete with patterned sliding doors. The dainty lamps and bold red chandelier are adorable.

Slatted doors give this wardrobe a classic attitude to match the rest of the well-appointed bedroom. A pale yellow side table pops out from the floral headboard wall.

Purple and yellow work well together. This approach, tempered with just a dash of green and blue, definitely seems to take inspiration from fresh fields of flowers.

While wood walls normally give off that rustic or retro look, these grey panels are perfect for a modern space like this one. The fabulous wing chair is by Hans Wegner.

With deep dimples and dramatic lighting, this wall texture absolutely exudes luxury. Both the standing wardrobe and vanity table demonstrate unique ultra-modern styles.

Murphy beds are a great way to save space, especially in studio apartments. This one transforms into a sofa with attractive shelving above.

Cozy and conventional, with one dramatic statement piece to serve as a focal point: the iconic Jieldé lamp in fire engine red.

Storage, color, and layering are all perfectly on-point in this last bedroom. The subdued wood elements add a sense of warmth necessary in any neutral space.

Drawers double as seating, while the writing desk flips up to reveal a hidden vanity mirror. This room saves tons of space with multipurpose furniture.

Here, the storage unit makes all the difference. Coats hang beneath the open shelf with plenty of room for shirts in the wardrobe beside it. Moving leftward, the furniture transitions into a desk and window bench.

This is another view of the same bedroom, this time showing the contents of the hidden makeup drawer and the little pouf stowed away beneath. There’s a place for just about everything.

Smooth neutrals focus the mind while little pops of color inspire creative work at the desk. The bed folds up between the cabinets to save floor space.

Corduroy pillows are a smart complement for this smooth wooden bedframe. It gives a hint of retro charm to complement the other vintage-inspired additions, like the rounded bedside table.

Leather headboards lend any bedroom an immediate sense of classic luxury! Exotic wood sideboards and tastefully printed wallpaper complete the look.

Soothing blue wallpaper and dramatic red accents show the casual and comfortable side of eclectic design. Boxy bedside drawers transition to a vanity and handsome study desk.

What a fun space! The oversized beanbag chair and playfully slanted shelves embrace youthful energy. The cantilever desk reduces the amount of shadow in the corner for a brighter look overall.

Typography is an easy and attractive bedroom theme. Anyone with a good eye for composition can create their own decor with a good printer or a few stencils. Even book pages hold inherent beauty.

Storage beds offer a convenient place to stow extra linens or even clothing – and in the case of kids rooms, they’re a nice place to put toys or just about anything under the sun.

This youngster’s room encourages study with a bright desk in primary colors. Drawers expand the functionality of the bed platform, raising the main bedroom area up to window-level.

Trundle beds are a convenient way to save space when children start to have weekend sleepovers. The bright cerulean blue frame is extremely cute paired with the orange Eames chair.

Just because kids may not have favorite designers or thread-count preferences doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a stylish room! Philippe Starck’s famous Ghost Chair will grow more appreciated with time.

Now let’s return to the world of grown-up bedrooms. This mocha color theme is so well expressed you can almost taste it. Furniture remains classic with a subtle touch of Art Deco flavor.

Matte black rooms can feel extremely relaxing when drifting to sleep each night, and can prolong sleep on those days you feel like catching up on some shut-eye. A side table and mechanical alarm clock keep things simple.

The shade on the walls definitely deserves the name “mellow yellow”. Pale colors, vivid colors, desaturated colors – this palette explores the full spectrum.

Library inspiration is always useful. This room clearly belongs to a reader, with handy shelves built-in to the wall right within reach of the bed. If you love minimalism, make sure to check out that bedframe too.

In this bedroom, storage occupies the space behind the full-length mirror to the left and along the window to the right. You can even see an open drawer peeking out from beneath the bedframe.

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The Big List Of Self-Watering Planters For Stylish Gardening Anywhere

Fr, 03.06.2016 - 17:34

Well-maintained plants are a necessity in the garden, but they can make an immediate and unforgettable impact on indoor environments as well. The problem is that decorative houseplants require a level of upkeep that ordinary decor just doesn’t – plants need sunlight, nutrients, and just the right amount of water. And don’t forget a stylish pot to help them fit into your interior! This post describes thirty of our favorite self-watering planter designs that look great indoors and take the pain out of trying to keep your plants topped up with just the right amount of moisture. Time for some serious indoor garden inspiration!

