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22 Beautiful Breakfast Nooks That Add To Your Kitchen’s Charm

Di, 13.06.2017 - 18:07

There is no question that how you start your day can set the tone for how the rest of your day goes. While our mothers have long told us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, too many modern families rush through it or skip it altogether. But with a beautiful place to drink a cup of coffee and nibble on something nutritious, it becomes that much easier to start your day with clarity and calm. The breakfast nooks featured in this post all show different ways that you can bring this kind of beauty and tranquility into your own morning.

Architect: Marmol Radziner  

This expansive kitchen leaves plenty of room for a large and comfortable breakfast nook. The deeply colored glossy wood is enveloping while large windows open up into nature for a unique, charming experience.

Visualizer: Vlad Muresan  

Of course, you don’t need an enormous kitchen to reap the benefits of a breakfast nook. Here, a little splash of sunny yellow and a couple of stools make for the perfect place to start the morning.

Designer: Erin King Interiors  

A highly modern take on the breakfast nook, the pattern on the bench cushions is eye catching while plenty of natural light sets the scene for a beautiful morning.

Designer: NBR  

In a home with less space, creative storage is a must. This breakfast nook has carefully designed seating that slips underneath a fold out table when not in use. A lack of space does not have to mean sacrificing something so lovely as a breakfast nook if you know how to get creative.

Visualizer: Image Box Studio  

The spacious nook in this bright and stylish home uses colorful accents, industrial style lighting, and cute details like a chalkboard wall for a truly personal feel.

Visualizer: Vlad Muresan  

In an open concept design it can be difficult to find places to escape. This breakfast nook not only has a bit of whimsy with its “EAT” table but also allows a moment of retreat with its cozy recessed bench area.

Designer: NC2 Architecture  

The bright white design of this kitchen and nook is the pinnacle of modern. Chrome and wood accents complete the stunning, chic look.

Visualizer: Kframe  

By nestling this breakfast nook against an enormous window, this design guarantees plenty of sunny breakfasts. The cozy bench and modern dining chairs complete the pretty design.

Visualizer: Nghia Vu  

Although this kitchen doesn’t have as much space as some of the other on this list, with the right modern furniture and layout, it is still possible to squeeze in a comfortable breakfast nook.

Visualizer: Viarde  

Less of a nook, this breakfast area is more of an extension of the kitchen counter, making it both cute and practical in case of a need for extra prep space.

Visualizer: Victor Serdobintsev  

White and wood kitchens always have a special air of sophistication and this one is no exception. The creative white wire chairs are especially intriguing in this design.

Visualizer: 4th Light  

You don’t need a family to make good use of a breakfast nook. Space for two is romantic and practical. The unique kitchen bar stools are idea for a grown up design like this one.

Visualizer: Image Box Studio  

From the chevron wood flooring to the scandinavian style chairs this breakfast nook has a unique sunny, warm appeal.

Visualizer: Svitlana Petelko  

While many of the nooks featured here are decidedly modern, this heavier romantic style is also lovely. It is easy to imagine spending an afternoon tea nestled into this particular nook.

Visualizer: Alexey Saylander & Ekaterina Toropova  

With plenty of seating, this in-kitchen area takes up quite a bit of floorspace but can double as a cozy spot to relax or do homework.

Visualizer: Ilkin Gurbanov  

Another chalkboard wall and plenty of shelving give this bright, modern breakfast nook a creative and playful feel that works perfectly with the bright green kitchen backsplash.

Designer: Feldman Architecture  

There is something so naturally clean about the lemony yellow color that this nook uses as an accent. It would certainly wake you up nicely, as long as there was some coffee to go with the color.

Source: Brownstoner  

The pendant lighting and colorful art clearly demonstrate that this breakfast nook is a personal triumph and a place that the homeowner wants to spend time.

Source: Grig Stamate  

The design elements in this kitchen and nook are a throwback to the interiors of the 1970s. With a brown patterned bench, avocado green cabinetry and a space-age table, it’s all the style with just a touch of the kitsch.

Visualizer: Daria Aleinikova  

The use of neutral colors for the nook seating as well as the glass table are set off by the eye-catching striped wallpaper, which brings interest into an otherwise subdued design.

Visualizer: Maria Fadeeva  

The unique kitchen pendants in this nook are almost overshadowed by the lime green accents. Instead, they work together for a kinetic, modern feel to this colorful nook.

Visualizer: Alesya Kasianenko  

Finally, we return to a more subtle nook with classic white and wood choices, pretty pendant light and just a few hints of luscious green .

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50 Unique End Tables That Add The Perfect Living Room Finish

Mo, 12.06.2017 - 18:20

In front of the couch lies the coffee table; to the side the end table. Small, handy and often overlooked, the end table can add a point of interest or finishing touch to your living room’s interior. Have a lounge full of travel souvenirs? Place your latest read on a mandala table to relive old times. Can’t be bothered reaching that extra metre? Rest your tea or coffee cup on a rock-bottom, geometric, or Scandinavian-looking end table instead. Feel your living room furniture is a bit on the dull side? Spice it up with a peacock table. Take a gander at our top 50.

$100BUY IT

Stylish Round End Table: Want your end table to look a tad more rustic? Pick up this teakwood creation that uses branches as legs.

$133BUY IT

Teakwood End Table: Another teakwood end table strikes a pose with a solid trunk leg. Place your small succulents or coffee cups upon its mock-ring wood top.

$114BUY IT

Accent Teakwood Table: Looking to combine the natural and the man-made? This wooden rock supports your latest read under glass.

$131BUY IT

End Table From Coconut Shells: Dare to be different with your end table. This quirky, seemingly-patterned cube is made entirely from coconut shells.


Rustic-Style Wooden Trunk End Table: Make your lounge look like you’ve just stepped off a 19th Century steamboat. This rectangular wooden trunk offers hidden storage underneath its latch.

$179BUY IT

Leather Trunk Table: Looking for a trunk end table an explorer would use? Get it in leather with this more cubic example of travel-themed home décor.

$679BUY IT

Aquarium End Table: Let a veritable school live under your teacup. This glass-topped table features a fish-ready aquarium.


Pet Crate End Table: Feel your furry friend needs a seat of their own? Sit them inside this sustainable hevea wood table, to keep their hair off the couch.

$399BUY IT

Wireframe End Table: Show off your books without building a bookcase. This wireframe end table boasts powder-coated steel and a walnut finish.


Modern-Style Square End Table With Storage: Sonoma oak holds your cups, ornaments and a few magazines in this reclaimed-look piece.


C End Reclaimed Wood Finish End Table: After an end table different to the rest? Push your table ledge to the limit with an innovative C shape.


End Table With Space For Phone Charger: Tired of bulky phone and laptop chargers cluttering your space? Hide them inside this melamine-veneer, two-shelf end table – and poke your gadgets out the side.


Modern Black End Table With Storage: Not sure where you’d like your end table to sit? This dark wooden find is designed to work from its left or right side.

$1,100BUY IT

Modern Long End Table: Cow-hide leather and rose-gold make this narrow end table shine. Store your favourite book collection on the lower level, your tea and biscuits on the top.


Mid-Century Style End Table: Go back to the 50’s with this classic end table look. A white and dark oak finish over hardwood provides a sturdy frame boasting two drawers.


Modern Scandinavian-Style End Table: Scandinavian furniture makes style look effortless. Add it to your living room with this white and wood walnut table.

$399BUY IT

Minimalist Nordic-Style End Table: After the bare basics? Unpolished wood with four legs and a desk drawer is in order.

$194BUY IT

Modern Glass-End Table With Wood Base: Casual and relaxed, this stylish splayed-leg table is perfect for a range of interiors. Place its wood, iron and glass-topped form beside your sofa or bed.

$1,035BUY IT

Sculptural Wooden End Table: Sculpted out of a dark walnut block, this origami-style end table is certainly different. Use it as a cup holder and art piece in a dark tone living room.

$250BUY IT

Geeky Pi End Table: Perfect for your lounge or patio, this end table is a sure giveaway you’re into maths. Do your numbers on its teakwood form with gripping feet.


Geometric Metal End Table: Make a statement in your living room. This painted metal end table is all about its many legs.

$219BUY IT

Faceted Iron And Wood End Table: Find something more sturdy, with this faceted iron and wood version. A stunning end table (or even cheeky ottoman), it’s your lounge’s next understated art piece.

$204BUY IT

Twisted Mirrored-End Table: Don’t use wood in your living room? Use mirrors instead. This twisted end table offers a narrow ledge and the illusion of greater space.

$100BUY IT

Round Stylish Mirrored-End Table: Want your table legs to dance to a different tune? Painted in stone, these metal concentric circles offer an unusual base for your lamp.

$110BUY IT

Geometric Color Patterned End Table: Reds, oranges and a high box on legs take you back to the 70’s with this oak end table. Lock away valuables in its cabinet and seat lamps on its head.

$297BUY IT

Colorful Mandalal Tables: Achieve Hindu and Buddhist inner calm, with these colourful and fun end tables. Handmade in Turkey, their floral edges are sure to make a splash.

$323BUY IT

Futuristic Cubical White End Table: Go forward with this futuristic end table. White-painted wood cut in many grooves adds subtle flair to a minimalist living room.

$147BUY IT

Triangular Corner End Table: Set your coffee or magazine on a triangular stand. An iron frame supports a mixture of ash tree and pear wood.

$873BUY IT

Sphere Base End Table: Let your table legs fizz up to a glass top. These chrome-plated spheres add the perfect accent to a metallic-themed lounge.

$132BUY IT

Modern Curvy End Table: Don’t want your magazines on your lap or table? Drop them into the purpose-built grooves of this quirky end table.

$366BUY IT

Geometric Origami-Style Glass End Table: Twist glass this way and that for an alternative art piece. This end table is a fitting match for white or silver lounge accessories.


White Multi-Way End Table: Melamine-coated and water-resistant, this table works around your décor – not your decor around it. Lay it in on its side beside a low sofa, or stand it high to reach arm level.

$194BUY IT

Stacked Books End Table: Book lovers can’t go past this stacked end table. Place your latest read and coffee cup atop its olden-day form.

$319BUY IT

Peacock End Table: Are you a bit of a show off? Display it loud and proud, with this brass piece of peacock décor under your prawn sandwiches.

$319BUY IT

Deer-Shaped Side Table: The brushed brass-finish horns of this ibex make themselves known in your lounge. Stand this end table in full view of the doorway, to display its tempered glass top.

$240BUY IT

Deer-Shaped Accent Table With Storage: Also available in a lighter brown, this shelved deer is laser-cut from many layers of wood. Use it as a side table or computer desk.

$172BUY IT

Sculptural Maharaja’s Elephant End Table: Want to inject an Indian feel into your living room? Add some elephant décor, with this hand-cast, crushed-stone piece crafted by artisans.

$803BUY IT

Octopus End Table: Let an octopus curl up beside your couch. Its metal legs hold glass in this unusual piece of octopus décor.

$429BUY IT

Mermaid End Table: After a piece of mermaid décor instead? This aluminium end table offers up the shells in her hand.

$229BUY IT

Guarding Dragon End Table: Fantasy fiction fans will love this quirky piece of dragon home décor. Stand its snarling form in front of the lounge door, scaring away unwelcome visitors.

$429BUY IT

Tree-Shaped End Table: After something closer to nature? Stand your glass surface on a painted metal cypress tree.

$198BUY IT

Arc De Triomphe Sculptural End Table: Crushed stone coated in resin creates an end table reminiscent of France.

