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A Soothing, Earthy Color Scheme for a 3 Bedroom Home With Study [Includes Floor Plans]

Di, 19.12.2017 - 16:50

While a good designer should never shy away from color, there is something to be said for a neutral color scheme. The right earth tones can create an almost spa-like atmosphere that exudes relaxation and lets both residents and guests feel safe and comfortable. The home featured in this post, from TheNovemberDesign, does just that with its choices. From simple wood flooring to classic use of natural light to muted, neutral furnishings, this home is a calming oasis that’s ready to provide a soft landing place for its residents. Take a look inside and see how the home’s earth vibes mesh with its modern lines.

Upon entering the home, you’re treated to a full view of the open floor plan from a bright living room to an simple dining space.

Despite the somewhat small window, the setup of the room as well as the light colors make good use of the light.

White, natural wood, and soft gray work together to create a really earthy, calm feel in this home.

The home is not completely devoid of color, with soft sage green throw pillows and a dark floor lamp adding a small splash.

Accessories like unique teapots and cups are just one more way to add some calming touches.

Mismatched Scandinavian style chairs, which are the J104 and Cover chair along with a modern dining pendant give the dining area a bit of bohemian touch.

The indoor house plants on the dining table emphasize the earthiness of the decor as well.

Moving from the dining area into the kitchen there is a bit more in the way of blues and greens but still living in the neutral palette.

Because the dining pendant is white, it seems to almost float over the dining table itself.

Floating shelving with personal photos is a very clean way to display this important decor.

The white subway tile backsplash in the kitchen is trendy but has longevity in its simplicity.

The simple shapes of everything from the table to the dining pendant to the area rug in the living room are soothing in the way they fit together.

Simple white venetian blinds may not be the most modern solution but they do the job here.

A large bookshelf is a must for a family of readers.

The entryway includes modern wall hooks for organization , though it is a bit dark.

Wood paneling on the walls as well as the wood flooring adds a lot of warmth.

Finally, a simple wall clock comes back to the sage green color and of course, a bit of practicality.

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A Rio de Janeiro Residence with Lush Jungle Vibes

Mo, 18.12.2017 - 16:40

When you live in a beautiful natural climate, it is only also natural that you want to include the seasons, the outdoors, and the local plant life in your home. Such is the case with this single-family residence from the architects at Gaudenzi in the stunning hills of Rio de Janeiro. The home featured in this post is 502.57 square meters (5409 square feet) and was designed for a young couple with a small daughter. One look and you will see exactly how lucky that little girl will be growing up in this lush paradise. Each room of the home takes full advantage of natural lighting, local elements, and of course the jade green vegetation that surrounds the house.

The home is located in the southern zone of Rio de Janeiro, which is privy to a particularly welcoming climate.

Even a glimpse of the home’s exterior brings a rush of excitement for the greenery that abounds.

From the street, the home’s lovely exterior is all but hidden away behind vibrant leaves.

But the greenery just makes the house that much more intriguing — it is impossible to see those shades of green and not want to peek at what’s underneath.

The interior does not disappoint with its wide open floorplan and vaulted ceilings.

An uncluttered design allows the eye to linger on each element from the rich wood flooring to the vintage-style furnishings and carefully arranged shelving.

In lieu of large pieces of artwork, floating shelves turn the family’s books into their own work of art.

The greenery from outside has even managed to wind its way into the house in the form of a few well-chosen houseplants.

A large dining table is much more than a family of three needs for themselves, but gives a wonderful excuse for boisterous dinner parties and extended family visits.

The staircase that hugs the wall coming down from the second story adds a bit of industrial edge to the interior.

Open wooden steps overlook a very homey collection of wall hooks for hats, jackets, and accessories.

Of course the second floor also gives a great vantage point for whatever may be going on down below.

Oversized lighting pendants are necessary for when the natural light disappears below the horizon.

The parallel paneling on the ceiling is another attractive detail.

The upper level plays home to even more houseplants as well as sleek wood flooring of its own.

Direct sunlight gives life to a stacked herb garden outside while a spiral staircase makes its way in.

One of those boisterous dinner parties could certainly result in a guest spending the night cozily in the outdoor hammock.

Vines climb outdoor posts, creating a stunning place to host guests in the courtyard.

The red tinted wood used the outdoor deck is quite stunning as well.

The patterned tile and reclaimed wood dining table make this a welcoming space.

Both levels of the home indulge in its obsession with plant life.

Finally, Brazil’s blue sky makes for the perfect backdrop for this urban oasis.

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A Two-Story Home with a Sleek Grey Color Palette

Fr, 15.12.2017 - 16:15

Not every home has a unifying color theme, but without one it can be easy for a house to feel disjointed or erratic. A color palette can unify a home’s design so that it flows easily from one room to another, but that does not mean that each room has to be decorated in exactly the same colors. In this house, for instance, grey creates a throughline within the home but does not overwhelm the design. Instead, it creates a foundation for each room so that the overall look is comforting and harmonious — without being too “matchy-matchy.” Take a look inside this home from visualizer Andrei Lychkouski to see what we mean.

The main, open living space itself is the room that takes the gray theme to the extreme.

From an oversized dark gray section to clear gray lucite dining chairs and texture gray walls, this is the center of the home’s color story.

The colors that are dotted throughout the space draw the eye but are still subtle, and largely live within the neutral family from green to teal to warm brown.

The high ceiling creates a dramatic feel for an otherwise fairly conservative design.

A few creative elements do stand out, including the glass coffee table.

When light gray is used in conjunction with white, a space can feel much more open without the blinding effects of white on white.

Gray furnishings show the commitment to the palette, such as this freestanding dresser.

The stairs in this home also act as an important design element.

White wood steps are suspended in air, making their way to the second floor with the bright green accent wall behind them.

But staying downstairs for a moment, the kitchen and breakfast bar keep with the gray theming.

Dark gray stools, light gray countertops, and a narrow window make this kitchen feel particularly cozy.

In the dining area, open to the kitchen, a smattering of pendant lights add a bit of interest as well.

The kitchen itself is not particularly spacious, but the use of natural light and a bar/island mean there is room to do the work required for cooking.

A small strip of grass grows along the windowsill for another pop of color.

Upstairs, gray gives way to black for the second floor railings.

Propeller-inspired light fixtures are both playful and unique.

Large picture windows let in plenty of light during the day but must be kept closed in the dead of winter.

The mater bedroom also tends towards darker grays and blacks.

A wood slat accent wall is darker while the cushioned headboard is a lighter shade of gray.

Color is brought in with creative art pieces.

Gray linens and black light fixtures give this bedroom decor a bit of an edge.

In a house with no separate home office space, its important that this desk is included somewhere — and there was no room in the living area.

Moving into one of the two children’s rooms, colors are quite a bit brighter.

A lovely blue chair, green rug, and pink pillow are so much more vibrant that most of what we have seen in this house.

But even so, the idea of cray threads its way in with a shadowed sleeping nook.

Fun wall art is a perfect way to bring a child’s personality into a room’s design.

The faux grass carpet is perfect for a cold winter, too, when playing outside is a bit less common.

In the second child’s room, colors go even further with an astronomy-inspired accent wall.

A bright orange chair is the perfect homework spot, looking out onto the yar.

Built-in shelving is required for an kid’s room lest things get too cluttered.

A similar piece of wall art brings the charm in this room, too.

The bathroom decor slides comfortably back into the gray theme.

White and gray match up with natural greenery.

Of course glass and tile are all but required.

An overhead lighting bar is a stylish solution for the over-sink vanity.

A second bathroom is smaller but pulls from a similar style.

Again, white and gray play nicely together.

In this room, an overhead ring light is the best solution.

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Boldly-Coloured, Buddhist-Inspired Family Retreat

Do, 14.12.2017 - 16:15

Aspire to higher thought, but don’t have the pad to embrace it? A home guided by Buddhist principles was the key desire of this family of four, who wanted a space to relax, plan their travelling and practice yoga in. Made reality by architects 33 BY, its wood, glass and metal form spans only 170sqm; yet its collaboration with elements such as marble, stone, copper and textiles lets its aesthetics play between the natural and man-made. Take a peek at our house tour to inspire the role of spiritual thought within your next interior home design.

Opening up to a blue stretch of pool, our first view of the exterior living space shows a Buddhist mask in weathered iron. As it sits centre stage on a canopy-supporting pillar, several carvings in black show to the right, alongside a statue of Confucius. Natural wood and charcoal awning supports tie into nailed concrete walls, while a yellow door beckons beyond.

Taking a view to the left, similar materials take on different shades. New-looking timber rafters mimic the lines of the outdoors, while lighter wood covers the floors. A kitchen bench in charcoal mirrors the awning supports, while a turquoise couch rivals the Buddha’s outdoor mask.

Leaning against a wall in marble, the turquoise couch spreads out. As a grey and white tabby plays amongst the curtains, grey-coloured cabinetry matches the kitchen bench, drawing us in with an upper panel in terracotta. The space lights up with small cylindrical lights dotted across the rafters.

The length of the turquoise couch helps to elongate the space, with a couple of ottomans thrown in. A black feature wall holds the TV, while a bronze cabinet beneath harks back to the kitchen’s lighting.

Forming an L towards the view outside, the couch opens itself both to the pool and outer living area, and the kitchen and TV. A mustard plinth with living plant atop adds nature.

A wall in marble complements a fireplace panel in bronze. Reminding of the resident family’s principles, a golden Buddha mask looks out to the living room, guiding the space above large stacks of wood.

From the kitchen, the bronze-coloured plinth serves as a holding piece for necessities. A spaghetti turner is welded into the bench, hinting at the family’s culinary appetite.

Looking towards the veranda, three pineapple sculptures make a splash in black, white and yellow, a finishing touch to the lounge and kitchen’s aesthetic.

As the pineapples move around the bench and into shelves underneath, a few kitchen counter stools, previously hidden, offer a seat to look at the chef’s process. A few glass decanters show potential for drinks.

Looking towards the ceiling, the rafter’s long lines run parallel with the island bench and kitchen cabinetry. Elongated drawer handles help to amplify the look.

As we follow the ceiling’s wood grains through the living area, a long hallway presents itself. A yellow door to the side and the fireplace’s wood stack and basket provide a handy place to get warmth roaring. Further down the hallway, blacker rafters continue.

The master bedroom shrouds itself in a whole new colour scheme. A black iron four-poster provides privacy with patterns in filigree, while a leaning stone mirror reflects back the hallway preceding. Two standing lamps offer light, while a square ottoman and rug inject life with colourful patterning.

As we look towards the bed, iron filigree forms a headboard and feature wall, a bold statement along its teal-coloured walls. Two clusters of bedroom pendant lights light up two antique bedside tables with Aplomb lamps, while floral cushions scatter a feeling of the old world. Another stone mirror joins up in party with the one to its side.

