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CAM Ampliamento residenziale / ACA Amore Campione Architettura

ArchDaily - Fr, 20.09.2019 - 20:00
Courtesy of ACA Amore Campione Architettura

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Hippodrome Tower / OAB

ArchDaily - Fr, 20.09.2019 - 19:00
© Alejo Bagué
  • Architects: OAB
  • Location: Av. Patria 1721, Lomas de Atemajac, Zapopan, Jal., Mexico
  • Category: Office buildings
  • Lead Architects: OAB, Xavier Martí & Carlos Ferrater
  • Collaborator: Montse Trilla
  • Associate Architects: Estudio Hidalgo, Álvaro Beruben
  • Area: 289.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Alejo Bagué

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Luxury Modern Interior With Unified Wood Clad Decor

Interior Design Ideas - Fr, 20.09.2019 - 18:14

Sophisticated walnut wall panels, recessed lighting tracks & perimeter light installations, luxurious black marble volumes and high end furniture make up this modern home interior. The upscale contemporary apartment, visualised by MONO Architects is a grownups only kind of place, where sticky fingers would cause havoc on tinted glass walls, and should steer clear of a low slung contemporary open flame fireplace. The kitchen has been designed to meld with the wood wall cladding, becoming almost camouflaged in the backdrop of the large open plan main living room. The cohesive decor theme runs through into the master bedroom and bathroom, effectively uniting all the spaces together as one free-flowing volume.

Two grey modern sofas are arranged in an L-shape in the lounge, and teamed with a couple of deep moss green accent chairs. The back of one of the couches is equipped with a slide on cuff that supports shelves for books. A series of slender floor lamps surround the living room layout to provide focussed task lighting.

The TV wall is a ceiling mounted volume clad in black marble. The half wall floats above a modern fireplace hearth, where open flame leaps up into the gap between.

A set of nesting coffee tables serve the longest of the two sofas. A couple of area rugs, in subtly different shades, overlap on the floor to pull the large living room layout together.

One small side table stands nearby the smaller of the two couches, next to the hearth of the open flame fireplace. Black scatter cushions match with the occasional tables.

The outermost walls of the room are clad in walnut panelling, which creates a warm and smooth looking skin around the entire home interior. Perimeter lighting highlights the attractive grain.

The floor treatment changes from wood plank to grey tile as it transitions away from the main living room area. Stripes of adjustable track lighting run the length of the ceiling space.

The ceiling mounted tv wall is double sided to serve the dining room end also, and of course, the sophisticated fireplace can be enjoyed from every aspect of the room through its open sides. At the end of the floating TV volume, recessed shelving holds a neat collection of books and nicknacks.

Opposite the dining room stands a kitchen with breakfast bar.

The luxury dining room seats ten for dinner. Panoramic windows bring natural light flooding into the spacious apartment; taupe curtains hang at the glass to keep things cosy at night.

Indoor plants soften the edges of the interior design, and bring in some much needed natural greenery in lack of a real garden view. A tinted glass balcony balustrade obscures a cityscape beyond.

The super modern dining set has been teamed with an equally contemporary lighting installation.

A series of unique kitchen pendant lights hang at various lengths over the kitchen breakfast bar to create an interesting undulating effect. Four kitchen bar stools line up along the marble clad peninsula, awaiting the chef’s creation. The kitchen cabinets behind the counter are finished in the same walnut effect as the interior walls of the apartment, so that it flows seamlessly. Even the kitchen ceiling has been covered to match the wood panelling. Tall wine storage racks are left on display though, with two of them peeping through tinted glass doors.

In the master bedroom, the wood clad walls continue. Cylindrical bedside units flank each side of the fabric covered double bed. A slimline gold pendant lights one unit, whilst the eye-catching bedside table lamp on the other is the Snoopy table lamp.

Large tropical plants dress the airy room, their luscious green leaves contrasting freshly with the rich dark brown decor.

A pale rectangular rug covers the floor beneath the bed, whilst a circular rug marks out a modest sitting area by the windows. Two tan accent chairs meet at a marble and gold coffee table, accompanied by a very tall floor lamp.