Buy It: $26   

Puro All-In-One: This planter set contains everything necessary to get started, including a water level indicator and planter granules. Imagine what a neat housewarming gift this set could be! This design would be perfect for a modern minimalist.

Buy It: $114   

Lechuza Delta: Smooth lines direct the eye toward your painstakingly curated indoor garden. Nobody will know these beauties are self-watering.

Buy It: $17   

Mkono Watering Planter: For those who want an even more inconspicuous self-watering planter, these options from Mkono look just like your average ceramic pots. These are available in three sizes, and each one comes with a pot, an inner basket, and a wick to distribute the moisture.

Buy It: $29 for 2   

Thumbs-Up Life Pod: Are you looking for a planter that will work for your small interior? Wall-mounted planters might be the perfect solution!

Buy It: $43 for 2   

Living Wall Planters: Self-watering wall planters are great because you can easily hang or remove them for watering without having to worry about getting drips on the wall or carpet.

Buy It: $49   

Lechuza Windowsill Planters: Designed to mimic the shape of traditional windowsill planters, these self-watering pots make it easy to provide the best possible environment for your flowers or kitchen herbs.

Buy It: $30   

Deltini Self-Watering Planter: At just 7 inches high, this compact planter can spruce up any stylish niche. It’s completely watertight so you don’t have to worry about messing up expensive furniture.

Buy It: $40   

Self-Watering Windowbox: Here’s a little something for the outdoors! This windowbox allows plants to thrive for days even in the driest of weather.

Buy It: $20   

Self-Watering Herb Garden: Each planter contains a convenient pour spout to make refills easier than ever – a great touch for prolific cooks who use a wide variety of herbs in the kitchen.

Buy It: $135   

GlowPear Modular Planters: Save your time and water with this easy-to-use watering planter kit. Expand your garden any time you want by adding another piece. The plastic construction is food-safe and BPA free.

Buy It: $59   

Cascada Planter: Here’s a gorgeous one! This planter makes it easy to turn your favorite herbs and decorative plants into a living work of art. Use the add-on-kit to grow even more plants in one self-watering container.

Buy It: $25   

Self-Watering Transplant Pots: This side of the market often gets neglected, but transplant pots need to stay moist too! Make the spring planting season even easier by introducing self-watering pots wherever possible.

Buy It: $25   

Stackable Waterfall Planters: Just water the top portion to provide moisture for all 12 plants! There are no reservoirs to worry about, making this a convenient piece for people who have time to water as needed.

Buy It: $38   

5-Tier Stackable Planter: Do you have serious plant aspirations? This 5-tier planter can accommodate all of your favorite small plants like strawberries, succulents, herbs, and so much more. Creeping vines would look great in one of these!

Buy It: $17   

Self-Watering Vertical Garden: Greenery is a great look for any garden or interior – and vertical gardens are especially popular right now.

Buy It: $40   

Self-Watering Hanging Planter: For some reason, it’s hard to find a good self-watering planter intended to hang from a ceiling or balcony. It’s a lovely feature for people who can’t reach for manual watering.

Buy It: $40   

Railing Planters: Are your railings feeling a little neglected? Planters can always transform a bare patio or balcony. These let you garden in convenient “set and forget” style.

Buy It: $45   

Colorful Railing Planters: For an even more personalized outdoor decorating experience, coordinate your container garden with these vibrant railing planters.

Buy It: $305   

Lechuza Trio Cottage: Extra spacious for extra-enthusiastic gardeners – contain your plants all in one place without sacrificing an ounce of style. Classic wicker goes with anything.

Buy It: $34   

Hydrofarm Tomato Barrel: It’s hard to have too many tomatoes. This all-in-one planter automatically waters your vines and includes a 4-foot-tall trellis to hold your delicious fruits securely in place.

Buy It: $53   

Mobile Garden Vegetable Pot: Two wheels and a handle make this self-watering planter and trellis combination easy to move whenever you need to. Never dread rearranging your patio again!

Buy It: $329   

Apex Trellis Planter: Grow your favorite vines with this combination self-watering planter and trellis. It even includes a handy wooden shelf to hold your favorite gardening tools or decorations.

Buy It: $18   

Magnetic Planters: High tech self-watering capabilities give these rustic planters a surprising modern twist.

Buy It: From $8   

Tiny Animal Watering Planters: What a fun take on the self-watering concept! These adorable animals wick up water through their irresistible pink tongues.

Buy It: $22   

Animal Tail Planters: Colorful animals bring the water up through wicks that look like long tails.