Zooming closer to taking a nap, the bedroom’s florals start to link together in the bed’s throw cushions and floor mat. With this backdrop on a bedspread of velvet blue, filigree makes patterns along Buddhist-style themes.

The master bathroom wows, with tiles in marble and idea bulbs hanging from knotted cords. A large black round mirror makes a statement against a more traditional reflective panel, while a concrete bench catches rays with a standing porcelain sink. A leaning wooden ladder to the side and under-bench towel cubbies add hints of the Scandinavian. A couple of ornamental vases hark back to Buddhism.

Leading towards the shower, another wooden ladder leans beside a seat for relaxation. A tall black acrylic panel adds a touch of sophistication adjacent to the mirror.

Fulfilling the need for after-shower calm, a grey-wallpapered space uses natural wood and a view to the veranda to invite Buddhist reflection. Based beside a mini fireplace, a rattan stool and low-sitting table offer a place to read the paper. A potted plant to the side and stone Buddha bust offer room for thought.

Towards the other end of the room, more chairs and a shower await the family after work. A simple wooden bench by the door collects shoes and a pot plant, while a glass shower and hidden marble-walled enclave offer a more private refuge. A chair knitted with a hammock’s methods provides an extra level of comfort.

Looking to the right, the Buddha’s bust and a couple of ornamental vases remind again of the family’s values. Whilst the terracotta in the vases harks back to the kitchen, the wicker wood basket is reminiscent of the feature fireplace in the lounge.

Leading out of the home’s main doorway, a bevy of historical figures in terracotta await us. The Japanese-style patterns on the bold red door remind us of the bolder turquoise and terracotta hues inside, while a stone fountain reminds us of the simple pleasures, the simple seating and the Buddha’s busts that pepper its interior. As we wave goodbye, two bonsai trees face the lining hedge, a hark back to nature in this Buddhist family’s paradise.

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Bauhaus Style Home with Interior Glass Walls

Mi, 13.12.2017 - 16:15

A preserved 1930s Bauhaus building in the heart of Tel-Aviv holds an apartment that has been renovated to reflect its former glory. This is the private home of architects Amir Navon and Chen Navon, who worked in collaboration with interior designers Lital Ophir and Ilana Bronfen on the 97sq m space. Also included in the makeover is a 37sq m balcony that overlooks one of the city’s most attractive boulevards, situated next to Israel’s national theater, ‘Habima’. The team collectively acknowledged the importance of honoring the building’s heritage by preserving its classic 1930s Bauhaus architecture, and set about giving the contemporary interior an injection of classic-European style.

This apartment had previously undergone a renovation a number of years ago with previous tenants but the result was a tight and dull space without natural flow to the outdoor balcony area. The apartment had lost its character and sense of unique style. It was decided that the interior should be kept as a large rectangular space, running parallel to the 4 sliding exit doors out to the Bauhaus balcony, so that natural light could wash in.

A monochrome color pallet of white, grey and black form the basis for some much stronger notes of green and blue, like this Husk sofa by B&B Italia that is facing out to the view over the balcony.

The Slow chair by Vitra, placed near floor to ceiling shelving units, provides a comfortable place to read. An original block wall has been exposed as the backdrop, and a Doshi Levian carpet completes the relaxed look.

The ceiling of the 1930s apartment has been maintained at its original height of 3 meters. Attention is drawn to its ample height with the installation of 4 interesting dining room pendant lights. Miss-matched modern dining chairs add bags of quirky character at the table, which is located in front of the kitchen island just behind the sofa.

The clean and airy feel in the living space comes from implementing a series of freestanding elements, which don’t disrupt the entirety of the space. The conceptual notion of ‘islands’ plus materials Carrera marble stone, steel, glass and herringbone oak equal one cool vibe.

The kitchen is made up of a large green storage cube and a custom designed central kitchen island that is utilised from the front and back. The partially floating white island holds the hob and oven, a baking area and the dishwasher. The green cabinets conceal two refrigerators, a water bar and a coffee machine, plus crockery and larder supplies.

Walkways form naturally between these freestanding volumes, leading the way to bedrooms, bathrooms and the balcony.

The tall green kitchen storage cube is completely surrounded by a glass vitrine that is divided by stone-white colored Belgium profiles, reminiscent of the building’s European style. Doors situated at either side of the green cabinets lead into a playroom.

The green cube offers up some storage on this side too, perfect for storing bins of toys or for organising art and craft supplies. The kid’s decor has been kept simple; only neatly framed artwork hints at the room’s purpose.

Extra natural light flows into the playroom via the interior safety-wired glass wall and doors.

Copper lighting adds warm notes to the bedroom scheme, with a bedroom pendant over one bedside shelf and a unique wall sconce above the other. The shiny accents gleam brightly against a dark headboard wall that has a subtle geometric pattern.

The master bedroom is accessed via Belgium profile glass doors, matching those seen in the open plan living area. The bedroom ‘wall’ is actually a custom designed modular unit. The custom carpentry is both a sitting bench for those entering and exiting the apartment on one side, and a closet accessed from the bedroom on the other side. An en suite bathroom is encased in a glazed volume, standing in full view from the bedroom until a privacy curtain is drawn.

More copper accent pieces can be found decorating the bathroom area. The other elements in here have been kept completely white for a fresh stark look. Even the unique faucet, above a wall hung cube basin, has the snow white treatment.

A small table acts as a handy shelf for soap dispensers, making bathing products easily accessible when under the shower.

The kids’ room is designed to accommodate a young boy and girl. A custom-made bed allows the two to sleep foot-to-foot, with storage drawers underneath.

The childrens’ room is built from concrete walls and measures only 10 sq m. Because of its limited proportions, the floor space was kept as clear as possible to offer a more roomy area for the kids’, which is why we find the majority of the toys stored over in the playroom. Opposite the unique bed, a special closet was also custom designed. This houses a built-in diaper-changing station in the middle.

The bathroom is a minimalistic affair with black faucets and wall storage cabinets.

One solitary succulent planter provides decoration.

Out on the Bauhaus balcony there is enough room for a family picnic table for pleasant al fresco dining.

Two comfortably cushioned seats are spaced along the length of the balcony to enable the homeowners to enjoy the view from different perspectives and at different times of day as the sun moves round.

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50 Modern Outdoor Chairs To Elevate Views of Your Patio & Garden

Di, 12.12.2017 - 16:15

Outdoor seating has come a long way since the wooden bench. Whether you’re looking for chairs crafted in cane, made modern in ABS plastic or meshed in powder-coated iron, we’ve got a treat for you. Want to complement an industrial exterior? Try red metal chairs with detailed backs for size. Want to rock out in a bold turquoise hammock? Sit in the Mexican-inspired, circular Acapulco. About to host some Irish friends? Show them to their seats in clovers. Make your outdoor living space a place to be proud of, with our top 50 picks for outdoor chairs.

$189BUY IT

Acapulco Chair: Use the secrets of the Mayans in your outdoor chair design. Using traditional methods for weaving hammocks, these stylish chairs won’t rust on their powder-coated iron frames.

$252BUY IT

Acapulco Outdoor Rocker Chair: Want the ability to rock? These turquoise, plastic string weave finds have all the benefits of their predecessors, with a little sway added in.

$110BUY IT

Outdoor Rocker Chair With Cushion: For those after a more traditional rocking chair, this brown rattan creation ticks all the boxes. While away the time on its aluminium frame and two-cushion polyester.

$217BUY IT

Braided Papasan Chair: Want something minimalist, yet natural? This papasan chair on a metal frame adds a round of raw material to your outdoor view.

$160 for 2BUY IT

Kartell Masters-Style Outdoor Stackable Chair: Available in five colours, these polypropylene chairs are easy to clean and maintain. Recline in comfort on their detailed backs, or stack them up to stay out of the rain.

$198BUY IT

Bertoia Diamond-Style Outdoor Chair: After something a little different? Steel mesh backs and leatherette seats add a hint of the mod to your poolside setting.

$103BUY IT

Bertoia-Style Side Chair: Modify the style for outdoor dining. A straighter mesh back and removable leather seat mean it’s easy to eat lunch in the open.

$100BUY IT

Eames-Style Outdoor Wire Chair: Like the look of the Eames chair? These solid chrome chairs take Eames’ famed frame and add an on-or-off seat pad, a perfect twist for the outdoors.

$480BUY IT

Farmhouse Wire Lounge Chair: Inspired by Amish barns, designer Gaurav Nanda spot-welds these iron chairs to make them curvy. Choose from three colours for the base, three colours for the cushion.

$450BUY IT

Lucy Outdoor Galvanized Iron Chair: Another Gaurav Nanda design, this galvanised iron chair is pretty on your deck – and pretty on your floor, with its chair leg protectors. Move her inside or outside – or find cheaper replicas, if the price is too high.

$795BUY IT

Sculptural Outdoor Chair: Bring classic wicker and modern iron mesh together. Made in the US, these rust-inhibited seats were added to Cooper Hewitt’s permanent design collection in 1994. Get one for your outdoor pebbled area.

$129BUY IT

Outdoor Mesh Dining Chair: Also available as a bar or counter stool, these powder-coated steel finds add glitz to an outdoor patio. Get them in one of five different colours.

$919 for 2BUY IT

Colorful Outdoor Stacking Dining Chairs: Have a large party you’d like to seat outside? These stackable aluminium chairs are perfect afront the green arches of your next family wedding.

$130BUY IT

Industrial-Look Tolix-Style Chair For Outdoor Use: Make your barbecue dinners look ultra-modern. These metal sets of four offer non-marking feet, so you don’t have to scratch your patio’s stone.


Bellini-Style White Outdoor Dining Chair: Go for the classic. White, bright and timeless, these polypropylene chairs work with many exterior options. Find their originals here.


Panton S-Style Outdoor Chair: You can’t go past the Panton S. A design classic stackable up to four chairs high, buy it in white, red, black or light blue in durable ABS plastic.

$480BUY IT

Clover Chair: Hosting the next St Patrick’s Day drinks? Seat your guests on chairs in clover. Made from monobloc polyethylene, these creative finds are easy to clean, easy to sit in and easy to maintain in the outside weather.

$150 for 2BUY IT

Art Deco-Style Outdoor Chair: Planning a romantic outdoor setting? Place this set of two chairs by famed designer Claudio Francesco Bellini beside a bottle of wine.

$160BUY IT

Affordable Outdoor Chair Set: On a tight budget? This set of four chairs, coloured in black, white or olive, present a most cost-efficient set whilst retaining a sense of style. Patterned with trees, their molded plastic, non-marking feet and steel legs will have guests thinking you’ve spent a fortune.

$160BUY IT

Sissi Chair: Inspired by traditional Viennese chairs, this white fantasy is made to grace your garden. Constructed with plastic and fibreglass, its interconnecting loops provide a fashion-conscious alternative to more standard seating options.