An open doorway leads into a walk-in closet/dressing room with a generous amount of space and storage. An upholstered bench seat occupies the centre of the space.

On the opposite side, a makeup table and vanity chair are poised in front of a custom cut mirror.

The dressing room is divided into two domains, one for each homeowner. Rectangular lighting tracks mark each ceiling space.

Dark marble and white tile decorate the luxury bathroom. Another custom made mirror stretches the full length of a long bathroom wall above a double sink vanity unit. Wall mounted storage units stow away the clutter, whilst leaving the floor looking clear, clean and spacious. The orb lights above the vanity unit design are the IC Lights S Style Pendant. The original is available here.

On the opposite side of the bathroom you’ll find the shower, which is backed in black marble and a shallow shelf to hold shampoos and soap dispensers. A rainfall showerhead pours onto a wetroom floor, which is left open to the rest of the room. The tinted glass enclosure you see here has been built to keep the toilet and a matching wall hung bidet separate from the main space; it is accessed by an almost undetectable door at its centre.

A freestanding bathtub stands by the window. A heater towers up an adjacent wall, and a small metallic side table stands by to hold bath time potions – or a nice glass of wine to sip.

Beside the head of the bath, a rail descends all the way from the ceiling to hold a dry towel exactly where it is needed.

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New Building of a Hospice in Witten / Krampe-Schmidt Architekten BDA

ArchDaily - Fr, 20.09.2019 - 17:00
Courtesy of Krampe-Schmidt Architekten BDA

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Garden House / Threefold Architects

ArchDaily - Fr, 20.09.2019 - 15:00
© Charles Hosea
  • Architects: Threefold Architects
  • Location: Greater London, United Kingdom
  • Category: Houses
  • Architect In Charge: Matt Driscoll, Jack Hosea, Renee Searle
  • Area: 4150.0 ft2
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Charles Hosea

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Opera Loft Corner / OM Shumelda

ArchDaily - Fr, 20.09.2019 - 13:00
© Ross & Helen

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Luxury Apartment With An Industrial Vibe And A Cool Hallway [With Floor Plans]

Interior Design Ideas - Do, 19.09.2019 - 17:56

A conceptual interior, designed by Alexander Senchugov & Evgenia Aborina, was revised when two existing apartments were combined to make a new 265 square meter abode. The designers altered their previous sketches to create an even more spacious and luxurious apartment interior, which hums with a cool industrial current. The open plan living room has a laid back yet luxurious vibe, with a large luxe kitchen and a modern formal dining area. There is also a cool hallway design inside the home, which incorporates crafted sections of different geometric pattern laced with intriguing lighting, and some eye-catching artwork. The geometric theme runs throughout in various forms, creating a unique, slick and contemporary vision.

A modern sofa serves as a border around the lounge area in an open plan living room. Behind it, a six seat modern dining set stretches out in front of floor to ceiling windows, between twin tall bookshelves.

Concrete walls drop a textured grey canvas behind the furniture layout. A Serge Mouille style double wall lamp extends from the raw concrete corner of the room to chase away the shadows. Original available here.

Moss green dining chairs and a wooden dining table invoke the beauty of nature. A clear glass vase holds a pure white sprig. More botanical inspiration unfolds across the tv wall, where enormous fronds make up a lively print.

The grey kitchen sprawls across the entire width of the room, with a long cooking and dining island placed in front.

Three different shades make up the grey kitchen island, producing a layer cake effect. A wooden tabletop overlaps the dining end of the island to match it with the neighbouring formal dining table.

Block side tables in the lounge, and diagonally laid flooring, also follow the natural wood grain theme. Flora fills a piece of round wall art above the L-shaped sofa.

A stainless steel shelving unit descends over the central kitchen island, which holds tableware. Drinking glasses are stored in large backlit cabinets along the back wall that create a sense of occasion.

Brown ribbed tiles make up a textured kitchen backsplash, where black cooking utensils and a set of black kitchen knives hang.

Dark wood kitchen bar stools pull up around two sides of the light wood breakfast bar.