Buy It: $23  

Cat, Dog, and Monkey Planters: These charming little animals also have tails that function as wicks, but these fun characters can transform any cup into a cool hydroponic planter!

Buy It: $20   

Wine Bottle Planter: Classic, creative, and elegant – these planters are perfect for a traditional kitchen style, or they’d make a great gift for the wine connoisseur in your life.

Buy It: $26 for 3   

Colorful Self-Watering Pots: Available from Mkono, these colorful pots come in a variety of sizes and colors for fun coordination or mixing-and-matching. These water your plants for up to 10 days at a time.

Buy It: $20   

Bird-Shaped Aqua Globes: These little globes are the original self-watering solution. Each one lasts for one week, and you can use multiple to adjust for thirstier or larger plant varieties. Plus, they look cute as can be and work with any planter.

Buy It: From $139   

Cube Cottage Wicker Planter: This self-watering design makes a sleek impression with its classic wicker pattern, sure to complement a variety of indoor or outdoor styles.

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Beach Home Design Inspiration

Do, 02.06.2016 - 18:13

A tired 1990’s apartment building on the Portuguese seaside has been revamped for the growing number of people looking for weekend and vacation homes. Once a space that exposed the more intimate parts of the home to the busy street, the space has been flipped — putting the living and bedrooms towards the quiet back of the building and situating the rest towards the front. But besides that, the architects and planners here have thought of every detail possible to make this space reflect an an airy beachside flat, with all the modern amenities a tenant would want — or didn’t realize they wanted until it was here! Explore this stunning flat to get ideas to transform your own apartment space, condo, or beach home.

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The Natural Side Of Neutral Color Palettes: 5 Inspiring Homes

Mi, 01.06.2016 - 17:00

Neutrals are great choice for designers who want to make a modern first impression, while still leaving plenty of flexibility for future changes or updates down the road. Neutral themes are just so simple to work with, a distinction they share with the equally easygoing range of natural color options. Nature and neutrals might not seem like a common pairing, but you may have already used this functional color palette without knowing it – especially if you ever decorate with muted floral hues, dazzling gem tones, or even the basic brown of finished wood. Each of these color-coordinated homes takes a different approach.

Visualizer: Svetlana Nezus  

These warm neutrals span a range of tans, some even bordering on mauve. A combination of matte and semi-gloss textures help the darker shades feel more vibrant and more luminescent than they really are, making the room feel dynamic despite its limited palette. This comfortable composition remains easy on the eye through and through.

Without the full expression of warm tones, the white interior and grey accents may have felt a little too cold or strict.

One half of the open plan living room is bordered almost entirely by curtains, impossibly sheer and light to provide just enough privacy while still enhancing the effect of the large windows. The entirety of the wall looks like a sheet of pure sunlight.

Even cozier, a fireplace takes center stage in front of the media cabinets. Those television speakers are pretty cool too – all white with rounded corners for a sleek and modern appearance.

Shapes remain just as soft as the color palette. Curved accent lighting, round candles and stools, and even the edges of the sofa curve gently in toward one another.

Because it’s an open layout bordered by windows on one side, there wasn’t much choice but to put the sofa in the center. This sideboard cabinet takes advantage of its placement.

While the sofa is beautiful from every angle, this sideboard trick is a great technique for anyone whose seating doesn’t look quite as nice from behind.

Visualizer: Inna Zimina  

Next, the same neutral palette takes on a completely different personality thanks to the addition of teal and blue accents. While the previous home felt warm, this interior maintains a decidedly cool attitude. Textures also play a central role by echoing various materials found in nature and breaking down the strict feeling close walls can impart.

The living room and breakfast table share the open plan.

Here’s another take on the natural neutral palette, this time from another part of the apartment building. Green plants and organic artwork bring to mind images of cool ponds filled with life.

Other interior elements, like the geometric rug and metallic table, inspire an opposite atmosphere with urban undertones. Grouped blue accents help pull the living space together.

A convenient desk takes its place near the window, energized by the presence of a lovely view and plenty of lively plants.

Natural colors continue into this luxurious bedroom, this time with a floral inspiration to suit the violet-tinted accent wall.

Residents gain extra window privacy from the accent wall, which doubles a convenient mount for the television.

One extra window-bordered room serves as an enclosed viewing deck for relaxation or having tea with a friend.

Both bathrooms utilize a very different style. This one glitters with dazzling tiles.

The other bathroom is smaller, and benefitted from a wall treatment that gives off the peaceful vibes of clean sand.