$128BUY IT

Industrial-Style End Table: Have an industrial living room to cater for? This wood and metal table mimics a turn-of-the-century drafting seat.

$195BUY IT

Steampunk-Style Coffee Table: Wheel around your coffee table in this steampunk-style invention. Perfect for bringing breakfast to your loved one, it’d sit well next to a worn leather couch.

$795BUY IT

Nuts, Bolts and Screws Glass Top End Table: Only steampunk décor could create a table where nuts and bolts are the feature. Sit it next to your handyman during TV time.

$133BUY IT

Metal Clock End Table: Need to see the time under your teacup? This nautical home décor table with working clock has the perfect solution.

$147BUY IT

Decorative Wooden End Table: Get yourself a wood stack, without the fire. This chunky, semi-circular end table is a great match for a glass of wine.

$450BUY IT

Stylish Wooden Table With Side Pockets: Give your lounge a quick tidy. This wooden end table has side pockets to hide all your tidbits.

$120BUY IT

Cubical End Table: After something more solid? Find it in this teakwood square.

$140BUY IT

Round Rattan End Table: For those using many natural lounge fabrics, this rattan end table completes the look.

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Cool Product Alert: Varier Gravity Balans Chair

So, 11.06.2017 - 17:15

Doesn’t merely looking at this make you feel relaxed? Curl with a book, work, or gently rock yourself to sleep in this beautiful chair that allows multiple modes of reclining.

From AmazonBUY IT

From AmazonBUY IT

From AmazonBUY IT

If super comfy chairs like these are your thing, don’t forget to check out: 32 Comfortable Reading Chairs To Help You Get Lost In Your Literary World

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A Super Space Saving Solution for Small Apartments

Fr, 09.06.2017 - 17:37

While many people might dream of making their home in an expansive mansion or countryside estate, that’s simply not the reality for most people, particularly those that choose to live in cities. Urban life comes with many advantages — cultural, culinary, creative — but it often does not come with a lot of space. Instead of succumbing to a lifestyle that is cramped and uncomfortable, Ori Systems has come up with a much better idea. With their creative bed console, a small space can be simultaneously a bedroom, living room, work area, and closet.

With just a push of a button, the bed slides away, leaving room for other activities. The result is an apartment that is more functional and beautiful than any combination of furnishings could be.

When fully extended, a full or queen bed leaves plenty of space for sleeping.

To entertain, the bed can slide closed, opening up space on the other side of the room.

Surrounding the bed is tons of shelving, including a full entertainment unit and even hooks for coats and bags.

It’s important that a comfortable home have plenty of floor space and this solution allows for that, even in a studio.

Even without putting the bed away, the unit makes a cozy area to relax on the opposite side.

The modern look of the unit can fit with many different design styles.

Working from home can be tricky in a studio space, but this solution helps.

Shelving, and storage are critical in keeping a small space organized.

Plenty of drawers are perfect for keeping those everyday tchotchkes out of view.

While the factory design is simple, owners can always further decorate the piece for more color, new hardware, and interesting details.

Of course, it never hurts to bring in a bit of color from nature.

The tiny button feature here is all you need to move, shift, and rearrange the unit for its various configurations.

Check out this great video that shows how it all works:


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Pastel Accents Over Expansive Light Wood In Two Modern Homes

Do, 08.06.2017 - 17:12

If you’re looking for a material theme that exhibits both brightness and warmth, the classic combination of light wood and white is always a great choice. But what about accent colors? This post looks at two homes that pair their wood-heavy interiors with pastel accents to create a comfortable springtime atmosphere. The interior first uses garden-inspired tones like green, yellow, and lilac. The second interior keeps things a little more minimal with a muted lavender paired alongside a darker green. Do you have a favorite pastel color pairing? We’d love to hear your top picks in the comment section.

Visualizer: Ekaterina Domracheva  

This apartment creates a springtime vibe by setting pastels over a backdrop of warm light-hued wood paneling. Soft greens, purples, and yellows channel the relaxing organic qualities of a fresh garden breeze, while certain elements – like the white kitchen – take on a more hardline modern minimalist attitude.

The layout itself is very open yet each functional area still maintains a degree of separation thanks to the central dividing wall and breakfast bar.

With a view like that, it’s easy to imagine that this cozy arrangement is a favorite spot. The chairs are from the Husk collection by Patricia Urquiola.

And what a unique dining room! Rather than opting for a bench seat, this designer instead chose to outfit one side of the table with a comfortable sofa. A pair of dining room pendants round out the set.

The kitchen makes a strong impression with streamlined white cabinetry that stands out against warm wood. A large art print brings a little white to the other side for balanced visual weight.

While white and wood kitchens are a fairly common theme these days, this one stands out thanks to its geometric backsplash.

Spring green chairs and lilac kitchen bar stools continue the color theme from the living room even though the kitchen itself lacks bright colors.

And with such a lovely view over the living room, it’s easy to catch up on the morning news over a cup of coffee.

Private areas of the home exist down the hallway.

The master bedroom is a delight. It uses the same lilac color scheme that appeared in the living room, but this time adds a luxurious touch with silver and grey complements.

A mirrored closet does double duty by neatly housing clothes while also providing a place to catch a good view of how the outfit choice turned out.

Two poufs at the end of the bed serve as a comfortable place to remove slippers in the evening.

An ordinary round mirror frame becomes an instant work of art with the addition of vivid live mosses.

Here’s a classic vanity with a modern spin. The desktop features a selection from the Willmann Vase collection, but other concrete planters would produce a similar effect.

Tucked away in another room, this handsome little home office brings a splash of color thanks to the bright green Eames Group Executive Chair.

And here’s a look at the adorable room for the youngest resident! The house-shaped bed frame is great for imaginative play and leaves plenty of room for a sleepover pal or story time with parents.

How cool is that owl wall light? It’s useful but also adds to the whimsical tree-house theme of the room. Check out our owl home decor compilation for more neat owl-themed decorations.

The corner hosts an adorable creativity station outfitted with seating from the IKEA Mammut Chair collection. Kids can doodle and create at the table and then hang their masterpieces on the cork board accent wall for display.

The bathroom perks things up with an even brighter color scheme. The soft minty greens feel bright and fresh, the perfect atmosphere for a place associated with cleanliness.

Open shelves enjoy a little color themselves.

Most impressive, though, is the wood block treatment to the bathtub and surrounding wall. The wood-like tiles sit at angles to achieve a rough-hewn effect.

Visualizer: Svoya Studio  

This second home is a comfortable apartment in Kiev. It shares the same pastel hues and wood-and-white interior theme as the previous example, but with a few minor changes. This home uses darker accents and dramatic mood lighting to create a more intimate atmosphere.

The home makes a huge impression with its unique accessories, like the unique floor lamps and the indoor swing.

But small and surprising details hide around every corner. Even the step stool finds a decorative purpose, serving as a perch for an Eames Bird replica duo.

And these beautiful open shelves in the kitchen are an absolute dream for anybody who craves strict organization! Every object has its place, making for a lovely display.

A small breakfast bar overlooks the tremendous window view.

The apartment demonstrates a slightly darker and more relaxed aesthetic throughout the hallway and private areas of the home.

But there are still elements in position to brighten the space: glossy surfaces like the tiled doors, smartly-positioned track lighting, and a selection of indoor house plants like this potted rubber plant.

The office is dark, comfortable, and quite unique. Plus-shaped handles open the drawers beneath the desk and sofa, with matching pieces applied to the wall for dramatic effect.

And with the master bedroom, the atmosphere again becomes bright and sunny.

Even the closet gets plenty of natural light thanks to its very creative wooden slat construction.

The lucky youngest resident enjoys a bedroom that includes a jungle gym, a chalkboard wardrobe, and a cozy office desk for schoolwork.

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Studio Apartments In Three Modern Styles

Mi, 07.06.2017 - 17:31

Studio apartments are such a good source of interior design inspiration – the ideas found in these space conscious designs often come in useful outside of the context of apartment design, translating easily to other contexts like single rooms or open plan areas. This post looks at three studio apartments, each one representing a different interior design style. The first one is a straightforward minimalist space, the second is a charming Scandinavian-inspired theme, and the third studio takes a different approach with a dark and moody design with luxurious elements. Which one is your favorite?

Visualizer: Marta Szkudlarek  

Let’s start with something simple. It’s difficult to foster a welcoming environment when it comes to strict minimalism, but this apartment pulls it off thanks to its bright white walls and warm wood elements – and of course the addition of quirky elements like the eclectic dining stools and the occasional modern art print.

Saving space is crucial in such a compact apartment. Nesting tables like these are a great tool, able to slide together to reduce their footprint when the extra surface area isn’t needed.

Residents can enjoy a more private bedroom by simply closing the billowy gray curtain. Those who need to dampen ambient noise could opt for a heavier curtain.

The media center is clean simple, with a nice wall-mounted cabinet to keep electronic components hidden from view.

The wire bar stools are the work of Hee Welling, available from Danish design house Hay. The curvy stools are available here. In the absence of decoration, these unique kitchen counter stools offer an abundance of character.

It’s hard to find a space more simple than this utilitarian kitchen. White and wood cabinets stick with the overall apartment theme.

Here’s the view from the bedroom. It also houses the home’s library. This arrangement looks lovely with the coordinated book jackets, but would look just as nice with colorful spines.

Just as minimalist as the rest of the home, the bedroom keeps things streamlined and focused on rest and relaxation. The cool single-line prints are available here and here.

With the curtain fully retracted, it would even be possible to catch a little late night television right from the bed.

And finally, a look at the bathroom. The washer hides behind a small cabinet door to eliminate another potential source of visual clutter.

Visualizer: Hoàng Long  

This next apartment features the same mostly-white theme as the last one, but this space strays far from minimalism. Its cheerful Scandinavian-inspired decor theme makes great use of subtle patterns, eclectic artwork, and various materials like exposed brick and whitewashed wood.

Refined and stylish, these Scandinavian style chairs don’t complicate the dining arrangement but still add just enough decorative flair thanks to their rustic wood legs.

While wall clocks aren’t the “must have” investment they used to be, they’re always helpful in the kitchen area where hands tend to be too busy with food to check a phone.

This dining room pendant, on the other hand, really makes the space. It’s a unique piece that seems to take equal inspiration from vintage and modern motifs.

The surprisingly spacious bedroom occupies a space behind curtained glass walls. With the curtains open, the room is absolutely bathed in sunlight – an asset for cheerful mornings.

And thanks to the abundant sunlight, the indoor house plants are able to flourish. They add an outdoorsy element to the home that complements the natural wood nicely.

Like the dining room, the bedroom also enjoys a little creative lighting – unique bedroom pendants always create a striking focal point. This dreamy cloud-like model is available from IKEA or right here.

And just look at all these amazing prints! Smaller prints hang above the bed, and the larger prints simply lean against the wall.

Architect: Zrobym Architects  

The last home in this studio tour is a little different from the previous two. Where the others were bright and sunny, this space takes a dramatic and almost moody approach. This project by Zrobym Architects occupies a 45 square meter apartment floor plan in Minsk, Belarus, but embraces its compact format with a cozy style that exudes a sense of relaxation.

To keep things looking streamlined, the interior team included a full wall of storage cabinets behind the media center, ensuring that everything has a place to “live”. Three functional areas share this storage space: the office to the left, the central living room, and the bedroom area to the right.

A few of the shelves near the desk are left open for easy access to work and study-related materials like books, binders, and office supplies.

More storage hides in the stairs that lead to the bed, with a larger wardrobe-style cabinet to the right. This taller cabinet also blocks the view from the glass wall that separates the living spaces from the hallway.