Moving out of the living room, we’re met with a cool hallway design. A geometric wall installation of LED strips serve as both modern art and atmospheric lighting, which highlights the raw concrete behind.

Punctured metal panels make up a second lighting feature in the hallway, where illumination pushes out from the column like bright polka-dots. Another geometric wall design is built in rich wood sections, and lit around the sides.

The black walls display the work of contemporary artist Andrei Berger.

Black and grey poufs are arranged around the floor of the hallway, offering sitting opportunities in different locations and at different heights.

A gallery wall leads to the bedrooms and bathrooms in the back, and a dedicated home office.

Inside the modern home office, a wall planter arrangement dots a geometric wood panelled wall behind the sofa. Small trailing plants overhang their circular wall beds, dripping greenery over the rich wood tone. The remaining half of the wall is dominated by a large black bookcase beside the desk, which visually zones the work area.

More bookcases cover the opposite side of the room.

A black swivel chair pulls up at the grey modern home office desk.

Inside the office’s bathroom, dashes of red and blue splash across the walls.

A black doorway stands unsympathetic to the light and bright wall colour scheme.

In the wash area we find the black accent is carried through. A unique black vanity, black faucet, and a black wall mirror are mounted against a black section of wall; a black vertical radiator stripes the colourful slab at its side.

Black bathroom fixtures and accessories pepper the rest of the room.

A blue and brown colour scheme fills the master bedroom, with the brown hue being brought in by an enthusiastic use of wood. A wood plank headboard feature wall extends upward and over the ceiling, and wooden doors slide away behind it on rails–barn style.

Storage niches, bedside wall sconces and electrical sockets are all fitted right into the wooden headboard wall behind the platform bed.

A modern chaise-style sofa lounges by the windows, under a floor lamp for reading.

Creative industrial bedroom lighting is fashioned by stringing bulbs from a tree limb.

The master bathroom is a dramatic vision of black and rich wood.

A wood slatted wall crosses behind a hung toilet and bidet set.

A black bath tub crosses diagonally between the window and shower screen.

Soap dispensers are scattered casually along the wooden window sill, along with a black wire basket of fresh towels.

The double sink bathroom vanity has shelves stacked at either side of it to stow away more bathroom essentials.

Beautiful pendant lights dangle by the basins.

The children’s bathroom is a vibrant blue and white creation, with geometric stripe cutting in.

A tower of shelving over the bath holds an army of toiletries.

Wooden pendant shades match the wooden vanity unit. The black trapezium shaped legs of the vanity unit are matched perfectly by a mirror of the same shape and colour.

Floor plan, illustrating the combined space of the two integrated apartments.

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Diözesanmuseum St. Afra, Augsburg

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Jenson-DeLeeuw NZE House / Paul Lukez Architecture

ArchDaily - Mi, 18.09.2019 - 20:00
© Greg Premru
  • Architects: Paul Lukez Architecture
  • Location: Harvard, United States
  • Category: Houses
  • Lead Architect: Paul Lukez
  • Design Team: Josh McDonald and Craig Hinrichs
  • Area: 2200.0 ft2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Greg Premru

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51 Tufted Sofas that Make Everyday Comfort Look Extraordinary

Interior Design Ideas - Mi, 18.09.2019 - 17:53

Luxurious tufted cushions are as timeless as they are comfortable – always an instant upgrade to any sofa or seating arrangement. This post showcases 51 tufted sofas you can buy right now, each one offering its own distinctive look to suit a wide range of interior styles. Are you looking for something traditional? Try a tufted leather chesterfield. Want something to serve as a bold modern focal point? Pick out a sleek linen sofa in a vibrant color like yellow or teal. This list contains standalone sofas, loveseats, sectionals, and beyond, each one outfitted with gorgeous tufted upholstery.

Of the many types of tufting, four styles stand out as the most common. Diamond tufting is the enduring classic, a sophisticated look that brings traditional charm to any furniture it graces. Biscuit tufting is the sleek and contemporary counterpart with its buttons aligned in a straight row for a clean modern look.