Visualizer: Hieu Doan  

Each detail in this living room seems curated to embody peace, sophistication, and comfort. Mauve-tinted neutrals are easy on the eyes and lend themselves well to variation – you may even notice a tiny hint of peach here and there. It wouldn’t be hard to walk into this home and find tranquility at the end of a tough day.

Interesting details on the other side of the room emphasize character and fun. Perhaps one of the most striking features is the chandelier with its Art Deco influence, along with the jazzy tiles beneath the bookshelves on the half-transparent dividing wall.

Simple decorations follow a certain rhythm, always arranged in pairs or triples.

Those gorgeous tiles and wall panels continue into the dining room and kitchen areas.

Visualizer: Allain John Baclayo  

Wood and stone make up the palette sources for this home’s beautiful color theme. Both natural elements make an appearance in grand fashion, showing up in the brilliant trim and accent wall combinations. Accents include rich charcoal and a shade that falls between mauve and tan, just enough variation to prevent the interior from looking too stark or minimalistic.

Organic features catch the eye throughout. The spread includes two smoothed wooden stools, the delightful Random lamp from Moooi, and small natural features on the sideboard cabinet to the left.

Red and yellow pillows brighten the sofa, drawing attention to the functional “heart” of the room.

Lighting also plays a crucial role in this design. Indirect illumination highlights the art collection on the shelves, and a strip of LEDs enhances the depth of the ceiling.

The dining room’s rugged stone accent wall serves as an ideal backdrop for the natural table and chair set.

Perfect wooden beams decorate the ceiling and the interior corners, a smooth basis for the furniture choices.

In the kitchen, exotic banded wood delivers a touch of luxury to an otherwise simple space.

Visualizer: Vage Gabrielyan  

Finally, the last home gains its color palette from the mineral side of nature. Sandy browns, cement grey, and rusty details may bring to mind mountain ranges or creek beds alike. The architecture is worth admiring as well – windows continue all the way up toward the pinnacle of the vaulted ceiling, with solid grey curtains hanging down dramatically at either side.

Metallic details serve as a reminder of the home’s urban providence.

The rest of the home plays to a different tune – dark and moody. Yet it stays true to the organic neutral tones used elsewhere, but this time with an emphasis on wood.

Aerial artwork and a variety of wood choices keep the entryway interesting. The lights are from the IC collection by Michael Anastassiades.

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Homes With Inspiring Wall Treatments And Designer Lighting

Di, 31.05.2016 - 17:31

An artful home doesn’t require many standalone decorations – in this post, four incredible interiors demonstrate that everyday necessities can serve as beautiful accents with the ability to stand on their own. Turning the utilitarian “must-haves” into attractive decor is a convenient way to maintain a more minimalist appeal without sacrificing character or opportunities for self-expression. Whether you’re looking for creative lighting inspiration or want some cool new ideas for your walls, these homes are sure to deliver. Each one looks elegant and upscale yet provides actionable techniques that would enhance any residential environment.

Visualizer: Oleh Vynarchyk  

Unfinished wood walls give this home a rustic atmosphere – casual and comfortable. Yet the modern furniture and decorative lighting sway the perception toward refined luxury. This interior belongs to a cottage in Kiev, Ukraine, and makes its slightly limited floorplan feel larger than life. This interior combines the best of classic design with sumptuous detail.

And check out these accent walls! Seven thick wooden beams support the leaning television in the center, and individual blocks of finished wood make a huge impression to the left.

Those seven wooden beams are more than just attractive: they serve as a low-key divider between the living room and the dining area, and double as a backdrop for the inspired chandelier.

Changes in floor material can help create an abstract boundary between functional areas as well. Here, you’ll see wooden flooring in the casual social areas with matte black in the kitchen.

The kitchen cabinetry adopts an unfinished look similar to the wall cladding in the living room, but the wide panels somehow feel even more natural, especially paired with the matte black floors and walls.

Of course, the matte black works fabulously next to a glass-walled terrace entrance like this one.

Where feature lighting isn’t necessary, track lights take the reins. Track lights are an attractive and efficient choice that highlights whichever features a resident wants to emphasize.

Color comes by way of artwork and accessories. While the natural and neutral theme is sufficient for many homes, this space wanted to make a more distinct impression.

The clock to the right is a design by José María Reina. Its oversized stature makes it a textbook example of functionality meeting aesthetic expression.