The hallway itself doesn’t reveal much about the home but does make an immediate first impression thanks to the creative wooden panels and integrated lighting.

It’s easy to imagine how these lights might come in handy when setting the mood for an intimate dinner or while simply unwinding after a long day.

Just behind the living room, a spacious kitchen occupies nearly half of the floor space – a great choice for residents who enjoy cooking or entertaining guests.

The small balcony just outside the kitchen offers fresh air and sunlight.

A central island contains all of the appliances necessary for cooking. The stove and range both huddle at the end of the island with a microwave discreetly tucked away above.

A breakfast bar and dining chairs shares its space with the kitchen worktop. Doubling up is always a good way to gain more functionality from a limited floor plan.

The rest of the kitchen remains relatively minimalist, clad in white for a bright and clean appearance.

Now for a peek at the bathroom, which takes the dark and relaxing aesthetic from the living room and runs with it.

With a wood vanity and even wood-printed tiles, it almost feels more like a lodge or a steam room than an ordinary bathroom.

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Minimalist Style Design Of A 3 Bed 2 Bath 2 Floor House [Includes Floor Plans]

Di, 06.06.2017 - 17:41

Minimalism can get a bad rap. It can conjure images of homes with no character and no personality, focused only on how little is there. But when done right, as is this home from visualizer Oleg Trofimov, minimalism can be beautiful and warm. The house featured in this post has many elements of simplicity, from its odd sofa to its white on white kitchen, but it also has plenty of playfulness. A vertical garden, a colorful children’s room and a number of inviting elements make this house much more than an exercise in design or denial — this house is designed to be a home.

The minimalist design of this home is immediately apparent as you step into the living room. From the geometric beige sofa to the unique floor lamps perched in the corner, clean lines and simplicity abound.

The grain of the wood flooring and simple decorative bench adds interest to the otherwise sparse design.

When it comes to minimalism it is difficult to beat white on white. A small bench all but disappears into the expanse of the vast white wall.

Of course, that vast white wall is not only a design choice. The white expanse allows for movies and TV to be projected, which means that these minimalists do not have to make space in their lives for a flatscreen.

The space is not huge, but the use of white throughout makes the main living area feel enormous. The cream color of the furniture breaks up the white just enough that there is nothing institutional about the design.

The sofa and dining chairs are the same almost rosy color. It is clean and simple, but still a bit warm and not as stark as white would be.

The dining area features modern dining chairs that are cushier and more comfortable than the hard backed wood chairs you sat in last Thanksgiving. These types of chairs are not only stylish, they make you want to stay a while.

For another seating option, white kitchen counter stools stand ready underneath a white countertop.

The white kitchens is what beachside dreams are made of — clean and spacious. And we cannot forget the detailed wall texture that unites the dining and kitchen areas with a bit of whimsy.

Guests can take the beautiful modern staircase to explore the second floor, where we can expect to find a bit more color.

Natural light from the wall of windows really livens up the entire bottom level, bouncing off the white walls and breathing life into the minimalist design.

Speaking of breathing life into the design, a stunning vertical garden at the top of the staircase is impossible to ignore. The greenery is a much needed splash of color and texture, welcoming you to the more intimate bedroom portion of the house.

Glass railings let lower level viewers see the vertical garden unobstructed. Hopefully this design element does not attract too many fingerprints.

Subtly striped walls are a bit more welcoming on the second level as opposed to matte white.

In the master bedroom, we see a gray color that is not uncommon in minimalist bedrooms— it is cool and simple.

The simple and slim bedroom pendants that dangle from the vaulted ceiling are unique and modern.

Of course, even minimalists have guests at times. The guest room dilemma can be solved without sacrificing the minimalist aesthetic if you know what kind of furniture and design to invest in. This home features a surprisingly modern murphy bed.

What seems like a rust-colored accent wall folds down into a comfortable bed, large enough for two.

The rust color also provides a bit of warmth for the small but practical home office and storage area.

In the child’s room, minimalism meets whimsy and color.

The same vaulted ceilings let the child have their own castle here on the second floor.

While four poster beds may not be the most minimalist, this design is simple and fun without skimping on kid-friendly decor.

In the bathroom, carefully chosen elements like unique laundry baskets and a custom storage bench make for a space where the whole family can feel comfortable.

A stand up shower is clearly a minimalist choice for the design-lover who cannot imagine having the time to soak in a tub.

Choosing from a number of available unique faucets it is easy to see how this white on white design stood out.

Even foregoing unique soap and lotion dispensers for simple bottles makes for a non-fussy look.

A white shower head brings that common element into the bathroom.

Every guest will love how they look in this glowing circular mirror. And great bathroom lighting is definitely important.

Not many have the luxury of an at-home sauna but if you do, you would want this stunning wood look and you would want it on display behind a glass door like it is here.

The glowing light motif is carried through into this water closet as well.

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50 Unique Coffee Tables That Help You Declutter and Stylise Your Lounge

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Every living room has space for a coffee table – and, if you’re clever enough, your table can even save you some more. Need a dining and coffee table in one, but don’t have room for chairs? Get a coffee table with specially-crafted stool inserts. Have a few books – but not enough for a bookcase? Slide their spines into your coffee table’s zigzagging cardboard forms. Want to find a new home for your turtles, coral and fish? Place your hot dishes and coffee cups over a glass aquarium. Whether you’re looking for something subtle, ornate or simply space-saving, our top 50 list of unique coffee tables have something to match every interior look and budget.

$252BUY IT

Small Modern-Style Square Coffee Table: Simplicity speaks volumes when it comes to your coffee table. Stand this lacquered, iron-legged version on your living room rug to ensure you match the decor.

$187BUY IT

Small Scandinavian Wooden Coffee Table With White Legs: Need something a wee bit smaller? This round wooden beauty can match your floor.

$160BUY IT

Scandinavian-Style Coffee Table: Scandinavia is renowned for blending wood and white in seemingly-effortless pieces. This coffee table is no exception, with its low-lying surface and inbuilt compartments.

$235BUY IT

Modern Rectangular Coffee Table With Shelving: Tired of bits and pieces cluttering your lounge? This white finish coffee table offers inlets for ornaments and a tempered glass top.

$264BUY IT

Modern-Style Coffee Table With Wheels: Want to put a pot plant inside your coffee table? This contraption surrounds it with dark wooden panelling, accessory inlets and ever-so-handy wheels underneath.

$240BUY IT

Coffee Table With Display Top: Cleaning your coffee table just got easier. This display top table lets you wipe the dust off, while keeping your ornaments safe in their cubbies.

$260BUY IT

Modern Oval White Swivel Coffee Table: Reminiscent of the 60’s, this plywood table splays out to show its levels off. Create up to three separate coffee table spaces on its hi-gloss surface.

$640BUY IT

Modern Minimalist Rectangular Swivel Coffee Table With Storage: Need a swivel function and storage? This sassy coffee table lets you turn its three levels and keep your wares inside.

$780BUY IT

Rectangular Dual-Tone Expandable Coffee Table: Let it rest as a cube, or open out to a storage unit. This innovative white and dark wooden piece lets you mix up table ornaments on a daily basis.

$230BUY IT

Modern Rounded Corner Coffee Table With Drawers: Chrome-plated legs hold up this smooth coffee table. Featuring rounded edges and a low-lying style, its sides open out to drawers holding your trinkets.

$312BUY IT

Modern Narrow Lift Top Coffee Table: Want a TV tray table, but not the tacky look? Watch this walnut find extend its lid to hold your coffee, laptop or ready-made dinner.

$238BUY IT

Adjustable Height Coffee Table: Don’t have space for both a coffee and dining table? Get them in one, with this expanding-leg walnut solution.

$315BUY IT

Expandable Transformer Coffee Table: Have a bit more budget to spare? Let your coffee table seat up to six, with this extended version folding out or in.

$408BUY IT

Coffee Table With Stools Underneath: Want to keep your white sofa pristine? Sit your guests on mock-leather ottomans under this wooden coffee table instead.

$274BUY IT

Modern Wooden Coffee Table: Have a few magazines you’d like to store? This walnut table builds waves for their spines.

$131BUY IT

Sleek Yellow Accent Coffee Table: Add a splash of sunshine yellow to your lounge. This low-lying coffee table is part breakfast holder, part art piece.


Small Hexagonal Modern Coffee Table: Create shapes with your coffee table. With a white surface and wooden legs, this muted-colour piece makes a subtle stand in your interior.

$210BUY IT

Mid-Century Modern-Style Coffee Table: Go back to the Mad Men days, with this rounded coffee table. Its walnut exterior will have you yearning for films in black and white.

$580BUY IT

Curvy Modern Coffee Table With LED: Eat a midnight snack in the lounge. This phone-shaped coffee table sheds necessary light from its middle.

$600BUY IT

Futuristic Coffee Table With LED: Make your lounge look like the Jetson’s. Fitted with purple-hued LEDs, this fibreglass creation can act as a nifty table or seat.

$298BUY IT

Curvy Fishtail Coffee Table: Fibreglass and glass form this unique mermaid home décor table. Enjoy a glass of wine or spritzer as you watch this mermaid’s tail flick underneath.

$1,164BUY IT

Platner Coffee Table: Designed in 1966 by Warren Platner, this steel coffee table requires 1,000 welds to build. Place its glass topped-form in a contemporary apartment.

$126BUY IT

Reginald Stylish Wired Coffee Table: Looking for something a little bit different? The blue iron finish on this coffee table will have all your guests asking.

$249BUY IT

Coffee Table Made From Coconut Shells: Give your lounge a hint of the tropics. This solid, round coffee table is made entirely from coconut shells.

$280BUY IT

Rectangular Teakwood Coffee Table: For those after a rectangular shape, you can’t go past this teak creation. Let rough-shod wood in a block shape anchor your living room design.

$147BUY IT

Curvy U-Shaped Wooden Coffee Table: Another table in teak, this U-shaped end table mimics a wood stack.

$2,885BUY IT

Drum Table: Designer Milo Baughman didn’t believe in machine-made furniture, and it shows in this unique drum. Painstakingly welded, ground, polished and coated in bronze, its cylindrical design draws you and your coffee in.

$1,004BUY IT

Gem Coffee Table: When we say this coffee table’s a gem, we’re really not lying. Made in China from polished stainless steel, it’s available in silver or rose gold.

$904BUY IT

Round Marble Coffee Table With Metal Legs: Add pizzazz to your living room – without the bling. Topped with marble on gold metal legs, this coffee table says sophistication with a subtle edge.

$733BUY IT

Lyon Beton Monobloc Concrete Coffee Table with Wheels: Have an industrial space you’re keen to add to? Look at this low-lying concrete coffee table to store your wares. Roller wheels beneath make it easy to move around.

$4,220BUY IT

Matt Ganon Paper Table: Want your coffee table environmentally-friendly? This find cuts and fuses recycled newsprint boards to hold your coffee, magazines and books.

$370BUY IT

Minimalist Bent Black Glass Coffee Table: Get a coffee table that works with every room. This simple beauty bends glass to form one stylish piece.

$319BUY IT

Rustic Wooden Branch and Slab Coffee Table: Pre-assembled with a one-year warranty, this rustic coffee table injects the forest into your home.

$3,600BUY IT

Sentient Zora Coffee Table: Combine nature and design in your lounge’s focal point. Locust wood on white laminate ensures a coffee table different from your neighbour’s.

$1,898BUY IT

Hemispherical Wooden Coffee Table: After a unique yet timeless design? Cut a circle in half, finish it in walnut, and coat it in an easy-clean laminate.