Channel tufting stands out from the rest. This high-end selection offers glamour from the very first glance, underscored with the most subtle touch of retro appeal. Blind tufting also takes a different approach by eliminating buttons from the diamond or biscuit configuration, creating a streamlined surface that often appeals to families with small children.

$331BUY IT

Button Tufted Wingback Sofa: Vintage wingback design meets sturdy modern construction with this stately mid-century inspired sofa. The tall back provides exceptional support, its sleek grey upholstery drawing visual interest with rows of shallow buttoned biscuit tufting.

$716BUY IT

6 Foot Grey Tufted Sofa: This full-size sofa captures the eye with its clean, uncomplicated lines. The plush back cushions feature sturdy blind tufting for enduring appeal, each cushion removable for easy cleaning and upkeep. Upholstery options range from light grey and dark grey, a rich denim blue, or retro caramel faux leather.

$850BUY IT

Upholstered Tufted Fabric Sofa: This handsome model is available in a wide range of color options to suit any interior style, from atomic red and sunny citrus to a range of versatile neutrals like the oatmeal colorway pictured here. The polyester fabric is easy to clean and maintain for years of everyday enjoyment.

$360BUY IT

Small Modern Tufted Sofa: Make a bold and playful statement with this bright blue tufted sofa, its curvaceous body and splayed legs providing a fun hint of retro charm. The compact form factor makes it ideal for smaller spaces like apartments and home offices.

$380BUY IT

Beige Tufted Sofa: This beige velvet sofa is a fabulously versatile piece, easy to integrate with any interior style – also available in black and burgundy for those who seek out darker interior themes. This sofa comes with two matching accent pillows for easy coordination.

$1750BUY IT

Cream Tufted Sectional Sofa: Splendid diamond tufting decorates the backrest and the outside body of this tufted sofa with chaise, the arms punctuated with rows of decorative nailhead trim. Choose from a spectrum of delightful colors to transform your living space in style.

$730BUY IT

White Tufted Sofa: A modern reimagining of the chesterfield sofa style, this piece lends traditional appeal for the modern home. Smooth white bonded leather upholstery offers a high-end aesthetic at a more accessible price point. Button tufting extends from the inside backrest all the way over the rolled arms for an attractive look from every angle.

$513BUY IT

Grey Velvet Tufted Sofa: Are you looking for the functionality of a futon with a glamorous and sophisticated look? The back of this velvet tufted sofa reclines to reveal its double life as a spacious sleeper – perfect for living rooms and guest rooms alike.

$1047BUY IT

Vintage Faux Leather Tufted Chesterfield Sofa: You can never go wrong with a traditional tufted chesterfield sofa. This piece is upholstered in sumptuous faux leather for a timeless look, anchored with deep-set buttons over layers of supportive foam and batting for comfort.

$277BUY IT

Black Leather Tufted Sofa: A solid walnut-finished wood frame gives this modern sofa a streamlined aesthetic, its black faux leather upholstery decorated with clean rows of channel tufting. Together, these elements hint at Scandinavian design influence with a touch of mid-century modern style.

$487BUY IT

Tufted Sofa With Nailhead Trim: Flared arms and decorative nailhead trim provide a distinctively modern upgrade to the straightforward tuxedo sofa profile. This handsome sofa features tufted grey upholstery, also available in tan for interiors with warm color palettes.

$638BUY IT

Square Arm Tufted Sofa: This sofa keeps things simple and elegant. Tufted velvet upholstery feels soft to the touch, accented around the edges with a decorative nailhead trim to accentuate its clean square-arm profile. Two cylindrical bolster pillows are included.

$975BUY IT

Blue Tufted Velvet Sofa: A true show stopper – this piece is sure to turn heads with its dramatic blue velvet upholstery. Channel tufting and brass-finished legs embody the opulence of the Hollywood Regency décor style, ideal for interiors that could use a splash of upscale appeal.

$859BUY IT

Green Tufted Velvet Sofa: When it comes to bold color palettes, few are quite as versatile as the dignified jewel tone family. Here, exquisite emerald velvet enjoys enhanced richness thanks to a dramatic play of light and shadow across its biscuit-tufted surface. Use as an unforgettable focal point in the living room, guest room, or office.