$299BUY IT

Outdoor Mesh Lounge Chair: Feel the need to relax? Do it in the outdoors, with this punched-pattern, powder-coated steel find – with the option of an ottoman.

$266BUY IT

Patio Swing Chair Without Stand: What sense of freedom comes from a swing! Dangling peacefully from a steel chain, its synthetic rattan and polyester cushioning make it the perfect place to read a book.

$528BUY IT

Ball-Shaped Swing Chair: Love the ball look instead? This synthetic rattan find hangs dreamily from your ceiling – or can sit more squarely, with an option on a stand.

$630BUY IT

Outdoor Garden Swing Chair With Stand: Don’t like the swaying feeling? Nestle into this poly-bamboo rattan basket, steadied for comfort upon an aluminium frame. Place it on your lawn to gaze up at the stars.

$598BUY IT

Knotted Hanging Chair: Macrame polyester yarn created this piece to be proud of. Hang it on your back patio or beside your front garden, for a peaceful place to watch the cats play from.

$290BUY IT

Outdoor Swivel Chair: Bring the office outdoors. The swivelling aluminium frame of this fabric-upholstered chair lets you feel the boss whilst you sit amongst the flowers.

$1,350BUY IT

Outdoor Dome Chair: Want to make a statement in your feature garden? This handcrafted, high-backed chair comes in stunning sunflower yellow.

$800BUY IT

Peacock Outdoor Lounge Chair: Loving these pieces from Gaurav Nanda? Find another, in this powder-coated iron find that mimics the peacock. Make it more comfortable with optional geometric cushions.

$186BUY IT

Butterfly Garden Chair: Peacocks not your thing? Reveal the butterfly’s beauty instead, with this metal wire creation adding drama to your garden.

$2,275BUY IT

Leaf-Shaped Outdoor Chair: Love the look of leaves? The contours of this powder-coated aluminium chair won’t rust or fade. Two complementary throw pillows make it a little bit cosier.


Outdoor Seating Poufs: Create a seating area with this ready-made scene. Two seating poufs and a slightly-raised table provide the perfect setting for after-work drinks.

$446BUY IT

Poolside Aluminium Frame Chair: Sunbathe in style. Made from material that’s 100% recyclable, its high-density foam cushions and two-year warranty make its comfort worry free. Ottoman not included.

$999BUY IT

Jibe Outdoor Lounge Chair with Cushions: Amp up the cushioning. These wide-set seats sit your tootsie on antimicrobial foam, keeping you comfortable whilst repelling winter mould.

$355BUY IT

Modern Outdoor Club Chair: Aluminium, resin wood and polyester sure look good. This outdoor chair would sit just as well beside a bookcase as beside your family garden.

$448BUY IT

Woven Outdoor Armchair: Made from woven wicker and rattan, this modern-looking armchair hides the ancient’s hammock-making secrets. Seat its iron frame outside for a better look at the flowers.

$445BUY IT

Minimalist Outdoor Wooden Chair: Keep your outdoor furniture classy. Constructed with grade AB teak, this squared-off design evokes quality, with its marine-grade stainless steel railings.

$2,167BUY IT

Contemporary Luxury Patio Chair With Cushions: Want to lie back a little further? Complete with three-year warranty, this longer teak seat bends the railings to your level of comfort.

$1,440BUY IT

Modern Luxury Outdoor Wicker Chair With Cushions: After a chair in cane? The graceful barrel of this long-lined seat is made of aluminium and natural seagrass wicker. Get its cushions in your choice of patterning.

$713BUY IT

Futuristic Looking Sculptural Outdoor Armchair: Remember the Jetson’s flying chairs? This Italian-made seat makes similar shapes in polyethylene. Get it for yourself in three different under-colours.

$695BUY IT

Sculptural Outdoor Chair: Buy a chair that looks like a shell. One single piece of polyethylene makes a statement perfect for the beach.

$580BUY IT

Minimalist Outdoor Seating: Think this chair is simply white and minimalist? Think again. With 16 colours and four colour-changing modes, this understated plastic round lights up the outdoors for up to eight hours. Use its remote control for your next party.

$1,600BUY IT

Contemporary Outdoor Chair With Wooden Slats & Stainless Steel Frame: Designing for a bachelor pad? The wooden slats and stainless steel legs of these wide-set seats call for a bottle of beer.

$730BUY IT

Modern High-Back Outdoor Chair: Merge modern metal and timeless wicker cane. These high-backed beauties are 100% recyclable.

$590BUY IT

Beautiful Two-Tone Outdoor Patio Chair: Don’t like the high back? Keep the last chair’s rust-proof aluminium, high-density foam and easy-to-clean frame, while lowering its height.

$700BUY IT

Modern 2-Piece Outdoor Wicker Chair: Worried white wicker might not stay clean? With a rust-proof finish and weatherproof glaze, it’ll be harder than you think to get it dirty.

$350BUY IT

Mid-Century Modern-Style Outdoor Chairs: Make your patio cool again. High-quality charcoal wicker could make a splash beside your pool. Cushions in water-resistant fabric are easier to keep dry.

$284 for 2BUY IT

Mid Century-Style Outdoor Foldable Lounge Chair: Need seating around the bonfire? These American-made chairs in yellow pine easily fold up to a chair, and then fold back down again. A teak oil finish protects their grains from humidity.

$2,880BUY IT

Nozib Sun Lounger: Need a lounger that stretches out to the sun? These designs are elongated using 88 pieces of teak.

$234 for 2BUY IT

Outdoor Folding Chaise Lounge Chair: Want a seat for your wife or husband, too? These acacia and eucalyptus loungers are easy on the eye and the budget. Simply fold them down the middle to move the conversation.

$540BUY IT

Two-Piece Wicker Cane Booth with Central Ottoman: Although technically not a chair, the simple luxury of this wicker cane day bed was too good to miss. Featuring a retractable canopy for extra shade, it’s easy to use as a full-sized lounger – or as extra seats for gossiping friends.

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Using Dark Color Schemes For Small Homes: 3 Examples With Floor Plans

Mo, 11.12.2017 - 16:28

Dark themes are great for creating a sophisticated looking home. Sometimes though, homeowners who have smaller scale apartments may shy away from darker themes in fear that it may cause their living space to appear more cramped, especially if there isn’t a huge amount of natural light to begin with. However, dark sophisticated decor can work over any room dimensions, just like the rooms of these three apartments that are all approximately just 50 sqm in area. These home tours use charcoal grey walls and dark wood panelling interspersed with white walls and lighter pieces of furniture to break up the deep tones and maintain a spacious look.

Visualizer: Dmitriy Kurilov  

The first of our three dark decor apartment schemes utilises shades of grey to create light and shade across a compact open plan living area. The window does not flood the home with vast amounts of natural sunlight but the instances of stylish modern lighting are well placed around the layout.

The couple who live here have items of humorous artwork on display to further lighten the mood of the home, like this portrait where a serious looking subject is seen to be blowing bubble gum. The long reach of the Flos Mod 265 Wall Lamp places the light source directly over the artwork that is tucked casually behind a pale grey modular sofa.

A decorative vase holds a display of artificial tropical leaves to add a small boost of fresh colour. Accents of gold bring a subtle sheen to the scheme.

Scatter cushions on the sofa are either of a solid deep blue hue or a patterned monochrome design that matches a nearby footstool, and works to lift the look of the small room.

A stone clad wall behind the television matches the lighter tones of the upholstered sofa. The stone comes to a stop at a set of black recessed bookshelves, up against a deep walnut wall.

The dining pendant lights are large and white, providing orbs of bright contrast against a solid wall of rich walnut kitchen cabinets. Modern dining chairs are upholstered in textured dark grey fabric.

The other wall of kitchen base units and wall units are smooth grey. A strip of LED lighting runs beneath the length of the upper cabinets, washing the backsplash with warm white light. The differing colour of cabinet and the lighting effects work in tandem to produce a more spacious effect.

In the entryway, we’re faced with one wall clad in walnut effect where the vertical grain helps the wall appear tall, so enhances the ceiling height.

To the sides, one wall is a reflective black gloss finish and the other is a dividing wall between the entryway and the living room. The dividing wall is a series of open shelving that allows both light and the line of sight to pass straight through it so that the small area does not feel confined.

In the double bedroom we find a second piece of wall art mounted on a charcoal wall. The double bed is upholstered in a light fabric to offset the dark walnut effect behind it.

The curtains obstruct a large amount of natural light in here but a careful artificial lighting plan ensures each area is well lit, like the cool modern floor lamp by the bedside.

The mirrored disc over by the television is in fact a unique wall sconce.

The walk-in wardrobe looks incredibly dramatic in dark tones and soft lighting.

The white ceramics and white vanity unit in the bathroom lighten the scheme.

A heavy concrete planter adorns the light vanity.

Visualizer: Alexander Yukhymets  

Located in Belgium, Antwerpen, the beige floors and stone walls of our second apartment counterbalance rich wood tone here too.

Attractive lighting brightens a shadowy corner.

A decorative candle sits in the centre of the long dining table, ready to create added mood lighting in the evenings.

A simple sheer white curtain divides the bedroom from the living space.

Two bedroom pendant lights decorate the space over each bedside shelf. These are the IC Lights S Pendant lights with copper trim.

The bathroom is clad in pale grey, including the walk-in shower with built-in bench.

Visualizer: Z.Design  

In Novopecherskiy Lipki, our third home uses a much lighter honey toned wood alongside expanses of black and charcoal.

The sofa and armchair have been selected in light upholstery.

Over in the kitchen diner, the dining chairs match the hue of the sofa.

The kitchen itself is made up by a charcoal central island and a bank of exposed kitchen shelving that increases the sense of space.

The kitchen dining table has been butted up against the central island to allow a walkway right around the perimeter of the room. White crockery lightens the dark shelves, and chrome accessories like the modern pitcher brighten the bench.

In the bedroom a herringbone floor adds to the illusion of open space.

Beside a stylish desk chair, a section of the dividing wall between the bedroom and the living quarters is an open shelving arrangement that allows a view straight through.

A huge bedside light is a bright focal point.

An indoor plant adds colour to the scheme.

This bathroom takes leave from the dark decor trend and is awash with pure white. White walls, white ceilings and floors, white shower and contemporary radiator.

Even the unique faucet is simply white with no metallic embellishments.

A little light wood tone links the decor to the other areas of the home, and we see familiar lighting effects to visually warm the scheme.

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Cool Service Alert: A 3D Floor Plan Design Service From Home Designing!

So, 10.12.2017 - 19:04

Instead of featuring a cool product which we normally do at this time of the week, we have something special to announce today – a 3d floor plan design service. What are 3D floor plans? They are top-down 3 dimensional perspective renders of a building like the one you see below:

Who are they for? 3D floor plans are for anyone looking to present a building in the best possible light. They are especially useful for real estate agents or institutions looking to market their listings. Surveys have shown that buyers consider floor plans to be more important than the main image or the summary description when they search for a home. 3D floor plans are basically floor plans on steroids with the added benefits of being more visually engaging and easier to comprehend even for people from a non-architecture background. Are you interested in getting high quality 3d floor plans for your projects at affordable rates? Fill out the form we have here and we will get back to you shortly!