$247BUY IT

Steampunk-Style Coffee Table With Wheels: Bring an elaborate breakfast to your loved one – on wheels. This steampunk home décor find features a shelf for storage in nut and bolted-metal.

$995BUY IT

Rustic Restored Factory Cart Coffee Table: Looking for something more authentic? Straight from North Carolina, these restored Lineberry factory carts were active early 1900’s.

$254BUY IT

Industrial-Style Coffee Table: Bend galvanised metal to hold your tea and coffee. This coffee table is a surprisingly sophisticated industrial home décor addition.

$202BUY IT

Leather Trunk Coffee Table: Need a holiday? Pretend you’re on one all year round, as you lay your books on this piece for travel-themed décor.

$250BUY IT

Foosball Coffee Table: Wood and tempered glass make your dreams come true, in this functional foosball table.


Coffee Table With Mini Table Tennis: Make one table perform three functions. Play table tennis while you’re waiting, scribble on its chalkboard and pop your coffee or novel on its top.

$194BUY IT

Sculptural Coffee Table With Book Stack-Shaped Base: Can’t get enough of books? Place a glass top upon a stack of them for a nifty end table.

$825BUY IT

Sculptural Tree Coffee Table: Create the bonsai tree look – underneath your coffee table. This metal cypress holds your latest read on glass.

$121BUY IT

Octopus Home Decor: Love all things nautical? Place this cast iron octopus in an octopus décor lounge.

$1,237BUY IT

Live Edge River Table: Hikers can’t go past this coffee table mimicking a terrain. Watch its beautiful stone create realistic landscapes on your living room floor.

$1,269BUY IT

Aquarium Coffee Table: Want an aquarium, but not sure where to put it? This fish-ready coffee table lets them live in your lounge.

$206BUY IT

Coffee Table With Pet Bed: Keep your pup happy with a table that lets them sit underneath. Also suitable for cats, it offers a perfectly-sized mat to cushion their behind.

$460BUY IT

Coffee Table With Fireplace: Take your coffee table to the next level. This design features an inbuilt, heat-resistant fireplace that adds plenty of ambience.

$1,199BUY IT

Smart Coffee Table With Fridge, Speakers & Charging Ports: For those short on space, this coffee table features Bluetooth speakers, a mini refrigerator and USB charger in one tidy little package.

$750BUY IT

Dragon Coffee Table: Bring Game of Thrones magic to your living room. This unique dragon home décor piece looks beastly under a bottle or two of wine.

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36 Inspirational Home Office Workspaces That Feature 2 Person Desks

Fr, 02.06.2017 - 17:48

Sharing an office isn’t always easy – but with the right workspace setup, coexistence is definitely possible. This post looks at a wide variety of offices designed for two occupants, with options ranging from face-to-face to side-by-side arrangements, from minimalist environments to beautifully artistic retreats. You’ll even find a few suggestions for two-person designer desks and stylish chairs to go with! Whether you’re looking to rearrange your home office or want to make your workplace more welcoming, we hope you’ll find a few fresh ideas right here.

Visualizer: IDunic DesignStudio  

This home office leaves plenty of space for two. Both workspaces are nicely separated, each with a convenient niche to ensure that neither person will distract the other with their screen.

Visualizer: IDunic DesignStudio  

Here’s another nicely separated workspace. The inset lights make it easy to find reference material and office supplies on the shelves up above.

Designer: Avenue Design Studio  

With just two sawhorses and a central pair of drawers (available from IKEA on Amazon), a simple piece of board can become a spacious co-working desk.

Photographer: Blupics  

Back-to-back workspaces are another option. This one features two desk-mounted Tolomeo style lamps that offer adjustability suited to any task at hand.

Visualizer: Pavel Vetrov & Aleksandr Zenzura  

Here’s another simple back-to-back desk. This arrangement is a great way to avoid getting distracted by what might be happening on the other screen. That’s right – one partner can take a break with a YouTube video without disrupting the others workflow.

Designer: Studio 13  

These chairs are the Panton S Chair model. The miniature globe is a nice touch too, a fun way to add decoration that doesn’t feel out-of-place in the office.

Source: Dearkids  

Typography is another great decor theme for the office, especially on-theme for those who work with print or words. You can find the letter A figure here on Amazon.

Designer: Elayne Barre  

This office keeps things simple by keeping only the necessities and the simplest decorations on the shelves. Flowers in vases are a great way to add a little liveliness to the area.

Architect: MCK Architects   Photographer: Douglas Frost Photography   Visualizer:  

Wall-mounted desks offer several advantages – they’re easy to clean around, and there are no legs to get in the way of free movement. It’s a win-win.

Visualizer: Patricia Bagienski  

Even ordinary wall-mounted sideboards can make nice desks for certain types of work. Those who use only a small laptop or pen and paper don’t often require a large work surface.

Visualizer: RNDR Studio  

While this desk isn’t wall-mounted, it still leaves plenty of space beneath for the occupants to slide around and find a good working position.

Designer: DHD  

A book-lover’s dream! This stylish office includes a full library, complete with a rolling ladder to reach the higher volumes. This would definitely be a neat workspace for somebody who takes inspiration from literature or needs to have reference materials on hand at all times.

Visualizer: Alex Schiry  

Here’s another great home office that includes an expansive library. The arrangement of the workspaces is also pretty smart – one side is for writing and drafting, and the other for working with a computer.

Designer: Murs & Merveilles  

This library draws immediate attention with its vivid colors in contrast to the abundance of minimalist white storage that surrounds.

Designer: Marie Olsson Nylander   

Minimalist offices are great for those who find distraction in visual stimulation. But some actually work better surrounded by inspiring sights and objects they love. Some go beyond simple decoration, like the stylish yet useful vintage fan.

Designer: Lime Building Group  

Even the most professional environments can benefit from a little decor. When options are limited, indoor plants often remain a viable choice.

Visualizer: int2architecture  

Other times, the furniture itself can serve as the aesthetic boost that makes a home office appealing. This pair of Eames style Eiffel Base Wire Chairs are a classic choice.

Source: Risen Developments  

And this pair of desks uses the forever-current Eames style Shell Chair.

Designer: Tom Robbrecht  

This handsome office uses the Eames Style Aluminum Group Management Chair, a popular design that merges ergonomics and style. Honestly, it’s hard to go wrong with Eames.

Source: McDonald Jones Homes  

Interior architecture is another source of decoration that will never come across as clutter. This gorgeous wood-paneled accent wall makes the entire room feel warmer.

Designer: CCS Architecture  

Although it’s not a true two-person desk, this workspace still feels connected thanks to their attachment to a central wooden volume. The chairs are from the high-performance Aeron collection by Herman Miller.

Source: RH Baby & Child  

Are you looking for a style that feels vintage but still stays in line with modern trends? This industrial style double desk looks and feels current thanks to the popularity of industrial home decor.

Designer: Catalina Estrada  

Themed workspaces can help foster a certain mood. This enchanting forest of owls would definitely inspire a sense of whimsy. The desk and storage are both available on Amazon.

Visualizer: Viktoria Tsikhotska  

This desert-themed bedroom is subtle but dreamy. When tired of working at the desk, the residents could bring a laptop to the bed, sofa, or even the swinging hammock chair.

Source: IKEA  

Making space for an office inside of another room isn’t always easy. This one uses desks and storage from IKEA (available on Amazon) that accommodates the needs of both areas.

Designer: Nordico  

This office overlooks a living room but still feels separated thanks to the small containing wall that supports the desk. The chair the person is sitting in is the About A Chair model by Hee Welling.

Visualizer: Marta Yavna  

Schoolchildren need organized workspaces too! This adorable bedroom has plenty of room for the young occupant and a study partner. Drawers, shelves, and two adjustable lamps make it easy to focus on the task at hand.

Visualizer: Nido Interiors  

Here’s another kid’s room and office combination. The workspace features another version of Hee Welling’s popular About A Chair design, this time with the wooden leg option.

Visualizer: Julian Malik  

This very unique dormitory concept outlines the workspace with a border of blue that transitions to plywood walls. The sleeping area is supposed to be in the white portion of the room.

Visualizer: Boom Project  

Let’s talk about lighting! This desk occupies a rather dark niche with relaxing inset lighting in the shelves above.

Visualizer: Rully  

Here’s another office with relaxing lighting, this time just above the bulletin board behind the computers. The bulletin board is a cool accent wall idea for any office – consider opting for one in a nontraditional color to make your space even more unique.

Designer: DKOR Interiors  

Colorful accent walls are a great way to separate a workspace from the rest of the room. This one is bright orange, energizing and passionate.

Designer: Christophe Vendel  

This office takes a more eclectic approach to its accent wall with plenty of colorful artwork and rows of books beneath. Even the chairs are unpredictable – The Flow Arm Chair by Jean-Marie Massaud takes a simple approach while the Panton S Chair stands out in bright red.

Visualizer: Vitaliy Bozhenov  

Art is a great way to add some inspiration to an office backdrop. These city art prints are the work of Blanca Gomez.

Designer: Project Palermo  

Here’s another two-person office with artwork on the feature wall. The color theme is unified with muted tones so each resident can choose their own theme without the end result looking too eclectic.

Designer: Industrial Facility (For Herman Miller)  

Let’s close out the post with something a little different – convertible desks that accommodate either sitting or standing. The modern-looking chair is the Herman Miller Mirra 2.

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A Tour Of The Amazing “Lobster House” By Puchong Satirapipatkul

Do, 01.06.2017 - 16:54

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, the gorgeous Lobster House by Puchong Satirapipatkul is a sprawling residence that showcases distinctive architecture outside and in. It seems to borrow inspiration from the iconic glass houses of the mid century modern era, wrapped in a frame of columns like the classics, and wonderfully clad with on-trend materials. Inside, wide open spaces make this home ideal for entertaining guests but doesn’t lack cozy private spaces to work or relax on quiet days. We hope you enjoy your tour – don’t forget to stop by the comment section to let us know what you think.

Architect: Puchong Satirapipatkul   Photographer: Panoramic Studio  

The exterior is made up of several distinct volumes, each differentiated by small changes like their offset planes and changing structural treatments. While some areas are enveloped by beams, others are encased in glass. Cool white surfaces transition to details made from wood, slate, and abundant warm brick. These subtle and gradual evolutions give the home a dynamic feeling that varies according to perspective.

The unique layout itself serves a purpose as well, keeping the interior feeling fresh and open while allowing desirable elements – like cool breezes and indirect sunlight – filter through the living spaces unimpeded.

With such extensive communication between indoor and outdoor views, it makes sense to focus on well-formed landscaping without actively obstructing the view outdoors. Sculpted trees like these are a prized possession to the developers of luxury real estate – even big companies, like Apple who caused a stir by gobbling up desirable specimens for its space ship shaped headquarters in Cupertino.

The interior opens to a spectacular double-height living room, crossed by a unique center beam staircase. A wall of windows absolutely lavishes the interior with light. Oversized doors on either end swing open to move the breeze through the interior, seemingly erasing the boundary between outdoors and in.

Located in a wide open hall, the dining room is ideal for entertaining. Guests can easily mingle between the reception area, the dining table, and the expansive wrap-around patio with its surrounding gardens. The focus here is, of course, the spider like chandelier.

These water features aren’t just aesthetic – they also help to passively cool the home as the breeze sweeps across. Here, this handsome pond pulls double duty by cooling the attached veranda and the dining room all at once.

And here’s a quick peek at the private kitchen. Honey-toned wood lends this space a sense of warmth and comfort, the perfect ambiance for an area that traditionally serves as the heart of a home. Residents can enjoy their coffee or tea at the breakfast bar while enjoying the sunrise from the backsplash windows.