$449BUY IT

Teal Tufted Sofa: Taking inspiration from Louis XV era design, this teal tufted sofa exhibits the curvaceous cabriole legs and decorative flair of classic French furniture. Scalloped edges provide a distinctively modern twist with tremendous personality.

$400BUY IT

Small Red Tufted Sofa: With its exaggerated rolled arms and powerful red upholstery, this tufted sofa was practically made to become the center of attention. This sofa goes big on style but doesn’t leave comfort as an afterthought – overstuffed padding and voluptuous cushions provide a comfortable embrace.

$612BUY IT

Yellow Tufted Sofa: Brighten your living space with this cheerful yellow sofa! This piece exemplifies the mid-century modern look with its distinctive profile and splayed wood legs. Each leg is finished with a non-marking cap to keep your floors looking great.

$1399BUY IT

Modern Brown Tufted Leather Sofa: Gorgeous cognac-colored leather and handsome brass legs give this sofa a timeless look worthy of any investment piece. The seats and back sit at a slight backward angle to cradle the body for those long evenings with a good book.

$3495BUY IT

Tufted Leather Sofa: Are you looking for something with a more straightforward look? This sofa features the same rich cognac color as the previous selection, this one accented with just a single row of button tufting for a streamlined appearance. Each seat is filled with a sumptuous feather blend for luxurious comfort. You will find the leather quality to be top notch – and will only become more beautiful with the natural wear of daily use.

$2156BUY IT

Long Mid Century Modern Style Tufted Sofa: Perfect for contemporary living rooms, sophisticated reception areas, and high-end offices – this sofa is sure to make a becoming first impression. This piece is encased in a wood frame finished with American ash veneer, attractive from all viewing angles. The spacious seat is upholstered with 100% top grain aniline leather, its rich black color a ready complement for any interior style.

$3495BUY IT

Black Modern Leather Sofa: Clean lines and angular construction lend an almost sculptural quality to this tufted modern sofa. The surface is upholstered in dark genuine leather, tufted in narrow channels for robust decorative appeal.

$1481BUY IT

Tufted Leather Chesterfield Sofa: Capture that old-school lounge style in your living room with this classic tufted chesterfield sofa. Diamond tufting graces the backrest and stately rolled arms, each detail tailored by hand for artisanal quality.

$1100BUY IT

Dark Brown Button Tufted Sofa: Settle for nothing less than breathtaking. This unforgettable sofa features deep diamond tufting across the overstuffed arms and back, each component exaggerated for grandiose effect. Relax into the memory foam cushions and enjoy a seating experience that feels as comfortable as it looks.

$550BUY IT

French Style Tufted Sofa: Accent your favorite space with the timeworn charm of a French provincial heirloom – but with the price and updated appeal of contemporary wares. This lovely tufted sofa features a distressed wood frame intricately carved, upholstered in bright blue with elegant button tufting along the backrest.

$290BUY IT

Pastel Pink Tufted Sofa: Chic and stylish! This tufted sofa is upholstered in oh-so-soft pastel pink velvet, supported by chrome metal legs for a sharp modern look. Each half of the backrest reclines independently to become an instant guest bed for overnight visitors.

$1932BUY IT

Modern Navy Blue Tufted Sofa: Few colors embody refined elegance quite like deep navy blue. This handsome tufted sofa is upholstered in durable polyester velvet, tufted along the backrest and inner armrests. Two bolster pillows are included.

$543BUY IT

Purple Diamond Tufted Sofa: Make your living space truly your own with this purple tufted sofa, a piece that brings glitz and glamour to the traditional chesterfield style. Don’t worry if purple isn’t your color – you can find this piece available in emerald and cobalt blue as well.

$470BUY IT

Back Tufted Sofa: Time for a different take on the tufted sofa theme. This piece features a smooth seat and inner surface for minimalist appeal – but the back makes a striking statement, each deep diamond tuft punctuated with a dazzling crystal button. This sofa looks fantastic from every angle, making it a perfect candidate for central placement within a room.