Visualizer: Tanya Dorokhina  

This next home makes a dramatic impact right from the beginning, with a verdant vertical garden and lovely wood panels behind integrated storage solutions. Natural materials and concrete walls create a thematic contrast that engages the eye right from the beginning. If you’re looking for design inspiration for a small yet luxuriously appointed apartment, it’s hard to find an interior more on-point than this one.

Natural and industrial materials combine for an aesthetic that makes the best of both worlds.

These lights are from the Coltrane collection from the designers at Delightfull, its brass interior delivering incredible contrast to the verdant background as well as the concrete background, depending on viewing angle.

Furniture remains minimalistic, perhaps to allow the other decorative features more room to shine. Minimalist furniture allows greater flexibility for changes in the future.

The chandelier overhanging the dining room is the Agnes model by Lindsey Adelman. Branched lights put a modern spin on the organic materials used throughout the interior.

In the bedroom, extra-deep tufting enhances the soft aesthetic of the bed. The oversized headboard enjoys the contrast of rugged concrete before the wall transitions to wood panels that stretch up toward the skylight.

Designer: Azbuka Dom Design Studio   Visualizer: Stanislav Borozdinskiy  

Spacious, open, and creative – this home uses different styles throughout each room for a more dynamic interior experience, even taking advantage of different combinations in each individual space so that every perspective feels unique. The living room opens with smooth natural materials and white walls that transition to sharp modern panels near the fireplace and entryway.

And look at that wall of curtains! With mounting gear hidden in the ceiling, the resident can enjoy the clean and simple look of a continuous wall of lightweight fabric that absolutely glows with sunlight.

Darker tones make up the other side of the room, with white bookshelves and white pendant lights cutting a striking profile against the matte black media wall.

A secondary living space offers all of the comforts of home for long-term guests or housemates. The interior is fresh and simple, but a little smaller than the main portion of the house.

It even boasts its own kitchen and dining room! Here, the orientation of the wood grain draws the eye back out toward the living room.

This bedroom is fantastic, and features one of the most interesting walls in this post so far. Tilted hexagons play with the light from the window to great effect.

Here’s another bedroom, a little simpler than the one before it. A group of pendant lights offers an artistic touch thanks to their sculptural and dynamic surfaces.

Colorful furniture adds another decorative dimension. The chair exhibits a few features commonly found in famous designs by Thonet.

Visualizer: LOGOVO Design Group   

Here’s an even bolder take on unique walls and lighting! This home has a dark and sophisticated look, with luxury materials and rich woods warming the space while providing a source of natural decoration. In the living space, a wall of storage – both cabinets and shelves – line the wall above a subtle sideboard that stretches across the room. Above this sideboard, brown marble draws the eye vertically in alignment with is white veining.

Matte blue paint ensures the cabinets look just as beautiful open as they do when closed.

The spectacular circular lamp is from the Heracleum collection by Bertjan Pot & Marcel Wanders. Its delicate look helps to soften the entire room.

Blue accents lighten the mood of the living room in a big way. The upside to choosing throw pillows and blankets is an easier transition to other colors if the tastes of the resident changes in the future.

More unique cabinetry extends out from a smaller wall, extending the division between the entryway and the living room proper.

Around the corner, a small and tasteful dining room signifies the transition to the kitchen area.

Hammered gold-colored metal on the backsplash and marble on the countertops brings undeniable luxury to the kitchen.

Of course, the single dining pendant lamp and wall of curtains enhance the window’s effect.

And this earnest panda is just too sweet for words!

Finally, in the bedroom, a soft carpet and loosely upholstered bed frame combine luxurious materials with casual comfort. This lovely aesthetic that feels comfortable – not overdone.

Glass closet walls to the right certainly help to reinforce the dramatic effect.

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4 Modern Villas That Embrace Indoor-Outdoor Living

Mo, 30.05.2016 - 17:23

These four luxury homes all employ an important unifying factor: intimate communication with the immaculately sculpted courtyards that surround them. Each one offers visual and physical freedom to transition between indoors and outdoors with very little effort – allowing residents to enjoy the best of both worlds. These homes also share similar stylistic choices, emphasizing unfinished concrete and expansive glass walls throughout. Streamlined interiors remain modern and minimalistic yet still express their own distinct personalities through the careful arrangement of furniture and attractive accent materials. If you’ve been scouting for incredible architecture inspiration, these properties just might spark some fresh ideas.

Visualizer: Vicnguyen Design  

This tour begins with classic mid-century style architecture given a modern interpretation. Tall pillars hold the cantilever portions of the building aloft – a hulking task for such slender beams.