Social areas occupy the downstairs area while private spaces like bedrooms reside on the upper level. A small and comfortable library tucks neatly away on the mezzanine in between.

With an office like this, who wouldn’t want to work from home? Filled with eclectic decorations and useful supplies, this space is sure to spark the imagination for creative work. There’s even a little daybed tucked in near the window for contemplative breaks from the everyday grind.

Bedrooms remain just as open and airy as the rest of the home. With access to fresh air, unique ceiling fans like this one are a great solution for drawing the inside.

An undeniable classic, 4 poster beds have never gone out of style. This one makes it easy to close the side curtains to soften the light or to shield some of the nighttime breeze.

This secondary bedroom hides atop a spacious loft area. The black curtain not only provides privacy, but helps block noise and light from downstairs as well.

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3 One Bedroom Apartments Under 750 Square Feet (70 Square Metres) [Includes Layouts]

Mi, 31.05.2017 - 17:19

While a 750 square foot floor plan isn’t exactly restrictive – especially when it comes to apartments with only one bedroom – it’s still compact enough to require a little extra care and attention when it comes to layout, decor, and atmosphere. This post looks at three single bedroom homes that tackle the problem with ease, each one demonstrating its own distinct decorative motif that remains cohesive throughout. The first is a warm and natural space, the second exhibits a touch of industrial decor influence, and the third home goes in a completely different direction with a bold color scheme.

Visualizer: Form 8 studio  

Designed for a young bachelor, this Minsk apartment concept measures in at just short of 68 square meters but enjoys an exceptionally open atmosphere thanks to its simple decor and sensible modern furnishings. It’s a practical space but carries no shortage of character thanks to typographic decorations and distinctive contemporary accents throughout.

Cool neutrals make up the basis of the interior color palette while warm wood veneer and clever lighting brings warmth to the theme.

The media center avoids clutter with a simple cantilever table for storage. A pair of black and white prints add balance to the abundance of empty vertical space above.

With such expansive wooden elements, it makes sense to add a touch of greenery as well. Those who travel often might find self watering planters to be a helpful tool.

You’ll notice that the living room not only sticks to strong color, texture, and material themes, but also stays consistent in terms of form – most objects are rounded or otherwise curved for a smooth look.

The modern dining chairs exhibit the same curves as the living room furniture, centered by an open spherical pendant light hanging above.

You’ll notice that the kitchen immediately transitions to a layout more focused on linear forms. Those lovely kitchen bar stools are a nice intermediary between the two styles.

Another difference is that the kitchen goes a little heavier with the industrial influence. The textural concrete walls embrace the kitchen’s darker atmosphere while the recessed lighting makes it more functional.

And finally, a look at the bedroom. The living room hosts the social spaces and the office, leaving this room to remain a focused single-purpose retreat.

Sleep takes priority. There are no exciting decorations, bright colors, or extra furnishings to distract attention. Even the bedroom lighting fosters a comforting atmosphere – soft, inset lighting creates a relaxing mood.

And here’s a look at the practical entryway, outfitted with hooks to hold coats and accessories and a simple ottoman for removing shoes. The full length mirror to the right makes it easy to give an outfit a final once-over before heading out for the day.

Visualizer: Form 8 studio  

This apartment concept was designed with a young couple in mind. This one is actually a little smaller than the previous apartment at 65.5 square meters, but the linear open layout makes it feel even more spacious. The layout features the living room on one side, separated from the kitchen by a small counter that conceals a dining table on its other side.

While the theme mostly relies on earthy neutrals and warm wood to weave a natural aesthetic, the occasional concrete accent lends a touch of urban industrial flavor.

Abundant storage occupies the space above and below the recessed media area. Near the end, the niche doubles up as a table for the cozy reading spot in the corner.

The kitchen continues the natural theme with light plywood cabinets. The backsplash uses the same boards as the floors, a clever way to create a sense of continuity.

That handsome low counter plays an important role by hiding the table and chairs. The pendant, on the other hand, enhances the entire open living space – dining pendants are always a useful focal point.

Visualizer: Anna Fedyukina  

Last up is a handsome apartment concept for a young couple in Moscow. It offers a floral take on nature-inspired decor, with rich lilac accents bringing warmth to the neutral wood and sand tones throughout the interior. It’s not minimalist by any means – texture, color, decoration, and furnishings all showcase a strong personality without straying too far from simplicity.

Although there isn’t much room for decoration, subtle patterns happily make their mark. Forest prints bring life to the sofa pillows, the ruffles of the rug hint at flower petals.

Continuing through the living room, a spacious kitchen occupies a sunny corner of the home. It includes an eat-in dining table that can be transformed into extra usable workspace simply by removing the chairs.

The backsplash shines like brilliant amethyst, an effect created by a coating of paint protected by glossy sheets of glass or acrylic.

Of course, there’s plenty of storage to go around. The upper cabinets demonstrate a mix of both traditional and open shelving. Drawers, shelves, and cabinets hide behind the rustic wood cabinetry below.

Just beyond the modern dining room, a bright little veranda gives residents and guests a place to enjoy coffee or tea in the sunlight.

And check out these adorable pillows! A mixture of patterns, playful prints, and solid colors keeps things interesting. The bench itself contains four drawers to contain extra pillows, throws, and anything else the hosts might need for entertaining.

A pair of tall chalkboards accommodates notes like grocery lists or reminders, but can also serve as a canvas for impromptu artwork to enhance their cheerful little home.

The bedroom goes for a softer and more subtle natural motif. The same lilac hues draw the eye, surrounded by warm honey-toned woodwork for a welcoming effect. Branchlike patterns stand out from the frosted glass closet.

Creative bedroom pendant lighting provides focused task illumination for the side tables on either side of the bed.

The small vanity doesn’t take up much room but serves the necessary functionality all the same. And what an adorable little ottoman for seating!

Soft fabrics also play an important role in this beautiful bedroom. An upholstered section of wall reaches to the ceiling behind the bed, a textural rug below ready to warm feet on chilly mornings.

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40 Unique Trash Cans That Solve All Your Rubbish Problems

Di, 30.05.2017 - 17:11

No one wants to take out the trash. No one wants to replace the liner. Yet there’s no reason why your trash should have to look shabby. A basic necessity in all homes, bedrooms and offices, your rubbish bin can make your undesirable waste have a clean and stylish appearance. Want a bit of glitz to hide your bathroom’s horrors? Buy a smooth copper bin to grace the tiled floor. Have a messy child (or spouse) constantly cluttering the kitchen? Drop their food into a sleek can complete with foot pedal. De-clutter, clean and re-organise your kitchen, bathroom or office space with our stunning, stylish – and sometimes just plain fun – selection of trash cans.


Crumpled Waste Basket: Designed by John Brauer, these polyethylene bins look just like your crumpled paper does inside them. Choose from black, white or red for a surprising find beneath your office desk.


Plastic Trash Can With Marble-Like Finish: Want a marble bin, but can’t quite afford it? This plastic find with marble finish is easy on the wallet and easy on the eye. A spot in a marbled bathroom would be quite the fit.

$424BUY IT

Architect-Designed Luxury Trash Can: Made from white-painted stainless steel, the eye of an architect constructed this gem. With smooth, round lines and a handy pedal, you’ll be hunting for things to throw away.

$187BUY IT

Stylish Chic Trash Can: Why should your waste bin always hide away? Make a statement with this black and yellow metal bin, a design of difference with its vintage feel, modern colouring and hidden pedal.


Vintage Motifs Trash Can: Perfect for the bathroom, this white and silver dream makes a feature of the rubbish you want to hide. Place its resin form beside your sink – and think about buying its matching accessories.


Porcelain Bathroom Trash Can: China fuses with Italy’s Florence in this simple yet elegant trash can design. Perfect for any indoor setting, it’ll add an element of class in dainty porcelain.


Tufted-Like Texture Stone Trash Can: Prefer a quilted look instead? This white trash can of stone could accessorise a bedroom or office.


Copper Finish Plastic Can: Want the copper look – without the price tag? This tall and narrow plastic can does a great job of pretending.

$343BUY IT

Luxury Commercial Trash Cans: Commercial trash cans need a few more features than those in your household. These luxury versions boast fire-safe steel, leak-proof plastic liners and a hinged top for your emptying ease. Choose from three metallic shades.

$199BUY IT

Rose Gold Finish Rectangular Stainless Trash Can: For a metallic trash can that’s all your own, this rose-gold finish could stun in your kitchen or bathroom. Step on the pedal of its stainless steel form to watch your trash disappear.


Leaning Waste Basket: Confuse everyone at the office with a waste basket on the lean. Made in Italy from polypropylene, its looks more art piece than waste bin.


Basket Ball Hoop For Trash Cans: Score a goal for every paper you throw. Incentivise recycling with this basketball hoop in your office, or above your kid’s bedroom trash can.

$198BUY IT

Reflective Square Modern Minimalist Trash Can: Who needs a lid with a finish like this? This German-made stainless steel creation reflects light off those attracted to your trash.


Stylish Modern Trash Can: Throw your trash in the cans New York and Tokyo hotels use. Available in nine colours, these nifty little numbers hide their inner bags.


Beautiful Bathroom Trash Can With Lid: Made of matte melamine, the rounded corners of this simple can open for your trash whilst hiding it away. A spot in your bathroom, kitchen or office is sure to be satisfying.

$105BUY IT

Tall Trash Bin: 20 litres of capacity hide in this tall and slim-line trash bin. Available in different colour ways, this platinum variety is suited to many interiors.

$173BUY IT

Stylish Solid-Colored Trash Can: Want it slightly wider and more solidly-coloured? Choose from stainless steel painted in navy, silver, baby pink or green for a step-on trash can alternative.


Stylish Modern Corner Trash Can: Designer Alan Wisniewski makes the most of corners, with this trash can designed for them. Pop your nasties into the corner of your bathroom, kitchen or office to avoid bad smells.

$107BUY IT

Stylish Corner Wicker Trash Basket: Make your trash basket and laundry hamper match. Also designed for corners, this wicker basket can handle your dirty laundry or your disposables.


Battery-Operated Motion-Sensing Trash Can With Liner: Sick of pedals that get stuck, broken, and then hard to open? This smart trash can senses your hand moving towards it and lifts, using battery power.


Automatic Touchless Trash Can With AC Power Wall Adaptor: Wave your hands in front of this trash can to lift its lid, and watch its warning lights as it’s about to close. This automatic bin can be plugged in or use a battery to charge.


Dual Tone Rose Gold Accent Trash Can: Keep your kitchen clean in style. This rectangular trash can boasts a liner pocket on the inside, a white and metallic finish on the outside.


Colorful Collapsible Trash Can: Built in the colours of the rainbow, this collapsible trash can folds to a handy square when the time for moving comes.


Stylish Black Trash Can: Be good to the environment when you throw trash away. This trash can is made of recycled polypropylene with a black matte finish.


Stylish Netted Trash Basket: Want a stylish twist on an old classic? This metal trash basket adds an ingenious slant to standard bin shaping.


Tortoiseshell-Patterned Plastic Trash Can: Want a bin that looks a little bit different? This plastic trash can mimic the hues of a tortoiseshell cat.


White Vintage-Look Waste Basket: Inject a feeling of femininity in the most unlikely of places. Made of lightweight polypropylene, this white waste basket is a treat for the bedroom or bathroom.


Floral-Patterned Steel Waste Basket: For a feminine feel with a bit more substance, this steel waste basket has it covered. Throw your office or bedroom rubbish in its filigreed hold.