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Modern Mexican Build With Tropical Gardens

Fr, 08.12.2017 - 16:21

Contemporary brick architecture is combined with traditional style stone walls within the build of this house located in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. Put together by AE Arquitectos, the classic parts give a nod to the rich history of Jalisco, because after all, ‘Jalisco es México’. The home utilises vast amounts of planting to feather the sharp edged exterior. A central courtyard has been wrapped in glazed walls, providing lush green tropical decor to the interior of the home. The dominant presence of plants in this home design makes perfect sense with the biodiversity of the Jalisco area, which contains all five of Mexico’s natural ecosystems.

Our first glance of the home shows us right off the bat that this is architecture at the cutting edge, but its linear modern design is juxtaposed somewhat by rustic stone walls that support the upper volumes.

By night we can further appreciate the visual warmth granted by the exterior stonework. We also get a better look at the internal courtyard located on the opposite side of the sprawling open plan living room, kitchen and dining space.

The garden around the outdoor pool is smooth lawn but we can already see moments of planting emerging at the borders and over a stone balcony wall.

Exterior strip lighting runs around the edge of the outdoor swimming pool and along the perimeter of the neatly manicured lawn. Further strips of light trim the set of exterior steps to improve safety underfoot in low lighting conditions. The ground level lighting also provides a cosy glow and makes the outside of the home a usable area throughout the nighttime hours rather than just during the day.

Beyond the length of the swimming pool, the garden is defined by low level chunky stone walls that match the exterior of the home. These are raised flowers beds to provide further opportunity for including a variety of plant species into the garden scheme. The lawn that begins poolside sweeps down through these raised flower beds, creating a soft grassy pathway.

The plants in the raised flower beds, which thrive on the opposite side to the pool and the house, have their own special lighting here too.

For the first time here we can also note that the outdoor swimming pool is not just a long and narrow lap pool but actually an L-shaped design that wraps around the deck. The wooden pool deck has raised stone flower beds adjacent to the outdoor dining area. Opposite we can see that the garden melds into trees. Jalisco has tropical deciduous & thorn forests, tropical evergreen forests, and temperate forests with pine, fir and oak trees, as well as its grasslands, plus arid and semi arid scrublands.

Moving to the interior of this design, it’s possible to see that the classic stone walls continue within. The home has retractable glass walls to enable a seamless indoor-outdoor living style that works perfectly for warm climates. The living room opens fully on both sides, allowing the homeowners to have unrestricted access to the central tropical courtyard and to the garden that includes the pool.

The upstairs of this home is presented as a mezzanine level. Downstairs, furniture materials are all very natural and neutral, allowing the calming natural greenery to be the ultimate focal point.

The internal courtyard has an arrangement of wooden walkways running through the groupings of plants. The level planking is set to encourage short wanders through nature, and creates a place for a calming little pitstop hidden amongst the leaves whilst taking in a breath of fresh air.

Here too we see subtle yet effective use of warm exterior lighting, showcasing the details of a natural beauty spot.

An internal courtyard balcony is decorated with planting to work in tandem with the lower level, creating a dual level courtyard effect. Upstairs we see a change in window style. In contrast to the unobstructed open expanses of glass seen downstairs, the upstairs windows are quite busily framed, in a Colonial style. However the black lattice framing style also creates almost a Japanese Shoji window effect, which in turn adds an unexpected zen garden vibe to the Mexican courtyard.

Rustic stone walls butt right up against expanses of modern brickwork, crashing old into new.

Even the smallest corner of this home is accessorised with an array of potted plants.

The plethora of pants are in harmonious cohabitation with the homeowners, taking up almost equal space in and around the dwelling.

A large stripped back log bench is sandwiched between two gardens, within a warm glass hallway.

A glass balustrade flanks each side of the open tread staircase, ensuring garden views remain unobstructed. An LED illuminates each step. On ascending the staircase we pass by two exposed feature walls; one of traditional stone on the ground floor, followed by modern brick up on the first level.

Outside, behind an explosion of greenery, we can see the stepped composition of the building, with four volumes incrementally moved back.

More trees disguise the modern outlines.

Accent furniture and area rugs predominantly tie in with the traditional flavour of the stone walling rather than the influence of cool contemporary architecture.

The array of wildlife envelops the walls of the home from the top and bottom, like a hug from Mother Nature.

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40 Fabulous Floor Reading Lamps For The Design Conscious

Do, 07.12.2017 - 17:56

Floor standing reading lamps are not just an accessory to a room decor scheme. They can set the style of a living room, be multipurpose task lighting in a home office, or define a cosy reading corner in just about any room. Due to the proportions of tall floor lamps, they appear less as a second class accessory and more a piece of actual furniture. Careful thought goes into selecting a large item of furniture for your home, so choosing the design of a floor lamp should be given due consideration too. We’ve selected 40 fabulous floor reading lamps that we think may light up your life!

$299BUY IT

Serge Mouille Style Floor Lamp: This would be ideal in a mid century modern room scheme, with its slender tripod leg base. Made from carbonized steel and copper, it comes in this matte black colourway with contrasting white shade interior.

$549BUY IT

Serge Mouille Style 3 Arm Floor Reading Lamp: Multi light floor lamps are an ideal solution for a larger home library setup where there might be multiple reading chairs; models like this one are perfect for the job.

$195BUY IT

AJ Style Contemporary White Floor Reading Lamp: Spun steel with a tiltable shade, this was inspired by mid-century design by Arne Jacobsen. Modern floor reading lamps with a quirky shape look right at home in a Scandinavian style setting.

$219BUY IT

Grasshopper Lamp: Black floor reading lamps really stand out. Team a black lamp with other dark accessories like a black framed mirror or a set of black metal shelves.

$750BUY IT

Lean Floor Lamp: The Lean can be selected in either a black or white finish that is subtly distressed to create an industrial look. The arm of the cool floor reading lamp is in raw brass and the detail is rubber.

$1606BUY IT

Foscarini Fork Floor Lamp: The large casual shade of this lamp by Diesel has a patchwork structure to the canvas that, when lit warmly from within, is reminiscent of campsite tents. It also has a stitching style similar to jeans. The joints of the floor lamp make the stand very flexible, and the shade can be rotated 360°.

$463BUY IT

Spar Floor Lamp Replica: Living room reading lamps are in the room most displayed to house guests, and this striking red and black creation would certainly turn heads. If you want to go a step further than this modern replica, the original is available here.


Affordable Energy Efficient 3 Pivot Floor Reading Lamp: LED floor reading lamps are becoming more in demand as people grow more mindful of the environmental effects of energy consumption, and as the monetary costs of consuming energy continually rises. This brushed anodized aluminum design is an affordable lamp that presents a way to help protect the Earth and your bank account.

$435BUY IT

Link Ring Shaped LED Task Floor Lamp: Another of our favourite contemporary floor reading lamps that is fitted with LEDs. LED technology provides brilliantly bright floor reading lamps that are perfect for a shadowy reading corner that is situated out of the reach of a main overhead light. This is also a floor lamp with dimmer, so if the LEDs prove too bright then they can easily be made less dazzling.


Sparq Arc LED Floor Lamp: Arc floor reading lamps are able to reach over a piece of large furniture like a sofa or chunky armchair, in order to better centre the light source over a book or task. Minimalist floor reading lamps like this have no lampshade, so they don’t encroach on your space or decor scheme. This one is dimmable too.


Linear Floor Lamp: This futuristic LED lamp has a cool lightsaber look, perfect for sci-fi fans. This is the Linear Edition of Brightech’s curved Sparq Arc lamp (previous pic). It has a straight 58in wand that displays at a steady angle from a 5ft metal pole that comes in either high-shine silver or gloss black.

$556BUY IT

S7 Snake Like Floor Lamp: Rising from the floor like a snake charmers serpent from its basket. It can also be repositioned thanks to its malleable form that is reshaped by pulling the coils apart, so you could adjust the lamp to be shorter, more coiled or super wavy. The poseable silhouette does not require any tools to adjust it, it’s simply plug and play.

$489BUY IT

De Padova Style Circle Floor Lamp: Looking a little like a long stemmed leaf, this design presents a unique way to light a reading area, or add style over a dining table where there is no ceiling light fixture available.

$744BUY IT

Solveig Floor Lamp: Solveig means ‘path of the sun’ in Swedish, though this may appear more like a satellite or flying saucer rather than the sun – until the gloss white reflector is illuminated. The repoussé sheet steel shade is connected to the black lacquered base by a magnet, allowing the angle of the circular reflector to be modified.

$624BUY IT

Archer Floor Lamp: Wooden floor reading lamps bring a sophisticated look. This one has a chunky beech wood base post, and the shade has a frosted diffuser for minimising glare to provide the user with a comfortable level of light.

$470BUY IT

Tolomeo Reading Floor Lamp: On the back of the Tolomeo table/task that achieved the Compasso d’Oro award for Italian industrial design in 1989, engineering and performance features have been refined to create a new series of models, including this floor model.

$161BUY IT

Adesso Atlas Tall Floor Lamp: Smart outlet compatible, making it furture-proof. Task floor lamps often focus their light on a small concentrated area but this 77in tall design boasts a glow over a larger area.


Floor Reading Lamp With Lampshade: With a classic elevated crane design, this would look at home in any room of the home. The linen textured hanging shade is a neutral tone to fit with just about any colour scheme too.

$258BUY IT

Dramatic Large Floor Lamp: Looking almost like it’s made from metallic tree branches, the bright silver finish contrasts against the black drum shade and dark rectangular base.

$178BUY IT

Scandinavian Style Adjustable White & Wood Floor Lamp: With current trends, scandinavian floor reading lamps are in high demand. This quirky composition would make an interesting addition.

$288BUY IT

Minimalist Style Floor Lamp: A white and wood combo makes up this design too but this time the lamp shade is a more dominant part of the look.


Floor Reading Lamp with Shade: This curvaceous design looks stylish in a living room scheme but would look equally suited to a home office.

$324BUY IT

Carronade 360S Floor Lamp Replica: Due to its smaller stature, this is a less imposing floor lamp. The original design is also available here.

$1340BUY IT

Scantling Floor Lamp: This floor lamp has a matching table lamp available. Both combine on trend geometric shape with a fashionable wood finish.

$150BUY IT

Ikea Ranarp Floor Reading Lamp: Peppered with copper coloured detailing and a monochrome chevron cable.


Black Floor Reading Lamp: Sometimes simple is the way to go. This design melds well with most decor schemes.

$310BUY IT

Contemporary Gold Shade Reading Lamp: Gold floor reading lamps are bang on trend right now and this would make a super chic accent piece.