$656BUY IT

Classic Traditional Button Tufted Sofa: Impress clients and colleagues by outfitting your office with this brilliant oxblood vinyl sofa. This piece offers an executive feel with its mahogany-finished wood and careful nailhead trim placement. This sofa features a conservative footprint that makes it ideal for smaller spaces.

$576BUY IT

High Back Tufted Sofa: Sofas with tall graceful backrests are difficult to find these days, but this piece brings that historic style back into a modern context. Diamond tufting accentuates the unique height of this piece and provides a breathable surface for the ultra-supportive backrest. And with its velvety cobalt blue upholstery, this loveseat is sure to invite admiration from guests.

$1100BUY IT

Curved Tufted Sofa: A true statement piece! This curved tufted sofa commands attention with its combination of sky hued velvet and gold-finished base. Channel tufting accents the backrest, a fantastic finishing touch for Hollywood Regency inspired opulence.

$2380BUY IT

Ultra Long Tufted Sofa: Stretching to 10ft in length, this marvelous sofa provides comfort on a grand scale. The size is ideal for expansive warehouse lofts and grand formal living rooms alike – sure to exert its powerful personality even in the largest spaces.

$126BUY IT

Convertible Tufted Sofa Bed: Create a guest bedroom anywhere in the home with this tufted sleeper sofa. When upright, this piece captures the eye with its deep blue biscuit-tufted upholstery. When reclined, it becomes an inviting retreat for weary guests.

$1950BUY IT

Small Tufted Sleeper Sofa: This fresh take on the tufted sofa sleeper feels anything but utilitarian. Gus Modern creates furniture that blends mid-century modern design with industrial edge, resulting in functional furniture that boasts artistic appeal.

$617BUY IT

Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper: Here is another sleeper that looks stylish enough even for the living room. The Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper II draws from Victorian inspiration to create a fresh new classic for modern homes.

$185BUY IT

Convertible Tufted Sofa With Cup Holder: This inexpensive tufted sofa goes all-in on multifunctional design. Central cupholders serve as a convenient addition for movie nights, then easily fold into the backrest and out of the way to create more seating space. The entire back reclines into a sleeper to accommodate overnight guests.

$398BUY IT

Tufted Sleeper Lounger: Have you ever seen a sleeper lounge that looks this cozy and inviting? The thick cushion features blind biscuit tufting across the entire surface, allowing more air circulation so your guests sleep cooler and more comfortably.

$220BUY IT

Futon Tufted Sofa Bed: Futons are rarely known for their innovation, but this one certainly stands out from the rest. This one features attractive slats of natural wood for chic style that looks great anywhere. When converted into bed mode, this sleeper is equivalent in size to a double mattress.

$1440BUY IT

Reclining Sofa: Transform your media room into a luxury home theater with this reclining sofa. Each back reclines independently, with two cupholder storage consoles dividing the armchairs from the loveseat. Super-plush biscuit tufting ensures comfort to last through the longest movie marathon.

$500BUY IT

Tufted Sofa With Pull Out Bed: Great for guest bedrooms, home offices, or for the bedrooms of children who love to host sleepover parties – this tufted sofa features a trundle that pulls out to reveal space for a twin-sized mattress. Graceful sloping arms are accentuated by a double row of nailhead trim, the backrest decorated with small rows of diamond tufting.

$325BUY IT

Tufted Chaise Lounge: This piece offers classic elegance with chic contemporary appeal, an easy fit with a range of interior styles. Sometimes chaise lounges are a great alternative to loveseats for those who desire extra seating without the visual weight of a full sofa.

$400BUY IT

Tufted Mid Century Modern Style Sofa: Thick wood sides and splayed birch legs give this mid-century modern sofa plenty of decorative appeal – the perfect way to bring a dash of retro charm to a contemporary décor theme. Here, shallow tufting creates a neat pattern across the upholstery without diminishing its clean and streamlined look.

$1560BUY IT

Grey Tufted Sectional Sofa With Chaise: For luxury with room to spare, this grey tufted sectional sofa makes a dramatic statement. Velvety soft upholstery captures even more attention thanks to the all-over tufting along the base, outside body, armrests, and backrests.