Nautical Waste Basket: Made of durable resin, this bathroom waste basket brings images of the sea. Place it beside your sink or toilet for a soothing feeling in your place of pampering.


Modern Nautical Trash Can: Looking for a waste can more in tune with the waves? Add to your nautical home décor collection with this two-toned plastic bin, complete with anchor.


Industrial-Style Metal Trash Can: Remember Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch? We found his iconic trashcan inside a nifty piece of industrial home décor.


Round Rattan Waste Basket: To achieve a more natural look, use more natural materials. This rattan waste basket works perfectly with bathroom whites and beiges.

$100BUY IT

Tall Wicker Waste Basket With Lid: Why not make a feature of a tall waste basket? This wicker cane basket, complete with lid, makes taking out the trash just that bit more trendy.


Wood-Textured Trash Can: Designed by David Quan, this polypropylene trash can is designed to look like wood. Stand its 10-inch diameter form in the corner of your kitchen or bathroom.

$875BUY IT

Expanding Waste Basket: Know from a far-away glance whether your bin is full. This expanding basket fits as much as you put in it – and extends itself to show it.


Pail Trash Can: Can taking out the trash ever look quaint? These metal pail trash cans make an argument they can, with their simple type and wooden grippers.


Pull-Out Kitchen Double Trash Can: For trash you can simply hide away, this pull-out option is the perfect solution. Fit its metal frame within a full-sized drawer in your kitchen cabinets.

$350BUY IT

Stainless Steel Tilt-Out Trash Can: Have the space, but not the cabinet? Use this stainless steel tilted option instead.


Mini Countertop Metal Trash Can: Sometimes a trash can goes on the top of the desk. This mini version is a cute and fun addition to the office.

$430BUY IT

R2D2 Trash Can: Fans of Star Wars home décor will love this find. This R2D2 is more like a full working model than a trash can souvenir.

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4 Homes With Design Focused on Beautiful Wood Elements

Mo, 29.05.2017 - 17:16

Industrial designs that make use of concrete may be all the rage in some circles, but the fact is that you will have difficulty finding any beautiful home that does not use wood elements. A popular building material that is just as effective in decorative use, wood brings an automatic warmth and coziness to even a modern space. The four homes featured in this post take a love of wood to another level. Not only are beautiful hardwood floors found throughout, but the natural grain carries up across the walls, into shelving units, cabinetry, and even across ceilings. The resulting style is lovely, bright, and welcoming in each case.

Visualizer: dT Chu  

An open concept home works well with materials that come from the same family but do not match exactly.

In this first home, wood is used from floor to ceiling but each different element has a slightly different grain or color.

The unique wood ceiling, which you will see closer up, has a music themed home decor vibe to it, calling to mind the gentle curves of a guitar, while the drum set in the corner pays homage to the homeowner’s love of music as well.

A low profile built in entertainment center makes gathering around the television comfortable but still stylish.

Using a creamy off-white for the oversized sectional stays within the neutral color story.

The wood shelving is both practical and beautiful, with plenty of room for displaying cherished treasures.

As we move into the dining area, elements like a dark wood table and dining pendants shift the tone of the design.

The open concept also carries through with no physical barrier between living, dining, and kitchen spaces.

A large formal dining table is perfect for entertaining.

A small lounge area off the dining room is ideal for an aperitif.

In the bedroom, natural wood grain takes a backseat to cool, matte colors.

A second bedroom uses gray to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The creative ceiling design is a true eye-catcher in this home.

Reflective marble flooring catches light to bring a warmth into the main living space.

In the bathroom, wood cabinetry contrasts with more white marble for a unified but distinct look.

Visualizer: dT Chu  

The second home is also very open and once again makes use of plenty of beautiful bare wood elements.

Here we can see the importance of a contrast in textures with a soft, nubby rug, and comfortable plush sofa and sleek wood on the floors and walls.

A television framed by wood panels lets the screen all but disappear when not in use.

The classic Eames lounge chair in black is always beautiful enough to feature in its own corner.

A smaller dining room is nestled to one side of the living room, getting plenty of natural light.

Classic decor elements like a fireplace and aquarium are given an upgrade with their wood homes.

Storage is not an issues with a long walk-in closet easily accessible.

Here we can see another creative wood ceiling element hovering over the dining table.

In the bedroom, white on white is a classic, zen look for relaxation.

Visualizer: dT Chu  

In the third home, we see the featured wood elements moving from the ceiling to the wall.

The wood wall features is impossible to look away from with its undulating texture and rich color.

The texture contrast with the slick marble that frames it is no mistake.

Here the wavy texture plays with the fabric folds of a nearby chair.

The natural light helps to highlight the beauty of the wood grain.

The wood ceiling travels from the wall feature into the dining room, unifying the home.

Wood cabinetry turns storage into design.

Wood slat walls are another way to use the beauty of the material in an interesting way.

Oversized flower vases like this one can help to bring a splash of color and life into a wood on wood design.

In the bedroom here, wood is not at all forgotten.

Behind the bed, on the floor, in the shelving — it is celebrated.

In the final home, we have a darker wood home with a living room that features unique floor lamps stretching to the ceiling.

Modern dining chairs crowd around a small dining table that overlooks the living room.

Again we see how indoor house plants like the Fiddle Leaf Fig featured here can bring a lot of personality into a home.

The set up of this home makes it easy to watch television from either the sofa or the dining table.

A drop down screen is a must-have element for households that care about entertainment.

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Cool Product Alert: Lighting Inspired By Living Beings

So, 28.05.2017 - 18:03

Check out these gorgeous lights designed by Chen Bikovski that take inspiration from wildlife – specifically deers and peacocks! Look at how antlers and feathers made of light shoot up in dramatic fashion when you switch on these two cool models.

From $65BUY IT

From $65BUY IT

From $65BUY IT

From $65BUY IT

From $65BUY IT

From $65BUY IT

From $65BUY IT

From $65BUY IT

From $65BUY IT

From $65BUY IT

From $65BUY IT

From $65BUY IT

Get it on Amazon.

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A Concrete and Wood Townhouse in Belarus

Fr, 26.05.2017 - 17:44

Sometimes a beautiful interior starts with just a single idea. Such was the case with this 72 square meter townhouse in Minsk, Belarus from Visualizer Form’8 Studio. The home, designed for a successful photographer, started with only the elements of wood and concrete. The concrete walls and ceilings are original to the building, while wood flooring, shelving, and cabinetry have been added to create a much warmer feel. A mix of higher-end items, like luxury dining chairs and more DIY elements like pallet furniture ultimately make for a creative, beautiful space that feels welcoming to its owner as well as to guests that may stop by.

While an open floorplan may not be uncommon in well-designed home, the layout of this space clearly makes it feel expansive and sunny throughout the main living area.

The designers for this apartment left the industrial concrete walls in place and added pallet furniture, which pulls the industrial elements into the living space.

Because the homeowner is a photographer, visual elements like a projector screen are important parts of the design.

Though minimalism is certainly en vogue, this design has a surprising amount of storage.

Using curtains to close off a closet area keeps things a bit cleaner without completely closing off one area.

A sheaf of corn, flax and straw adds a particularly interesting decorative element.

The pallet seating area at the entryway perfectly matches the sectional sofa created in the living room.

In the dining room, Hans Wegner modern dining chairs are an exceptionally stylish choice.

The kitchen makes use of the wood motif with parquet flooring and wood paneled cabinetry.

Underneath the custom seating areas is the perfect place for storage of an extensive book collection.

Track lighting was chosen to create an appealing light distribution over the different surfaces and objects around the home.

Green is the perfect pop to mesh with the natural color scheme.

Tall shelving serves two practical purposes — as a room divider as well as, of course, shelving.

Carefully chosen tchotchkes make the shelving here a lovely artistic display.

In the bathroom, concrete walls work beautiful with a circular mirror and lovely indoor plantings.

The industrial vibe in the dining room still manages to be welcoming to visitors.

A bed being up on pallets is a solution that is both stylish and affordable.

A simple kitchen design is all that’s necessary in this bachelor pad.

Original elements to the industrial space like the EXIT sign on the door were kept.

The track lighting is also adjustable when different lighting might be necessary for this photographer.

Concrete walls offer a simply imperfect design in the kitchen while industrial style lighting carries through into the dining area.

A splash of greenery is always a welcome sight in a bathroom.

The porcelain bowl sink in the bathroom is a shot of modern luxury in the otherwise industrial home.

And out in the main living area, a Fiddle Leaf Fig plant adds to a charming collection of indoor house plants.

Planters also dot the bedroom shelving and windowsills.

Space for sitting, storage, entertainment, and comfort is all present and accounted for in this cozy townhouse.

A black shower with wood slat floor perfect mimics the pallet furniture in the main area.

And with the right shelving design, there is even space for a tucked away home office.

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Industrial Russian Interior With Quirky Colour Twists (Including Floor Plans)

Do, 25.05.2017 - 17:12

Industrial interiors are known for concrete floors and wooden walls. What happens if you invert the structure, and throw a few specific Pantones in? This Penza, Russia interior, designed and visualised by Andrey Barinov, throws all your design preconceptions on their head. Using concrete ceilings and wooden floors, this almost 52sqm apartment makes a feature of external wiring and colourful borders. As pendant lighting dangles messily from its factory ceilings, large slabs of roughshod wood form tables met by white wire chairs. Open its closets with red dot handles; see rooms clad in fire truck red and teal green; bathe amidst baby blue and electric yellow bathroom tiles. See its surprising features and colours for yourself.

Opening onto an open, muted-colour space, the view from the lounge is broken by two colour ways: a striking teal wall complemented by red and black coloured wiring. An unusual feature guiding visitors, coloured wire forms snake through rooms and across ceilings, creating an easy-to-follow sequence of space. As light wooden walls match a simple TV cabinet, creativity shows itself in the little details – a diamond-legged plant stand, ceramic coral flower beside the TV, white dining pendant lights and a soft pair of abstract paintings. As cupboards and water heaters pale into the walls, red and black wire lines keep us moving – and guessing – into adjacent rooms.

Looking down from the ceiling, an array of messy pendants hang loose, creating a relaxed and casual vibe throughout the home. Against the backdrop of pale wooden flooring and white brick kitchen walls, the pendants provide a simple backdrop for a rough-shod wooden table and modern dining chairs in stencilled, white metal frames.

Complemented by a trio of oddly-sized marble planters, the dining room’s pendant cords thread into black and red wires, creating a web. Reflected in stencil-like dining chairs, a teal green door frame and fire engine outlines of cubby holes, the wiring provides design cues throughout the home. The wires work their way down the corridor, into the kitchen and through the wooden grooves of the floor, allowing a feeling of calm by lying flat on the ceiling.

As red and black wires thread through the interior, we meet a minimalist example for modern white kitchens. Headlined by a chrome extractor fan leading to an oven, stove and sink, the relatively-tight space creates room for thought in white. A row of tiled inlets mirrors the wall opposite, an industrial choice in white-painted exposed brick. Topped by six Japanese windows, the adjoining wall integrates the wires above and the grey-and-white patterned lino.

A peek through the kitchen’s Japanese windows offers a haven drenched in green. Using its space wisely, the bed expands over the floor with a grey woollen rug and matching cotton headboard. A row of camera lights make the space glow by night; two open balcony windows sunlit by day. Not to be lost from the grid of red and black, white pendants hang from red wiring to a table of similarly-coloured legs. A power socket pokes out in white, adding the final touch to a room decidedly tuned to an industrial style.