Ikea Lersta Aluminum Floor Lamp: If you’re on the lookout for a cheap Aluminium floor reading lamp, this is a neat little bargain.

$125BUY IT

Ikea Hektar Oversized Floor Reading Lamp: Pictured left, the Hektar has a bold look that fits with a strong monochrome scheme.

$100BUY IT

Minimalist Narrow Floor Reading Lamp: Its small base can be neatly tucked up close to furniture, or positioned in a tight corner.


Copper Floor Reading Lamp: Minimal and super contemporary with a trendy exposed bulb design. No shade required.


Ikea Jansjo Flexible Gooseneck Floor Reading Lamp: This black gooseneck floor lamp is another shade-free design. Simplistic with no embellishments, it’s a useful addition to a room without distracting from other decor.


Triple Light Conical Reading Floor Lamp: Built-in LEDs mean that you don’t have to worry about changing the bulbs, making it a time, energy and money saver. Although this is a 3 light floor lamp, it has a lightweight composition which means it’s easy to transport between rooms.


Globe Shaped Arc Reading Lamp: This has been a classic shape through the ages and continues in popularity.


Antique Brass Floor Reading Lamp: Antique floor reading lamps look perfect in a study or can bring a little nostalgia to a living room.

$200BUY IT

Oil Rubbed Bronze Metal Finish Floor Lamp: A traditional looking piece, this lamp makes a perfect accompaniment to a classic wing chair. Despite its traditional appearance, it has very modern dimmable LED natural daylight simulation to reduce eye fatigue.


Industrial Style Floor Lamp: Perfect for a loft style apartment.

$356BUY IT

Industrial Style Counter Balance Floor Reading Lamp: This cool creation looks like it belongs in an inventor’s workshop.

$187BUY IT

Modern Arc Globe Floor Lamp: As far as living room reading lamps go, this is one that provides flexibility thanks to a dimmer switch located on the pole that can adjust bright light into mood lighting. Bright floor reading lamps are great when completing tasks but it’s always great to have the option of a softer setting.


Floor Reading Lamp With Dimmer & Adjustable Color Temperature: This lamp pushes the options for atmospheric lighting further. If the 12-levels of brightness and 10-levels of color temperature aren’t enough, it also has a sleep timer and a night light mode.

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A Sleek Modern Home for a Stylish Young Family

Mi, 06.12.2017 - 16:50

When a couple decides to bring children into their family, it’s a transformative experience. Not only will they have another mouth to feed and life to care for, but they will almost certainly need more space. Children need room to create, to play, and to grow while parents need their own space where they can work, relax, and generally enjoy themselves. It can be a challenge for some designers to marry these two needs, but in this home from visualizer Denis Bespalov, it is accomplished. A sleek, modern style winds its way through both the public and private spaces of the home to create a unified style that works equally well for all members of the family.

It should come as no surprise that the main living area of the home is quite open, featuring just a few carefully chosen furnishings, like a unique coffee table and vibrant indoor house plants.

Storage and shelving are a necessity turned chic with the recessed design here. Light wood cabinetry contrasts with the slate gray shelving beautifully.

The oversized floor lamps, one of which is the Arco style floor lamp flank the gray sectional sofa.

The living space opens up to the dining area, which is decorated with modern dining chairs.

The minimalist chairs and very simple table make the room feel that much more spacious and add a sophisticated touch of simplicity.

The home office also has an almost zen-like quality, but still including a unique table lamp which is the Atollo lamp as well as a very stylish desk chair.

The simple desk gets plenty of natural light, which can be a boon to productivity.

Colors like mint green, gray, and white work well with the subtle pattern in the area rug as well as the natural grain of the wood in the door and desk.

Plenty of space in the room is left empty, so perhaps the children could play on the floor while mom or dad works away diligently.

Moving deeper into the private areas of the home, we have a bedroom decorated in plenty of cool tones,

A bit of light is added to the gray on gray design with a bedside lamp, which is the AJ style table lamp. The dark orbs next to the bed are actually bedroom pendant lights, the AIM by Flos.

Cool tones like gray can be especially good for a relaxing night’s sleep.

The idea of recessed shelving also manages to carry through into this bedroom with a recessed television mount.

Overhead, recessed lighting adds to the spotlights of the pendants and bedside lamps.

The en suite bathroom uses an interesting black and white pattern for the tile, as well as a standout toilet paper holder.

A cluster of the IC S Pendant Light design is a very stylish addition to the bathroom decor.

A large deep tub, overhead lighting, and soap and lotion dispensers complete this bathroom in style.

Over the sinks, which feature unique faucets, a round mirror with its own flattering ring light is a wonderful addition.

In another bathroom, wood plays a bigger role in the design.

Against the wood, white tile and porcelain give a chic air.

Recessed shelving continues to appear, here next to the tub for toiletries.

And of course, the kids rooms. A bit of brightness is only natural in these more playful areas.

But turquoise and orange are not allowed to take over, only add accents to white and grays.

This room is another example of how kid’s decor needn’t be cheap or garish to be fun.

In another room, bunk beds and a double desk are a bit more practical than a teepee.

Indeed, bunk beds are one of the most fun ways to incorporate kids’ beds in a design.

And just because double workspaces are a necessity in some family homes does not mean they need to be cluttered.

Recommended Reading: Modern Minimalist Apartment For Young Family

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40 Minimalist Dining Rooms That Will Leave You Hungry to Copy Their Style

Di, 05.12.2017 - 16:33

Like the kitchen, the dining room is an essential gathering place for any home. It’s where families can gather after a long day apart and where guests can break bread with their hosts. The extravagant formal dining rooms of yore that made it difficult to talk to someone at the other end of the table have long since given way to something a bit simpler, where breakfast cereal is more common than a five-course meal. The dining rooms featured here are elegant in their simplicity. The minimalist aesthetic works so well in the dining room because it can create a clear, clean canvas for the tapestry of the next meal that will be shared at the sparse but beautiful table.

Photographer: Jonas Lindström   

As with so many minimalist rooms, white will be a popular color palette in the minimalist dining room. In this Scandinavian style dining room, white walls and concrete floors create a bright, airy space in an industrial-style loft.

Visualizer: Home D  

Lighting should never be neglected in an dining room — these black dining pendant lights match nicely with the black dining table in this otherwise sparsely decorated room.

Visualizer: Artem Bobrov  

Indeed, black modern dining chairs are rather popular in the minimalist dining room.

Visualizer: Stijn Vereeken  

Even taller black chairs like these ones can fit into the minimalist aesthetic, mimicking the lines of the kitchen cabinetry and making the room feel bigger and more open.

Designer: i29 Architects  

Minimalist dining rooms do not have to be devoid of decoration. This space has a creative accent wall with a spattering of creative elements yet remains clean and sleek.

Designer: Tierney Conner Design Studio  

This cozy minimalist dining room leans towards the Scandinavian style with its ocean blue accent pillows and unique light fixture.

Visualizer: Denis Khramov  

Two brands of white Scandinavian style chairs make an appearance in this minimalist dining room: the Panton S sculpted chair and the classic Eames chair.

Designer: Paolo Didonè & Devvy Comacchio  

This tropical-inspired minimalist dining room has a beachy feel from its tile floor to sloped ceiling beams.

Designer: Suzie McAdam  

For a more colorful minimalist dining room, consider subtle shades like sage green, which work nicely with this room’s Similar dining pendants are available here.

Photographer: Christian Gahl   

The light wood Wishbone chairs featured here have that minimalist Scandinavian vibe that is so on trend.

Visualizer: Volma Graphics  

The wood chairs work well in mostly white minimalist designs like this one.

Visualizer: Anastasia Bakurova   

Minimalist line art and a statement area rug make this minimalist living room quite artistic.

Visualizer: Metro Cúbico Digital   

A statement dining pendant can be a great lighting choice in a minimalist dining room.

Designer: Schlicht Lamprecht   

When a large statement dining pendant doesn’t quite work, more subtle pendant lighting combined with recessed lighting can be design-friendly as well as practical. The Eames shell chair is a another stylish addition.

Visualizer: 081 Arch  

Many minimalist dining rooms exist in open floor plan homes, which means their subtle color schemes need to mesh with surrounding areas as well — including the kitchen and dining room.

Designer: Arthur Carvalho Vieira   

A white tile kitchen and light wood dining set make this minimalist dining room quite simple and chic.

Designer: Joanna Kubieniec   

You don’t need a lot of room to make a minimalist dining room with artificial tropical leaves work.

Architect: Benn & Penna   Photographer: Tom Ferguson  

The use of a longer table like this one can elongate a room.

Visualizer: Line Architects  

Lest you think the shell chair is the only Eames option for minimalist, the Eames eiffel base arm chair is another simple and beautiful option.

Visualizer: Vüsal Abbasov   

Minimalist dining rooms can use creative elements like a chalkboard wall to bring in simple, colorful bursts of personality.

Visualizer: Tesla Studio  

The stunning whitewashed floorboards in this minimalist dining room really make the room feel bigger.

Visualizer: AVG  

This dining room just manages to squeak into the minimalist aesthetic with its limited palette and clean lines, but large dining pendants and a huge art piece make this room a bit bolder than some of the others.

Designer: MAArchitects  

The white retro dining chairs in the brightly light room are quite interesting.

Visualizer: Inuti  

When a dining table butts up against the kitchen counter, an easy flow is created. The linear suspension light helps, too.

Visualizer: Vuong Hai Duong  

The wood framed windows and decorative candles give this dining room a bit of a nautical flair.

Visualizer: Lada Kamyshanskaya  

A modern fruit bowl and chandelier give this minimalist dining table a futuristic feel.

Visualizer: Haptic Architects  

Mismatched About A Chair replicas take a minimalist dining room in a bohemian direction.

Visualizer: Emanuela Berardi  

Dark grey is less popular than stark white in minimalist designs, but its a bit gentler than black for a bit of contrast.

Visualizer: Aurélien BRION  

This clean dining room is another example of the flooring creating a visual cue for a bigger seeming room.

Visualizer: Zrobym Architects  

In this colorful minimalist dining room, the Unfold pendant matches the yellow Eames chairs.

Visualizer: Daniel Reuterswärd  

This cozy dining room with a Drop chair definitely has the feeling of hygge — the Scandinavian idea of utter coziness and relaxation.

Photographer: Jonas Lindström  

Picture windows make minimalist design an easy choice because the view does the job of added decorative flourish.

Visualizer: Antonio Rodríguez   

Instead of large windows, this dining room has amazing geometric ceilings as its design focal point.

Visualizer: Michal Nowak  

The sculpted dining chairs in this modern minimalist black and white dining room have a certain 1980s flair to them.

Visualizer: VN Studio  

On the other side of the coin is this rustic-inspired minimalist dining room.

Visualizer: Alexander Korobka  

The way that the legs on these dining chairs are exactly parallel to the legs of the dining table is the stuff of a minimalist’s dreams.