The lines between the indoors and outdoors are not strict: it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Here, it’s possible to see through the main living areas and out toward the other side of the yard.

On the main floor, dining and living areas merge seamlessly with the outdoor patio areas. Sliding doors provide protection against the elements – otherwise, the space is entirely open and invites a cool breeze to soothe the soul.

Light wooden elements keep the interior feeling free and natural. The entire living space is elevated by luxury details like the Lindsey Adelman chandelier and the Arco floor lamp.

Back outside, a contrast of materials and forms helps the home blend into its surroundings a little more naturally, despite its impressive modern presence.

Architect: Nadim Sioufi   Visualizer: K-frame Lebanon  

A minimalist space with heavy emphasis on theatrical architecture – this home doesn’t remain subtle in anything it does. The interior living space wrap themselves around an interior courtyard containing a pool, with a wooden deck traversing the most open side for easy communication between spaces.

Incredible sculptures and artwork take the severity out of the minimalist aspects of the home. Organic forms take the eye by surprise for a dynamic experience throughout.

Inside, furniture arrangements remain sharp and precise. Geometry gently guides the hand of the designer without sacrificing comfort or relatability.

Multiple kitchens service different parts of the home – ideal for entertaining.

Here’s a look at the master suite. A freestanding concrete wall shields the dressing room behind it, a very clever solution – and that imprinted design is amazing!

This other bedroom is far simpler, but makes up for the lack of decor with its vibrant blue portrait.

Of course, lazy weekends at home are surely perfect in an environment like this one. This reading nook looks out onto a cultivated rock garden to satisfy pensive moods.

Visualizer: Mario Maleš   

This minimalistic villa enjoys a unique layout as well. Flanked by gardens, the interior is open to the landscape. Glass and wood make up the overall material theme, further reinforcing the smooth connection between the home and its surroundings.

A decorative wall separates the living room from the rest of the ground floor.

Everything about this home feels open, but options for privacy still play an important role.

Guests are sure to appreciate the entertainment-friendly layout. People who prefer swimming won’t feel separated from the socialites indoors thanks to these incredible glass walls.

Simplicity rules the kitchen. Each form is refined, without a single unnecessary detail to distract from its connection with the garden outside.

Forgoing a traditional backsplash, this kitchen uses a long and low window to illuminate and open the counter worktop.

Vintage furniture, like these stools from Harry Bertoia’s 1950 wire collection, keeps the entire arrangement grounded.

Of course, the pool stretches past this part of the home as well. Water seems to complete the very relaxing aesthetic this home has going for it.

A bridge over the pool makes it easy to cross over without obstructing the lane while swimming laps.

Visualizer: Serhii Seinov  

Finally, the fourth home frames its courtyards with concrete and wooden elements just like the other homes. The difference here is the exceptionally tall windows that reach toward the apex of the living room atrium – allowing residents to enjoy the sky and the gardens alike.

This home boasts some unique decor, but its structural creativity is even more fascinating. Major walking paths follow the gap of the atrium and the gathering spots shelter under a lower ceiling.

Furniture choices demonstrate a mixture of simple forms and creative sculptural pieces. A handful of a bright color accents brighten the mood.

Collectibles and sculptures remain in their own designated areas. While other homes do pull off the highly decorated look quite well, this kind of organization ensures there aren’t too many different elements competing for the eye’s attention.

Gigantic oversized pendants help fill some of the empty space in the atrium void. The hanging position doesn’t block the view – an important consideration in a home like this one.

But where this interior really shines is its layout and creative architecture. Unusual angles play with perspective, guiding the flow of movement and energy throughout the home.

The kitchen occupies a covered space beneath the stairwell that leads to the private areas on the second floor. Strong black and concrete lends the space an industrial feel, softened by the elegance of wood drawers.

Flanked by tall windows on either side, this crucial family space feels open and central despite its location at the corner of the house.

Note the angle of the mezzanine hallway above, and how the angle of the kitchen island reflects a similarly rebellious path.

Visually stimulating, the stairwell suddenly transitions to an enclosed space while preserving the shape of the treads. It even looks a little like an optical illusion at first.

Actually, the mezzanine level does a fantastic job of putting residents and guests in visual contact with any part of the main floor where others might be hanging out.

This layout is dynamic and surprising from every angle.

Decoration remains spare but there’s no reason to clutter a kitchen as beautiful and engaging as this one.

In fact, the empty space is just as important as the material forms.

Even the bathroom makes an incredible statement. Who wouldn’t want a skylight over the shower? Such a cool feature!

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