A tribute to the bedroom’s feature wall, the entrance corridor makes a statement of its own with a wall of green. Using the bedroom’s sliding doors with red dot handles, the space connects the linoleum of the kitchen with the grey of the lounge in a quilted seat. Two ceramic jars in the interior’s red have the final say in this storage-friendly corridor.

Unexpected bursts of colour announce themselves in the apartment’s two bathrooms. The smaller bathroom of the two stripes four tiles in sunshine yellow, marking the path to the main amenity. White tiles from the kitchen provide contrast with black tiles on the floor, an eye-catching detail in a mostly-white room. Laden with coral sculptures from the lounge, light wood forms a bench holding a sink and shelving. A space-saving cabinet in the same hue provides room above the porcelain.

Looking down into the master bathroom, its smaller cousin’s black and white tiles and light wood survive. Striking notes with baby blue and a burst of sunshine yellow, a sink space for two is divided by way of colour. Illuminating the space, LED mirror lights provide an unobtrusive design feature, while coral ornaments from the lounge offer another segue. Fitted with a stunning granite benchtop, marble soap dispenser, slatted shower mat and mint-painted towel rail, the space surprises again with a baby blue tiled wall housing an inbuilt bathtub.

Back in the corridor, the palette turns light again. Hiding the washing machine, iron and a plethora of towels, the cabinet’s light-wooden panels hide away the everyday. As grey and white tiles greet the kitchen, a row of simple ceiling lights illuminate their patterns and red dot handles on the doors. A white door and walls to the left provide room for contemplation.

Take a look at the full floor plan for a bird’s eye view of this apartment’s flow.

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A Cozy Pair Of Apartments With Subtle Pastel Accents

Mi, 24.05.2017 - 17:18

Pastel palettes are a great way to maintain the clarity of a minimalist interior without sacrificing the energy and expressiveness that color can provide. These two apartments both explore pastel color schemes in very different ways. The first home limits pastels to the living room and uses soft neutrals elsewhere, but the initial impression is huge. The second home uses pastels throughout, but in subtle ways that might be easy to overlook in the occasional presence of brighter tones. If you’re looking for interior color inspiration with a lighter touch, these two apartments just might offer up some ideas you can use for your next redesign.

Visualizer: Imade pastel  

Let’s start with an adorable 68 square meter apartment that creates a cool nautical feeling with ocean inspired pastel tones and cloud-gray neutrals, surfaces dotted with minimalist ceramic sculptures of sea life. Other decorative motifs include typography and travel-related prints – a style that expresses a snapshot of the resident’s varied interests.

Extensive windows reveal a sprawling city skyline. It’s an interesting contrast to the natural material theme used throughout the interior.

To keep things looking organized and clean without crossing over into minimalism, this home makes good use of built-in storage solutions that include plenty of shelves for display.

Cabinets near the entrance serve as a catch-all for decorative items, shoe storage, and presumably, cabinets for coats and other outerwear.

Without much room for extra furniture, the designer chose to make every piece count. This creative dining arrangement includes an iconic Hans Wegner Wishbone surrounded by Tom Kelley’s Salt Chair in white.

What a cozy little corner kitchen! While the lack of workspace might serve as a limitation, compact appliances and ample storage help to make the most of what surface area it does have.

Handle-free cabinets and drawers keep the aesthetic as simple as possible, an important distinction for such a compact kitchen design.

Now let’s check out one of the bedrooms, small but packed with functionality – complete with ample built-in cabinets and a cool little writing desk! Even the bed platform hides its own set of drawers.

The cabinets near the window double as a bench seat, a comfy place to read a book or enjoy a cup of tea. The side table near the bed is positioned just perfectly to serve both areas.

Small spaces like these can’t always accommodate bold decor without beginning to look a little cluttered. Thankfully, typography often serves as a reliable option. Inspirational messages are a great way to start the day.

The second bedroom relies on many of the same built-in techniques but with a different arrangement and with a mirrored vanity instead of a writing desk. There’s still tons of storage!

An extended platform makes the bed arrangement quite unique. More than three levels of storage keep things tidy and always within reach.

The window cabinets can double up as a bench seat in this bedroom, too! A nice touch considering the convenient bookshelf positioned next to the television.

Surprisingly spacious compared to the scale of the home, this bathroom maintains an open and bright atmosphere thanks to bright materials and shadow-eliminating lighting features.

Visualizer: Thao Uyen  

The second apartment in our tour takes a more subtle approach to the pastel theme, with touches of color hiding in the most unexpected places (like the interior of the sideboard cabinet shelves). Bold patterns and creative materials grab up more of the spotlight but the effect of the pastels shouldn’t be overlooked, especially as they relate to the important role of the houseplants.

Other sources of color come from the abundant plants and adorable planters that take full advantage of the sunlight that pours through the generous wall of windows at the end of the room.

Mixing and matching dining chairs is always a great way to transform ordinary furniture into a cool talking point. A unique dining pendant centers the arrangement.

The kitchen is enviably spacious and bursting with functionality. A central volume includes a neat breakfast nook, a wine rack, and plenty of storage for servingware and miscellanea.

A pair of geometric kitchen pendant lights adds a little extra illumination over the marble dining bar.

Rather than using ordinary wall hooks, things like aprons and hats instead hang from smooth circular pegs. It’s always nice to find utilitarian staples transformed into sources of decoration.

Before moving on to the private areas of the home, here’s another look at some of the indoor house plants that breathe life into the interior.

What a fabulous bedroom for the youngest resident! Playful animal decor adds tons of charisma. Unique kids night lights are so much fun – the rabbit night light is an especially clever addition.

The colors and patterns are so exciting. Pastel teal meets with shocking lemon yellow for energetic contrast. The way the wall paint angles toward the corner seems to make the room look larger.

And now for a look at the master bedroom. Convenient shelves stand near the doorway, separated from the rest of the space by a partial wall. Here, the decor is more eclectic to reflect the personal side of the resident.

Interestingly enough, this room uses the same color scheme as the child’s room. This time, muted blue tones and a calmer yellow demonstrate a more subdued attitude.

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4 Studios That Make Beautiful Use of Natural Light

Di, 23.05.2017 - 17:12

There are plenty of advantages to living in a studio apartment. often, this type of cozy setup means that you get to live in the center of everything, with easy access to all the comforts of urban life, from the hottest restaurants and nightlife to the best and most stylish shops. When a studio is well-designed, it won’t even feel cramped. But one key to a good studio design is the use of natural light. In this post, we’ll explore four different studios that make sure windows and sunlight are maximized so that the homes feel spacious, clean, and beautiful.

Visualizer: Nikolai Pyatov  

One of the easiest ways to create more space in a studio like this one is through the use of a lofted bed.

As sunlight streams in from a recessed window, it makes this reading nook/living area exceptionally welcoming.

While the staircase up to the lofted bed takes up a bit of room, it considerably safer and more stylish than a ladder.

The bed in this studio is far enough from the ceiling that it is comfortable for sleeping but not so claustrophobic as some designs.

Storage is always a question to address in a studio like this one, which measures just 22 square meters, but this lofted storage area is a creative and stylish solution.

A small kitchen with white brick backsplash gives just enough space to cook for one or brew a teapot of tea for a friend. A compact block of knives is useful enough to warrant its counter space.

Looking out from the kitchen the studio really does feel just as big as it needs to be.

Wood accents and specific lighting keeps the lofted bedroom feeling cozy instead of cramped.

A white tile bathroom is the epitome of clean.

An indoor planter gives the natural light that filters in a job to do.

Visualizer: DayProjectON  

In the second studio, we see a lot more color and some elements that are a bit more bold, like these unique dining pendants.

A hunter green sofa with red ottomans complement each other and feel creative and playful.

Even a studio apartment can have room to entertain with a sparse dining area like this one.

The concrete planters that house a large desert plant are a industrial addition to the design.

The kitchen is very open and welcoming of the light streaming in from outside.

In the small bedroom, the bed is snuggled up against the window, making a sunrise awakening that much easier.

To contrast with the bright and playful colors in the main living area, the designer has chosen a much darker palette for the bathroom.

Black and red are a little bit mysterious but work together here.

Visualizer: Alexander Kuzmenko  

This next studio is understandably dubbed Green Space, and is in Warsaw, Poland.

The green glass wall takes center stage in the design, filtering sea green light throughout the apartment.

A white kitchen design with funky barstools is a perfect perch for morning nosh.

In the bedroom the green glass and brass accents look supernatural and beautiful.

This studio is one that does not skimp on bedroom space or sweeping views from a high floor.

An overhead shot really gives a sense of how much the design is done with a careful layout.

Visualizer: Martin Architects  

The final studio also makes use of glass walls, albeit not as colorfully.

Black brick accent walls are super chic with a hipster lean.

The use of indoor house plants can be very helpful in a small space, to keep the air clean and design vibrant. Here, the bedroom makes use of a funSwiss Cheese Plant.

A natural wood headboard against a blue-green accent wall is rustic and pretty.

A mirror in the dining room opens up a small space while curtains over the glass bedroom walls maintain privacy.

Cut glass light fixtures are timeliness in the cozy dining area.

Finally, the bathroom design skews towards the traditional with which and wood in use.

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50 Unique Floor Lamps That Definitely Deserve The Spotlight

Mo, 22.05.2017 - 18:18

Floor lamps occupy a special place in every designer’s heart – stylish lighting is part decor and part utility, able to stand on their own and make a distinct impression even when they’re not in use. We’ve rounded up 50 of our favorite floor lamp designs, ranging from practical choices for purpose-driven spaces all the way to sculptural show pieces that will keep your guests talking all night long. And the best part? All of these unique lamps are available for purchase right now! Whether you’re looking for something budget-friendly or an iconic lamp from a famous designer, there’s sure to be something here for you.

$225BUY IT

Grasshopper Floor Lamp Replica: Greta Grossman’s iconic Grasshopper puts a sleek mid-century spin on the classic tripod lamp design. Originally developed in 1948, high quality replicas make this stylish lamp easily accessible to interior design fans. Replicas are often available in just a few classic colors but the original, available here, offers a wide palette consisting of modern and retro hues.

$625BUY IT

Lean Floor Lamp: Swedish designer Jenny Bäck created this leaning floor lamp to have a contemporary form with a subtly distressed surface for vintage appeal. This black floor lamp includes a touch of brass at the neck, a wonderful complement to many of today’s top modern design trends. Lean is also available in white.

$134BUY IT

Multi Use Adjustable Floor Lamp With Marble Base: A heavy marble base elevates the humble construction of this handsome wooden floor lamp. Highly adjustable at both the center and the head, this piece is perfect for placement near a reading nook, desk, or other task-oriented area within the home.

$299BUY IT

Serge Mouille Style Floor Lamp: Here’s another tripod floor light that maintains a subtle and discreet base. In 1953, Serge Mouille created this famous design as a minimalist answer to the overly complicated styles invading the market at the time. If you’re looking for something more authentic than this quality replica, the original is available here.

$195BUY IT

Arne Jacobsen Style White Floor Lamp: While the original 1960 AJ floor lamp design is highly sought-after by collectors, this affordable reproduction is a great way to enjoy sleek retro style without breaking the bank. This white floor lamp is manufactured from spun steel with a cast aluminum base for durability.


Ikea Lersta Gooseneck Style Metal Floor Lamp: The best companion for any comfortable reading chair is a highly adjustable gooseneck floor lamp. Simply swivel or position the head any way you’d like to enjoy direct or ambient light as needed. Even better, it’s hard to beat Ikea when it comes to price!