Visualizer: Cecilia Corda  

This bright white minimalist dining room includes indoor plants as well as an herb planter for added color.

Visualizer: Kseniia D  

This dark minimalist dining room includes an unfinished wood table as well as a minimalist framed print.

Visualizer: Rue Temple  

A dark industrial dining room can still be minimalist.

Visualizer: Andi Buftea  

Finally, mismatched woods and minimalist furnishings that can expand for company make this cozy dining room a cute and practical choice.

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Home Designing Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Mo, 04.12.2017 - 16:38

It’s that time of year again – and the clock is ticking. Signs scream Christmas deals, tinsel covers everything, and Mariah Carey and Jingle Bells are belting on the radio. There’s so much noise but – if you could stop and think – you know you’d find all your friends and family’s favourite pressies. We’ve put a together a list of our top – and often most unusual – picks for gifts we’ve featured, for perusal during your downtime. Whether you’re buying for an architect, a germophobe, a fitness freak or all three, there’s a bit of Christmas cheer for everyone in our list.

$295BUY IT

Copper Pipe Desk Lamp: Give the gift of a copper desk lamp no one else has. Wound intricately in triangles around an idea lightbulb, the contours of this fixture keep everyone guessing.

$190BUY IT

Peacock Wall Sconce: Have a friend that likes to show off? Celebrate their inner peacock, with this muted aluminium piece that soon shows its glowing feathers.

$140BUY IT

Levitating Light: Know someone close that’s wrapt by magic? A levitating lightbulb will have them entertained for hours. Using magnetic force and power induction, this bulb hovers off its board cable and battery-free.


Paper Light Boxes: For a magical look that’s not based on science, these paper light boxes paint a picture. Depicting the streets of Venice or mermaids rising to the moon, these dimmable finds help make kids’ bedrooms look pretty.

$142BUY IT

Modern Menorah: Hold Jewish heritage? Make your Christmas traditional and modern at the same time, with these handmade wooden menorahs boasting nine candle holders.

$154BUY IT

Octopus Lantern: What better surprise at Christmas than an iron octopus? Made from a compound with aluminium and bronze, this eight-legged creature lights up three lanterns.


Tabletop Zen Garden: Love someone with a hectic workplace? Gift them a way to calm down, with this table-top zen garden. The secrets of the Japanese can help rake their worries away.


Levitating Air Bonsai Pot: Combine levitation and nature in one stylish piece. Connected to a power source, this magnetic wooden base and pot lift your plants to new dimensions.


Artistically Hand-Sculptured Candles: Looking for more cool candles than the shops can supply? These decorative finds, handmade in Israel, come in a variety of colours and festive themes. Get yours engraved with names or special Christmas cheer.


Rocket Lemon Squeezer: Tight on budget? This cute lemon squeezer made from solid beech wood is a great gift for new friends.

From $40BUY IT

Damascus Steel Knives: For the friend or family member who loves all things cowboy, these Damascus knives are hard to pass up. Crafted in steel with engraved patterns down their sides, they fold back into pouches for your cowboy’s holster.

From $69BUY IT

Evercut Furtif Knives: Have a budding chef with a set of blunt knives? Sharpen up their cooking time, with this set of five unique knife gifts in black.


Cutting Board With Storage: Tired of onion and garlic taking up your whole board? Secret them in drawers underneath, with this bamboo design more cutting boards should emulate.

$250BUY IT

Peacock Teapot: Know someone just crazy about peacock home decor? Add to their collection with this hand-painted teapot, a dazzling blue and floral find crafted in porcelain.


Handmade Sculptural Yixing Teapot: For the teapot lover in your life, this Chinese stone find is the height of exotica. Handmade with a mineral deposit rock found near Yixing, Jiangsu, these special tippers make your tea sweeter and sweeter with every cup, as its natural deposits inject flavour over time. Check out our website for more teapot-related gifts.


Superhero Shelves: Books really can save the day. Find your gifts for book lovers with these superhero shelves, a visual wonder on your wall in painted black metal.


Mermaid Cups: Have a daughter that loves things under the sea? Buy her mermaid gifts she can enjoy all year round, with these decorated cups in a variety of poses.

$145BUY IT

Smart Tea Coffee Mug: For the person who has everything, unique coffee mugs are the way to go. This ceramic mug is remotely-controlled, keeping your coffee or tea at just the temperature you like it. Pre-set different drinks to different temperatures, or different lights to different drinks, to keep your morning beverage exciting.

$112BUY IT

Smart Wifi-Controlled Coffee Maker With Amazon Alexa: In love with a coffee addict? Make creating their brew deliciously easy. Controllable from an app on your phone, you can pre-set coffee temperatures, order beans, keep the coffee hot for hours and even order a brew – with your voice only – using Amazon’s Alexa.


Contemporary Double-Walled Champagne Flutes: Don’t want the standard flutes at your Christmas table? Buy these double-walled creations, for a conversation piece that’s hard to knock over.


BenShot Shot Glass: Worried Christmas conversations might get heated? Keep your drinks bullet-protected, with these American-made shot glasses.


Magnetic Travel Globe: Can’t find good gifts for travellers? This magnetic globe could end your mall trips. Available in tan or traditional blue finishes, its thirty magnetic markers keep track of where they’ve travelled– without the map holes or rips to ruin it.


Dragon Claw Goblet: Looking for Game of Thrones gifts instead? This replica of the chalice Measter Cressen and Melisandre drank from can make your home the new Dragonstone.


Architect Wine Holder: New gifts for architects are not always easy to come by. This recycled steel and copper holder provides a warm welcome after a hard day’s work.


Funny Doormat: Break the ice with some funny door mats. An introverted friend or colleague could receive this coco palm fibre find under their tree.

$232BUY IT

Reclaimed Wooden Wall Art: Buy wooden wall decor for your daughter or son’s new home. These reclaimed pieces, each made in the States, add patterning and Christmas cheer to undecorated walls.

$135BUY IT

Lawa 3D Wooden Wall Clock: Is your kitchen wall clock looking a bit tired? Some wooden wall clocks could appear under your tree. Designed by famed Danish architects Ewa Bryzek and Allen Shakir, they’re available in black, white or solid oak.

$130BUY IT

Amazon Echo Spot Clock: Married to someone who never likes to leave the bed? This smart clock has everything they need, at the push of a button. Call anyone hands-free, browse and listen to audiobooks, stream music from Pandora and Spotify, and control all your smart household appliances with this alarm clock disguise.

$800BUY IT

Roomba 890: Love someone who loves to clean? Get them a robot they can control from their smartphone. This nifty little piece dodges tangling, navigates corners and automatically recharges to keep their home spick and span.

$273BUY IT

Apple Watch Series 3: For the family member always tracking their fitness, this Apple watch is the next step. Its built-in GPS system is water-resistant and features a heart-rate sensor, altimeter, dual-core processor and microphone.

$148BUY IT

Fitbit Alta: Don’t have an iPhone? This Android option is one of the most stylish bands on the market. Dodging the clunkier look of smart watch rivals, it can measure your quality of sleep, continuously track your heart rate and operate at 30,000 feet.


Microbot Push: Help your tech-head make their appliances smarter. This white gadget presses buttons and switches and manages their timers, remotely controlling everything from their garage door to air conditioner.

$549BUY IT

DJI Smart Drone Camera: Never take a bad photo again. This drone camera captures the sights your adventurous partner is always angling to see.


Motion-Activated LED Lights: Always waking for trips to the bathroom or pantry? Gift your partner better sleep, with a motion-activated light that glows the darkened floor. With a shut-off light timer and two separate sensors, there’s no need to wake them up again.


Voice-Activated Owl Night Lamp: Gift your child a more comforting bedtime. This voice-activated night lamp turns on only when they speak, and shuts off only when they’re silent.

$150BUY IT

Huzi Cosmos Collection: Have a little one intrigued by outer space? This solid beech wood toy set with magnets built-in constructs a planet, lander, satellite, rocket and shuttle.

$100BUY IT

Ring Video Doorbell: Want to see who’s coming to dinner? See them from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet or PC, where a HD video shows their face. A two-way audio system and instant doorbell alerts provide added protection.

$160BUY IT

Petzi Treat Cam: Love someone who loves their pet even more? Connect them to their pet anywhere and anytime, with this video camera that dispenses treats.


Cat Caves: Looking for something a bit less spendy? These cat caves can surprise and delight the most discerning of cat owners. Get their felt forms in a variety of colours.

$1,298BUY IT

Samsung Frame TV: Buy a Christmas gift for all the family. This beautiful TV offers high-definition viewing when it’s on, a gallery of curated art pieces when it’s off. Choose from a wood, black, white or metal frame for your latest feature – or look at a Meural TV if you need a cheaper option.

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A Sprawling Modern Home in Bangkok

Fr, 01.12.2017 - 16:15

When every member of a family has a space for themselves that reflects their personality, a house is just more comfortable. Of course, an expansive floorplan and high end interior design are certainly helpful, but it is the personalities that are imbued in the different rooms, while still maintaining a unifying feel, that really make this house stunning. While Bangkok may be best known for its busy streets and frantic pace, this house is a serene sliver of life. And from the architects at ForX Design Studio and photographer Tinnaphop Chawatin, we’re allowed to step inside and explore the luxury.

Starting with the exterior of the house, the design embodies luxury and space.

Two stories with the second level cantilevered out over a back deck gives a stunning impression from the street.

The second level has its own outdoor space as well.

An intimate chat poolside is still possible, despite the square footage.

Of course, another couple may be having a similar chat just behind you and you’ll never hear a word.

From the outside, you can enter the house through a outdoor stairwell, perfect for Bangkok’s warm weather.

Once inside, it’s easy to see the modern luxury theme that the interior latches onto.

The public spaces of the building are unsurprisingly quite spacious, with large, luxurious furnishings.

These spaces also adhere to a mostly neutral color scheme, as evidenced by this black and copper kitchen and dining area.

Springs of green make for an unsubtle contrast to the dark colors of this particular room.

Moving into the private areas of the home, neutral continues to reign in this gray bedroom.

A private workspace includes simple but luxurious details.

In another living area, a gold chandelier and more plush furniture indicate a love for comfort and class.

Warm brown leather makes for a tasteful and timeless sofa.

Another dining space is a bit warmer with wood providing contrast to black fixtures.

Of course, the outdoors also plays an important role with large windows and sliding doors making access easier.

In another bedroom, more gray, this time put alongside its companions of black and white.

The bedroom is comfortable and modern if not bursting with personality.

An adjacent room is a bit softer in tone with overhead lighting casting a warm and inviting glow over the space.

And what home office area would be complete without some version of an Eames chair?

Color hasn’t been banned from this home, as we can see in this playful blue bedroom sporting superhero themed decor.

Exposed Edison lightbulbs are a trendy addition, too.

For a more rustic vibe, this living area includes an antler chandelier — giving it a decidedly different tone from the gold fixtures we already saw.