$3582BUY IT

Biscuit Tufted Bi-Sectional Sofa: Have you ever selected the perfect chaise sofa, only to realize that the fixed construction makes it hard to rearrange your furniture? This sectional boasts bi-directional construction so you can move the spacious tufted chaise to either side on a whim.

$2250BUY IT

Square Modern Tufted Sofa: The gorgeous Atwood Sofa features low-profile tuxedo style construction, a natural fit for those expertly-curated and current interior themes. The tufting on this model is draws attention to the clean lines of the frame, arranged neatly into symmetric rows. Create a bold focal point with the orange model pictured here or explore the wide range of neutrals available.

$2495BUY IT

Tufted Seat Sofa: Sensuous curves and clean lines come together to give this sofa the best of both worlds. The backrest features an unadorned expanse of burgundy while the seat enjoys simple widely spaced tufting.

$2306BUY IT

Long Tufted Sofa: A gorgeous Design Within Reach original, the Bantam Sofa takes inspiration from 30s-era modernism and brings it in line with the design sensibilities of today. Choose from a spectacular range of upholstery options to make this piece your own – from a retro palette of boucle to simple linens, leathers, wool, and more.

$4550BUY IT

Luxury Channel Tufted Sofa: Are you daring enough to choose the luxurious look of a white tufted sofa? This piece is upholstered in the smoothest faux leather paired against a radiant toe kick with on-trend brass veneer.

$8774BUY IT

Mayor sofa: Originally designed in the late 1930s by Danish architects Arne Jacobsen and Flemming Lassen, the Mayor Sofa has become an icon of modern furniture instantly recognized by the discerning design enthusiast. This model is upholstered in a tufted Kvadrat wool blend fabric over a base of expertly sculpted oak.

$8990BUY IT

Florence Knoll Two-Seater Sofa: Designed by Florence Knoll Bassett for her Lounge Collection, this handsome loveseat is one of those unparalleled classics that can anchor any living space – a design that looks just as fresh today as it did when it was designed in 1954.

$9253BUY IT

Barcelona Couch: Legendary architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe originally designed the Barcelona Couch in 1930, specifying its construction from hand-welted and hand-tufted cowhide cushions over a frame of African sapele hardwood – a design specification that Knoll still follows exactingly to this day. If you love the look of this design icon but want something a little more accessible, check out the cheaper alternative here.

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WMY Workplace Interior Design / Within-Beyond Studio

ArchDaily - Mi, 18.09.2019 - 00:00
© Wu Tou
  • Architects: Within-Beyond Studio
  • Location: Hengtong Business Park, Beijing, China
  • Category: Offices Interiors
  • Architect In Charge: Zhe Zhang
  • Other Participants: Zhiwei Xia, Jiabin Xu
  • Area: 400.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Wu Tou

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Kategorien: Architektur

Undisclosed Office / Turman Romano

ArchDaily - Di, 17.09.2019 - 23:00
© Yoav Gurin
  • Architects: Turman Romano
  • Location: Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
  • Category: Renovation
  • Lead Architects: Yarden Turman and Yossi Romano
  • Area: 1000.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Yoav Gurin

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Kategorien: Architektur

Karamay Digital Network Control Center / HDD

ArchDaily - Di, 17.09.2019 - 22:00
  • Architects: HDD
  • Location: Karamay, Xinjiang, China
  • Category: Institutional buildings
  • Lead Architect: Weiwei Dong
  • Architectural Design Team: Yi Sheng, Weiwei Dong, Xiaoming Zheng, Chunyong Tan, Rong Qiu, Yuwei He, Airong Jiang, Xin Zhang
  • Area: 48961.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018

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Kategorien: Architektur

Valve Headquarters / Clive Wilkinson Architects + JPC Architects

ArchDaily - Di, 17.09.2019 - 20:00
© Ema Peter

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Kategorien: Architektur

Bosque Refuge / Bruno Zaitter arquiteto

ArchDaily - Di, 17.09.2019 - 19:00
© Sergio Mendonça Jr.

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Kategorien: Architektur
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