$975BUY IT

Flos IC F2 Floor Lamp: Designed by Michael Anastassiades in 2014, this contemporary lamp finds itself featured in photo shoots and luxury interiors all over the globe. While the pictured lamp has a burnished coating, the original (and the one found through the buy link) is the more famous brass floor lamp model.

$706BUY IT

Solveig Floor Lamp: Designer Avril de Pastre named this design Solveig, meaning “path of the sun” in Swedish – an apt name considering that these unusual floor lamps feature a reflector attached by magnet for endlessly fine-tunable adjustments. The base is crafted from steel in black lacquer while the reflector is steel in white lacquer.

$766BUY IT

Archer Floor Lamp: What a creative reinterpretation of the classic arc lamp style! A series of wires and cantilever arms give this lamp a touch of industrial appeal to spice up its otherwise smooth contemporary aesthetic. This model features a solid beechwood body with black metal details.

$1640BUY IT

Spar Floor Lamp: Here’s another great design for interiors that require tall floor lamps with a long reach. This design, created by Jamie McLellan and manufactured in New Zealand, features a bold cantilever profile inspired by sailboats. The bright red cord makes an unforgettable impression but is also available in black to match the body of the lamp.

$1709BUY IT

Foscarini Fork Lamp: In a collaboration with Diesel Living, Foscarini developed the Fork Lamp with inspiration from denim fashion, campsite tents, and other symbols of a laid-back lifestyle. But the lamp itself is anything but casual – cool floor lamps like this are impossible to ignore.

$283BUY IT

Arco Style Floor Lamp: If you’re looking for something to provide focused lighting across a large space, an arc floor lamp is always a viable solution. This piece is an affordable alternative to the famous Arco Floor Lamp from Flos, and is available with a white or black marbled base.

$160BUY IT

Adesso Atlas Tall Floor Lamp: Standing at almost 77″, this tall floor lamp features an adjustable body to provide either focused task lighting or wide-cast ambient illumination. Its body offers great industrial style for urban interiors, available in either copper or satin-finish steel to suit a variety of decor styles.

$3750BUY IT

Giant 1227 Floor Lamp: Like an oversized sculpture for your home, this work of art was commissioned for the Roald Dahl Museum in tribute to the author’s beloved writing desk table lamp. This exceptionally large floor lamp stands at just over 106″ fully extended, available in a wide variety of distinctive colors to make a huge visual impression.

$342BUY IT

Large Copper Finish Accent Floor Lamp: While copper floor lamps aren’t easy to find at a reasonable price, this model happens to combine the best of style and relative affordability. Its elegant arched design is shaped to cast lighting right where you need it without taking up much valuable floor space.

$113BUY IT

Ikea Regolit Floor Lamp: If you’re looking for cheap floor lamps, Ikea rarely disappoints. The Regolit is a versatile and unique design with a paper shade that offers gentle diffused lighting, making it a great choice for general illumination in a living room or bedroom.

$314BUY IT

Fortuny Style Floor Lamp: Mariano Fortuny was a celebrated stage-set designer and lighting technician who pioneered the use of cyclorama lighting effects in theaters and applied the same techniques to his famous reflector lamp. Theater fans are sure to find this one of the most interesting floor lamps to use as an interior design conversation piece. The original is available here.

$599BUY IT

Serge Mouille Style Three-Arm Floor Lamp Standing Lamp: Mouille’s three-arm design actually predates the single-arm style. These designer floor lamps have a carbonized steel body with subtle copper details. The white interiors of the shades effectively reflect and direct the light.

$499BUY IT

Bludot Perimeter Floor Lamp: Even large lamps can feature a low-profile form appropriate for open or minimalist interior styles. Slim loops of steel form the base of this contemporary standing lamp, holding the oversized matte black shade with ease. This lamp is also available in white on white, white with grey, and smooth blush tones.


Bijou Contemporary Tripod Floor Lamp: Crafted from wood and weighing only 6 pounds, this floor lamp is a simple versatile design well-suited for natural and contemporary interiors. The paper shade diffuses without dampening the brightness too much – a great trait for living room floor lamps.

$112BUY IT

Modern Style Tripod Lamp: The form is similar to the previous tripod floor lamp, but this one features a sleek black-on-black theme ideal for minimalist interior applications. The tripod is made from sturdy metal and the shade is simple black fabric.

$188BUY IT

Silvia 60″ LED Tripod Floor Lamp: Now let’s check out some floor lamps with organic sculptural flair! This beautiful design seems to take a bit of subtle inspiration from the designs of Poulsen, an aesthetic mid century design fans might enjoy. This lamp is available in brass, copper, steel, and the pictured white.

$148BUY IT

Carmina Floor Lamp: Inspired by the waves and dunes on the shorelines of Denmark, the Carmina floor lamp is an intricate floral sculpture that adopts a different personality depending on whether it is darkened or illuminated. These lamps are available in pastel shades of almost every color of the rainbow.

$169BUY IT

Vita Copenhagen Eos Floor Lamp: Fluffy as clouds, these feathered floor lamps look wonderfully soft and weightless. The feathers are real goose feathers, obtained from waste that would otherwise be burnt.

$590BUY IT

Contour Modern Style LED Floor Lamp: A flush mounted LED illuminates the smooth interior of these modernist standing lamps, as artful as they are practical. These lamps are available in a variety of finish combinations so you can mix and match to suit your interior style.

$435BUY IT

Link Task Floor Lamp: When it comes to floor reading lamps, few features are more important than brightness and flexible adjustability. This lamp offers the best of both worlds, including versatile pivot joints and a choice between high or low light settings.


Minimalist Linear Floor Lamp: If you’re looking for something simple to illuminate a desk, table, or sofa, this linear floor lamp definitely has the reach. The LED bulb remains energy-efficient and affordable to operate, shining at 3,000 kelvin for strong yet soft illumination.


Minimalist LED Arc Floor Lamp: Or, if you’d prefer a lamp that gently wraps around all sides of an overstuffed armchair or cozy reading nook, this arc-shaped lamp just might fit. Like the last lamp, it features energy-efficient LED technology and includes a foot pedal switch for easy operation.

$550BUY IT

De Padova Style Circle Floor Lamp: This graceful floor lamp gently curves over like a leaf in the wind, illuminating whatever falls below the folded shade. It’s an art deco floor lamp with contemporary style.

$695BUY IT

S7 Snake Like Floor Lamp: The S7 by Nicolas Pichelin is the perfect example of a “do anything” floor lamp. It twists, rotates, bends, and holds its shape however you want to adjust it. Coil it up to enjoy a shorter lamp or let it stand (up to 78 inches tall!) to cast light across the room. It’s just as much fun to use as it is to look at.


Vine Shaped Floor Lamp: This flexible willow vine sparkles with 144 individual lights that cast a soft glow appropriate for use in the bedroom or as subtle mood lighting around the home. It stretches up to 8 feet long, enough to climb up the side of most windowsills and certainly long enough for most other decorative purposes.

$212BUY IT

Rope Floor Lamp: This gravity-defying lamp would make a great on-theme addition to nautical, western, or even cottage style interiors. The body of the lamp has a real rope-like touch despite being crafted from sturdy metal that keeps its shape.

$1650BUY IT

HB Floor Lamp: Is anything more recognizable than a standard yellow HB pencil? These would definitely make fun floor lamps for a library, school, or a creative commercial setting. The cord extends from the tip of the pencil resulting in endless possibilities for fun doodles.


Soft Light Floor Lamp: If ordinary standing lamps are too bright for your needs, this model might be better-suited. The fabric shade diffuses light to foster a relaxing and comfortable interior environment, ideal for bedrooms or for relaxing evenings watching movies.


Cylindrical Ambient Floor Lamp: Here’s another floor lamp that provides diffused light, this time with a soft white rice paper shade. This is a relatively short floor lamp, standing at only 46 inches tall, perfect for adding subtle illumination to an otherwise dark corner.

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Twist Modern Style Futuristic Floor Lamp: Sometimes interesting floor lamps are the perfect way to set a minimalist interior apart from the rest. This design features clean and simple lines that curve and twist for a dynamic effect. This piece includes a pre-programmed remote control.

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Unique Flower Bud Shaped Floor Lamp: Lightweight easy-to-clean plastic wraps into a minimalistic form inspired by a lily flower bud. Its smooth form ensures it looks just as sculptural and pleasing in the daytime as it does when it’s illuminated.

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Wooden Sculptural Floor Lamp: A spiral of 110 interlocked wooden slats give this unique wooden lamp a sculptural quality that comes alive when illuminated. If you’re looking for rustic floor lamps that maintain an element of contemporary style, this piece is a flexible choice – it’s available in oak, mahogany, walnut, or even metal.

$180BUY IT

Handmade Rattan Hour Glass Floor Lamp: This hand-woven rattan floor lamp can reflect either rustic, nautical, or tropical charm depending on your interior decor. It’s a versatile style that stands out from the rest, a wonderful organic piece that brings the outdoors in.


Floor Lamp With Shelves & Charging Ports: How cool! This creative floor lamp with shelves is a great all-in-one solution that combines the function of a bedside table and a table lamp. It even includes a power outlet and two USB charging ports to keep your favorite devices powered at all times!

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Antique Industrial Style Task Floor Lamp: Inspired by the iconic Jielde “Loft” floor lamp by Jean-Louis Domecq, this reproduction still maintains all of the same rugged charm as the versatile original. It’s the perfect lamp to complement an industrial interior decor theme. These operate with a standard easy-to-find E26 bulb.

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Industrial Style Floor Lamp: This unique industrial floor lamp features two large pulleys to control the height of the caged bulb via its vintage style twisted cord. As it turns out, industrial style lighting adapts easily to a surprising range of decor themes from farmhouses to modern minimalist interiors.

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Retro Nautical Style Spotlight Lamp: Finding the perfect addition to your nautical style home decor isn’t easy, but this nautical tripod floor lamp definitely has sea-worthy appeal. The tripod itself is crafted from sturdy walnut, with the signal casing in chromed metal.


Death Star Floor Lamp: This neat Death Star lamp would make a great addition to your Star Wars home decor theme, or a fantastic housewarming gift for the Star Wars fan in your life.

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Funny Stick Figure Floor Lamp: This creative DIY floor lamp requires some assembly, a fun challenge for anyone who likes to get hands-on with their home decor. You can even pose the stick figure however you want! Get creative! The wood elements are available in teak, butternut, ash, or walnut.

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Horse Floor Lamp: Standing at almost 8 feet tall, this incredible horse-shaped floor lamp is absolutely unlike any other – a bold piece for a bold interior. Guests won’t be able to stop talking about it!

$378BUY IT

Seletti Monkey Floor Lamps: These sculptural monkey floor lamps are absolutely lively, crafted from resin in gorgeous intricate detail. A wild addition to any interior! Each one includes an energy-efficient LED bulb.

$360BUY IT

Tulip Exterior LED Floor Lamp: Are you planning to host an outdoor event, and want lighting that proves a little more sophisticated than the typical torches or lanterns? These stunning outdoor floor lamps are promised to make a dramatic impression. Each one is water resistant, easy to clean, and transition between several different colors to fit your theme.

From $240BUY IT

Fermod Balad Indoor/Outdoor Floor Lamp: Here’s an exceptionally versatile indoor-outdoor lamp that you can hang, carry, or suspend however you need it. Designed by Tristan Lohner, these handy lanterns are adjustable to three different light settings, include a rechargeable LED battery, and are available in a variety of playful colors.

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Memoky Helga Wooden Floor Lamp: Crafted from smooth ash wood and a stretched fiberglass shade, this simple and stylish floor lamp would look lovely in any modern, minimalist, or Scandinavian-inspired interior.

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