Pressed flowers make for a feminine and artistic touch.

Color comes into play again with this lovely teal space that takes full advantage of natural light.

A pink bedroom is not exactly a rare sight, but a repetition of the exposed bulbs and some scalloping on the headboard make it a pretty one.

Where pink can feel too young to some, a vibrant purple has some of the same feminine beauty while being a touch more grown up.

The exterior greenery of this space cannot be overstated.

Careful landscaping matches with the natural greenery of the locale.

Trees and sidewalks make for a welcoming space surrounding the home.

A creative use of grass makes things a bit more interesting than solid slabs of sod.

Paving stones add an artistic and practical element.

Outdoor gathering spaces go beyond the poolside chairs to gazebos and even suspended stones that dangle over moats.

At night time, there is no substitute for a quiet night by the pool.

In the shadow of this beautiful house, nothing could be more relaxing.

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50 Stunning Sculptural Chairs That Act As Artistic Centrepieces

Do, 30.11.2017 - 16:15

Ever felt your interior could look more artistic? There’s a piece of furniture that’s as functional as it’s creative – the sculptural chair. Crafted out of acrylic, bamboo, corrugated cardboard, wicker cane or wood, these chairs are designed – by famed designers across the globe – to surprise and delight your senses. As concepts in exhibitions or working prototypes, many of these chairs are not for sale – but don’t let that hinder their intent for inspiration. See how stretched ash wood can wrap around a person’s frame. Imagine turning the pages on 220 blueberry-shaped balls. Imagine interior style differently, with our top 50 list of innovative, sculptural chairs.

Designer: UUfie  

Peacock L Chair: Let your inner peacock shine. These chairs, first designed in 2011, create drama and effect in stretched acrylic composite. Take a pretty seat upon them to satisfy your inner king or queen.

Designer: UUfie  

Peacock S Chair: Looking for your little princess? These coloured versions, stretched a little less in size, form a kid’s chair all the neighbours will envy.

$3,301BUY IT

Platner Chair: Complement your interior with a classic. Designed in 1962 by design great Warren Platner, this chair shows steel wire innovation, with as many as 1,000 welds per piece. Finished in bright nickel or 18-carat plated gold, choose a cover in knoll velvet, boucle or leather – or find cheaper replicas here.

Designer: He Mu and Zhang Qian  

Sunflower Chair: Build a veritable library around your chair. This circular seat lets you pick a book from every angle.

Designer: Marc Venot  

Quetzal Chair: Love pillows? Surround yourself with 14. Named after the glorious Central American quetzal, French designer Marc Venot changes the colour of its feathers – or pillows – by simply turning them over.

Designer: Nina Bruun  

Nest Chair: Create a human nest. Inspired by the world’s chaos, Nina Bruun’s birch straps fold under and around a comfy seat in the centre.

Designer: Carl Durkow  

Narl Chair: Want your feet to touch the ground? Don’t buy this chair. Developed to take us back to a childhood state, this polystyrene foam and wool felt creation was a NYCxDesign student award winner.

Designer: Mast  

Manta Chair: Stretch out and relax. Named after the manta ray, this seat sits you not quite straight, not quite fully down.

Designer: Jakob Jørgensen  

Barca Lounge Chair: Fall into Thumbelina’s modern-day cradle. Made from oak, plastic and metal, this seat curves around your form like a wooden leaf, folding down to a flat-pack when it comes time to move.

Designer: Bae Se-hwa  

Steam 11 Chair: Bent through an innovative use of steam, South Korean designer Bae Se-hwa makes his seats out of walnut. This chair’s prismatic lines symbolise the push and pull between man and environment.

Designer: Branca Lisboa   

Shell Chair: Want a shell in birch plywood? This stylish design comes with four natural cotton or leather cushions. Get it for your interior here.

Designer: Robert Van Embricqs  

Rising Chair: Up, up and away! Handmade, numbered and signed, this stunning piece lifts to form a chair, folding back down afterwards to a slatted mat.

Designer: Marc Newson  

Wood Chair: Originally designed for an Australian crafts council, this slatted beech wood chair is as much focal design piece as it is ‘double-curved’ seat. Place it beside a window to watch the light stream through.

Designer: AE Superlab  

Diwani Chair: Want a rocking chair that doesn’t look old? Inspired by Arabic Diwani calligraphic script, this chair of the same name cradles your form in natural white birch or plywood.

Source: Piegatoo  

Pipa Chair: 26 sections of laminated banak wood create this seemingly one-piece chair. Pick it up for your living room in eight different shades.

Designer: Alexander White  

Monroe Chair: Even chairs try to mimic Marilyn Monroe. 83 components swivel on a single axis, replicating Monroe’s classic pose over a New York City subway.

Designer: Velichko Velikov  

Evolve Chair: Almost a prototype, this chair literally bends over backwards to accommodate your form.

Designer: Kishimoto  

Saji Chair: Think wood couldn’t form a teardrop? Think again. Bent ash veneer sits on black-painted steel, creating a feature chair that works by itself or behind a dining table.

Designer: Glid  

Carnaval Chair: Encapsulate Carnaval. This chair’s ‘warm and festive spirit’ results in one smooth curve and a seat of fabric cords.

Designer: Stéphane Leathead  

Exocet Chair: Twist and turn it any way you please. Rotating on a central axis, this chair lets you lie down and sit in a variety of poses. Available in white oak, cherry, walnut, maple and Mozambique.

Designer: Kishimoto  

Yumi Chair: Create your own cocoon. This chair in ash wood and steel encloses your senses and builds a safe haven.

Designer: Joseph Walsh  

Enignum III Chair: Base your back on a seat of satin. Stripped olive ash wood mingles with copper and silk, creating a seating option that screams artistic masterpiece.

Designer: Frank Gehry   $1,175BUY IT

Wiggle Side Chair: Designed by famed architect Frank Gehry, this corrugated cardboard chair wriggles under your backside.

Designer: Ventury Labs  

Sculpture Carbon Chair: Want it in black? Get something similar to Gehry’s, with this ribbon-bottomed chair made of textured carbon.

Designer: Jolyon Yates  

Savannah Rocker III: Another rocking chair in a contemporary design, this birch-clad and satin-lacquered piece works well in a Scandinavian interior.

Designer: Kamil Kurka   

Moebius Chair: Available in wood and white or mint green and silver, this innovative pod is supported by its ‘X’ in front.

Designer: Made In Ratio   $3,180BUY IT

Cowrie Chair: Able to rock a child or stand still, these unique chairs by Australian designer Brodie Neill were inspired by the beached seashells that adorned his childhood. Pick one up in light or dark wood, or black.

Designer: Simone Cappellanti  

Calla Chair: Love calla lilies? Buy a chair that pays homage, with these beautiful seats in a range of modern shades.

Designer: Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen  

Bamboo Chair: Re-live your South-East Asian holiday with a chair in bamboo. This sturdy and environmentally-friendly medium can stretch its form to many ideas, such as this easy-to-build and easy-to-collapse sculptural phenomenon.

Designer: Alexander Christoff  

Active Sitting Chair With Gymnastic Ball: Why not be ergonomic, while you’re at it? This elegant, high-backed chair features a red-upholstered gym ball as its seat. Your posture will thank you later.

Source: Riva  

Globe Chair: Take two work desks out of your chair. Italian designer Paolo Nava created them out of solid cedar, finishing them off by hand.

Designer: Finn Stone   Source: Made In Design   

Ball Chair: Want a chair that’s a bit more durable? Made in ABS plastic, these cute pods come in many different colours, and work indoors or out. Their highly-lacquered finishes ensure no bumps or scratches.

Designer: Lina Bo Bardi   Source: Arper  

Bowl Chair: Sometimes, nothing can beat a bowl. These handcrafted chairs are limited to a run of 500, and come in your choice of black leather or seven different-coloured fabrics.

Designer: OdesD2  

Q1 Lounge Chair: Be shockingly geometric. This white chair carries the angles of a diamond and the cushioning of a couch.

Designer: Carlo Colombo  

Blueberry Chair: Lie in luxury on a bed of blueberries. 220 balls of crush-proof polyurethane create several layers of comfort, while a wooden structure lifts it up inside scratch-proof ABS. Buy it for yourself in white and red, or full black.

Designer: Nendo  

Black Line Chair: Go back to basics. Showcased in London’s Saatchi Gallery, this minimalist find mimics sketches on a notepad, and turns them 3D. Its simple lines give weight and volume to the spaces in-between.

Designer: Kenneth Cobonpue  

Yoda Chair: Rattan, nylon and steel comprise this original seat, an almost-tribal design which brings the garden inside.

Designer: Philipp Aduatz  

Spoon Chair: Philipp Aduatz used polymer and car paint to create this over-sized spoon, a technical marvel inspired by the contours of a leaf.

Designer: Ignacio Ruiz  

Seniora Fork Chair: Prefer forks? Get yours in wood and seat them around a dinner table, with these bold pieces from Mexican designer Ignacio Ruiz.

Designer: Alexander Nettesheim  

Auslaufmodel: Black, white and minimalist, these simple pod chairs would look a treat in an office.

Designer: Maximo Riera  

Octopus Chair: Looking for the latest addition to your octopus decor? Designer Maximo Riera carves chairs out of animals, and this quilted octopus is no exception. Check out his collection to see more walruses, rhinos, hippos, elephants, beetles and buffaloes.

Designer: Jean-Pierre Martz  

Tube Chair: Like the look of tubes? Make a chair in their shape. These finds come with outers in light wood or acrylic, and a variety of coloured cushions sold as their centre.

Designer: Natalie Musorina  

Torsion Chair: Buy a chair that’s both beautiful and practical. This white rocking chair won Silver in the A’Design Awards for its innovative plywood and fabric-thread form. Its nifty 7kg base can hold up to 15 times its weight.

Designer: Hans Wegner  

Circle Chair: Buying for the beach house? Made in oak or ash, these accent chairs designed by a 72-year-old man are covered with vegetable-tanned leather, which creates its own hue from its time in the sun.

Source: The Family Love Tree  

Love Chair: Want a peacock-themed decor piece that’s a bit less obvious? Available in black, white or brown, its splayed back is the perfect setting for your sweetheart.

Designer: Benjamin Hubert  

Cradle Chair: Love the feel of hammocks, but not their look? These chairs have the best of both worlds, with a back in polyester and a seat in wood and powder-coated steel.

Designer: Verner Panton   $80BUY IT

Panton S Chair: It wouldn’t be a list of the world’s best chairs without the Panton S. Injection-molded polypropylene creates one long-line form that’s stood the test of time.

Source: Zuco  

Little Perillo Chair: Like the form, but not the matter? These understated seats come in your choice of fabric or acrylic tops, wooden or metal legging.

Source: Artisan  

Neva Chair: Classic designs can be the longest running. The simple contours of this wooden chair can befriend any interior.

Source: Morelato  

Genny Armchair: Ash wood creates an airy frame worthy of any household. Choose your seat’s covering to make this flexible design your own.

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40 Minimalist Kitchens to Get Super Sleek Inspiration

Di, 28.11.2017 - 16:19

For so many families, the kitchen is a focal point of the home. Not only do parents spend hours each week cooking, children sidle up to the kitchen bar for after-school snacks or even to do homework. The importance of the kitchen in everyday activities means that it can feel uncomfortable to simplify the space so that it meets with minimalist aesthetics. After all, where is the warmth of a stark which countertop or a monochromatic kitchen island? Still, the kitchens featured in this post manage to not only incorporate the necessary appliances and seating that is required of a kitchen, they also ensure that each space is imbued with its own sense of style. Take a look and find some inspiration for your next simplification project.

Visualizer: Filip Sapojnicov  

The color white will be a theme throughout this post, starting with this first kitchen. White is an easy way to convey minimalism as it immediately feels clean and simple.

Designer: Piotr Matuszek & Gosia Czarny  

In an open floor plan like this one, a white minimalist kitchen design overflows into the rest of the public space, which also uses white on white as a unifying style.

Visualizer: Filip Sapojnicov  

Minimalist black and white kitchens are another common sight, with the contrast in shades adding a contemporary feel.

Designer: Zitturi  

Of course, where minimalism is at play, the combination of white and wood cannot be far behind. Here, a white kitchen sets off a deep red wood dining table to great effect.

Visualizer: Robby Brymer  

A white subway tile backsplash is very on trend. For more examples of stunning white on white designs, be sure to check out 30 Modern White Kitchens That Exemplify Refinement.

Visualizer: Alex Dorokin  

A minimalist kitchen does not have to be complete devoid of color. In this simple design, bits of color in the way of natural wood, yellow, and red manage to shine through.

Visualizer: Ilkin Gurbanov  

This next example is even more colorful with deep sage green cabinetry and a mustard yellow refrigerator. Minimalist kitchen design, after all, is not about color but about clean lines and clutter-free organization.

Visualizer: Orange Graphics  

In this lovely kitchen, minimalist shelving keeps kitchen necessities liked mugs and bowls tucked away neatly but also easy to reach when they are needed.

Designer: Zunica  

The furniture that’s used in a kitchen also plays a critical role in its overall style. Here, black minimalist kitchen stools match nicely with the simple pendant lighting for a modern, unified look.

Visualizer: Phil Ryan  

A good minimalist kitchen design maximizes the space available, as evidenced in this simple, wood kitchen.

Visualizer: P&M Studio  

In another example of stylish white and wood kitchens, this space has a bit more square footage but still defaults to simplicity.

Visualizer: Patricia Bagienski  

The use of levels is another minimalist design technique. Here, the kitchen is elevated above the living area and shelving continues the stair step effect.

Visualizer: Ivanna Pavlus & Anna Neiman  

A minimalist kitchen can also make unique accessories stand out, as with the unique kitchen stools in this space.

Visualizer: Orange Graphics  

Moving into some darker options, this copper and black minimalist kitchen is almost futuristic in its style.

Visualizer: Marina Selivanova  

But a white minimalist kitchen with high shelves and black appliances can have its own futuristic appeal, too.

Designer: Yael Perry  

Indoor plants are a welcome addition to white on white kitchen design, adding both color and texture.

Visualizer: M3 Architecture  

In marble kitchens like this one, the cool, smooth surfaces and minimalist decor scream luxury.

Visualizer: Plasterlina  

In another colorful example, a bright yellow backsplash creates contrast and joy against the black minimalist kitchen design.

Architect: Zoom Architecture  

Another example of yellow accent kitchens that work is this, which uses white as its neutral contrast rather than black.

Visualizer: Inuti  

Among black and white kitchens, this one is particularly sparse in its design.

Visualizer: Modom Studio  

Against the white design, the large, unique dining pendant light becomes a centerpiece in this open home.

Architect: Project A01 Architects  

The geometric minimalist kitchen island in this design is extremely unique.

Visualizer: Anastasia Andryushchenko   

White and wood cabinetry in this kitchen create almost a dip dyed effect.

Visualizer: 3D World Renderings  

This white and wood kitchen also features an island and stainless steel appliances.

Visualizer: Dark Room Studio  

Some, but not all, Scandinavian style kitchens also have elements of minimalism like this one.

Designer: Arent & Pyke  

For an artistic minimalist kitchen design, it would be hard to do better than this white design with bright red and green accents.

Visualizer: Artyom Bezfamilniy  

Open cabinets force minimalist kitchens to stay clean while a red contrast shelving unit brings in a bit of brightness.

Visualizer: Marcin Kasperski  

Some small minimalist kitchens are clean and simple by requirements, as this colorful but small space can attest.

Architect: 3XA  

And going even smaller is this narrow minimalist kitchen that no doubt sits somewhere close to a city center.

Visualizer: Kuoo Architects  

An all white design is how this narrow minimalist kitchen keeps from getting too cramped

Designer: Pura Arquitectura  

The exposed wood beams in this kitchen give it a bit of a rustic feel, considering its otherwise minimalist style.

Designer: Batavia  

A window to the outside can also be quite helpful when designing for a small kitchen like this one.

Visualizer: Brainfactory  

Minimalist design does not have to preclude luxuries like an eat-in kitchen, as seen here.

Designer: Helen Baranova    Visualizer: Vitaliy Bozhenov  

When a kitchen is open to any visitor, simple colors like white and wood, plus cabinets that hide clutter, can be the best choice.

Source: Paul M  

This minimalist kitchen with island is actually quite large, demonstrating that minimalist does not have to equal tiny.

Visualizer: Insight Studio  

Creative minimalist kitchen storage underneath the island in this design is clever and practical.

Visualizer: SOD Architects  

In another black on black design option, open minimalist shelving forces homeowners to pare down.

Visualizer: Mitaka Dimov  

This dark kitchen appears to contrast with the rest of the house, going from black to white rather abruptly. The result is chic if a bit jarring.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

Lighting underneath the cabinetry and inside the shelving gives this dark minimalist kitchen a rather ethereal feel.

Visualizer: Polyviz Studio  

And here, a final example of just how stunning minimalist black kitchens can be, particularly when they make use of natural wood elements as well.

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Bold Colour Scandinavian Twists

Mo, 27.11.2017 - 16:49

If we were to think of the elements that typically make up a contemporary Scandinavian home design, we most commonly would think of light pine furniture set within a crisp white washed room. Snowy soft furnishings and pale window dressings, accessorised with cool monochrome artwork. Sometimes though, Scandinavian design likes to shake things up with some really bright bits! These two home tours have Scandinavian-style interiors that do indeed pop with those such bold colour pieces, and some exciting pattern clashes too (but don’t worry, we still get to revel in a good amount of modern pine furniture and our familiar fresh white decor).

Visualizer: Oleg Mints   

In our first home, green and yellow seating and home accessories furnish the living room. Potted plants and botanical art prints match the nature tones. A pine topped entertainment unit, coffee tables and simple pine wall shelves keep the look distinctly Scandinavian. Find more colourful decor in these examples of a yellow accent Scandinavian interior.

Geometric pattern covers the curtains in striking monochrome.

A cozy area rug has been laid over light wood plank flooring.

Two ceiling pendants are a style mix of industrial and retro. The floor lamp creates a good reading spot.

A dividing wall between the living room and hallway is made of glass, framed in black.

A Swiss cross throw and scatter cushions decorate the sofa.

Each surface holds knick-knacks in colour coordinated hues of the room.

A couple of geometric monochrome cushions tie in with the bold curtain fabric behind. The set of coffee tables are abundantly accessorised with decorative vases and candles.

In the hallway, the floor is tiled in eye-catching gold, grey, black and white pattern. A menagerie of hallway furniture provides storage. A bench keeps the shoes tidy, and a wall hung drawer beneath the mirror is a place to stash gloves and keys. Stylish wall hooks hold the coats.

Directly by the patterned floorway, geometric paper covers one wall. The pattern is distinctly different to that of the floor and yet, because of the similar colourway of the two designs, they work in busy harmony. A full length mirror reflects the scene.

A rattan umbrella basket matches the pinewood furniture and complements the golden tone in the tiles. The cushioned seat of the shoe bench picks out the grey parts in the pattern.

In the kitchen there are three colours of units. Base units are ice-white, head-height cupboards are knotty pine, and higher cabinets are mellow yellow.

Two dining pendant lights brighten up the eating area.

The geometric wallpaper from the hallway continues in the kitchen, creating a feature behind the dining table. Two white wall shelves are mounted on black triangular brackets that match perfectly with the angular design of the print.

Beneath the bottom shelf, a set of hooks provide a place to hang a collection of mugs or teacups close to the table.

The backsplash is a geometric design too. Black grout accentuates the angular lines.

The faucet is a contemporary black and copper spouted design.

In the bedroom we find a bed upholstered in a similar green fabric to the sofa in the lounge.

A navy and white star rug warms the floor around the bed. Large bedroom pendant lights like this one make a great central feature in the room.

Two walls are papered with a tree design in a natural woody tone.

The gold colour of the wallpaper’s tiny stars is picked out in gold art prints. The wall art follows the forest theme, depicting inner rings of cut tree logs, and a bird’s lost feather. Side tables follow the monochrome geometric design thread, with a drawer front pattern like that observed on the kitchen backsplash.

A stylish desk chair sits at a work area on the far side of the room, making this a combined sleep space and home office. A yellow lamp sits on the desktop, completing a repeat of the colour combination created in the living room.

In the bathroom we find more of the patterned tile that began in the home entryway. The wall tiles are of a plain design, in contrasting sections of grey and white.

The walk in shower is also clad in elaborately patterned tile.

A wall hung vanity unit helps the room feel more spacious by revealing floor space underneath.

Shiny chrome fixtures work with the pearlised wall tiles, and grey tones in the floor.

The boxing over the toilet acts as a shelf.

Visualizer: Wertikal Constructions  

A vivid turquoise sofa takes centre stage in our second home tour. Two matching floor lamps sit either side of it, whilst a faux deer head watches over the room.

Two round pine coffee tables match the deer head and entertainment unit. The natural tone makes a nice light relief from the bright turquoise and strong monochrome pattern of the other furniture.

A sputnik style light matches other black elements in the room.

Unique wall sconces on either side of the turquoise headboard wall provide reading light.

Except for one cushion, every other element in the bedroom scheme is grey, black or white so as not to overpower the room with colour.

The pendant light matches the wall sconces.

The hallway is a chic monochrome design with just a couple of accents to give a nod to the turquoise colourway found in the rest of the home.

A set of turquoises vases and one turquoise stool is enough to carry the palette through.

In the bathroom, just a couple of towels fly the turquoise flag.

The monochrome tile matches the design in the entry hall.

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